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Woman Missing in Miami Condo Collapse Called Husband After She Saw Pool Turn to Sinkhole, Then the Line Went Dead

Reported by Amanda Thomason | June 28, 2021


By now, most of us have seen the horrific aftermath of the Florida condo tower collapse: A rubble heap where a 13-story tower once stood, and over 150 people still missing.

Crews are working around the clock, looking for any signs of life amidst the rubble. Specialized teams from other countries have shown up to help, and friends and family wait for news as time passes and hope dwindles.

As they wait, some are sharing stories about loved ones who still have not been located. Mike Stratton, 66, had an especially haunting last exchange with his wife, 40-year-old Cassondra “Cassie” Billedeau-Stratton.Advertisement – story continues below

The Strattons have lived on the fourth floor of the residential high-rise for the past four years. The jet-setting couple is often traveling, busy with their respective jobs that often take them to other bustling cities.

Last Monday, Mike had to leave to Washington, D.C. for work. That was the last time he saw Cassie.

Early Thursday morning, Cassie called him in a panic.Advertisement – story continues below

“I was in Washington, on the phone with her when the whole thing happened, 1:30 a.m.,” Mike told NBC News.

Cassie explained that the pool — which was normally visible from the couple’s condo — had simply disappeared. In its place, a sinkhole.

She continued to explain how the building was shaking, and with that, the call cut off. The line went dead.

“It was 1:30 a.m., I’ll never, never forget that,” Mike reiterated to the Miami Herald.


Amanda Thomason, Contributor

Amanda holds an MA in Rhetoric and TESOL from Cal Poly Pomona. After teaching composition and logic for several years, she’s strayed into writing full-time and especially enjoys animal-related topics.

Advertisement Pro-Life News Report | Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Joe Biden Says “I am the Democratic Party.” It Supports Killing Babies in Abortions Up to Birth

During last night’s first presidential debate, Joe Biden declared that he was the Democratic Party.




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Biden Refuses to Say if He’d Pack Supreme Court With Liberal Judges: “I Won’t Answer the Question” Pro-Life News Report | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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Trump Admin Fights Judge’s Order Making It Easier to Kill Babies in Abortions

The FDA filed a memorandum to stay (halt) Judge Chuang’s preliminary injunction pending an appeal. .



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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon by A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco Cartoon – Twilight Zone

Democrats say all women need to be believed, All women? Keith Ellison accusers? Kathleen Willie, Paula Jones, and Juanita Broderick. #NotYou.

Democrats in the Twilight ZonePolitical cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.
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A.F. Branco has taken his two greatest passions, (art and politics) and translated them into the cartoons that have been seen all over the country, in various news outlets including “Fox News”, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and “The Washington Post.” He has been recognized by such personalities as James Woods, Sarah Palin, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, and even the great El Rushbo.

More Politically INCORRECT Cartoons while A.F. Branco is on Vacation

New Study Shows Huge Cost of Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ Plan


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” bill would cost a breathtaking $32.6 trillion over 10 years. (Photo: Janet Mayer / SplashNews/Newscom)

Socialism is expensive. In a new cost analysis, Charles Blahous, formerly a member of the Medicare board of trustees, concludes that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” bill (S. 1804) would cost a breathtaking $32.6 trillion over 10 years.

Given the growing commitment of House and Senate Democrats to this agenda, Blahous’ analysis is timely. His assessment of the federal government’s financial burden is also consistent with two other independent analyses.

Two years ago, the Urban Institute, a highly respected liberal think tank, estimated the total cost of the Sanders proposal at $32 trillion over 10 years, and professor Kenneth Thorpe of Emory University, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton, estimated the cost at $24.7 trillion.

In both cases, the analysts estimated that the level of taxpayer funding would be much higher than Sanders and his colleagues assumed.

Central Control

Co-sponsored by 16 leading Senate Democrats—including Sens. Kamala Harris of California, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Cory Booker of New Jersey—the Sanders bill is the quintessential prescription for comprehensive government-controlled health care. In the House of Representatives, 123 Democratic members, more than half of the House Democratic Caucus, have co-sponsored similar legislation (H.R. 676).

The Sanders bill would create a national health insurance program; prohibit all Americans from having a private or employer-based health insurance plan; and abolish Medicare and Medicaid, absorbing their functions into the new national health insurance scheme.

The bill would mandate that doctors, hospitals, and medical professionals be paid Medicare payment rates, and would restrict private agreements between doctors and patients outside of the national system.

Bottom Line

The $32.6 trillion in additional federal spending (2022 to 2031) alone would equal 10.7 percent of the national economy, as measured by the gross domestic product, and would rise to 12.7 percent of GDP by 2031.

Blahous grants Sanders and his Senate co-sponsors the benefit of the doubt. His estimates assume that their bill would be successful in reducing revenues going to doctors, hospitals, and other medical professionals. He also assumes that their legislation would achieve its goals of reducing the cost of prescription drugs as well as administrative costs.

Blahous cautions, however, that drugs account for only 10 percent of total national health expenditures, and the bill’s intention to replace brand names with generics would take effect within a market where generics already make up 85 percent of drugs sold.

Uncertain Savings

Concerning administrative costs, the replacement of private insurance with a single government program would, in theory, secure major administrative cost reductions. For the sake of his estimates, Blahous projects a substantial 7 percent reduction in administrative costs.

There are, he warns, methodological problems in simple comparisons between Medicare and private-sector administrative costs. Moreover, the major government programs are plagued by persistent administrative failures that routinely jack up administrative costs. Medicare and Medicaid, for example, racked up an estimated $96 billion in improper payments in 2016 alone.

“Although government also polices fraud within its health insurance programs,” Blahous observes, “financial survival and business competitiveness are concerns from which government-provided insurance is generally exempt.”

Even assuming gains from reductions in administrative costs, drugs, and the big reductions in provider payments, other features of the legislation, such as the abolition of all cost-sharing, would drive the costs of the program upward.

Huge Taxes

Taxpayers would face enormous burdens, assuming Congress enacted and the president signed the Sanders bill. In his earlier analysis, Thorpe estimated that those taxes would amount to 20 percent of payroll, and roughly 70 percent of working households would pay more than they do today.

For his part, Blahous says that the costs would be such that “doubling all federal individual and corporate income taxes going forward would be insufficient to fully finance the plan, even under the assumption that provider payment rates are reduced by over 40 percent for treatment of patients now covered by private insurance. Such an increase in the scope of the federal government operations would precipitate a correspondingly large increase in federal taxation or debt and would be unprecedented if undertaken as an enduring commitment.”

The promise of “something for nothing is always appealing, but it’s never cheap.

Commentary By

Portrait of Robert Moffit

Robert E. Moffit, a seasoned veteran of more than three decades in Washington policymaking, is a senior fellow in domestic policy studies at The Heritage Foundation.

In 2012 Venezuela Banned Private Gun Ownership – In 2018 ‘Security Forces’ Killed Hundreds

Reported by By: K. Walker | ClashDaily Associate

Editor | July 12, 2018

URL of the original posting site:

Gee, what will anti-gun activist, David Hogg, have to say about this?

Back in 2012, the Venezuelan government banned the private sale of firearms. The BBC reported that the move was to ‘improve security and cut crime’.

Here’s an awkward pair of headlines:

If that isn’t an argument for the Second Amendment, I don’t know what is.

Here’s a snippet from that 2012 BBC article:

Venezuela has brought a new gun law into effect which bans the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition.

Until now, anyone with a gun permit could buy arms from a private company.

Under the new law, only the army, police and certain groups like security companies will be able to buy arms from the state-owned weapons manufacturer and importer.

The ban is the latest attempt by the government to improve security and cut crime ahead of elections in October

Venezuela saw more than 18,000 murders last year and the capital, Caracas, is thought to be one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America.

The Hugo Chavez government even ran a gun amnesty program to allow those with illegal firearms to bring in the weapons without fear of reprisal.

And they were honest about their goal.

Hugo Chavez’s government says the ultimate aim is to disarm all civilians, but his opponents say the police and government may not have the capacity or the will to enforce the new law.

Oh, and look what was slipped in there at the end of the article.

According to a recent United Nations report, South America, Central America and the Caribbean have the highest rates of murder by firearms in the world. (Emphasis added)
Source: BBC, June 2012

So, you’re saying that it’s not the United States with the highest per capita private firearm ownership in the world?

You mean to tell me that there are law-abiding gun owners out there? And that the single country in the world that ensures the most freedom doesn’t have the same homicide rate as some of those socialist sh!thole countries?


But that article was written waaaaay back in 2012.

Yo, Bernie, whatcha gotta say about that? Is Venezuela still the place to find the ‘American Dream’ that you posted on your website in 2011?

Well, let’s take a look at the headlines and see.

In April 2017, The Hill wrote this piece:

Looks like their plan to ‘reduce crime’ didn’t work. Unless it wasn’t about ‘reducing crime’ at all…

The article explains that despite the anti-gun law, homicide rates have soared.

Since April 2017, at least 163 pro-democracy protesters in Venezuela have been murdered by the Maduro dictatorship. Venezuela serves as an example of how gun prohibition can sometimes encourage gun crime.

In 2012, the communist-dominated Venezuelan National Assembly enacted the “Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law.” The bill’s stated objective was to “disarm all citizens.” The new law prohibited all gun sales, except to government entities. The penalty for illegally selling or carrying a firearm is a prison sentence of up to 20 years. Despite criticism from the democratic opposition, the bill went into effect in 2013.

