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Today’s TOW Politically INCORRECT Cartoons

Mr. Trump, Tear Down This Wall!

The Current tax code is a “Yhuge” obstacle to economic growth and prosperity. Trumps tax plan would “tear down this wall”.

Trump Tax Plan / Cartoon A.F. Branco ©2017.

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At A Campus Near You

Ann Coulter will not speak at UC Berkeley. AntiFa (The Left) has again been successful in silencing the conservative voice.

Ann Coulter At Berkeley / Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

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Hey GOP! Use your mandate and build the damn wall

Posted April 25, 2017 11:42 AM by Rob Eno

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Stop illegal immigration sign next to fence. / TheaDesign | Shutterstock

For the past 10 years, the Republican Party has been campaigning on a whole host of conservative issues. Central among them are repealing Obamacare and building a border wall before any immigration reform is even considered. Republicans have already capitulated on the repeal of Obamacare and are now on the precipice of capitulating on the border wall. It’s time for Republicans to stop being afraid of Democrats and do what the American people elected them to do. 

Central to the successful presidential campaign of Donald Trump was his promise to build a wall. It was a part of virtually every single one of his well-attended rallies. If you’ve forgotten, take a quick trip down memory lane.

Why then is Trump not fighting to ensure he receives funds to start construction on the wall as soon as possible? Here’s today’s news from the Washington Post.

But with a Friday deadline looming to pass a new spending bill, the Trump administration projected confidence that a shutdown would be avoided. In the face of fierce Democratic opposition to funding the wall’s construction, White House officials signaled Monday that the president may be open to an agreement that includes money for border security if not specifically for a wall, with an emphasis on technology and border agents rather than a structure.

Trump showed even more flexibility Monday afternoon, telling conservative journalists in a private meeting that he was open to delaying funding for wall construction until September, a White House official confirmed.

Trump, the deal maker, should know that once you give an adversary an inch, they’ll take a mile. It is time for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to step up and give the American people what their party promised — a border wall. Not to mention the repeal of Obamacare and a whole host of other promises.

The GOP majority should not be afraid of the Democrat minority. The American people in record numbers reject Democrat ideology. Over the weekend, an ABC News/ Washington Post poll was released showing that 67 percent of American voters say that Democrats are “out of touch” with the concerns of the American people. That number is up 19 percent from a 2014 poll that asked the same question.

Over the past three years, as the Democratic Party has become more obstructionist and radical, the American people have increasingly rejected its ideology. Yes, the numbers for the GOP and Trump are high as well, but on the GOP side, their numbers have actually been improving.

The majority of people, in large swaths of this country — save California — voted for Republicans up and down their ballots last fall. Central to this vote was a promise to take border security seriously and, yes, to “build that wall.”

It is time for the GOP to live up to its promises and fight to get it done.


Robert Eno is the director of research for Conservative Review. He is a conservative from deep blue Massachusetts but now lives in Greenville, SC.

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Trump Readies Surprise Trade Action Against Canada. President may pause on border-adjustment tax but preps tariffs to fight lumber, dairy cheating

Reported by Jim Stinson | Updated 25 Apr 2017 at 6:55 AM

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President Donald Trump is fed up with cheap Canadian softwood-lumber imports, subsidized by provincial governments, and he is ready to slap the northern neighbor with a 20 percent tariff. It’s part of Trump’s latest efforts to force a more “reciprocal” relationship with trade partners.

But does that approach include the border-adjustment tax? Bloomberg News reported on Friday that Trump won’t include a border-adjustment tax — a duty on imports, a version of which most other nations have — in a proposed tax reform package expected to be unveiled Wednesday. Trump, in response to a question from LifeZette during a meeting with reporters in the Roosevelt Room, said he is still open to the border-adjustment tax, but suggested he will examine the policy as part of trade deals, not an initial round of tax reform.

Trump’s ambiguity was not a surprise. Earlier in the day, in his regular briefing with reporters, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the White House is waiting until Wednesday to share tax-reform details. It’s likely a sign that Trump won’t want to entangle large-scale tax reform with the border-adjustment tax, which deeply divides Republican lawmakers.

But the delay of a border-adjustment tax push does not mean Trump will not take swift action to encourage more trade equity with regional economic partners. As for Canada, Trump is fed up and ready to act. Trump surprised a gathering of journalists from conservative-leaning outlets at the White House on Monday when he said he would place a 20 percent tariff on softwood-lumber imports from Canada.

Canada’s softwood-lumber has long been a thorn in the side of U.S. trade officials. It was a major point of contention in the original negotiations for a U.S.-Canada free-trade treaty in 1989. That treaty was expanded to Mexico in 1993 with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In March 2002, President George W. Bush slapped Canada with 29 percent tariffs on Canadian lumber for unfairly subsidizing the lumber exports.

The tariffs won’t be automatic. Wilbur Ross, secretary of the Commerce Department, said a dispute-resolution panel, mandated by NAFTA, will decide if U.S. law is being properly applied. Ross, who walked into the Roosevelt Room with Trump and Spicer, noted three of the five panelists are Canadians.

“Canada has treated us very unfairly,” said Trump, threatening to also punish Canadian dairy producers for unfairly undercutting Wisconsin farmers. Trump said the changes mean U.S. lumber producers will have a better deal.

“We can do our own lumber,” said Trump.

Trump was less specific about the border-adjustment tax proposal floated by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), the powerful chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. But he did say the border-adjustment tax has been misunderstood, mostly because of its name.

“The word I like is reciprocal,” said Trump.

The tax would raise more than $100 billion a year and would be placed on imports. Proponents of the tax say it would help cut the deficit. The tax would also benefit U.S. exporters, because most nations have versions of it that get slapped on U.S. products.

The tax would allow cuts in other areas, meaning it is “revenue-neutral.” It would also accomplish some of what Trump promised to do in the 2016 campaign — to reform trade policies.

“Generally speaking, I am in favor of it,” said Kevin L. Kearns, president of  the U.S. Business and Industry Council. “We need to do something to level the playing field, since 150 of our trading partners have value-added taxes.”

Kearns said American exports get the tax added when they arrive in other nations.

Using Germany as an example, such taxes are used in most European nations. The value-added taxes are extracted from German manufacturers. But if the German manufacturers export the goods, the manufacturers get refunds, Kearns said. That gives Germans incentive to manufacture within Germany.

But the border-adjustment tax is vilified by retailers, who sell many imported goods. On Monday morning, the Koch-backed Freedom Partners held a teleconference to denounce the tax. A border-adjustment tax will hurt retailers such as Best Buy and Target, said Freedom Partners officials. Some Republicans are also afraid of border-adjustment taxes because they claim they are hidden taxes, and can be adjusted at will, said Kearns, who dismissed those claims.

Kearns told LifeZette he is worried about Trump tying trade to foreign policy “deal-making” with nations such as China.

Let’s take a poll of Trump supporters and see who wants to lose their job to China because of North Korea,” said Kearns.

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoons from TOWNHALL.COM



Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoons from TOWNHALL.COM

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

New Sheriff in Town

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With President Trump the policy of strategic patience is over, he also brings a welcome end to Obama’s ridiculous “Apology Tour”.

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