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The Clarion Project Newsletter for April 14, 2017


Why is the Dept. of Education Promoting Islam to School Kids? The federally-funded program is directed at children in grades 5 through 12. Get Informed


Firsthand Account: My Life as a Saudi Woman Hind, a Saudi woman, gives the readers a glimpse into life as a Saudi woman.Learn

Readers Write
Canada: The Niqab Enters the Nursery

“I for one Canadian male am completely offended. The idea of covering for Islamists is assuming all men are rapists and woman need to hide so as to not provoke them. In Canada we men pride ourselves on our civilized behavior and are in control of our carnal desires.”
Would Syria Be Better With or Without Assad?

“Iraq had a dictator, we killed him, look at that country after that and still today. Libya had a dictator, we killed him, look at that country now. I’m not praising dictators, omg no! But there seems to be a pattern here.”

The Clarion Project Newsletter for March 31 2017


Drone Video Shows ISIS Using Human Shield The Islamic State is holding 197 children as human shields in Mosul Watch


Normalizing the Hijab Islamism hits fashion in the West to affect a cultural shift. Share Your Views


Focus Efforts on Assimilation, Not Integration The difference between the two and the impact on fighting radical Islam. Join the Conversation


ISIS Threatens Iran This Islamic republic is the latest name of ISIS’ hit list Watch

Readers Write

Jailed for a Painting

“She is Kurd, female and her picture is taken as a criticism of Turkey. Three strikes against her, so she had to be jailed. This is life in Turkey.”


Normalizing the Hijab

“It isn’t that they choose to wear these things, it’s what happens to a Muslim woman when she doesn’t.”


The Clarion Project Newsletter for February 17, 2017 Facebook Twitter Youtube issue 390


Poll: Should the US Put Boots on the Ground in Syria?Poll: Should the US Put Boots on the Ground in Syria?

A Defense Department official told CNN that US ground forces could be deployed to Syria to fight ISIS. Is this a good idea? learn more


Maryland Mosque Memorializes Islamist Assassin

A celebration was held at a mosque in Pikesville for Mumtaz Qadri who killed a Pakistani governor critical of the country’s heinous blasphemy laws.

learn more

Maryland Mosque Memorializes Islamist Assassin

Trump, Netanyahu Pledge to Challenge Radical Islam

At a joint news conference in Washington DC, the United States and Israeli leaders singled out ISIS, Iran and Palestinian incitement.

learn more

Trump, Netanyahu Pledge to Challenge Radical Islam

A Bastion of Radical Islam Inside France

‘In Trappes, the French Republic no longer exists. This is a town ruled by Islamists, jihadists, the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists.’

learn more

A Bastion of Radical Islam Inside France

Greeks in Turkey on the Verge of Extinction

The population decline of Greeks in Turkey has not been due to natural causes but rather the result of state-sponsored attacks and pressure.

learn more

Greeks in Turkey on the Verge of Extinction

What Will I Wear Today? 101 to Muslim Women’s Clothing

What’s a burqa? Is it the same as an abaya or a chador? Hijab and jilbab unraveled. And how does a niqab fit in the mix? Read on…

learn more

What Will I Wear Today? 101 to Muslim Women’s Clothing


What's It Like for a Woman to Travel to Kurdistan and Saudi Arabia? What’s It Like for a Woman to Travel to Kurdistan and Saudi Arabia?

Jennifer Breedon, Clarion Project’s legal analyst, shares contrasting experiences about how she was treated by the Kurds and the Saudis.




Trump -- Palestinian children are taught hate

[The Palestinians are] taught tremendous hate…it starts at a very young age and it starts in the schoolroom.” 

– Donald Trump
President, United States of America


K.D.S. [Re:’Why Is This Happening in 2017: A Turkish Woman’s Tragedy’]: It’s coming to a town near you!! Thanks to the woman’s march, lead by Linda Souras, a Sharia Law advocate, leading all these woman to believe life for women would be better under Sharia Law in the United States.And they are listening to her!!


J.R. [Re:’‘Feminist Gov’t of Sweden’ Dons Hijabs for Iran Trade Visit’]: Commonly referred to as Stockholm Syndrome…




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The Clarion Project Newsletter for December 8, 2016 Facebook Twitter Youtube issue 369



Turkish Deputy PM on Independence

Independence means being able to stand up to kafirs (infidels) by calling them kafirs.

– Numan Kurtulmus
Turkish Deputy PM


C.K. [Re: ‘Boko Haram Raped Thousands Who Face AIDS for Life’]: While American women believe they are so oppressed… this is what is happening elsewhere in the world.


D.K. [Re: ‘Take a Look Inside the Shattered Churches of Iraq’] “First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday” is a well-known slogan in the Middle East. It means that after the Islamists finish with the Jews, they will come after the Christians.