Ostensibly, the motive for gun prohibition was Venezuela’s out of control violent crime. In 2015, Venezuela’s homicide rate was the world’s highest, with 27,875 Venezuelans murdered that year. More broadly, the Bolivarian Republic is the only South American nation with a homicide rate that has steadily risen since 1995. In the year prior to Maduro’s disarmament initiative, the Venezuelan capital of Caracas had a homicide rate of 122 per 100,000 inhabitants, nearly 20 times the global average of 6.2.

The high homicide rate is attributed to robberies, and 70 percent of all crime was due to armed robberies. The article goes on from there describing the rampant poverty in Venezuela — 87 percent of the country at the time. Desperate people are doing desperate things.

And the government took the only tool that individuals had to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property — assuming the government hadn’t already taken it without compensation.

The government then suppressed dissent.

As has been typical of tyrannies since the dawn of time, arms prohibition has aided in the suppression of dissent. Indeed, the Venezuelan Violent Observatory has reported a notable increase in state violence; lethal extrajudicial force is frequently used against criminals and against political dissidents. (Emphasis added)

The Maduro government confiscated firearms, destroyed some in a display of might, but some others, well… they ‘somehow’ slipped through the cracks.

In other words, the Maduro regime stripped Venezuelans of their right to self-defense and then transferred the confiscated firearms to its loyal thugs.

When the public is disarmed, ordinary criminals have greater impunity to rob and murder the innocent. So do criminal governments.
Source: The Hill

And now we’re up to speed to what’s happening in 2018. Back to the BBC’s new article.

Venezuelan security forces have carried out hundreds of arbitrary killings under the guise of fighting crime, the UN’s human rights body says.

In a report, it cites “shocking” accounts of young men being killed during operations, often in poor districts, over the past three years.

The UN’s human rights chief said no-one was being held to account, suggesting the rule of law was “virtually absent”.

Venezuela has in the past dismissed human rights allegations as “lies”.

The UN Human Rights Office alleges that extra-judicial killings were carried out by officers involved with the Operations for the Liberation of the People, ostensibly a crime-reduction initiative.

These officers may have killed more than 500 people since July 2015 as a way to showcase crime-reduction results, it says. They are alleged to have faked evidence to make it look as though the victims died in exchanges of fire.
Source: BBC, June 2018

This is why we need to protect the Second Amendment from the gun-grabbers.

We don’t want to become sitting ducks like the people of Venezuela.


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Asserting Your Rights Produces a Masterpiece of Liberty While Ignorance Brings Slavery.

Authored by Jake MacAulay

Let’s do away with ignorance and learn our Bible and the Constitution, the true ingredients of the Masterpiece we call liberty.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

Let me quote Thomas Jefferson again…

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

When Jefferson, the principal author of the American Declaration of Independence, wrote these words, he was expressing a truth that relatively few Americans appreciate today. You see, an elected or appointed official at the local, state, or national level is required to take an oath to defend the Constitution of both his state and the United States. His job, then, is to follow his oath. Fair enough…but what about the rest of us?

What is our job?

As citizens of our State or of these States united, our job is to make sure that office-holders follow their oath so we can remain the “Land of the Free.”

As you probably know by now, my family’s mission is to make sure that the foundational reasons for American liberty are taught and known. Almost every American I encounter knows that America is different than the rest of the world. Americans generally love America because we have amazing liberties, prosperity, opportunity, peace, education, entertainment, access and infrastructure.  The troubling part about this love of country is that it is, for the most part, ignorant of any foundational reasons for the aforementioned.

Recently, my wife and I traveled to Colorado where I had the privilege to present to a number of individuals at the massive Colorado Home School Convention.  I later brought some of my students from the convention to visit a champion of God-given rights, Jack Phillips of the Masterpiece Cakeshop.

We should all be so grateful that this man didn’t just sit back and ignorantly enjoy his liberty in America. When discriminated against, Jack stood and endured the warfare to preserve liberty for his family and future generations. Jack understood that one does not have a right to divest themselves of God-given rights.  As a matter of fact, by asserting and victoriously defending his God-given right to practice his artistic expression within the moral boundaries of God’s Word, he helped defend all of our God-given rights.

But how can you or I do this if WE don’t know what the Constitution declares, or what it means? If we don’t know the rules, then how can we tell if they are being followed? If we don’t know these essential elements of citizenship – what used to be called “civics” – then it is difficult to object to direct affronts against our liberty. In short, if we are ignorant, it’s not long before we won’t be free.

Make no mistake; our American Liberty is simply the blessings of Almighty God and the bi-product of carefully following His Laws, which are the formula for a prosperous individual, family, Church, and Civil government. So let’s do away with ignorance and learn our Bible and the Constitution, the true ingredients of the Masterpiece we call liberty.

Schedule an event or learn more about your Constitution with Jake MacAulay and the Institute on the Constitution and receive your free gift.

Obama-Silenced FBI Informant Finally Allowed To Testify – It’s About To Get Real!


An informant who was previously silenced by the Obama administration has been called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the FBI’s investigating regarding Russian Nuclear officials.

The investigation is alleged to have connections to Hillary Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Victoria Toensing, who represents the informant, has asked the committee chairman, Charles Grassley, to allow the testimony about the information into “Uranium One”.

“Toensing said she also possesses memos that recount how the Justice Department last year threatened her client when he attempted to file a lawsuit that could have drawn attention to the Russian corruption during the 2016 presidential race,” The Hill reported on Wednesday.

As reported by Ryan Saavedra for The Daily Wire:

Toensing said her client witnessed a significant amount of corruption going on in the U.S. and was forced by the FBI to a sign a document that prevents him from revealing what he knows to Congress:

Toensing’s client was an American businessman who says he worked for four years undercover as an FBI confidential witness. Toensing said he was blocked by the Obama Justice Department, under then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, about testifying to Congress about his time as an informant for the FBI. He contends that he has pertinent information that the Russian’s were attempting to gain access to former President Bill Clinton and his wife, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to influence the Obama administration’s decision on the purchase of Uranium One, Toensing said.

“Reporting indicates that the informant’s work was crucial to the government’s ability to crack a multimillion-dollar racketeering scheme by Russian nuclear officials on U.S. soil” and that the scheme involved “bribery, kickbacks, money laundering, and extortion,” Grassley states in his letter. “Further, the reporting indicates that your client can testify that ‘FBI agents made comments to him suggesting political pressure was exerted during the Justice Department probe’ and ‘that there was specific evidence that could have scuttled approval of the Uranium One deal.’ It appears that your client possesses unique information about the Uranium One/Rosatom transaction and how the Justice Department handled the criminal investigation into the Russian criminal conspiracy.”

The timeline may be a little lagging but it won’t be long now folks. The deck is stacked against them.

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Trump Campaign Spy’s Past Exposed: Worked to Flip Past Pres. Election Too as CIA Spook

disclaimerReported By Benjamin Arie | May 20, 2018 at 2:35pm

URL pf the original posting site:

The political scandal of the decade is brewing in Washington, D.C., and it may leave President Donald Trump in a very different position than his enemies wish: Not destroyed, but largely vindicated.

Details have finally started to emerge about an establishment-led effort to plant a “mole” within the Trump campaign, and evidence is beginning to mount that its goal was to undermine and derail his run for office.

The facts are suggesting something chillingly sinister: A government operative directed by the Obama-run FBI purposely infiltrated the campaign of a candidate with the training and background needed to destabilize i said

In a detailed piece published by The Intercept, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald summarized the scandal and gave a blow-by-blow account of how its beginning to unravel.

“Over the past several weeks, House Republicans have been claiming that the FBI, during the 2016 election, used an operative to spy on the Trump campaign, and they triggered outrage within the FBI by trying to learn his identity,” he explained.

“The controversy escalated when President Trump joined the fray on Friday morning. ‘Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president,’ Trump tweeted.’”

Amazingly, FBI and Department of Justice sources did not deny this claim. It’s worth remembering that while the media and DOJ insiders were laughing and dismissing Trump’s accusations a year ago — especially regarding wiretapping and the Steele dossier — he has been proven right on almost every point.

Nobody is laughing now. Instead, they’re scrambling to cover their tracks. 

“On May 8, the Washington Post described the informant as ‘a top-secret intelligence source’ and cited DOJ officials as arguing that disclosure of his name ‘could risk lives by potentially exposing the source, a U.S. citizen who has provided intelligence to the CIA and FBI,’” Greenwald reported.

That was almost certainly a last-ditch effort to protect the mole and save face. Then came the threats.

“The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner … actually threatened his own colleagues in Congress with criminal prosecution if they tried to obtain the identity of the informant,” Greenwald reported.

Journalists, including Greenwald and veteran gumshoes at several major media outlets, didn’t stop. After a few rounds of newspaper one-upmanship, the mole’s name has been revealed.

“As a result of some very odd choices by the nation’s largest media outlets, everyone knows the name of the FBI’s informant: Stefan Halper,” Greenwald wrote.

RELATED: Devastating 2016 Strzok Text Found: Obama’s WH is Running Trump Investigation

Here’s the truly important and shocking part: Halper is no run-of-the-mill FBI operative. He has a history of being involved in shady CIA operations to infiltrate and derail U.S. elections.

“To begin with, it’s obviously notable that the person the FBI used to monitor the Trump campaign is the same person who worked as a CIA operative running that 1980 Presidential election spying campaign,” Greenwale wrote.

