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Americans Voted To End War In Syria, But This Unelected Bureaucrat Lied To Overrule Them

Reported by Willis L. Krumholz  18, 2020

Americans Voted To End War In Syria, But This Unelected Bureaucrat Lied To Overrule Them

Defense One, a subsidiary of The Atlantic, came out with a story last week about a man named Jim Jeffrey. If you haven’t heard of him, don’t feel bad, but he’s pretty important in Washington, D.C. Under his fancy title, he’s been appointed to oversee the U.S. fight against ISIS and what are supposed to be the limited operations of the American troops who still remain in Syria.

Jeffrey is now also a hero in D.C., because in the interview with Defense One he bragged about how he misled President Donald Trump and other top White House officials about the real number of U.S. troops in Syria. “We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there,” Jeffrey told the Defense One reporter.

The Establishment Wants War in Syria

To say that the D.C. foreign policy establishment wants a U.S. ground presence in Syria is an understatement. During the Obama administration, partisan former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan spent $1 billion from taxpayers per year trying to arm “moderate” rebels in Syria. What Brennan got was loads of American weapons in the hands of jihadists, including ISIS affiliates. In one example, a particular program trained 15,000 rebels in Jordan and returned them to Syria. Only “four or five” recruits out of the 15,000 turned up to fight. The rest either joined jihadist forces, including ISIS, or sold their American weapons to these forces.

The futility of regime change efforts didn’t deter official Washington, however. Western media raved about “the white helmets.” They also glossed over the fact that there were few moderate rebels and that many of America’s preferred rebels to take on the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad were guilty of unspeakable brutalities.

Meanwhile, a civil war pitting Muslim Sunnis against Shias — which was partly fueled by American money and weapons and certainly fueled by weapons and money from Gulf Sunni states, including Saudi Arabia — caused a humanitarian crisis. Millions of refugees flooded Europe. Into this chaos and power vacuum stepped ISIS, which at its pinnacle had amassed a huge amount of territory in Iraq and Syria.

On the campaign trail in 2016, Trump repeatedly promised to destroy ISIS and then get U.S. troops out of Syria. This was a large difference between Trump and his Republican primary opponents and then later Hillary Clinton, who argued that U.S. involvement in Syria should not be limited to destroying the Islamic State and that the United States should topple Assad.

Trump’s view was that if Assad was toppled, the power vacuum would be greater, and the jihadist problem would worsen. He also argued that such a move was not in America’s interest, had no clear exit strategy, and would cause an even greater humanitarian disaster, including thousands of dead American troops.

As president, Trump routinely called Syria a place of “sand and death.” Multiple times he attempted to pull the United States out of Syria, only to be met with Assad allegedly striking civilians and official Washington clamoring for a response. Finally, in December 2018, Trump gave a withdrawal order. This led to the resignation (or firing) of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, along with Brett McGurk, the former special envoy for Syria. Trump repeated that order in October 2019.

Jeffrey called Trump’s decision to fulfill his campaign promise and remove U.S. troops from Syria “the most controversial thing in my fifty years in government.” Each time Trump gave the withdrawal order, according to Jeffrey, Trump was “convinced to leave a residual force in Syria and the fight continued.” In reality, officials kept troops behind far above the “residual force,” unbeknownst to the president.

“What Syria withdrawal? There was never a Syria withdrawal,” Jeffrey bragged. “When the situation in northeast Syria had been fairly stable after we defeated ISIS, [Trump] was inclined to pull out. In each case, we then decided to come up with five better arguments for why we needed to stay. And we succeeded both times. That’s the story.”

Officially, America has 200 to 400 troops on the ground in northeast Syria, ostensibly to guard the oil fields in that area held by U.S. Kurdish allies. Anonymous officials say the number is more like 900 today, however, and Jeffrey told Defense One that the number of troops in Syria is “a lot more than” the roughly 200 troops that Trump agreed to leave behind there in October 2019.

Defense One concluded its story by noting that Jeffrey didn’t support Trump but agrees with Trump’s “realpolitik” Middle East foreign policy and efforts to make North Atlantic Treaty Organization members pay more for defense. Jeffrey also said he views Joe Biden favorably. In fact, after signing a letter in 2016 that said Trump was unfit for the presidency, it appears as if Jeffrey still opposes Trump: “I know what I did in 2016, I do not disagree with that,” Jeffrey said.

While Defense One quoted colleagues who said Jeffrey is a “consummate apolitical public servant,” many others were upset by Jeffrey’s admissions. Republican Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, is furious and called for Jeffrey to be “punished.”

Who Has the Power in America?

People in Middle America should be enraged by Jeffrey’s interview. Washington, D.C., should be terrified that the American people might realize people like Jeffrey are only the tip of the iceberg. Jeffrey might be completely right about his view of the world and probably thinks he was doing the right thing, but that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make Jeffrey’s behavior any less abhorrent.

People didn’t elect Jeffrey to anything. They elected Trump in 2016, and one factor in a bunch of working-class Americans opting for Trump was his promise not to start a new war in the Middle East. A large majority of Americans don’t want U.S. ground troops in Syria. Even a large chunk of Democrats who abhor Trump technically agree with his Syria policy. Labeling Jeffrey a “public servant” is a sick joke. Jeffrey is serving himself, or at least serving his ideology — and he does have an ideology.

Yes, it was Trump’s fault he hired people like John Bolton, a neoconservative ideologue who thought it was his job to stop Trump from following through with his campaign promises. Yet Trump isn’t ideological, and he often filled positions based on the recommendations of those around him, many of whom were card-carrying members of the Republican establishment.

Either way, Trump took a lot of heat for his order to pull troops out of Syria. Mattis resigned, and Democrats, media outlets, and Republicans such as Liz Cheney attacked Trump. Detractors hurled constant accusations that Trump wanting to get U.S. troops out of Syria was yet further proof he was a stooge of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump’s differences on foreign policy compared to the D.C. establishment, including over Syria policy, was even a significant factor in the FBI’s decision to legitimize baseless conspiracy theories that Trump was an agent of Russia.

