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The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday October 20, 2017

News: Vets Sue Drug Companies for Funding Anti-US Islamist Militia  The militia killed hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq  Read
News: Kill Them All: France on French ISIS Fighters  France made a pact with Iraq not to leave any French jihadis alive Read
News: Guilty: Man Who Wanted to Behead Pamela Geller  David Daoud Wright was affiliated with the Islamic State Read
News Analysis: Media Politics an Asset for Islamists  The case of Tump’s former campaign manager drives this point home  Read
Feature: What We Can Learn From Jefferson & the Barbary States  The founding father dealt with countering extremism Read
Video: ISIS Defeat Doesn’t Mean Wars Are Over in Iraq & Syria  An Al Qaeda army has been empowered, among other players  Watch
Readers Write
A Ban on the Hijab Is Consistent With Liberalism

“The state should not have the power to tell people what to wear, but it should have the power to decide what people can’t tell other people to wear? This is the most twisted reasoning I’ve ever heard and could only lead to a tail chasing frenzy of argument over who can tell who what they can or cannot wear, or tell others to wear, or not to wear.”


9/11 Terror Was Just the Beginning

“Where were all these ‘security wise guys’ all these years? Nobody foresaw it?”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday October 18, 2017

Infographic: Look Where ISIS Has Been Discovered the Last Month  From Belgium to Morocco, Russian and Iran  Read
News: Muslim Brotherhood Deepens Its Ties on Capitol Hill  Detailed notes from a Brotherhood gathering made public  Read and Help
Video: Liberation! Woman Rescued from ISIS Tears Off Burqa  A video shot by Kurdish forces  Watch
News: Mandatory Life Sentence for NY, NJ Bomber  Police believe he was a radicalized ‘lone wolf’  Read
News: US Launches First Anti-ISIS Strike in Yemen; Kills 50  The first US strike against ISIS in Yemen to date  Read
Opinion: Double Standard for Extremism on UK Campuses?  Why was the Christian Union banned but hate preachers allowed? Read
Readers Write
Texan Parents Lied to FBI About Sons Fighting for ISIS

“Those who hide terrorists should be charged as such …”


A Ban on the Hijab Is Consistent With Liberalism

“I think the point of ‘liberal values’ in this thread is being missed. It is not whether the burka should be banned because it can conceal a terrorist etc. It is whether ‘liberals’ are truly being ‘liberal’ in the defense of the burka. I say it is hypocrisy because to be truly liberal you would admit that these customs that conceal the female are all part of the shame mentality that keeps women as an inferior powerless subclass. When we see liberals fighting for the ‘burka’ as a human right, they are revealing the shallowness of their own so called stand on women’s equality, you can’t have it both ways.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday October 16, 2017

Video: Kansas Teenager Survives 5 Years With ISIS  For 5 years, she was forcibly held in ISIS territory  Watch
Video: The Indomintable Raheel Raza Takes on M-103  Testimony against’s Canada’s ‘Islamophobia’ motion  Watch
News: Texan Parents Lied to FBI About Sons Fighting for ISIS  The couple pleaded guilty to making false statements about internat’l terror Read
In-Depth: A Ban on the Hijab Is Consistent With Liberalism  Historically, liberals have protected both freedom of religion and freedom from it In-Depth
Video: It’s Not Just Driving: Helping Saudi Women  Nasreen Alissa designed an app to give women legal advice  Watch
Podcast: Who Is Al-Shabaab That Killed 276 in Somalia Terror?  The group has a presence in the U.S.  Listen
In-Depth: Radical Islam in Bosnia: The Forgotten War  What the war in Bosnia can tell us about current policy  Read
Readers Write
Look Who’s Against Independence Now

“All the more reason to support it.”


