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Teachers Union Publishes Instruction Manual from Hell – Here’s the Sick How-to Guide

Reported by Mike Landry | August 5, 2021


Prepare to be patted on the head.

And listen for the “Tsk, tsk, you don’t really understand what we’re about, dear.” That’s how it will be in Minnesota and probably elsewhere if a leftist teachers union can spread its ideas on how to respond to its promotion of critical race theory.

Before reading the following, you might want to take a deep breath and exhale or whatever it is you do to reduce stress. You might have to do that after reading it, too.

Education Minnesota is trying to counter growing community pushback against CRT around the state, so it has published a guide on how teachers should respond, a copy of which was obtained by Powerline and publicized by Minnesota’s Alpha News. First of all, the union tells teachers not to call what they’re teaching critical race theory. They know parents are catching on. And the guide presents buckets of mush designed to obscure the issue and talk down to critics.

It’s a classic snow job using the special language of “educanto,” a term coined by the late Paul Greenberg, public school critic and Pulitzer Prize-winning Arkansas newspaper editor. Education Minnesota tells teachers that when asked why they teach kids that all white people are racist, they should give the following response:

“First off, I’m thrilled you’re taking such a deep interest in how and what our kids are taught, a conversation that I feel is long overdue.

“What I know most Americans believe is that we expect our students — whatever their color or background — to be able to learn hard truths and handle honest history and civics.”

May I pat your head?

“I believe in children’s potential to meet new challenges and have an honest reckoning, and when we try to edit and distort our history, we are doing them, and our future, a disservice. My loyalty is to children and who and what they can become.”

That’s how teachers should respond to your question about their “evil white people” push. And, of course, as the left always says: It’s for the children.

Education Minnesota does more than purr in its teacher voice. In its guide for its union members, it provides does some hard-knuckle political messaging against CRT critics by presenting “Key Concepts for Responding.”

Here are excerpts:

  • “Seize the moral high ground and engage on our terms. With attention on education, let’s talk about the teaching and curricula we support and communicate how it benefits all students.”
  • “Ascribe motivations to the opposition. Instead of reflexively repeating the opposition’s claims to dispel them (e.g. ‘we are not teaching grade schoolers about XYZ’) talk about why they’re attacking standards, equity and classroom educators.”
  • “Bring the conversation back to what we want. Don’t stay on defense.”
  • “Avoid the academic term ‘critical race theory. This phrase, unfamiliar to most audiences, has been redefined by the political right as an all-purpose racial dog whistle. Talk instead about the more honest and more complete education our students deserve.”
  • “[I]t is so disappointing to see that a few billionaires, and the promoters and talking heads they pay for, have launched a national campaign to mislead Americans about the lessons educators teach about history, culture, gender and politics.”
  • “Once again, they’re trying to distract and divide us so we don’t demand the richest 1 percent and the largest corporations pay what they owe for what our communities need, like affordable health care for all.”

Leftist educators try to hide what they’re teaching, but word is getting out. The Center for the American Experiment has been monitoring CRT in Minnesota and produced a video noting instances of it. It found that in Burnsville, fourth-graders were reading a book that said police officers were “mean to black people but nice to white people” and deliberately shot black men.

  • The video cited officials in the Minneapolis suburb of Hopkins as saying school operations were built on white supremacy values of logic, linear thinking, perfectionism, objectivity and  “requiring black students to turn in assignments on time.” Letter grades are gone since they are part of “a dominant white culture.”
  • White Bear Lake sixth-graders were divided into groups based on race, sex, religion and place of birth and told to address issues of oppression and privilege.
  • Edina kindergarteners through second-graders did an exercise on how to identify themselves by their skin color. Kindergarten through second grade!
  • St. Louis Park scrapped the gifted and talented program, opening it to everyone and focusing on “anti-racist talent development.”
  • Minnesota teachers are taking anti-racism training, which, in effect, advocates new forms of racial discrimination, according to the video.

It’s not known if Minnesota schoolchildren are learning, like first- and second-graders in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, that “whiteness is a bad deal” and that if you are white, you essentially are a devil oppressing people of color, as reported Wednesday in a RealClear Policy piece that included shocking curriculum photos.

Education Minnesota defines CRT as “an academic framework that is more than 40 years old and is centered on the idea that racism is systemic, not just a product of individual bias or prejudice, and embedded in our policies legal structure.”

Indeed, CRT came from legal theorists during the 1970s and ’80s. The problem is it left the campus, and no matter how groups like Education Minnesota try to hide it, it is gumming up primary and secondary education.

Victor Davis Hanson, a classicist scholar and social commentator whose gravitas stems from also having been a farmer, points out a problem with woke nonsense being dreamed up on the college campus. College professors, Hansen has said, were once like court jesters of old. They could say all kinds of crazy things and no one was offended, not even the king, because everyone knew professors, like jesters, had no real power. Now, according to Hansen, crazy ideas have escaped the campus and are setting public policy.

It’s part of corporate wokeness, too.

Classic Marxism may have hit some resistance since its call for dividing people by income and class could be hindered by the relative affluence of most of the U.S. population, at least by world standards. But for sure, today’s Marxists are focused on dividing by race and gender to class. And critical race theory fits right in.

There’s a lot to process here: lying teachers, overt racism, emotional oppression upon very young children. You might want to take that deep breath.

Mike Landry, Contributor,

Mike Landry, PhD, is a retired business professor. He has been a journalist, broadcaster and church pastor. He writes from Northwest Arkansas on current events and business history.

Today’s TWO Politically INCORRECT Cartoons by A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco (((Past Blast))) – Defund Propaganda

This cartoon is truer today than when first drawn. Lower and higher education is nothing more than Marxist re-education camps and we’re reaping their propaganda harvest. STOP SENDING YOUR KIDS THERE!

Higher PropagandaPolitical cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

A.F. Branco Cartoon – National Emergency

Where are the Republicans in this fight? It’s time to stand up and stop looking for others to carry the ball before it’s too late.

Enemy of FreedomPolitical cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2020.
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A.F. Branco has taken his two greatest passions, (art and politics) and translated them into the cartoons that have been popular all over the country, in various news outlets including “Fox News”, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and “The Washington Post.” He has been recognized by such personalities as Dinesh D’Souza, James Woods, Sarah Palin, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, Rush Limbaugh, and has had his toons tweeted by President Trump.

High School ‘History Book’ Says, Trump Is Crazy And His Supporters are Racists

Published by on April 16, 2018

URL of the original posting site:

Isn’t it great that they’re teaching ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ at school? It’s just not so much tolerance for different perspectives or diversity of ideology.

Thomas Sowell, a great thinker wrote A Conflict of Visions in 1987. It is arguably the greatest work on the ideological gulf between the left and the right of the political spectrum that is accessible to the common man.

Watch the two fundamental visions explained here at the 1:25 mark:

That book is seriously life-changing.

Public schools only show one vision of human nature.

The latest target is President Trump.

A new AP History textbook, “By The People,” by James W. Fraser, is used in high schools for Advanced Placement courses for grades 9-12, according to the publisher’s website.

The Blaze reports that the book is biased against President Trump and his supporters. It suggests that the President might be mentally unstable and that his supporters are racist.

From the textbook (Emphasis added):

Trump’s supporters saw the vote as a victory for the people who, like themselves, had been forgotten in a fast-changing America–a mostly older, often rural or suburban, and overwhelmingly white group. Clinton’s supporters feared that the election had been determined by people who were afraid of a rapidly developing ethnic diversity of the country, discomfort with their candidate’s gender, and nostalgia for an earlier time in the nation’s history. They also worried about the mental instability of the president-elect and the anger that he and his supporters brought to the nation.

It went further:

Whatever people’s opinions, on January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of the United States. The inner circle of his advisors seemed to represent a mix of some deeply ideological conservatives, traditional politicians, and his family. His cabinet nominees were mostly highly successful business leaders who had made their fortunes and were now joining the team of another unusually successful businessman. They were largely white males, more so than any presidential cabinet since Ronald Reagan.

The textbook also speaks of Barack Obama’s administration:

Those who had long thought of the nation as a white and Christian country sometimes found it difficult to adjust.

Further, it promotes an “all-white-people-are-racists” narrative in a section about the activist group Black Lives Matter. The group entered the national stage through demonstrations it held after Michael Brown was killed by Ferguson, Missouri police in 2014.

“The nearly all-white police force was seen as an occupying army in the mostly African American town,” the book states, adding, “…police increased the tensions, defacing memorials set up for Brown and using rubber bullets on demonstrators.”
Source: The Blaze

Wow. This is unreal. Can you imagine the outrage if anyone included in an AP History textbook one negative word about Barry? Like maybe how he weaponized powerful government agencies to punish his political enemies?

That would just never fly, would it? So much for teaching students history. They’re not even giving fair coverage of recent history — like a year ago history.

No wonder Millennials are so woefully ignorant of issues — two thirds of American millennials don’t know that 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. That, Dear Readers, is both irresponsible and sad.

We need to fix our education system.

Breaking: North Korea Threatens To Sink U.S. Navy Submarine


of the original posting site:

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If it’s a day that ends in a y, there’s no doubt that Kim Jong Un’s North Korean regime is issuing a threat to the American military. This time, they targeted one of our submarines.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, the North Koreans threatened the USS Michigan, a submarine deployed by the Navy off of North Korea, with sinking.

“The moment the USS Michigan tries to budge even a little, it will be doomed to face the miserable fate of becoming a underwater ghost without being able to come to the surface,” a statement on a North Korean propaganda website read.

“The urgent fielding of the nuclear submarine in the waters off the Korean Peninsula, timed to coincide with the deployment of the super aircraft carrier strike group, is intended to further intensify military threats toward our republic,” the statement continued.

They also warned that “whether it’s a nuclear aircraft carrier or a nuclear submarine, they will be turned into a mass of scrap metal in front of our invincible military power centered on the self-defense nuclear deterrence.”

The North Koreans had previously threatened to sink the USS Carl Vinson, the aircraft carrier being sent to the region. According to CNN, is a nuclear sub that’s also equipped to deploy Navy SEALs or other special operations troops. That likely sent a red flag to the North Koreans, especially given the possibility of SEAL deployment in the region.

However, it’s pretty obvious that Lil’ Kim’s forces don’t have the ability to either sink a carrier or a nuclear submarine, particularly without serious retribution. This is yet another sign that Kim Jong In is dangerously unhinged, and that the Trump administration needs to do something about it.

H/T U.K. Independent

Media Cheerlead Obama Across Finish Line With ‘Glorious’ Jobs Picture… There’s 1 HUGE Problem

waving flagAuthored by Joe Saunders December 2, 2016

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Comrade Stalin has done it again! Those slobbering wet kisses from the media just won’t go away until Barack Obama does.

In a fit of journalistic cheerleading that should turn even liberal stomachs, a New York Times article about the latest jobs report is hailing the American economy as a blessed miracle of modern efficiency that a triumphant Obama is handing off to lucky President-elect Donald Trump.

But a reader who makes it through the first gushing paragraphs will realize why Obama’s party is no longer in power.

Under the blatantly pro-administration headline “President Obama Is Handing a Strong Economy to His Successor,” The Times trumpets Obama’s economic stewardship in language befitting the Soviet Union’s old Five-Year Plan pronouncements:

  • Private sector jobs are up! The unemployment rate is down! Those “utterly terrifying” days of the George W. Bush administration are buried deep beneath the god-like accomplishments of America’s first black president!Leftist Propagandist

Comrade Stalin has done it again!

Advertisement – story continues below

Jason Furman, chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, was particularly cloying in contrasting the economy of today with the one the country faced in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

“It was an utterly terrifying time, the likes of which none of us had ever seen in our lifetimes,” Furman told The Times, in hyperventilating prose. “The economy was following the same trajectory that it did at the beginning of the Great Depression.”

Now, Furman told The Times, “the economy today is healthy and it’s improving.”Leftist Propagandist

If all that’s true, of course, it raises the question of just why American voters rejected the president’s chosen successor in favor of a candidate and party that have made no secret of their loathing for Obama’s progressive policies and crony capitalism.