Yes, it was Halper, a former Nixon insider and the same man at the center of the anti-Trump scandal today.

Nearly 40 years ago, a largely buried scandal was playing out in Washington. In involved some famous Republicans, including old names that even today are firmly in the “Never Trump” camp.

“Halper was responsible for a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, in which the Reagan campaign — using CIA officials managed by Halper, reportedly under the direction of former CIA Director and then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush — got caught running a spying operation from inside the Carter administration,” the Intercept explained.

In other words, there may be a structure within the foreign policy and intelligence communities that goes back to at least the time when George H.W. Bush ran the CIA.

That behind-the-scenes power structure — “Deep State,” to borrow the term — was on the side of Hillary Clinton and believed that Trump needed to be stopped at any cost.

One look at the now-public text messages from FBI officials in the weeks and months leading up to the 2016 election definitely seems to support this. And it’s worth pointing out that the now 93-year-old George H.W. Bush admitted to supporting Hillary Clinton.

By any measure, the Bush dynasty has not been friendly to Trump.

Whatever else is true, the CIA operative and FBI informant used to gather information on the Trump campaign in the 2016 campaign has, for weeks, been falsely depicted as a sensitive intelligence asset rather than what he actually is: a long-time CIA operative with extensive links to the Bush family who was responsible for a dirty and likely illegal spying operation in the 1980 presidential election,” explained Greenwald.

“For that reason, it’s easy to understand why many people in Washington were so desperate to conceal his identity, but that desperation had nothing to do with the lofty and noble concerns for national security they claimed were motivating them,” he added.

Watergate x 10

Deep operatives. Election interference. Moles and spies deployed against a candidate by our own government agencies. It’s a chilling picture, but one that all of the evidence so far supports. There’s a power struggle of shadows within the swamp in Washington, and it is at odds with the American people and their sovereign voice.

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The Clarion Project Newletter for Wednesday April 25, 2018

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Readers Write
Iranian-Backed Cells Pose ‘Direct Threat to Homeland’

“Interesting salute. Have not we seen it before?”

– G.S.

Syria to Chair UN Conference on Chemical Disarmament

“What a cruel joke that just shows what clowns make up the UN! Get us out of it and move the headquarters to Syria, too!”

– J.M.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday March 7, 2018


Bomb Left in Utah High School Linked to ISISThe smoking bomb was defused by policeRead More


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West Point Grads Lobby Senate to End ‘Pay for Slay’

“We shouldn’t have to “lobby” against any country who wants to kill us. It’s a given, us, or them! I pick US!!”
NYC Settles Hijab Grievance Claims for $180,000

“They were getting mug shots!!!”

More Politically INCORRECT Cartoons for February 26, 2018

Watch: Flashback Video Shows Chuck Schumer Requesting Military March

Posted by | on February 9, 2018

This week President Donald Trump proposed the US should host a military parade in 2018. With a knee-jerk reaction, Democrats immediately condemned the move.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said, “I think confidence is silent and insecurity is loud. America is the most powerful country in all of human history; you don’t need to show it off.”

Rep. Adam Smith (D-CA) commented, “A military parade of this kind would also be a departure from the values of our constitutional democracy.”

Finally, Reps. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) and Ted Lieu (D-CA) jointly observed, “Because authoritarian regimes like Russia and North Korea hold massive military parades does not mean that we must as well.”

Despite these leaders’ claim of flashy authoritarianism, military parades have been held in the United States since 1865. These included the show of tanks, missiles, and hundreds of thousands of troops; all occurring in the years 1919, 1942, 1946, 1953, 1957, 1961, and 1991.

The ironic thing is that military parades were often an issue that held bipartisan support. Back in 2014, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) voiced his support for a military parade on American soil.

New York’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio, backed Schumer’s idea stating, “The brave men and women who have selflessly served our nation with courage and skill in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve a recognition for their sacrifice. I stand with Sen. Schumer in his call for a parade to honor our veteran heroes, and New York City would be proud to host this important event.”

Holding a liberal to their word is hard to do though, especially if they’re a politician. So, as more leftists continue to preach that military parades are against American history and how terrible the Trump White House is for proposing such an idea, let this video be a reminder as to how two-faced the Democrats can be.


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday February 7, 2018

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Help Stop FGM Now

“Liberal women need to listen to Ms. Ali. Instead, they continually try to block her from speaking on college campuses, and turn a blind eye to her. This should have so-called third-wave feminists outraged …”


Calls to Expel Florida Student Protesting World Hijab Day

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Muslim World League Comes Out Against Holocaust

“I would be more encouraged if the admission of the fact the Holocaust did happen, a departure from the Ayatollah’s and Islamist Revolutionary positions, was not forwarded by an organization that claims that peace ONLY comes from obedience to sharia and submission to Islam. A positive step yes, but a baby one.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday January 24, 2018

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Light Sentence for Potential Jihadi in Phoenix

“We’ll be reading about this guy in the news again. He’s not through.”


Maine Town Manager Under Fire for Islam Comments

“Unfortunately it is the Wahabi Saudi version [of Islam] that is being pushed in Western countries, and funded by Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood. Too many countries in the Middle East practice that form. There certainly should be a concern about that type of mindset coming into Western nations.”


I am SORRY Folks

I am down today because my computer crashed and I am working hardtop rebuild everything. Will be back on line tomorrow.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday January 10, 2018

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UK Soldier Out of Ammo Beheads Jihadi With a Spade

“Hope he yelled ‘Remember Lee Rigby!’ as he swung his spade…”


Clarion Organizes Groundbreaking Egyptian Women’s Protests

“I worry that things will end very very very badly for these women!”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday November 27, 2017

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Should America Be Worried About a Saudi-Iranian War?

“Support the reforming House of Saud with intelligence and weapons to decimate the terrorist Iranians.”


Islamist Extremists Gather Near DC to Promote Jihad

“The only reason this is allowed and continues is because we as citizens allow it, and our elected officials refuse to due anything about it”


Some Images To Make A Point

Ann Coulter: They Don’t Call It ‘the Great Tweet of China’

Commentary by Ann Coulter | 21 Sep 2017

URL of the original posting site:

Taking nothing away from the fine people who lost their lives in the recent hurricanes, since the 2005 hurricane season, about 200 Americans have died in hurricanes, plus 82 in Hurricane Harvey and 50 in Hurricane Irma. That’s 332 deaths from hurricanes in the past 12 years.

Even a federal government determined not to tell Americans how many illegal immigrants are committing crimes admits that — at a minimum — there are 350,000 illegal immigrants incarcerated in state prisons and jails, and 3,500 are in for murder. Considering that the average time served for murder in America is six years, that means that, in the last 12 years, hurricanes have killed 332 Americans, and illegal immigrants have killed 7,000 Americans.

Throw in the more than 30,000 Americans who die every year from heroin and fentanyl brought in by Mexicans, and illegal immigration is a problem at least 100 times more urgent than Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and every other hurricane since 2005, combined.

(If we’re including U.S. territories and Hurricane Maria ends up killing another 100 people — current estimates are zero dead — illegal immigration is still 80 times worse than the last 12 years of deadly hurricanes. Of course, if we’re including territories, then we also must note that illegal immigration is especially disastrous for Puerto Ricans living in the U.S., in terms of crime and diminishing job prospects.) 

There is no question but that illegal immigration dwarfs any other issue, not only in dead Americans, but also in welfare expenditures, taxes, lost jobs, police and prison expenditures, declining neighborhoods, ruined schools, overwhelmed hospitals, facial reconstruction surgeries and rape counseling services, to name a few costs.

We thought Trump understood this. We were counting on him to fight for us on the border — not with rallies, not with hats, not with tweets, but by building a wall. And yet, as of Wednesday this week, Trump will have been in office 243 days without having begun the wall. Imagine if Hurricanes Harvey and Irma had hit 243 days ago and all we’d gotten from the president were assurances that FEMA would be coming any day now — just as soon as he got the go-ahead from Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan! (Or worse, from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.)

The more accurate analogy would be if Trump responded to the recent hurricanes not only by sending zero federal aid, but also by demanding that we dismantle FEMA and the National Hurricane Center. That’s exactly what he’s doing by proposing we respond to the crisis of 40 million illegal aliens in our country with an amnesty that will lure another 40 million across the border.

We hoped we wouldn’t have to spell it out. We thought Trump understood that this was an emergency. We believed he was capable of getting the job done. If he did understand, then 243 days ago, he would have sent the Navy Seabees and Army Corps of Engineers to start building the wall.

For most of the nation’s history, the primary job of the military — of which President Trump is the commander in chief — was building walls and fortresses on our borders. That’s why we have an Army Corps of Engineers. It may not seem like it from recent history, but the job of our military is to protect America’s borders — not Ukraine’s borders, not Jordan’s borders.

This is our one and only chance to get this done, and we’re losing the fight. While Trump dallies, last week California became a sanctuary state. Sixteen-year-old girls are taking lessons to learn to be safe drivers, but when they’re smashed into by drunk-driving illegal aliens, the state won’t tell ICE, and taxpayers will spend $40 million to pay for their defense.

The wall has to get built, and nothing else matters.

Trump will not be able to tweet his way out of not building the wall. He will not be able to change the subject by attacking the media or Crooked Hillary. He will not be able to get away with blaming Republicans in Congress. 

