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Comic Relief: Watch the Hilarious Video Parodying CNN’s Fake News

Written by Philip Hodges Philip Hodges

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fake news

As with any piece of satire, there’s always an element of truth in it. But what makes this video even more funny is that they used stories and narratives pushed by the media over the past few years to show their extreme penchant for unabashedly contradicting themselves. There isn’t really a whole lot of parody. They’ve just taken what’s been reported and put it into a song. I guess the media is just a parody of itself.

Here are a few of the lyrics:

Nothing else to report, Ed
as we’ve been banned from the press gaggle
and labeled as “fake news” by the president.

We’ll have to prove him wrong. Thanks Tim.


Trump’s approval numbers have gone to new lows
according to a new poll–and we’re never wrong about those
And is Starbucks’ new cup bringing people to tears
No, but we’ll find two tweets like we do every year

Uh, Ed? Yes Tim? Look, this is obviously bad
But do you think we could maybe help our case a tad
They say we’re not news, that we just make stuff up
My apologies, Tim, I’ll fix that right up

A nurse shark bit a man in a Florida park
Could this summer be the SUMMER OF SHARKS
Plus, a product you own causes death exponentially
The answer to that misleading question – eventually…

Read the rest of the lyrics here. For now, watch the video:

BOOM: After Trump’s ‘FAKE NEWS’ Comment, CNN’s Stocks Take a Hit

waving flagPosted on January 12, 2017

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Time Warner, which owns CNN, saw the power of Trump’s comments and that of the American people; for that matter. After calling CNN ‘fake news’ at his first press conference since becoming President-elect, the media conglomerate saw a fall in their stocks. This is incredible.


Media conglomerate Time Warner, which owns CNN, saw its stocks fall Wednesday after President-elect Donald Trump labeled the outlet “fake news,” a CNBC reporter says.

According to journalist Carl Quintanilla, the shares took a noticeable dip during the president-elect’s first news conference moments after Trump refused to answer questions from CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta.Happy Happy Joy Joy

Steve Kopack, a social lead for CNBC’s breaking news desk, also stated that shares “fell to session low.” While the dip was just “1.2%,” Kopack asserted the incident showed the “power of Trump’s comments.”


propaganda machine

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagTrump Media School

CNN’s attempt to tarnish President-Elect Trumps reputation with BuzzFeed’s fake news has backfired.

CNN BuzzFeed Fake News / Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

To see more Legal Insurrection Branco cartoons, click here.

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propaganda machine

Trump’s frustration with press, intelligence community explodes

waving flagAuthored

NEW YORK — Long-simmering tensions between Donald Trump, the press and the intelligence community exploded into the open on Wednesday at the president-elect’s first press conference in six months. About 300 reporters jammed into the narrow, gilded atrium at Trump Tower to hear him reject media reports about intelligence officials investigating whether the Russian government has compromising personal and financial information that it could use against him.

Trump also denied reports alleging that the nation’s top national security officials and some members of Congress are looking into whether key figures in the president-elect’s orbit were in touch with Moscow during the presidential campaign about how to defeat Hillary Clinton and get Trump into the White House.


Trump’s fury over the reports reached a boiling point about 50 minutes into the hour long press conference, when he compared the leaks to something you would expect to see in “Nazi Germany” — an attack he’d previously made on Twitter. “It’s all fake news, it’s phony stuff, it didn’t happen and it was gotten by opponents of ours and many of the other people, a group of opponents that got together, sick people,” Trump said. “It should never have been released and it’s a disgrace. I think it’s an absolute disgrace.”Ten of the 17 questions at the press conference — Trump’s first since winning the election — were about the disputed reports, his relationship with Russia, the news media or the nation’s intelligence agencies. Trump fielded the questions from behind a lectern next to a table stacked with documents in manila folders that he said were evidence of the legal work he’s undertaking to separate himself from conflicts of interest stemming from his businesses. He was flanked by more than a dozen top aides and allies, including Vice President-elect Mike Pence, incoming press secretary Sean Spicer, senior advisers Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, longtime confidante Rudy Giuliani and his two adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, who clapped and cheered him on as he vented frustration about the leaks he claimed were coming from top intelligence officials.

