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White House Foreign Policy Advisor: We Duped Public on Iran

waving flagSun, May 8, 2016

Secretary of State John Kerry was a primary negotiator of the Iran deal for the Obama administration. (Photo: © Reuters)

Secretary of State John Kerry was a primary negotiator of the Iran deal for the Obama administration. (Photo: © Reuters)

Partyof Deceit Spin and LiesAn interview with U.S. President Obama’s foreign policy advisor is sparking outrage for the revealed admission that the public was duped about the Iran deal. In an interview with the New York Times magazine, Ben Rhodes happily admits, “The way in which most Americans have heard the story of the Iran deal presented — that the Obama administration began seriously engaging with Iranian officials in 2013 in order to take advantage of a new political reality in Iran, which came about because of elections that brought moderates to power in that country — was largely manufactured for the purpose for selling the deal. Even where the particulars of that story are true, the implications that readers and viewers are encouraged to take away from those particulars are often misleading or false.”Leftist Socialist Propagandist News

Rhodes noted how the working of the deal were set in place in 2012, a year before the elections, and that concluding a deal with Iran was one of the goals of the Obama administration from the outset.

Rhodes further gloated that information doled out to the public by the press corps and think tanks on the deal was through a virtual “echo chamber” of the information given to them by the White House.

“They were saying things that validated what we had given them,” Rhodes said.

“We had test drives to know who was going to be able to carry our message effectively, and how to use outside groups like Ploughshares, the Iran Project and whomever else. So we knew the tactics that worked,” he said.Picture5

obama-liar4-266x189Explaining how the White House was able to get the media to be its mouthpiece, Rhodes said, “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.” 

Commenting on Rhodes revelation, New York Post columnist John Podhoretz, writes that the White House “played us for fools … Congratulations, liberals of the Washington press corps and elite organizations: You’re a bunch of suckers. We all know this because the Obama White House just told us so.”

Partyof Deceit Spin and LiesPicture1 true battle Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Iran carries out new ballistic missile test

waving flagPublished May 09, 2016


Suicide-USA-NRD-600Iran successfully test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile capable of striking U.S. forces in the region as well as Israel, the third such test since the nuclear agreement with Western nations took effect in January, multiple defense officials confirmed to Fox News. The rogue nation conducted the test in defiance of a United Nations resolution that calls on Iran to cease work on its ballistic missile program.

Any ballistic missile launch by Iran is tracked by U.S. military spy satellites which pick up the flash during launch. This case was no different, according to officials.

Obama%20Netanyahu%20Iran%20Nuke%20Deal%20CartoonGen. Ali Abdollahi, deputy chief of the armed forces’ headquarters, said the latest missile tested is very accurate, within 8 meters. “Eight meters means nothing, it means it’s without any error,” he said. He did not elaborate. In March, Iran test-fired two ballistic missiles — one emblazoned with the phrase “Israel must be wiped out” in Hebrew — that set off an international outcry.

Since December, Iran has shipped out its low-enriched uranium, disabled its heavy water reactor in Arak, and weeks Perspectiveago sold more than $8 million worth of heavy water to the U.S. in compliance with the nuclear deal. However, Iran has ignored separate U.N. resolutions barring the Islamic republic from ballistic missile tests. Fox News was first to report a secret Iranian ballistic missile launch in November.

The test-firing was carried out two weeks ago, Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted Abdollahi as saying. Tasnim is close to the country’s powerful Revolutionary Guard, which is in charge of Iranian ballistic missiles program. The agency said the missile has a range of 1,250 miles — enough to reach much of the Middle East. Iranian military commanders have described them as a strategic asset and a strong deterrent, capable of hitting U.S. bases or Israel in the event of a strike on Iran.

Pitiful-Deal-NRD-600Analysts say Iran is likely seeking to demonstrate it is making progress with its ballistic program, despite scaling back on the nuclear program following the deal that led to the lifting of international sanction on Tehran.

Last month, Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, chief of the Guard’s airspace division, said a new, upgraded version of the Sajjil — a solid fuel high-speed missile with a range of 1,200 miles that was first tested in 2008 — would soon be ready. But it was not immediately clear if the missile Abdollahi referred to was the new Sajjil.

