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Ann Coulter Letter: “Liberals: If the shoe doesn’t fit, make everyone wear it”

By: Ann Coulter; 12/30/2014

URL of the Original Posting Site: If the shoe doesn't fit, make everyone wear it

It is a common practice of the left to stage an incident and then demand enormous legal changes to respond to their hoax.

Griswold v. Connecticut was a scam orchestrated by Yale law professors to challenge the state’s anti-contraception law. The case was a fraud: The law had never been enforced and never would have been enforced, until the professors held a press conference announcing they were breaking the law.

But we still got the new constitutional “privacy right” which, less than 10 years later, transmogrified into a constitutional right to kill an unborn baby.more evidence

The premise of that case, Roe v. Wade, was also a hoax. Norma McCorvey lied about being raped to get an abortion in Texas, but was denied because there was no police report. There was also no rape: She had gotten pregnant for the third time by her mid-20s as a result of a casual sexual encounter.

After Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman — the “white Hispanic,” since upgraded to full “white” by The New York Times — liberals howled about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. The case had absolutely nothing to do with that law: Zimmerman wasn’t standing his ground; he was lying on the ground having his head bashed in. The jury accepted Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense and acquitted him.more evidence

The law of self-defense has been around since William of Orange ascended to the British throne in 1688. But liberals are still harping about the Trayvon Martin shooting to demand the repeal of Stand Your Ground laws.

Jamie Leigh Jones made fantastical claims about being fed Rohypnol, gang-raped and then held at gunpoint while working for KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, in Iraq in 2005. Without considering the likelihood of a military contractor doing this to an American citizen, knowing she’d get back to the U.S. someday and be able to tell her story, our adversary media and well-paid Democratic senators believed every word out of Jones’ mouth.

As always happens when members of a disfavored racial and gender group — i.e., white males — are accused of heinous acts, liberals heard Jones’ claims and concluded: Well, the one thing we know is: There was a gang-rape. All that’s left to do now is to investigate the military/fraternity/lacrosse rape culture.

Thus, for example, Sen. Patrick Leahy began a hearing on Jones’ insane accusations with this statement of facts: “Jamie Leigh Jones [is] a young woman from Texas who took a job at Halliburton in Iraq in 2005 when she was 20 years old. In her first week on the job, she was drugged and then she was gang-raped by co-workers. When she reported this — remember, 20 years old — she reported this assault, her employers moved her to a locked trailer, where she was kept by armed guards and freed only when the State Department intervened.”

Sen. Al Franken raved about “the culture of impunity” among defense contractors, saying, “Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped by KBR employees.” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse helpfully added, “But as best I can tell, there is no legitimate intelligence function that involves rape.”

And then, after all the grandstanding, it turned out Jones had made the whole thing up. DNA evidence proved she’d had sex with only one man, and he said it was consensual. The female doctor who examined Jones the day after the alleged attack found no traces of Rohypnol in her system. Both the female doctor, as well as Jones’ own plastic surgeon back in Houston, contradicted Jones’ claim that her breast implants had been ruptured. It also turned out that none of KBR’s employees carry guns, much less machine guns. By the age of 20, even before Jones had left for Iraq, she was 0-for-2 on rape allegations, having already falsely accused two other men of raping her.more evidence

No grand jury would indict the poor, falsely accused KBR employee who foolishly had sex with Jones, so she filed a civil suit against that one man. The jury ruled for him, and the court ordered Jones to pay $145,000 in legal costs. Jamie Leigh Jones’ place in the Crystal Magnum, Tawana Brawley Hall of Fame was thus secured.

But we still got Sen. Al Franken’s pro-trial lawyer amendment to a Defense Department bill, touted as the “Anti-Rape Amendment,” prohibiting military contractors from including mandatory arbitration clauses in their employment contracts. Any Republican brave enough to oppose this sop to trial lawyers was denounced as “pro-rape” in mass-phone calls to their offices and by liberal prophet Jon Stewart, who railed on his show, “How is ANYONE against this?”more evidence

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown is today being used as grounds to demand all sorts of new rules for cops. Most people had a pretty good sense of the case after seeing surveillance camera shots of Brown assaulting the manager of a liquor store he was robbing about 10 minutes before his encounter with Officer Wilson. By the time the grand jury documents were released, there was no serious doubt that the shooting was justified.

But again, as a result of a hoax racial incident, Democrats are demanding race quotas for arrests. To hell with due process. If we can stop just one thing that never happened from ever happening again, it will have been worth it.more evidence

The only new rule we really need is one to stop these infernal liberal hoaxes.






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‘War On Cops’ Nets More Police Deaths, ’15 Ambush Assaults’

by AWR Hawkins30 Dec 2014

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Mike Segar/Reuters


Police Officer Shooting Deaths Are Up 56 Percent in 2014 Shooting deaths of members of the U.S. law-enforcement community spiked by 56 percent in 2014 over last year, including more than a dozen ambush attacks against officers, according to new data released Tuesday ? on a week that will be bookended by funerals for slain cops. The rise in police fatalities is marked by a year of nationwide protests after incidents of unarmed black men dying at the hands of white officers. Overall, 126 officers ? at federal, state, local, tribal and territorial levels ? were killed in the line of duty, a 24 percent uptick from 102 deaths last year, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

The ‘War on Cops” so visible since Michael Brown’s death in August, was long an undertone before becoming an overtone. In other words, it was already there and has been there for some time.

The result? More firearm-related police fatalities in 2014 and many of these fatalities coming in the “15 ambush assaults” carried out during 2014.

According to Fox News, firearm-related deaths for police officers rose “56 percent” in 2014–reaching a total of “50 officers” killed, including those killed in “ambush assaults.” There were “15 ambush assaults” in 2012 as well, but that number had dropped to “5” in 2013.

With the number on the rise once more, Memorial Fund CEO Craig Floyd is asking agitators to “tone down the rhetoric and rally in support of law enforcement.” Just as important, he says we need to rally “against lawlessness.”

Floyd said he is worried the violent and vitriolic-laced reactions to jury decisions in racially charged incidents, are making officers less and less safe. He said such “sentiment in America is influencing weak-minded individuals to launch violent assaults against the men and women working to enforce our laws and keep our nation safe.”racismjacksonsharptonobamaracebaiterssettingamericaback

core belief

Pro Race Baiters

War Drums

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NYPD Investigates Threats to Kill Officers on New Year’s Eve, Sources Say

By Murray Weiss on December 31, 2014 | Updated December 31, 2014

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 Police are investigating threats made against officers on New Year's Eve.

NEW YORK CITY — The NYPD is investigating several threats to kill NYPD officers during New Year’s Eve celebrations, DNAinfo New York has learned.

Sources say there are several gang members on social media calling for New Year’s Eve to be “Kill a Pig Night” so that it will become “The New Year’s Eve Massacre 2014.”

The threats primarily come in tweets baring a host of vicious anti-NYPD hash tags including #@deadcopseveryday, #onlydeadcops, #wingsonpigs and #laughatyourdeaths, according to law enforcement sources.

One tweet reads: “Dear Police, Don’t think this can’t happen again” accompanied by a photo of armed Blank Panthers from the 1960s and 1970s, sources say.

Approximately 15 arrests have been made as result of the threats, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said at a Times Square press conference.

“Any threat against my officer is going to be dealt with very quickly, very effectively,” he said. “We’re not going to let any of them go by the board.”

Police officials say the NYPD is on high alert, particularly in the wake of the Dec. 20 murder of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. Their assassin, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, took to Instagram that morning announcing he was coming to New York to kill police officers. Sources say the NYPD has received 63 threats since the shootings and there have been 16 arrests connected to them. There are presently 23 open investigations into threats against NYPD officers, a source said.

In addition to the deadly threats, various radical organizations are also calling for protests to disrupt the New Year’s Eve celebration, but the NYPD says it is prepared to safeguard the millions of revelers and protesters’ rights to demonstrate. War Drums

Additional reporting by Ben Fractenberg.



Quite possibly the most racist article you will ever read

Written by Allen West on December 29, 2014

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cellieEvery now and then you come across an article that folks just need to read. This one written by Michael Smith entitled,Confessions of a Public Defender” and originally posted at American Renaissance on May 9, 2014 is one of those articles. It is a profound and deeply disturbing piece, which, as we end 2014, we all need to comprehend as we move towards the 50th anniversary of the Great Society initiatives of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Smith articulates that which ails the black community — the real discussion we should be having on race, not that of victimhood and the further expansion of the welfare nanny-state.

He begins by saying, “I am a public defender in a large southern metropolitan area. Fewer than ten percent of the people in the area I serve are black but over 90 per cent of my clients are black. The remaining ten percent are mainly Hispanics but there are a few whites.”

“I have no explanation for why this is, but crime has racial patterns. Hispanics usually commit two kinds of crime: sexual assault on children and driving under the influence. Blacks commit many violent crimes but very few sex crimes. The handful of whites I see commit all kinds of crimes. In my many years as a public defender I have represented only three Asians, and one was half black.”

He presents his observations based on his personal experience with black defendants, and his words will no doubt inflame many:

My experience has also taught me that blacks are different by almost any measure to all other people. They cannot reason as well. They cannot communicate as well. They cannot control their impulses as well. They are a threat to all who cross their paths, black and non-black alike.

It will take you only 5 minutes to read this article — and I would bet you’ll read it again. Then ask yourself, is this something you hear Al Sharpton addressing? Or President Obama, Eric Holder, Jeh Johnson or Jesse Jackson?core belief

I’m quite sure the progressive socialist left will criticize me for sharing this article – that’s just who they are – they hate the truth. But if there is a war to be fought, it is for the soul of the inner city and the black community. The facts and observations in this are not shocking to me. They are quite well known, but the manner in which the writer so eloquently presents them is quite commendable.

We cannot begin to “have a conversation about race” until we are willing to honestly address the facts.

As Smith says at the end, “I do know that it is wrong to deceive the public. Whatever solutions we seek should be based on the truth rather than what we would prefer was the truth.”

The full article is printed below;

Still liberal after all these years.

I am a public defender in a large southern metropolitan area. Fewer than ten percent of the people in the area I serve are black but over 90 per cent of my clients are black. The remaining ten percent are mainly Hispanics but there are a few whites.

I have explanation for why this is, but crime has racial patterns. Hispanics usually commit two kinds of crime: sexual assault on children and driving under the influence. Blacks commit many violent crimes but very few sex crimes. The handful of whites I see commit all kinds of crimes. In my many years as a public defender I have represented only three Asians, and one was half black.

As a young lawyer, I believed the official story that blacks are law abiding, intelligent, family-oriented people, but are so poor they must turn to crime to survive. Actual black behavior was a shock to me.

The media invariably sugarcoat black behavior. Even the news reports of the very crimes I dealt with in court were slanted. Television news intentionally leaves out unflattering facts about the accused, and sometimes omits names that are obviously black. All this rocked my liberal, tolerant beliefs, but it took me years to set aside my illusions and accept the reality of what I see every day. I have now served thousands of blacks and their families, protecting their rights and defending them in court. What follow are my observations.

Although blacks are only a small percentage of our community, the courthouse is filled with them: the halls and gallery benches are overflowing with black defendants, families, and crime victims. Most whites with business in court arrive quietly, dress appropriately, and keep their heads down. They get in and get out–if they can–as fast as they can. For blacks, the courthouse is like a carnival. They all seem to know each other: hundreds and hundreds each day, gossiping, laughing loudly, waving, and crowding the halls.

When I am appointed to represent a client I introduce myself and explain that I am his lawyer. I explain the court process and my role in it, and I ask the client some basic questions about himself. At this stage, I can tell with great accuracy how people will react. Hispanics are extremely polite and deferential. An Hispanic will never call me by my first name and will answer my questions directly and with appropriate respect for my position. Whites are similarly respectful.

A black man will never call me Mr. Smith; I am always “Mike.” It is not unusual for a 19-year-old black to refer to me as “dog.” A black may mumble complaints about everything I say, and roll his eyes when I politely interrupt so I can continue with my explanation. Also, everything I say to blacks must be at about the third-grade level. If I slip and use adult language, they get angry because they think I am flaunting my superiority.

At the early stages of a case, I explain the process to my clients. I often do not yet have the information in the police reports. Blacks are unable to understand that I do not yet have answers to all of their questions, but that I will by a certain date. They live in the here and the now and are unable to wait for anything. Usually, by the second meeting with the client I have most of the police reports and understand their case.

Unlike people of other races, blacks never see their lawyer as someone who is there to help them. I am a part of the system against which they are waging war. They often explode with anger at me and are quick to blame me for anything that goes wrong in their case.

Black men often try to trip me up and challenge my knowledge of the law or the facts of the case. I appreciate sincere questions about the elements of the offense or the sentencing guidelines, but blacks ask questions to test me. Unfortunately, they are almost always wrong in their reading, or understanding, of the law, and this can cause friction. I may repeatedly explain the law, and provide copies of the statute showing, for example, why my client must serve six years if convicted, but he continues to believe that a hand-written note from his “cellie” is controlling law.

The risks of trial

The Constitution allows a defendant to make three crucial decisions in his case. He decides whether to plea guilty or not guilty. He decides whether to have a bench trial or a jury trial. He decides whether he will testify or whether he will remain silent. A client who insists on testifying is almost always making a terrible mistake, but I cannot stop him.

Most blacks are unable to speak English well. They cannot conjugate verbs. They have a poor grasp of verb tenses. They have a limited vocabulary. They cannot speak without swearing. They often become hostile on the stand. Many, when they testify, show a complete lack of empathy and are unable to conceal a morality based on the satisfaction of immediate, base needs. This is a disaster, especially in a jury trial. Most jurors are white, and are appalled by the demeanor of uneducated, criminal blacks.

Prosecutors are delighted when a black defendant takes the stand. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. However, the defense usually gets to cross-examine the black victim, who is likely to make just as bad an impression on the stand as the defendant. This is an invaluable gift to the defense, because jurors may not convict a defendant—even if they think he is guilty—if they dislike the victim even more than they dislike the defendant.

Most criminal cases do not go to trial. Often the evidence against the accused is overwhelming, and the chances of conviction are high. The defendant is better off with a plea bargain: pleading guilty to a lesser charge and getting a lighter sentence.

The decision to plea to a lesser charge turns on the strength of the evidence. When blacks ask the ultimate question—”Will we win at trial?”—I tell them I cannot know, but I then describe the strengths and weaknesses of our case. The weaknesses are usually obvious: There are five eyewitnesses against you. Or, you made a confession to both the detective and your grandmother. They found you in possession of a pink cell phone with a case that has rhinestones spelling the name of the victim of the robbery. There is a video of the murderer wearing the same shirt you were wearing when you were arrested, which has the words “In Da Houz” on the back, not to mention you have the same “RIP Pookie 7/4/12” tattoo on your neck as the man in the video. Etc.