“It would be a tremendous blot on their record,” Trump said of the intelligence agencies. “A tremendous blot, because it never should have been written, had or released.”

Trump and his top aides are also furious with Buzzfeed and CNN for publishing the reports. At one point, Trump called Buzzfeed a “failing pile of garbage,” and he later shut down a question from a CNN reporter, accusing him of dealing in “fake news.” The two reports in CNN and Buzzfeed were markedly different.

CNN reported on Tuesday that U.S. officials briefed Trump and President Obama on allegations that the Russian government has compromising personal and financial information about him.  It declined to include any details on the specific allegations, which were uncorroborated and came from a former British intelligence agent hired by Trump’s political opponents, who put together a 35-page dossier detailing the allegations.partyof-deceit-spin-and-lies

Buzzfeed published a story that included the specifics from the 35-page dossier, coming under criticism from many in the media in the process. That led Spicer to begin the press conference with a fierce diatribe against both Buzzfeed and CNN. “The fact Buzzfeed and CNN made the decision to run with this unsubstantiated claim is a sad, pathetic attempt to get clicks,” Spicer said. “For all of the talk about fake news, this political witch hunt by some in the media is based on flimsy reporting and is frankly shameful and disgraceful.”typical

After being shut down by Trump at the press conference, CNN reporter Jim Acosta said that Spicer threatened to throw him out of the press conference if he continued to try asking questions.

Pence followed Spicer at the press conference with another direct attack on the news media. “The irresponsible decision of a few news organizations to run with a false and unsubstantiated report when most news organizations resisted the temptation to propagate this fake news can only be attributed to media bias and an attempt to demean the president-elect and his incoming administration, and the American people are sick and tired of it,” Pence said.trump-derangement-mental-disorder

Trump addressed some of the allegations directly.

Trump said he has no business deals in Russia, no deals in the works, and no debt with the nation. He said he reviewed the passport of his lawyer, Michael Cohen, who was said in the report to have travelled to Prague last year. Cohen never made the trip, Trump said.

And Trump addressed some of the report’s more salacious aspects, saying that they couldn’t be true because he always behaves as if he’s secretly being filmed when he’s travelling abroad and that he has a phobia of germs.

Trump also went out of his way to thank the news organizations that he said showed restraint by refusing to run the story or publish the disputed report.

“I want to thank a lot of the news organizations, some of which have not treated me fairly over the years, that came out strongly against that fake news and the fact it was written by primarily one group and one television station,” Trump said. “I have great respect for the news and freedom of the press, but some news organizations were so professional and have just gone up a notch as to what I think.”

Trump has long clashed with the news media, but his issues with the intelligence community have been picking up steam in recent weeks and appear to be coming to a head. Before his classified briefing last Friday, Trump refused to embrace the intelligence community’s assessment that Russia had interfered in the U.S. election by hacking the Democratic National Committee. Trump says that he doesn’t accept the intelligence reports as they’re relayed to him, but rather draws his own conclusions based on raw data he gets at the briefings.

On Wednesday, Trump erupted over what he described as an intelligence community that is leaking damaging information about him in an attempt to undermine his administration. “These meetings are confidential and classified, and it’s a disgrace that information would be let out,” he said.

TWO Politically INCORRECT Cartoons

waving flagSee No Evil

Friday November 4, 2016

The Media (abc, cbs, cnn, npr and nbc) appear to have imposed a blackout on covering the FBI investigation into the Clinton scandals.

Hillary Scandal Blackout / Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2016.

The Other Half

Friday November 4, 2016

Hillary and Huma having some thoughts on Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner being such perverts.

Perverted Husbands / Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2016.

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CNN Poll: Pence Wins VP Debate, 29 Percent Move Toward Voting for Trump

waving flagby Michelle Moons, 5 Oct 2016

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The CNN/ORG instant poll of vice presidential primarily Democrat debate watchers, shows Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana topped Democratic candidate Sen. Tim Kaine (VA). Some 29 percent said they moved toward voting for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after the exchange.

Despite the Democrat-heavy audience displayed in the new poll, 48 percent said Pence won the debate over Kaine. Only 42 percent of those debate watchers said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s running mate won.

