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Atheist activists want Bible verse scrubbed from sheriff’s office wall — but sheriff refuses to back down

Reported by DAVE URBANSKI | December 22, 2021


If the Freedom from Religion Foundation thinks it can pressure Sheriff Jody Greene into scrubbing a beloved Bible verse from his office wall, Greene is telling the atheist activist group that it has sorely underestimated his resolve.

“Just look at where our society is headed,” Greene wrote Monday on the Columbus County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. “It is time, past time, to stand up. So let me be clear, I will not waiver [sic] on my stance and Christian beliefs.”

FFRF representatives said “a concerned citizen” told them Greene had the verse, Philippians 4:13 — “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” — prominently displayed in his office in Whiteville, which is about 115 miles south of downtown Raleigh, the News & Observer reported.

Greene has an “obligation to provide all citizens with an environment free from religious endorsement by removing this exclusionary display,” the FFRF said in a Dec. 14 news release, the paper reported. What’s more, the FFRF is demanding the verse be taken off the wall — and is hinting at legal action if its demand isn’t met, the News & Observer said.

“The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office must serve all citizens equally, whether Christian or non-Christian,” FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor added in the release, the paper noted. “A blatantly Christian message in a law enforcement division sends a message of exclusion.”

In addition to telling the FFRF he won’t comply with its demands, Greene also wrote on his Facebook post that the Bible verse display “was paid for with private funds, not with county funding. The verse is one of my favorite Bible verses, and it seemed fitting for all the adversity I have had to endure. It is very motivational to me and my staff. Here at the Sheriff’s Office, we work hard in everything that we do. Before we execute a search warrant, or any service that puts our people in immediate harms [sic] way, we ALWAYS go to the Lord with a group prayer. ALWAYS!”

Image source: Columbus County (North Carolina) Sheriff’s Office

He added: “I was raised in church. I have been in law enforcement for over thirty years. My training taught me to value God, family, and my country. Going back to the Bible verse, I have taken many pictures with that Bible verse in the backdrop with not a single issue, but now that we are going into an election year, it is an issue. How absurd! It seems to me we have a few sheep in wolves [sic] clothing. That’s all. This is a political ploy. Some want a person that they can control. Companies spend thousands of dollars on motivational classes, to come up with motivational slogans. My motivation comes from the greatest motivational speaker of all times, Jesus Christ.”

Chris Line, an FFRF staff attorney, said he was disappointed by the sheriff’s refusal to remove the Bible verse, WECT-TV reported.

“Right on the front page of the Sheriff’s Office’s website, it says, ‘We are dedicated to protecting the innocent and safeguarding lives and property, while always respecting the constitutional rights of others,'” Line told the station.

He added to WECT that “it is a shame that the Sheriff’s Office isn’t willing to live up to that, and instead they are choosing to violate their citizens’ constitutional rights by brazenly endorsing Christianity. The Sheriff’s Office serves all citizens regardless of belief or nonbelief, and this display alienates all of Columbus County’s non-Christian residents.”

Columbus County Attorney Amanda Prince wouldn’t comment to the station in regard to the legality of the Bible verse display: “I cannot give you a legal opinion regarding this matter.”

After Schools, Leftists Try To Remove God, Atheism Becomes Largest Religion in US

Reported By Joe Saunders | Published April 7, 2019 at 3:50pm

URL of the original posting site:

More than 50 years after the Supreme Court ruled prayer in public schools was unconstitutional, the percentage of Americans who claim no religion is slightly higher than the two largest religious faiths. (Anna Nahabed / Shutterstock)

The Freedom from Religion Foundation and the ACLU must be high-fiving each other.

In a development that can’t be heartening to the millions of America’s faithful, new survey data shows the percentage of Americans who profess no religious belief is actually higher those who are part of the country’s largest faith traditions. The trends might not be looking good right now, but there’s a reason to hope.

