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Leftwing Gun Control Push Creating New Market for “Ghost Guns”

Reported By Onan Coca November 20, 2017

Pundits, legislators, and media-types all love cryptic terms. One of the favorites out in California is “ghost guns.” In recent years, the anti-gun legislators out there have been using the term to describe various kinds of firearms… but it’s a term broadly used to describe guns that lack serial numbers. Such firearms are untraceable and therefore seem to appear from nowhere, hence the “ghost gun” moniker.

A recent mass shooting in California has the authorities once again reviving the term and hand-wringing over the possibility that “ghost guns” could become a problem. Interestingly, this time, they may have a point… and it could convince some legislators to abandon their anti-gun efforts (but don’t hold your breath).

As more restrictions are placed on gun ownership, more people — and criminals — could start to manufacture their own, law enforcement experts tell ABC News.

The issue of “ghost guns” or guns without serial numbers has been thrust into the national spotlight after California authorities revealed that the man who engaged in a string of shootings earlier this week that left five dead had two firearms that he manufactured at home.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told reporters in a press conference Wednesday afternoon that the two semi-automatic rifles with multi-round clips that gunman Kevin Neal was armed with were illegally manufactured at his home and were not registered.

Kevin Neal was not allowed to purchase firearms because of previous run-ins with the law and his unstable mental history, but he somehow got his hands on a few guns nonetheless. How? He made them himself.

Former FBI Agent Steve Gomez explained to ABC that this scenario could become commonplace as legislators move to make gun ownership more difficult.

“If lawmakers took steps to make the gun laws more restrictive, those unlicensed home-made firearms would be highly sought after by people and criminals who do not care to comply with the law,” Gomez told ABC.

Consider the irony, by making it more difficult to legally own guns, legislators are actually making it more difficult to track and stop gun crime.

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon by A.F. Branco

Get the Point

There are many gun attachments available these days, but none more important than the US Constitution.

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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon by A.F. Branco

Off Target

Leftist are screaming for more gun laws that won’t stop bad guys from Las Vegas type shootings.

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Libs Clap for Australian Gun Ban, Aussie Exposes What Immediately Happened After


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Speaking on Fox News a few days after Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, conservative Australian author and pundit Nick Adams explained why American liberals excited over the prospect of implementing Australia’s allegedly successful gun grab in the United States need to wake up and take a whiff of reality.

“Back in 1996, Australia introduced some of the strictest, most cumbersome gun laws imaginable and they were largely born out of emotion — not evidence-based, rational policy-making,” Adams said Wednesday to “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade. “Those laws have largely been ineffective.”

Pull up any liberal paper or tune into any liberal news (or comedy) network and you’ll hear the opposite, but it’s all lies and distortions, as the evidence Adams then cited from various Australian newspapers made clear.

For instance, he mentioned a piece published four years ago by News Corp. Australia that revealed “there are now just as many guns as before 1996.”

He also cited a report from The Northern Star titled, “Firearms control thrown in spotlight as gun numbers rise.” According to this gem from 2013, gun crime in the Australian state of New South Wales was “at an all-time high.”

But I thought gun control was supposed to stop this from happening? Apparently not …

Listen to Kilmeade’s discussion with Adams below:

Watch the latest video at &amp;amp;lt;a href=””&amp;amp;gt;;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;gt;Adams also noted that while Australia’s murder rate has dropped somewhat, it’s not declined nearly as much as the United States’ murder rate over the past two decades.

“There are actually more guns on the streets today (in Australia) than there were in 1996 before these gun laws were implemented,” Adams told Kilmeade. “I can tell you what has happened in Australia is that all the good people don’t have a gun, and all the bad people do have a gun.”

There it is, ladies and gentlemen, the truth bomb liberals have sought for years to deny — that gun control only affects those who actually follow the laws.

And as pointed out last year by David French of National Review, “(T)he vast majority of gun crimes are committed by people who did not lawfully purchase their firearms.”

While this conclusion was admittedly based on a study of the gun crimes that happened in Pittsburgh throughout 2008, it’s nevertheless an axiomatic truth that applies to all gun crime — if not all crime in general.

The fact is criminals in the United States, in Australia and in every other country on Earth don’t care about the law; they never have, and they never will — that’s what makes them criminals. So why do liberals think imposing draconian gun regulations on law-abiding citizens will somehow deter the bad guys?


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