The Clarion Project is a registered 501(c)(3). Donations are tax-deductible.

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Clarion Project I 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 1025, Washington DC 20006‏

‘UNDOCUMENTED TERRORISTS?’ — Look Who’s Joined The ‘DREAMERS’ Across the Southern Border?

waving flagPublished on August 18, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Guess who’s coming to dinner? (Hint: you won’t be serving pork!)

If ONLY someone could have warned this could happen? Like, perhaps, almost EVERYONE on the Right? And possibly Law Enforcement? Actually, Clashdaily reported on that. Terrorist cells being smuggled into America with some South American help. Kind of a big deal. Leftists didn’t care. Kept telling it was racist to want border security. And Islamophobic. Or something.

Well — just like clockwork, guess what happened?

The enemy spotted a vulnerability that we were unwilling to shore up, and they are exploiting it. Remember the “if it saves JUST ONE LIFE” bullsh*t they spew about guns? Maybe apply THAT argument HERE:

Between October 2015 and May 2016, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency, a component of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), detained 5,350 African and Asian migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to Reuters.

The apprehensions of illegals from Africa and Asia during that period marks an increase from those that took place in all of 2015 (4,261) and 2014 (1,831).

In its report, Reuters highlighted attempted entries into the U.S. by individuals from Pakistan, Syria, and Afghanistan, which the U.S. considers to be terrorism-linked countries.Do you want

Most countries considered by the U.S. government to be linked to terrorism are located in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. American border authorities are trying to stop the illegal migrants at the Mexico border with Guatemala, before they reach the United States.

So to recap: surge of people from terrorist nations showing up in Mexico. And the Democrat’s policy? “We’re too nice to secure the border!” Will those be the words with which she consoles the families?

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INTELLIGENCE CHIEFS: ISIS Plans To Carry Out BEACH Massacres At Tourist Hot Spots Disguised As…

waving flagPublished on April 19, 2016

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ISIS is planning more massacres for this summer in Europe — and the newly revealed targets are something that should have people worried. They are even planning to use sick disguises at these locations.

ISIS is planning terror attacks across Europe this summer, targeting holidaying tourists by posing as ice cream and T-shirt sellers, Italian intelligence chiefs have warned. German media reports that ISIS is sending jihadists to pretend to sell refreshments before detonating suicide vests and bombs buried under sun loungers at Spanish, French and Italian resorts.

The BND – Germany’s equivalent of MI6 – learned from its Italian counterpart of the ISIS plots to bring bloodshed to holiday resorts, popular daily newspaper BILD said on Tuesday.  According to the report the Italians were informed of the terror plans from a credible source in Africa. They say the would-be killers had formed ‘concrete plans’ to pose as refugees serving tourists with drinks and snacks or hawking beach accessories and T-shirts. BILD said the plans involve the use of automatic weapons on crowded waterfronts, suicide bombings and explosive devices buried in sand beneath sun loungers.

Read more: Daily Mail

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HORROR: Terror Group Rallies American Muslims In Effort To End Donald Trump

waving flagBy: Davis on March 26, 2016

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While billionaire businessman Donald Trump has enjoyed a large amount of popularity among Republicans and independents, many groups, and even a few countries, have been working hard to stop his rise.

The New York Times reported that the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other radical Islamic groups in America are attempting to register Muslims as voters in the hope of stopping Trump at the ballot box. CAIR, which according to Breitbart has been linked by the FBI to several terror groups, has decided that rather than condemn the actions of the Islamic State terror group, they would prefer to stop the man speaking out against radical Islamic terrorism.

“The fear and apprehension in the American Muslim community has never been at this level,” Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for CAIR, stated. “The anti-Islamic tidal wave is spurring civic participation.”Bull

America Never Forget

That supposed “anti-islamic tidal wave,” to the degree that it exists at all, would be actually the result of the population getting sick and tired of radical Islamic terror attacks occurring on a regular basis. But let’s not worry about little things like truth and logic when there is political hay to be made.

Bigotry, we’re afraid, will never die. But perhaps if the Muslim community would stand up, accept that their religion has a problem, and work to fix that problem, they wouldn’t have to be treated with as much fear and suspicion.

“The community is very anxious and afraid about our security with all the rhetoric that we hear,” said Ghazala Salam, the president of the American Muslim Democratic Caucus of Florida.culture of deceit and lies

Americans are afraid about their security and safety because radical Islamic terrorists have been trying to infiltrate our country — with some success already — and trying to kill all of us. Somehow being “afraid” of hurtful words doesn’t seem on the same level as being afraid of hearing “Allahu Akbar” and then gunshots or a massive explosion.

If only CAIR would work as hard at eliminating radical Islamic terrorism as they do fighting Republicans. If they put that kind of effort into it, we wouldn’t need to even talk about them anymore.

H/T Breitbart

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