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News Analysis

New Mexico Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy? Body found was most like missing disabled toddler Read More right-arrow.png


11 Kids Found Starving in Radical Compound in NM Local authorities moved in after the FBI stalled Watch right-arrow.png

News Analysis

Why CAIR Is Fundraising for MN Candidate Ilhan Omar Omar doesn’t stand firm against FGM Read and Share right-arrow.png


Is the UK Legal System Supporting Child Marriage? Shocking findings of an undercover operation Read More right-arrow.png


Who’s Got the Last Word Now? Not Iran As new sanctions go into effect, Rouhani makes a disingenuous offer Read More right-arrow.png

Readers Write
Should This UK Court Rule According to Sharia Law?

“Kind of bothered about things here [in the U.S.] too. When you have judges sworn to uphold the constitution, yet ignore its plain language, then whose law are we under really? We are not to obey sharia law nor any other laws, but only laws under the authority of the constitution. Yet we have tax dodgers running free. We have governors and mayors ignoring the law of the land and setting up their own little kingdoms called sanctuary states/cities. Now, if they have that right, is it not possible that a city or state might declare itself a sharia city or state? Neither are allowed by the constitution, but nothing is done. Britain is just a ways down the road waiting at the bend for us to catch up.”
– J.S.
ISIS Is NOT Contained. Here’s Proof

“At least they don’t have control over all that land.”
– S.T.R.

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