Let’s step back for a second. Millions of working-class Americans, who also voted for Barack Obama, voted for Trump in 2016 because they wanted a change to policy. Now assume Trump is gone, and, truthfully, not much has changed on a fundamental level for many of these working-class citizens. What will happen when a large chunk of the American people realize their votes don’t affect policy?

Trump was considered norm-breaking and obnoxious to these D.C. insiders. Have these insiders not considered that the same people who sent Trump to the White House to shake things up might eventually opt for someone even more norm-breaking than Trump?

Willis L. Krumholz holds a JD and MBA degree from the University of St. Thomas. The views expressed are those of the author only. You can follow Willis on Twitter @WillKrumholz.

‘Nobody Will Go Back’: Christians Flee Middle East After Fall of Islamic State

Reported by EDWIN MORA |

Iranian Christian worshippers attend the Christmas mass at the Saint Joseph Chaldean-Assyrian Catholic church, in Tehran, Iran, Monday, Dec. 25, 2017. Iranian Christians are a minority and recognized by the constitution in the Muslim country and are represented in the parliament. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)
AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

The number of Christians in the birthplace of their faith, the greater Middle East, continues to plummet months after the Islamic State, which waged a genocidal campaign against Christians, lost its “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria, Breitbart News learned from various experts, including an archbishop.

“Unfortunately, it can be stated that the Islamic State group’s anti-Christian campaign was very successful in Iraq, and to a certain extent, successful in Syria,” John Hajjar, the co-chair of the American Mideast Coalition for Democracy (AMCD) and co-director of the Middle East Christian Committee (MECHRIC), told Breitbart News.

“I think we have no more hope,”Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, the diocesan legate in America’s capital and ecumenical director for the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Orthodox Church of America, also told Breitbart News, referring to the future of Christianity in its Middle East cradle. “Middle East Christians have no nation that protects them openly.”

The number of Christians in Middle East-North Africa (MENA), as a component of the overall Muslim-majority population, has dropped substantially — from about ten percent in 1900 to between two and four percent now.

There are different estimates for the overall number of Christians that vary from about 12 million in the Middle East alone to about 20 million in MENA, Breitbart News learned from the experts and data from U.S. government and independent sources.

“The future for Christians right now is terrible — a Middle East without Christians. We are going to have churches without Christians as museums for tourists. There will be no Christians left,” the archbishop warned, echoing other analysts who have constantly cautioned that Christianity is on the verge of extinction in the Middle East.

“The number of Christians in the Middle East has already dropped extensively,” he further declared, accusing church leaders of inflating the actual numbers of Christ followers in the region to minimize the fact that Christianity is on the brink of extinction.

The bishop urged U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration to do even more to help Middle East Christians.

Contradicting assertions by the Trump administration, the Church leader said, “People are not coming back. I can assure you that nobody will go back.”

The Trump administration has disbursed billions in funding to help victims of ISIS genocide, namely Christians and Yazidis, but the bishop told Breitbart News it is “not enough.”

“Trump is going to be a hero for the Christians in the Middle East if he takes more action,” he said.

Addressing President Trump, Archbishop Aykazian added, “Please help the Christians. They need your help and once you move one of your fingers the entire Arabic world will thank you. If he does such a thing, it is going to change everything. If he doesn’t, they will suffer.”

“The ball is in Trump’s court,” he further said.

In Iraq, which experts say has experienced the most dramatic drop in Christians due to jihadis and Iran-allied groups, Aykazian told Breitbart News that number has decreased from 1.6 million to less than 100,000, marking a drop of more than 90 percent.

“A similar situation is taking place in Syria’s Aleppo where there has also been a drop of more than 90 percent in Christians, from 360,000 to about 25,000 now,” he said, noting, “The church leaders don’t want to say those statements because they fear their followers will be disillusioned.”

ISIS’s genocide campaign targeted religious minorities in Iraq and Syria, primarily Christians and Yazidis, killing tens of thousands of them and taking some hostages as sex slaves.

“They [Christians] realized just how insecure they are,” Nina Shea, a religious freedom expert at the Hudson Institute, told Breitbart News. “Their own governments fail to protect them, and ISIS gained popular support within some neighboring major Sunni areas, like Mosul.”

Archbishop Aykazian said Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi “so far has been the best leader in the Middle East for defending Christians.” he said, adding, “The biggest Christian majorities are in Egypt.”

Shea pointed out, “Egypt retains ten million Coptic Christians. That is the only place where I see a certain future for them [Christians].”

“In a generation, Egypt may be the only remaining country with a robust Christian community that traces its roots to the earliest Christian church,” Shea added. “Elsewhere in the Middle East, only remnants of these ancient communities may survive.”

Nevertheless, Shea and the bishop acknowledged that, even in Egypt, Christians are confronting the spread of Sunni extremism and anti-Christian bigotry. The ongoing war against Islamic terrorism continues to kill, wound, and push Christians out of their historical homelands in the greater Middle East, even in Egypt.

“More recently, after the Arab Spring and with the rise of ISIS, tens of thousands of Christians were killed in Iraq and Syria,” Hajjar said. “Close to 1 million Christians in the region have gone into exile.”

“Following multiple terrorist attacks in Egypt against the Copts, many Christian Egyptians also emigrated from their country,” Hajjar continued. “We can estimate that more than 25-30 percent of Christians in the Middle East have been affected by the recent wars and conflicts.”

The experts also attributed the ongoing demise of Christianity in the Middle East to certain governments’ disdain towards followers of Christianity and their refusal to protect them.

In Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reportedly designated Christians as “enemies of the state.” In Iraq, the country that experienced the sharpest drop in the number of Christ followers in recent years, Baghdad-sanctioned Iran-allied Shiite militias have reportedly taken Christian lands and are harassing them.

Referring to the countries that have experienced the largest decline in Christians, Hajjar named Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Lebanon. Similar to Hajjar’s list, the bishop said, “Iraq is number one, Lebanon is number two, and Syria is number three.”

The experts conceded that the Trump administration had done more to help Middle East Christians than his predecessor, but they argued that Christians are far from protected and more can be done.


Watch: Where These Bad@ss Preachers Are Ministering, Airstrikes Are An Occupational Hazard

Written by Wes Walker on April 8, 2019

When Jesus said ‘go into ALL the world’ these gutsy Christians took him at his word. As it turns out, the military really does bring transferrable skills into the ministry.