If you tell a black man that the evidence is very harmful to his case, he will blame you. “You ain’t workin’ fo’ me.” “It like you workin’ with da State.” Every public defender hears this. The more you try to explain the evidence to a black man, the angrier he gets. It is my firm belief many black are unable to discuss the evidence against them rationally because they cannot view things from the perspective of others. They simply cannot understand how the facts in the case will appear to a jury.

This inability to see things from someone else’s perspective helps explain why there are so many black criminals. They do not understand the pain they are inflicting on others. One of my robbery clients is a good example. He and two co-defendants walked into a small store run by two young women. All three men were wearing masks. They drew handguns and ordered the women into a back room. One man beat a girl with his gun. The second man stood over the second girl while the third man emptied the cash register. All of this was on video.

My client was the one who beat the girl. When he asked me, “What are our chances at trial?” I said, “Not so good.” He immediately got angry, raised his voice, and accused me of working with the prosecution. I asked him how he thought a jury would react to the video. “They don’t care,” he said. I told him the jury would probably feel deeply sympathetic towards these two women and would be angry at him because of how he treated them. I asked him whether he felt bad for the women he had beaten and terrorized. He told me what I suspected—what too many blacks say about the suffering of others: “What do I care? She ain’t me. She ain’t kin. Don’t even know her.”

No fathers

As a public defender, I have learned many things about people. One is that defendants do not have fathers. If a black even knows the name of his father, he knows of him only as a shadowy person with whom he has absolutely no ties. When a client is sentenced, I often beg for mercy on the grounds that the defendant did not have a father and never had a chance in life. I have often tracked down the man’s father–in jail–and have brought him to the sentencing hearing to testify that he never knew his son and never lifted a finger to help him. Often, this is the first time my client has ever met his father. These meetings are utterly unemotional.Love grown cold

Many black defendants don’t even have mothers who care about them. Many are raised by grandmothers after the state removes the children from an incompetent teenaged mother. Many of these mothers and grandmothers are mentally unstable, and are completely disconnected from the realities they face in court and in life. A 47-year-old grandmother will deny that her grandson has gang ties even though his forehead is tattooed with a gang sign or slogan. When I point this out in as kind and understanding way as I can, she screams at me. When black women start screaming, they invoke the name of Jesus and shout swear words in the same breath.

Black women have great faith in God, but they have a twisted understanding of His role. They do not pray for strength or courage. They pray for results: the satisfaction of immediate needs. One of my clients was a black woman who prayed in a circle with her accomplices for God’s protection from the police before they would set out to commit a robbery.more evidence

The mothers and grandmothers pray in the hallways–not for justice, but for acquittal. When I explain that the evidence that their beloved child murdered the shop keeper is overwhelming, and that he should accept the very fair plea bargain I have negotiated, they will tell me that he is going to trial and will “ride with the Lord.” They tell me they speak to God every day and He assures them that the young man will be acquitted.com01

The mothers and grandmothers do not seem to be able to imagine and understand the consequences of going to trial and losing. Some–and this is a shocking reality it took me a long time to grasp–don’t really care what happens to the client, but want to make it look as though they care. This means pounding their chests in righteous indignation, and insisting on going to trial despite terrible evidence. They refuse to listen to the one person–me–who has the knowledge to make the best recommendation. These people soon lose interest in the case, and stop showing up after about the third or fourth court date. It is then easier for me to convince the client to act in his own best interests and accept a plea agreement.

Part of the problem is that underclass black women begin having babies at age 15. They continue to have babies, with different black men, until they have had five or six. These women do not go to school. They do not work. They are not ashamed to live on public money. They plan their entire lives around the expectation that they will always get free money and never have to work. I do not see this among whites, Hispanics, or any other people.

The black men who become my clients also do not work. They get social security disability payments for a mental defect or for a vague and invisible physical ailment. They do not pay for anything:

  • not for housing (Grandma lives on welfare and he lives with her),
  • not for food (Grandma and the baby-momma share with him),
  • and not for child support.

When I learn that my 19-year-old defendant does not work or go to school, I ask, “What do you do all day?” He smiles. “You know, just chill.” These men live in a culture with no expectations, no demands, and no shame.com02

more evidence

If you tell a black to dress properly for trial, and don’t give specific instructions, he will arrive in wildly inappropriate clothes. I represented a woman who was on trial for drugs; she wore a baseball cap with a marijuana leaf embroidered on it. I represented a man who wore a shirt that read “rules are for suckers” to his probation hearing. Our office provides suits, shirts, ties, and dresses for clients to wear for jury trials. Often, it takes a whole team of lawyers to persuade a black to wear a shirt and tie instead of gang colors.

From time to time the media report that although blacks are 12 percent of the population they are 40 percent of the prison population. This is supposed to be an outrage that results from unfair treatment by the criminal justice system. What the media only hint at is another staggering reality: recidivism. Black men are arrested and convicted over and over. It is typical for a black man to have five felony convictions before the age of 30. This kind of record is rare among whites and Hispanics, and probably even rarer among Asians.Pro Race Baiters

At one time our office was looking for a motto that defined our philosophy. Someone joked that it should be: “Doesn’t everyone deserve an eleventh chance?”

I am a liberal. I believe that those of us who are able to produce abundance have a moral duty to provide basic food, shelter, and medical care for those who cannot care for themselves. I believe we have this duty even to those who can care for themselves but don’t. This world view requires compassion and a willingness to act on it.

My experience has taught me that we live in a nation in which a jury is more likely to convict a black defendant who has committed a crime against a white. Even the dullest of blacks know this. There would be a lot more black-on-white crime if this were not the case.

However, my experience has also taught me that blacks are different by almost any measure to all other people;

  • They cannot reason as well.
  • They cannot communicate as well.
  • They cannot control their impulses as well.
  • They are a threat to all who cross their paths, black and non-black alike.racismjacksonsharptonobamaracebaiterssettingamericaback

Dupe and Chains

I do not know the solution to this problem. I do know that it is wrong to deceive the public. Whatever solutions we seek should be based on the truth rather than what we would prefer was the truth. As for myself, I will continue do my duty to protect the rights of all who need me.




Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

New Year’s Resolution

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GOP Reso 600 LA





Black Sheriff Says if Black Lives Mattered They’d Protest at Abortion Clinics

by Carole Novielli | Washington, DC | | 12/30/14

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CNN’s Poppy Harlow interviewed Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke about the recent protests that some in the Black Community have sparked after the police related deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Harlow asked the Sheriff, who has been on several news shows on Fox and others, about a tweet he sent out implying that if Black lives mattered the protesters would be outside abortion clinics because of the high numbers of black babies killed by abortion.


The tweet sent by Sheriff Clarke, a black man himself, was sent to Mitch Smith, Journalist in the Chicago bureau of The New York Times and read, “If only these faux protesters were asked by media about all the black on black killing or black babies aborted in US every year.“











Poppy asked the Sheriff if he sent the tweet, “Yes I did,” Sheriff Clark responded.

He continued, “When I hear these things that Black lives matter, the only people who really believe that statement are American police officers who go into American ghettos every day to keep people from killing each other. Alright, so, yes I did say that David A Clark abortion tweetand I meant it. Look, the abortions? If Black lives – if they really mattered, that’s where the outrage would be that’s where we’d see protests…”

This blog has proven time and again that abortion targets the Black community. Stats released by the CDC again prove that minorities are killed by abortion in disproportionate numbers. In fact, according to the most recent numbers, 36.2% of the total number of abortions recorded for race or ethnicity were reported on Black women.

  • Mississippi, which currently has only one abortion clinic in the state, had the highest number of abortions reported on Black women coming in at 63.4%.

  • Alabama, reported that 58.7% of their abortions were on Blacks

  • In Georgia they reported 52.1% abortions on Black.

  • Tennessee performed 49.9% of their abortions on Black women

  • Virginia performed 43.9% on Black women.

  • Michigan’s Black abortion percentage was 47.9%.

  • New York City alone performed 46.1% of their abortions on Black women.

  • 41.1% of Black abortions was reported in Missouri.

It is a known fact that a majority of abortions are performed by Planned Parenthood.Gruber-Abortion

Despite their founder’s link to the Klan and the racist eugenics movement, not one protest from the Black Lives Matter movement led by abortion advocates like Rev. Al Sharpton has been organized outside Planned Parenthood. Even when Planned Parenthood left a 24-year-old Black woman bleeding to death in their Chicago clinic, Sharpton said nothing. That woman’s name was Tonya Reaves and the only protests on her behalf were organized by black leaders within the pro-life movement.

So that begs the question, initiated by Sheriff Clark, if Black Lives Matter, and they certainly do, why is it that the one place known for killing off black babies and a black woman is not being protested?

LifeNews Note: Carole Novielli is the author of the blog Saynsumthn, where this article originally appeared.



Katie Pavlich: The audacity of Al Sharpton



By Katie Pavlich – 12/29/14

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When Barack Obama was elected to be the 44th president of the United States, there were high hopes for what he could accomplish. A nation that had made it’s way past slavery, through a Civil War and beyond segregation was finally going to fully heal as Americans elected their first black president. Sadly, that promise and those dreams never came true. In fact, the opposite has happened. America’s race scars have been cut wide open, and the healing has been replaced with unnecessary and deceitful division. How? Obama’s decision to build a partnership with and lend credibility to one particular person is partially to blame.

MSNBC host, tax evader and proclaimed “Reverend” Al Sharpton is a top adviser to President Obama and has been since day one in the Oval Office. In fact, with more than 60 visits to the White House during Obama’s tenure, you could say Sharpton is one of the top advisers outside of paid staff. Heck, he’s even vacationed with the president on Martha’s Vineyard and has a close relationship with senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett. He’s also played a key role in advising Obama about nominations to powerful positions inside the federal government, including a replacement for Attorney General Eric Holder as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.truth

It was just recently that President Obama spoke at Sharpton’s April 2014 National Action Network conference, where he praised and glorified him as a leader; “I want to say, first of all, thank you to your leader, Reverend Al Sharpton. Give him a big round of applause,” Obama said, giving him even more legitimacy. Attorney General Eric Holder said similar things during a speech at the conference, going out of his way to repeatedly thank him for his friendship and longtime partnership.Amazing

Considering Al Sharpton has taught his followers and young men in the black community to judge and hate those born with a different skin color, it’s alarming how much access he’s had to the most powerful offices in the country. Sharpton is a liar, conman and professional manipulator. Throughout his years on the public stage, which have been many, the majority on the left have embraced his ideas and upheld him as a go-to source on problems plaguing the black community. Sharpton has been performing this act for years, and he’s finally made it to the A-list on the White House visitor’s log.

When “peaceful” protesters took to the streets of New York City for Al Sharpton’s Million Marchers earlier this month, many of them chanted, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do want them? Now!” Did Sharpton rightly condemn them? No. Instead, he offered soft rhetoric and tried to distance himself from his own supporters in order to evade responsibility for their actions. When NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were executed, Sharpton had the audacity to turn himself into the victim and tried to gain sympathy from the press by playing an alleged death threat voicemail.The Personal Wealth of Al Sharpton

“Hey [n-word], stop killing innocent people. I’m going to get you!” the voicemail Sharpton played said. Is it legitimate? With Sharpton’s track record, who knows.

“I’ve had several like this. … We are now under intense threat from those that are misguided, by those that are trying to blame everyone from civil rights leaders to the mayor rather than deal with an ugly spirit that all of us need to fight,” Sharpton lamented. “The blame game will only lead to further kinds of venom and further division.” How rich. The man who has made a living and a career spewing racial venom and inciting a false blame game for decades now wants everyone else to avoid … the blame game.Racist-Words-590-nrd-2
This isn’t the first time Sharpton has been on the side of the wrong “victim.” Cowards like Sharpton stoke bogus racial flames with gasoline and then run away crying politics or “blame” when real consequences happen, whether it’s the lives of young men being ruined by people like Tawana Brawley, or the families of NYPD officers Ramos and Liu who will never see them again.

If Al Sharpton and his ilk really worked to solve problems and true racial disparities in America, they’d work their way out of a job, out of money and, most importantly, out of power, which is why Sharpton has been championing the same causes for decades with little results to show for it.core belief

Will President Obama ever condemn Sharpton? Will Holder? No, and it’s because they truly agree with his ideas and believe in his positions, regardless of whether those ideas and positions are based in fact or help the country move forward.

Like the brave police officers of the New York City Police Department have turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio, it’s about time the same be done to Sharpton.

                Pavlich is the news editor for and a Fox News contributor.




Arrests plummet 66% with NYPD in virtual work stoppage

By Larry Celona, Shawn Cohen and Bruce Golding

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It’s not a slowdown — it’s a virtual work stoppage.

NYPD traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses have dropped off by a staggering 94 percent following the execution of two cops as officers feel betrayed by the mayor and fear for their safety, The Post has learned. The dramatic drop comes as Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and Mayor Bill de Blasio plan to hold an emergency summit on Tuesday with the heads of the five police unions to try to close the widening rift between cops and the administration. The unprecedented meeting is being held at the new Police Academy in Queens at 2 p.m., sources said.

Angry union leaders have ordered drastic measures for their members since the Dec. 20 assassination of two NYPD cops in a patrol car, including that two units respond to every call. It has helped contribute to a nose dive in low-level policing, with overall arrests down 66 percent for the week starting Dec. 22 compared with the same period in 2013, stats show;

  • Citations for traffic violations fell by 94 percent, from 10,069 to 587, during that time frame.
  • Summonses for low-level offenses like public drinking and urination also plunged 94 percent — from 4,831 to 300.
  • Even parking violations are way down, dropping by 92 percent, from 14,699 to 1,241.
  • Drug arrests by cops assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau — which are part of the overall number — dropped by 84 percent, from 382 to 63.

The Post obtained the numbers hours after revealing that cops were turning a blind eye to some minor crimes and making arrests only “when they have to” since the execution-style shootings of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

Police sources said Monday that safety concerns were the main reason for the dropoff in police activity, but added that some cops were mounting an undeclared slowdown in protest of de Blasio’s response to the non-indictment in the police chokehold death of Eric Garner.

Statistics obtained by The Post show a dramatic drop in NYPD activity between Dec. 22 — the first weekday after the double cop assassination — and Sunday, compared with the same period last year.


“The call last week from the PBA is what started it, but this has been simmering for a long time,” one source said.

“This is not a slowdown for slowdown’s sake. Cops are concerned, after the reaction from City Hall on the Garner case, about de Blasio not backing them.”

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association has warned its members to put their safety first and not make arrests “unless absolutely necessary.”

Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins told The Post he’s glad de Blasio is meeting with the unions, but worries that it’s just a publicity stunt.

“I’m disappointed in the issuance of a press release announcing the meeting, which now raises concerns of sincerity,” he said.

“Is this about politics or is it about working through problems?”



THE CRUSADES: A Direct Response To Islam’s Bloodlust

Written by Audrey Russo on November 9, 2014

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Image: +Crusades%3F

Most of us infidels in the West have been lied to. Trusting the education system, foolishly, we believed all the bunk bundled into our textbooks concerning the period in history (1096 AD -1272 AD) when the Crusades took place…they left out an itty bitty piece of info…This will be great for all your “enlightened” friends…

The real reason WHY the Crusades took place…and here’s the shocker: It was a response to Islam’s aggression!

That’s right…it all began with Muhammad’s implicit threat more than 450 years before the Crusaders entered Jerusalem. He said: “embrace Islam and you will be safe.” (Muhammad’s extortion letter to the Khaibar Jews)

Some facts for your ill-informed friends/family/colleagues:

  • The Crusades were a delayed response for CENTURIES of Muslim aggression, that grew ever fiercer in the 11th Century. The Muslims focused on Christians and Jews…forcing conversions, plundering and mortally wounding apostates.

  • The Crusades were a DEFENSIVE action, first called for by Pope Urban II in 1095 at the Council of Clermont.

  • The Crusades were a response against Jihad, which is obligatory against non-Muslims entering “Muslim lands’”. (Muslim lands are any lands invaded and conquered by Islam.)

  • The motives of the Crusaders were pure. They were jihad-provoked and not imperialistic actions against a “peaceful”, native Muslim population. The Crusades were NOT for profit, but rather to recover the Holy Land brutally invaded and conquered by Muslimswho conquered for profit and as a notch on their superiority belt.

  • The lands conquered by the Crusaders were NOT colonized under the Byzantine Empire. The Empire withdrew its support so the Crusaders renounced their agreement.

The Islamic world ripped through the Christian world on a bloody Jihad crusade to propagate Islam. Muslim imperialistic conquest wars were launched for more than 1,500 years against hundreds of nations and over millions of square miles (larger than the British Empire at its peak). The Jihad crusade went from southern France to the Philippines, from Austria to Nigeria, and from central Asia to New Guinea.

The dictionary defines imperialism as “the policy and practice of seeking to dominate the economic and political affairs of weaker countries.” This historical Islamic Jihad WAS imperialistic…and its goals remain the same.

Islam’s greed and lust for bloody domination of non-Muslims and their property CAUSED the Crusades…it doesn’t get simpler than that!



Parents of Disabled Baby Arranged for Their Child’s Death by Starvation

by Sarah Terzo | Washington, DC | | 12/29/14

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(LiveActionNews) — Charles L. Bosk, a writer and researcher, spent time in a pediatric hospital where doctors and nurses took care of disabled and/or premature babies.

Sometimes, when disabled babies were born (despite the program’s efforts to detect and abort them), the parents didn’t want them. Bosk wrote about a couple that chose not to treat their disabled baby with routine surgery, but instead “allowed” the child to die:

She [the woman who counseled the parents] reported that the parents had decided not only that they did not want to repair the child’s oomphalecele, but they wanted the child to die, and they were willing to do what they could to hurry that event along. The parents had left orders that the child not be fed. She reported that Berger [a doctor] was very upset with this turn of events… Berger claimed that it was one thing for the physicians and the parents to handle this, and quite another for the nurses who had to deal with the infant every day and would be the ones to watch it starve.com01

baby50The mother was upset when the baby did not “deteriorate” quickly enough:

Bill [another doctor] reported that the mother was discouraged because today the baby looks good. She was hoping that it would die soon, so seeing it looked healthy really discouraged her.com02

Yes, this happened legally in the United States, and the practice is likely happening in neonatal care units across the country.

Tragically, there is little talk about the babies who are born and slowly starved to death. There is also little mention of children who are refused routine surgery that would have easily saved their lives. To my knowledge, there has been little documentation of these cases and no studies to show how often they occur.

This passage was written back in 1992. How many quiet murders of disabled babies have taken place since then?com03

Source: Charles L Bosk All God’s Mistakes: Genetic Counseling in a Pediatric Hospital (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1992) 77, 80. Note: Sarah Terzo is a pro-life liberal who runs, a web site devoted to exposing the abortion industry. She is a member of the pro-life groups PLAGAL and Secular Pro-Life. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook. This originally appeared at Live Action News. Picture at right is a file photo of baby with similar condition.



73 Abortion Facilities Shut Down in 2014, 75% of Abortion Clinics Closed Since 1991

by Cheryl Sullenger | Washington, DC | | 12/29/14

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A new survey conducted by Operation Rescue of all abortion facilities in the United States has confirmed that the oct172014 02abortion clinic closure trend continued strongly in 2014. Operation Rescue is the only pro-life organization that maintains a listing of abortion facilities and tracks clinic closures and its extensive research has provided the most accurate accounting of abortion facilities known to exist.

In all, 73 abortion facilities shut down for all or part of the year. The total number of all remaining abortion clinics in the US is currently 739. Surgical abortion facilities account for 551 of that total while the number of medication-only abortion facilities stands at 188.

Out of 60 surgical abortion clinic closures, 47 were permanent. This represents a 23% decline in surgical abortion facilities over the past five years.

Thirteen surgical facilities were allowed to reopen after initially closing, primarily due to court action that enjoined abortion safety laws that had shut down the substandard facilities.

Thirteen facilities that provided only medication abortions account for the remaining closures in 2014. That more than doubles the number of medication abortion facilities that closed in 2013 when six were shuttered.


While the abortion clinic closures did not eclipse the high water mark of 93 total closures in 2013, the 73 closures this year far exceeds the two dozen closures recorded in 2012.

The 2014 figures represent a net decrease of 31 surgical abortion facilities nationwide. even though the number of medication abortion facilities increased by 11 over 2013 numbers, they still remain below the high of 196 facilities in 2012.

abortionclinic6“We are continuing to witness the implosion of the abortion cartel in America,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “The only things that are preventing total collapse are court injunctions that are blocking several state abortion safety laws from being enforced. Once those laws clear the courts, we expect to see even more dangerous abortion facilities close. This is great news for women and babies because when abortion clinics close, lives are saved.”

The greatest number of closed facilities took place in Texas as the result of the 2013 abortion law known as HB2. Eleven surgical and three medication-only facilities shut down permanently over the course of 2014.

Closures far outpaced clinic openings. Fifteen facilities either added surgical abortions or opened for the first time. Thirteen clinics, primarily Planned Parenthood centers, added medication abortions to clinics that previously did not provide them. Eight clinics that formerly provided surgical abortions made the decision to halt those procedures, but continue to sell medication abortions.

“As new states laws add safety standards for surgical abortions, we are seeing the beginnings of a new trend. Abortion providers who cannot or will not comply with the higher standards have, in some cases, dropped surgical abortions in favor of medical abortions so they did not have to become licensed,” said Newman. “This allows incompetent abortionists to continue exploiting women for money while evading the need to increase patient safety.”

Some of the more notable abortion facility closures included:

Outpatient Services for Women, Oklahoma City, OK: This surgical clinic shut down after the arrest on December 9 of clinic owner and operator Naresh Patel on charges of fraud and racketeering after Operation Rescue filed complaints. Patel had been caught selling abortion pills to women who were not pregnant.
All Women’s Health, Chicago, IL: Clinic owner, abortionist Mandy Gittler, closed this facility after local activists protested there over the death of Tonya Reaves, which was killed by Gittler in 2012 at a Chicago Planned Parenthood clinic.
Novi Laser and Aesthetic Center, Novi, Michigan: This facility shut down after being evicted from two locations this year. After the last eviction in November, owner Michael Arthur Roth had nowhere to go.
Aid for Women, aka Central Family Medical, Kansas City, MO: Operation Rescue discovered evidence of multiple abortion abuses and lodged complaints. This facility was best known for suing in court for the right to stop reporting child sex abuse. Under pressure from the medical board and struggling for business, Aid for Women, finally shut down.
Affiliated Women’s Services, Indianapolis, IN: This facility, associated with the infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart shut down in July due to financial woes and a lack of demand for abortions.
Femcare, Asheville, NC: Its shut down earlier this year for two dozen serious health and safety violations caused an outcry from abortion supporters since it was thought to be the only facility that could pass new safety standards. It reopened briefly before permanently closing after its abortionist, Lorraine Cummings, announced her retirement and placed the building for sale.

abortionclinic7There are several primary reasons why abortion facilities continue to close. Those reasons include:

• The enactment and enforcement of new state laws.
• Increased reporting by pro-life activists of incompetent and/or criminal behavior committed by abortionists.
• Financial struggles within the abortion cartel due to decreased demand for abortions.
• The retirement of abortionists who are not replaced.

In 1991, there were 2,176 surgical abortion facilities operating in the U.S. Since then, a full 75% of those facilities have closed.

As abortion facilities continue to close, abortion numbers continue to fall. While national abortion numbers remain incomplete, the average number of abortions decreases by about 3% annually. However, state statistics show that the drop in abortions that is more pronounced in areas where there are abortion clinic closures.

For example, in Ohio, four abortion facilities closed in 2013, the most recent year for which abortion figures are available. During that year, the number of abortions dropped by nine percent – three times the average national drop in abortion numbers.

“No matter how one views the numbers, they show that we are winning,” said Newman. “As National death rate percentagesthe truth about abortion abuses and other dangers become public and are followed by new laws that increase protections for women and their babies, we can only expect the decline of the abortion cartel to continue until it collapses altogether.”

Please visit for a listing of all abortion facilities in the U.S. and documentation of their known abuses. A listing of closed abortion facilities is also available there. Note: Cheryl Sullenger is a leader of Operation Rescue, a pro-life that monitors abortion practitioners and exposes their illegal and unethical practices.




2014 Political Cartoons, Drawings and Presentations You Might Have Missed

Master MArtinLuther King Jr. oct172014 02 Teaching children to follow Jesus greatest fraud Cold watching gun-control-cartoon-club-knife Let me be clear mission accomplished WMD-in-Iraq gay-marriage-debate-continues Differences Human bomb Islamofascism-300x199 Winston Churchill We Pledge Allegience to Obama Walking Eagle ObamaDictator-300x204 PS_0807W_RECESSION_t ObamaWreckingBall2 strategy Terrorist lives matter The Great Divider yes-we-cannibus Obamacare 02 Obamacare Suppositories Signed Up wheels coming off Dangers I have a steady Job I Never Met Sharpton Jackson 02 The Personal Wealth of Al Sharpton the-only-people-keeping-racism-alive-vik-battaile-politics-1354496075 8 abortion hilary-rosen-vs-ann-romney I sell Women obama isis pays less 2nd term kill isis money worth spending the education of children

Reba McEntire’s Latest Tweet Is Guaranteed To Make Liberals Foam At The Mouth

Posted by Michael CantrellMichael CantrellDecember 28, 2014

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Liberal trolls have been having a field day reacting to former President George H.W. Bush’s latest hospitalization.

Yes, these disgusting nutjobs came out of the woodwork to pick on a sick old man, once again proving that liberalism and class are like oil and water.

Thankfully, famous country singer Reba McEntire isn’t drinking the progressive “kool-aid,” taking to Twitter to send positive thoughts and well wishes for Bush’s recovery.

Somewhere, a liberal is throwing a massive toddler-like temper tantrum complete with a 360 degree head rotation and spewing of pea soup.

From TPNN:

Former President George H.W. Bush, who is the oldest living president, has been in a Houston hospital since Tuesday when he had breathing problems. After spending Christmas day in the hospital under doctor’s supervision, country music star legend Reba McEntire sent out a tweet that is sure to infuriate the left.

Sending get well wishes to my dear friend Pres. Bush. #prayersgoingup #feelbettersoon

— Reba McEntire (@reba) December 26, 2014


More than likely liberals have already sent her a ton of hate mail and other ridiculous sentiments, but what do you expect from the warped minds of individuals who think it’s wrong for a police officer to defend himself against violent aggressors?

What progressives seem to need most are lessons in human decency, because it’s obvious this was a class they skipped growing up–or their parents were absentee couch potatoes who didn’t instill this critical value into their children from an early age.

Perhaps they should pay close attention to McEntire’s response to the situation and take a few notes on how a real life grown up responds to the misfortune of others. They’re probably shocked that such a response doesn’t involve four-letter words or calls for someone’s death.

In other words liberals, grow up. 



Scott Walker to Wisconsin: Here’s an $800 Million Tax Cut – It’s Your Money

Posted by Rodney Lee ConoverDecember 28, 2014

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I guess I could tell you that Scott Walker inherited a huge deficit and in the middle of the Obama depression, he cut Corporate taxes, survived Democrats efforts to throw him out of office, listened as liberals said he did know what he was doing and promptly turned things around with a Reagan-esque flair.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is proposing $800 million in tax cuts, representing most of the state’s $912 million revenue surplus. Half of the cuts will be achieved through property tax reductions, and the other half will consist of lower payroll taxes, as well as lower income tax rates for the lowest state bracket. 

“What do you do with a surplus?  Give it back to the people who earned it.  It’s your money,” Walker will tell the state legislature in his annual “State of the State Address,” according to an excerpt released to the press. The tax cuts will be a core part of Walker’s new budget for the state, entitled the “Blueprint for Prosperity.” 

Walker has presided over a remarkable turnaround in Wisconsin’s finances. When he took office in 2011, the state was running a $3.6 billion deficit. One of his first acts was to pass a corporate tax cut, which Democrats derided as a giveaway to the rich, but which helped grow the local economy and attract businesses and jobs. 

The collective bargaining reforms that Walker subsequently enacted, over vehement Democrat and union opposition, also helped state and local governments save money while preserving public sector jobs. To that achievement, Walker can now add a tax cut–something few other governors, even Republicans, have achieved.

Wow – shocker of shocks! Tax credits stimulate the economy and Democrats call you names when you don’t do what they want? Even when Barack Obama is trying to destroy the nation, you can prosper, it turns out. These Dems are not long for the country, because unlike their predecessors, they’re not helping at all. They’re working against us.Party of Deciet and lies

One group of potential candidates for president probably won’t be shuffling off to Iowa, New Hampshire or other early campaign spots in the new year. They’ll be hunkered down in statehouses across the Midwest, pushing bills through their legislatures. Few outside their home states will notice, but these governors and their policies could wind up in the national campaign picture. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Mike Pence of Indiana, Rick Snyder of Michigan and John Kasich of Ohio were all elected after Republicans began taking political control of the middle of the country back in 2010. Since then, they have offered a glimpse of what some conservative policies would look like if put into wider effect. Should any of these governors join the race for the White House, their state records would become their chief qualification for higher office and might provide some distance from partisan battles in Washington. The governors could also benefit from being in a region rich with swing states.