It takes a full seven paragraphs into the article before The Times suddenly changes its tune and gets down to the grim, black-and-white reality of the not-so-rosy employment picture.

For all the improvements, tens of millions of Americans understandably feel that the recovery has passed them by. Those without skills are relegated to low-paying positions without steady schedules, security and benefits. Breadwinners who once held well­-compensated manufacturing jobs are angry about being forced to settle for lower­-wage service jobs — or no jobs at all.

Profound anxiety, particularly among the white working class, about the ability to reach or comfortably remain in the middle class is one of the factors that helped propel Mr. Trump to the White House.

And right on cue in the concerted effort to portray Obama as a wise and wonderful parent handing the keys to a robust economy to a reckless teenage Trump, Politico declares in its own slavishly propagandistic piece, Trump inherits Obama boom.”


Image added by

culture-of-decietIt might come as a shock to people who sit on the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, but when five of the nation’s 10 wealthiest counties are in a collar around the nation’s capital, there might be a problem with the concentration of wealth and the men and women who are actually benefiting from the Obama Era government.

Americans outside the Beltway and its environs know that Obama’s Potemkin economy was never as good as his sycophantic media pretended, and the juggled statistics might have indicated. The official unemployment rate might indeed be low, but as Business Insider Points out, the labor force participation rate — that is, the percentage of those capable of working who are actually looking for a job — is at its lowest level since the 1970s.

Meanwhile, outside the sunny world of Beltway-area economists, the actual real-world situation isn’t nearly as sunny as The New York Times would have the country believe.

As Business Insider reports:

The big disappointment in the jobs report was wage growth. Average hourly earnings fell 0.1% from October. This was unexpected, given that the tight labor market — characterized by a record number of job openings and fewer job seekers — put some upward pressure on wages in recent months.

In other words, the unemployment rate endlessly touted by the Obama-glorifying media in the past seven-plus years is a cruel joke. It leaves out otherwise healthy individuals who have given up hope of finding work, it counts individuals who have even minimal – not-enough-to-buy-gas-with jobs – as “employed.”

In a controversial column in February 2015, Jim Clifton, president and CEO of the Gallup polling organization, blew the whistle on the whole sham:

There’s no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.


Image added by

And it’s a lie that has consequences, because the great American dream is to have a good job, and in recent years, America has failed to deliver that dream more than it has at any time in recent memory. A good job is an individual’s primary identity, their very self-worth, their dignity — it establishes the relationship they have with their friends, community and country. When we fail to deliver a good job that fits a citizen’s talents, training and experience, we are failing the great American dream.

leading-propaganda-generatorNone of that is going to make it into the mainstream media’s coverage of economic figures from the government for another two months, of course. The final days of the Obama administration are likely to be hailed as the twilight of a golden era in American prosperity. If The Times’ dishonest coverage is any indication of what’s to come from the rest of the mainstream media – and it usually is – the country can expect to hear nothing but solid economic news until at least Jan. 20 or so.

But come Jan. 21, and the first full day of the Donald Trump administration, don’t be surprised if the media suddenly report America heading back into a full-scale depression. And there will be no gushing paragraphs then.

Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies

WHOA: What MISS TEEN Said About Trump Will NOT Be Aired On CNN

waving flagPublished on October 14, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

This sheds light on their efforts to discredit him. Oh, and she GAVE them this testimony. They just won’t be using it. Can you guess why?

“I am going to be very truthful and let ABC know that Donald Trump was an absolute gentleman. I never witnessed any inappropriate behavior whatsoever the entire 2 weeks that I participated in the pageant. I’m sure that none of my interview will make the news since I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Donald. I do find it interesting and important for people to know that these are the depths the media is going to for their smear campaign,” she added.

Rickley’s praise for Trump was backed up by a former Miss Universe manager who came into contact with thousands of pageant contestants and “never heard one accusation against Mr. Trump.”Infowars

Is THIS testimony considered ‘newsworthy’?

“I’m coming forward to tell you that these accusations are wrong, they’re false. These young ladies trusted me – if ever there was a time that Mr. Trump had done anything inappropriate, they would have come to me before they would have even gone to their parents,” she said. “Those things that you’re hearing on national television – that’s wrong, it’s very wrong,” she added, calling Trump “a true gentleman”.

True gentleman? But that doesn’t fit the vicious thug narrative.

Just like telling the story that someone with the same name as one of his accusers has had a long-standing axe to grind with Trump. (see the later half of this article)

‘Skip that one, and keep looking for something juicy’ — that’s how this works, right?Leftist Propagandist

No these media organizations have a vested interest in making him look like a villain for Hillary to come in on her lily-white horse, challenge, and conquer. Come hell or high water, her media will set that story up.

Facts be damned.or a liar

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagA Whining Performance

Wednesday October 12, 2016

The mainstream media could win an Oscar for their phony trump tape outrage.

Phony Trump Outrage / Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2016.

More A.F. Branco cartoons at Patriot Update here.

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propaganda machine

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Hillary – Warts and All

Friday September 2, 2016

Warts and all – Hillary keeps on Lying About Lying. Some say she can’t help herself, it’s pathological.

Hillary Lies About Lying / Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2016.

A.F. Branco Coffee Table Book <—- Order Here!

or a liar

Ann Coulter Letter: How The Media Work

waving flagCommentary by  Ann Coulter  | 

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How The Media Work

If the media can strangle Trump by terrorizing people about everything he says, then it’s already over. I’m inclined to think Americans hate the media too much for that to work, but even sensible people can’t think straight in the middle of one of these hate campaigns.

It can be very difficult for people to overcome whatever meaning the press superimposes on what someone has said, no matter how psychotic. Throw in incessant repetition and uniform agreement among the pundits (Hillary cheerleaders versus Never Trumpers), and completely deranged interpretations become historical facts. 

Last August, Trump said the following about the way he was treated at the first GOP debate: “(Megyn Kelly) starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions, and you know, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever, but she was, in my opinion — she was off base.”

This was nearly identical to what Trump said about Chris Wallace a few sentences later: “There’s a big difference between Mike Wallace and Chris Wallace because I watched them last night, you know, blood pouring out of his eyes, too.”

Suddenly the words “her wherever” were being described as a clear-cut reference to Megyn’s menstrual blood! (I have it on good authority that Chris Wallace has never menstruated.)

Trump expressed shock, saying of his accusers, “They have all dirty minds — I never even thought about it … I was thinking of ears or nose.” (Accused by the same forces of something revolting, Whittaker Chambers gasped, “What kind of beasts am I dealing with?”)

The day after Trump allegedly referred to Megyn’s period, I happened to have a number of social engagements with people who hadn’t heard about the scandale. So I gave them Trump’s exact words, told them the media were in hysterics about it, and asked them to guess why.

None of them — an Obama-voter, a conservative actor and a union organizer — were able to guess the ludicrous interpretation being placed on Trump’s words. At least one was visibly angry about the accusation (probably because he was on his period). But after a few weeks of media propaganda, even he flipped and became totally convinced Trump was, in fact, referring to Megyn’s menstrual blood.

Most people are highly suggestible. That’s why companies spend billions of dollars on advertising.

The only way to see how media propaganda works is to remove yourself from the immediate panic. In the calm light of day — without people hectoring you from every news outlet, every moment of every day — you can clearly see that two plus two does not equal five, but four.

My entire career has been a test-run for the hounds of hell they’re unleashing against Trump on a daily basis right now. These hate campaigns were waged against me every few months for about a decade, until the media gave up and decided the better part of valor was to pretend I don’t exist. It happened so often, I can’t even remember them all, but a fan reminded me of a good one last week.

On “Good Morning America” about 10 years ago, I was asked about a (fantastic*) joke I’d told about John Edwards four months earlier. (That joke was also lied about, but that’s not today’s topic.)

Here’s the “GMA” transcript, June 25, 2007:


(Off-camera) You say you were joking.


“Oh yeah. I wouldn’t insult gays by comparing them to John Edwards. Now, that would be mean. But about the same time, you know, Bill Maher was not joking and saying he wished Dick Cheney had been killed in a terrorist attack. So I’ve learned my lesson. If I’m gonna say anything about John Edwards in the future, I’ll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot.”

I’m not a rhetorician, but I believe this would be called a “syllogism,” or “deductive reasoning”:

It is acceptable for a person to say X;

I am a person;

Therefore it’s acceptable for me to say X.

Or maybe it’s just sarcasm about the media’s rank hypocrisy.

Whatever it’s called, the screamingly obvious point was to illustrate how our constitutionally protected guardians of liberty in the press go mental over my every joke, but don’t make a peep about far more aggressive rhetoric from liberals.

Among the possible responses to what I said on “GMA” are:

— That’s different! Maher was talking about Dick Cheney.

— We have a firm policy of pretending not to understand jokes about Democrats.

— OK, OK, you’re right. We were just trying to make you cry, so you’d either come to our side or stop writing.

In the realm of the sane, however, the possible responses do not include: ANN COULTER CALLED FOR JOHN EDWARDS TO BE KILLED IN A TERRORIST ATTACK!

Guess which one the entire media went with?

Mike Baker, Associated Press, Tuesday, June 26, 2007: “Elizabeth Edwards pleaded Tuesday with Ann Coulter to ‘stop the personal attacks,’ a day after the conservative commentator said she wished Edwards’ husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, had been killed by terrorists.”

Marc Ambinder, Atlantic Online, June 26, 2007: “Coulter herself said, ‘If I’m going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I’ll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot.’”

Tom Foreman, CNN correspondent, June 27, 2007: “Conservative commentator Ann Coulter jokes about Democratic contender John Edwards being killed by terrorists.”

CNN’s Kiran Chetry, “American Morning,” June 27, 2007: “Elizabeth Edwards confronting conservative commentator Ann Coulter … She was referring to Coulter’s comments the day before when Coulter said she wished Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards had been killed by terrorists. Coulter responded to Edwards’ request with a laugh.”

Harry Smith, CBS’ “The Early Show,” June 28, 2007: “Welcome back to ‘The Early Show.’ Conservative political commentator Ann Coulter is known for making outrageous comments. This week she said Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards should be killed in a terrorist assassination plot.”More Evidence

Hundreds of news outlets repeated this lie, without even mentioning Maher — i.e., what we call “the point” — although a few sportsmen included vague references to Maher’s comment deep within their stories.

This isn’t taking something “out of context”it’s a lie. Try quoting the full sentence! Ironically, the media’s rewrite pretty forcefully proved my point about the gigantic double standard for liberals and conservatives: In order to prove I was a monster, the media put a liberal’s words in my mouth — the exact same words they hadn’t minded when a liberal said them.

I keep hearing abstract claims about Trump being “out of control,” making “mistakes,” saying “outrageous” things, but whenever I ask for a specific example, all I get are the media’s apocryphal versions of what Trump has done — never something he actually did.

All campaign news coverage today is an adaptation of MSNBC’s “In Other Words” game, where a Republican saying, “I don’t think Obama has been a good president” becomes HE CALLED OBAMA THE N-WORD!

The media may think their versions are logical extensions of what Republicans have said, but this is a presidential election. I think voters deserve to hear the truth and not Rachel Maddow’s demented translations.

(*I’m not a professional comedian, but when a room full of 7,000 college Republicans laugh — it was funny.)

propaganda machine or a liar Never-Hillary-Egl-sm fight Picture1 true battle In God We Trust freedom combo 2


waving flagPosted by WWW.CAUSES.COM

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In the game of chess, your goal is to know the other person’s moves in advance.


That I’m wrong, but during, and after, both Political Conventions there will be major riots. race-baiters, anarchists, political radicals, and possibly, even some Islamic Terrorists and major news networks will use this period for complete mayhem and wave the flames of hate and division… Everyone and everything will be blamed, but the true sources of hate and evil…TRUMP, POLICE, Republican racism, the list will be long.

free speech fight When tolerance becomes a one way street Picture1 true battle Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2


waving flag

  Drawn by Chip Bok – Friday, June 17, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Drawn by Gary Varvel – Monday, June 20, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Drawn by Lisa Benson – Friday, June 17, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

When tolerance becomes a one way street

Prayer for revival


Portland public schools ban textbooks that cast doubt on climate change

Published May 22, 2016

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (right) greets Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group, as Al Gore, former vice president of the United States, looks on during welcome reception for the Climate Action 2016 summit on May 5, 2016.  (Credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (right) greets Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group, as Al Gore, former vice president of the United States, looks on during welcome reception for the Climate Action 2016 summit on May 5, 2016. (Credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)

WarningThe Portland Public Schools board voted last week to ban any materials that cast doubt on climate change, the Portland Tribune reported. According to the resolution passed May 17, the school district must remove any textbooks and other materials that suggest climate change is not occurring or that says human beings are not responsible for it.

