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Amazing Video Shows Life Before Birth: “Everything a Newborn Baby Does, a Fetus Has Already Done”

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC |

An amazing new video that appeared on the Today show shows life before birth. The pro-life movement already knows unborn babies are capable or truly astonishing things and this report confirms it.

ultrasound4d43Dr. Bill Fifer, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and a leading expert on fetal and newborn learning, appears on the program and says “Everything that a newborn baby does, a fetus has pretty much done already.”

“They’re exquisitely able to sense information over all parts of their body, although some are more sensitive than others, like around the mouth, around the feet, around the hands,” he continues.

From the report:

Experts say kicking and other activity can be a reaction to mom eating or changing positions; or it might happen just because the baby feels like moving around.

Mom’s emotions can also cause certain movements. The more stress pregnant women reported, the more frequently their fetuses touched their faces with their left hands, researchers at Durham and Lancaster universities in the UK announced last month. Their study was published in the journal “Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition.”

“This suggests maternal stress could be having on effect on the child’s behavior in the womb and highlights the importance of reducing maternal stress in pregnancy,” Dr. Nadja Reissland, the lead author, said.

The report also discusses how a new study shows even before they are born, babies are learning from experience, especially if it’s directly related to their moms. Babies before birth learn nursery rhymes from their moms while while in the womb. So much for just being blobs of tissue.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful journey into what it’s like to be an unborn baby in “Hotel Womb.”

fetus film

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HOW DO YOU SAY, ‘DISRESPECTFUL PUNK’ IN SPANISH: How Mexican 8th Graders Act In Our Schools


This letter written by a substitute teacher and was read while the state Senate was considering bills on immigration will shock you…

YouTube – The letter by substitute teacher Tony Hill was read aloud Thursday as the state Senate considered one of five bills on illegal immigration. Hill wrote that a majority of eight-grade students who he taught recently at an unnamed Glendale school refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance and declared that “We are Mexicans and Americans stole our land.”

Hill went on to write: “I have found that (in) substitute teaching in these areas most of the Hispanic students do not want to be educated but rather (want to) be gang members and gangsters. They hate America and are determined to “reclaim” this area for Mexico.”


school teacher

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BREAKING: Court Says Obama Admin MUST Turn Over Fast and Furious Documents

July 31, 2014 By

Brian TerryOn Thursday, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia offered a ruling that will allow Americans greater insight into the Fast and Furious scandal and the Obama Administration that has repeatedly promised to operate as a model of transparent government.
Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, the court ruled on Thursday that documents that have previously been withheld from Congress under a flimsy pretense of executive privilege must be turned over to Congress.
“Once again, Judicial Watch has beat Congress to the punch in getting key information about another Obama scandal – this time, the Fast and Furious outrage,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “A federal court has ordered the Obama administration to produce information that could, for the first time, provide specific details who in the administration is responsible for Fast and Furious lies to Congress and the American people.  This is a battle that put Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, saw Nixonian assertions of executive privilege by Barack Obama, and a hapless Congress in face of all this lawlessness.  Finally, we may get some accountability for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and the countless others murdered as a result of the insanely reckless Obama administration program.” 
Thank youFor over 16 months, the lawsuit has lingered as Judicial Watch pursued the documents. About a year ago, the court rejected the Justice Department’s request for a hold on the lawsuit that would last indefinitely. The Justice Department had maintained that the documents are protected by executive privilege and that the Fast and Furious scandal was still being investigated.
Attorney General Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress in 2012 after he refused to cooperate fully with investigations into his involvement in the Justice Department operation that allowed untracked firearms to be funneled to Mexican drug cartels while the Obama Administration condemned violence surrounding the border and attempted to blame law-abiding gun owners and gunshop owners for the violence.
The president saved Holder at the last moment by cloaking his What could go wrongofficial in executive privilege. The Fast and Furious scandal has been obscured by this flimsy pretense ever since.
The DOJ claims, in addition to other Exemption 5 rationales, at least two distinct forms of executive privilege to justify withholding documents: a “deliberative process” privilege of constitutional dimensions and a “congressional response work-product” privilege. 
The Justice Department must now turn over what has been called the “Vaughn Index”- which is an index of “all requested Fast and Furious materials from a June 2012 Judicial Watch FOIA request.”
Judicial Watch’s release clarifies:
SilencerA Vaughn index must:
  • (1) identify each document withheld;
  • (2) state the statutory exemption claimed; and
  • (3) explain how disclosure would damage the interests protected by the claimed exemption.”