United and Delta planes in latest issue of its house magazine

By Dan Bloom for MailOnline, |

Al-Qaeda has called for a new generation of ‘lone wolf’ terrorists to blow up American Airlines, United and Delta planes using bombs made in their kitchens.

The chilling call to arms in the terror group’s magazine, Inspire, says the high-profile airlines should be targeted in a bid to gain headlines and ‘crush the enemy’s economy’.

Released on Christmas Eve, the disturbing publication names the four companies because of their size – including United, the ‘world’s largest airline with 86,852 employees’.

Chilling:  Al-Qaeda's house magazine (above) calls for high-profile airlines British Airways, easyJet, AA, Delta, United and Air France to be targeted by bombers to 'crush the enemy's economy'. Police are investigating
Chilling: Al-Qaeda’s house magazine (above) calls for high-profile airlines British Airways, easyJet, AA, Delta, United and Air France to be targeted by bombers to ‘crush the enemy’s economy’. Police are investigating

Continental Airlines is also singled out despite the fact that it stopped flying planes under its name two years ago after merging with United to form United Continental Holdings.

The magazine praises Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called ‘underpants bomber’ who was jailed for life in 2012 after he tried to bomb a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

The 300 people on board were saved partly because the bomb sewn into his underwear failed to detonate fully, prosecutors said at the time.

The latest edition has been published four years after the first issue of Inspire contained a notorious explosives guide called Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Momagainst America

The guide was suspected to have been the template for explosives which killed three and injured more than 250 in last year’s Boston Marathon bombings.

Targets: The sick magazine picks out British Airways and easyJet as targets for would-be terrorists

Targets: The sick magazine picks out British Airways and easyJet as targets for would-be terrorists

Journal: The magazine has been connected to the Boston Marathon bombings in April last year

Journal: The magazine has been connected to the Boston Marathon bombings in April last year

He said the ‘first priority’ for any of his terrorists would be the U.S., ‘then the United Kingdom, then France and so on.’ 

And he called for the rise of the ‘lone wolf’ jidahist, saying: ‘It is hard to uncover, because none knows him but Allah. He has no relationship with any group or any individuals.’Dear Mr President

The magazine also praised an axe attack on a group of New York city policemen in October as a ‘splendid’ example of a ‘lone wolf’.

U.S. Navy veteran Zale Thompson was shot dead in the street after the brutal hatchet attack, which the FBI confirmed last month it was considering as an act of terror.

FBI director James Comey said Thompson had been watching Islamic State beheading videos and other radical jihadist material online, adding there is ‘no doubt that played a role’ in the attack.

‘There is no doubt it was terrorism,’ he added.

Shock tactics: The magazine includes images of an airport departures board and, on its cover, a jumbo jet

Shock tactics: The magazine includes images of an airport departures board and, on its cover, a jumbo jet

Uncle’s shame over ‘Boston bomber brothers’

The magazine is published by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and its possession by terror suspects has led to arrests in Britain.

Belonging to Al Qaeda has been banned since 2001, and the 2000 Terrorism Act made it illegal to possess any document which could help someone ‘prepare an act of terrorism’.Dear Mr President

Four men from Luton, Bedfordshire, were jailed for a combined 44 years in April 2013 after a court heard they had planned to follow instructions from Inspire magazine to carry out an attack.

Other terrorists were convicted under section 58 of the act solely for possessing the magazine.

Those who are found guilty can be jailed for up to ten years.

A British Airways spokesman said: ‘The safety and security of our customers and crew is always our top priority. We continue to work closely with airports and governments around the world.’

He added: ‘We never comment on matters of security.’

An easyJet spokesman added: ‘The safety and security of our passengers and crew is always our highest priority. We are unable to comment further on matters of security.’

A spokesman for Britain’s Home Office said: ‘We are aware of this publication and the police and security agencies are taking appropriate action. National security and protecting the public is our priority.

‘Our comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy includes measures to remove terrorist material hosted online, prevent radicalisation and protect the UK from acts of terrorism.’ 



LAPD: 2nd suspect who fired at patrol car remains at large

KABCBy staff, Monday, December 29, 2014

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The Los Angeles Police Department ended an eight-hour search in South Los Angeles Monday morning without finding a second suspect who opened fire on a patrol car.

Authorities say two suspects fired at officers with a rifle at 62nd and Hoover streets around 9:20 p.m. Sunday. According to the LAPD, two officers got out of the patrol car, and one of them returned fire on the suspects. It was not immediately known if the suspects were struck. No officers were injured.

One suspect was taken into custody, but a wide perimeter was set up from Gage Avenue to 61st Street, and between Hoover Street and Vermont Avenue, as officers searched for the second suspect. Police say a weapon was recovered at the scene.

The LAPD had issued a citywide tactical alert that kept officers working past the end of their shifts. The department remained on modified tactical alert Monday morning.

The second suspect was only described as a man between the ages of 18 to 25, wearing dark clothing. Police say he is considered armed and dangerous.

The motive for the shooting remains under investigation, but police called it “a completely unprovoked attack” on the officers. Law enforcement officials are on high alert after two NYPD officers were shot to death in an ambush attack in Brooklyn earlier this month.

“Obviously, with what happened in New York and what we know is a sentiment right now nationwide…when you put on your uniform, you’re very much aware that there are some currents of anger toward police,” said LAPD Det. Meghan Aguilar. “We’re aware that we could be a target for individuals that are angry at law enforcement right now.”



BOOM: Rep. Womick (R-TN) Calls For Purging Military of Muslim Americans

Posted on December 29, 2014

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Oh, no. He just condemned Obama’s favorite religion. Will he be ‘re-educated?’



Researchers Question Obama’s Claim That North Korea Hacked Sony

by Edwin Mora 27 Dec 2014

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Last week, both President Obama and the FBI accused North Korea of hacking Sony’s computer systems.

Obama said he would take action, pledging a “proportional response” a few hours before North Korea’s Internet went offline.

North Korea denies any involvement in the Sony hack, called Obama “a monkey” and accused the U.S. of shutting down its Internet.

Breitbart News reports that “computational linguists at Taia Global, a group of cyber security consultants, performed a linguistic analysis of online messages from the Guardians of Peace, and concluded that, based on translation errors and phrasing, the group is more likely Russian than Korean.”com01

The Obama administration alleges that the cyberattack against Sony was in retaliation for “The Interview,” a comedy film depicting a satirical plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s leader.

“Security researchers remain skeptical, with some even likening the government’s claims to those of the Bush administration in the build-up to the Iraq war,” reports The New York Times.

The article adds:

“Fueling their suspicions is the fact that the government based its findings, in large part, on evidence that it will not release, citing the ‘need to protect sensitive sources and methods.’ The government has never publicly acknowledged doing so, but the National Security Agency has begun a major effort to penetrate North Korean computer networks.”com01

Security researchers suggest more proof is necessary to make a conclusive determination on who was behind the cyberattack.

“Essentially, we are being left in a position where we are expected to just take agency promises at face value,” Marc Rogers, a security researcher at CloudFlare, a top mobile security company, wrote in a Dec. 24 post for The Daily Beast. “In the current climate, that is a big ask.”

“Mr. Rogers, who doubles as the director of security operations for DefCon, an annual hacker convention, and others like Bruce Schneier, a prominent cryptographer and blogger, have been mining the meager evidence that has been publicly circulated, and argue that it is hardly conclusive,” notes the Times.

The article points out that some private security researchers do support the government’s claims.

“CrowdStrike, a California security firm that has been tracking the same group that attacked Sony since 2006, believes they are located in North Korea and have been hacking targets in South Korea for years,” reports the Times.New Cold War




Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon





Snyder signs suspicion-based drug testing bills

Associated Press 7:18 p.m. EST December 26, 2014

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LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation today that creates a drug-testing program for adult welfare recipients who are suspected of using drugs.

The Republican-backed proposals, House Bill 4118 and Senate Bill 275, were among several bills approved by Snyder. The one-year pilot program will be implemented in three counties that have not yet been determined.

Under the program, welfare recipients or applicants suspected of drug use will be required to take a substance abuse test. Refusal to take the test will result in being ineligible for benefits for six months.

A positive drug test would lead to referrals to treatment programs. If an individual refuses to participate in the program or fails to submit to periodic substance abuse testing required under the program, their assistance will be terminated. Benefits can be restored after a person passes a substance abuse test. 

“We want to remove the barriers that are keeping people from getting good jobs, supporting their families and living independently,” Snyder said in a press release. “This pilot program is intended to help ensure recipients get the wrap-around services they need to overcome drug addiction and lead successful lives. We’ll then have opportunity to assess effectiveness and outcomes.”

Opponents of the legislation, including the Michigan League for Public Policy, have said similar programs in other states haven’t saved taxpayers money. The nonpartisan Senate Fiscal Agency estimated a statewide program would cost roughly $700,000 to $3.4 million, while potentially saving $370,000 to $3.7 million in caseload reductions.

The American Civil Liberties Union has said the program would promote ugly stereotypes of poor people and discriminate against a group that doesn’t use drugs at a rate significantly higher than the general population.

“We give out tax credits to schools, we give out tax credits to students, we give out tax credits to police and fire (departments),” Sen. Vincent Gregory, D-Southfield, said earlier this year on the Senate floor. “And yet the only (group) that we are now saying is subject to drug screening are the poor — the poorest of the poor.”more evidence

Michigan has roughly 80,000 welfare recipients, 21,000 of them adults age 18 and older who could be subject to drug testing depending on which counties are selected for the pilot.

The pilot program must be completed by Sept. 30, 2016.

Snyder also signed bills Friday that extend the Michigan film credit program by seven years to 2021; update who can administer the oath of office for state representatives and senators to include the secretary of the Michigan Senate and clerk of the Michigan House of Representatives; and allow cemetery owners to recover burial rights for abandoned burial plots.

He vetoed legislation that would have established procedures for naming Michigan delegates and alternates to a federal constitutional convention, in the event one is called.Picture1



Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Pat On The Back

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Sharpton Ignores Call To Halt Protests Until After NYPD Funerals and Al Sharpton Arguably Now the Most Powerful Person in America

Posted by Trey Sanchez, 12.23.2014

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Hate monger, Race-Baiter-in-Chief Al “Nothing Reverent about me” Sharpton Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Al Sharpton will ignore New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s call to suspend protests until after the funerals of the two slain New York City police officers.

“Is a vigil a protest?” Sharpton asked during a telephone interview with Reuters. “Is a rally?” he added.daddy-whats-racist-someone-who-harbors-hatred-intolerance-an-politics-1404598408

According to Reuters, Sharpton called de Blasio’s plea “an ill-defined request.” Sharpton indicated that he is going ahead with planned prayer vigils at the scene of Eric Garner’s death and other scheduled events with the Garner family.

Joining Sharpton in criticizing the mayor’s request is war and racism activist group Answer Coalition. As reported, they said suspending protests would be “outrageous” and would put a “chill” on free expression.

On Monday, de Blasio encouraged his city to hold off any protests until after the funerals of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu who were killed execution-style in their patrol car by a black man avenging the death’s of Garner and Michael Brown:

It’s a time for everyone to put aside political debates, put aside protests, put aside all of the things we will talk about in due time.racismjacksonsharptonobamaracebaiterssettingamericaback

URL of the Original Posting Site:

Outside of the president, Al Sharpton might possibly be the most powerful man in America right now. And no, that isn’t an overstatement.

Think about what the 60-year-old activist and MSNBC host has going for him right now:

Power Indicator #1: Sharpton has been to the White House to advise President Barack Obama, his senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, or both. No big deal, right? Plenty of MSNBC hosts have visited over the past six years.

Care to guess, according to the White House Visitor Log, just how many times Sharpton has visited since Mr. Obama took office? Five times? Nope. 15 times? Try again. 25 times? Getting warmer. He’s visited at least 35 times. Quite the feat considering Sharpton is an unelected official living about 250 miles away from DC.

Do you think any other civilians have that kind of frequent access?Sharpton Jackson 03

Power Indicator #2: Nobody controls him. Need proof? Just look at all the protests happening Tuesday night around New York after his former BFF, Mayor Bill de Blasio, asked him to cease and desist until after the two slain Brooklyn officers were laid to rest later in the week. This isn’t a compliment, but Sharpton showed once again he doesn’t take orders from anyone.

His approval rating among blacks stands at 69 percent (yes, Quinnipiac conducts polls on Sharpton despite him not receiving one vote to represent any district or state). And when city residents were asked in the same poll who their most important leader was, Sharpton finished first, beating even President Obama and longtime Rep. Charlie Rangel in the process.

Talk about polarizing: Almost 80 percent of black people say he’s been a positive force for the city. Almost 60 percent of Democrats feel the same way. But 81 percent of Republicans say he’s been a negative force. How does Sharpton become the epicenter in every story involving race? Simple: He looks at those numbers and knows he can play one side against the other and puts himself in a position of power accordingly. Understand: The only contingent Sharpton cares about is that of the African-American community. Protecting his brand among blacks is the only thing that matters.core belief

Power Indicator #3: Sharpton has a national television platform for a full hour Monday through Friday on MSNBC. For Sharpton, it’s just a daily trip to the podium. Opposition? Dissent? You’re kidding, right? Sharpton is almost never challenged by his guests because they’re booked based on the premise of agreeing with the host on whatever topic is being discussed. And as stated here on a few occasions, echo chambers never make for compelling television, and the Nielsen numbers for Sharpton’s PoliticsNation especially reflect that sentiment.

Despite being in the middle of many of the biggest stories of the year, the Rev’s return on investment is equal to whatever the ruble is trading at these days. On Monday, for example, on a day where his name was front and center again following the reaction to the execution of two police officers in Brooklyn, Sharpton’s program couldn’t generate even half the audience in the key demo of Wolf Blitzer on CNN, who finished a distant second to Fox’s Special Report (guest anchored by John Roberts that evening). Overall, Sharpton gets beat anywhere from 2-1 (CNN) to 3-1 and even 4-1 by Fox. So despite the spotlight he seems to generate outside of 30 Rock, he can’t seem bring that interest over to his program. And here’s why…

From a critical perspective, Sharpton is as awkward to watch as anyone on television. He’s simply terrible in a host role despite more than three years of at-bats to improve. If you can find even one notable critic who believes otherwise, please send along that review.