It’s got that ‘sensitive material’ warning because some of the people they’ve been ministering to have been injured in the fighting between ISIS and the forces wiping ISIS out.

This is filmed near Bagouz, the last ISIS stronghold in Syria — Hence ‘the last stronghold’ title.

These guys got word that there are about 1000 civilians trapped in the village where ISIS was making their last stand. They are helping people trapped in the conflict — especially women and children — flee to safety.

So “Free Burma Rangers” brought food, water and the love of Christ to them.

How is it possible to bring the love of Christ to people who hate you?

Haven’t you read your Bible?

The apostle Paul was on a campaign of persecuting Christ’s Church when God knocked him off his horse on the Damascus road.

And just look at what God did with him after that.

What would prevent Him from doing the same with one of these guys?

ISIS By The Numbers: Trump’s Progress Against Terror Group Is Absolutely Staggering

Reported by Saagar Enjeti | Reporter | 5:57 PM 12/27/2017

The U.S.-led military campaign under command of President Donald Trump has made dramatic progress against ISIS in 2017. ISIS retains historically low numbers of fighters, controls little territory and has lost much of its command and control facilities in Iraq and Syria. The vast majority of the military progress against the group occurred in 2017.

“During 2017 over 60,000 square kilometers were liberated from ISIS across Iraq and Syria,” British Army Maj. Gen. Felix Gedney told the Pentagon press corps Wednesday, explaining that “more than 98 percent of the land once claimed by the terrorist group has been returned to the people.” This estimate means ISIS lost nearly 60 percent of the territory it once controlled in 2017.

Gedney added that 4.5 million Iraqis and Syrians were liberated from ISIS by the U.S.-backed coalition in 2017 out of the 7.7 million total since the military campaign began in 2017. Gedney’s estimate indicates approximately 60 percent of total freed civilians were liberated in 2017.

Success against the terrorist group has been so rapid the U.S.-led coalition estimates only approximately 1,000 ISIS fighters remain on the battlefield across Iraq and Syria. This number is particularly striking given a 2014 CIA estimate of up to 31,500 fighters for the terrorist group.

The 1000 remaining fighters are largely isolated in various desert pockets besieged from the air by U.S. aircraft and probed by U.S.-backed fighters on the ground. Gedney also boasted that nearly 130 “ISIS leaders or high value targets” were killed by the coalition in 2017 alone.

The loss of territory, population under its control, and leaders has choked off ISIS from many of the oil fields it once relied upon to gleam revenue from and thrown a wrench in its propaganda efforts.

Western security officials also fear the threat of returning ISIS foreign fighters and the continued ability of the terror group to inspire attacks. New York City saw two ISIS-inspired attacks since November despite the major losses for the group.

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FBI Director Says Terrorists Armed with Drones Will Attack U.S. [WATCH]

Posted by | on September 27, 2017

Congress was warned on Wednesday that terror groups are ready to wage a drone war against the U.S., according to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“I think we do know that terrorist organizations have an interest in using drones,” said the director during a hearing for the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

We’ve seen that overseas already with growing frequency. I think the expectation is that it’s coming here imminently. I think they are relatively easy to acquire, relatively easy to operate, and quite difficult to disrupt and monitor,” Wray added.

During the same hearing Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, expressed the same views as Wray’s.

“Two years ago this was not a problem. A year ago it was an emerging problem. Now it’s a real problem. So we’re quickly trying to up our game,” Rasmussen testified.

The Daily Caller reports, ‘He said that counterterrorism agencies have ramped up efforts to bring together intelligence professionals to help understand the tactics and techniques that drone-using terrorist groups might employ.’

“That could be dropping small explosives the size of a grenade. It could be dispersal of toxins, potentially,” Rasmussen said. 


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What You Can’t Say Anymore: ‘I Tried to Stop the Jihadists’

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Video: Mauro: The Terrorists We Welcomed From Hell  We opened our doors and they tried to kill us  Watch

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Poll: Should Trump Send More Troops to Afghanistan?  The US is deploying another 3,000 soldiers  Vote
Analysis: Author: Soon There’ll Be No-Go Zones in the US  Rather than fear-mongering, we need to be educating  Read and Comment
News Analysis: Trump’s UN Speech Got Us Thinking…Five times the UN could have done more  Read
In-Depth The Ayatollah’s Ventriloquist Dummies  Khamenei pulls the strings for his many lackies in the region  Learn
Readers Write
What You Can’t Say Anymore: In US Gov’t

“WHY would this guy get fired?! WE have freedom of speech! What’s wrong with calling radical Islam a danger? THEY ARE and the world knows it!”


Memphis Imam Linked to Terror Financing

“Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR and all of it’s many affiliates MUST be labeled terrorist groups. I bet this ‘religious’ leader had ties. Everyone needs to write to the president and all of their legislators every week and tell them to do so or we will become Europe.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday September 18, 2017

News: ISIS Encourages Attacks on US Hurricane Relief Centers  Homeland Security warns of lone wolf attacks  Read
Podcast and Poll: Is Washington Finally Reining in the United Nations?  Should your taxpayer millions go to funding the UN?  Listen and Vote
Analysis: Muslim Brotherhood Men in DC to Push Political Islam  The MB is seeking to influence US policy  Read and Act
Feature: When the Terrorists Come Home  The West must begin operating from a sense of moral clarity  Read
News: Trump Signs Iran Sanctions Waiver Despite Concerns  The president said the spirit of the deal was being kept ‘atrociously’  Read
Readers Write
Memphis Imam Linked to Terror Financing

“Shall we give him a medal or kick him the hell out of this country? It’s not safe to put him in prison, where he will influence and convert others. What’s the alternative? I think Congress should create new legislation requiring institutionalization for insanity for those who commit treason and consort with or aid the enemy. I doubt anyone will listen to his treasonous rantings in there.”