The landmark deal does not include provisions against missile launches and when it came into effect on Jan. 16, the Security Council lifted most U.N. sanctions against Tehran, including a ban it had imposed in 2010 on Iran testing missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. To deal with the restrictions in the nuclear agreement, the council adopted a resolution last July, which only “calls on” Iran not to carry out such tests.Picture1

Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

IranIraselNukes Disarmed Deflated Diplomacy Some-Forget-600-LA Cong-Sign-600-LI Bright-Future-NRD-600 Picture1 true battle Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagSee No Evil

Iran Red Flags – Obama is surprised Iran is violating the spirit of the deal.

Spirit of Deal / Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2016

Cartoon: What Will Iran Spend $100 Billion On?

waving flagCartoon and Commentary by  Glenn Foden / / January 22, 2016

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Earlier this week Heritage expert Luke Coffey weighed in on Implementation Day:

It’s been reported that “Implementation Day” is here, and nuclear sanctions against Iran have now been lifted. But what exactly does this mean?

Heritage Foundation expert Luke Coffey weighs in to answer Implementation Day questions: 

1. What is Implementation Day?

Implementation Day is the point at which the deal agreed in Vienna last summer between the international community and Iran over the Iranian nuclear program comes into force. This means Iran will regain access to around $100 billion in unfrozen assets.

This is equivalent to almost one-third of Iran’s total GDP (if the U.S. were to receive one-third of its GDP overnight, it would amount to $5.6 trillion).

It’s important to keep in mind that these unfrozen assets do not include the hundreds of billions of dollars that Iran will receive over time as a result of international economic sanctions been lifted.

There is well-founded concern over what this Iranian financial windfall will mean.ObamaIranian-Flag-WORD-ART

2. What might Iran use these funds for?

While no one can know for sure what Iran will do with $100 billion in unfrozen assets, a quick look at its recent history can offer some ideas.

For instance, Iran is one of the largest state sponsors of terrorism in the world. It funds and supports insurgent groups, terrorist organizations, and proxy forces in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, and Afghanistan.

It has also encouraged political instability in places like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. If Tehran’s recent actions in the Middle East are any indication, it is likely that a huge chunk of this money will go to supporting these nefarious groups. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Iran will likely use billions of dollars of sanctions relief to continue a covert nuclear weapons program. Essentially, the international community could very well end up funding Iran’s nuclear program.Perspective

2. Can the U.S. block the unfreezing of Iranian assets?

Of the $100 billion, an estimated $2 billion is located in the United States. Even if the U.S. took unilateral action and held on to this money (which it clearly won’t, because the Obama administration is the world’s biggest supporter of the deal), Iran will still enjoy an unprecedented financial windfall, similar to winning the Powerball lottery.

3. How do other countries view this? 

It looks as though many of America’s partners and friends around the world are willing to go through with the deal.

There is a certain amount of diplomatic fatigue after years of negotiations, and many of America’s partners were only too happy to see a conclusion of this deal, no matter what the outcome. Many countries have also agreed to this deal blindly, with little or no public debate or parliamentary scrutiny.

This is particularly the case for many of our European partners such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, which were part of the official negotiating team but actually had little influence on the outcome.

So like it or not, Iran will have already received all of this money before the next U.S. presidential elections. No matter who gets elected, he or she will have to live with this reality.Pitiful-Deal-NRD-600

5. Will this have a major impact on the geopolitics of the region?

Not only will Iran have a lot of money, but it will also have more confidence to act. In the eyes of the Iranians, the Vienna Agreement was a diplomatic triumph. There is a feeling in Tehran that the experience of the Vienna Agreement can be replicated to advance Iran’s interests in other regions of the world in what Iranian President Rouhani describes as a “third way” for Iranian foreign policy.

This newfound confidence, coupled with a massive injection of money, will prove to be a deadly combination for regional stability and security.Suicide-USA-NRD-600

6. What can be done to stop this deal?

In a perfect world, the U.S. would’ve never agreed to this deal. In fact, one can easily surmise that the only reason why the deal was a agreed last summer was purely for President Barack Obama’s legacy.

The next president should work with Congress to reinstate unilateral economic sanctions against Iran. After all, it was the economic sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiating table to begin with.

My colleague at the Heritage Foundation and top Middle East expert Jim Phillips has written a great synopsis of what the next U.S. president can do.

The bottom line is that the next president should not accept the deal as a fait accompli.

Whether or not the next U.S. president will have the vision and leadership to roll back the deal remains to be seen. But failing to do so could have disastrous consequences, not only for the region, but for the world.