So if the ratings are bad and the delivery even worse, why and how does Sharpton still have a program on the air? Answer: Because Comcast and NBC — and this is just an educated guess — must be petrified to fire him (by, yes, the race card being turned against them). Remember, Sharpton gave his crucial blessing to the Comcast/NBC Universal merger a few years back. Not long after, he was magically given his own show at 6:00 p.m. on MSNBC. Reciprocity at its sharpton america

Power Indicator #4: Unlike the rest of us, he’s excused from paying taxes. Per a November story in the ultra-right-wing New York Times, he owes $4.5 million (and growing) in current state and federal liens against him and his National Action Network. More on that:

Mr. Sharpton and the National Action Network have repeatedly failed to pay travel agencies, hotels and landlords. He has leaned on the generosity of friends and sometimes even the organization, intermingling its finances with his own to cover his daughters’ private school tuition.

Sounds pretty serious. So will he be prosecuted? No. Will he still have the president’s ear? The Rev knows he’s teflon on this given his friends at the top of the food chain in D.C., and willingly flaunts being above the law and even common decency.Pro Race Baiters

And nobody dares challenge him.

The president notwithstanding, Sharpton appears to be the most powerful man in America right now. Just ask Amy Pascal at Sony if she agrees. As we see time and again, he can do and say whatever he wants, and even has a national megaphone on one cable network to spread his message. The White House might as well be a second office listed on Sharpton’s business card. Meanwhile, debts of all stripes and sizes simply go unpaid. Bill de Blasio wins with 72 percent of the vote, or 72 percent more than Sharpton received, but guess who really runs the show in the Big Apple?

Regardless of whether you agree with Sharpton or not, he owns the kind of political power that no other unelected public figure in this country has seen possibly since Capone. And before you say it can’t last forever, keep in mind he is coming up on three controversial decades as a public figure.

In other words, he ain’t going anywhere.

Only in America.





Obama Admin Spends Christmas Trying To Get Islamist Groups Off Terror List [VIDEO]

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) holds out his arms as he and Secretary of State John Kerry depart the Great Hall of the People after their meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping (not pictured) in Beijing November 12, 2014. Obama will travel to Myanmar and Australia as part of a week-long trip to Asia to attend summits. 

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) holds out his arms as he and Secretary of State John Kerry depart the Great Hall of the People after their meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping (not pictured) in Beijing November 12, 2014. Obama will travel to Myanmar and Australia as part of a week-long trip to Asia to attend summits. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (CHINA – Tags: POLITICS) – RTR4DTHL

 Photo of Patrick Howley

Patrick Howley

Political Reporter

Patrick Howley is an investigative reporter for The Daily Caller.

URL of the Original Posting Site:

DelusionalThe Obama administration spent Christmas week trying to get two Islamist organizations off a foreign country’s terror list. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS) are both listed as Islamist organizations by the Islamist Money In Politics database, which tracks copious political spending by figures linked to the groups. The Muslim American Society was founded as an American-based Muslim Brotherhood front group. 

CAIR and MAS representatives met with “senior U.S. government officials” just days before Christmas to discuss the groups’ inclusion on the United Arab Emirates’ official list of terrorist organizations.Muslims in the White House Administration

“The two American Muslim organizations and the U.S. government pledged to work together to achieve a positive solution to the UAE designations,” the groups said in a joint statement.warning warning

The Obama administration’s State Department recently “affirmed that department officials meet regularly with representatives of CAIR and MAS,” according to the groups.








Eric Garner’s daughter posts address of cop present at his death in hopes of assassination

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One of Eric Garner’s daughters marked Christmas Day by spreading personal information about an NYPD cop who was present during the chokehold death of her father — outraging officers still reeling from last weekend’s execution-style slayings of two policemen in Brooklyn. Erica Garner tweeted that cop Justin D’Amico was “another officer that helped killed [sic] my dad,” and directed her 5,000-plus Twitter followers to a Web page that lists ­addresses for D’Amico and five possible relatives. The information was viewed about 500 times before Garner’s stunning tweet was deleted following inquiries by The Post.

The move came less than a week after a gunman fatally shot cops Rafael Ramos andWenjian Liu, following the shooter’s online post that said he planned to avenge the police killings of Eric Garner on Staten Island and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. It also came as cops were on high alert over dozens of copy-cat threats this week that have led to more than a half-dozen arrests. An NYPD source said Erica Garner’s “disgusting” tweet “poses grave danger” to ­D’Amico.

“She clearly wants someone to go to the officer’s house and assassinate him in cold blood just like Ramos and Liu,” the source said.

The head of the NYPD sergeants union, Ed Mullins, called the tweet “terrible behavior that continues to cause divisive actions throughout the city.”

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Mullins added.

D’Amico got immunity to testify before the Staten Island grand jury that earlier this month cleared fellow cop Daniel Pantaleo in Eric Garner’s July 17 death while he was being arrested for illegally peddling loose cigarettes. The grand-jury ruling sparked an ongoing wave of anti-cop protests that have been roiling the city, with agitators chanting for the deaths of cops and attacking two NYPD lieutenants on the Brooklyn Bridge.

In her 1:45 a.m. tweet, Erica Garner posted a link to a page on the Web site, which lets users anonymously post plain-text documents for public viewing. She called the information about D’Amico “just something light” and included the hashtag #Doxx, which refers to the online practice of revealing private details about people’s lives.

Garner family lawyer Jonathan Moore, who is preparing a $75 million suit against the city, didn’t deny that Erica Garner posted the tweet, but maintained that she “did not have any knowledge of what was in those links.”Really with logo

“Nobody in the Garner family, including Erica, would consciously send information out about the personal address or phone number or any identifying information about the police officers, particularly after what happened to those two officers,” Moore said.com08

Courtesy of NY Post



Is Russian Economy Rushing to Disaster?

Posted by    Friday, December 26, 2014

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Plummeting oil prices and Western sanctions have severely wounded the Russian Bear

[Featured Image: CBS Video]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 1998.

Back in 1998, there was a resurgent US economy while Europe, Japan, and emerging markets floundered. The dollar strengthened and oil prices plummeted. We also had an embattled second-term Democratic president with Republicans in control of both houses of Congress.

But most reminiscent of all is what is going on with Russia. In August of 1998, Russia defaulted on its government debts after a crushing devaluation of the ruble. The 1998 Russian Financial Crisis was caused by both external shocks—the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and plummeting oil prices—and domestic woes.

Quite similarly, the ruble has halved in value this year (the worst performing currency of the year), due to the plummet in oil prices. Oil and gas account for half of the Russian state’s budget and 70% of the country’s exports.

Now, with oil nowhere in sight of returning to $100+ highs, the country’s ability to repay foreign debts is coming under serious doubt. Standard & Poor’s recently said there is a 50% chance it would downgrade Russian bonds to “junk” status. Even Peru and Botswana have higher credit ratings than that.

Last week the Russian Central Bank hiked its baseline rate to a whopping 17% in order to restore confidence in the Russian economy. However, the drastic move has been to no avail, as ruble sellers continue to outnumber buyers. But as history has shown, the Russian Bear, especially under the auspices of strong leaders, doesn’t go down without a fight. The Russian government has already plowed through $96 billion of its foreign exchange and gold reserves in (failed) efforts to prop up the ruble, according to Business Insider. This leaves about $414 left, but The Economist doubts how much is liquid and readily available—apparently, $170 billion is wrapped up in two big wealth funds, making them “inaccessible” in the short-term.

Instead of wasting its reserves in the trench warfare of the forex markets, the Russian government might just turn to bailing out its domestic banks and energy companies that need US dollars to pay back debts. Indeed, the whole bind on Russia right now, as was the case in 1998, is that significant portions of their debts are denominated in US dollars, meaning they must be paid back in US dollars. That is why the Russian Central Bank can’t “print its way out” of this mess, because only the Federal Reserve can print US dollars.com07

Business Insider reports that Russia has $100 billion worth of foreign debt due next year, and $600 billion in total. Only $38 billion of Russian government debt is denominated in US dollars, and only $6 billion is of that is due in 2015. So, it seems the Russian government can stave off default in 2015. As for Russian companies, that’s another story.

According to a CNBC report, which cites a Wells Fargo report, Russian companies have $160 billion in debt due to overseas subsidiaries and parent companies, and Russian banks have $200 billion in external debt. “Other sectors” have $300 billion. The report is unclear whether these figures are dollar-denominated debts, but some other reports suggest they are.

Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned oil company and the largest publicly traded oil producer, recently paid $7 billion in US dollar debt, and stated it has enough dollars to meet future debt payments. With $20 billion in cash, and $19.5 billion debt payments coming due, Rosneft can survive if it remains very financially prudent. However, Rosneft’s ability to meet the recent debt payments was courtesy of the Russian Central Bank, which basically printed $10.8 billion worth of rubles to specifically inject into the company. That is not exactly confidence-inspiring.

What would a Russian default n 2015 or 2016 mean for everyone outside of Russia? Pundits and analysts are divided: some predict doom, others are not so worried.

The 1998 default took down Long-Term Capital Management, a rock-star hedge fund that had two Nobel Prize-winning economists on its board, because of its exposure to Russian bonds. It also took a beating to US equity markets. But aside from that, there was no widespread, systemic catastrophe.

Today, it generally seems no Western banks or hedge funds are highly exposed to Russian debt, but reverberations of a likely Russian recession (to occur next year regardless of a default) could spell trouble for US companies that do a lot of business in that country. With falling oil prices and revenues and growing debts and deficits, it looks like Russia will be seeing a lot of red once again.



Newspaper Editor Calls For Ferguson Protesters To Arm Themselves to Wage War Against Cops

Katie McGuire 25Dec, 2014by

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So apparently police officers should just ignore this little gem from a peaceful little article called “In Support of Violence”. Or NAH:


 If a white man wrote this the repercussions would be quick and severe.

Via NY Post:

A disturbing editorial in a CUNY grad-student newspaper calls for rioters protesting the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown to arm themselves and wage violent war with cops.

“The time for peace has passed,” says a revolutionary editorial titled “In Support of Violence” that was penned by editor-in-chief Gordon Barnes in the Dec. 3 issue of The Advocate.

“The problem with the protesters’ violence in Ferguson is that it is unorganized. If the violence was to be organized, and the protesters armed — more so than the few that sparingly are — then the brunt of social pressures would not be laid onto middling proprietors [of looted small businesses], but unto those deserving the most virulent response of an enraged populace,” Barnes writes in the CUNY Grad Center’s publication.com05

“The acts of looting, destruction of property and violence directed towards state representatives is not only warranted, it is necessary,” says Barnes, a doctoral student in history who once studied in Cuba.

The editorial — illustrated in the online version with the circled, capital A that symbolizes anarchy — also urges rioters to emulate the Black Panthers and Malcolm X instead of Martin Luther King and other advocates of nonviolence — and hopes the unrest will morph into a revolution.com06

This is just ridiculous and this student deserves to be kicked off the paper for starters and ideally, out of school.



GUN CONTROLLERS: They Promised Us Peace

Written by Rob Morse on December 26, 2014

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They promised us peace if we would accept a little regulation. We barely paid attention, but we said “Sure, that sounds good. Where do I sign?” The latest promise was that armed assault would stop in Washington State if we only had “universal firearms background checks”. Unless you’re a stupid Washington voter, it shouldn’t surprise you that armed robbery didn’t stop. Crime continued as if the new law didn’t exist.

It was a Washington fantasy to think criminals would obey the next gun law after they ignored the thousands of gun laws that came before. But, it is easy to sell fantasies at the Washington ballot box when you have tens of millions of dollars on your side. Are stupid Washington voters surprised or embarrassed that criminals don’t obey the newest gun laws? That still leaves honest gun owners as the victim of another insane firearms restriction.20

That was the plan all along. We were sold peace if only we would accept one more firearms regulation. Criminals would stop using firearms if we only had better firearms registration. There would be fewer victims of violent crime if we had stricter licensing of firearms. We were promised peace with every new law.

And now, 20 thousand gun laws later, there is no peace. Instead, it is harder than ever to be an honest firearms owner. It is harder than ever for the peaceable to protect themselves. Disarming honest men and women only makes it easier for criminals. Even an idiot could understand that.. if they try.Criminals and Dictators

With 20 thousand gun laws in the books, it is easy for the police to say a non-violent gun owner might have violated one of their many regulations. Oh, the horror, he might have an unregistered empty shell casing. Most police don’t even know intricacies of firearms laws. Instead, the cops take the easy way out. They perform a “no-knock” raid and then let you sort the problem out with a judge.. if you survive the raid.. and after you get out of jail.

Since the last 20 thousand gun laws have not brought us peace, then let’s repeal a few thousand of these laws that criminalize non-violent behavior. Let’s try a little more freedom before we pass another gun-control law that is sure to fail. We really don’t need a gun owner strangled because he had an unregistered shell casing.cropped-george-washington-regarding-2nd-amandment.jpg

Let’s be clear. Gun owners are extremely law abiding and moral. They have never been the source of public violence. Anti-gun groups keep selling the next gun law as if that law will stop crime.. and, unfortunately, the casual voters believes it time after time. Our rights of self-defense are being strangled. If you don’t believe me, try to buy a gun and learn to shoot in Washington State. Just don’t touch a gun as you do.




#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Smash Up Oakland Christmas Tree

by Steve Watson | | December 26, 2014

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Vandals say cops should have ‘No Time Off’ in violent demonstrations


Rioters once again de-legitimized anti-police brutality protesters by pointlessly smashing up a festive display in Oakland on Christmas day.

The rioters also smashed shop windows, set dumpsters on fire, and injured a journalist who was attempting to report on the gathering.tw02

Because nothing is more fitting at this time of the year than trashing a Christmas tree and vandalizing private property, right?tw03


The manager of a local store told reporters that he witnessed demonstrators using stolen liquor bottles to smash windows.

“So it looks like they smashed them on that end, grabbed some of the wine bottles and started throwing them at the other windows to break them,” he said. “We have glass shattered all the way to the back of the store.”

The so called ‘protesters’ gave the gathering the title of “No Time Off,” an inflammatory reference to the police having to maintain the peace during the holidays.tw05

“The idea is to give no time off to police in the context of racial discrimination and state violence happening every day,” a demonstrator told a local NBC News affiliate.tw06

The ‘protest’ was also heavily influenced by individuals identifying themselves as with the ‘Occupy Oakland’ movement. They had advertised the gathering as the “Best Xmas party of the year.”tw07

As we have previously reported in recent weeks, Oakland has been the location of several violent altercations and even racist attacks on white people who were either trying to protest peacefully or simply get home.



Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

Protesters’ next stop: Fox News, New York Post

Posted By author-imageAaron Klein On 12/25/2014

Article reblogged from WND:

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The Occupy movement and other leftist groups are attempting to use the anti-cop furor for a “die-in” and “shutdown” protest targeting Fox News and the New York Post. The demonstration is scheduled for Jan. 2 at New Corporation’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters, with invitations posted at Occupy-affiliated Facebook pages.warning warning

The invitation reads: “As many already know The NY POST is a newspaper that is owned and controlled by the Right Winger Rupert Murdoch, who in essence is a corporate racist that continually supports and disseminates racist, classist, sexist and all forms of pro 1% misinformation through his NY POST newspaper as well as FOX television.”

“This Die-In Shutdown and Boycott is but the first part of a larger upcoming campaign for justice … to expose the racist lies and bias of mass media starting with but NOT limited to the NY POST!”more evidence

A “die-in” is a protest in which demonstrators, usually holding placards, lie on the ground and pretend to be dead. In this case, the demonstration is meant to protest the deaths of African-Americans Eric Garner and Michael Brown, both of whom were killed by police officers. Occupy was one of the main sponsors of the protests this week aimed at shutting down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue shopping district ahead of Christmas.

As WND reported, missing from most news coverage is that the anti-police protests rocking New York are being openly coordinated and led by professional leftist agitators, not only Occupy Wall Street but also a communist-aligned, anti-war, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian extremist organization.com01

A WND review of major news coverage of the protests finds headlines such as these:

USA Today: “NYC protesters defy mayor’s call for moratorium.”

Bloomberg: “Protesters Defy NYC Mayor’s Call to Hold Off While Slain Cops Are Mourned.”

Reuters: “NY protesters reject plea for hiatus despite police slayings.”

New York Daily News: “Protests resume in New York to oppose police brutality despite Bill de Blasio’s plea to suspend demonstrations.”

The coverage largely leaves the impression the demonstrations are spontaneous reactions to recent actions by law enforcement officials that some contend were motivated by racism. However, the protests, aimed at shutting down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue shopping district ahead of Christmas, are being organized openly by radical leftist groups whose intent may not simply be the protest of alleged racism.com02

Some of the news articles entirely fail to mention the protests were organized by the Act Now To End War & Stop Racism Coalition, or ANSWER, together with Occupy Wall Street and at least 10 other so-called economic justice and pro-Palestinian groups.warning warning

Scores of article note the protests were coordinated by ANSWER but fail to give any context, such as ANSWER’s radical background and history, or mention of the other groups supporting the protest movement.

USA Today, for example, simply reports: “The action, organized by the Act Now to End War & Stop Racism Coalition, came hours before the city’s landmarks, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building, One World Trade Center, were to dim their lights at 9 p.m. for five minutes to honor officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.”

No further details about ANSWER are provided.

Reuters similarly reported: “Answer Coalition, organizers of a march on 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan, said a ‘peaceful protest against police violence’ would continue as planned.”

Founded in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, ANSWER is an umbrella group famous for its protests against Israel and against America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The group is known to be one of the most extreme among the progressive community in its positions on Israel and on U.S. military action. Its steering committee is made up of progressive groups, socialists and advocates from the Muslim, Arab, Palestinian, Filipino, Haitian and Latin American communities.com03

During the height of the second Palestinian Intifada, or terrorism war targeting Israel, ANSWER in April 2002 organized a demonstration in Washington, D.C., that the group claims was the biggest pro-Palestinian rally in U.S. history.

In August, ANSWER led another Washington, D.C., rally against what the group described as “the Israeli massacre against people in Gaza.” At the time, Israel was at war with the Hamas terrorist organization, which fired thousands of rockets from territory under its control in Gaza into Israeli cities.

ANSWER has expressed support for the Palestinian intifada. Discover The Networks notes the group released a statement expressing its “solidarity with the call issued [to hold]… activities timed to coincide with the third anniversary of the second Palestinian Intifada.”

ANSWER has supported so-called resistance against U.S. troops in Iraq. A May 2003 downloadable flyer on “Counter-revolution and Resistance in Iraq” states: “Having achieved their victory [the U.S. in Iraq], however, the occupiers now confront a people who have a long and proud history of resistance. The anti-war movement here and around the world must give its unconditional support to the Iraqi anti-colonial resistance.”com04

Some of ANSWER’s leaders are associated with the Stalinist Workers World Party.

Meanwhile, almost entirely unreported by the news media is that Occupy is a co-sponsor of the anti-police protests targeting Fifth Avenue and may be hijacking the demonstrations for its own goals. On its website, Occupy Wall Street wrote: “Fifth Avenue is the world’s most expensive shopping street – a playground for the global 1%. **This 1% is precisely who the police serve and protect. They flood black, Latino and other oppressed communities like an occupying army so as to intimidate us into accepting things the way they are.” On its Facebook page, Occupy Wall Street ranted about the protest: “The people will not be intimidated. We will not accept poverty wages, racist courts and a corrupt political system.”warning warning

Other sponsors of the Fifth Avenue protests include:

  • Crystal House
  • El Grito De Sunset Park
  • Existence is Resistance
  • New Yorkers Against Bratton
  • NYC Solidarity with Palestinecropped-ignorance.png

With additional research by Joshua Klein.



Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Honoring The Fallen

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Party of Deciet and lies



Christmas Card

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Merry Christmas from Jerry and Jill Broussard


The Real Christmas Story

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

All Scripture References are from the New International Version

John 1:1-3; 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

(After the fall of man); Gen 3:14-15; 14 So the LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, “Cursed are you above all the livestock and all the wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life. 15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

Gen 49:10; The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until he comes to whom it belongs and the obedience of the nations is his. Num 24:17; “I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near. A star will come out of Jacob; a scepter will rise out of Israel. He will crush the foreheads of Moab, the skulls of all the sons of Sheth.

Isa 7:14; … the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. 9:6-7; 6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 7 Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the LORD Almighty will accomplish this. Mic 5:2; “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times.” Dan 9:25-26; 25 “Know and understand this: From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens,’ and sixty-two ‘sevens.’ It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble.

Luke 1:26 In the sixth month, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, 27 to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. 28 The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

29 Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. 30 But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. 31 You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus. 32 He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, 33 and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; his kingdom will never end.”

34 “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?”


35 The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God. 36 Even Elizabeth your relative is going to have a child in her old age, and she who was said to be barren is in her sixth month. 37 For nothing is impossible with God.”

38 “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be to me as you have said.” Then the angel left her.

39 At that time Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea, 40 where she entered Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth. 41 When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. 42 In a loud voice she exclaimed: “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear! 43 But why am I so favored, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? 44 As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy. 45 Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!”

56 Mary stayed with Elizabeth for about three months and then returned home.

Matt 1:18-25; 18 This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit. 19 Because Joseph her husband was a righteous man and did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly.

20 But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. 21 She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

22 All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: 23 “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”-which means, “God with us.”

24 When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. 25 But he had no union with her …..

Luke 2:1-20; 2:1 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2(This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) 3 And everyone went to his own town to register.

4 So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. 5 He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. 6 While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, 7 and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

8 And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 9 An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. 12 This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, 14 “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”

15 When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”

16 So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. 17 When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, 18 and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. 19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. 20 The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told.

John 3:16-21; 16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.   19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”

John 1: 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of men. 5 The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. …. 9 The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world. 10 He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. 11 He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. 12 Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God- 13 children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

15 John testifies concerning him. He cries out, saying, “This was he of whom I said, ‘He who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.'” 16 From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. 17 For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. 18 No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only, who is at the Father’s side, has made him known.

Heb 2: 9 But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, now crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone.  10 In bringing many sons to glory, it was fitting that God, for whom and through whom everything exists, should make the author of their salvation perfect through suffering. 11 Both the one who makes men holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers. …. 14 Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death-that is, the devil- 15 and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death. (1 John 3:8b; The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.)

16 For surely it is not angels he helps, but Abraham’s descendants. 17 For this reason he had to be made like his brothers in every way, in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, and that he might make atonement for the sins of the people.

1 Peter 1:19-21; 20 He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake. 21 Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.

Rom 10:8-13; 9 …. if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. 11 As the Scripture says, “Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame.”   12 For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile-the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him, 13 for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

1 John 1; That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched-this we proclaim concerning the Word of life. 2 The life appeared; we have seen it and testify to it, and we proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and has appeared to us. 3 We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. 4 We write this to make our joy complete.

5 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. 6 If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. 7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

8 If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word has no place in our lives.

1 John 2:1-2; My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense-Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. 2 He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.

1 Tim 3:16: “…. He appeared in a body, was vindicated by the Spirit, was seen by angels, was preached among the nations, was believed on in the world, was taken up in glory.”

“‘Twas the Night Before Jesus Came”

Twas the night before Jesus came and all through the house

not a creature was praying, not one in the house.

Their Bibles were laid on the shelf without care,

in hopes that Jesus would not come there.


The children were dressing to crawl into bed,

no one ever kneeling or bowing a head.

And mom in her rocker and baby in her lap,

were watching the late show while I took a nap.


When out of the East there rose such a clatter,

I sprang to my feet to see what was the mater.

Away to the window I flew like a flash,

tore open the window and threw up the sash.


When what to me wondering eyes should appear,

but Angels proclaiming that Jesus was here.

With a light like the sun sending forth a bright ray,

I knew in a moment this must be the day.


The light in His face made me cover my head,

it was Jesus returning just like He said.

And though I possessed worldly wisdom and wealth,

I cried when I saw Him in spite of myself.


In the Book of Life which He held in His hand,

was written the name of every saved man.

He spoke not a word as He searched for my name,

when He said, “It’s not here.” My head hung in shame.


The peoples whose names had been written with love,

He gathered to take to His Father above.

With those who were ready, He rose without a sound,

while the rest were left standing around.


I feel to my knees, but it was too late,

I waited too long and thus sealed my fate.

I stood and I cried as they rose out of sight,

Oh, if only I had been ready tonight.


In the words of this poem the meaning is clear,

the coming of Jesus is drawing near.

There’s only one life and when comes the last call,

we’ll find that the Bible was true after all.


Author Unknown

Gang Threatens to ‘Shoot It Out’ At NYPD Station Houses

Posted by Lea Gabrielle. FOX NEWS.

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Dec 24, 2014 // 9:28am  As seen on Fox and Friends

Lea Gabrielle reported on “Fox and Friends” this morning that a New York gang has allegedly threatened to “shoot it out” at two police precincts near where NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were murdered.

Gabrielle reported that security has been beefed up at both locations.tweet01

PIX11 News reported:

Police are on high alert after receiving “credible” threats targeting two of their Brooklyn precincts days after the execution-style murders of two NYPD officers, according to the Sergeants Benevolence Association.

In tweets posted Tuesday night by the SBA, they warn of the Black Guerrilla Family, which allegedly threatened to “storm” the 79th and 81st Precincts and “shoot it out” with officers inside.


SBA told officers to carry their firearms at all times — on duty and off — and to stay in pairs.

Ray Kelly said on “Fox and Friends” that precincts need to efficiently disseminate information and officers need to have each other’s backs.

“It’s a difficult time, but the department has gone through these things through the years,” Kelly said.

As for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s comments that were critical of the NYPD, Kelly said he understands that de Blasio has a difficult job, but the mayor was out of line to side with protesters over police. In particular, Kelly was critical of de Blasio’s comments that he had to warn his biracial son to be careful around cops.

“Words matter,” Kelly said. “You don’t say that when you’re mayor of all the people.”

Watch more above and see former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly react below.


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Video Of The Day: Momma Husky Having a Merry Christmas with Her Pups


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Violent protests after St. Louis County police officer kills man who pulled gun, authorities say

Published December 24, 2014,

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Violent protests broke out Tuesday night after a suburban St. Louis police officer shot and killed a man who pointed a gun at him at a gas station, police said. Scuffles broke out early Wednesday between police officers and a vocal crowd of several hundred people who taunted the officers at the scene. One officer was injured after he was stuck with a brick and police reported several small explosives being used by protesters. There were four arrests.

Berkeley is just a few miles from Ferguson, where a white police officer fatally shot black 18-year-old Michael Brown in August. The suspect on Wednesday was also 18.

Theodore Hoskins, the mayor of Berkeley, said the surveillance video appears to show that the teen did raise the gun at the police officer. Hoskins, however, said it was a preliminary evaluation and called on a full investigation.

“You couldn’t even compare this with Ferguson or the [Eric] Garner case in New York,” Hoskins, who is African American, said.

Authorities have not released any information about the identity or ethnicity of the man killed but The St. Louis Dispatch reported that the victim’s name as Antonio Martin. obtained surveillance video from the scene.v01

According to a statement from St. Louis County police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schellman, a Berkeley police officer was conducting a routine business check at a gas station around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday when he approached two men.

The nearly two-minute video clip shows two young men leaving the store at about the time a police car rolls up. The officer gets out and speaks with them. About a minute-and-a-half later, the video appears to show one of the men raising his arm, though what he is holding is difficult to see because they were several feet from the camera. Belmar said it was a 9mm handgun.com01

The other man ran away, and police are searching for him.

The 34-year-old white police officer, a six-year veteran of the Berkeley Police Department, is on administrative leave pending an investigation, Jon Belmar, the county police chief, said.

“He will carry the weight of this for the rest of his life, certainly for the rest of his career. So there are no winners here.”

Toni Martin, who identified the suspect as her son, told the newspaper that he was with his girlfriend at the time of the shooting.

The protesters who gathered early Wednesday milled around the gas pumps at the station, some yelling at police officers. Some wore strands of yellow police-line tape draped around their neck, with others using it as a headband. Authorities from multiple agencies, some in riot gear, stood among the protesters.com02

Across the street, the glass doors of a convenience store were shattered, one of the doors left hanging from a single hinge. Police stood guard, turning people away.

The crowd dispersed but police officers remained at the scene as dawn approached.

Orlando Brown, 36, of nearby St. Charles was among the protesters. He said he didn’t have all the details about the shooting but said he wondered if it was a case of police aggression.

“I understand police officers have a job and have an obligation to go home to their families at the end of the night,” he said. “But do you have to treat every situation with lethal force? … It’s not a racial issue, or black or white. It’s wrong or right.”com03

Brown said he was pepper-sprayed during the protest as police tried to separate him from a friend whose hand he was holding. He said his friend was arrested for failing to disperse. The shooting sparked a protest of 200 to 300 people, authorities said.

Brown’s death led to weeks of protests and some looting in the St. Louis area, actions that were renewed last month when a grand jury chose not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the killing.

“We had several bricks thrown at officers,” Belmar said. There were reports of explosives used and one officer was injured after getting hit by a brick. Four protesters were arrested.

Fox News’ Edmund DeMarche and The Associated Press contributed to this reportBlog wishes

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Mandated Cheer

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Pucker Up 600 LA

Complete Message

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George Washington Univ. Students Sign Petition to Trade US Citizens for Illegals

Posted 15 hours ago by Dave Jolly

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I’ve been contending for some time that today’s liberal education system, from kindergarten through college are more concerned about teaching socialist agendas than actually teaching students to think and reason.