If You’re Christian You Need to Watch This

“What has happened to our society, our humanity when politicians with their MSM news outlets purposely turn their back on the horrendous brutality and death being perpetrated against the world?”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday September 15, 2017

Podcast: Terror Rocks London – Parsons Green Tube Attack  A device explodes in West London on the underground  Listen
News: Memphis Imam Linked to Terror Financing  The extremist preacher has been fundraising for Islamic Relief Worldwide  Read
News: WANTED: Minnesota Man, 20  Thought to be with Islamic State  Read and Help
News: How Much US Aid Pledged to Syrian Kids Didn’t Arrive?  The money was destined for child refugees  Read
News: Facebook Hires 3,000 Staff to Monitor Hate speech  It’s part of a crackdown on hate speech  Read
Readers Write


“They hate the USA … and they are helping north Korea. Wake-up! North Korea, China, Russia and Iran are all allies.”



“I agree with the article. Though i am a proponent of destroying every vestige of this religion, the ideas presented here are definitely ideal.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday September 13, 2017

News: Top 5 Insights From US War on Terror  The wins and losses of the war on terror since 9/11 Read
News Analysis: ‘Radical Islam’ Absent in 9/11 Addresses by Trump Admin  The speeches marked a a stunning reversal from Trump’s campaign rhetoric  Read
Infographic: Four Stories of Terrorism You Should Care AboutT  hese attacks didn’t necessarily make mainstream news  Read
Feature: Texas, the Reverse Saudi Arabia  Women drivers and much more…Read
Podcast: Political Upheaval, Arrests and Mystery Visits  Something’s happening in the House of Saud  Listen
Feature: Your Brain on Fear  How biological fear responses impact attempts to tackle extremism  Read
Readers Write
What You Can’t Say Anymore: ‘ISIS Is Bad’

“I can say that, and I damn well will!!!”


Why Eradicating Islam Is Not the Answer

“The Muslims must help us counter the terrorists sects. Without their help, we are labeled bigots and PC stops us and silences us. We need them. There is no time for them to “do it in their own time”. NOW would be good. Dr Zuhdi Jasser and others should be meeting with Trump and Congress again now that Obama is out.”


Podcast: How to Teach Our Children About 9/11  Should it be taught as history?  Listen
News: Court Case: Saudis Funded 9/11 Dry Run  A Phoenix-DC flight was used for practice  Read and Take Action
Video: 9/11 Through My Muslim Eyes  Zuhdi Jasser offers his thoughts  Watch & Send Your Message
Podcast: Defend the Constitution; Protect Freedom of Speech  The interesting case of Ohio State  Listen and Comment
News: US Citizen Brought to Justice for Joining Al Shabaab  The Maryland man carried out operations for the terror group  News
News and Poll Results: So What Did Happen to That ISIS Convoy?  We compare your poll answers to the real resolution  Read
Readers Write
US Citizen Brought to Justice for Joining Al Shabaab

“He should be tried by the Somalis for the crimes he committed there. Bet you it wouldn’t be as cushy as a US or European jail.”


‘Coalition With Brotherhood Was a Mistake’

“Well duh Didn’t you learn anything when the Brotherhood sided with Hitler prior to WW2.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday September 8, 2017

Poll Results: Should Non-Muslim Kids ‘Pray’ in Mosques? We present your votes and comments  Read more
News: Philly Mom Planned to Abandon Kids, Join ISIS‘  I was impressionable,’ she said  Read
News: SHOCKING: Iran’s Spies Threaten Journalists Abroad, Famlies  Includes death threats and harrassment  Read
News: No Charges for UK Council Over Rape Gangs  Despite reports finding organizational failings, no officials will face trial   Read
News: Police Kill Taliban Member Who Attacked Malala  Malala Yousafzai was only 15 when shot by the Taliban  Read
Poll: What Should Be Done With ISIS Convoy?  Let us know your thoughts  Vote Now
News: Austrians Cynical About Security Barriers in Vienna  The government allowed mass immigration  Read
Readers Write
Video of Non-Muslim Kids ‘Praying’ in Mosque – What Do You Think?

“I’m an American Muslim and this is not okay. Kids should be taught basics of and exposed to basics of any religion just from the knowledge aspect. Basic knowledge and proselytization are two completely different things. Any form of proselytization and active participation for kids is not appropriate. Neither Muslim nor Christian parents would want schools to do that for their kids.”


Death Threats to Palestinian Woman Filmmaker

“You would think Liberals would celebrate Israel, the only refuge for tolerance – instead of championing and protecting the intolerant murderers.”


Additional Politically INCORRECT Cartoons for Tuesday September 5, 2017

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday September 4, 2017

Podcast: Why US Deradicalization Is Failing  Clarion suggests an alternative  Listen and Comment
News: Christian Beaten to Death by Muslim Classmates  The 17-year old was at the top of his class, but the only Christian Read
News: Death Threats to Palestinian Woman Filmmaker  A ground-breaking film about three Palestinian women  Read
Video: The Last Christians of Raqqa  Surviving ISIS  Watch
News: UK, European Anti-Terror Chiefs: Unprecedented Threat Level in Britain  But UK allows hate preacher to enter the country  Read
Readers Write
How to Spot Signs of Radicalization in Your Kids

“These tips apply to alt-left and alt-right propaganda, too.”


Two Leading Muslim Voices Condemn Political Islam, Extremism

“I predict these two fellas are on the fatwa list already.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday September 1, 2017

Analysis: Should the U.S. Cancel the Iran Deal?  Former UN Amb. Bolton thinks yes. Here’s why  Read
Opinion: Stop Rewarding CAIR  Two news cases speak to CAIR’s deceit  Read
News: Two Leading Muslim Voices Condemn Political Islam, ExtremismC  omments came from a Kuwaiti journalist and Nigerian politician  Read
Feature: EXCLUSIVE From Iraq: Push to Kurdish Independence  A fascinating look on the ground with Clarion’s Kurdish analyst  Learn More
News: Court Adds 296 Muslim Brotherhood Members to Terror List  That means not leaving the country and possibly frozen assets  Read
Readers Write
Pro-Islam Indoctrination in Public Schools?

“Well, maybe NOW Conservatives will appreciate why Madalyn Murry O’Hair spearheaded the SCOTUS decision to keep ALL RELIGION, not just Christianity, out of public schools.”


Poll: Is it Unreasonable to Ask US Muslims to Condemn Terror?

