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Terror Plot Uncovered: al Qaeda Planning Large Scale Terrorist Attack Using Commercial Airplanes around Christmas

December 1, 2014 By

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Imperial Islamic President ObamaIt was just before Christmas in 2001, on December 22 to be exact, that Richard Colvin Reid, a British National who had converted to Islam while in prison, attempted to detonate a bomb in his shoe while aboard a plane headed from Paris to Miami. Colvin had become ‘radicalized’ and even trained with al Qaeda. Now, just over 3 weeks away from Christmas, there are threats once again that al Qaeda is planning another large scale, coordinated terrorist attack using airplanes. Their targets this time are major European cities, including London.

The UK Express  reports that the plot was discovered two months ago. The plan reportedly involves smuggling a bomb aboard the plane using carry on luggage. Officials are considering a ban on carry-on luggage, as well as a ban on having cell phones and other electronics on the plane in response to this potential attack.

An airport security source told the Express, “We’ve been told that five planes are being targeted in a high-profile hit before Christmas. They’ve been waiting for the big one.”

London has a high Muslim population and a man known as Jihadi John, the individual who beheaded three Americans and one Brit, is from London. The city also had a terrorist attack on its soil in 2013 when two Muslim converts, Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, murdered and nearly decapitated soldier Lee Rigby.

With British jihadis returning from fighting alongside the Muslim terrorist group ISIS, officials are taking this threat seriously. The security official added, “The threat is aimed at Europe. The U.S has improved their security over the summer but we have not. Everyone is expecting something catastrophic very soon”.

In a speech earlier this week, Home Secretary Theresa May warned that numerous Islamic militants were looking to attack the UK.

She said: “Now the threat is more diverse in terms of the number of groups out there who will be looking to carry out attacks in the West.

“It’s also more diverse in that not everybody’s affiliated to a particular group – some are self-starting groups and you do have individuals, perhaps the “lone wolves” or the volatile individuals.

‘We have to look across the board at all sorts of threats that are out there.”

A former Home Office risk advisor in the UK, Dr. Leivesley, also said that there are concerns about female terrorists and men radicalized recently who do not fit the typical profile, but are blonde, blue-eyed, and white. She stated, “They see themselves at the forefront of attempts to change the world and are represent a very dangerous tool for the terrorists.’

“These sleepers will have been from ordinary and not very religious families and not only is the threat from them here but also when they return battle hardened from Syria and Iraq.”



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