In 2012, a number of videos demonstrated just how uninformed students on various campuses are. Many of the students interviewed believed that Paul Ryan was the black Democratic running mate of Barack Obama. Many others had no clue what any of the candidates stood for. One video showed college students signing a petition to allow abortions in the FOURTH trimester.

Now students at the prestigious George Washington University demonstrate either how illogical they are or how brainwashed they’ve become. Campus Reform went around the campus with a fictitious petition asking Barack Obama to deport a US citizen in exchange for an illegal alien.more evidence

Watch the video below and before you start laughing at the ignorance of these students, realize that they supposed to represent the next generation of America’s leaders.v03

Caleb Bonham, Editor-in-Chief with Campus Reform, appeared with Tucker Carlson on Fox and Friends Weekend to discuss the video. The interview went:

Bonham: The leadership at Campus Reform, we took this petition over to sort of show people what the next generation of leaders thinks on immigration policy and they’re willing to sign a petition to deport one American in exchange for one illegal immigrant. Sort of a one-for-one swap.

Carlson: What if you constructed a system for $50,000 a year, your child could learn to hate you and the country they grew up in?

Bonham: That’s exactly what we’re seeing on college campuses is that these kids are taught day in and day out that other people are to blame and we need the government to step in and force equal outcomes and they completely abandoned critical thought and they’ve exchanged it for emotional thought. They’re thinking with their emotions.

Carlson: So college makes you dumber and a worse person and it’s the single most expensive thing most families pay for.

Bonham: Exactly! None of these students signed up to be, they were like you need to deport me in exchange for one illegal immigrant to come here.

Carlson: Did anybody while you were going around doing this, brilliant idea, did anyone say wait a second that’s demented?

Bonham: No! One person asked well how are you going to choose the people that are deported…This answers the age old question as to why do you see so many petition gatherers on campuses when you’re walking around. Hey, do you want to sign up to give animals rights, hey, do you want to sign up to cure the world climate change. It’s because college students will sign their name to anything that has any sort of progressive political jargon on it. And this is as crazy of an example as you can think of. Literally signing up to go into an American’s house, pull somebody out, deport them in exchange for an illegal immigrant… These are the people who are going to be leading the country.

Is it any wonder that our nation is in the mess it’s in? Once progressive socialists gained control over America’s educational system, they implemented their plans to program and brainwash an entire generation or two into believing and thinking like they do. The socialist radicals of the 1960s and 70s are today’s professor, training countless others to think just like they do.more evidence

Think about. Barack Obama talks about socialists and Marxists in his early life and how they influenced him. His closest mentor was a renowned socialist activist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis and Obama has openly said how much of his political philosophy is derived from what Davis taught him.Cloward Pevin with explanation

Now consider a whole generation of Americans that think and believe like Obama and these students at George Washington University who signed the petition. Now tell me if you really want to send your child through the public education system and send them on one of Americas many progressive universities.more evidence

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PSA encourages kids to steal parents’ guns, hand over to teachers

By Jessica Chasmar – The Washington Times – Monday, December 22, 2014

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A startling new anti-gun ad released by a San Francisco-based production company encourages children to commit a series of crimes by stealing their parents' guns and turning them over to school officials. (Sleeper 13 Productions)
A startling new anti-gun ad released by a San Francisco-based production company encourages children to commit a series of crimes by stealing their parents’ guns and turning them over to school officials. (Sleeper 13 Productions) more >

A startling new anti-gun ad released by a San Francisco-based production company encourages children to commit a series of crimes by stealing their parents’ guns and turning them over to school officials, The Daily Caller reported Monday.

Sleeper 13 Productions released the controversial video on Dec. 13. It shows a pouty, young boy wandering into his parents’ bedroom, stealing a handgun out of their dresser drawer and then shoving it into his backpack.

The boy then carries what is presumably a loaded weapon into his classroom. After class, he approaches the teacher, takes the gun out of his backpack and slams it onto her desk.

“Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house,” the boy says.

“Our children deserve a safe world,” the ad says. “Stop gun violence now.”more evidence

The video, first reported by The Blaze, has been met with sharp criticism from gun-rights activists on Sleeper 13’s Facebook page.

“Weapons theft, unlawful possession of a weapon by a minor, illegal concealed carry of a weapon, carrying a weapon onto school property, assault, and brandishing,” wrote Jerry Harlan.

On YouTube, the video had received more than 3,500 down votes, compared to its 31 up votes.

“Lot of people are afraid to share my PSA!” tweeted the ad’s director, Rejina Sincic. “If you are not a coward please share #gunviolence.”

Fred Rick Friedman questioned on Facebook: “So, when a child does this and accidentally kills himself or an innocent bystander, will Sleeper 13 Productions and Ragina Sincic be brought up on charges as an accessory? This has got to be one of the dumbest PSA’s put out by anti-gunners ever. Way to combat criminal violence…turn innocent children into felons.”

According to the credits, the video was shot at North Oakland Community Charter School in Oakland. The school’s executive director, Carolyn Gramstorff, told The Washington Times that officials did grant permission for the PSA to be shot there, but were not aware beforehand of its message. In light of the controversial video, she said the school is motivated to consider narrowing its screening process for allowing PSAs to be shot on campus.



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Bassem Masri, Obama’s Face of Racial Justice

Posted by Michael BeckerDecember 22, 2014

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Barack Obama and Eric Holder are consulting with terrorists to reform our police departments and achieve racial justice. What could go wrong?

We’ll get to Bassem Masri and racial justice in just a minute.  First, some background.

As you certainly know by now, two NYC police officers were butchered in retribution for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.  The man who butchered them, shot from behind, was a newly minted Muslim from Maryland who is also, apparently, a member of the Black Guerrilla Family, a viscous black prison gang.  His name was Ismaaiyl Brinsley.

Here’s what Brinsley left on his Instagram.

Brinsley also used the derogatory term “pigs” to refer to police in social media posts he sent shortly before murdering the officers.

“I’m putting wings on pigs today. They take 1 of ours … let’s take 2 of theirs,” Brinsley posted on Instagram shortly before executing the two officers.

“This may be my final post…I’m putting pigs in a blanket,” Brinsley wrote.

Moving right along to Bassem Masri.  Masri is a resident of Ferguson, MO and has been active in the demonstrations surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown.

Masri was selected by Eric Holder’s Department of Jusice to consult with them on police reform.  Yep, police reform.

Last month, Masri bragged on social media that the Department of Justice invited him to take part in a community meeting to provide input on how to enact police reform.

“DOJ has appointed a few of us2reform the police in the entire region that should resonate nationwide thats the director intentions,” Masri tweeted in November.more evidence

Just so there’s no doubt in your mind as to what kind of people Barack Obama and his administration are looking to in order to “reform” police departments, take a peek at the following video, shot in Ferguson.v01

Prior to the events in Ferguson, Masri’s activism focused on the Palestinian cause and support for the terrorist group Hamas.

Masri put that support on display Saturday, at one point wrapping his face in a keffiyeh, a scarf meant to show solidarity with Palestine.

“This how my boys wrap they face. The Palestinian resistance. Real mean. Y’all police – why don’t y’all go stand toe-to-toe with the Palestinian resistance?” more evidence

He’s a Hamas supporter.  Hamas is officially a terrorist organization.Muslims in the White House Administration

Barack Obama and Eric Holder are consulting with terrorists to reform our police departments and achieve racial justice.  What could go imperial obama

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Journalist Embedded with ISIS: They’re ‘More Dangerous than People Realize’

Posted 7:21 am, December 22, 2014, by

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Juergen Todenhoefer’s journey was a tough one: dangerous, but also eye-opening. The author traveled deep into ISIS Imperial Islamic President Obamaterritory — the area they now call their “caliphate” — visiting Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in Syria, as well as Mosul in Iraq.

Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, was taken by ISIS in a Blitzkrieg-like sweep in June.

Todenhoefer managed to visit the Mosque there where the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi, gave his only ever public address.

And he saw the realities of daily life under ISIS, with all shops having to close for prayers in the middle of the day.

“There is an awful sense of normalcy in Mosul,” Todenhoefer said in an exclusive interview with CNN.

“130,000 Christians have been evicted from the city, the Shia have fled, many people have been murdered and yet the city is functioning and people actually like the stability that the Islamic State has brought them.”Christian Persecution

Nonetheless, he also says there is an air of fear among residents: “Of course many of the them are quite scared, because the punishment for breaking the Islamic State’s strict rules is very severe.”

According to ISIS’s leadership, the group’s fighters managed to take Mosul with only about 300 men, even though more than 20,000 Iraqi army soldiers were stationed there when the attack was launched.

Todenhoefer spoke with several ISIS fighters who took part in the operation.

“It took us about four days to take Mosul,” a young fighter told him.

“So you were only about 300 men and you defeated 20 000 troops in four days?” Todenhoefer asked.

“Well, we didn’t attack them all at once, we hit their front lines hard, also using suicide attacks. Then the others fled very quickly,” the fighter explained. “We fight for Allah, they fight for money and other things that they do not really believe in.”

Glow in their eyes

Todenhoefer told CNN the enthusiasm the ISIS militants showed was one thing that stood out.

“When we stayed at their recruitment house, there were 50 new fighters who came every day,” Todenhoefer said. “And I just could not believe the glow in their eyes. They felt like they were coming to a promised land, like they were fighting for the right thing.’

“These are not stupid people. One of the people we met had just finished his law degree, he had great job offers, but he turned them down to go and fight … We met fighters from Europe and the United States. One of them was from New Jersey. Can you imagine a man from New Jersey traveling to fight for the Islamic State?”

He went on to say that one of ISIS’s main points of strength is their fighters’ willingness — even their will — to die on the battlefield.

Todenhoefer met one somewhat overweight recruit in a “safe house” who said he wears a suicide belt to every battle because he is too chubby to run away if he is cornered and would choose to blow himself up, rather than be captured.

ISIS also has a track record of abusing, torturing and executing prisoners of war. Todenhoefer was briefly able to speak to a Kurdish captive while in Mosul. The captive claimed he had not been tortured, but Todenhoefer said he found that hard to believe.

“This was a broken man,” Todenhoefer said. “It was very sad to see a person in this state. He was just very weak and very afraid of his captors.”

Todenhoefer conducted the interview with the prisoner while several ISIS fighters stood guard. He asked the man whether he knew what would happen to him.

“I do not know,” the captive told him. “My family does not even know I am still alive. I hope that maybe there will be some sort of prisoner exchange.”

Child ISIS fighters

Todenhoefer was also taken to see child soldiers outfitted with Islamic State gear and brandishing AK-47s. One of the boys seemed very young but claimed he had already gone to battle for ISIS.

“How old are you?” Todenhoefer asked.

“I am 13 years old,” the boy replied — though he looked even younger than that.

One of the most remarkable episodes of Todenhoefer’s trip to the ISIS-controlled region came when he was able to conduct an interview with a German fighter who spoke on behalf of ISIS’s leadership.

The man — clearly unapologetic about the group’s transgressions — vowed there was more to come; he also issued a warning to Europe and the United States.

“So you also want to come to Europe?” Todenhoefer asked him.

“No, we will conquer Europe one day,” the man said. “It is not a question of if we will conquer Europe, just a matter of when that will happen. But it is certain … For us, there is no such thing as borders. There are only front lines.’

“Our expansion will be perpetual … And the Europeans need to know that when we come, it will not be in a nice way. It will be with our weapons. And those who do not convert to Islam or pay the Islamic tax will be killed.”

Todenhoefer asked the fighter about their treatment of other religions, especially Shia Muslims.

“What about the 150 million Shia, what if they refuse to convert?” Todenhoefer asked.

“150 million, 200 million or 500 million, it does not matter to us,” the fighter answered. “We will kill them all.”

Beheadingsangry 05

The interview became testy when they reached the topic of beheadings and enslavement, especially of female captives.

“So do you seriously think that beheadings and enslavement actually signal progress for humanity?” Todenhoefer asked.beheading

“Slavery absolutely signals progress,” the man said. “Only ignorant people believe that there is no slavery among the Christians and the Jews. Of course there are woman who are forced into prostitution under the worst circumstances.’

“I would say that slavery is a great help to us and we will continue to have slavery and beheadings, it is part of our religion … many slaves have converted to Islam and have then been freed.”Religion-of-Peace

The ISIS spokesman blamed the beheading of captured Western journalists and aid workers on the policies of the United States.

“People should really think about the case of James Foley,” he said. “He did not get killed because we started the battle. He got killed because of the ignorance of his government that did not give him any help.”proof positive

Even with recent gains by Kurdish forces against ISIS in Northern Iraq, Todenhoefer sees the extremist group as entrenched, building state institutions, and that it shows no sign of losing its grip in the main areas it controls in Iraq and Syria.

“I think the Islamic State is a lot more dangerous than Western leaders realize,” he said. “They believe in what they are fighting for and are preparing the largest religious cleansing campaign the world has ever seen.”against America

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Video of the Day from; “Excited Puppy Dance”


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puppy danceBlog wishes

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Season’s Beatings

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Seasons Beatings

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There are Two More Heroes in Heaven this Christmas.


Written by Steve Castleton

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Officer Wenjian Liu and Officer Rafael Ramos

Two days ago, two young men, two men who gallantly protected the freedoms many of us take for granted were senselessly, needlessly assassinated in cold blood by a coward, a being who cannot even be called a man because what he did was not manly, it was a cowardly unwarranted attack on two men who were working overtime and eating lunch while wearing the uniform of the NYPD.

These heroes, Officer Wenjian Liu, was married just two months ago. Officer Rafael Ramos had two sons.

Ramos and Liu were shot with “no warning, no provocation” shortly before 3 p.m. Saturday as they sat in their patrol car in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn by the lowest form of humanity. I will not even mention his name here, as he does not deserve to have his name mentioned in the same thought as these two heroes.

As the son of a 29 year police veteran, let me tell you from a child’s point of view about these heroes.

My pop, or as he was known, “Joe the Cop” came into my life years after my father passed away when I was not yet three years old.

He was my big brother, my best friend, my priest, my rabbi, my teacher my role model. He made me the man I am. He passed away in 1999, but is still with me every day!

Policemen leave their house every day, and their family members realize that they may not come home. These heroes realize that when they kiss their wife, their children, or their parents goodbye, it may be for the last time.

They realize that in this profession, the calling in which they chose to protect us, there may be no tomorrow.

But to be ambushed and assassinated by a “coward” who bragged moments before that he was about to kill two policemen is not what they signed up for. There are Two More Heroes in Heaven this Christmas.