According to the General Social Survey, which has been tracking American social trends since 1972, Americans who claim no religion — or “nones” — now outnumber Roman Catholics and evangelicals.

“’Nones’ have been on the march for a long time now,” Ryan P. Burge, a professor at Eastern Illinois University, told the National Catholic Reporter.

“It’s been a constant, steady increase for 20 years now. If the trend line kept up, we knew this was going to happen.”

According to the NCR, the percentage of American “nones” is now 23.1, up from 21.6 percent in 2016. That’s only slightly ahead of Catholics, at 23 percent, and evangelicals, which were 22.5, down from 23.9 percent in 2016. The percentage is so small, considering the millions of individuals involved, it’s probably statistically insignificant. The NCR calls the results “statistically tied.”

But there’s no denying it represents a change in American life — and the kind that could have a direct result on the country’s politics.

NCR cited exit polls from the 2016 elections that white evangelicals made up 26 percent of the voters even if their share of the voting population wasn’t that large.

“Evangelicals punch way above their weight,” Burge said told NCR. “They turn out a bunch at the ballot box. That’s largely a function of the fact that they’re white and they’re old.”

That’s one way to put it. One could also look at it like they’re patriotic, committed, intelligent and aware that — as Americans — they’re part of the rich history of a nation that’s truly exceptional in world history. In other words, they’re pretty much the opposite of the millennial America that is embodied by progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow Democrat freshmen representatives.

So let’s just stipulate that a future where the American electorate is made up of a lot fewer people like the voters who pushed Donald Trump over the top early on Nov. 9, 2016, and a lot more fans of AOC is likely to be a trying one for the country overall. But this has been coming for a long time. The General Social Survey numbers are almost to be expected if several factors are taken into account.

First and foremost, public schools have for decades been in the hands of an education establishment and leftist teachers unions that scorn traditional morality.

Secondly, our nation is saturated with an entertainment culture that celebrates individual narcissism and immorality while mocking virtually every expression of religious belief.

Finally, America’s political culture is such that one of its two major political parties has been virtually a religion-free zone.

Combine these factors with the lawfare practiced by the likes of the ACLU and the cranky atheists of the Freedom from Religion Foundation — which target even the most innocent endearing expressions of religious faith in public life – and it’s a wonder that numbers like this didn’t show up ages ago.

And as Michael Knowles pointed out at The Daily Wire, it’s probably no coincidence that the country is experiencing a level of social ills that it hasn’t seen before.

“As religiosity has declined, social ills have abounded. Nearly one in five American adults suffers from anxiety disorders, which now constitute the most common mental illness in the country,” Knowles wrote.

“One in six Americans takes antidepressant drugs, a 65% surge over just 15 years. The problem is particularly acute among younger Americans. While depression diagnoses have increased 33% since 2013, that number is up 47% among Millennials and 63% among teenagers. Coincidentally, suicide rates among American teenagers have increased by 70% since 2006. American life expectancy declined again last year, as Americans continue to drug and kill themselves at record rates.”

Does anyone think it’s just a coincidence that that happens when religious faith is failing? (And does anyone think it’s a coincidence that all of this happening less than 60 years after the Supreme Court ruled that prayer in public schools was unconstitutional. Three generations of Americans have grown up in the world that helped create.) Now, no one can believe the members of the American Civil Liberties Union wake up in the morning wondering how they can contribute to more American suicides than they did yesterday. And no one thinks the Freedom from Religion wackos in Wisconsin are consciously setting out to increase the mental and spiritual health of their fellow citizens. (Though at Christmas time, it can be hard to tell.) And one might even be able to give the benefit of the doubt to the American education establishment (though Hollywood and the teachers unions will never deserve it).

But even the most willfully obtuse, deliberately blind individual member of the cultural elite has to see the wreckage that’s being strewn across society by the large-scale abandonment of faith. And that might be a reason for hope.