“When a question like this is being asked, something very wrong became of this world!!! EVERY terror should be condemned by EVERY one!!!! The fact that we even ask this question gives me the chills.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday August 30, 2017

News Analysis: U.S. Muslims Open to Multiple Interpretations of Islam: Poll  Time for the reform minded to be given a chance  Read
News: Iran Upholds Convictions of Americans  A son and his elderly father are deteriorating in Evin Prison Read
News: Secrecy Shrouds Weekend Arrest in Michigan  Speculation is rife that a terrorist attack was thwarted 
News: NY Man Arrested for Attempting to Join ISIS in Syria  US officials tracked down Parveg Ahmed in Jordan as he tried to enter Syria  Read
Video: Mauro: North Korea Activity Is Iranian Activity  Their missile programs are in synch  Watch and Comment
News Analysis: France’s New Priorities: Security, Eradicating Islamist Terrorism  President Macron is ready for the good fight  Read
Readers Write
U.S. Muslims Open to Multiple Interpretations of Islam: Poll

“Without a constructive reformation of Islam, the hate and intolerance will continue amongst many Muslims. Islam needs to restate the Quran for the sake of living with the rest of humanity. Otherwise, the isolation and terrorism will continue.”


ISIS Defeated in Syria – Not Necessarily Good News

“Now wait for the next phase of what USA has in mind. First Taliban. Then ISIS. Wait for what is coming next. This isn’t over by a long shot!”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday August 28, 2017

Video: GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS-Brainwashed Child Executioner  Just the latest child on the ISIS conveyor belt  Watch
News: NY Court Indicts Radical Cleric for Supporting Terror  Abdullah Faisal was previously jailed in the UK  Read
News: Iran Sentences New Age Leader to Death  The ayatollahs see him as a cult leader  Read
Readers Write
Has Trump Kept His Word on Radical Islam?

“You asked for my thoughts; here they are. I am perplexed and deeply concerned regarding the administrations policies toward Qatar, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood… and Palestinians. McMaster and Tillerson give every indication this administration is following the Obama administration’s pro-Brotherhood, pro-Hamas, pro-Palestinian policies. There is no two state solution as long as Arab/Palestinian destruction of the state of Israel is their end game. Does this administration still give comfort and support to Brotherhood aiders in the multiple federal departments?”


NY Court Indicts Radical Cleric for Supporting Terror

“The weak, ineffective alternative to declaring war on Islamism.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday August 25, 2017

Video: American ISIS Boy, 10, Threatens Trump  The boys says his father, now a jihadi, was a US soldier in Iraq.  Watch
Poll: Poll: Is it Unreasonable to Ask Muslims to Condemn Terror?  The College Republicans demanded a terror condemnation at San Diego State. Read
Opinion: EXCLUSIVE: Censoring Textbooks For Arab Dictators  A major publishing house is censoring textbooks for wealthy Middle-Eastern governments.  Read
Video: Mauro on Fox: Family Ties to ISIS  Why a number of members of a family are tied to ISIS.  Watch
News Analysis: Trump’s South Asia Strategy: An Insider’s View  Here’s the background to understand the strategy.  Read
News: Bazooka, Weapons Cache Found in Paris ‘No-Go’ Zone  The area is known for crime, drug and radical Islam.  Read
News: 400 Air Passengers Saved from Barbie Bomb at Last Minute  The plane was bound from Australia to the Middle East  Learn
News: India Ends Instant Divorce  The Supreme Court ruled the practice unconstitutional.  Read more
Readers Write
‘Barcelona Imam Radicalized My Sons’

“The imam didn’t radicalize your sons, your sons killed 15 people and wounded over 100 people, that’s the truth.”


400 Air Passengers Saved from Barbie Bomb at Last Minute

“You would think this would be all over the news.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday August 23, 2017

 Mauro on Fox: We’re Not Stopping the Terror Factories  Islamist indoctrination is the first step that leads to terror attacks.  Watch
News: Taliban to Trump: Leave Afghanistan Before It’s a US Graveyard  Vows to make Afghanistan a ‘graveyard’ for Americans.  Read
News Analysis: Winning Afghanistan: Support Trump’s Strategy  The president just laid out his plan for clearing out terror.  Read
News: US, Canadian Christians Attacked by Shiite Militia  The group was trying to visit Christians in Nineveh Province, Iraq.  Read
Video: Graphic Video: ISIS Child Warrior Threatens West  Issues a warning then executes his prisoner.  Watch
News: Nursery School Children Show Signs of Radicalization  The children were making ‘death threats’ to the ‘non-believers.’  Learn More
Analysis: No! Big Ben Will Not Be Renamed Massive Mohammed  But the fact people believed it shows the state of our public discourse.  Read
Readers Write
‘Barcelona Imam Radicalized My Sons’

“BLAMING the imam doesn’t make your sons the “victims”!! They had choices to make and they made the WRONG choices which resulted in the DEATH of innocent people! The DEAD are the VICTIMS….NOT your sons!!”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday August 21, 2017

Analysis: Car Ramming in Marseilles  Even if it proves to be a copycat crime, jihadis are to blame.  Read
Feature: Epoch-Eclipse Now?  Does the eclipse hold significance for apocalyptic terror groups? Read
News: ‘Barcelona Imam Radicalized My Sons’  Father of killed terrorists speaks out  Learn More
 Poll Results: Do You Feel Safe?  Get the results from yesterday’s poll  Read
Infographic: All the Terror Attacks in Europe This Year  And that’s just in 2017  Share
Readers Write
Secretary of Defense Mattis: What’s With the Flip-Flops?

“I am so confused. It seems that everyone of Trump’s picks take a different stance after he appoints them to office.”


Report: Muslim Brotherhood Paying People to Protest in Europe

“Why does this surprise anyone? That’s what they do. They want chaos, disruption, killing, violence. It’s what they are about!”


Policewoman Shoots Down 4 Jihadis by Herself — Video Footage Revealed

Posted by | on August 18, 2017

One policewoman took on 5 drugged-up jihadis whom were wearing suicide vests; she came out the victor, killing 4 of the 5 and saved an injured colleague in the mean time.

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The vests were fake, it turns out, and constructed of ‘Coke cans’. They were armed with knives and an axe, however, when the ran out of their Audi A3 that they used to mow down crowds of people on the ‘seafront in Cambrils on the Costa Dorada at 1am today, killing a woman, 61, from Zaragoza, and injuring six others,’ reports the Daily Mail.