In ordering the DOJ to provide Judicial Watch the Vaughn index, the Court ruled, “In this circuit, when an agency is withholding documents under exemption claims, courts require that the agency provide a Vaughn index so that the FOIA requester – at a distinct informational disadvantage – may test the agency’s claims.” 

The court’s ruling is likely not the last hurdle to finding the truth about the scandal that left American border patrol agent Brian Terry dead. However, it is one step closer to forcing the Obama Administration to reveal to the American people the truth about the government’s complicity in the outrage.
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Hamas commits war crime, Obama responds with Hamas talking point


By J.E. Dyer on July 30, 2014

untitled 2
Hamas terrorists prepare to fire mortars in Gaza. (File image via Al Arabiya)

The slavishness with which the Obama administration acted today as a repeater for the Hamas narrative requires calling out here.

On Wednesday morning, Hamas launched mortar fire at IDF assets from the Abu Hussein school in the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza.  The school was being used by UNRWA, the UN aid agency, to house Gazans who had fled their homes in recent days because of the fighting.What Did You Say Logo


The IDF reported that it responded by firing several tank shells at the Hamas firing position.

Tragically, the damage done by the IDF counterfire appears to have included at least 20 people killed and 90 wounded in the school building.  The New York Times describes the impacts from four rounds on the school site:

One hit the street in front of the entrance, according to several witnesses. Two others hit classrooms where people were sleeping, and a fourth struck a house behind the school.How coward terrorist fight number Two

The war crime here is that Hamas set up a firing position in a facility that was housing civilian refugees. (See Article 8.2 (b) of the Rome Statute.)

The Hamas war crime is only compounded by the fact that UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East; says it notified the IDF 17 times that it was using the school to shelter refugees.

Hamas, which administers Gaza and knows everything that goes on there, and whose guerrilla terrorists were the ones at the school launching mortars, was well aware that Gazan civilians were being sheltered in the school building.  Hamas cannot plead ignorance.  Its operatives knew quite well that they were committing a war crime by turning a refugee shelter into a combat firing position, thus inviting counterfire on it.

There are basically three potential responses to this event.

  • One is to accept and work with the timeline laid out by the IDF. 

  • The second is to dispute the IDF’s narrative; e.g., suggest in some way that the IDF was mistaken about the Hamas mortar fire, or that it is lying, or something along those lines. 

    • If there were information to impugn the IDF statement with, we might expect responsible governments or media to acknowledge that, and refrain from condemning either side until more had been clarified.  (Notably, no such dispute has been offered.)

  • The third response is to simply dismiss the IDF account as though it had not been given, and speak of the event in the terms encouraged by Hamas and Hamas’s sympathizers. 

    • In those terms, the Hamas mortar fire is ignored entirely, and what happened was that Israel shelled a UN shelter, in spite of having been warned that it was a UN shelter.

ConfusedThe Obama administration’s reaction came closest to the third response.  It emphasized not that the school was endangered by Hamas but that the school was shelled:What Did You Say Logo


The White House condemned the shelling Wednesday of a U.N. school in the Gaza Strip that was sheltering Palestinians displaced by the fighting between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza. …

White House spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan also said the U.S. is “extremely concerned” that thousands of Palestinians aren’t safe in U.N.-designated shelters, despite being told by Israel’s military to leave their homes.

This is the height of irresponsibility.  There is no principle of international law or convention that can enforce itself. When those principles are breached, it is some responsible party breaching them.  The responsible party in breach here is Hamas.

Indeed, Hamas has a long history of committing exactly the same war crime committed this morning: building combat infrastructure in or under protected civilian sites, storing weapons at protected civilian sites, using protected civilian facilities as operational bases, and setting up firing positions at protected civilian sites.  (See, for example, here, here, here, and here.)