The numbers might not be looking good at the moment, but it’s the job of conservatives to try to turn that trend around. The election of President Donald Trump was a start in that process — and the developments it made possible, like the gradual return of sanity to the United States court system, will help.

But this is the long fight — the longest fight there is — and conservatives have to be willing to get into it. If they are in the fight — heart and soul — a setback or two in the numbers of the faithful are largely irrelevant in the long run. Conservatives have taken on long odds before and won — the news out of the White House every day proves it. They can do it again.



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Joe has been with Liftable Media since 2015.

What US schools are now doing for Muslims is UNREAL

waving flagWritten by Allen West on April 5, 2016


I fully support all children in the United States having equal access to a quality education. And one part of that education should be centered on learning the American experience, our history, our fundamental principles and values. There is no doubt we’ve failed almost two generations in teaching them the basics — civics and such. And now as our open borders policy floods America with non-Americans, we have to ask, are we teaching or indoctrinating in our public school system? 

Well, there’s one public school system in America bending over backwards to accommodate a group that presents a very interesting irony in our country.

As reported by, “The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a federal civil rights complaint against the St. Cloud school district in 2011, alleging a hostile environment for the district’s Somali students that included widespread and frequent harassment based in large measure, on religion. The majority of the Somali community is Muslim. Five years later, remnants of that tension remain.

“The St. Cloud school district is a long way away from really being a place where all students feel completely welcome,” said Jaylani Hussein, the executive director of the council’s Minnesota chapter. America Never Forget

In St. Cloud’s middle and high schools, the district allows prayer time for students, including Muslim students, as federal law requires. The rooms used for prayer are open to all students to observe their beliefs and are used for other purposes throughout the school america

Districtwide, school lunch menus provide pork-free options for students, and staff members try to spur the newcomer students’ interest in sports, culture clubs, and other extracurricular activities to develop connections beyond the classroom.Islamanipulation


Somali student-athletes played key roles on Apollo High’s 2014 state championship soccer team, and track and field teams have drawn plenty of Somali participants. The district has partnered with the University of Minnesota to develop uniforms for female athletes who wear hijab, the headscarves worn by some Muslim girls and women.”

muslim-obamaAnd just so you know, the district provides prayer rugs. Now, can you imagine the same happening for Christians? Where is the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) on this one? The silence is deafening because if you were a Christian and tried to have prayer in the school, well, y’all know what would happen. How many times have we seen Christian coaches attacked for praying with their team? We brought you the story back in 2014 about what happened at the Madison County High School football stadium in Georgia where a monument — privately funded — displaying two Bible verses was ordered modified or removed.

Here is what the FFRF posted on its website after the decision: “The Freedom From Religion Foundation, has scored another victory for secularism in a public high school. The Madison, Wis.-based group has 21,500 members nationally, including over 400 members in Ga. Madison County School District in Danielsville, Ga., will either modify or remove an overtly religious monument at the Madison High School Football Stadium. FFRF became aware of the monument after a complaint was reported by a local resident who is affiliated with the athletic program. The monument was unveiled on Aug. 22, and currently sits at the team entrance to the field. The monument features the school’s logo alongside two prominent New Testament bible verses carved on the stone: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” and Romans 8:31 “If God be for us who can be against us?” “Courts have continually held that school districts may not display religious messages or iconography in public schools.” Seidel also noted religious monuments divide teams: “This divisiveness is heightened by the particular CP 01passages displayed, ‘If God be for us, who could be against us,’ literally turns the student body into ‘us’ and them’—into Christians and everyone else. The import is clear, if you are not Christian, you are not a Red Raider.”

You see, for the radical secular humanist left, the existence of Christianity is divisive. It cannot be openly displayed. To the demented minds of these individuals there is no freedom of religion, unless it’s a religion they accept. You may have a freedom to worship but they’ll designate exactly where that worship can take place.Combined

But Muslims get a free pass from the secular humanist left. Why? Why is it that the progressive socialists are so damned ready to attack Christians but will align themselves with the Islamists at every turn? Tell me how many Christian schools openly operate in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan where they can bring lawsuits forcing acceptance of their religious practices?

