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G7 American Allies Battle

Drawn and Post by Chip Bok | June 8, 2018

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g7 American allies

There was discord during the buildup to the G7 meetings of rich nations in Quebec. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau thinks Trump considers Canada a threat to the U.S. And he was insulted.

But President Trump says he had to hit American allies with high tariffs for national security reasons.

G7 American Allies

Then on Thursday, which happened to be the D-Day anniversary, French President Macron took a shot at Trump saying, “No leader is forever.” He also said, “the six G7 countries without the U.S. are bigger than the American market.”

The next day Trump waded into the meetings insisting that Russia be included. He’s apparently unfazed by the Mueller collusion probe.

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon by A.F. Branco

Not A Real Scientist Guy

Bill Nye, who by the way is NOT a real scientist, suggest we start taxing cow farts as a solution to the worlds environmental problems.

Bill Nye Taxing Cow Farts

Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.

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Global Warming Dealt Death Blow as Sahara Desert Gets 16 Inches of Snow

Reported By Ben Marquis | January 10, 2018 at 2:54pm

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Global warming fear-mongers made dire predictions just a few short years ago that mankind had witnessed the end of snow because of how much human activity had heated and altered the earth’s climate. Of course, as much of the United States was recently gripped by bitter cold temperatures and blanketed with snow — even as far south as northern Florida — climate change proponents like former Vice President Al Gore ludicrously argued that excessive cold and snowy weather were actually signs of a warming planet, or something nonsensical like that.

Their arguments about global warming make even less sense now that snow has fallen in one of the most unlikely locations ever — the Sahara desert of North Africa, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. Yes, you read that correctly. The Sahara desert in Algeria just received a significant amount of snow from an unusual winter storm, as much as 16 inches in some spots.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, this is only the third time in nearly 40 years that snow has fallen in and around the Algerian town of Ain Sefra, a place known for hot weather and reddish-colored sand dunes — not blinding white snowscapes.

The last time this town, dubbed “The Gateway to the Desert,” received a a few inches of snow was in December of 2016 and again in January of 2017. Prior to that, the town last saw snow flurries for about a half hour in February of 1979.

“We were really surprised when we woke up to see snow again. It stayed all day on Sunday and began melting at around 5 p.m.,” stated photographer Karim Bouchetata, who snapped some incredible pictures of the snow-capped sand dunes, according to the Daily Mail.

A spokesman for the Met Office, the U.K. national weather service, stated, “Cold air was pulled down south into North Africa over the weekend as a result of high pressure over Europe. The high pressure meant the cold weather extended farther south than normal.”

According to The Washington Post, the area in question typically sees temperatures above 100 degrees during the summer, but is quite a bit cooler during the winter, with highs in the mid-50s and overnight lows in the 30s.

Incredibly, the mass of cold air that just dropped significant snowfall over North Africa is believed to be the same bitterly cold Arctic air that was freezing millions of Americans in late December. Due to prevailing wind patterns which flow from west to east, that cold air mass eventually crossed the Atlantic and ended up over southern Europe and North Africa.

So much for those dire predictions about the “end of snow” from climate fraudsters like Al Gore. Of course, the global warming nuts will simply spin like tops to explain that this freak snowstorm is evidence that a warmer planet causes more extreme weather. Meanwhile, we will simply wait for them to once again shift the narrative from global warming to climate change to global cooling, as they so ominously warned of back in the 1970s.

400 Scientific Papers Undermine Global Warming, and That’s Just for This Year

Reported By V Saxena | October 25, 2017 at 3:40pm

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According to an outspoken university biologist and author, at least 400 scientific papers have been written this year alone that raise serious doubts regarding the theory that recent changes in the Earth’s climate are primarily caused by rising carbon dioxide emissions.

Writing for his blog, NoTricksZone, Brown University biology professor Kenneth R. Miller explained that the papers both question the climate change “consensus” touted by left-wing politicians and mainstream media — and also make it clear “that there are significant limitations and uncertainties inherent in our understanding of climate and climate changes.”