Spain seems to be the target for ISIS right now.

The incident started when two police officers were on their foot patrol and one was hit by the Audi A3. Within seconds her partner pulled out her service weapon and killed 4 of the 5 as they came charging at her.

The fifth terrorist ran into a park and was gunned down minutes later by a policeman – but clambered to his feet with a smile on his face and ran at armed officers who eventually needed 15 bullets to kill him.

Today Catalan police chief Josep Luis Trapero confirmed the story saying: ‘To kill four people, even if you are a professional, is not easy to digest’, adding the officer getting psychological support now.


Eight hours earlier a ‘linked’ ISIS van assault on the packed Los Ramblas boulevard in Barcelona killed 13 including a three-year-old girl and injured at least 100 victims from 34 different countries.

Fitzroy Davies, from Wolverhampton, described how officers gunned down one of the Cambrils jihadis and filmed the moment he rose to his feet in a scene he compared to a ‘horror film’.

Daily Mail

He said: ‘He must have been on drugs. He took the first round of shots he fell on the floor, and then within two seconds, I thought I was watching a film, one of them horror films, the guy just stood up. He was taunting, smiling, laughing and he carried on walking to the police, and then they gave it to him again, a couple more shots and then he fell to the ground’.

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He said that his suicide belt ‘looked fake’, adding: ‘It looked like he was wearing Coke cans on him’.

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Reportedly, ISIS has been feeding its fighters a drug called Captagon which is a cheap super-amphetamine pill. It is used to induce euphoria and increase adrenaline to ‘aide’ the terrorists during their murderous rampage.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday August 18, 2017

Video: ‘US Created ISIS to Distort the Image of Islam’  Watch Syrian cleric Mohammad Basem Dahman in Istanbul.  Watch
Opinion: Forced to Resign for Calling Out Rape Gangs  MP Sarah Champion was excoriated for telling the truth.  Read
Audio: Why Identity Politics Exacerbates Extremism  That is the impact of growing identity politics on extremist organizations? Listen
News Analysis: ‘Unprecedented’: Iranian Military Chief of Staff in Turkey  What’s behind this stepped-up alliance?  Read more
News: Report: Muslim Brotherhood Paying People to Protest in Europe  Anti-Muslim Brotherhood activists claim the movement is back in action. Read
Readers Write
State Dept. Hosts Muslim Brotherhood Coalition

“This is one thing that really bothers me about Tillerson–that he supports the Muslim Brotherhood. If he is so pro-American, how can he do this? If he is so intelligent, how can he do this?”


Iran Bans Soccer Stars for Playing Against Israelis

“I hope they were their best players”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday August 16, 2017

News: Dallas ISIS Recruiter Encouraged Ariana Grande Bomber  Said Azzam Mohamad Rahim told him to “show no mercy.”  Read
Analysis: Canada May Cancel $15 Billion Saudi Arms Deal  Saudi Arabia’s National Guard allegedly used Canadian equipment to kill civilians.  Read
Podcast: Publisher Too Afraid to Print Controversial Imam’s Book  Imam Mohamad Tawhidi had a deal with a publisher until it was cancelled.  Listen
Video: Muslim Blasts Gay Ex-Muslim as ‘Far Right’ on Live TV  Is it Islamophobic to say that gay people shouldn’t be killed in the name of Islam?  Watch
Feature: Iran Wary as Opposition Meets With US Senators  The meeting delivers a significant blow to Tehran.  Read
Feature: Water Is Iran’s New Weapon Against Its Ahwazi Minority  The mullahs are trying to drive out indigenous Arabs from the oil-rich land.  Read
News: Muslims Pushing For Women’s Rights Globally  More Muslim campaigners are fighting for women’s rights within the faith.  Read
Readers Write
State Dept. Hosts Muslim Brotherhood Coalition

“He is an oil man after all. I bet over the years he made lot’s of money from them.”


After Charlottesville: Reject All Extremism

“The average American is not involved in these groups. The events are purposely being set up to further divide the country.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday August 14, 2017

Video: Horrific ISIS Video: The Child Executioner  Radical Islam at its worst  Watch
Analysis: Silence as ISNA Kicks Out Gay Muslims From Conference  Where are the progressive condemnations, petitions and protesters?  Read
Opinion: What Real Islamic Reform Would Look Like  Why is it that we choke over the words ‘Islamic reform?’  Read
Poll: Should the U.S. Strike ISIS in the Philippines?  Read the pros and cons and answer our poll.  Vote
News: Bomb Threat Made by Suspected Terrorist From Jail  Jihad Darnell Ramadan was awaiting trial on terror charges.  Read
Opinion: After Charlottesville: Reject All Extremism  Promote national harmony and individual excellence to stop extremism.  Read
News: Iran Bans Soccer Stars for Playing Against Israelis  It’s just one of a litany of attacks on young Iranians.  Read
Readers Write
More than One Anti-Semitic Imam in California

“Color moi with a surprise crayon.”


Linda Sarsour: Feminist, Islamist or Delusional?

“This woman is using and in the process of hijacking the Liberal Left to support her Islamic agenda to establish Sharia law in America.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday August 11, 2017

Video: Mauro on Fox: If North Korea Has Mini Nukes, So Does Iran  Clarion brings the story that the media was missing.  Watch
Video: Tortured in Egypt for Converting to Christianity  Majed el Shafie tells of his miraculous survival.  Watch
Audio: Linda Sarsour: Feminist, Islamist or Delusional?  Muslim activist Shireen Qudosi talks tough on the podcast ‘Polite Conversations.’ Listen
Opinion: Is Jihadism a Cult?  What can counter-radicalization programs learn from cult deprogramming? Read
Feature: Strides Made Against FGM, But Just Tip of Iceberg  Get educated so we can eradicate this together  Watch & Learn
Infographic: What is Jihad?  What, how and why  Understand
Readers Write
Help Us Remove the Davis, Ca. Imam

“Same party, shorter hat.”


Report: U.S. Mulls Bombing ISIS in Philippines

“Funny the world watches as ISIS invades a country and their way of life, a decent country. And say, do nothing but clamor about Russia, six transgender people in the military???”