Two-fifths of those registered voters surveyed said they were Democrats, 30 percent Republican and 29 percent unaffiliated or part of another party.

Almost 30 percent of respondents said they were more likely to vote for Trump after watching the debate, while just 18 percent said they moved toward Clinton. An original image broadcast by CNN of the numbers of debate watchers that moved toward voting for Clinton or Trump after watching the vice presidential candidates were reversed, showing more moving toward Clinton; however, a CNN reporter corrected the numbers after they had been posted to the screen and revealed that the true result. More than half of debate watchers surveyed said “neither” when asked who the debate made them likely to vote for.

Kaine was aggressive in the exchange, and it may have cost him. He jumped from 28 percent “unfavorable” before the debate to 40 percent after. While 16 percent of those asked weren’t sure if they saw Kaine as favorable or unfavorable before the debate, only 4 percent were unsure after.

Some 43 percent of respondents said Kaine did worse than expected compared to 38 percent that he did better and 15 that said he did the same as expected. 

Pence was seen as doing better than expected by two-thirds of those polled while only 14 percent said worse and 15 percent said he performed the same as expected. 

It wasn’t clear just by what margin the poll leaned Democrat, but 58 percent said they thought Kaine better defended Clinton while 35 percent said Pence defended Trump better. 48 percent said that Kaine had a better understanding of issues while 41 percent said Pence was the candidate that better understands issues.

Kaine was seen by 76 percent as more on the attack of Pence while just 14 percent said Pence attacked Kaine more.

Even greater numbers of respondents found Pence likable than said he won the debate. 53 percent said Pence was more likable while only 37 percent said Kaine was.

Pence’s favorability jumped seven points after the debate. 57 percent of survey respondents said thay had a favorable opinion after the debate compared to 50 percent favorable before. His unfavorable rating also increased a small amount, from 36 percent to 40. Those unsure dropped from 15 percent before the debate to 3 percent after.

Pence was seen as more broadly qualified to take over as president if needed according to CNN. 77 percent said Pence was qualified compared to 70 percent that said Kaine was.

The poll had a sampling error of +/- 4.5 percent according to CNN broadcast reporting on the poll. 

CNN reported its polling methodology:

The CNN/ORC post-debate poll includes interviews with 472 registered voters who watched the October 4 vice presidential debate. Results among debate-watchers have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points. Respondents were originally interviewed as part of a September 28-October 2 telephone survey of a random sample of Americans, and indicated they planned to watch the debate and would be willing to be re-interviewed when it was over.

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DEAR CNN: Remember When YOU Ran Your OWN ‘Miss Piggy’ Hit Piece Back In ’97?

waving flagPublished on September 29, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Strange that CNN is pimping the “Miss Piggy” story. Considering THEY said far worse things about her they Trump ever did. Let’s compare them! We know CNN is totally in the can for Hillary, right? Is that even up for debate?

In case you were unconvinced, here is all you need to know about the ‘Miss Piggy’ story to make that clear.

First, we have the Trump interview (notice the CNN stamp) where Trump and Alicia meet with the press, and Trump speaks on her behalf, playing down the cause of her weight gain, being candid about the stress of the job and how different people respond to such stresses different ways — including eating — and being careful not to single her out — pointed out that many others in the room were above their ideal weight, himself included — and spoke with confidence about how the trainer was going to help her hit a target weight.

Here’s that video:


Now compare that to what CNN correspondent Jeanne Moos (there’s irony in that name somewhere) said about her:


View image on Twitter

Did you catch that? One headline, and two separate ‘digs’ … all of which were (in today’s jargon) ‘fat-shaming’.

“Expanding” Miss Universe — ‘expanding’, universe. Oh look. A science-based insult! So ‘clever’.

‘Size of the universe’… ‘as her universe expanded, so did she’. That’s another one!

‘Went from 118 pounds to — well — a number that kept growing like the size of the fish that got away.’

For handy reference, here’s a photo of the woman who spoke so scathingly about Alicia’s weight gain:


Did you notice that the ONLY sympathetic thing said of Alicia in that whole article was said by Donald Trump himself?

“Some people, when they have pressure, eat too much. Like me. Like Alicia.”

But CNN won’t tell that story. It might hurt their precious Hillary.

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