In other words, they prove that “(c)limate science is not settled,” no matter how much liberals claim otherwise. For instance, the studies show that what some perceive as bizarre temperatures, sea levels and weather patterns “are neither unusual nor unprecedented,” Miller explained.

Many regions of the Earth are cooler now than they have been for most of the last 10,000 years,” he wrote.

Likewise, when “bizarre” events play out — such as multiple hurricanes pummeling the U.S. coast over the span of just one month — they tend to be caused by completely natural factors such as “the sun,” “multi-decadal oceanic-atmospheric oscillations” and “decadal-scale cloud cover variations.”

In case some of those terms confused you, it’s because you’re not a scientist, which is fine so long as you admit it. It’s when non-scientists like TV celebrity Bill Nye and former Vice President Al Gore pretend to be real scientists that a problem arises.

Their low-information idiocy winds up leading to the implementation of policies that not only damage the economy, but that could even be “harmful to the environment,” Miller wrote.

And Miller would know. He’s the author of two books that present a scientific discussion of evolution and creationism: “Finding Darwin’s God”  and “Only A Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul.” He’s also a real scientist who’s previously been honored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

As in the advancement of real science … versus the fake and highly unethical science practiced by the environmental fanatics on the left.

Dovetailing back to the 400 papers cited by Miller, do they disprove the theory of man-made climate change? Not exactly. But they surely do demonstrate why, despite what leftists claim, the notion of man-made climate change is in fact just a theory, not a fact.

H/T Breitbart

Watch: Weather Channel Founder Sets Climate Change Nut Straight With Facts


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During an appearance on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” three years ago, The Weather Channel founder John Coleman destroyed, eviscerated and demolished both CNN and host Brian Stelter over their fanatical dedication to the unproven theory of man-made climate change.

“I resent you calling me a ‘denier,’” he initially told Stelter, referencing the host’s decision to identify him as a so-called “climate denier,” according to a transcript from The Heartland Center. “I’m a skeptic about climate change.”

Stelter then made the unwise decision to interrupt Coleman to tell him how much he personally loves The Weather Channel. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when Coleman began letting him have it.

“I’m talking now!” he barked back. “Hold on just a minute. I’m not done. And CNN has taken a very strong position on global warming that it is a consensus. There is no consensus in science. Science isn’t a vote. Science is about facts. And if you get down to the hard cold facts, there’s no question about it. Climate change is not happening.”

When Stelter interrupted him again shortly thereafter to argue that it wouldn’t be possible for them to reach a definitive conclusion on man-made climate change during the show, Coleman hit him again. “Oh I know we’re not, because you would’t allow it to happen on CNN,” he snarkily replied.

Watch the full brutal interview below:

The remainder of the interview continued in the same vein, with Stelter repeatedly trotting out bogus “facts,” and Coleman slapping them down every time.

“That’s a manipulated figure and let me explain it to you,” he said when Stelter touted the “fact” that 97 percent of climate scientists believe in climate change.

He explained that the government will only fund scientists who produce certain scientific results that fit their desired agenda.

“So, they don’t have any choice,” he said. “If you’re going to get the money, you gotta support their position. Therefore, 97 percent of the scientific reports published support global warming. Why? Because those are the ones the government pays for and that’s where the money is.”

“I’m not a scientist, so I’m not going to try to refute you,” Stelter replied, to which Coleman replied with the slam of the year: “Boy, that’s the truth.“

Ain’t it, though!?

“So please stand back from this issue … There are 31,000 scientists who have signed a petition that says it is not valid, that my position is correct,” he added. “And we’ll keep battling, and we will prevail in time, but I don’t know if we’ll do it in my lifetime.”

As of September, an astonishing 31,487 scientists with 9,029 PhDs have signed the petition.

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