The Clarion Project for Wednesday August 9, 2017

News Analysis: What the Crisis Means: North Korea, Nukes and Islamists  10 reasons the North Korean crisis with the US connects to Islamism. Read
News Report: U.S. Mulls Bombing ISIS in Philippines  Approval is thought imminent.  Read
Timeline: Paris Hit by Terror – Again  Just the latest in a series of attacks to rock the city  Share
Poll: If Muhammed Cartoons Are OK, So Is Hijabi Statue of Liberty  The painting won fourth prize in a congressional art competition. Vote
Infographic: Four Reasons To Support Cash for Women College Grads  Why cash wedding presents to Muslim women who graduate college are a good idea. Share
News: Islamists Claim Beds More Dangerous Than Terror  Hizb ut-Tahrir subscribes to the supremacist goal of a global caliphate. Watch
Readers Write
Why Do Foreign Fighters Join ISIS?

“ISIS recruits are disillusioned in a life without purpose and become enamored (to the cause) of the Caliphate. So in the name of Islam and Allah they are quite willing to carry out terror and barbarism (crucifixion & beheading) because they are told of a greater afterlife especially with martyrdom.”


California Hate Preacher’s Record of Extremism

“I have been livid since realizing his full speech can no longer be found on the internet and has been reduced to that part quoted in this article. He spoke at length about the need to exterminate Jews everywhere around the globe. As is, he almost sounds tame when he was angry and yelling throughout the better part of it. The disappearance of the full speech tells me the media and govt is working together to cover for this man. An outrage.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday August 7, 2017

Feature: Uncover the Toxic Connection Between Drugs and Jihad  Find out the real connections between extremism and addiction.  Learn & Comment
Video: GRAPHIC VIDEO: Meet ISIS’ Latest Child Executioner  The barbarism just doesn’t stop.  Watch
Audio: Why Do Foreign Fighters Join ISIS?  A new UN study asked ISIS foreign fighters directly.  Listen
101s: Where Does U.S. Law Stand on Hate Speech?  At what point should extremist preachers be punished by the law?  Read and sign peition
Readers Write
Minnesota Mosque Firebombed During Prayers

“This is totally unacceptable, especially in the United States. Just tragic. Violence is no answer to differences in beliefs, either religious or political beliefs. Where are people’s heads????”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday August 4, 2017

Opinion: Raheel Raza: Let’s Defeat the Ideology The backstory to the Congress testimony Read
News: British ‘Musketeer’ Terror Plot Foiled Three of the accused were previously imprisoned for terror offences. Read
Infographic: Discover the Muslim Brotherhood International Network Discover the Muslim Brotherhood’s international network. Share
Readers Write
Police Foil Plane Terror Attack

“Thanks to our security and police services Australians are safe. Thanks to our supposedly unbiased national broadcaster we have a lot of idiots who claim there is no threat.”

– H.J.

Shocking: Leading Voices of Islam in America

“I support freedom of religion but criticism of a religious doctrine should not be equated with denying a person the dignity and freedom to practice a religion. Its important that we speak out against these disturbing, barbaric views that deny the rights and dignity of others.”

– M.N.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday August 2, 2017

News: Muslim Family Finds Bacon in McDonald’s Chicken Burgers  Was this deliberate? If so, it was an act of anti-Muslim bigotry. Read
Opinion: CAIR Condemns Chief of Staff KellyB  ut Kelly wins hands down when it comes to patriotism.  Read and Comment
News: Congressman: Investigate Iranian Funding of Academia  The Alavi foundation donated to Harvard, Columbia and Princeton among others.  Read
News: ISIS Fires Chief Woman Biter for Going Soft  Islamic State also appoints new emira  Read
Infographic: How Many Islamists Are There in Europe?  Britain just stripped 150 jihadists and criminals of citizenship.  Learn
News: What Does Resignation of Top Counter-Extremism Official Mean?  George Selim was director of Countering Violent Extremism  Read
Readers Write
Clarion Takes to Congress to Challenge Radical Islam

“Great job Raheel. Always a real pleasure to hear you speak! Keep up the fight!!”


Hamburg Stabber ‘Islamist But Not Jihadist’ Say Police

“Oh, well – that’s OK, then. I mean, as long as he was on the Islam-ist List; as opposed to being on the dreaded Jihadi-ist List”


The Clario Project Newsletter for Monday July 31, 2017

Video: Clarion Takes to Congress to Challenge Radical Islam  Clarion’s Raheel Raza testifies before the House Subcommittee on National Security.  Watch and Comment
Analysis: New Chief of Staff Kelly Thanked CAIR  General John Kelly replaces Rence Priebus.  Read
Infographic: Police Foil Plane Terror Attack  Arrests prevent airborne disaster  Learn
News: Six Nations Vow to Fight ISIS on Their Doorstep  They will increase intel cooperation  Read
Petition: Petition to Fire Anti-Semitic Imam Gains Support  Please join the campaign.  Sign
News: Hamburg Stabber ‘Islamist But Not Jihadist’ Say Police  The man killed one and injured seven others in Friday’s stabbing spree.  Read
Readers Write

“another hate group. take a number.”



“Everyone says after an attack how we can’t change our behaviour or “they win”. Well, we HAVE changed our behaviour, in extreme ways (when it comes to security), so guess what, idiots, THEY HAVE WON. Congratulations.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday July 28, 2017

Opinion: Petition to Islamic Center of Davis: Fire Antisemitic Imam  The Imam said judgment day would not come until Muslims fight the Jews. Read
News: State Dept: ISIS Slaughter of Minorities Not Genocide  Despite the designation by John Kerry, lawyers are quietly removing the reference.  Read
Podcast: Guess Who’s Banning Religious Freedom?  In Jordan, all Jewish prayer is forbidden. It’s amazing hypocrisy.  Listen
News: Malaysia Welcomes Hamas, Brotherhood: Report  Malaysia offers to take in the terror groups who may be leaving Qatar.  Read
Opinion: London Pride: Don’t Deny Ex-Muslims Our Struggle  Testimony from an ex-Muslim who participated in the march.  Read


