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The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday December 11, 2017

News: Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Uprising Against US  Join the campaign to declare the Brotherhood a terror group  Read and Help
Opinion:  Should Citizens Have to Fight Terrorists Themselves?  New South Wales police have told the public exactly that Read
Blog:  Questions to Ask Yourself About Radical Islam  Get clarity on what specifically you are opposed to and why Read
Interview:  4 Quick Questions About Radicalization With Author Magnus Norell  Norell is an expert in deradicalization programs  Read
In-Depth:  Will Iran’s Expansionist Scheme Fail?  It’s proxy militias are in trouble while domestic discontent brews  Read
Readers Write
15 Years for Florida Mosque Vandal

“A girl kidnapped and abused a disabled young man, of a different race, for hours and the whole episode was posted on the internet. She got community service.


UK’s Foreign Minister Nails the Problem of Islamist Terrorism

“He seems to overestimate the tolerance amongst everyday Muslims for the myriad “lifestyle choices” expressed every day in the West. And he should NOT, given the uptick of honor killings and acid attacks in his own country. But he does make some good observations. Now if he could just manage to locate a freaking hairbrush….”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday December 8, 2017

Opinion: Why Radical Islam Is the Baby Boomers’ Fault  A look at the factors that set the world up for radical Islam in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s Read More
News Analysis: French Halal Shop Forced to Close For Not Serving Pork  The shop was publicly owned and leased as a ‘general store’  Read
Poll Results: Poll Results: Flying the ISIS Flag on Campus‘  People in the USA do not realize what they have until they lose it’  Read
Video: Canada Now Mum on FGM for New Citizens Changes in the study guide for new citizens omit condemnation of FGM  Watch
News: Muslim Activist: Political Correctness Fuels Extremism  Dr. Usama Hasan warns stifling debate allows extremist beliefs to fester  Read
Readers Write
Imam Calls for Death Penalty for Radicals

“I wonder how the left will deal with it? I know, they’ll ignore it.”


Mass Shooting at US Mosque Prevented

“He could have gone and joined the Kurds and fought against ISIS if he is that upset. He would be treated and rightly so as a hero. But he choose to plan to shoot innocent Muslims. Always a choice.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday December 6, 2017

Video and Poll: So Do US Students Prefer the ISIS or American Flag?  This non-scientific experiment is telling  Watch and Vote
News:  Mass Shooting at US Mosque Prevented  Police arrest 69-year-old man planning the attack  Read
News: ISIS, Brotherhood Have Much in Common: Tony Blair Study  Join our campaign to ban the Muslim Brotherhood  Read More
News: Supreme Court OKs Trump Travel Ban  The travel ban will be enforced while legal appeals continue Read More
Readers Write
Supreme Court OKs Trump Travel Ban

“It took more than a year for our POTUS to make policies to protect the citizens of this country. Something very wrong here.”


Imam Calls for Death Penalty for Radicals

“While Trudeau wants to hug them home.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday December 4, 2017

Infographic: Will Afghanistan Be the Next Home Base for ISIS?  Get updated on the current situation in Afghanistan  Read
Video: ‘Despite Peace Talks, War in Syria Will Get Worse’  Clarion’s National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro explains  Watch
News:  Imam Calls for Death Penalty for Radicals  The imam specifically mentioned people who join Hizb ut-Tahrir and ISIS Read
News Analyisis:  Why Bosnia Matters  Events in Bosnia in the 1990s were used to create generations of radicals Read
Readers Write
Trump Retweets Posts by Group That Wants to Ban Islam

“’Islamists’ will never assimilate. Therefore they are a danger to any decent society, particularly any society not based on Islam or sharia law. This is a repeatedly failed exercise & needs to end immediately.”


Ex-ISIS Wife in US Speaks Out

“Thank goodness she woke up.”