“A lot of the text materials are kind of thick with the language of doubt, and obviously the science says otherwise,” said Bill Bigelow, a former Portland public school teacher who worked to present the resolution. Bigelow says textbook publishers are yielding to pressure from fossil fuels companies. “We don’t want kids in Portland learning material courtesy of the fossil fuel industry.”Words

One commenter to the Portland Tribune story responded to the news, saying, “I have never seen a case for homeschooling more clearly put forward. This is further proof that public schools are not interested in education, only political indoctrination.”AMEN

A petition, meanwhile, circulated by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM) currently lists nearly 32,000 signers, including 9,000 Ph.D.s, who say, “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.”hysteria

Still, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says addressing the issue of global warming will help to improve public health, according to U.S. News & World Report.

“I don’t want people to think that EPA is just about big rules, or that climate change is just about polar bears,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said. “It really is about direct public health issues like asthma and kids, like cardiovascular and pulmonary disease associated with air pollution.”Picture3

The Portland decision comes weeks after Yale University announced its climate change program will close at the end of June.

The shuttering follows three consecutive years of budget cuts for the program, which was established eight years ago to conduct climate change research. The impending closure was announced in an email from the institute’s co-directors, geology and geophysics professors David Bercovici and Jay Ague, and reported by the Yale Daily News.

“While not all good things have to come to an end, sometimes they just do,” the email dated May 2 said.

Picture1 true battle Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

White House’s Pro-Iran ‘Propaganda Operation’ May Violate U.S. Law

waving flag

BY:  May 17, 2016 2:15 pm

White House / AP

The Obama administration’s efforts to create a so-called “echo chamber” meant to mislead reporters and lawmakers about the substance of last summer’s comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran may have violated U.S. laws against the establishment of domestic propaganda outfits, according to testimony to Congress by a former Pentagon adviser.

Top U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, may have fallen victim to a massive spin operation helmed by White House national security adviser Ben Rhodes, who has come under intense scrutiny following a magazine profile detailing his efforts to mislead the American public and prominent D.C. insiders about the Iran deal, according to testimony offered Tuesday before the House Oversight Committee.

The administration late Monday declined to make Rhodes available to testify to Congress about his press operation, which was run out of the White House by Rhodes and other top members of the National Security Council.

In lieu of Rhodes, the Oversight Committee invited three former U.S. officials to discuss the ways in which the pro-Iran effort intentionally misinformed Congress and negatively impacted American national security.

Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser who testified, told the Washington Free Beacon following the hearing that Congress has grounds to launch an investigation into whether these efforts may have violated U.S. laws against the establishment of domestic propaganda campaigns targeting Americans.

“Rhodes essentially bragged about creating a propaganda operation,” Rubin told the Free Beacon. “It wasn’t simply about spin, rather, it was about denying facts he knew to be true, feeding outright lies into the mainstream press through sympathetic enablers and supposed independent experts on the Ploughshares trough whom he knew were anything but independent.”Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies

“In effect,” Rubin explained, “he was running a propaganda operation against the American public and other officials. There are laws against that. Unfortunately, it seems that Kerry himself—a person whom even staffers have described as too credulous—got caught in that web.”

Questions remain about whether Kerry ever received impartial information from experts functioning outside of Rhodes’ so-called echo-chamber, Rubin said.

“In essence, did Rhodes—working from the National Security Council, a body that was always supposed to coordinate policy across agencies and not run a spin war room—craft propaganda that was fed to State Department leaders through unofficial channels by a network of experts who had financial incentive to amplify what he said?” Rubin asked.Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies

Rubin further explained during his testimony how Rhodes may have deceived Kerry as part of the operation, a situation that raises questions about whether the secretary of state was negotiating with Iran from a sound position.

“Rhodes has placed the security of the U.S. and its allies at risk,” Rubin testified. “Certainly any dissemination of falsehoods to Congress and the American people warrants a broader investigation. National security and Congress’ credibility are at risk.”Pitiful-Deal-NRD-600

Rubin expressed concern that “by creating an echo chamber and only talking to people in it, in effect, what Rhodes did was create a propaganda operation in which he entrapped none other than Secretary of State John Kerry. Did Secretary of State Kerry talk to people outside the echo chamber? If not, then he’s a victim of Ben Rhodes as well.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah), the committee’s chairman, expressed frustration at the White House’s decision to bar Rhodes from testifying. Chaffetz has suggested that Rhodes could be subpoenaed to testify in the future.

“The White House on Thursday claimed that this wasn’t about exec privilege, then, less than 24 hours, before this hearing they reversed course,” Chaffetz said. “Now who’s being inconsistent?”

“You had plenty of times, Mr. Rhodes, to go out and talk to your media friend in the echo chamber” before showing up to testify, he said.Suicide-USA-NRD-600

Michael Doran, a former senior director of the White House National Security Council under George W. Bush, said that the White House still has not publicly revealed the complete contents of the nuclear deal.

“In my view, the creation of the echo chamber and war room [by Rhodes] constitutes a deception of the American people,” Doran said at the hearing. “We do not actually know what is in the Iran deal. We still to this day do not know.”IranKerry

The White House’s spin operation effectively created a false narrative about Iranian moderates rising to power in the Islamic Republic, according to Doran, who explained that this false narrative set the stage for negotiations to take place.

The deepening scandal surrounding the White House campaign prompted a call from leading senators on Monday for President Barack Obama to fire Rhodes, according to a letter sent to the White House and first reported by the Free Beacon.

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Transgender Claims Security Escorted Him Out Of NC Public Restroom, Video Reveals Different Story

waving flagReported by Kevin Whitson May 2, 2016

Transgen-600-CI-1Some predicted it would only be a matter of time before someone challenged North Carolina’s HB2 law concerning transgender bathrooms. That day is now here. Alexis Adams, a male who has transitioned to female, was allegedly escorted out of the women’s restroom by security at the Durham Transit Center after claiming a janitor confronted him and told him to use the men’s restroom.

Last week, Adams told WTVD News how the incident affected him, saying, “I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak. I was speechless … It was embarrassing. I was outed in front of everybody.” Adams claimed he felt helpless, “I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t fight it. I couldn’t tell them you’re wrong because it is the law,” he said.

However, newly released footage is telling a different story. In fact, local police investigating the claims told the press they were unable to corroborate Adams’ story.

Footage shows Adams entering the women’s restroom. The video then shows a janitor entering the restroom, as well. Adams exits the restroom, leaves the building, and walks down the street with a man who was apparently waiting for him. There was no confrontation with security. There was no perceived embarrassment of Adams by any bystanders, and no display of emotion was noted on security footage. Adams simply entered the restroom, then exited the building.

(Go to to view video)

big lie

Picture4While there may have been some kind of confrontation between the janitor and Adams, neither the police, nor the Transit Authority have been able to confirm, after interviewing employees, anything Adams said of the incident is factual.WTVD News Reporter Tim Pulliam confronted Adams with the footage. “You told us security was called and police escorted you out of the restroom. But we don’t see that in the video,” Pulliam said. Adams hesitated, but stuck to the story telling Pulliam, “I can’t … I guess you just had to be there to witness it. Security did ask me to leave the premises. They might not have dragged me out of the bathroom, but they were there.”Picture5

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Social Engineering Through The Propaganda of the Republican Presidential Race

waving flagReported by David Risselada

“The push for global government will not stop, manipulating the public to its acceptance is all that is needed.”propaganda machine

What exactly is propaganda? Most people understand that it is the spread of misinformation intended to push a cause, or a political agenda. Throughout the past century, social scientists have learned, and perfected, the methods of making people accept their propaganda as fact. Joseph Goebbels is, of course, remembered as Adolph Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda and is often times quoted as saying that a lie told often enough will eventually be accepted as truth. In fact, he believed the bigger, more outrageous the lie the better because people would never believe someone would try to pass off such an obvious misrepresentation of the truth. He also believed that the truth was the biggest enemy to the state and that brute force should be used to suppress it. We are rapidly reaching that point in America.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels

We also know that manipulation of the environment can be used as a means of implementing propaganda. B.F. Skinner found that people have a desire to conform, to not stand out. It was quickly realized that this could be used to the controllers advantage as it came to light that environmental circumstances can influence a person’s behavior. Thus, the use of fear and deliberate propaganda campaigns were created with the intention of creating an illusion; a stage show if you will, designed to keep the masses distracted by keeping us focused only on issues that push their agenda.

People who get along together well under the mild contingencies of approval and disapproval are controlled as effectively as (and in many ways more effectively than) the citizens of a police state. (Skinner, 91)The Leftist Propagandist

This quote essentially means that people can be manipulated into going with the flow out of a fear of either being for or against any particular issue. Look at what this concept is doing to our presidential race. The argument between the Trumpeters and the Cruzers both is reaching new heights as you either jump on board with a particular candidate, or risk being ostracized. The paralysis displayed by Republicans in congress when it comes to stopping Obama’s agenda is another good example. They are more afraid of appearing “partisan” and unable to compromise than they are of anything else. This is all a deliberate application of propaganda designed to push the values of the voter to the left.

When it comes to politics, everything is propaganda. By now, most of us have come to realize that there is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats; however, they are too quick to assume that an outsider like Donald Trump is truly an outsider, or Ted Cruz is the next Reagan. In order to elaborate on this further, let’s go back to the Manual on Psychopolitics that is often discussed here at  In order to understand this fully you have to come to accept that our nation has been marked for conquest, and when Obama said fundamental transformation, he meant transformation to a socialist/communist state, period.

If we could effectively kill the national pride and patriotism of just one generation we will have won the country. Therefore; there must be continual propaganda abroad to undermine the loyalty of the citizens in general and the teen ager in particular. The Textbook on Psychopolitics

Very few patriots would argue against the notion that there is a deliberate effort to undermine our sense of nationalism. Where the people split is the presidential race. Is Donald Trump or Ted Cruz the best candidate? Considering the statement above concerning “continual propaganda,” is it possible that these two were deliberately selected by the left because they already knew it would undermine the conservative movement and cause this division? Is it possible that Donald Trump is acting as an agent of social change put in place to make you accept things that eight years ago you wouldn’t have even considered? That is how a social change campaign works, by slowly changing the public’s consciousness on social issues.  This has to be considered as a possibility because Donald Trump has donated money to the very politicians we are angry at, has admitted to buying off politicians, has publicly declared that he can change to whatever he wants to be, once proclaimed he was for an assault weapons ban and publicly declared  he was for socialized medicine. In other words, he admitted that he was a progressive and expressed favor for things we adamantly oppose; yet, because he is so focused on the issue of immigration, (which, considering all things discussed could be a deliberate attempt to cement in your mind a problem that must be solved so you will compromise your other principles in order to solve it,) the masses are willingly ignoring these facts about him and blindly going along, kind of like Obama voters.

Please don’t mistake this as advertising for Ted Cruz, the man was born in Canada and his wife co-authored a document with the Council on Foreign Relations describing the plans for a North American Union. This makes the points being made in this article more relevant because this issue is causing great strife between Trump supporters and Cruz supporters. Instead of focusing on the left, conservatives are busy trying to prove to one another the downfalls of each other’s candidates.AMEN

Either the points made about each candidate are true, or it is all deliberately placed misinformation designed to undermine our resolve and split the Republican Party. Either way, this is exactly what is happening. It is due time conservatives stop bickering over a narrative defined for us and demand that conservatives who believe in liberty and the values we hold dear be selected to be our candidate. Not people with the numerous question marks surrounding their campaigns.