Obviously, it suits the rest of the traitorous GOP — which ferociously opposed him — to pretend that Trump’s election had nothing to do with immigration.

I don’t know about a lot of things. I don’t know where women let you grab them if you’re a rich celebrity. I don’t know how to play a wind instrument. But when everyone else said Trump was a joke, I said, nope, he’s going to be our next president. If anyone is telling Trump that a “virtual wall,” drones, a conga line or a “Don’t Cross!” sign are as good as a wall, he can get his stock tips from them, but not his political advice.

If Trump doesn’t get that wall built, and fast, his base will be done with him and feed him to Robert Mueller.

Philadelphia’s Police Union President calls BlackLivesMatter Activists “a Pack of Rabid Animals”

Reported By Onan Coca | September 5, 2017


Oh. Boy.

Philly’s police union president, John McNesby, may have spoken a little too honestly during a recent rally in support of his police officer brethren. While many local residents may forgive his decision to defend the local police force during a period of time that they are seen as controversial, they’ll likely not forgive any over the top rhetoric that could be seen as tainted with racism or bigotry. McNesby’s most recent remarks during a heated public speech, could be seen as crossing the line.

“(They’re) a pack of rabid animals,” McNesby said on Friday during a pro-police rally at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 headquarters. “When you go to work each day, you shouldn’t have to worry that a pack of rabid animals will suddenly show up at your home and openly threaten your family. These are not activists, they are racist hate groups determined to instigate violence.” 

“ ”

McNesby’s statement and the rally came in the wake of an ongoing dispute in Philadelphia where a police offcer is under fire after shooting a man as he fled from the officer. While BlackLivesMatter activists want to paint the situation as yet another instance of police brutality, and yet another example of a white officer targeting and shooting a black man… the local P.D. says that’s not at all what happened in this case.

Protests kicked off back in June when Officer Ryan Pownall shot 30-year old Ryan Jones as he fled from the officer. Pownall pulled Jones over for riding an illegal dirt bike on a city street. When the officer patted down the suspect he felt a handgun in the man’s waistband. 

A witness who was in the back of Pownall’s police car said he saw the officer pull his gun and then tell the man not to touch the gun in his waistband. The man then struggled with the officer before pulling his gun from his waistband, but the witness says Jones then dropped the gun, and began to run away. That’s when Pownall fired his gun, hitting the man in the back with two of his shots. Jones later died at a nearby hospital. Police did find a fully-loaded handgun at the scene and have not, as of yet, offered a different version of the story then the witness has described, though the shooting is still under investigation. This is the second time that Officer Pownall has been the center of controversy for shooting a man in the back:

Black Lives Matter, along with others, have been protesting the shooting for weeks. In July, the group marched on the Police Administration Building and City Hall demanding a larger investigation. 

Pownall was called a “racist, bigot pig cop” and Khalif said he has “a murderous spirit” — referring to another shooting that the officer was involved. That 2010 shooting left Carnell Williams-Carney paralyzed when a bullet hit him in the back. The shooting was ruled justified and Williams-Carney lost a federal lawsuit against police.

McNesby’s comments about the protesters being a “pack of rabid animals,” comes less than a week after he called their leader “a punk” who should have been arrested for protesting without a permit. When pressed by the media about calling the BLM leader a “punk,” McNesby said, “I can’t use the words I want. To take it to someone’s house, a police officer’s house, he doesn’t have any respect. He’s a two-bit punk who doesn’t have the respect of decent protesters, if there is any in this city.”

McNesby has gotten riled up by the latest protests because the Black Lives Matter protesters (and their leaders in particular) have been using heated, aggressive, and sometimes violent-sounding rhetoric. For example, last week BLM leaders argued that they knew where Pownall lived before insinuating that they might pay the officer and his family a visit. “We have something in the tank,” the BLM leader said. “There is nothing off the table, including coming back to the police officer’s home.”

Both sides should probably consider modulating their rhetoric, but I don’t expect we’ll see anyone do so.

New Hurricane on Its Way and is Supposed to be WORSE Than Harvey

Posted by | on September 2, 2017

After our nation was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, a new storm has decided to make its way over. Irma is currently a category 3 storm that is maintaining winds of 115 miles per hour, stated the latest National Hurricane Center (NHC) update.

Reports are suggesting it will be a massive category 5 storm; winds potentially reaching 180mph or worse

Right now Irma’s course is moving west or northwest and is currently in the dead center of the Atlantic Ocean. The NHC are saying that this storm is an ‘impressive’ hurricane. With the windspeed nearly doubling in just a day’s time, a drastic anomalous rate, the hurricane’s eyewall convention is intense around a small eye.

According to MSN“Whatever its future path, forecasters said Irma is still expected to be a major hurricane when it nears the Lesser Antilles next week. Some islands could see dangerous wind, storm surge and heavy rain, they said.

If Irma reaches Florida, it could take at least 10 days, a long time to predict tracks with any certainty, said former hurricane center director Rick Knabb, now a hurricane expert at the Weather Channel.”

The Caribbean is projected to get hit by the storm sometime middle of next week. But the path is uncertain as longer term models are varying and suggesting it will hit US, either in Florida or the Gulf of Mexico again. 


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday September 1, 2017

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Readers Write
Pro-Islam Indoctrination in Public Schools?

“Well, maybe NOW Conservatives will appreciate why Madalyn Murry O’Hair spearheaded the SCOTUS decision to keep ALL RELIGION, not just Christianity, out of public schools.”


Poll: Is it Unreasonable to Ask US Muslims to Condemn Terror?

“When a question like this is being asked, something very wrong became of this world!!! EVERY terror should be condemned by EVERY one!!!! The fact that we even ask this question gives me the chills.”


Trump’s border wall moves forward with prototypes


The Department of Homeland Security announced Thursday the winners of a contest to build prototypes for sections of President Trump’s proposed border wall. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Deputy Commissioner Ronald D. Vitiello said four companies were chosen to build the prototypes, which are planned to be built in the San Diego area.

Vitiello said the prototypes are a “significant milestone” in Trump’s plan to build a wall on the border with Mexico. The prototypes will be built out of concrete, 18 to 30 feet high and 30 feet long. Vitiello said they would each cost between “just under $400,000 and just under $500,000.” He added that four additional prototypes made of “alternative materials” will be announced next week.

The companies selected for prototype construction were Caddell Construction Co. of Montgomery, Ala., Fisher Sand & Gravel Co. of Tempe, Ariz., Texas Sterling Construction Co. of Houston, Texas, and W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company of Philadelphia, Mo. An unnamed contractor filed a bid protest, which could detain construction of the prototypes.

According to Vitiello, the concrete portions of the wall will be built 150 feet away from the actual border. The space between an initial see-through barrier on the border and the concrete wall, the “enforcement zone,” will provide a “much safer environment than what we may have planned for before,” said Vitiello.

Trump had initially called for a concrete wall spanning the entire border, but later said he’d consider a see-through option after hearing from Border Patrol officials. Vitiello also said the wall would not span the entire border, but would be constructed “where it’s necessary, not along the whole border.”

In July, Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that the finished wall could span just 700 to 900 miles.

“It’s a 2,000 mile border, but you don’t need 2,000 miles of wall because you have a lot of natural barriers. You have mountains. You have some rivers that are violent and vicious. You have some areas that are so far away that you don’t really have people crossing. So you don’t need that. But you’ll need anywhere from 700 to 900 miles,” he said.

Vitiello added that prototypes were chosen based on their aesthetics, impenetrability, resistance to tampering, scaling and anti-breach properties .

Depending on the results of prototype testing, the agency could end up using all four concrete and all four alternative materials prototypes in different sections of the wall, or decide to use none.

Trump made construction of a border wall a centerpiece of his campaign, and has threatened to shut down the government unless Congress funds initial construction of the wall in 2018. Democrats successfully blocked wall funding in May’s omnibus spending bill, but $1.6 billion in wall funding was added to homeland security in House appropriations bills that must still clear the Senate.

The prototypes are being built with existing fiscal year 2017 funds, according to Vitiello.

– This report was updated at 5:20 p.m.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday August 21, 2017

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Readers Write
Secretary of Defense Mattis: What’s With the Flip-Flops?

“I am so confused. It seems that everyone of Trump’s picks take a different stance after he appoints them to office.”


Report: Muslim Brotherhood Paying People to Protest in Europe

“Why does this surprise anyone? That’s what they do. They want chaos, disruption, killing, violence. It’s what they are about!”


Another City Erases History, Atlanta could be Next

Reported By Onan Coca | August 16, 2017

Trump declares ‘racism is evil’ after firestorm


URL of the original posting site:


President Trump declared Monday that “racism is evil” in public comments at the White House, and for the first time called out the KKK, Nazis and other hate groups specifically for their role in this weekend’s violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

“Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to what we hold dear as Americans,” Trump said in a surprise statement from the Diplomatic Reception Room.

He spoke after a meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray. The president pledged to hold accountable “anyone who acted criminally in this weekend’s racist violence.”


“Justice will be delivered,” he said.Trump’s remarks, which he read from a teleprompter, and the meeting with top law enforcement officials were clearly intended to send a new signal from the White House after the president came under fierce criticism from members of both parties for an initial response in which he blamed “many sides” for what happened in Charlottesville.

He did not specifically mention white nationalists, neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan or any other groups that marched in Charlottesville in those remarks on Saturday.