An Iran with a nuclear bomb will spark an arms race in one of the most unstable parts of the world.

Why In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Today’s Politically INCORRECT (and VERY Accurate) Cartoon

waving flagClueless at the Top

Iran Rejects Obama’s Iran Nuke Pact, Writes Own ‘Deal’ To Disarm Israel

waving flagby Jordan Schachtel13 Oct 2015Washington, DC

URL of the original posting site:

The Iranian parliament has rejected the formal, legal text of President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal, negotiated in July by the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Russia, China and the Tehran regime. Instead, the majilis approved their own version of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), creating a situation where the Iranian government simply hasn’t signed on to the accord that Obama and Democratic Senators obligated the United States to uphold.Side-Deal-600-LI

Western media incorrectly reported that the majilis approved the actual text of the JCPOA, according to experts.

New York Post columnist Amir Taheri has explained in a series of social media posts that Iran’s version of the deal calls for the cancellation of sanctions against the regime in Tehran. He also noted that Iran’s version of the nuke deal calls for the dismantling of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, citing Iranian parliamentarian Kazem Jalali.Deal-Vest

The Middle East Media Research Center (MEMRI), a regional watchdog organization, has confirmed that Iran did not pass the deal agreed upon in July. They instead voted to pass the  amended version by a vote of 161-59.

Iranian lawmakers tried to unilaterally amend the deal to strip the United States’ ability to “snapback” sanctions should the Tehran regime cheat the agreement. They also replaced the language to ensure that the deal will “cancel” sanctions forever, instead of “suspending” them, MEMRI reported.

The Middle East monitoring group added that the decision to amend the deal unilaterally came at the behest of Iran’s dictator, Ali Khamenei, who on September 3 promised not to honor the agreement with Obama.Pitiful-Deal-NRD-600

Iran-Cheat-600-LAMoreover, the American Enterprise Institute’s Iran Tracker site noted that Iran considered its unilateral amendments to the deal as four “minor changes.”

Separately, as Iranian regime parliamentarians were voting on their own version of the nuke deal, its military was testing a precision-guided ballistic missile in direct violation of United Nations Security Resolution 1929.

The Iranian government has ramped up its regional aggression in the past few months, as Iran is set to soon receive tens of billions of dollars in unfrozen assets.Deflated Diplomacy

Tehran’s military is now deeply involved in the ongoing civil war in Syria, with some estimates stating that there are 7,000 soldiers in Syria attempting to prop up Bashar al-Assad’s dictatorial rule. Iran has also continued to provide aid and arms to terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah, and has assisted the Houthi insurgents in Yemen. Multiple Gulf states have also accused the regime of backing terrorist movements that seek to overthrow their governments.

Suicide-USA-NRD-600 stop Some-Forget-600-LA Perspective Obama%20Netanyahu%20Iran%20Nuke%20Deal%20Cartoon New-Clock-600-LI IranKerry Cong-Sign-600-LI Death to America Disarmed Bright-Future-NRD-600 In God We Trust freedom combo 2


TWO ARTICLES: “GOP to Obama: See, we told you Iran would cheat” and “Americans Rot in Iranian Prisons While Iranian War Criminals Get Sanctions Relief”

By Jacqueline Klimas (@jacqklimas) 10/13/15

URL of the original posting site:


“[T]he administration has shown a dangerous naivety regarding who it is dealing with,” Ed Royce said in a statement. (AP Photo)

PerspectiveTop Republicans in Congress criticized the administration’s strategy in Iran on Monday, saying recent actions prove President Obama made a mistake in securing a nuclear deal with a country that cannot be trusted.

Over the weekend, Iran tested a long-range ballistic missile, prompting some to wonder if it had already broken the newly-signed nuclear deal. Iran also announced the conviction of American reporter Jason Rezaian, who has been held in an Iranian jail for more than a year.

Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., said these Pitiful-Deal-NRD-600moves demonstrate that the Obama administration has failed in its negotiations with Iran.

“[T]he administration has shown a dangerous naivety regarding who it is dealing with,” Royce, the chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, said in a statement. “The administration didn’t get Jason released when it had the leverage of the nuclear agreement. It must redouble efforts to get Jason and the other imprisoned Americans home now.”

O-Muslim-600-LIRezaian, an Iranian-American reporter for the Washington Post, has been held in an Iranian prison for 447 days, according to a Post report. Iranian officials announced over the weekend that he was convicted in a trial not open to any outside witnesses, though it’s still unclear on which charges he was convicted.