Remember, Goebbels said that repeating a lie often enough would eventually make it the truth. Well, here at I’ve decided to apply that same concept except I am going to keep repeating certain truths until people get it. One of these truths is best expressed through a quote found in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and in my opinion, it best describes what we are witnessing today.

There’s another reason for working inside the system. Dostoevski said that taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution.Alinsky Rules for Radicals

By accepting Ted Cruz or Donald Trump as our presidential candidates we are signaling to the left that we are willing to surrender certain values in order to solve problems they have forced upon us. It’s that simple, we are being socially engineered. Of course, this is just my opinion.

Article reposted with permission from

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ONE DAY AFTER BRUSSELS BOMBINGS: The New York Times Issued this Warning and it’s Not What You Think

waving flagPosted on March 23, 2016

Nytimes_hqThis is so far beyond ridiculous and disrespectful to the victims of the bombings.

It’s been only a day since the bombings in Brussels, and the New York Times has issued a warning. No – it isn’t a warning of ISIS carrying out more attacks. It was a warning to reject the rhetoric of Donald Trump. As the Washington Examiner reported:

The New York Times editorial board responded to a wave of terror attacks that washed over Brussels early Tuesday morning by begging its readers to reject the rhetoric of billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

The appropriate response to the attacks, which have so far claimed the lives of 34 people, is “courage and steadfastness in the face of a threat that will take many years to eliminate,” the board wrote.

“It emphatically does not mean hysterical fearmongering of the sort promptly voiced by politicians like Donald Trump,” they added.Leading Propaganda Generator

Call it “hysterical fearmongering” all you want – but he’s the only candidate who’s actually offered solutions in response to the attacks. Isn’t it liberals who mock conservatives for praying after tragedies instead of taking action to prevent them?

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Bonus Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Black Votes Matter

Black Votes Matter to Hillary and The Democrat party, even if they have to lie in order to get them.

Black Votes Matter / Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2016 – Revised from 2014.

A.F. Branco Coffee Table Book <—- Order Here!

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Islamic State Facts Every American Must Know

waving flagby Mary Chastain  7 Dec 2015

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has been terrorizing the Middle East for almost three years. Unfortunately, the mainstream media and President Barack Obama act as if they want the public to remain ignorant about a radical Islamic group so horrific that al-Qaeda does not want anything to do with them.

These are the facts that every American must know.


Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. If it is a social media outlet, ISIS knows how to use it to amp up their recruits and spread their message.

In February, former National Security Council staffer Hillary Mann Leverett claimed the terrorist group sends out 90,000 social media messages a day. While that seems like a lot, others believe the number is actually double that number.

“My best estimate is something over 200,000 a day, including retweets, but that comes with a lot of caveats,” explained J.M. Berger, a non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution. “It is not entirely possible to break down members vs. fanboys and the bulk of accounts don’t visibly differentiate. But a plurality of the accounts we examined for the study appeared to be based in Iraq and Syria.”

Breitbart News regularly reports how militants use social media to recruit Westerners, especially women. The Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the International Center for the Study of Radicalization at King’s College discovered that the feeling of “sisterhood” was just as much of a draw as finding a mujahid groom for the majority of women from the West.


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.07.06 PM

The squabble between Turkey and Russia pushed the subject of ISIS-controlled oil fields into the headlines. Both countries accuse each other of purchasing oil from ISIS, but how much does that give the group?

In July 2014, experts believed oil earned ISIS at least $3 million a day, or roughly $90 million a month. The group captured numerous oil fields in Syria’s Diar Alzour province, including the Omar oil field. Almost a year later, the U.S. claimed ISIS was weakening, but militants “seized most of the Baiji oil refinery, the largest in Iraq.”

Other analysts said that ISIS only makes $2 million a month from oil, which is around $24 million a year.


On, November 17, GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush tweeted out this picture of the caliphate.

The picture shows the state ISIS has formed so far is about the size of Indiana, with over 8 million residents. They established Raqqa, Syria, as the capital of their caliphate. In 2014, one publication said the the caliphate sized at 12,000 square miles while others put it at 35,000 miles. Either way, one thing remains constant: “They would like the entire world to be Muslim, but they want the world to be Muslim in a very, very narrowly defined manner,” said William Beeman, chair of the anthropology department at the University of Minnesota. “They are fundamentalist Muslims and their idea of Islam is quite different from the rest of the Islamic world.”


In October, FBI Director James Comey told intelligence officials his department is currently running at least 900 investigations against alleged ISIS operatives in America. However, the stats also showed that the majority of Americans are not fleeing to ISIS. That only means the domestic threat rises if they stay in the states.


Comey also alerted the nation that ISIS “tentacles” spread to all 50 states. Unfortunately, though, potential recruits and ISIS use encrypted software to communicate.

“ISIS is sending a poisonous message that buzzes in the pockets of troubled souls, unmoored people, all day long,” said Comey. “The challenge we face is finding those needles in a nationwide haystack, assessing where they are on a spectrum between consuming this poison and acting on it, and disrupting them before they act.”


The second amendment clearly states that “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” But Sunday night, President Barack Obama pushed for more gun control at the federal level by urging Congress to make sure people on the federal no-fly list can buy a gun. However, that list is far from perfect.

On December 1,

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) revealed an investigation in August showed 72 employees of the Department of Homeland Security were on the watch list. This led to Lynch and other Democrats voting with Republicans on a bill to “ramp up screening requirements for Syrian and Iraqi refugees.” He said:

Back in August, we did an investigation—the inspector General did—of the Department of Homeland Security, and they had 72 individuals that were on the terrorist watch list that were actually working at the Department of Homeland Security. The director had to resign because of that. Then we went further and did and eight-airport investigation. We had staffers go into eight different airports to test the department of homeland security screening process at major airports. They had a 95 percent failure rate. We had folks—this was a testing exercise, so we had folks going in there with guns on their ankles, and other weapons on their persons, and there was a 95 percent failure rate.

Which leads us to the final fact:


The no-fly list mentioned 72 Homeland Security employees. In the past, the name “T. Kennedy” appeared on the list, causing troubles for former Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA). Civil Rights icon

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) ended up on the list, which caused numerous headaches and travel delays. Babies and toddlers remained on the list.

But Obama and Democrats want to rely on the list, even though San Bernardino terrorists Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik never appeared on the list. They slaughtered 14 people in cold blood. Investigators believe Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS. Others said the bombs the couple made mirrored those in al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine. CBS confirmed reports that both of the attackers viewed ISIS propaganda online.

They never once appeared on the no-fly list.

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Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is A Manipulative Tool For Centralizing Power

waving flagAuthored by Ginni Thomas, Contributor, 10/10/2015

URL of the original posting site:

A former intelligence analyst, Stella Morabito, who grew up in a left-wing family and calls herself a “realist,” is speaking out about mass manipulation, political correctness and the transgender agenda. Her writings at The Federalist got the attention of Rush Limbaugh back in June when he seemed fascinated by her piece on mass delusion. A subsequent related piece is here.

In this exclusive video interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation, she details how the left uses mass manipulation techniques to confuse Americans and grab power. She condemns conservatives for not even realizing the behavior modification techniques being employed in the political square, such as those encouraged by liberals such as Cass Sunstein, who wrote the book “Nudge” or George Lakoff.

It was a project of cultural Marxists to capture the mediating institutions in our culture for ideological gain – the media, Hollywood, pop culture, academia and more. “If you push an agenda to centralize power, you need mass ignorance and effective propaganda.”

Morabito says political correctness provides “a semantic fog where manipulation can occur under the cause of deathguise of being fair or non-discriminatory.”

She details three tactics of the manipulation she observes. These include being subtle enough that people are not aware of the manipulation, changing our language to achieve thought control and the leverage of social isolation being used to force conformity to the elite’s narratives.

As for those who dissent from the elite’s orthodoxy or narratives, Morabito praises their courage. She mentions three positive possibilities of people who have the courage to be politically incorrect against the dominant narratives in this culture.  First, such a neighbor or friend could embolden a like-minded person who is fearful, causing a positive “ripple effect.” Second, they could influence a “fence-sitter” by nudging deeper thinking, she says. And lastly, even if the listener disagrees and rejects your point of view, you may water down the stereotype or caricature made of those who hold core American principles.

Morabito continues by discussing the emergence of gender identity theorists who seek a gender-less society and maximum conformity in order to amass power. She discusses the newly-introduced Equality Act and how dangerous its scope is.

Near the end, she condemns Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner for living out how he subjectively imagines a woman’s life to be. She says this is merely part of the mass confusion where there is “more detachment from reality to make us think we’re happy.”



The Leftist Propagandist In God We Trust freedom combo 2


Facts Don’t Work on Gun Control, so Obama Uses Emotion

waving flagPosted by David Limbaugh David Limbaugh | Oct 06, 2015

Politicizer in Chief
In his speech on the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon last week, President Obama sounded more Second Amendmentupset about America’s gun laws than about the horrific massacre. We barely had the preliminary facts about the shooting, the shooter and the victims, and he was already lecturing the nation again on gun control.

Instead of calling the nation to prayer, he said we would learn about the victims in the coming days and then “wrap everyone who’s grieving with our prayers and our love.” Those words out of the way, he immediately pivoted to complaining that “our thoughts and prayers are not enough. It’s not enough. It does not capture the heartache and grief and anger that we should feel (or) prevent this carnage from being inflicted someplace else in America — next week or a couple of months from now.”

We didn’t hear much “heartache and grief” in his speech, but his anger was palpable. It wasn’t anger at the shooter, and it wasn’t sympathy for the victims. It was outrage — or apparent outrage — at America’s Second Amendment advocates.

“We are the only advanced country on earth,” said Obama, “that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months. … The United States … is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common-sense gun-safety laws — even in the face of repeated mass killings.” He said these events happen so often that they’ve “become routine. … We’ve become numb to this.”More Liberal Gibberish

He may speak for himself, of course, but I don’t know too many people, especially gun rights advocates, who are numb to such savagery. Many of us believe our society would be safer against gun violence if there weren’t so many “gun-free” zones and if we had more armed guards.Picture1

As he has so often done before the powder is dry after similar incidents, he used his bully pulpit (emphasis on “bully”) to misstate statistics as if he were trying for a record number of Pinocchios from fact-checkers.

He said: “We know that states with the most gun laws tend to have the fewest gun deaths. So the notion that gun laws don’t work — or just will make it harder for law-abiding citizens, and criminals will still get their guns — is not borne out by the evidence.”Lies Lies and More Lies

What he conveniently omitted is that Oregon had recently strengthened its laws on gun sales and is above No-weapons-590average among the states on gun regulation. It is one of only 18 states that require universal background checks before the sale of any firearm.

Being a proud Chicagoan, Obama is surely aware that his beloved city, which has distinguished itself in recent years for epic gun violence and death, is in a state that has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. How, then, can he claim that gun laws work? And how would implementing his idea of “common-sense gun-safety laws” make sense?

Though the United States has a high actual number of fatalities from mass shootings given its larger population, Obama ignores that other nations — such as Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Israel and Switzerland, which all have restrictive gun laws — have higher ratios of such shootings per capita.Guns

The president also fails to acknowledge author John Lott’s findings as of 2010 that all the multiple-victim public shootings (where three or more were killed) in Western Europe and in the United States occurred where civilians were not allowed to carry guns.

Charles C.W. Cooke, in his “The Conservatarian Manifesto,” urges that we regularly debunk “the claim that America is in the midst of a gun-violence ‘epidemic’. … Two reports, both released in May 2013, revealed a striking drop in gun crime over the past twenty years.” Cooke writes that “during the very period that gun laws have been dramatically liberalized across the whole country, gun crime has dropped substantially.”Down-by-Lib-600-CI

In his rant, Obama didn’t just distort the evidence. He effectively accused the Republican Congress of allowing these deaths by opposing gun control laws for political reasons, proving that projection is still an important weapon in his partisan arsenal. At a time when he should be using his office and his influence to urge healing and unity, Obama uses them for strident community organizing to advance his agenda.