One person was killed and 19 other injured when police say a 20-year-old Ohio man with ties to white supremacist groups drove his car into a crowd of people protesting the “Unite the Right” rally. White supremacist groups had also marched through Charlottesville chanting slogans against Jews and other groups.

The Justice Department has opened a civil-rights investigation into the car attack.

Trump spoke personally for the first time about the victim, Heather Heyer, 32, saying, “her death fills us with grief, and we send her and her family our thoughts, our prayers and our love.”

He also mourned the two police officers who died in a helicopter crash during the incident — H. Jay Cullen and Berke Bates.

Trump did not refer to the attack as an act of terrorism, a description used by his national security adviser H.R. McMaster on Sunday. But he said that his administration will “spare no resource” in working to fulfill a campaign promise to restore law and order.

The president did not directly address minority and nonwhite groups who might have felt victimized by Saturday’s events, instead making a general call for unity.

“We must love each other, show affection for each other, and unite together in condemnation of hatred, bigotry and violence,” he said. “We must rediscover the bonds of love and loyalty that bring us together as Americans.”

Trump had come under heavy criticism from his own party over his initial response to the violence, with some Republicans signaling deep disappointment. “Mr. President — we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism,” Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, the head of the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm, tweeted Saturday.

Trump, who has a well-known distaste for admitting any mistake, waited nearly another 48 hours before offering the new remarks. They came after he had lashed out Monday morning at the CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. for resigning from a White House advisory council over the president’s initial comments.

“America’s leaders must honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry and group supremacy, which run counter to the American ideal that all people are created equal,” Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier said.

“Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President’s Manufacturing Council, he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!” Trump tweeted in response.

Trump began his remarks Monday by talking about the growth in the American economy, and took no questions after his statement.

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), speaking on MSNBC immediately after Trump’s remarks, said he was glad to see the president call out the white supremacist groups, though he added that he wished it would not have taken so long. “I wish he would have said those same words on Saturday,” he said. “I’m disappointed it took him a couple of days.”

The events of the past three days have created yet another crisis for the embattled president. The president returned to Washington on Monday for a day of work, interrupting his 17-day summer vacation at his private golf club in New Jersey. Trump was already battling criticism of his handling of a nuclear standoff with North Korea when clashes between white nationalists and counter protesters broke out in Charlottesville.

The controversies coincide with Trump’s struggles to hold together the base that helped elect him president. His approval rating dropped to the lowest level of his presidency, according to Gallup’s daily tracking poll. The survey was conducted over a three-day period ending Sunday, meaning that some of the respondents participated before the Charlottesville incidents.

Ben Kamisar contributed.

Lawmaker Works to Save Taxpayers’ Money With New Energy Bill

Reported by Rachel del Guidice / / August 07, 2017

URL of the original posting site:

If passed, Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., says his bill would save taxpayers more than a billion dollars over five years. (Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Newscom )

An Arizona congressman is working to remove energy subsidies that are part of the 2014 farm bill. Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., recently released legislation that he says could save the American taxpayer more than a billion dollars over five years.

Biggs told The Daily Signal in an interview that he wants his bill “to actually roll back and repeal these subsidies set in place.”

The subsidies “cost taxpayers, in direct costs, probably about $1.3 to $1.4 billion over the next five years,” Biggs said.

The 2014 farm bill funded special interests for agriculture, 80 percent of which was funding for food stamps, The Daily Signal previously reported.

Nick Loris, an energy and environmental policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal in an interview that these subsidies are unnecessary because successful programs should not need extra money.

Loris said:

Our whole argument is that if these things are competitive, they don’t need subsidies in the first place and more importantly than that, it creates a dependence on the government subside and they don’t ultimately recognize the true price point at which they are cost competitive with other  sources of energy.

The proposed legislation would repeal all Department of Agriculture biofuel and energy subsidy programs that are part of the 2014 farm bill. Some of these programs include the Biomass Research and Development Initiative, Feedstock Flexibility Program for Bioenergy Producers, Biomass Crop Assistance Program, and Community Wood Energy Program.

“Over the years, federal policies have blocked access to opportunities, unnecessarily delayed projects, mandated expensive energy production, restricted choice, and given handouts to politically connected energy technologies,” Loris said in a statement for Heritage Action for America, the lobbying arm of The Heritage Foundation.Politicians tout these programs as a way to usher in new technologies that will provide jobs and stimulate the economy.”

Biggs said he hopes his legislation gets through Congress by the end of the year.

“I recognize that we may have an uphill battle because there are a lot of agriculture guys that are going to be swayed by their constituents who benefit directly from this, from the government payments,” Biggs said. “So, the timeline is when, we get back [to Washington, D.C.] in September, is for me to keep pushing … and see if we can get something done by the end of the year.”

Drunk Illegal Who Caused Deadly Crash Snuck into US 7 Times

Here is one reason why Trump needs to put his wall up on the US/Mexico border.

An illegal immigrant was driving drunk, speeding at 100mph, on a Nebraska highway when he crashed the vehicle, killing a passenger and sending another to the hospital.

Nemias Garcia-Velasco, 32, was deported in 2009 and 2011 and “voluntarily returned” to Mexico five times in 2005, Douglas County prosecutors stated in court.

Back in 2005 he was convicted of making a false claim to US citizenship.

Now, someone is dead because this thug found his way back into our country.

Nemias reportedly drank 12 beers the night before and continued into the morning of the crash. He blew a .243, which is three times the blood-alcohol legal limit of .08.

When he was speeding down the interstate in Omaha, Nemias lost control of his van – a 2001 Dodge Ram – and slammed it into a guard rail. Then the vehicle rolled over and burst into flames, officials stated.

The illegal’s bail was set to $2MIL, which Prosecutor Ryan Lindberg enforced because of fear the man might flee the country again.

“If this is someone who bonds out, I don’t think we’ll see Mr. Garcia-Velasco again,” Lindberg said.

Garcia-Velasco was treated for severe burns, released and booked into jail. He was charged with motor vehicle homicide, driving under the influence and operating without a driver’s license, KETV reported. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Fox News

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoons from TOWNHALL.COM

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday, May 22, 2017

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Readers Write
Fired Student Journalist Andy Ngo Reveals Inside Story

“I hope he is suing them.”
Erdogan Thugs Attack Turkish Minority Protesters in DC

“Trump entertaining a monster turkey?? Should be done on Thanksgiving Day!”

China and Russia Caught Tailing U.S. Navy Near North Korea as Tensions Mount

waving flagdisclaimerReported By Andrew West |  April 17, 2017

North Korea

The intensity of the North Korean situation has once again found a way to reinvent itself now that the USS Carl Vinson is making strategic moves in the area.

The nuclear powered aircraft carrier was first dispatched to the area over a week ago in an effort to keep tabs on North Korean leader and international maniac Kim Jong Un, given his latest threats toward the west and her allies.  Japan was quick to respond with Naval vessels of their own, working in support of the USS Carl Vinson and her accompanying ships.

Now, two more nations have decided to dispatch pieces of their armadas to the area, but these are not necessarily there to keep an eye on North Korea.  Rather, they are poised to gather intelligence about what exactly the USS Carl Vinson is up to.

“China and Russia have dispatched intelligence-gathering vessels from their navies to chase the USS Carl Vinson nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which is heading toward waters near the Korean Peninsula, multiple sources of the Japanese government revealed to The Yomiuri Shimbun.

“It appears that both countries aim to probe the movements of the United States, which is showing a stance of not excluding military action against North Korea. The Self-Defense Forces are strengthening warning and surveillance activities in the waters and airspace around the area, according to the sources.

“The aircraft carrier strike group, composed of the Carl Vinson at its core with guided-missile destroyers and other vessels, is understood to be around the East China Sea and heading north toward waters near the Korean Peninsula.

“China and Russia, which prioritize stability in the Korean Peninsula, showed concern over the tough U.S. stance, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov saying the issue should be resolved peacefully through political and diplomatic efforts.”

These vessels suddenly being dispatched to the vicinity of the Carl Vinson and her fellow ships appears to be a not-so-subtle warning to President Donald Trump, who has yet to completely rule out the use of military force should North Korea ramp up their aggressive behavior.  China has previously attempted to coerce Kim Jong Un and company to discontinue their poking and prodding ways through the use of tough international sanctions on North Korean coal – one of the secretive nation’s only sources of international income.

Russia, meanwhile, has been attempting to keep a tight leash on the United States after an airstrike against Bashar al-Assad in Syria irked the Russian military.  The response from the Kremlin was swift and stern, stating that any further provocation in Syria could lead to military action against the U.S.trump unlocks military


Andrew West is a Georgia-based political enthusiast and lover of liberty. When not writing, you can find Mr. West home brewing his own craft beer, perfecting his home-made hot sauce recipes, or playing guitar.

The Kingdom of God Is Our Hope and Our Confidence. At a time that politics, governments, and human leaders fail us, the Lord does not — even in a ‘post-Christian world’

waving flagReported by Ryan Day | Updated 11 Apr 2017 at 7:46 AM

URL of the original posting site:

As a husband, father, college president, and national ministry leader, Dr. Stephen J. Nichols is continually surveying the cultural landscape and helping people make sense of what they see. He is a trusted Christian thinker who knows how to bridge the gap between history and current culture — with the Bible always at the center.