Meanwhile, back in Minnesota, “A 2011 settlement ending a federal civil rights investigation of the treatment of Somali students in St. Cloud requires the school district to report all allegations of harassment. Under the agreement, the district must make its schools more welcoming to Somalis. But the agreement didn’t signal an end to the resentment and clashes in the district. Last spring, racial and religious tensions at Technical High School erupted when students and parents, most of them Somali, alleged that school officials did not adequately respond to bullying incidents and anti-Islamic discrimination. A social media post that implied a Technical High student had ties to the Islamic State terrorist group whose adherents have been responsible for deadly attacks, sparked the protest.”AWWW Poor Baby

Interesting, the Somali community in Minnesota didn’t like the truth being told — there individuals within their community who support the Islamic State. We’ve reported here about the five Somalis who’ve been charged with supporting ISIS while others have gone off to fight. Yet, they get to use our legal system and force acquiescence to their demands. But a simple monument in Madison County Georgia at a high school football stadium is considered “divisive” because it has Christian biblical verses? Am I the only one perplexed and angered by this?

Where are the designated prayer rooms for Christian students — heck, try to establish a Christian prayer group or club at a high school or college these days and see what happens.

This is a blatant hypocrisy. Imagine if the Christian students and their parents actually demanded the school purchase for Bibles for them. And you know about the high school in Maryland that was teaching the students the five pillars of Islam, for memorization. When a father challenged it, he was issued a restraining order from coming onto the school campus.

Teachers in our public school system cannot openly have Christian items displayed, like Bibles or crosses. Lest we forget, young Christian children were slaughtered by Islamists in Pakistan over Easter. And here our Christian children cannot have a monument at their high school football stadium.

Ladies and gents, we respect other cultures and belief systems, but we also should demand that our own be respected. The fact that this is happening in a public school system and the secular humanist left says nothing can only be interpreted one way: they are enablers and sympathizers to the subjugation of American Judeo-Christian values. Y’all do realize that the two most “holy sites” of Islam are not open to non-Muslims. Bibles and crosses are not allowed to be displayed in Saudi Arabia. Oh by the way, the Saudis recently issued an edict that they will be executing all gays and lesbians in order to eradicate homosexuality.

And Christians are divisive? The FFRF claimed they scored a victory — no, you showed us you’re all cowards and just like President Obama, you’re Islamist sympathizers.Picture1 true battle Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Guess Which Causes Detroit’s Satanic Event Will Benefit

waving flagPosted on July 27, 2015 by

cause of death

A self-described Satanic group held the “largest public satanic ceremony in history” on Saturday in Detroit as it unveiled a statue of the devil to a crowd of some 700 people.  The statue of Baphomet, the goat-headed version of Satan, shows the devil sitting on a throne looking all pagan and demonic as smiling children look on adoringly.

The group behind this 1-ton bronze monstrosity is The Satanic Temple. Organizers said the 9-foot-tall statue “is not only an unparalleled artistic triumph, but stands as a testament to plurality and the power of collective action.”

In other words, it’s a big honking finger in the eye of Christians, which is really what Satanism is all about.

The temple is fighting to get the hideous thing erected at the Arkansas State Capital next to a monument of the Ten Commandments.

What’s most interesting about this event isn’t the audacity of keeping the statue at a secret location in Detroit (I wonder how many major cities have statues of the devil kept at secret locations), and it’s not that 700 people are hate-filled, deluded or psychotic enough to have paid for tickets to this event. (The temple claims 200 registered members in Detroit.)

It’s not even the brazenness of The Satanic Temple’s ploy of positioning itself as a family-friendly cult. No, what I find most interesting are the political causes the temple proclaims support for on its own website. Leading among these are abortion (“reproductive rights”) and gay “marriage,” both of which have been in the news of late.