It is instructive that Obama rages at conservatives and scapegoats the weapons themselves rather than the criminals involved or the state of the human condition that underlies their actions.Armed

It is remarkable that he demands an unconstitutional and meaningless change in the laws purportedly to save innocent lives but vigorously opposes all laws that would protect innocent babies in the womb.

And it is disgraceful that he seeks to inflame our emotions to seduce us into ignoring the facts and suspending our critical faculties long enough to surrender our vital Second Amendment rights.

 Disarmed Citizenry The Leftist Propagandist  In God We Trust freedom combo 2

NEW SHOCKING DETAILS EMERGE: About The Christians Slaughtered On Oregon Campus

waving flagWritten by Wes Walker on October 5, 2015

War on Christians

It turns out we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with the slaughter of those students at Umpqua Community College. We had already seen glimpses of the killer’s hatred — especially of Christians — in the initial accounts of surviving witnesses. But others are now painting a more complete picture of his cruelty.

He said he’d spare an 18 year old girl if she begged for her life. She begged. He shot her anyway.

The doomed Christians were ordered to crawl to the middle of the room before being shot dead.

Evidence already suggests that this was planned some time before. It was calculated, deliberate. He wanted people to die. We know by his choice of victims that this was not random. He hated a particular, identifiable group. He hated Christians and wanted them to die.CP 01

Any other group so clearly singled out, and the bandwagon would inevitably roll out some kind of a hashtag-lives-matter campaign — vigils, t-shirts, the whole shebang.

As Caleb Howe rightly points out, when the narrative suits the usual talking heads, they will dive headlong into questions of “motivation”. But this tragedy didn’t play by their rules. There is no helpful racial angle, no way to blame the victims. So, in keeping with that “never let a crisis go to waste” motto, they are trying to bring the story back to that well-worn path: gun control.

Never let the story get away from the intended narrative. And definitely steer it away from any conversation about the growing number of Christians targeted by violence.Combined

No, they will steer this story back to gun control. Of course they will. They have to.

Because where we see a tragedy born out of cruel hate, they see an opportunity to harness public emotion for political advantage. Public emotion is gold for politicos with big goals and weak arguments. It’s undirected angst looking for answers, and just look who’s ready to ride in on that white horse to save the day.

Gun control. That’s the solution, right?

If only those students, the ones begging for their lives, and crawling across the floor under a sadist’s gaze had been somewhere else — somewhere safe. Maybe in a gun-free zone. That would have changed everything… right?

Knuckle-dragger that I am, maybe I’m just too thick to see they’ve got a valid point. I mean, just look at how safe their gun laws have made Chicago.

The Leftist Propagandist Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies In God We Trust freedom combo 2

MARINES PUT MUSLIMS ON BLAST: These Billboards Will Make You Scream Like A Bald Eagle

waving flagPosted on September 28, 2015

Bp5MuPrCEAE98wuIf ISIS wants to spread their propaganda, why can’t our Marine tell them what their fate will be? Can you say ‘Hoorah’? I knew you could. 

Heart In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagThe Hillary Times

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagWhere?

BREAKING REPORT=> SMOKING GUN! US Was Running Weapons Thru Benghazi to Syria

waving flagPosted by Jim Hoft on Monday, May 18, 2015

FOX News confirmed today that the US ran guns from Benghazi to Syria before the attack on the US consulate on September 11, 2012. The US Ambassador to Libya and three others were killed in the terrorist attack. The Obama administration were running weapons to Syria.
benghazi guns syria

FOX News reported Monday that the US was sending guns to Banias and Borj Islam, Syria before the Benghazi terrorist attack.

US Intelligence agencies were fully aware that weapons were moving from the terrorist stronghold in Libya to Syria before the attack that killed four Americans…

September 16, 2012 DIA Memo copied to the National Security Council, CIA, and others concluded the Benghazi terrorist attack was planned at least ten or more days in advance…

The memo also tied the attack to 9-11… No discussion of a demonstration or anti-Mohammad video.

US officials were aware that weapons were being shipped to Syria by the Port of Benghazi.

The US was in fact running guns from Benghazi to Syria when the annex and consulate were attacked.Party of Deciet and lies

Senator Rand Paul questioned Hillary Clinton about this gun running program back in January 2013 during her testimony on the Benghazi terrorist attack. Hillary Clinton said she did not know about the program while testifying under oath.
Here is the transcript:

Sen. Rand Paul: My question is, is the US involved in any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya?

Hillary Clinton: To Turkey? I’ll have to take that question for the record. That’s, nobody’s ever raised that with me.

Sen. Rand Paul: It’s been in news reports that ships have been leaving from Libya and that they may have weapons. And what I’d like to know is, that annex that was close by, were they involved with procuring, buying, selling, obtaining weapons and were any of these weapons being transferred to other countries? ANy countries, Turkey included?

Hillary Clinton: Well, Senator you’ll have to direct that question to the agency that ran the annex. And, I will see what information was available.

Sen. Rand Paul: You’re saying you don’t know?

Hillary Clinton:I do not know.I don’t have any information on that.Clinton Democrat Party

Rand Paul accused the Obama administration in January 2013 of running guns to Syrian rebels.
Rand Paul was right.






Toady’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Obama Economy

Many Clinton charity donors also got State Department awards under Hillary

waving flagBy Sarah Westwood | April 23, 2015 

Enemy-Email-NRD-600Twenty-two of the 37 corporations nominated for a prestigious State Department award — and six of the eight ultimate winners — while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State were also donors to the Clinton family foundation. The published donor records of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation don’t give exact dates or amounts of its contributors, but it is possible to create a general timeline for when many of the corporations donated and when they were either nominated or selected for the award.

  • Silicon Valley giant Cisco was the biggest foundation contributor nominated in 2009, giving the Clinton charity between $1 million and $5 million. The company then won the award in 2010 when eight of the 12 finalists and two of the three winners had donated to the foundation.
  • The other Clinton contributor to win that year, candy-maker Mars, Inc., had given between $25,000 and $50,000. Coca-Cola was the most generous foundation donor to be honored as a finalist in 2010, giving a $5-10 million donation.
  • TOM’s Shoes, a 2009 winner for its work in Argentina, donated between $100,000 and $250,000.
  • The other 2009 winner, Trilogy International Partners, gave between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Overall, seven of the 10 finalists in 2009 were foundation donors.
  • Seven of the 12 finalists for the award in 2011 gave to the charity. One of the winners, Procter & Gamble, had contributed $1-5 million. The other 2011 winner, Sahlman Seafoods, does not appear to have been a donor.
  • Tiger Machinery, a 2011 finalist, is the Russian dealer of Caterpillar, Inc. tractors and other heavy equipment. Caterpillar gave between $1,000 and $5,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
  • Intel, another Silicon Valley giant, was nominated for an award each year of Clinton’s time in office, winning the award in 2012. The technology company donated between $250,000 and $500,000.
  • Five of the eight finalists and one of the two winners were foundation donors in 2012. A finalist that year, Esso Angola, is an international subsidiary of Exxon-Mobil, a prolific contributor to the Clinton Foundation. Exxon-Mobil gave between $1 million and $5 million.Party of Deciet and lies

Each of the companies listed appear to have made at least a portion of their donations before 2013. However, the Clinton Foundation’s vague listings prevent a more thorough review.

Kerry Humphrey, spokesman for the department’s Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, said “senior representatives” from multiple federal agencies selected winners from among those nominated by U.S. embassies for “corporate excellence” abroad, including “demonstrating respect for human rights” and “promoting respect for the environment.”

The early days of Clinton’s second presidential campaign have been overshadowed by widespread criticism from across the political spectrum of foreign donations to the former chief U.S. diplomat’s family foundation, as well of her use of a private email and server to conduct government business while Secretary of State. She then unilaterally destroyed an estimated 30,000 emails she claimed were personal.

A forthcoming book by Peter Schweizer called Clinton Cash purports to show “a pattern of financial transactions involving the Clintons that occurred contemporaneous with favorable U.S. policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds.”In Review OARLogo Picture6

Ann Coulter Letter: Hands Up, Don’t Discriminate Against Gays!

Ann Coulter  | 

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Hands Up, Don't Discriminate Against Gays!

Happy National Hate Week! Today, we’re all hating on Indiana. Who will be the left’s Emmanuel Goldstein next week?

Evidently, the sole function of the media these days is to subject the public to a steady stream of manufactured events: “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”; nuclear power kills; Lena Dunham’s rape by a college conservative at Oberlin; the “mattress girl” raped at Columbia University; Jon Stewart is funny; a fraternity gang-rape at the University of Virginia; and a law protecting religious freedom will lead to separate water fountains for gays in Indiana.

The whole country has to keep being dragged through these liberal hate campaigns, but as soon as the precipitating event turns out to be a gigantic hoax, the truth is revealed like a bedtime story being read to a child: The ending is whispered and the narrator tiptoes out of the room.

Here’s a time-saver: Whenever one of these conscience-shocking stories is promoted to front-page status by The New York Times and involves:

  • police brutality;
  • the environment;
  • a campus rape; or
  • gays;

… you can be pretty confident it’s a hoax. As the saying goes, it didn’t happen until it’s reported by The New York Times, and not even then.

  • Many months, several million wasted taxpayer dollars and one cop’s career later, even Eric Holder’s Justice Department finally admitted that the whole “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” story was bunk.
  • After the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan four years ago, Bill Nye “the (self-proclaimed) Science Guy” gravely informed CNN viewers, “This is all bad and very scary. … You know, it’s nothing but danger. It’s nothing but very serious, very, very long-term problems.” Wired magazine recently reported that, in the four years since the disaster, more than 96 percent of food, fish and agriculture throughout Fukushima has contained less than one-sixth of the radiation permitted in food imported to Europe.
  • Lena Dunham, star of HBO’s “Girls,” was forced to retract her autobiographical account of having been raped by a campus conservative named “Barry.”
  • The alleged rapist of Columbia University’s mattress girl finally released her alluring texts to him, and now we all know she was a desperate, spurned lover, not a rape victim.
  • Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s much-celebrated Rolling Stone story about a fraternity gang-rape at the University of Virginia turned out to be based on one poor, sad girl seeking attention by creating a fake online boyfriend and fantasizing her own gang-rape.

And this week, we all have to be in a panic about Indiana passing a measure that enshrines a basic principle of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence, because of the utterly apocryphal assertion that the law will be used to turn gays away from restaurants.

The idea that generally applicable laws may, in certain circumstances, be required to accommodate individual religious beliefs has been around for centuries. That’s why priests don’t have to reveal penitents’ confessions to the police and Quakers don’t have to join the military.

Having won the war on gay marriage (by judicial fiat), now some liberal zealots insist on going house-to-house and shooting the survivors. They seem to seek out Christian businesses to provide floral arrangements and cakes for gay weddings so they can call the cops if the Christians try to pass. A roomful of gays would say, “Why don’t you guys just go to one of the nine out of 10 florists who would be happy to have your business?” (My guess is, if the zealots looked really hard, they might even be able to find a gay florist!)To-Bake-Or-Not-To-Bake

That is all the religious freedom laws do: Encourage steely-eyed activists to stop requiring every last Christian to celebrate gay marriages.

Right now, in states that don’t have religious protection laws, Christians are being compelled, by general non-discrimination laws, either to participate in gay marriages — or go out of business. With the law, the Christian gets a legal argument. He might win in court or he might lose, but he’d at least have an argument, thus encouraging the kill-the-survivors nuts to go to another shop for their gay weddings and stop doing their victory dances on top of Christians.

It’s utter nonsense that any shopkeeper, least of all a nice Christian, would turn away a customer for any reason other than a deeply held religious belief, such as not wanting to participate in a gay wedding, a Planned Parenthood gala or any event involving Bill Clinton.

Do not assume that because liberals are in an absolute panic over Indiana’s law, they must have a point. To the contrary, the more hysterical they are, the more you should assume the whole story is a sham.

When the journalist Richard Bradley raised questions about Erdely’s Rolling Stone gang-rape story, Anna Merlan responded at Jezebel, calling his questions a “giant ball of sh*t,” in an article titled “‘Is the UVA Rape Story a Gigantic Hoax?’ Asks Idiot.” Even after Rolling Stone had retracted the story and Charlottesville chief of police Timothy J. Longo confirmed that the man Jackie accused of precipitating the gang-rape didn’t exist, his department merely “suspended” the investigation. I’m going to call Chief Longo with a complaint that I was raped by a unicorn to see if we can get him to actually “close” a case.