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday July 26, 2017

News Analysis: Secretary of State Shills for Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar  Experts say Tillerson is sabotaging Trump’s foreign policy and want him out.  Read
News: Will Congress Stop Paying Terrorists?  US aid to the Palestinians contributes to monthly salaries for terrorists. Read
News Analysis: American Muslim Leaders Fan Anti-Semitic Hate  Prominent figures have engaged in terror apologism and called to fight Jews. Read
News Analysis: Secretary of Homeland Security Thanks CAIR  Against the Justice Dept. policy, the DHS has used CAIR as an outreach partner.  Read
News: Al Shabaab Goes House to House Killing Christians  Seven Christians were murdered by the militants in Kenya  Read
Readers Write
State Dept: Palestinian Incitement to Terror ‘Rare’

“Rare?…The incitement is replete through Palestinian media mosques and even schools ..What an insulting sanitization of the problem”


Truth and Deception: Calling Out Linda Sarsour on Al Aqsa

“She is a puppet for extreme Islam and her “mentor” Siraj Wajjah and as you said in the article”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday July 24, 2017

Opinion: Truth and Deception: Calling Out Linda Sarsour on Al Aqsa  How many ways can Sarsour misrepresent the volatile situation between Israel and the Palestinians?  Read
News: State Dept: Palestinian Incitement to Terror ‘Rare’  The report blatantly flies in the face of facts.  Read
News: O’Hare Worker Wanted to Kill Infidels  Mediha Medy Salkicevic reportedly wanted to “bury unbelievers alive.” Read
News: Civilians Celebrate Liberation From ISIS  Watch a video released by the liberating Kurdish forces.  Watch
Readers Write
State Dept: Palestinian Incitement to Terror ‘Rare’

“WTF . We can’t suppose that someone working in the State Department is ill informed . So they know they are lying. Drain the swamp .”


Berkeley Radio Cancels Dawkins Talk Over His Criticism of Islam

“”The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” The quote comes from a speech that President Obama delivered to the United Nations General Assembly on 25 September 2012 about the death of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and three others in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday July 21, 2017

News: Turkish State-Owned Media Reveals US Military Positions  The disclosures included troop numbers and bases in Syria.  Read more
News: Trump Ends Program to Train Syrian Rebels  The US will no longer train or arm Syria rebel factions. Read
News: Arrest Warrant for Imam Who Called for Killing JewsP  alestinian Imam Muhammad bin Musa al-Nasr was preaching in Montreal.  Read
Opinion: London Pride: Don’t Deny Ex-Muslims Our Struggle  Testimony from an ex-Muslim who participated in the march.  Read
News: Jordan Makes Improvements to Child Marriage Law  Human rights groups are hopeful that all the new conditions will discourage the practice.  Read
Interview: Is ISIS a Threat to China?  An interview with the president of the “East Turkestan Government in Exile.”  Read more
Readers Write
Pro-Rape Books Found in UK Islamic School

“Where’s the law?……British law I mean!….does it still exist?”


Does Facebook Support Terror?

“Yes. They take obvious side for Islamists . Criticism about Islam is silenced. But critic and even threats to others are ok according to their standards. Rotten policy.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday July 19, 2017

Opinion: Does Facebook Support Terror?  Shutting down anti-Islamist sites will only breed more violence. Read
News: Pro-Rape Books Found in UK Islamic School  The Al-Hijrah school in Birmingham will be taken over by the British government. Read
News Analysis: Spare Us the Crocodile Tears  Islamists claim victimhood over security measures instituted on the Temple Mount.  Read
Opinion: Identity Politics Trumps Reason in Police Shooting  What happens when a black Muslim police officer shoots a white woman?  Read
News: Saudis Enraged Over Girl in Short Skirt  A video of a model walking without a burqa on has caused controversy.  Read more
News: Iran Jails US Citizen for 10 Years  Xiyue Wang is a researcher for Princeton University. Read
News: Poll Results: Do ISIS Fighters Deserve a Fair Trial?  How you thought captured ISIS fighters should be treated  Read
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Does Facebook Support Terror?

“When Imam Tawhidi tells the truth about the vile prescriptions and practices of Islam, encourages Muslims to respect western laws and culture if they live in the west, and Facebook removes Imam Tawhidi’s page, Facebook promotes terrorism.”


Saudis Enraged Over Girl in Short Skirt

“Feminists should be marching in protest of Sharia. Instead they take a Sharia advocating extremist as their hero.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for July 17, 2017

News: Spend a Summer of Jihad With Hamas  Hundreds of thousands of kids in Gaza will attend Hamas camps this summer.  Read

Interview: EXCLUSIVE: Christian Women Up Against ISIS  An interview with the head of the Bethnahrin Women’s Protection Forces.  Read

News Analysis: U.S. Group Connected to Terror Group in Kashmir  Muslims of the Americas (Jamaat ul-Fuqra) has is actively engaged with Hizbul Mujahideen.  Read

News: Two US Volunteers Killed Fighting ISIS in Raqqa  So far, one-third of ISIS’ de-facto capital has been liberated.  Read
News: Syrian in Canada: ‘It’s Not Acceptable to Beat My Wife??’  After brutally beating his wife with a hockey stick, the man claimed cultural differences.  Read
Poll: Do ISIS Fighters Deserve a Fair Trial?  Iraqi soldiers filmed themselves hurling ISIS fighters from a cliff and shooting the bodies.  Vote
Podcast: Europe Beware! Turkey Eyes Iran as Replacement Partner  Ankara and Tehran have common interests.  Listen
Readers Write
Syrian in Canada: ‘It’s Not Acceptable to Beat My Wife??’

“8 days in jail for beating his wife for a half hour with a hockey stick. Canada you suck.”


Where Don’t Iranian Women Have to Cover Their Hair?

“Wow how liberating of them to allow such risque behaviour?!?!”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday July 14, 2017

News: 13-Year Old Honor Killed on Orders of Local Council  Pakistan’s ‘justice system’ for a girl who ran away from her parents.  Read
101: Acid Attacks 101  A recent attack in London shows how honor culture is being imported to the West.  Read more
Feature: Newly-Immigrated Muslim Women Honor Killed in Sweden  ‘We came here far from oppression, but some people have difficulty living freely.  ‘Get Informed
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