When you eat lunch today, tomorrow or the next day, remember that is all these two heroes, Officer Wenjian Liu and Officer Rafael Ramos were doing!

On behalf of all the sons and daughters of all the men and women who serve this great nation of ours, as members of Police Departments all over the country, I am asking you to please take two minutes to honor these two heroes and send a check to the NYC PBA Widows and Children’s Fund.

NYC PBA Widows and Children’s Fund, and send it to the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, 125 Broad Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10004-2400.

There are Two More Heroes in Heaven this Christmas.

Thank you,
Steve Castleton, son of “Joe the Cop”

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Disturbing Christian persecution in US Army

Written by Allen West on December 20, 2014

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Soldier_with_Bible-340x246I received a very disturbing letter and call to action from a mentor, friend, American warrior, and Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council, Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin.

LTG Boykin is a founding member of America’s elite Delta Force. Today LTG Boykin still fights, and for all the right causes, such as that of Army Chaplain CPT Joseph Lawhorn. CPT Lawhorn is just another victim of the secular humanist policy influence led by Mikey Weinstein against the Judeo-Christian faith heritage in our military. Weinstein has advocated for Christians in the military to be punished for professing their faith.more evidence

But as you can see in this below letter of admonition, CPT Lawhorn’s commander at Ft. Benning, Col David G. Fivecoat cp 11issued the Army Chaplain a letter of concern for speaking of his faith –a letter that will go into CPT Lawhorn’s personnel file that has adverse consequences for selection for promotion. Why in God’s name would Col Fivecoat be concerned about an Army Chaplain speaking of his faith during suicide prevention training?

Ladies and gents, please join in and sign the petition to have this letter removed and perhaps a letter of reprimand should be placed in Col Fivecoat’s personnel file. Thus incident is appalling and we should all be outraged over the persecution of Christian faith in our military. Scroll down to read the letter.

December 17, 2014

Dear Friend,

This cannot stand. When a military chaplain cannot openly cp 12speak about his faith, military disarmament has reached a level that no budget cuts could ever produce.

On November 20th, Capt. Joseph Lawhorn, U.S. Army Chaplain at Fort Benning, participated in a mandatory suicide awareness and prevention briefing in which he gave a presentation describing resources – both spiritual and secular – that were available for handling such grave mental health situations. He went further and discussed his personal struggles with depression, describing the spiritual and religious steps that helped him during those dark times in his life.

As a result of the chaplain’s discussion of his faith, he was called into his brigade commander’s office on Thanksgiving Day. There Col. David G. Fivecoat issued Chaplain Lawhorn a Letter of Concern that is to remain in his personnel file for the duration of his stay at Fort Benning. This type of letter can be devastating for career military personnel and would likely prohibit further professional advancement of Chaplain Lawhorn.The Persecution has Begun

The fact that a chaplain was reprimanded for discussing his faith in a suicide prevention course is beyond belief. It casts a chilling effect upon other chaplains and military personnel who would speak about their faith. How else would a Christian chaplain be expected to respond to a crisis that is plaguing our men and women in uniform?

This kind of intimidation must be eradicated from our armed forces. Please join me in signing our petition to Secretary of the Army John McHugh to rescind the Letter of Concern and to reprimand Col. Fivecoat for violating protections afforded to all military personnel enacted into law in the National Defense Authorization Act.Men Love Darkness because they know

With your help, we can help put on notice those who would be emboldened to take similar actions against chaplains in the future that actions like this cannot stand. Please sign this petition.


Boykin signature

Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, USA (Ret.) Executive Vice President

2 NYPD Cops Executed as “Revenge”

Posted By Malinda EdwardsMalinda EdwardsDecember 21, 2014

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Authorities say two uniformed NYPD officers were murdered Saturday to avenge the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos

Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner — as part of an anti-terrorism drill in Bedford-Stuyvesant when they were shot point-blank in the head.

The gunman, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, who had addesses in Georgia and Brooklyn turned the gun on himself on a nearby subway platform as cops closed in.

Hat tip NY POST:

“I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today,” a person believed to be the gunman wrote on Instagram in a message posted just three hours before the officers were shot.

“They Take 1 Of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,” the post continued, signing off with, “This May Be My Final Post.”

He used the hashtag #ShootThePolice, along with two other hashtags referencing Garner and Brown.

Brinsley was a fugitive who had just murdered his girlfriend in Baltimore Saturday morning, sources told The Post.

The two officers were pronounced dead at Woodhull Hospital, where their colleagues and family members huddled tearfully.

City Council President Melissa Mark-Viverito and Mayor Bill de Blasio were less than welcome guests at the poignant gathering.

Just last week cops began signing a “Don’t Insult My Sacrifice” waiver, distributed by the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, that warned the mayor and speaker to stay away from funerals of cops killed in the line of duty.

Brinsley has a criminal record dating back to at least 2006, when he was arrested in Georgia for carrying a concealed weapon, a knife, as well as shoplifting, according to online records.

The next year he was nabbed in Dekalb County., Ga., for criminal trespass, and by 2009, he was indicted in Ohio for robbery — a charge that was later apparently dismissed.

In 2011, the shooter was arrested again in Georgia for reckless conduct, tampering with evidence, criminal property damage, and discharging his weapon. The outcome of the case is unknown.

2 NYPD Officers ‘Assassinated’; Shooter Found Dead of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound: Officials

Two New York City police officers were shot and killed ambush-style Saturday afternoon as they sat in their patrol car in Brooklyn, Police Commissioner William Bratton said. Steve Kuzj reports for the KTLA 5 News at 11

About the Author: Malinda Edwards

Malinda EdwardsMalinda Edwards makes her home in rural south central Pennsylvania. She is a legendary Do-It-Yourselfer, and a keen observer who never squanders sense and effort on worthless fights. Instead, she goes the distance with passion and finesse, often under the radar, toward worthwhile goals




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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon



more evidence

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By Ron Edwards, Clash Daily Contributor / Posted on December 20, 2014

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DelusionalSo now we have the Commander in Chief of the United States of America loosening restrictions between Castro’s Cuba and the United States of America. This is yet another glaring example of the utter disdain Obama has for America. Right now in our hemisphere, enemy nations like China and Russia are building military alliances with various countries in Central and South America. At the same time, Obama has done his best to reduce American military might through demoralization tactics and numerous systems cutbacks. Such action has only served to endanger “We the People.” Yet many of our fellow countrymen and women are joining the ranks of United States’ detractors who don’t have a single problem with the dismantling of our societal cohesiveness by none other than the Obama administration itself. AMEN

Even in the midst of the destructive mission of Obama, many Americans continue to show remarkable resolve to forge ahead to overcome government obstructions to progress. For example, thanks to private sector innovations in energy production capabilities, the U.S. is poised to overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s number one oil producer in a few years. That progress has come about on just a fraction of the land that would be great for drilling and fracking. So far, environmentalists and other progressives working in concert to thwart American power and prosperity have pretty much had their way in their efforts to curtail our prosperity and energy independence. EPA-torture-600-AEA-378x257

Just recently, New York governor Cuomo announced that he is banning any fracking in the Empire State. According to a story I saw in C.N.S. News, fracking is not harmful to the environment, but of course progressives don’t really care about facts or the people anyway. So now the many jobs that may have come about due to enhanced energy production shall never appear, because the agenda driven governor of that state has denied economic development and energy independence. Leftist Religion of Nature Worship

I for one am sick and tired of the progressives being allowed to systematically drive our republic into the dirt, because they simply want to. If thugs, illegal immigrants, transgender trolls and others can get their destructive way by simply causing or threatening to wreak havoc, then we who desire a strong, blessed and independent nation had better take a strong and loud stand, NOW! When you sees throngs of individuals yelping for individuals killed in an altercation with the police, yet say nothing about the daily death of unborn babies in the womb, you are witnessing phony bologna drones who don’t give a rip about what is truly wrong in society. Evil is Good

One must have to wonder if the United States has truly lost it’s status as the world’s super power. What else can I conclude when theater chains are now afraid to show the film The Interview because a number of unknown hackers have implied that theaters would be at risk for showing the film. FOX News released that report with Sony Pictures officials stating that, “In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview, we have decided not to move forward with the planned December 25 theatrical release.” There is more to the statement, but I’m sure you get the drift. Whenever they feel like it, Russia flies military aircraft near our coasts, but not so much as a mild complaint from the traitors on the Potomac.

Remember when the Panamanians went to nutsville and demanded that the United States give up control of the Panama Canal? Tell me why they aren’t very upset now that China runs it? The United States built the canal during the Teddy Roosevelt years but now has been on the outside looking in for decades. Here on our own soil, the American Bar Association fights valiantly on behalf of Muslims to gain a sharia law foothold within our legal system. Yet they will partner up with the A.C.L.U. – or Anti-Christian Liberal Union — to battle against nativity scenes or prayers at high school football games. In the Michigan state capital of Lansing, Satanist are displaying a snaketivity manger scene to offset the Christmas nativity. Got-Quran_thumb1-300x228

I recently read about the beating of a white man in St. Louis, MO by a gang of cowardly black knuckle draggers, yet not one peep out of the “no peace no justice” crowd or Al “Windbag” Sharpton. It didn’t appear that the perpetrators were even brought to justice. truth

Dear reader, despite all of the negative developments mentioned in this column, I am still convinced that we as Americans have what Ronald Reagan said, “A rendezvous with destiny.” In other words, there is much hope for the restoration of America the beautiful. All we have to do is remember to thank God for blessing our country. Then, as Kate Smith sang many years ago, He stands beside her. AMEN

In other words, we do not have to sit by and allow the students of Stalin to run roughshod over our “One Nation Under God.” Even if we are no longer the lone super power of the world, that’s okay because everything can be restored and every enemy of liberty defeated. AMEN

Merry Christmas my fellow Americans. May God Bless America and may America bless God.


Ron EdwardsRon Edwards is host of the award winning radio commentary The Edwards Notebook is syndicated throughout America. He is a renown journalist and a highly sought after speaker with numerous organizations. Whether it is exceptional radio commentaries or columns Ron always “Blows away the Myths and reveals the Truth”.


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IAF strikes Gaza in response to rocket fire

Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy Published: 12.20.14,

Israel News

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Air force jets attack Hamas training facility in Khan Yunis in retaliation for rocket fired at Israel earlier Friday; attack marks first IAF strike in Gaza since military op.Hamas style cease fire

The Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas training facility in the area of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday night in retaliation for a rocket fired at southern Israel earlier in the day. The attack marks the first time Israel carried out an air strike in the Gaza Strip since Operation Protective Edge ended in August. No injuries were reported.

The IDF spokesperson issued a statement confirming that the IAF hit “terrorist infrastructure” belonging to Hamas’s military wing in the southern Gaza Strip.

The rocket that was launched into Israel on Friday. (Photo: Roee Idan)
The rocket that was launched into Israel on Friday. (Photo: Roee Idan)



A direct hit was detected, the statement said, adding that the “attack constituted a response to the steep trajectory rocket fire towards Israeli territory at the noon time hours.”


Earlier Friday, a Code Red siren was heard shortly before noon in the Eshkol Regional Council, an Israeli community close to the Israel Gaza border, and was soon followed by blasts, residents reported – indicating that a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in Israel.

IDF forces canvassing the area found the rocket in an open area, and no injuries or damage were reported. This is the third time a Gaza rocket has landed on the Israeli side of the border since the end of Israel and Hamas’ 50-day summer war.


The head of the Eshkol Regional Council Haim Yellin warned residents that a diplomatic approach must be taken to restore quiet in southern Israel in a remark after the code red alert this morning, “Whoever thinks that a strong IDF response is the solution for quiet in the Gaza border communities does not understand that wars are decided by politicians, who with courage can bring peace and security. After Operation Protective Edge, the country had an opportunity to establish a long-term arrangement. Instead of this, we found ourselves with a ticking clock until the next escalation and war.”


Ilan Yosef, from the Nir Yitzhak kibbutz located in the Eshkol Regional Council, said the alarm was sounded on the first day of a visit by Jewish-American parents visiting their children who had volunteered to serve in the IDF and were residing in the kibbutz.

Rocket launched into Israel from Gaza found in Eshkol Regional Council. (Photo: Roee Idan)
Rocket launched into Israel from Gaza found in Eshkol Regional Council. (Photo: Roee Idan)



“It caused us to jump on our feet, we ran to the shelter. We have American guests who came to visit their children who live with us as part of the Garin Tzabar program. They just arrived today to spend time with their children and we already found ourselves running to the shelter. It was very frightening and not pleasant but we did not hear an explosion and we did not receive any updates regarding a landing,” said Yosef.


Other residents of the Gaza border communities described the ongoing tension that has persisted after the deadly summer war with Hamas: “We knew it and we were waiting for this,” said Roni. “We are returning to the path. We knew it was only temporarily quiet.”Out of Rockets


Anat Hefetz, a resident of Eshkol and member of the Future of the Western Negev organization, said, “Ever since the war ended, we have been waiting for the next war. It was known ahead of time. For four months already nothing has been done to prevent this.”

IDF soldiers locate site where rocket fell in Eshkol Regional Council. (Photo: Roee Idan)
IDF soldiers locate site where rocket fell in Eshkol Regional Council. (Photo: Roee Idan)

According to Hefetz, “The war ended – as if – but nothing was done to change the reality. No initiative was taken. We left the area on the other side to be controlled by Hamas. We also feel this as residents. There are always infiltrations, attempts to shoot rockets and false alarms. It does not surprise us.” 

Master Faith

In early November another Code Red siren, indicating an incomng rocket from Gaza, was sounded duing morning hours in Israel’s Gaza-border communities. The rocket fell a few meters into Israeli territory inside the Eshkol Regional Council. A few days later, shots were fired towards the Erez border crossing, according to an initial report. 

Earlier Friday, Ynet learned that Hamas has begun to renew tunnel construction within Gaza and shifted its military strategy.

According to Palestinian sources in the Strip who spoke to Ynet, after Israel allowed the flow of limited goods and materials into Gaza, a black market for mortar emerged – allowing Hamas to renew construction of concrete slabs used to line the inside of the tunnels.


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Mark Levin gives stirring speech on Article V and the state of our nation

Posted by on December 23, 2014

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On Thursday, December 4, the Convention of States Project sponsored the breakfast session at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meeting in Washington, D.C. Convention of States Project legal board member, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, and Constitutional expert, Mark Levin, spoke on behalf of Article V and the project.

“You, legislators are the last line of defense for liberty,” Levin said. His 40 minute speech to almost 1,200 attendees did not disappoint. He made the case that now is the time to use constitutional means to rein in the runaway federal leviathan, and that Article V gives us a way to do it.

The following is Levin’s speech in its entirety. Please share.




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