Obama defending muslims TwoNo one has a right to protection at a Hamas firing position.  There is no international law or convention that mandates such protection.  None of us could defend ourselves against anything if there were such a mandate.  That’s what makes it a war crime to wage combat from behind protected persons or sites: the necessity it creates for attacking them.

Responsible condemnations of civilian casualties in Gaza should always point back to Hamas’s evil in exploiting this principle to maximize deaths among Gazans, over and over and over again.  No matter what the particulars of the incident, the essential factor for which there is no excuse is that Hamas invites fire down on the heads of the Gazan people, by maneuvering its most dangerous activities into their midst.  That’s the strategic-level “macro” reality of the conflict as well as the tactical-level reality.

The Obama administration not only failed to make that point, but focused on the “shelling” of the school, as if it were a disembodied action to be condemned in its own right.  That’s Hamas’s narrative.  It’s the narrative repeated faithfully by Hamas sympathizers in the West, who themselves heap danger on the people of Gaza by acting as human microphones for Hamas.What Did You Say Logo

“….human microphones for Hamas.”

It appears to me that the Obama administration is trying to find a middle path of some sort by condemning the “shelling” rather than naming a party for condemnation.  There is no justification for this, any more than there would be for trying to find a middle path between condemning al Qaeda and condemning the United States.

Perhaps the Obama administration doesn’t realize that neutrality about this conflict is immoral, and inadmissible as a basis for national policy.  If that’s the case, it has no business being in the Oval Office in the first place.What Did You Say Logo

“…neutrality about this conflict is immoral, and inadmissible as a basis for national policy”

Or perhaps the Obama administration is just going out of its way to avoid condemning Hamas, disguising that purpose under a seemingly neutral concern about “shelling.”  Either way, the implication is damning for Obama.

untitledE. Dyer is a retired Naval Intelligence officer who lives in Southern California, blogging as The Optimistic Conservative for domestic tranquility and world peace. Her articles have appeared at Hot Air, Commentary’s Contentions, Patheos, The Daily Caller, The Jewish Press, and The Weekly Standard.obama-liar4-266x189

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House Votes To Sue President For The First Time In History

READ: Boehner Defends Lawsuit Against Obama In Op-edThe resolution authorizes Boehner to challenge Obama in court for exceeding his authority by unilaterally delaying deadlines under Obamacare. Although he has said he’ll target the one-year delay of the health care reform law’s employer mandate penalties, the text of the GOP resolution gives the Speaker room to legally challenge implementation tweaks to other provisions of the law.

“This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats. It’s about defending the Constitution that we swore an oath to uphold,” Boehner said. “Are you willing to let any president choose what laws to execute and what laws to change? Are you willing to let anyone tear apart what our Founders have built?”

Imperial President ObamaThe move comes as Boehner feels elevated pressure to wage new battles against Obama from confrontation-hungry conservatives. It’s a politically awkward one for his party given that Republicans despise the employer mandate, and have voted to eliminate and delay it. Republican aides say they chose the issue for legal reasons as they think it gives them the best chance of victory in court.

VIDEO: Obama Dismisses Boehner’s ‘Stunt’ Lawsuit

“Republicans want to sue the president for not enforcing a law they want to repeal,” said House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD). “It is wrong. It is a waste of time. It is a waste of money. It is a distraction from the important issues so important to our people. This lawsuit is nothing more than a partisan bill to rally the Republican base.”

Democrats are aggressively fundraising off the planned lawsuit, portraying it as a precursor to impeachment. They’ve boasted about raising millions of dollars from donors recently over the two issues. Boehner has repeatedly insisted he has no plans to impeach Obama, describing it as a Democratic “scam.” The White House responds that House Republicans were discussing the issue long before Democrats mentioned it, and that GOP leaders also vowed they wouldn’t shut down the government before that happened last fall.

READ: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Judge Would Throw Out Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obamaobama-liar4-266x189Boehner faces an uphill battle in court. The first big question is whether he can achieve “standing” which requires proving a material injury to the House. Legal experts say that’s a very difficult task because no lawsuit emanating from members of Congress against the president has ever achieved standing in court. The next question, if the courts grant standing, is whether the lawsuit has merit to succeed. Republicans may have better luck on this question, experts say, as Obama’s unilateral decision to delay a statutory deadline is arguably problematic from a legal standpoint.

