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The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday February 19, 2018

Video: Why Are Suspected Terrorists Allowed to Buy Guns?9  0% of those on terror watch lists succeed in buying guns; the other 10% are blocked, but not for terror reasons  Watch
News: Unrepentant Mall of America Stabber Gets Light Sentence  Even though he confessed that he acted for ISIS, terrorism charges were not brought against him  Read More
News: Compulsory Hijab Rampant in UK Schools  The requirement even applies in some publicly-funded schools  Read More
News: Violence Against Women Bill Passes; Excludes Wives  The new legislation in Morocco also criminalizes sex outside of marriage  Read More
News: Iranian Wrestler Banned For Throwing Match  The wrestler was ordered to throw the match in order to avoid facing Israel. Read
Readers Write
ISIS Flag Replaces US Flag at Utah High School

“’We do not believe this was perpetrated by the Islamic state.’ Why not? Take them at their word. They’ve pretty much done what they said they’d do so far.”


Youth Prison Counselor Suspected of Joining Jihad in Syria

“Don’t tell Trudeau this, or he want to hire all the Canadians that fought with ISIS as counselors for our prisons and perhaps for some schools for wayward boys, too.”


The Clarion Project for Friday February 16, 2018

Podcast: Which Anti-US Terror Group Has 500,000 Rockets?  The Iranian-backed group is committed to attacking American interests  Listen
Opinion: Did Tillerson Just Go Off Script About Hezbollah?  The secretary of state just acknowledged Hezbollah’s ‘political’ role  Read More
News: Youth Prison Counselor Suspected of Joining Jihad in Syria  The 46-year old man converted to Islam. He was nabbed overseas by the FBI  Read More
News: Bronze Stars for Special Ops Surgical Team Fighting ISIS  They responded to 19 mass-casualty events  Read
Infographic: Look What Al-Qaeda Did Last Month in AfricaT  he group is alive, kicking and growing in Africa  Read and Share
Readers Write
American Heroes Play Selves in Paris Train Attack Movie

“Saw the movie. See it!!!! God has his hand in this.”


US Holds Arch Terrorists in Syria: Now What?

Don’t send them to GITMO. There will be another Obama one day who will just work to let them go.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday February 14, 2018

Opinion: Judge Disallows References to CAIR-Hamas Ties in Suit  The case involves the San Diego school district which partnered with the Islamist organization  Read More
Poll Results: Poll Results: Gitmo or Criminal Trial for Terrorists?  We asked what should be done to bring foreign terrorists who attacked Americans to justice  Read
Video: Graphic Video: ISIS Executions on Egyptian Streets ISIS fighters freely embark on an orgy of carnage  Watch
News: Texas Couple Gets Prison Time for Lying About Jihadi Sons  Sumaiya and Mohommad Hasnain Ali were in regular contact with their sons who had joined ISIS in Syria  Read
News: ISIS Terror Updates: Virginia, Maryland, New York  The latest arrests, convictions and trials of accused ISIS supporters and would-be terrorists  Read More
Video: ‘Turkey Declares War on US Even if Trump Doesn’t Know’  Turkey’s latest aggressions are part of a larger picture  Watach
Readers Write
Look What Al-Qaeda Did Last Month in the Middle East

“Thank G-d the rules of engagement have changed. All I can say is, do what you have to to get the job done.”


US Holds Arch Terrorists in Syria: Now What?

“As a Canadian who had to contribute to the $10.5 million our government paid Omar Khadr for his experience at Gitmo and who is now free, I say prosecute them in federal court and throw away the key. Do not give them any ground for appeal.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday February 12, 2018

News and Video: American Heroes Play Selves in Paris Train Attack Movie  Three childhood friends prevented a massacre on a train from Amsterdam to Paris  Read and Watch
News: Search Is on for Remains of Americans Beheaded by ‘Jihadi John’  Captured ISIS fighters point to location of graves of beheading victims  Read

News Analysis: Turkey, Iran Threaten to Overwhelm West with Refugees  To these Islamist republics, Muslim refugees are weapons of jihad, not victims of it  Read

Infographic: Look What Al-Qaeda Did Last Month in the Middle East  ISIS may get more press, but AQ is still a force to be reckoned with  Read and Share
Readers Write
US-Led Coalition Airstrikes Kill Over 100 Syrian Soldiers

“Support and aid the Syrian Kurds! They are being attacked by Turkey right now. The Kurds along with other minority peoples in Syria have banded together to fight ISIS and have won. Now the Turks are attacking the same forces that beat ISIS in Syria. The Turks are trying to start up the old Ottoman Empire and all that entails once again …Those who don’t know the history of the region are making a terrible mistake by not supporting the Kurds.”


Who Will Be Plotting Against America After ISIS’ Defeat?

