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The Clarion Project Newsletter for April 26, 2017


Al-Qaeda Chief Warns of Attacks on US ‘1,000 Times 9/11 ‘In retaliation for American ‘aggression’ Watch



Boared to Death: ISIS Fighters Trampled in Pig Attack A herd of wild boar rooted out an ISIS militia force Read



Open Letter to Mike Pence: Stop Saudis From Steamrolling Indonesian Islam Vice-President Mike Pence praised Indonesian Islam, but is turning a blind eye to its eradication. Read



What the Pope Should Know Before He Visits Egypt This Week Christians in Egypt face rising persecution. Read



Faithkeepers – Be Your Brothers’ Keeper Watch exclusive video from Clarion’s new film. Host a Screening


Readers Write

Saudi Arabia Appointed to UN Commission on Women

“Beyond parody.. but then what else to expect from UN? The largest bloc is the Muslim one in the UN, over 50 Islamic states, and Saudi Arabia is their standard-bearer. How can anyone think the medieval kingdom is fit to speak on women’s issues???” -C.C.

Sharia-Advocate Sarsour to Give Graduation Address at CUNY

“Well that makes sense … George Orwell would be proud. “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.” If you can’t indoctrinate them during their college graduation – you’ve lost them…”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for April 24, 2017


Sharia-Advocate Sarsour to Give Graduation Address at CUNY Linda Sarsour was selected by the university, which is funded by tax-payer money. Read

News Analysis

Iranian Opposition Reveals Alleged Secret Nuke Activity The revelations followed the State Dept.’s determination that Iran was in compliance with the nuclear deal. Get Informed


Commemorating the Armenian Genocide 5 Facts About How and Why the Turks Slaughtered 1.5 Armenians Be Informed


Life Insurance for Terrorists’ Families? A law banning life terrorist insurance payouts passed the Minnesota House without the vote of Minnesota’s first Muslim legislator. Read


Who Will Win the French Election? After Sunday’s first round of voting they’ve whittled the field down to two candidates. Find out now


FGM in US: Second Doctor Charged The doctor was charged along with his wife. Read


Christian Mother’s Last Appeal Asia Bibi, framed for blasphemy in Pakistan, appeals once again to the Supreme Court. Sign Petition

Readers Write
Sharia-Advocate Sarsour to Give Graduation Address at CUNY

“Look at the fuss they made about Milo Yiannopoulos , they wouldn’t let a gay guy speak at Berkeley, but this woman can speak at CUNY!!?? God help American kids they will truly be messed up”


Five Americans Who Are Standing Up Against Radical Islam

“wonderful article! I love to learn about the brave people working to promote a sane, intelligent response to problems associated with Islamic religion and associated societies. These folks are today’s heroes.”


The Clarion Projecty Newsletter for April 21, 2017


Five Americans Who Are Standing Up Against Radical Islam These five people are on the frontlines of challenging extremism. Read


Choosing Oppression is NOT Freedom The burqa, hijab and Harriet Tubman Read


Violated! Act Now To Speak Out Against Injustice Four horrific tragedies that deserve your attention. Protest Now

Readers Write

“The vicious circle of abuse repeats itself until eventually it becomes a custom of life in these barbaric countries.”


Why Don’t Police Care About “Allahu Akbar” in Fresno?

“If they are radicalized, then it’s a TERRORIST ATTACK, not just a hate crime”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for April 19, 2017


Why Don’t Police Care About “Allahu Akbar” in Fresno? Police say the slaying of three people was racial violence not Islamist terrorism. Write


Shocking Cases of FGM in Michigan A doctor was charged with performing the procedure on girls as young as seven. Read


Penis Severed For Allegedly Having a Girlfriend The 14-year old was suspected of having a sexual relationship with a girl Protest Now


Dragged Back to Saudi Arabia Kicking and Screaming A 24-year-old Saudi woman dared to dream of a new and free life. Protest Now


Iran’s Fingers on North Korea’s Nukes Trump should declassify info that links Iran to North Korea’s nuclear program. Watch


France Foils Election-Eve Terror Attack Two men were caught with weapons and an Islamic-State flag. Read

Readers Write
As Turks Vote…

“Turkey becoming an Islamic Caliphate under the rule of Erdogan…say goodbye to their secular democracy.”


Exclusive From the Front: How 10 Villagers Held Off 70 ISIS Jihadis

“I repeat the written words ” but we were fighting for our people….our village…..our homes…It’s a fight I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but we had heart “….” It was time to rebuild ” May this be an inspiration on the European people to renewal their lost spirit.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for April 14, 2017


Why is the Dept. of Education Promoting Islam to School Kids? The federally-funded program is directed at children in grades 5 through 12. Get Informed


Firsthand Account: My Life as a Saudi Woman Hind, a Saudi woman, gives the readers a glimpse into life as a Saudi woman.Learn

Readers Write
Canada: The Niqab Enters the Nursery

“I for one Canadian male am completely offended. The idea of covering for Islamists is assuming all men are rapists and woman need to hide so as to not provoke them. In Canada we men pride ourselves on our civilized behavior and are in control of our carnal desires.”
Would Syria Be Better With or Without Assad?

“Iraq had a dictator, we killed him, look at that country after that and still today. Libya had a dictator, we killed him, look at that country now. I’m not praising dictators, omg no! But there seems to be a pattern here.”

The Clarion Project Newsletter for April 12, 2017

News | Arrested for a Kiss A young couple in Algeria recently lived through a nightmare. Learn More
Analysis | What Do the Jihadis Really Want? Why do the motives go unexplained? In-Depth
Feature | What A New Exhibit Reveals About Britain’s Relationship With Islam What does an exhibition about a British Imperialist designer reveal about integration and extremism in the British Muslim community? Read
In-Depth | Turkey: Historic Armenian Church Now Used as a Stable The on-going cultural genocide follows the slaughter of millions over the last centuries. In-Depth
Readers Write

Canada: The Niqab Enters the Nursery | “I’ll bet he/she or whatever the hell is under there scares most of the kids.” -A.G.

Disguised as Police, ISIS Goes on Slaughter Rampage | “It does not surprise me but it is gruesome , and to think of whom they killed yo get these uniforms….” -C.R.

US Special Forces Obliterate ISIS Fighters Trying To Assault Base

waving flag

Reported by Photo of Jonah Bennett Jonah Bennett | National Security/Politics Reporter | 5:36 PM 04/10/2017

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U.S. special forces obliterated an entire Islamic State attack team assaulting a base Saturday in southern Syria,, military officials said.

“The enemy got crushed,” a U.S. military official told NBC News.

ISIS fighters launched an assault on the al-Tanf military base in southern Syria, according to the two officials who spoke to NBC News. Approximately 20-30 ISIS fighters, some with suicide vests, were following behind a vehicle that was carrying an improvised explosive device.

American forces are stationed at the base, which is used to train Syrian rebels. Other American troops on a nearby patrol responded after hearing about the attack to provide assistance. U.S. and coalition forces killed the ISIS fighters through direct fire and airstrikes, leaving zero survivors. No Americans were killed in the fight.

The ISIS attack on the base near the Syrian border with Jordan comes days after two American warships in the eastern Mediterranean fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at the al-Shayrat air base in response to a Syrian chemical weapons attack in Idlib.

A U.S. defense official insisted Thursday evening that the strike on the Syrian military base was a “one-off” event.

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