Progressives and some conservative legal minds warn that if the lawsuit succeeds, it would declare open season for the executive and legislative branches to sue each other over any legal disagreement and empower judges to resolve such disputes.

About The Author


Sahil Kapur is TPM’s senior congressional reporter and Supreme Court correspondent. His articles have been published in the Huffington Post, The Guardian and The New Republic. Email him at and follow him on Twitter at @sahilkapur.


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Obama Regime Sides with Hamas

July 30, 2014

By Rush Limbaugh

RUSH:  Okay.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been convinced.  I already was.  Let me put it that way.  I have just had the exclamation point attached to my being convinced that the Obama administration has chosen sides, and the side they’ve chosen is Hamas. 

AP reports breaking news “White House Condemns Israel for Latest Attack of UN School in Gaza Strip.”  Now, the White House knows, ladies and gentlemen, that Hamas is using schools and hospitals as military outposts.  Already three schools have been discovered with rockets.  You remember how you found rockets in your school one day, right?  Remember that time your janitor showed you.  They are planting weapons that they intend to use offensively in hospitals.  And they’re advertising the fact. 

They’re letting the Israelis know that this is where the ammunition that they are using is being stored, schools and hospitals.  This is why the Israelis are sending 20-minute warning shots before they attack.  The administration knows all this.  The administration knows what Hamas is doing.  The administration knows where Hamas is putting its armaments.  The administration knows that Hamas is killing its own children with this behavior, and yet they blame Israel. 

And I’ll tell you again, there’s a predisposition to hating Israel, disliking, opposing, whatever, in this administration, there can be no doubt about it now.  But then now to invoke the children again, it’s a repeat of what’s happening here at the border.  The invocation of children anywhere is used to eliminate and silence and nullify any opposition.  So if it is tens of thousands of children crossing our border, shut up, it’s children, for God’s sake, where is your humanity?  And let them in. 

So Hamas puts their own children in known targets.  Israel warns at 20 minute intervals, “Get out, we’re hitting the target.”  Hamas leaves their children there.  “How dare Israel kill children on purpose!  Damn those Israelis.  They hate children.”  It’s clear as a bell what is happening.  This is just awful, folks.  This is just plain and simple awful that this kind of attitude would be engaged in by us toward an ally.  And the Drive-By Media routinely now asks every Israeli guest essentially, “So why are you killing children?  Don’t you have any shame?  Can’t you stop with the killing of children?”  And Hamas applauds.  PR victory after PR victory. 

I watched this morning, does the name Hanan Ashrawi ring a bell?  I’ve been watching her, she’s a Palestinian Imperial President Obamaspokeswoman, and I’ve been watching her since the seventies.  Imagine my shock when I learned that Peter Jennings had an affair with her during his days as a foreign correspondent, by the way, when he was posted over there back in the trench coat days. Back when every foreign correspondent had to wear the — I mean, obviously the mall had a journalism clothing outfit, store, that was only available to journalists.  And in there was the approved journalist trench coat, ’cause they all wore one.  Well, other things now. 

But back in those days Jennings wore his trench coat, and he had an affair with Hanan Ashrawi.  And I learned that ’cause I couldn’t figure out, it seemed like whenever she was on ABC there was never any criticism of the Palestinians.  No matter what it was, there was never any criticism of the Palestinians or of Yasser Arafat or any of this.  At any rate, I saw her on TV today, and she’s still bleeding the same old stuff. She’s out there, “Why are the Israelis killing the children, the children, do you know how many children died this morning because of the Israelis?” 

I’m watching this. It’s just everywhere.  So as far as these people are concerned, “The Israelis are targeting and murdering the children.  How dare they!”  And it’s Hamas that straps bombs to their children.  It’s Hamas that puts their children in these targets.  It’s Hamas that makes targets out of hospitals.  Everybody knows it, and yet they continue to report a lie and then challenge every Israeli guest with the lie. 

Netanyahu is not backing down, but don’t forget now, as I pointed out yesterday, they see Netanyahu as no different than your average Tea Party person.  He’s a vile, hateful conservative right winger.  



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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Border Crisis Views




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