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News: Muslim Family Finds Bacon in McDonald’s Chicken Burgers  Was this deliberate? If so, it was an act of anti-Muslim bigotry. Read
Opinion: CAIR Condemns Chief of Staff KellyB  ut Kelly wins hands down when it comes to patriotism.  Read and Comment
News: Congressman: Investigate Iranian Funding of Academia  The Alavi foundation donated to Harvard, Columbia and Princeton among others.  Read
News: ISIS Fires Chief Woman Biter for Going Soft  Islamic State also appoints new emira  Read
Infographic: How Many Islamists Are There in Europe?  Britain just stripped 150 jihadists and criminals of citizenship.  Learn
News: What Does Resignation of Top Counter-Extremism Official Mean?  George Selim was director of Countering Violent Extremism  Read
Readers Write
Clarion Takes to Congress to Challenge Radical Islam

“Great job Raheel. Always a real pleasure to hear you speak! Keep up the fight!!”


Hamburg Stabber ‘Islamist But Not Jihadist’ Say Police

“Oh, well – that’s OK, then. I mean, as long as he was on the Islam-ist List; as opposed to being on the dreaded Jihadi-ist List”


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