In 2014, Dr. Nichols became the president of Reformation Bible College in Sanford, Florida, where he also holds a post as chief academic officer and teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries. He earned his Ph.D. from Westminster Theological Seminary and was for many years the research professor of Christianity and culture at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Nichols’ latest book, “A Time for Confidence: Trusting God in a Post-Christian Society,” is being heralded as a book that can give faithful believers a tremendous boost of hope in difficult times. Dr. Nichols talked with LifeZette about his book — and where we can find confidence when politics, governments, and human leaders fail us.

Question: Over the years, you have been a prolific author, writing or contributing to more than 20 books on church history, biblical doctrine, and practical theology. What makes your new book special — and why was this the right time to write it?

Answer:  Most of my previous books have dealt with church history, bringing the stories of the past to bear upon being disciples of Christ in this present day. This book flips the script. The focus is primarily on being a disciple while pulling in the wisdom of the past, and especially looking to the wisdom from the sole source of absolute truth, God’s word.

Q: The subtitle of your book states that we’re living in a “post-Christian” society. What do you mean by that?

A: We are living in a time of significant cultural change. The rapidity of change can leave us feeling as if the ground beneath our feet is shifting. Much of the change has to do with an outright hostility toward the Bible and toward traditional Christian beliefs. We are in the era of the “post,” which includes the post-Christian.

Q: Many people today, including many Christians, are very nervous about the current culture of America. Foundational realities like marriage, the family, even gender are being questioned and radically re-defined. Politics and government often come up short as well. Why it is so important that we trust God during these troubling times?

A: During these times of change, it’s easy to go in one of two wrong directions. We can either hide out in a cave and simply wait until Christ comes back. Or we can compromise our convictions in order to get along with culture. In this book, I point us in a different direction from these two options. I point us directly to God and to the sure foundation of his word.

Q: What does it mean to be confident in Christ? How does knowing Him give us confidence for today?

A: We see this in Paul and from the apostles in the first century. They were facing down Rome and the powerful Caesars. This was a culture that valued power and strength. And in this very culture, Paul and Peter and John remind us of our savior, Christ, who was crucified on the cross. The cross was a symbol of shame; the cross was a symbol of weakness. Yet the cross is the center of the Christian message. Paul also tells us that it is in our weakness that God’s strength is made perfect. Christ was crucified on the cross, but his kingdom is forever. Caesar’s kingdom has long passed away. That is a basis of confidence.

Q: In addition to your responsibilities at Ligonier Ministries and Reformation Bible College, you also host the “5 Minutes in Church History” podcast. Can you think of another time in history that the world was really shaking — but God and the gospel brought people hope?

A: One moment in church history that has striking parallels to our day is around the year 420 and the fall of Rome. There were those who thought the church entirely depended on Rome. When they saw Rome falling, all they could do was despair, lament, and hide out in a cave. Others, like Augustine, knew better. In his book, “The City of God,” Augustine reminds us that empires come and go. There’s only one thing that endures and remains, and that is the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is our hope and our confidence.

Q: What is the most encouraging or enriching thing you learned while writing this book?

A: I learned how encouraging the word of God is given our present struggles and challenges. When you look to the prophets of the Old Testament or to the apostles of the New Testament, you see them facing severe and significant challenges. Yet they remained committed to following God’s word, and they remained hopeful that God’s word will come to pass. God’s word abides. It is always authoritative, and it is always sufficient for the challenges at hand.

Pastor Ryan Day is senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, where he has served for 17 years. He is a regular contributor to LifeZette.

White House: Russia trying to ‘cover up’ gas attack

waving flagdisclaimer

White House: Russia trying to 'cover up' gas attack
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The White House on Tuesday released an intelligence assessment saying it is “confident” that Syrian President Bashar Assad used sarin gas in a chemical attack on his people earlier this month. The four-page, declassified report is meant to push back on what it called Russian efforts to spread “disinformation” about the origins of the attack in order to cover up the involvement of Assad, Moscow’s closest ally in the region. 

“It’s clear the Russians are trying to cover up what happened there,” a senior White House official said.
The White House did not say whether it believes Russia had prior knowledge of the chemical strike, yet questioned how its government could have not known.

“How is it possible that their forces were co-located with the Syrian forces that planned, prepared and carried out this chemical weapons attack at the same installation and did not have foreknowledge?” another senior White House official told reporters. 

The April 4 attack in a rebel-held area of Syria killed close to 90 people, including dozens of children, and prompted President Trump to retaliate by launching cruise missies at the base where the attack originated. 
The report offered up evidence to rebut claims from Russians and others that deaths were the result of a government strike on an opposition weapons depot containing chemical weapons, that the chemical weapons attack was carried out by a terrorist group, such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or that the attack was faked. 
It says “physiological” evidence collected from victims showed “symptoms consistent with sarin exposure,” including frothing at the mouth and twitching. Responders also suffered symptoms from sarin exposure. 
The White House says evidence of the chemical attack began to surface on social media a 6:55 a.m., while Moscow said the attack occurred around midday. 
“The absolute mass of data we have … it’s just too massive for really any intelligence organization to fabricate in that short of period of time,” another White House official said. “That’s just not a feasible explanation.”
White House officials said that the Syrian regime had motivation to attack the rebel-held area with chemical weapons, using them as a force multiplier because of its lack of manpower in the specific region.
The incident has sparked a major diplomatic confrontation between the U.S. and Russia. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is in Moscow Tuesday but will not meet with President Vladimir Putin. Putin, in turn, has suggested the U.S. plans to stage a chemical weapons attack in Syria and blame it on Assad. 
“We have information that a similar provocation is being prepared … in other parts of Syria including in the southern Damascus suburbs where they are planning to again plant some substance and accuse the Syria authorities of using [chemical weapons],” Putin said in Moscow. marxist propagandist
Some have also questioned whether Assad was behind the attack, including Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii). Pro-Life News Report

Monday, March 27, 2017

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Democrats Force Delay on Neil Gorsuch SCOTUS Confirmation Vote, Plan Filibuster on Senate Floor
Senate Democrats have forced a delay on the committee vote for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

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Trump Blasts Republicans Who Voted Against Defunding Planned Parenthood, “They Saved Planned Parenthood”
President Donald Trump is blasting those Republicans who voted on Friday against the measure to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal portions of Obamacare.

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Newborn Baby Girl Rescued After She Was Buried Alive by Her Parents Who Wanted a Boy
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The Supreme Court of India rejected on Monday a woman’s request for permission to abort her late-term unborn baby because of physical abnormalities.

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This Conservative Was Banned After She Promoted Abortion and Trashed Pro-Lifers as “Hypocrites”
Popular conservative commentator Tomi Lahren reportedly is gone from The Blaze after she spoke up in support of abortion earlier this month.

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Utah Gov Signs Bill to Save Babies From the Abortion Pill After It Has Already Started
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed a law on Saturday that will require abortion clinics to tell women about an abortion pill reversal process that potentially could save their baby’s life.

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Minnesota Pro-Abortion Legislator Tim Walz Launches Campaign for Governor

Kansas House Committee Passes Pro-Life Simon’s Law to Protect Babies From DNR Orders

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BOOM: Kimberly Guilfoyle Exposes WHY, Snowflake Obama, HATES Fox News

waving flagPublished on December 7, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Hint: it has something to do with why the MSM is crying about ‘fake news’ right now.

Kimberly Guilfoyle has an explanation for why Obama hates Fox News. And if the media cares to hear her, they might actually correct the problem for why only about 25% of people trust Journalists.


(That’s last year’s figure. After CNN had to apologize for bogus stories, and after EVERYONE had to walk back predictions of a Hillary landslide, that number may be lower still.)

Kim NAILED it.

Obama came in as a ‘Messiah’. He promised that with his election, generations would look back and say that this was the moment that ‘the rise of the oceans began to slow, and the planet began to heal’

The mainstream media obviously bought into his Messiah complex. The Right did not. And Obama has not forgiven us… or Fox News… for being critical of his Presidency.

Sorry, Obama… we are a Free People. We owe you no free pass. Any more than your side (or even our side) owes one to Trump.

But we wonder… if a REPUBLICAN (or even a white Democrat) President had made the choices Obama has while in office, if they would the Democratic ‘legacy media’ have cheered him on so politely? Or would they have hammered him on terror attacks on domestic soil… on giving ground to the Russians… for setting a new benchmark for number of days a President was at war. ould we have had the daily updates on how many soldiers have come home draped in a flag? Would they have been so polite about the race riots tearing up American cities?

No… this is the difference between how our ‘objective’ media reports the news when Democrats are in power as compared to when Republicans in power.

No wonder so many of them wept when they learned they did not have four years of kissing another Clinton’s ass to look forward to.

Most of us trust ‘the news’ about as much as we’d trust a kissing booth during an Ebola outbreak.

EXCLUSIVE: Venezuelan Diplomat Joins Chicago Communists Plotting Trump Resistance

waving flagAuthored by Michael Volpe, Contributor / 11/17/2016

URL of the original posting site:

A Marxist, a Venezuelan diplomat and an illegal alien headlined a meeting of organizers of the Trump resistance as they announced their plan to shut down Chicago on Saturday and Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day.

Chicago ANSWER meeting (Photo credit: Michael Volpe/The Daily Caller)

Chicago ANSWER meeting (Photo credit: Michael Volpe/The Daily Caller)

The Chicago branch of Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) met in Chicago’s northwest side neighborhood of Albany Park to plot their next move in their resistance of the Trump presidency. Chicago ANSWER was one of the radical leftist groups that helped to organize anti-Trump protests when his campaign tried to hold a rally in March; that rally was canceled after protesters clashed with attendees. As TheDC reported last week, the group is responsible for organizing rallies in Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Albuquerque.