It’s one thing to treat disturbed girls falsely crying rape with kid gloves. (Though the boyfriend of the Duke lacrosse false-rape accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, might have wished she’d been held a little more accountable: Mangum was never prosecuted for her lies and she later murdered her boyfriend, thus dashing her hopes for a primetime show on MSNBC.)

But why do we have to treat liberal fantasists in the media as if they’re children, too? Believing there’s a monster under the bed is cute. Falsely accusing cops of murder, men of rape and an entire state of homophobia is not.more evidence

Every single cause championed by liberals is based on a fake story. They make up events that didn’t happen and get apoplectic over things that never will happen. The definition of “liberal” is quickly becoming: people who believe their fantasies should be facts.

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Williamson County, TN Schools Ban Christianity and TEACH Islam (video proof)

Posted by Victoria Jackson on November 5, 2014

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Imperial Islamic President ObamaJulie West, founder of Parents for Truth in Education, finds some scary stuff on the Williamson County, TN Schools website. She goes to the 7th grade Social Studies page and points out a few shocking things, beginning with the fact that we have been told “Common Core is only Language Arts (English) and Math.” First red flag. Here are other red flags that prove Common Core has an Islamic agenda prepared for the minds of our next American generation.

  1. Why is CCSS, Common Core State Standards on the Social Studies page? Haslam/Looney said CCSS is only Math and Language Arts.

  2. Why is a “religion” being taught in school? Christianity is banned, including the word Christmas, and prayer, etc. So why Islam? And, why only Islam?

  3. According to the WCS website, more time is being spent on teaching Islam than on teaching the Roman Empire and its effect on American Law and Government, architecture, etc.

  4. Under the heading ‘Islamic World Standards. Africa,’ the CC Curriculum teaches this; ‘Pillars of Islam.’ ‘Discover Islam.’ “Explore. Discover. Be Convinced.” Then, there’s “My Journey to Islam,” someone’s conversion story.

Is there a conversion to Christianity story in the CCSS curriculum? No. A Conversion to Judaism story? No.

  1. Common Core Curriculum links to a Muslim gear page that includes T shirts bearing the Aqida, the Muslim creed.

  2. Under ‘Other Religions,’ there’s a link entitled, “Islam and Other Religions,” not “Christianity and Other Religions.”

  3. Under the Heading, “Prophets and Messengers,” Jesus and Mohammed are listed.

  4. Under same heading it says; “Was Jesus sent to be crucified?”cp 11

Public schools are teaching this.

Common Core Curriculum says, “It is very clear from the above verse Matthew 26:39 that Jesus had no intention of dying.”

Julie West responds, “That is a pretty overt attack on the foundational belief of most of the students in Williamson County schools, again on a public school website.”

  1. Next paragraph is entitled, “The Post Crucifixion Prophesied Events Never Happened.” Wow.Christian Persecution

Julie West points out, “It doesn’t say, “Muslims believe they didn’t happen.” It doesn’t say, “Many people question this account,” or “it’s a belief of Christians.” It categorically states, on a public school website, apparently enforcing a Common Core Standard (all tests to get into college will be held to this standard), that the post crucifixion prophesied events never took place. Again, this is the faith of the majority of residents of this county, and the district web site is instructing students that that information is not true.”

Julie West continues, “So once again I ask Commissioner Huffman, Governor Haslam, Director of Schools Mike Looney, and really anyone else, why is this okay, that this is what our children are being exposed to, not just for one day or two, but according to the scope and sequence, for the vast majority of at least the first nine weeks? I’ve got a feeling it goes on. So thank you, and by the way, I really am waiting for an answer.”

So are we Julie. Thank you for your research. I am very angry at how our elected and appointed leaders are lying to us. They work for us, and they need to be accountable.

This is obvious indoctrination, brainwashing, propaganda. Civilization Jihad according to experts, link here and here, is Islamic Jihad infiltrating a society without violence by taking over the education system, the courts, the churches, the government, etc.

common core

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Common Core is not “state-led” as Gov. Haslam and Superintendent Looney have lied. It is world wide. A Common Core Conference in Dubai just took place Oct. 2014. Link here. It is globalism, as is Agenda 21. Both tied to the United Nations.comment 02

Common Core curriculum in Pearson Textbooks was written by two Muslims, Mansuri and Douglass. Link here.

Islam Dominating Public School Curriculum. Story here.comment 04

The “Interfaith” Scam. Link here.

FL Textbooks contain Islamic Propaganda. Story here.comment 03




Putin Spanks Obama in New Russian Propaganda Art Gallery

MId Term drawing

Researched and Written by |Nov. 3, 2014

Andrew MakhoninAndrew MakhoninVladimir “Putin is a gift to caricaturists,” said Barry Blitt, a New Yorker artist, when he designed a Sochi Olympic-themed cover earlier this year, featuring the Russian leader in frilly ice skating attire. The caricature artists of Russia take a very different approach. On Friday a gallery titled “No Filters” with the work of about 100 cartoonists opened in Moscow, and just about all their images show Putin favorably: as a strongman, a political chess master, and a fighter against fascists and terrorists. In one conspicuously large work, Putin is spanking President Barack Obama, who has the body of schoolboy.

“Targeted sanctions,” the caption on that caricature reads – a jab at America’s economic strategy against Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. Another image shows Putin tugging on Obama’s ear, scolding him not to “touch” Ukraine again. A third shows Obama and Ukraine’s president, both dressed as peasant girls working the fields, cowering from Putin who sits atop a tank and asks, “Hey girls, have you seen any fascists here?”

There is some truth to the first image, at least. Putin has run circles around the U.S. when it The Interwebzcomes to the war in Ukraine. The Obama administration has called for an end to Russian aggression since Putin invaded Crimea. The U.S. has tried to put pressure on Russia by initiating first targeted sanctions and then broad ones. That began in March, and yet Russia’s military incursion persists to this day, and has grown worse. Obama gave his own policies credit as being “the only reason” a ceasefire was agreed upon in September – some of the bloodiest fighting started shortly thereafter. And, in spite of strong rhetoric one week, like the U.S. “will not accept Russia’s occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea or any part of Ukraine,” Obama allegedly privately admitted around the same time that Crimea was “gone” for good.

Obama’s shortcomings aside, Putin is not the savvy strongman his propagandists present him as. Russia’s currency continues to hit record lows, and the nation’s economy is at recession levels. And the annexation of Crimea leaves Russia with a 10,000-square mile welfare money pit.

That Putin is fighting against fascism is laughable. The “Young Guards,” the youth-wing of his political party, set up the gallery to display the work of “patriotically oriented artists” who want to “restore in the minds of citizens respect and pride in their country.”

A poll last month showed about half of Russia ns believes Putin has a cult of personality. Another poll shows about half of Russians fears Soviet-style mass repression will return in their lifetime. Reason has talked to several Russian libertarians about Putin’s domestic crackdown on political opposition and the press.

On Friday, I reported on the return of Cold War-type action, like Russia flying nuclear-capable bombers over Europe.

Zenon Evans is a staff writer and editor.

Here are a series of photos found on a Russian Website regarding the paintings;

putin 01 putin 02 putin 03 putin 04 putin 05 putin 06 putin 07 putin 08 putin 09 putin 10 putin 11 putin 12 putin 13 putin 14 putin 15

Article collective closing


Harvard Approves Mandatory “White Privilege” Brainwashing Orientation


  2. Posted By on May 15, 2014

Harvard Rainbow Wreath

New students at Harvard University will soon be treated to a mandatory special orientation program designed to teach them all about societal “privilege and power” structures. The group responsible for overseeing the program explains (kind of) what the “class” is:
Propaganda Alert

A mandatory power and privilege training that examines components of race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability, religion, international status, and power differentials . . .

And why it’s important for Harvard students:

The exercise of public leadership … requires an honest assessment of structural power dynamics, of in-group and out-group dynamics, and of privilege.

Maybe you’re not up on the vagaries(1) of Newspeak. So I’ll explain the class rather bluntly: it’s a class designed to make white, Christian, heterosexual males feel guilty about the fact that all the good things in their lives have been handed to them on a silver platter, and they don’t deserve any of them. And it’s also a class to empower feminists, homosexuals, atheists, and racial minorities in their quest to gain the privilege and power they currently covet, and do not possess (apparently).

I think that about sums it up. Just why such an orientation would be necessary is beyond me. Harvard will already do a fine job teaching these poor unsuspecting students to use catchalls like “Heteronormativity(2),” “white privilege,” “structural sexism/racism,” and the like. Even without the special mandatory brainwashing session.

“Sounds to me like communist countries “Brainwashing” re-education prison camps.” JB

Harvard, interestingly enough, was started by white, Christian, heterosexual males as a seminary. So if there is a group at Harvard that has inherited an undeserved legacy from their forefathers, its liberal Harvard students. A tragic irony if ever there was one.

Do they really think Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the rest would have come about in any other environment than Christian America? No. Atheists, homosexuals, feminists, and racists don’t build schools like Harvard. They just destroy them.

  1. vagaries:  an erratic, unpredictable, or extravagant manifestation, action, or notion 
  2. Heteronormativity: Heteronormativity is the body of lifestyle norms that holds that people fall into distinct and complementary genders (man and woman) with natural roles in life.

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Why Democrats Are So Scared of Benghazi


They insist we don’t need another committee to investigate the attack—but they’re really afraid of the incompetence the truth will reveal.
I read with interest my Daily Beast colleague Michael Tomasky’s column Wednesday, in which he asserted that the establishment of a Special Select Committee to investigate Benghazi is nothing more than bulls**t. Putting aside that disrespectful characterization of a search for truth and accountability for an attack in which four Americans lost their lives, I’m troubled by the motivation of many on the left, who have sought to demonize anyone who questions the narrative the Obama administration has spun for nearly two years.

I concur with our colleague Kirsten Powers, who writes that the glib, evasive, and arrogant posture of the White House and the president’s supporters has brought about the present Benghazi inquiry. The American people were told repeatedly in the days and weeks following the attack that it was the result of an offensive video‚ an assessment the president and secretary of state surely knew within hours was far from the truth.

Rather than level with the American people and admit what senior administration officials knew—as well as taking steps to protect our diplomatic assets abroad—the Obama administration stuck with the line that GM was alive, Osama bin Laden was dead, and al Qaeda was on the run. It was hard to square that circle when the Libyan prime minister and our deputy chief of mission in Libya immediately asserted that Benghazi was a preplanned terrorist attack.

Returning to Tomasky’s piece, I was incredulous at his view of the Benghazi attacks and the prism through which he sees the world. First he tells us:

“Benghazi is and has been for some time a witch hunt that perverts all notions of democratic accountability and that obviously carries one purpose and one purpose only—the humiliation or worse of as many Democrats as possible, preferably the big cheeses (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton).”

Let’s start with the notion that this is a witch hunt with the sole purpose of humiliating as many Democrats as possible.

Ambassador Chris Stevens was a political appointee of President Obama and worked under the immediate supervision of Secretary State Hillary Clinton. Democrats, both. Neither Obama nor Clinton have explained why their political appointee’s requests to get security in Benghazi increased were denied. The American people deserve to know the truth. That is hardly a partisan question, but it could expose incompetence once the real answers are uncovered.

Next Tomasky tells us that the Benghazi attack has been probed with two Senate reports and eight House reports. Case closed, right? What he doesn’t tell us is that Secretary of State Clinton has not been interviewed directly under oath. He mentions the investigation chaired by Admiral Mike Mullen and Thomas Pickering but fails to note that the secretary did not make herself available for questioning. Surely one cannot have a comprehensive review of the actions and activities undertaken by the State Department when the secretary is not part of the review process. For that matter, isn’t it odd that none of the personnel from the diplomatic compound in Benghazi have been interviewed on the record? What was their experience that evening, and did they witness a protest sparked by a video? A Select Committee on Benghazi will certainly provide these answers.