“ISIS will be plotting. Fighters were recruited from 86 countries to fight in Syria and many left unscathed afterwards. The war is still on, but now we cannot see the enemy.”

-The League Against Globalism

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday February 9, 2018

News: Gruesome Things ISIS is Doing in Areas It Still Controls  A woman was stoned for adultery and two youths whipped without mercy  Read
News: Texas Man ‘Applies’ to ISIS  Meanwhile, a Minnesota teenager is charged with terrorism  Read more
Feature: Debates on Islamism: Halal Meat  Whether or not to allow Halal meat is a recurring debate on Islamism with both sides holding strong views  Read
Opinion: Beware of Partisans Bearing Gifts  Both left and right wing activists use radical Islam to gain supporters Read
News Analysis: Iran Publishes Study Indicating Waning Support for Hijabs  Is the president making a move against the mullahs?  Read
Readers Write
Brotherhood’s US Rep Is Liaison to Hamas

“Where is Homeland Security, FBI, CIA when you need them? Congress?”


Help Stop FGM Now

“Disgusting, painful, dangerous, mutilation of healthy, NORMAL young female bodies – to ensure that they NEVER know the wonder, beauty and pleasure of normal consensual sex with the man that they love. The brutality of this dreadful punishment of young women is equaled only by the hatred and misogyny – and primitivism of their …ahem….’men’”


Video Shows Drone Capable of Dive-Bombing a Passenger Jet

Reported By V Saxena | February 6, 2018 at 11:55am

URL of the original posting site:

A horrifying video that emerged online shows a drone hovering within only feet of an airplane reportedly landing at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Shot by an unknown drone pilot, the video specifically depicts “the drone taking off from what looks to be the parking lot at Whitney Ranch near 95 and Russell, then flying dangerously close to a Frontier passenger plane heading to land at McCarran Airport,” according to local station KTNV.

Not only is this a potential violation of the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules for drones, which limit drones to a maximum height of 400 feet, but it’s also a possible sign of what’s to come in regard to the future of radical Islamic terrorism. But we’ll get to that a bit later.

First, watch the video below:

Dovetailing back to the FAA, local station KLAS noted that “a drone pilot who flies unsafely could face fines from of up to $1,437 per violation, while businesses that fly unsafely can face fines of up to $32,666 per violation.”

“On top of that, people who fly drones unsafely can face federal criminal penalties including fines of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three year,” the station added.

Why all the hubbub? Because of the catastrophic consequences the pilot’s birdbrained actions could have conceivably triggered.

“You know, if he was to hit the plane or there were any transmission signals that could interfere with that plane, he could honestly jam something in the plane, anything could happen,” explained drone expert Steven Williams of Alpha Drone in a statement to KTNV.

If the FAA manages to track down the drone’s pilot, I therefore recommend hitting him or her with as large of a fine as possible.

In the meantime, both the FAA and the Department of Homeland Security need to determine a way to prevent this from ever happening again, and a report published in Fast Forward magazine last year offers a clue why:

“The possibility of terrorists using drones to drop explosives or even unleash biological attacks on U.S. soil is a growing threat, Nicholas Rasmussen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, told a Senate panel Wednesday.”

But as is now obvious from the horrifying drone footage above, the threat isn’t just of “terrorists using drones to drop explosives” on land; it’s also of terrorists using drones to drop explosives (or whatever else) on airplanes.

Can you imagine the terror that could be caused by this?

Let’s be clear: This is a big, big problem, and one that the administration of President Donald Trump needs to resolve sooner rather than later.

Knowing Trump, though, I’m sure the administration will indeed resolve it.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday February 7, 2018

Infographic: Advice for Jihadi Brides Brought to You by Al-Qaeda  We’re not making this stuff up  Read and Share
News Analysis: U.S. State Dept. Embraces Terror-Supporting Sheikh  Sheikh Bin Bayyah is a Muslim Brotherhood leader who supports Hamas and the killing of US soldiers  Read
News and Petition: Muslim Brotherhood Non-Violent? Think Again  The praise came quick for the stabbing of a young father  Read and Sign
News: Saudi Man Linked to Al-Qaeda Arrested in Oklahoma  Naif Alfallaj received a pilot’s license in the US as did the 9/11 terrorists  Read
Video: Help Stop FGM Now  This week marked International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation  Watch and Share
Blog: Death to Death Threats  Sending death threats to opponents like CAIR and Linda Sarsour is unacceptable Read
Readers Write
Help Stop FGM Now

“Liberal women need to listen to Ms. Ali. Instead, they continually try to block her from speaking on college campuses, and turn a blind eye to her. This should have so-called third-wave feminists outraged …”


Calls to Expel Florida Student Protesting World Hijab Day

“Where are the ‘feminists’ protesting the oppression of women forced to wear the hijab because of men viewing them as ‘their’ possession?”


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