The temple also makes common cause with atheist groups when it says the statue’s unveiling “will serve as a call to arms from which we’ll kick off our largest fight to date in the name of individual rights to free exercise against self-serving theocrats,” meaning Christians.


The Satanic Temple has something else in common with groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation in that they position themselves as outsiders from the religious mainstream who somehow still have religious rights that can be offended by Christians.

Gay “marriage” and abortion are also issues where critics have long noted an anti-Christian bent among proponents, so the Satanists’ interest is clear.

The anti-Christian movement in this country is broad and often well-disguised, being spread out over numerous cp 11institutions, groups and political issues. But the one thing they all have in common, from pro-abortionists to the outright Satanists, is a talent for lying.

Just take a look at Planned Parenthood and its massive PR counterattack in the past two weeks as two separate videos showed PP officials negotiating the sale of fetal tissue.

Every left-wing outlet in the mainstream media and the Internet has made a concerted effort to tell the public that Planned Parenthood is being harassed and the videos are faked, even though the doctors in the videos make themselves very clear and do not appear to be in any way coerced into talking to the actors posing as medical many body parts

To the degree that videos are used regularly by people on the Left and the Right to embarrass political opponents these days, it’s remarkable how staunchly indignant the Planned Parenthood supporters are that anyone would tape their personnel speaking freely about the organization’s practices. And all the spin from the Left is intended to cast Planned Parenthood as angelic victims being picked on by the evil pro-lifers.

The campaign is working, as Planned Parenthood’s allies in the California and federal governments are investigating the maker of the videos, even though the videos clearly contain evidence of possible crimes by the abortion organization that by rights should be investigated.

Don’t even get me started on the homosexual rights movement or the “separation of church and state” crowd.Big Gay Hate Machine

The Satanists planting a statue of the devil in Detroit is more than just an overt symptom of a long-festering disease in this country, it’s a crowning achievement.

Maybe The Satanic Temple’s support for gay “marriage,” abortion and church-state separation means the devil’s finally coming out of hiding.

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Florida Sheriff Attacked by Freedom From Religion Foundation for “Preaching” in Uniform

Posted on June 17, 2015Michael Minkoff


The Freedom from Religion Foundation certainly doesn’t mince any words concerning what they’re about. Recently they went on the offensive against a Florida sheriff who was invited to speak at a local Baptist church. Apparently, they wanted him to change out of his uniform first:

[Polk County Sheriff Grady] Judd spoke from the pulpit of First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland two months ago.

“Wouldn’t the world be better if everyone behaved like a Christian?” Judd said as part of his speech.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation sent Judd a letter accusing him of “excluding other religions and making non-believers feel like outsiders in their own community.”

Judd says he was invited to the church and that his message was “clear and uplifting.” 

However, the Freedom from Religion Foundation says if the sheriff continues to speak about religion while wearing his uniform, it will consider filing a lawsuit.Picture5

STOPSo. Here I am again. In the unenviable position of having to explain the First Amendment to people who claim to be experts of the law. Let’s revisit the actual text, shall we?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Great. So far, so good. Let’s look very carefully at this text:

Congress . . .

Okay, let me interrupt you right there. “Congress shall make no law…” Congress. Not the state government. Not county governments. Certainly not sheriffs. Congress. Why is this so hard to understand?

The First Amendment, like the entire Bill of Rights, is about defining and limiting the powers of the national government. It doesn’t refer to any other level of government because, according to the Tenth Amendment, state and local governments, or the people, reserve any powers not exclusively delegated to the national government or prohibited by the Constitution. The First Amendment has nothing to do with local law enforcement. In other words, local authorities are technically permitted to make laws establishing a particular religion, though none of them probably want to.