Tomasky tells us that Susan Rice, then U.N. ambassador to the United Nations, merely told the American people what the CIA told her to say about Benghazi. I’m sorry to say that’s not true. The truth, sadly, is that the Obama White House misled the American people when it redacted a lawfully subpoenaed document that was disclosed only after a lawsuit by Judicial Watch. In that document, White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes pushed the notion that the attack was triggered by a spontaneous demonstration, not a breakdown in policy. The first three goals in the document, which was withheld from Congress, were:

“To convey that the United States is doing everything we can to protect our people and our facilities abroad;

“To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy;

“To show we will be resolute in bringing people who harm Americans to justice, and standing steadfast during these protests.”

Perhaps Tomasky can tell us how the United States has done everything to protect our people and our facilities abroad when our own State Department denied the ambassador’s requests for additional security. Perhaps he can show us how the protests were rooted in an Internet video, a claim our intelligence services and military officials immediately knew to be false. Or perhaps he can explain how the Obama administration has brought “people who harm Americans to justice” when The New York Times was able to interview a terrorist ringleader about the attack as he sipped a strawberry frappe barely a month after the attack. The grand total of those apprehended or held responsible to date has been zero.

I’ll tell you what’s BS: The Obama administration has misled, dissembled, and otherwise given the finger to the families of those who lost their lives that night.

Finally, despite all the congressional Democrats’ snickering and posturing this week, a Select Committee on Benghazi can answer one question that remains unanswered: Where was the president of the United States the evening of September 11, 2012, and what steps did he take that evening?

We know from former National Security Council spokesman Tommy “Dude, That Was Two Years Ago” Vietor that the president was in the Executive Mansion but not in the Situation Room on the evening in question. Did he monitor the events unfolding overseas? Was he briefed throughout the evening? Why didn’t he order a military rescue mission? Only after the attack occurred did we find out it spanned nearly eight hours. Surely military assets could have been sent to Libya from Italy or elsewhere. Did the commander in chief ask military assets to stand down?

I’ll tell you what’s BS, Mr. Tomasky: The Obama administration has misled, dissembled, and otherwise given the finger to the families of those who lost their lives that night in service to their country. I’m willing to believe that the personnel on the ground in Benghazi were terrified, confused, and hoping the cavalry was on its way to save them from terrorists seeking to kill them. We need a Special Select Committee on Benghazi to ascertain these facts and ensure that such a disaster never occurs again. We need truth, not bullsh*t, from the president and his administration, but so far, that’s all they’ve been shoveling.


Media’s Behavior on Benghazi is Like Woodward and Bernstein Helping Nixon Cover Up Watergate

Posted on May 3, 2014 by Conservative Byte

The liberal media is trying to protect Obama.
Check it out:

ObamaAllPrezMenThe Drive-Bys, they’re not interested in this at all. They don’t really think there is anything, and those of them who do know that there’s something here want to cover it up. Now, the Drive-Bys are made up of a lot of stupid people. And the Drive-Bys are made up of a lot of uninformed people and the Drive-Bys are made up of a lot of people with a lot of prejudice. And there are a lot of reporters who will discount Benghazi simply because of who is interested in it. For example, Fox is interested in it and it automatically is nothing. If I’m interested in it it doesn’t rate any interest, because Fox and me, all we want is to get Obama.

That’s how prejudiced they are and short minded. You have some of the Drive-Bys who know full well what they’re doing and they’re working with the regime to cover it up. Then you have real activists in the Drive-Bys who know exactly what happened and who fear the truth coming out and are going to do everything they can to protect Obama, including trying to lay the blame off on Republicans somehow or the military, or the video that nobody ever saw. Here’s Dr. Krauthammer, who was last night in the roundtable, the all-star panel, Special Report with Bret Baier who said, “A few weeks ago Dr. K you said right here on this panel that Republicans should move on, that they should kind of leave Benghazi alone, that it was a dead end. Have you changed your mind?”


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More Blatant Lies From “Common Core” Material.

Fifth grade worksheet: Founders wanted government to have ‘power over the states’

By on May 1, 2014 at 12:12 am

 A fifth grade worksheet in Florida declares that the Federalists were different than the anti-federalists because they “believed in a strong national government that would have power over the states.” The Federalists believed in a central government, but it was to be a “limited government.” The anti-federalists believed that there should be no central government, and pushed for full sovereignty of the states.

The Federalists, according to the worksheet, included “John Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin,  James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton.” While it is true that the Federalists wanted a central, or a “general,” government, the worksheet does not stress how important it was to the Federalists to ensure that the government did not become too powerful.

In fact, the worksheet explains,

“The purpose of the convention was to discuss how to make the national government stronger.”

Both the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists were dedicated to a system where government would not become tyrannical. This is evident to anyone who reads the words of the founding fathers. But in the worksheet, the phrases “checks and balances” and “separation of powers” are forgotten.

An attachment to the worksheet titled, “Federalist and Anti-Federalist Quotes,” quotes James Madison as saying,

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary… You must first enable the government to control the governed..” – James Madison, Federalist Papers “Number 51”

The actual quote:

“If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.”

The meaning is much different when the full quote is revealed.

Perhaps an even more egregious example is a quote from Benjamin Franklin. The worksheet quotes him as saying,

“I agree to this Constitution, because I think a general government is necessary for us…. . . I hope … we shall act heartily and unanimously in recommending this constitution . . .”
– Benjamin Franklin, Constitutional Convention, 1787

The actual quote is much different,

“In these sentiments, Sir, I agree to this Constitution with all its faults, if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.”

Although Franklin indeed went on to endorse the Constitution, it is clear that he was well aware of the potential for tyranny in the government.

The worksheet is a part of Florida’ssunshine standards,” which were established after Common Core state standards became politically toxic.

The anti-Federalists eventually came around to the idea of a general government, and their input was pivotal in establishing the Bill of Rights. But it seems that some educators and others attempt to portray the Federalists as big government and the anti-Federalists as “anti-government,” which is grossly inaccurate, as both groups agonized about how America could prevent the inevitable tyranny that eventually occurs in all governments, everywhere.

This truth is evident to anyone who reads the Federalist papers.

As James Madison wrote,

The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.James MadisonFederalist 45, 1788

The Federalist papers can be found here. The anti-Federalist papers can be found here.

Renee Nal is a co-founder of, a news and political commentary site founded by former Glenn Beck interns. She is also the National Conservative Examiner and a contributor for the Brenner Brief.

Democrat Minority Whip: Obama Grossly Misled American Public on Obamacare

Victims of Obamacare are sharing their stories across the internet; by victims, I mean those individuals who have had their healthcare insurance policies canceled and hit with higher premiums and deductibles because of the Obamacare roll out. Some of these individuals favored health care insurance for all in the form of Obamacare while others did not support government intrusion into their private lives.

steny hoyerBecause of this backlash, Obama made what is now being called a “fake apology” on national television. But, what how are the Democrats in Congress handling this “bungled” implementation of a “thrown together in a rush” health care fiasco? With the 2014 elections just around the corner, one Democrat is calling Obama’s guarantee of “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan, period” grossly misleading the American public.

Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR) stated on KGW-TV, “A lot of Americans, a lot of Oregonians, have stayed with the same policy for a number of years and are shocked that their policy got canceled.”

According to The Daily Caller:

“So I think the President saying you could stay with it and not being honest that a lot of these policies were going to get canceled was grossly misleading to the American public and is causing added stress and added strife as we go through a really difficult time with healthcare,” Schrader added.

Democratic Minority Whip Steny Hoyer acknowledged two weeks ago that Democrats had been aware that some people might lose their insurance plans when the law took effect, saying, “We knew there would be some policies that would not qualify and therefore people would be required to get more extensive coverage.”

At a Tuesday briefing with reporters, Hoyer said he disagreed with Schrader’s statement.

“Do I think he grossly misled? No,” Hoyer stated.

“I think the president was not precise, and I think that, he should have been precise,” Hoyer said. “We all should have been more precise.”

Wow! There is so much manure coming out of Washington these days that a couple of these Democrat Obama idolators needs to stand in the small garden plot my parents have to fertilize it for this spring’s planting season. They would have a bumper crop for sure!

It is nice to see that Schrader is calling Obama’s statement “grossly misleading;” however, Obama lied – not once, not twice, but repeatedly, in order to deceive the American public into accepting Obamacare for something it is not. The only reason America is going through a “really difficult time with healthcare” is because of the unconstitutional, atrocious Obamacare. Schrader is attempting to fool his constituency and the American public into thinking he is advocating for the citizenry. The only thing he is advocating for is keeping his seat in the House to be exempt from Obamacare and assist with the “nobility rule” of the American masses.

“We knew some people had policies that covered what they needed but we wanted them to purchase more than what they needed because we know what is best for everyone where their health is concerned.”

I can see where single males might need that prenatal care coverage or contraceptive coverage and possibly baby murder coverage; after all, the pregnancy rate among single males is staggering. (Yes, this is heavy sarcasm.)

Hoyer, in contrast to Schrader, excuses outright lying by qualifying that the president and Congress “were not precise.” Hello? Hoyer? Anybody home in that brain of yours? I can see the lights are on but no one is answering the door!

These people think Americans are stupid. Video evidence abounds showing Obama making a precise, definitive, clear, unmistakable statement – “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan, period.” I pride myself on reading and verbal comprehension as it was drilled into me by first my mother, then my college professors and nursing instructors. Can someone please tell me where this statement is not precise and where this statement is unclear? Obama didn’t give all the details and hid from the American public the true effect of this healthcare monster. He engaged in deception and fraud.

Obama has been back-peddling and issuing qualifying statements in contrast to his “less than precise” statement, even to the point of denying making that definitive statement. This man thinks everyone in America is a fool and that video evidence is a lie. Everyone is lying; everyone is against him; everyone misunderstood. This is the repertoire of victim mentality.

Poor, poor Obama! He’s a victim of those nasty Republican, the terrorist Tea Party groups and those annoying Christians so we have to help him by supporting his anti-American agenda; if we don’t, we’ll be labeled as racists. Democrats act like their hands are tied by their political party. Democrats passed this law without a single Republican vote. Democrats passed this law without even reading it. Democrats chose to knowingly inflict injury on the American public. So, Democrats own this mess and no amount of “playing victim” can change that. There are no victims in Washington.

Schrader and Hoyer need to go; vote them out. Obama and his cronies knew when this law was passed millions of Americans would lose healthcare insurance they were satisfied with. Those Democrats who were elected after the law was passed knew weeks before implementation millions of Americans would lose healthcare insurance they were satisfied with. Schrader is hitting the band wagon early to keep his position. Hoyer, his nose still up Obama’s anus, really doesn’t give two shakes so he follows lead by issuing qualifying statements.

As time goes on and the full impact of Obamacare is exposed, there will be more manure, back-peddling, and qualifying statements issued all around in order that these deceiving Democraps can keep their seat of power. It all revolves around keeping themselves part of the “ruling nobility:” no more, no less. Sadly, they don’t care what they have to do to remain there even if it means selling out their constituents and all of America. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson would be so proud of this “New Deal – Great Society.”



Viral Video Shows Children Reacting To Gay Marriage Proposals

The following is a 16 minute video of various aged children viewing homosexuals proposing marriage. Then they are questioned about their perspectives on homosexual people and how they are viewed by various groups of people and religious institutions.

This is very disturbing to me. It reflects the deliberate programming of our children by Progressives determined to shape their minds and perspectives. It demonstrates the success the Progressives have had with their Social Engineering.

This video shows us the moral decline of America because it focuses on children s understanding of homosexuality.

For those of you who are Christians, this video may be something you might want to view with your children and then have a DISCUSSION (no lectures) to determine what they think, or may have been taught them in public schools. For those of you who are Youth Ministers, you too may want to show this video with your youth group and conduct a very honest and open discussion.

Please pray for America’s children everyday. The Church, Freedom and a moral society is always a generation away from extinction.

Jerry Broussard

Viral Video Shows Children Reacting To Gay Marriage Proposals Viral Video Shows Children Reacting To Gay Marriage Proposals

Obama Lies Because He Thinks the American People are Stupid Enough to Believe Him

Benghazi, LIE! Hillary Clinton said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” AMERICANS DIED!