As UK Slams Trump for “Islamaphobic Tweets,” Their Terror Levels Hit Record High

Posted By V Saxena | November 30, 2017 at 10:28am

URL of the original posting site:

Despite complaints from U.K. officials about President Donald Trump’s decision this week to retweet the allegedly “anti-Muslim” video posts of a British anti-Islam activist, evidence suggests both Trump and the activist he retweeted have valid points about radical Islam’s presence in Europe — and especially the U.K.

In a stunning report published Wednesday, The Guardian revealed that “the number of people arrested for terrorism-linked offences (in the U.K.) rose by more than two-thirds to a record 379 in the 12 months to June — one of the most intense periods for terrorist attacks in recent history.”

Of those 379 suspects, nearly a third were eventually charged with terrorism offenses, while nearly 18 percent still face further investigation.

The publication of this report occurred on the same day that Trump retweeted three video posts from British activist Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of British First, a reportedly “far-right” political party that opposes mass migration.

One of the video posts showed radical Muslims pushing a teenage boy off a roof and then beating him to death, while the second video showed Muslims destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary. According to The Daily Wire, the first video was shot in Egypt five years ago, while the second video was shot in Syria one year later. In a third video retweet, a Dutch boy could be seen beating up another Dutch boy, though Fransen mistakenly claimed one of the boys was Muslim.

Following the U.S. president’s retweets, a number of prominent British officials condemned Trump, including Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London.

British Prime Minister Theresa May chimed in as well, decrying Britain First as “a hateful organization” that “seeks to sow division and hate and mistrust in our communities,” according to ABC News. “It stands in opposition to our fundamental values we hold as a country.”

But as noted by Robert Spencer, a Fox News contributor known for his criticisms of Islam, those castigating Trump seemed more focused on whom he retweeted versus the actual content of the tweets.

“I have not seen any Muslim spokesmen say, ‘There is a problem (in Islam) we need to deal with,’” he said in a statement to Breitbart. “They are all just criticizing Trump. … (Former President Barack) Obama did everything he could to whitewash the image of Islam — Trump is calling attention to atrocities that are committed in the name of name of Islam.”

As well as the rise of radicalism across the world, but especially so in the U.K.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday November 27, 2017

Interview: Inside the Jihadi Mind: What Makes It Tick?  A fascinating interview with Dr. Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, psychoanalyst and counter terrorist expert  In-Depth
Poll Should Artwork From GITMO Prisoners Be Displayed?  An exhibit at a NY college is under fire. Take our poll  Vote
Feature: Terror in the Workplace: How to Counter the Threat?  Advice from a corporate director of Delta Airlines  Read
Infographic: Meet Hezbollah – the Non-State Superpower  The terror organization is growing in strength  Learn and Share
Readers Write
Should America Be Worried About a Saudi-Iranian War?

“Support the reforming House of Saud with intelligence and weapons to decimate the terrorist Iranians.”


Islamist Extremists Gather Near DC to Promote Jihad

“The only reason this is allowed and continues is because we as citizens allow it, and our elected officials refuse to due anything about it”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday November 24, 2017

News: Hackers Substitute Porn on ISIS Sites  Success! ISIS responded by telling supporters not to trust their ‘news agency’  Read
Video: ‘How to Beat Your Wife’  The guidelines are truly shocking  Watch and Comment
News: Islamist Extremists Gather Near DC to Promote Jihad‘  Ignorant infidels’ should be forced ‘with a stick’ to accept Islam Read
Video: ‘Fear Us Women’: Canadian Model Fights Against ISIS in Syria  Watch the trailer of the new film documenting her fight  Watch
Opinion: Should America Be Worried About a Saudi-Iranian War?  Rising tensions between the two regional powers may impact American interests Read
Readers Write
America One Step Closer to Defunding Palestinian Terrorists

“And we all wonder why terrorism is increasing in the world and America! Our own gov’t is guilty. I am sick to my stomach”


How Should Extremist Propaganda Online Be Handled?

“The prisons are going to pretty crammed with all those that have seen the footage of the planes flying into the World Trade Center.”


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