Furthermore, Grady Judd was not making or enforcing any law by “preaching” at a Baptist church. He was speaking his mind. While in uniform. In a church. Oddly enough, all of those self-expressions are protected by the First Amendment. Yes, the very same First Amendment that the Freedom from Religion Foundation is attempting to use to forbid such self-expressions.

It’s odd how some people can get things so absolutely backwards. But, what do you expect from people who have no religion? In the immortal words of Sheriff Grady Judd, “Wouldn’t the world be better if everyone behaved like a Christian?”

Navy reverses Bible ban

Complete Message

A Navy spokesman confirms that Bibles will be returned to base lodges, and they’ve also launched an investigation to determine why God’s Word CP 01was removed from guest rooms in the first place.

Navy Exchange, which runs the base lodges, sent a directive out in June ordering the Bibles removed, after the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a complaint. The atheist group alleged the books were a violation of the U.S. Constitution and amounted “to a government endorsement of that religious text.”

Navy spokesman Ryan Perry said the decision was made without their knowledge.

“In June 2014, Navy Exchange Command (NEXCOM) made a decision, without consultation of senior Navy leadership, to transfer religious materials from the Navy Lodge to the local command religious program,” Perry said in a written statement. “That decision and our religious accommodation policies with regard to the placement of religious materials are under review.”

During the review process, Perry said the “religious materials” that were removed will be returned.

Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Phil Robertson and intoleranceThe Bibles had been donated to the Navy by Gideons International, a global ministry that provides copies of the Good Book to schools, military personnel and hotels.

Tim Wildmon, of the American Family Association, called the Navy’s decision great news. He said thousands of their supporters contacted the Navy to protest the removal.

“We must be alert to what the secularists are doing inside the military,” he told me. “But this reversal proves that those who believe in religious freedom can make a difference when we take action.”

Ron Crews, the executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, said he was overwhelmed with calls from active duty and retired Navy personnel who were livid that Navy Exchange pulled the Good Book.

He credited their outrage with forcing the Navy to reconsider the ban.

“I believe it is because people like these veterans rose up and said enough is enough,” Crews told me.

“I am most grateful that the Navy has decided to keep Bibles in their lodges and guest quarters while they review this policy,” he said. “It is my sincere hope that Navy leaders will realize that there is nothing wrong with allowing religious literature to be placed in these rooms.”

The offended atheists are not commenting – at least not yet. Their complaints seem to be much ado about nothing – but then again – isn’t that what atheism is all about?cp 08

I’m still puzzled how a Bible tucked away in a hotel desk could cause such angst among the godless crowd. Are they afraid they might learn something through osmosis?point

The Navy stressed that they make “every reasonable effort to accommodate the religious practices of our members, and places a high value on religious freedoms for all.”

In my new book, “God Less America,” I issue a call to action for people of faith – to stand up and fight back. Religious liberty is under attack – and the atheists are specifically targeting Christians.

But the Navy’s decision to return the Bibles is evidence that demands a verdict – that when people of faith stand united and speak up with one voice – we can right a wrong.

Well done, patriots. Well done.

Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations. Sign up for his American Dispatch newsletter, be sure to join his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter. His latest book is “God Less America.”

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IRS to Monitor Sermons as Part of Settlement with Atheists


Researched and Written by Tim Brown

The Internal Revenue Service settled a lawsuit brought by the Freedom from Religion Foundation. The 2012 lawsuit was settled after the IRS agreed to monitor what is said in houses of worship, something that is a clear violation of the First Amendment, since no law can be written by Congress to this effect. Therefore, the “unconstitutional” IRS has gone way beyond what the federal Constitution allows.

Lifesitenews reports:

The Wisconsin group brought the lawsuit because it said the IRS was ignoring complaints about churches violating their tax-exempt statuses. Specifically, FFRF said many churches promote political issues, legislation, and/or candidates from the pulpit in violation of the 1954 Johnson Amendment, which requires that non-profits not endorse candidates.johnson

Obamas IRS GestapoAccording to FFRF, the IRS has not followed a 2009 ruling requiring it to hire someone to keep an eye on church politicking. The IRS says it hasn’t ignored the ruling, but merely failed to follow it.