Since holding those rallies, the group has announced “mass marches” on Inauguration Day in Washington and another one in Chicago on Saturday; the group hopes to “shut the streets down” at both rallies.mob-rule-tyranny

On Nov. 15, the group held a meeting to plot its next move in its ongoing resistance of the Trump in a space normally operated by the Mexican Solidarity Network, a less well-known group in the mold of La Raza.

CHICAGO ANSWER organizers, Stephanie and Mika, co-chaired the evening and Mika said he was also an organizer with the Party for Socialist and Liberation, a radical Marxist group and a frequent partner of ANSWER.

Mika fired up the crowd.

“What do want?” he yelled at the crowd.

“Justice,” the crowd roared back.

“When do we want it,” he screamed again.

“Now,” the crowd roared even louder.

“People can and must be organized in a deepening resistance,” Stephanie said. “As united as possible, as militant as possible.” She also said she was willing to “work with anyone to resist this administration.”Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies

Stephanie said Hillary Clinton used “sexist fear” to get elected but was still “fighting the right wing by any means necessary.”Leftist Propagandist

Jesús Rodríguez-Espinoza is the Counsel General for the Venezuelan consulate in Chicago and while the rest of the speakers accused Trump of the normal litany of grievances — that he’s a racist, homophobe, misogynist and charlatan — Rodriguez said his diplomatic position forbade him from weighing in on Trump.

“Because of my diplomatic position, I’m going to be very careful about what I’m going to say tonight,” Rodriguez-Espinoza said.

“Before I was the Counsel General in Chicago, I was a regular citizen in Venezuela just like you, in 2002, was moved in my basement because of the attack against Hugo Chavez. Because of that I started getting involved in politics.” Rodriguez-Espinoza said he became a supporter of Chavez after that.

Photo credit: Michael Volpe

Photo credit: Michael Volpe

Rodriquez-Espinoza also claimed the current economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is over-blown. “All the humanitarian crisis that you hear in the media most of that is an exaggeration. The only crisis we face is destabilization in Venezuelan oil. I’m not saying everything is perfect; I’m just saying it’s overmagnified because it’s in the interest of the most powerful countries in the world to get rid of the progressive government in Venezuela.”Leftist Propagandist

According to a June Guardian story, Venezuela has an economic crisis where Gross Domestic Product is contracting by 8 percent, unemployment was at 17 percent, and the inflation rate was at 482 percent.

“When I came to the United States I adopted this country as my only home. I was so little,” Said Holly, a Morton College — a community college in the south suburbs —student who said she was part of Obama’s executive amnesty program the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA). “My children they’re all scared thinking they’ll go back to Mexico even though they are citizens. The only thing I can tell them is nothing is going to happen, but inside I have that fear. I don’t know what he (Trump) can do to me since I’m in the DACA program.”


Image added by

The “mass march” on Saturday is scheduled for 12 p.m. local time in downtown Chicago in front of the Federal Plaza.

No location has been determined yet for the “mass march” on inauguration day.



waving flag New WhatDidYouSay LogoJust got back on line. This is getting very serious. We must be pissing the right people off. PLEASE PRAY. I don’t have the income to buy a network firewall.


I`ve Been Hacked

I am writing you from my tablet. While publishing yesterday, my computer was attacked. Until I can get it fixed, I will be off line. I`m sorry.

Jerry Broussard

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday August 1 2016 Facebook Twitter Youtube issue 314


Breaking the Cross: Latest ISIS Magazine Aimed At Christians

Breaking the Cross: Latest ISIS Magazine Aimed At Christians

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Turkey’s Erdogan to US General: ‘Know Your Place’

In a public statement in Ankara after the attempted coup, the Turkish president lashed out against the American military establishment.

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Europol: ISIS Training Children to Be Next Generation of Fighters

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Europol: ISIS Training Children to Be Next Generation of Fighters

In Wales, Radical Islamic Imam Preaches Enslaving Women

An imam at a Cardiff mosque is teaching that taking women as sex slave is permissible in Islam.

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In Wales, Radical Islamic Imam Preaches Enslaving Women

Gaza Terror Org Family Fun: Bond of Blood Festival

In addition, watch a Palestinian father try to provoke Israeli soldiers into shooting his toddler son for a propaganda video.

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Who’s Who in Turkey’s Power Struggle

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Iranian Men Don Hijabs to Protest Country's Oppression of Women Iranian Men Don Hijabs to Protest Country’s Oppression of Women

‘My Stealthy Freedom,’ a Facebook page where Iranian women upload pictures of themselves out of doors without a hijab, has started a campaign where men are also pressing to get the law changed.



Transformation of a NATO Ally: Why Turkey Matters

The fact is, Turkey’s Islamist governance cannot coexist with secular democracy.

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Transformation of a NATO Ally: Why Turkey Matters


H.D.O. [Re:’Exclusive: Sanders Delegate is Member of Fuqra Terror Cult’]: Good job keeping us informed, Clarion Project. It means a lot to us who want to stay in the know about these very important and often ignored out of political/social convenience instances of the subtle attempts at Islamicizing public and private institutions. I genuinely wish the public at large had at least some idea of what’s happening in our own backyards. Global Islamic extremism is called global Islamic extremism for a reason.


J.H.C. [Re:’Taken To Saudi Arabia And Locked in a Cage’]: A [British] Judge says “We can’t assume our cultural supremacy” !!!? Yes we can!!! The girl was 16 yrs. old – she was taken against her will!! That’s kidnapping! The problem is giving people British citizenship in conjunction with countries which don’t recognize dual nationality. I think its a must that in order to get British nationality you MUST give up the other. You can only have dual nationality if both countries recognize both. None of the Islamic countries recognize dual nationality. We have to stand up for the freedoms we value against oppression. If we don’t we are finished!! I cannot believe politicians these days seem to think all the world has advanced on personal freedom as the West has. Well a look at their equality laws will give you that info.




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CAIR Wants You To Stop Saying 'Jihadist'

CAIR Wants You To Stop Saying ‘Jihadist’

The head of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) tweeted after the Nice attack #Don’tCallTerroristsJihadists learn more


France: ISIS Slits Throat of Priest in French Church

Two knifemen took hostages, killed a priest and critically wounded another man and screamed “Allahu Akbar” before being shot.

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France: ISIS Slits Throat of Priest in French Church

England Allows Entry of Pakistani Extremists for Speaking Tour

The preachers supported an assassin of a liberal governor who spoke against blasphemy law. One was welcomed by the archbishop of Canterbury.

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England Allows Entry of Pakistani Extremists for Speaking Tour

Germany: Muslim Men Harass, Threaten Nude Bathers

The incidents involved men who spoke fluent German, making it likely that the men were second and third generation German Muslims.

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Germany: Muslim Men Harass, Threaten Nude Bathers

Egyptian Doctors: Have Sex With Me Or I Won’t Give You an Abortion

Egyptian doctors are willing to perform illegal abortions for a heavy price. Three women spoke to Deutsche Welle Arabic about their experiences.

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Egyptian Doctors: Have Sex With Me Or I Won't Give You an Abortion

No Justice for 16-Year-Old Christian Rape Victim in Pakistan

As one local Muslim leader said, “It is a normal issue and can be sorted out locally by elders of the area.”

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'Sometimes a Man Needs More Than One Wife' ‘Sometimes a Man Needs More Than One Wife’

Mazen Sabbah, Palestinian professor of Islamic Law, explains how polygamy can keep everyone happy and when can a man allow his wife to leave the house and go to work.Watch


Halil Celik - I am Prepared to Take Lives for My Religion-Turkish man in Holland

I am prepared to die for my religion, but also prepared to take away lives.

– Halil Celik
Turkish Imam in Holland


Honor Killings: Still Our Worst Nightmare

While it’s comforting to see that movements against honor-based violence are picking up momentum in the West, it’s troubling to hear the news coming out of my native land, Pakistan.

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Honor Killings: Still Our Worst Nightmare


A.C. [Re:’Germany: Suicide Bomber Pledged Allegiance to ISIS’]: Sickening. I understand the ideology that drives such disdain for others who aren’t like them, but why some willingly choose such credence is baffling to me.


R.N. [Re:’France: Priest Has Throat Slit in Church; ISIS Claims Attack’]: Known to authorities as usual. Under surveillance, electronic tag, already caught travelling to Syria. Blood on the authorities hands. Disgrace




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EXCLUSIVE: IRS Launches Investigation Of Clinton Foundation

waving flagAuthored by Richard Pollock, Reporter / 07/26/2016

Vote In One and you get them allIRS Commissioner John Koskinen referred congressional charges of corrupt Clinton Foundation “pay-to-play” activities to his tax agency’s exempt operations office for investigation, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. The request to investigate the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation on charges of “public corruption” was made in a July 15 letter by 64 House Republicans to the IRS, FBI and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They charged the foundation is “lawless.”

The initiative is being led by Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican who serves as the vice chairwoman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, which oversees FTC. The FTC regulates public charities alongside the IRS. The lawmakers charged the Clinton Foundation is a “lawless ‘pay-to-play’ enterprise that has been operating under a cloak of philanthropy for years and should be investigated.”