Rezaian faced four charges, the most serious of which is espionage. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years, the Post reported.

Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Iran’s opaque handling of Rezaian’s trial proves that the country should Missing-Piece-600-LInot be trusted to inspect itself, as required by the nuclear deal negotiated in July.

“President Obama’s gamble that a nuclear deal would lead to a more responsible Iran has already failed,” he said in a statement.

Iran tested its newest long-range ballistic missile over the weekend, dubbed “Emad,” or Pillar. The move prompted many to speculate whether the launch violated the nuclear deal, but Iran claimed that it did not, saying the country has always Obama%20Netanyahu%20Iran%20Nuke%20Deal%20Cartoonretained a right to advance its own national security.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said these two issues show that while the administration claimed the nuclear agreement would improve and strengthen relations with Iran, the opposite seems to be happening.

“Iran’s increasing malign behavior in the past few weeks is the dangerous, yet predictable consequence of the administration’s long habit of ignoring and downplaying the broader Deflated Diplomacythreat that Iran poses,” said McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. “The president needs to give up on his failed policy of acquiescing to Iranian power and start doing significantly more to counter it.”




by  • July 15, 2015

URL of the original posting site:

IranIraselNukesBarack Obama wrote 46 personal letters this month to felons imprisoned for non-violent drug offenses but he couldn’t find the time to write a letter to Kathryn Steinle’s family whose father held her in his arms as she died. Her final words were, “Help me Dad.”  Nor could Barack Obama find a way to free our Americans held in Iranians prisons.

Mr. Obama ignored the imprisoned Americans when the nuclear deal was finalized because it didn’t involve nuclear he said. Of course the conventional weapons he included in the treaty at the last minute also didn’t have anything to do with nuclear.

While he lets former Marine Amir Hekmati, ex-FBI Agent Robert Levinson, Christian pastor Saeed Abedini and Washington Post Iran Bureau Chief Jason Rezaian, in the order they are pictured below, rot in violent Iranian prisons, he has removed all sanctions from an Iranian commander responsible for the deaths of more than 1,000 U.S. soldiers.

four innocents

(Left to Right) Former Marine Amir Hekmati, ex-FBI Agent Robert Levinson, Christian pastor Saeed Abedini and Washington Post Iran Bureau Chief Jason Rezaian

The head of the Revolutionary Guards’ elite Quds Force, General Qasem Soleimani, photo below, who directed covert operations abroad, is now a celebrity in Iran and is the subject of music videos, documentaries, and news reports.

Qasem Soleimani

Soleimani helped Shiite militias in Iraq slaughter U.S. soldiers. He sent copper-tiipped IEDs into Iraq, killing at least 500 of our soldiers and Marines in one effort alone, the Daily Beast reports.

Also in the sanctions-relief pile is the man General David Petraeus called “truly evil”, Revolutionary Guard Corps general Mohammad Reza Naqdi (photo below) who said “erasing Israel off the map” should be Iran’s objective, with or without a nuke.

Mohammad Reza Naqdi

Also on the list are several other terrorists calling themselves generals. The list of individuals relieved of sanctions includes 800 of our enemies.

Barack Obama is the man who did and said nothing when two of our soldiers were kept imprisoned under trumped up charges in Mexican prisons but who spoke out on behalf of  American Mohamed Soltan who is the son of a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader imprisoned in Egypt.muslim-obama

DisarmedHe left them behind but didn’t leave a deserter behind, trading five Taliban for him.

Obama spoke out for Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who was rapidly turning Egypt into a dictatorship worse than the one they had.

Barack Obama is the man who defends rioters as victims (to be distinguished from protesters) and condemns the Tea Party as radicals.

He is the man who, along with Hillary, demanded the reinstatement of the Honduran dictator wannabe at the very beginning of his reign.

He is the man who called the men of Benghazi “bumps in the road”, who smirked when he said the jobs weren’t shovel ready, who said there wasn’t a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS.

APTOPIX Obama Vacation

He is the man who went golfing twenty minutes after his speech about the beheaded American journalist, James Wright Foley.

32-year old Kate Steinle

He is the man who mourns criminals, helps out war criminals, hasn’t a word to say about Kate Steinle, and didn’t help Americans imprisoned in Iran because they weren’t nuclear.

In God We Trust freedom combo 2

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