The government has put a moratorium on the IRS’ investigations of tax-exempt organizations after the scandal that broke in 2013 over its targeting of pro-life, pro-family, and Tea Party groups. FFRF says that even though the IRS will not enforce the agreement because of the moratorium, they can still bring the lawsuit again if needed after the moratorium is lifted.

“This is a victory, and we’re pleased with this development in which the IRS has proved to our satisfaction that it now has in place a protocol to enforce its own anti-electioneering provisions,” said FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor in a press release.

“Of course, we have the complication of a moratorium currently in place on any IRS investigations of any tax-exempt entities, church or otherwise, due to the congressional probe of the IRS,” she added. “FFRF could refile the suit if anti-electioneering provisions are not enforced in the future against rogue political churches.” 

police_stateThe press release went on to state:

The IRS has now resolved the signature authority issue necessary to initiate church examinations. The IRS also has adopted procedures for reviewing, evaluating and determining whether to initiate church investigations. While the IRS retains “prosecutorial” discretion with regard to any individual case, the IRS no longer has a blanket policy or practice of non-enforcement of political activity restrictions as to churches. 

In addition to FFRF’s lawsuit, IRS enforcement procedures with respect to political activity by tax-exempt organizations have been the subject of intense scrutiny by Congress. As a result, the IRS is reviewing and implementing safeguards to ensure evenhanded enforcement across the board with respect to all tax-exempt organizations. 

Until that process is completed, the IRS has suspended all examinations of tax-exempt organizations for alleged political activities. The current suspension, however, is not limited to church tax inquiries. 

If you recall there was an outcry for “Pulpit Freedom Suday” back in 2012, as the left didn’t mind being political in Black Churches to advance its agenda, but God forbid that Churches that are truly biblical in their worldview speak out against the evils of political parties and issues of the day, something that would have been foreign to our forefathers.

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

According to FFRF, “Pulpit Freedom Sunday … has become an annual occasion for churches to violate the law with impunity. The IRS, meanwhile, admittedly was not enforcing the restrictions against churches.”

Senior legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom Erik Stanley said, “The IRS has no business censoring what a pastor preaches from the pulpit.”

ADF is seeking to “bring the era of IRS censorship and intimidation to an end by challenging the Johnson Amendment, which imposes unconstitutional restrictions on clergy speech.”

The problem is that many pastors are afraid of speaking on political issues from the Bible for a variety of issues. Some love their paycheck and don’t want to rock the boat, while others don’t want to lose “tax exempt status.” The reality is that a church does not have to be a 501c3 organization to be tax exempt. It is tax exempt due to the very nature that it is a Church. Note the IRS’ own publication concerning this issue:

Obama's IRS GestapoAutomatic Exemption for Churches

Churches that meet the requirements of IRC section 501(c)(3) are automatically considered tax exempt and are not required to apply for and obtain recognition of tax-exempt status from the IRS.

Although there is no requirement to do so, many churches seek recognition of tax-exempt status from the IRS because such recognition assures church leaders, members, and contributors that the church is recognized as exempt and qualifies for related tax benefits. For example, contributors to a church that has been recognized as tax exempt would know that their contributions generally are tax-deductible. (page 3)

In other words Churches, you are not required to be 501c3 to be tax exempt, it’s just if you want state recognition for the benefit of others… and I might add so that the government can pull your strings on issues like this one.

However, even though a Church may have received 501c3 status, Congress has already imposed limitations on the IRS as to how and when they may conduct tax inquiries and examinations of churches. They can only do that “if an appropriate high-level Treasury official reasonably believes, on the basis of facts and circumstances recorded in writing, that an organization claiming to be a church or convention or association of churches may not qualify for exemption, may be carrying on an unrelated trade or business (within the meaning of IRC § 513), may otherwise be engaged in taxable activities or may have entered into an IRC § 4958 excess benefit transaction with a disqualified person.”