‘Hezbollah Planning Terror Attacks in the Americas’

“140 billion dollars to Iran can buy a lot of terrorism. Nice move. eh?”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday October 13, 2017

Opinion: Silence Me? Stand at the End of the Queue!  Raheel Raza answers her detractors  Read
In-Depth: Putting an End to Government Funding of Islamism  It’s not just the Brotherhood operating in the US  In-Depth
Video: GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS Executes Prisoners Hung From Their Ankles  No different than cattle to the slaughter  Watch
News: Iran threatens US Bases With Missile Strike  The Islamic republic says it will resolve issues outside the negotiating table  Read
Video: Dreams of the Islamic State  A child soldier tells of his trauma inside ISIS  Read more
Interview: EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Iranian Kurdish Party  Women’s rights and human rights are up against the Iranian regime  Read
Readers Write
Why Didn’t Trump Support the Kurdish Independence Vote?

“They’ve now been shunned and screwed by four presidents. They have always fought on our side … maybe next time they won’t.”


Mass Hindu Graves Linked to Rohingya Islamist Rebels

“The usual. Muslim terrorists, funded by Pakistan-Saudi etc, are massacring everyone around them and then whining to the imbecile Western media when they experience a bit of push-back.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday October 11, 2017

News Analysis: Washington’s Biggest Strategic Blunder  The administration is favoring Iran, Turkey and Qatar over the Kurds  Read
Infographic: Welcome to Jihadi Britain  The figures are shocking  Share
Opinion: Three Reasons to Think Internationally About Islamism  Focusing on national issues in isolation ignores how people actually live Read
In-Depth: Iran and Turkey: On a Collision Course?  Despite the agreement on Idlib  In-Depth
Infographic: FGM 101: Infographic  Get educated on Female Genital Mutilation  Share
Readers Write
Duped into the Anti-‘Islamophobia’ Motion

“Islamaphobia is a non-word, a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood, a tool to silence critics.”


Islamic State Growing in Pakistan

“Islamist regimes feed the ISIS beast, and then they are supposed to be surprised that ISIS swallows them whole. Reminds me of the idiot who raised a tiger in NYC, fed him chickens until one day the tiger mauled him; it’s more than stupidity…”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for October 9, 2017

In-Depth: How the US Gov’t Funds Terror  An Islamic charity linked to terrorism receives US taxpayer money  In-Depth
Opinion: Final Assault Launched on ISIS; What Next?  Where do we stand once ISIS falls?  Read and Comment
Infographic: How to Spot Radicalization in Your Kids  Practical advice from Clarion Project  Learn & Share
Opinion: Why Is Raheel Raza Screaming?  The human rights warrior with a plan  Read
Analysis: Is Egypt’s Al Azhar University a Global Security Threat?  Many of the world’s worst terrorists received their religious training here  In-Depth
Feature: Modern-Day Hero: Free Mobile Legal Advice  ‘If the poor won’t come to me, I’ll go to them’  Read and Help
Feature: Saudi Artist Protests Guardianship Laws  The artist’s works are on display in Sydney, Australia  Look
Readers Write
Islamic State Growing in Pakistan

“The Pakistan government is not to be believed. They blatantly lied about the whereabouts of OBL for years and years. They are entrenched in religious/political intrigues. No one knows who knows what or who to trust.”


Why Didn’t Trump Support the Kurdish Independence Vote?

“Yes, made a mistake. They have been to loyal to us. Here we go doing what we do best, stabbing our own side.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday October 6, 2017

News: ‘Muslim Brotherhood Has $100b. International Budget’  Members donate 8% of their salary  Read
Feature: Modern-Day Hero: Free Mobile Legal Advice  If the poor won’t come to me, I’ll go to them  Read and Help
Interview: Radicalization in the Workplace  An upcoming conference addresses this issue for the first time  Read
Opinion: ‘Education Is My Fundamental Right’  The Iranian regime denies basic rights to its Ahwazi minority  Read
Readers Write
Sarsour Claims Trump Travel Restrictions Are ‘Muslim Ban 3.0’

“Go to Iran and protest, oh that’s right, they would kill you!”


Danish PM Warns of No-Go Zones

“They need to STOP WELFARE PAYMENTS to any no go zone. If the taxpayer can not go there, the tax payer does not fund anything in them.”


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