Koskinen’s July 22 reply came only a week after the House Republicans contacted the tax agency. It arrived to their offices Monday, the first opening day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

“We have forwarded the information you have submitted to our Exempt Organizations Program in Dallas,” Koskinen told the Republicans.

The Exempt Organization Program is the division of the IRS that regulates the operations of public foundations and charities. It’s the same division that was led by former IRS official Lois Lerner when hundreds of conservative, evangelical and tea party non-profit applicants were illegally targeted and harassed by tax officials.

Blackburn told The DCNF she believes the IRS has a double standard because, “they would go after conservative groups and religious groups and organizations, but they wouldn’t be looking at the Clinton Foundation for years. It was as if they choose who they are going to audit and question. It’s not right.” 

Blackburn said she and her colleagues will “continue to push” for answers on the Clinton Foundation’s governing policies, including its insular board of directors. She said they also will examine conflicts of interest and “follow the money trail.”

“In my opinion, there’s a lack of good governance, there is the appearance of conflicts of interest, and there are continued questions about the financial dealings,” she told The DCNF.

House Republicans singled out Laureate Education and Uranium One as two companies that seemed to have paid lavish sums to the Clintons and later received official government benefits. Laureate hired former President Bill Clinton as “honorary chancellor,” paying him $16.5 million over five years. The Baltimore-based company, which operates for-profit universities in 28 countries, also donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to the foundation’s web site.

While Bill was collecting a paycheck from the company and his wife was secretary of state, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an arm of the World Bank, invested $150 million in Laureate. It was the largest-ever single IFC investment to an educational company. The United States government is the largest contributor to the IFC. During that same period, the Department of State’s U.S. Agency for International Development awarded $55 million to the International Youth Foundation. Laureate CEO Douglas Becker is on the foundation’s board of directors. International Youth Foundation, the Clinton Foundation and Laureate jointly participated in foundation programs.

A Laureate spokesman denied the quid pro quo charges: “Allegations of any quid pro quo between Laureate, the International Youth Foundation and the Clintons are completely false,” she told The DCNF, adding, “the IFC’s decision to invest in Laureate had no connection to and was not influenced in any way whatsoever by Hillary Clinton.”Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies

The IFC also awarded $150 million to another company owned by Frank Giustra, a close friend of Bill Clinton. Giustra donated $100 million to create the “Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership” within the Clinton Foundation. The funds went to Pacific Infrastructure, a company in which Giustra had a significant financial stake. The company was to build a port and oil pipeline in Colombia that was strenuously opposed by environmental and human rights groups because the pipeline sliced through five indigenous villages and forcibly displaced the tribes.

Giustra also was an owner in Uranium One, a uranium mining company with operations in Kazakhstan and in the western United States. Giustra wanted to sell a share of the uranium business to Russia’s atomic energy agency, which required U.S. approval, including that of Secretary Clinton. The Russian investment was approved.

Blackburn added that it appeared the Clinton Foundation — which was tax-exempt only to construct and manage Clinton’s presidential library — never got IRS approval to become a tax-exempt global organization with operations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Pacific and the Caribbean.

“In the Clinton Foundation we have a charity that has never filed the appropriate paperwork,” Blackburn charged.

Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst who has been investigating the Clinton Foundation, told TheDCNF that the expansion of the foundation into a global giant was not legally approved by the IRS.

“It’s crystal clear in a review of their application that their purposes were narrowly limited, as they should have been, to a presidential archive in Little Rock, Arkansas,” he said to The DCNF. “End of discussion.”

Blackburn also questions the makeup of the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors, which IRS rules require include independent, arm’s-length board members. The Clinton Foundation board mainly consists of close friends, business colleagues and big donors to the Clintons, as reported by The DCNF.

“All charities need to guard against incestuous relationships which limit their ability to be objective,” the congresswoman said. “In the Clinton Foundation, we see a lack of diversity within their board.”

Uranium One did not respond to The DCNF’s request for comment. The Clinton Foundation also did not respond to The DCNF’s request for comment.

fight Picture1 true battle In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Report: Megyn Claims Fox News’ Ailes Sexually Harassed Her

waving flagTuesday, 19 Jul 2016

Image: Report: Megyn Claims Fox News’ Ailes Sexually Harassed Her (AP)

New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reported Tuesday that Fox News star Megyn Kelly has accused the network’s chairman of sexual harassment.  The blockbuster report comes on the heels of Sherman’s Monday story, citing sources at Fox News’s parent company, indicating Roger Ailes was soon to be fired.

The decision to remove Ailes in the coming weeks was the result of misconduct discovered after a legal review of his actions in the wake of claims made by former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson.
Carlson has filed suit in New Jersey Superior Court claiming the Fox News chairman requested they sleep together for favorable treatment.

But it was unclear as to the immediate cause motivating Ailes pending dismissal, New York said, “until now.”

New York reported the bombshell revelation:

“According to two sources briefed on parent company 21st Century Fox’s outside probe of the Fox News executive, led by New York–based law firm Paul, Weiss, Kelly has told investigators that Ailes made unwanted sexual advances toward her about ten years ago when she was a young correspondent at Fox. Kelly, according to the sources, has described her harassment by Ailes in detail.”

21st Century Fox executives have told Ailes to quit by Aug. 1 or be fired, according to the report.

Ailes has hired lawyer Susan Estrich, Michael Dukakis’ former presidential campaign manager, to head up his defense strategy.

New York also claims Ailes has turned to Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani for advice on the widening scandal.

New York said Fox and its parent company, as well as Kelly, declined to comment for the story.

Since the Carlson suit filed in June, nine women have accused Ailes of sexual harassment during his five decades as a media and entertainment executive.

© 2016 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

fight Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Ex-Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson says she was fired by network boss Roger Ailes for refusing his sexual advances

waving flagBY NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Wednesday, July 6, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

The host of “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson” left the network after 11 years when her contract expired on June 23.

But Carlson, 50, alleges that she was pushed out because she spurned Ailes’s sexual advances and complained about the treatment of women in the newsroom by their male co-workers.

“I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you’d be good and better and I’d be good and better,” the complaint accuses Ailes, 76, of telling the former Miss America last September.

“Sometimes problems are easier to solve (that way).”

The pervy powerhouse would also ogle her in his office and ask her to turn around so he could view her posterior, and would comment on “certain outfits (that) enhanced Carlson’s figure” and make comments about her legs, according to the lawsuit, which was filed in New Jersey Superior Court.

“I’m sure you can do sweet nothings when you want to,” Ailes allegedly told her.

Not Released (NR)


He also embarrassed her by allegedly telling people in front of her at an event that he’d “slept” with “three former Miss Americas but not with her.”

Carlson said she tried to clear the air with Ailes in meeting in his office in September of last year, but the retaliation got worse after she rebuffed his advances.

“It’s 2016, this has to stop,” Nancy Erika Smith, one of Carlson’s lawyers, told the Daily News. “Women should be allowed to in the work place without their male bosses saying, ‘You have to have sex with me’. She’s very brave as a media person standing up to someone as powerful as Roger Ailes — for herself and all women.”

The attorney added that while the termination has been “devastating” and “potentially career-ending” for her client, Carlson is not suing the network itself.

The lawsuit implies that other women in the newsroom “who did not complain about harassment or rebuff his sexual advances” enjoyed better promotion and support.

A rep for Fox News declined comment on the suit.

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Ailes, Fox News Channel CEO, is the target of the startling suit. (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)


Carlson joined Fox News in 2005, and interviewed “numerous political leaders and celebrities” over the years, including President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The suit says her problems started in 2009 while she was a co-host on the popular “Fox & Friends” morning show, and complained to brass that one of her co-hosts, Steve Doocy, “had created a hostile work environment by regularly treating her in a sexist and condescending way.”

Doocy’s “severe and pervasive sexual harassment of Carlson” included “mocking her during commercial breaks, shunning her off air, refusing to engage with her on air, belittling her contributions to the show, and generally attempting to put her in her place by refusing to accept and treat her as an intelligent and insightful female journalist rather than a blond female prop,” the suit says.

After Ailes found out she’d complained, he called her a “man hater” and “killer” and that she needed to “get along with the boys.”

“Sexual innuendo was always part of the Ailes playbook,” says Smith.

Ailes then retaliated by decreasing her duties “and directing that she not be showcased at all,” the suit says.

Carlson once walked off an Aug. 2012 broadcast of “Fox & Friends” in Aug. 2012 when co-host Brian Kilmeade launched into a sexist diatribe about women joining a previously all-male Navy band.

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Ailes fired her from the show in 2013 “for her refusal to accede to sexual harassment and retaliation,” the filing claims. At the time of her departure, insiders told the Daily News, that the move was made to replace Carlson with the younger Elisabeth Hasselbeck, fresh off her stint from “The View.”

Carlson was then given a 2-3 p.m. solo show for less pay, even though her workload increased. She “continued to work diligently” while achieving “solid and consistent ratings increases up until the day she was terminated” in June, the suit says.

In a statement Wednesday, Carlson said “Although this was a difficult step to take, I had to stand up for myself and speak out for all women and the next generation of women in the workplace.” The suit seeks unspecified money damages.

“We believe that Mr. Ailes’ behavior toward Gretchen, as described in the complaint, speaks volumes about what she had to endure,” said another one of her lawyers, Martin Hyman. “Opposing sexism and rejecting unwanted sexual come-ons should never cost a woman her job or subject her to disparagement and emotional anguish.”

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