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CNN Praises North Korea’s Despotic 1st Family – The Internet Takes CNN To Truth City

Published | on February 12, 2018

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Their brother – the one little rocket man murdered with nerve gas — was not available for comment. If Stalin were alive today, our guess is that CNN would pick his side over Trump. They’re not even TRYING to hide it anymore.

Before we go further, we may want to remember just who we are talking about. This isn’t some Mugabe-level tinpot dictator. North Korea is a whole other level.

His country is the world’s largest prison camp, which an Auschwitz survior (and judge on the International Court of Justice) has described as ‘WORSE’ than Nazi Germany.
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Not only did Kim Jong Un kill his brother with Nerve Gas in an Airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but he killed his Uncle, too. He’s also been known to shoot those who displease him with anti-aircraft guns.

Kim Jong-un had 11 musicians executed with anti-aircraft guns and orders aides to pick out sex slaves from North Korea’s schools, a defector has claimed.
…They were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere.
“And then after that military tanks moved in and they ran over the bits on the ground where the remains lay.”
Source: Independent

THAT is who we are dealing with. And the Media(D) STILL loathe Trump (and in this case, his proxy, Pence) so bitterly that they cannot help but praise his sister… who may have run things briefly while he was ill some years ago.

Here’s what they said about his sister:

If “diplomatic dance” were an event at the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister would be favored to win gold.

With a smile, a handshake and a warm message in South Korea’s presidential guest book, Kim Yo Jong has struck a chord with the public just one day into the PyeongChang Games.

Riiiiight. And ‘maybe Mousellini had a great sense of humor — when you really got to know him’.

Nope. We’re not buying what you’re shoveling.

And neither were ‘the interwebz’.

He wasn’t done calling out the media in their fawning over dictators.

Brit Hume’s reaction was a lot like ours:

And rounding out the Stalin and Moussilini references…


Good thing they’re the ‘most trusted name in news’ or people might start to suspect there’s something a little bit ‘Pravda-ish’ about these guys.

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CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo BLASTS Hillary Clinton Over Lies

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo BLASTS Hillary Clinton Over Lies. I commented that one of the many signs that America shifts towards Conservatism will come in fake news media reporting.

I said on my radio show that you will soon see the media covering unflattering stories of high-level, previously untouchable Democrats. While CNN remains fake news as they selectively cover things like the FISA memo due to come out shortly, they no longer wear their “poker face” when discussing Hillary Clinton.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo blasted Hillary Clinton recently over the issue of sexual abuse by a staffer. Cuomo said of the recent revelation that Clinton shielded a 2008 campaign staffer from firing after sexual harassment allegations showcases her inability to admit her mistakes.

“It raises two things,” Cuomo said. “We went hard on this Friday night on the prime time show and the one is, this is who Hillary Clinton is. Let’s be honest. One of the reasons that email story got out of control is that she wouldn’t jump on that early on either and just own what was true and apologize about it.”

“The second thing is they’ll say it was 2008,” he continued. “Whatever, you had two people, including your campaign manager, come to you and said this person has to go. That was all you needed, 2008, 1978, that’s all she should have needed.”

In this time of heightened awareness placed on sexual harassment and abuse, Hillary Clinton appears rather flippant in her response. Clinton’s 2008 former campaign chief, Patti Solis Doyle told CNN earlier Monday that she looked into the matter and “came to the conclusion that there was sexual harassment involved. She added that the young woman was very credible. Finally, she commented, “my recommendation to the Senator was to fire him and I was overruled.”

What Cuomo said is about as close as you can come to calling a person a liar, without outright calling a person a liar. But what the Democrats certainly must see is that the fake news media now covers Clinton, and not favorably. Check out this segment from Wolf Blitzer:

Interestingly, what began impugning the reputation of Harvey Weinstein now expands to engulf Hillary Clinton. What irony.

The Democrats are in big trouble. Clinton’s legacy as a champion of women’s causes is dead, even if the Left haven’t admitted it publicly.

And in the wake of the FISA memo revelations, the party itself is on life-support.

At some point, the media must try to regain some modicum of credibility. I think we have seen the first pass.

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While They Weren’t Looking

CNN’s new motto” If you can’t say anything bad about President Trump don’t say any thing at all”, even if it means ignoring great economic news.

Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

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