Even then, it provides nothing for them to be able to stop a Church’s free speech of what the Bible says to a particular issue that is in the sphere of the public.cp 11 In fact, Christians are commanded to not only preach the gospel, but also to teach all that Christ commanded (Matt. 28: 19-20) and to do so when it’s palettable and when it’s not (2 Tim. 2:4), which would include issues like abortion, sodomy, unjust money, lawbreaking, theft, taxes, and a host of instruction God has provided in His Word.

This is the same agency that has been specifically targeting American citizens politically and yet, they are claiming to now be able to investigate pastor’s sermons? I think that is the height of hypocrisy, and so does ADF’s Erik Stanley.

Stanley says there is a trust issue, and he’s right. “Especially given the recent IRS scandal,” he said. “Churches should be allowed to decide for themselves what they want to talk about. The IRS should not be the one making the decision by threatening to revoke a church’s tax-exempt status.” 

“A pastor’s speech from the pulpit should not be subject to the whims of a government official,” concluded Stanley.

I agree, they should not, but I’ll go further: They are not to be subject to the whims of government.

Pastors, it’s time to man up. I suggest ridding yourself of 501c3 status and merely keep good records if there is ever a question, and start preaching the Word of God with boldness.

For more on this subject, I highly recommend Peter Kershaw’s excellent work, “In Caesar’s Grip.”

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ACLU says Jesus is NOT an Historical Figure


The School District found itself as the center of the struggle between religious freedom and overbearing outside groups like the ACLU’s attempts to eliminate Christianity from the public forum. It was not a battle that the Jackson City School District sought, as it was obvious that the portrait of Jesus hanging on the wall with many other historical figures was not a promotion of religious ideology by they school.

Once the complaint was received, the school district chose not to remove the painting, but instead decided to allow students to hang portraits from multiple religions and belief perspectives on the wall.

The reason? School officials say that taking the picture off the wall would be censoring their students’ free speech. “It belongs to the club,” School Superintendent Phil Howard said. “It’s student speech, not government speech.”

The Hi-Y service club “owns” the picture and had decided that they wanted to keep it in the school because “the club is Christian-based andJesus it represents the club and the Christian principles that the club values.”

Sadly, the club has lost their right to associate freely in the public domain. The school district decided not to fight the ACLU and the Freedom from Religion Foundation because of the fear of a lengthy and expensive trial. The ACLU continues to use its thuggish tactics to drown out the freedom of Christians to practice their faith freely in the public arena. School Districts and local governments live in fear of reprisal from the deep pocketed and wholly despicable anti-Christian organization, and the ACLU uses this to their advantage, often winning before a trial ever begins.

That’s exactly what happened in Jackson, Ohio.

The school district settled out of court for $90,000 and the promise to remove the picture from their premises. The $90,000 will be split between the ACLU and the Freedom of Religion Foundation for damages and legal fees.

The legal director for Ohio’s ACLU chapter said,“The case could have ended before it began if the school had simply acknowledged that it is not the government’s place to endorse one specific religion in a public school that children are legally required to attend.”

Sadly, groups all over the country continue to allow the ACLU and similar organizations to continue using the same red herring to crush our religious liberties. The idea that the portrait of Jesus on a wall with numerous other historical figures was some kind of endorsement of Christianity is ludicrous.

Their actions imply that Jesus is not an important historical figure, though his life’s story changed the course of human history. The ACLU continues to bend and pervert the Constitution in a manner that befits their philosophical antipathy, and if we continue to allow their nihilistic beliefs to guide how we interact with religious beliefs in the public arena, the only outcome can be the utter repression of religious belief. Particularly Christian religious belief.


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