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Is The MSM Dodging A Big Story To Protect A Presidential Candidate?

Posted by  | September 12, 2019

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Dem Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris might be in the pocket of Planned Parenthood, as she is going after some Pro-Lifers who have the dirt on the abortion clinic’s inner gruesome workings. But for some reason, the MSM seems to be avoiding this story almost as if they are protecting her…

As the second week of preliminary criminal hearings against undercover journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt continue to reveal gruesome admissions of baby body part trafficking in a San Francisco court, mainstream media outlets remain uncharacteristically silent about an important First Amendment case.

Daleiden and Merritt, citizen journalists with the Center for Medical Progress, are charged with 15 felony counts of illegal taping of confidential information, in which they exposed the illegal activity of Planned Parenthood and the human tissue procurement company, StemExpress. Four days into the hearings, significant and graphic details about StemExpress’ business steadily emerge, such as their supplying of beating fetal hearts and intact fetal heads to medical researchers. Yet a quick search for Daleiden’s name across national and local news sites (The New York Times, CNN, The San Francisco Chronicle, The L.A. Times) turns up zero stories on the hearings.

“The only mainstream media outlet to discuss any of the preliminary hearings was Fox New’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which interviewed Daleiden on Friday.
It’s blackletter California law that you are not supposed to get a search warrant to seize the unpublished materials of a journalist, whether citizen journalist or professional journalist,” Daleiden said on Fox. “But that’s what Kamala Harris did…to protect [Planned Parenthood] from further scrutiny from the crimes of selling aborted baby body parts.”
“Kamala Harris sought to prosecute Daleiden at the behest of her political donors at Planned Parenthood. Even though Daledien’s unreleased footage should have been protected by the California Shield Law, Harris ordered a search warrant against Daleiden in 2016 and a raid of his apartment, seizing his computer, camera equipment, and footage.
Email records show correspondence between Harris’ office and Planned Parenthood officials, orchestrating public responses, filing police reports, and even drafting legislation targeting Daleiden. Harris has received tens of thousands of dollars in political contributions from Planned Parenthood-affiliated entities, so the nature of her behavior is no mystery.” Pro-Life News Report Monday, September 9, 2019

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Planned Parenthood Partner Admits Selling Intact Heads and Brains From Aborted Babies

The testimonies of two witnesses who worked with Planned Parenthood provided more validation Friday of the gruesome baby body parts trade uncovered by the Center for Medical Progress. 

Watch: Libs Sign Phony Petition To Save Eagle Eggs, Clam Up When Asked To Sign One For Babies

Reported by  September 7, 2019

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Prager U’s Will Witt sets out to prove just hypocritical Liberals are. He created two petitions for Liberals in Los Angelos to answer, one about protecting the eagle eggs and another about protecting the unborn. You can see where this is going…

“We have a petition to stop the killing of eagles, like eagle eggs, people disturb them or they destroy them. These eagles haven’t been born yet, they have rights, ya know? We don’t think they should be harmed and we think that there should be harsher penalties for those kind of things. Would you guys agree?” Witt asked.
“Yes, of course,” a few women agreed. “Don’t kill eagles…Eagles are people, too!” another woman claimed,
“Oh my God, how fun.” a girl in a bikini said enthusiastically.
“Best of luck, I hope you save the eagles,” another signer said.
But the positive vibes quickly ended once the other petition was brought out.
“We have one other petition about stopping the killing of humans, too — like, babies,” Witt said.
“Uh, I hate the killing of babies!” a woman said not fully realizing what the petition was about.
“We want to protect their rights, too, even though they’re unborn,” Witt started to explain the petition.
“Wait, no,” a woman said as she realized he meant abortion,” I don’t agree with that. I’m like pro-abortion, sorry.”
Another eagle advocate also showed how little they care about human babies “Oh, no, I don’t agree. I fully support abortion.”
“Why do you support not the killing of unborn eagles but the killing of unborn children?” Witt asked pointing out the obvious hypocrisy.
“Uh, I think it’s the woman’s decision,” she said not seeing the connection. “A human woman should have more rights probably than a bald eagle. Abortion,” the woman said getting triggered.
The bikini-clad woman had the most original answer. ”Babies are gross,” she claimed. “You know what it does to your body? You’re not a woman so you have no idea.”

Watch The Video Below. 

This is sad to see how liberals care more about baby birds than they do human babies. How do they not see the hypocrisy? Pro-Life News Report Monday, September 3, 2019

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Autopsy Confirms Abortion Clinic Killed Young Woman in Botched Legal Abortion

Tia Archeiva Parks was a 26-year-old mother of a little girl that had just turned four when she walked in to Preterm, a Cleveland abortion facility, on June 7, 2019, for what seemed like a routine abortion in her first trimester of pregnancy. Pro-Life News Report Friday, August 2, 2019

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Would Planned Parenthood Stop Abortions to Focus on Women’s Health Care? New CEO Says “Absolutely Not”

Since the sudden, forced departure of Dr. Leana Wen from Planned Parenthood, some have been skeptical about the organization’s motives. 

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Beto O’Rourke Compares Trump Supporters to Nazis, Calls Huge Campaign Event a “Nuremberg Rally”

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke compared President Donald Trump’s political event in North Carolina last week to Nazi Party rallies held in Germany during Adolf Hitler’s reign. 

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