Barack+Obama+UK+Best+Pictures+Day+August+18+CSB0k1QmqaHlNSA Spying, LIE! Not just spying on foreign communications but spying on you and me, AMERICANS. Collecting our emails, social media activities, phone calls and keeping the information on file WITH NO INTENTION OF STOPPING!

IRS Targeting, LIE! Suppressing any individual or Organization that opposes the Administration.

Fast and Furious, LIE! Illegal gun running program that provided weapons to Drug Cartels & Terrorists but no big deal. AMERICANS DIED! 

Obamacare, LIE! LIE! LIE! Even though Obama’s entire campaign was based on his promise, “You can keep your current plan” repeated over and over again. See for yourself.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

But now that Millions of Americans are having their Insurance Plans canceled, they had to come up with a new LIE to try to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy but this one doesn’t make you all warm and fuzzy, at least it shouldn’t, and almost instantaneously every Lefty in Washington started reciting it. So what are they saying? The ground work for this LIE was laid by Obama himself at a talk he gave yesterday, 10/30/13, in Boston. 

So what did he, and now all the rest, say? With no apology or no “I was wrong” he just stepped up and basically said you can keep your plan as long as it meets the requirements and if your plans are being canceled it’s not because of Obamacare but rather because the plan you had was lousy. Your insurance company was charging you for a lousy plan and now they have to cancel it and offer you a better plan at a lower rate. He went on to say that the reason those plans were not available in the new Healthcare Marketplace is because “no one was going to buy those lousy plans”, even though Millions of people already have.

Here is the way I see this. What he is really saying is this is not our fault, it is the fault of the Insurance companies for selling you a lousy plan in the first place and you are too stupid to even know you had a lousy plan, and we know better than you do what is best for you, so when you get canceled, now you will have to go to the Healthcare Marketplace and buy a new, more expensive, higher deductible plan because I need at least 2 Million people to sign up for my monstrosity of an attempt to Socialize Healthcare for it to work and if it’s going to take me getting your insurance canceled, so you have no insurance at all, to force you to do that, I am ok with that.

This, my friends, just flat pisses me off and it should absolutely piss you off too. Who the hell does he think he is? If you continue to support such actions and believe that what he and his Administration is doing is being done with your best interests at heart because they care about you, then do me favor. Call Santa Claus for me and tell him I want a new Government for Christmas because you must have Santa’s cell phone number on your speed dial.



More Evidence of Our Founders Creation Being Destroyed

With the many articles written today it has become obvious that the Ultra Liberal Left is in control of our nation, and that by acceleration of the Obama Administration. In two different articles published today recording how Islam is the Liberal Lefts choice of religion and is establishing it as the States (Untied States) religion against the First Amendment of the Constitution we use to restrict the conduct of the Federal Government. Now this report unmasks the Left’s determination to thoroughly indoctrinate our children in the rantings of the “whacked-out” Progressive mindset. One way to do this is to REWRITE our history for the express purpose of misrepresenting our founders, their values, their Christian conviction, their following the Bible as the bases for our Constitution (the one they wrote and we use to have), and the freedom they envisioned for the citizens living under that construct. 

It is particularly disturbing that Philadelphia is bringing in the trash you are about to discover in this report. The importance of our history that is tied to Philadelphia should make every patriot shudder with anger. With that in mind, I am all the more angry with the 40+% of Conservative Americans who did NOT vote in the last election cycle. This happens because we give up the fight and surrender. Not me.

Jerry Broussard


Philadelphia Embraces Socialist Education


Howard Zinn became culturally relevant when a pair of his fans made a popular movie that referenced his most important work.

Matt Damon’s character in Good Will Hunting references Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States in a session with his psychiatrist, played by Robin Williams. Williams replies by asking if Damon has read Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent. It is telling that the two books brought up in the scene are both written by strident socialists, and both books are written from a socialist perspective.

Good Will Hunting

Zinn’s book in particular is a “revisionist” history of our nation, and is an important read, only in the sense that it allows us to see what is important to the left.

Sadly, as liberal governments begin taking almost absolute power in cities across our country we’ll see more of them do exactly as Philadelphia is trying to do now. The city of Philadelphia is moving forward with a plan that will make Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States the main textbook in some of their history classes. Philadelphia’s city council recently passed a resolution calling for the Zinn book to be added as a textbook in Philadelphia city schools. The issue will now move to the School Superintendent and the school board for final approval. The city council vote will hold some sway, but the final say is in the hands of the school board.

Zinn’s book is lauded in far-left circles, but many conservative thinkers believe his self-described “history” is really social activism masquerading as fact. Former Indiana Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels believed strongly that the book had no place in K-12 classrooms–an opinion that landed him in trouble with liberal academics when he started his new job as president of Purdue University… “We must not falsely teach American history in our schools,” said Daniels in a statement defending his opposition to Zinn’s work. “Howard Zinn, by his own admission a biased writer, purposely falsified American history. His books have no more place in Indiana history classrooms than phrenology or Lysenkoism would in our biology classes or the `Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ in world history courses.”

zinn2The Philadelphia city council is so deluded that they actually believe that Zinn’s accounting of our nation’s history is an accurate depiction of what has transpired over the last 250-plus years. This is simply another example of the road that liberalism has led us down, where people willingly delude themselves into believing whatever crackpot notions they choose without any evidence to support their beliefs. The prophets of liberalism have spoken and said that Zinn’s work is important, and though the evidence clearly shows that his book is full of misinterpretation, obfuscation, half-truths and outright lies… the liberal leaders will continue to cram it down the throats of the uneducated masses.

This is what apathy brings us – uneducated people being misinformed by corrupt, power hungry demigods of politics for their own nefarious purposes (mainly to gain more power or more money).

Educate yourselves, dear readers, it might be trite, but its true… knowledge is power.


You Won’t Believe What the National Parks Services are Praising Islam For

This is incredible, absolutely mind blowing, but seeing is believing. The National Parks Service has made videos praising Islam for its contribution to women’s rights. That’s right. This is the very same Islam that allows children, babies, to marry middle age men, gang rape, genital mutilation, and honor killings. Is this a deliberate omission of the truth? Of course. Welcome to the bizarro world.

Watch this and see the outrageous propaganda machine at work within the National Parks: Shamelessly using children to argue that Islam, the religion of nothing but lies and deceit, advocates women’s rights is as accurate as Hitler being touted as an advocate for Jewish rights. It’s a total fabrication invented by deliberate deceivers.

What is the motive for the National Parks Service to put out such videos? With the service facing sequestration and cut, this just might be a way for the parks service to get money. And it’s coming out of taxpayers’ wallets. Prop up Islam as the religion dedicated to to the rights of women and reap financial benefits.

Says one student on camera: “People think that Islam oppresses women and there’s no equality, but they’re wrong – there’s equity … 7th century A.D. Islam gave women the right to be involved in politics, the right to earn and keep her own money.”

There is no equality. This is a child speaking. And what they say in the videos more than leads to the truth. It’s a matter of reading between the lines.

Just this past week,an eight year old girl died of internal injuries on her wedding night in Yemen. A baby, and the groom was 40. This is an outrage, an absolute disgrace. The man who violated her should be put to death for this.And the “religion” devoted to women’s rights should be directly held accountable for such an atrocity.

A child forced into marriage before she’s old enough to menstruate is most definite proof that Muslim savages value women. This is outrageous. And what about gang rape and genital mutilations?

Late in June, British media reported that Suhair Al-Ba’ta, an Egyptian girl aged 13, died during an FGM “operation.” She reportedly perished from blood loss while subjected to FGM in a village north of Cairo. The latest terrible “death by FGM” of a girl in early adolescence provoked widespread outrage at the practice. Disregarding public opinion, representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), defended FGM as “Islamic.”

The National Parks service is working overtime to “convince” gullible people that Islam is a leader in women’s rights. It’s deplorable. Gang rapes, honor killings, and atrocious stories of abuse are found coming from all parts of the world. And they have one thing in common: Islam.

Is the National Parks Service getting money for this via the federal government? Surely. Just like Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer money, so is the National Park Service. We just don’t see it all first hand, but it’s happening.

The National Parks Service has also made inroads promoting “marriage rights” for The LGBT population. So their uproarious support of Islam’s women’s rights is hardly surprising. Lies are lies and when told enough, people start believing them.

“Islam gave women a whole bunch of rights that Western women acquired later in the 19th and 20th centuries and we’ve had these rights since the 7th century A.D. and it’s just not acknowledged worldwide,” the woman continued. “Islam within itself, Islam itself means peace,” proclaims another individual.

Islam is peace is the biggest lie of all. But the sheep will just take it in and nod in agreement.


How Many Scandals Does it Take?


Why is This Important? Read on for the answer

Ariel Castro, Cleveland Kidnapper, Is a Registered Democrat

By / 9 May 2013 / 147 Comments

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 3.34.55 PMAccording to voter registration records, Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper, is a registered Democrat.  He was also the alleged leader among the three Castro brothers, who were arrested this week, and the owner of the house at 2207 Seymour Ave., where the three abducted local women had been kept in captivity for over a decade.

Why is this important?  Whenever a crime or a scandal captures national attention, the pattern in the mainstream media is to either identify the culprit as a Republican or hold silence — in which case we can rest assured that the culprit is a Democrat.

When the identity or the party affiliation is yet unknown, the pattern is to speculate publicly about the possibility of the criminal being a conservative, Christian, white, Republican, and a Tea Party member — and never that he could be a Hispanic Democrat voter playing bass in a meringue band.

In today’s divisive climate, the identity of a perpetrator is always a political issue, especially when a crime is committed by men against women.  According to the Daily News, “What the neighbors saw was terrifying and dehumanizing: Naked women on dog leashes, crawling in the dirt. A lady clutching an infant and pounding on a window for help.”

If any of the brothers were a Republican, this news would have been trumpeted by the mainstream media as tangible proof of the Republican War on Women — a narrative invented by Democrat strategists and maintained by the media in a successful effort to defeat Republican candidates in the 2012 election cycle.

Read more:

Is This Man The Mastermind Behind The Benghazi Cover Up?



National Security Council speechwriter B

I wrote yesterday about how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) knew that the attack in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 was a terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda operatives. We know the Obama White House put out the story for nearly a week that it was just Muslims upset over a benign YouTube video. In spite of knowing what was going on and having the ability to intervene, the Obama administration did nothing to stop or assist Americans who they knew were being attacked by Al-Qaeda. Instead, they chose to cover it up and intimidate witnesses. Stephen F. Hayes has an excellent piece at the Weekly Standard titled The Benghazi Talking Points, in which he fingers the man he believes is the main person behind the Benghazi cover-up, Ben Rhodes.

Of course, one would immediately have to wonder about those who would be around a man who has vowed to stand with the Muslims instead of America. If you recall, Barack Obama made a speech in Cairo, Egypt to an audience which included the Muslim Brotherhood, in which he distorted the Qur’an to put it in a good light and then attempted to make out like Islam had made great contributions to both America and the world. That speech was written by Ben Rhodes, Obama’s foreign policy speechwriter and now a part of a his National Security Council.


Hayes writes in his article about the talking points that were first put out to officials. He writes:

The talking points were first distributed to officials in the interagency vetting process at 6:52 p.m. on Friday. Less than an hour later, at 7:39 p.m., an individual identified in the House report only as a “senior State Department official” responded to raise “serious concerns” about the draft. That official, whom The Weekly Standard has confirmed was State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland, worried that members of Congress would use the talking points to criticize the State Department for “not paying attention to Agency warnings.”

In an attempt to address those concerns, CIA officials cut all references to Ansar al Sharia and made minor tweaks. But in a follow-up email at 9:24 p.m., Nuland wrote that the problem remained and that her superiors—she did not say which ones—were unhappy. The changes, she wrote, did not “resolve all my issues or those of my building leadership,” and State Department leadership was contacting National Security Council officials directly. Moments later, according to the House report, “White House officials responded by stating that the State Department’s concerns would have to be taken into account.” One official—Ben Rhodes, The Weekly Standard is told, a top adviser to President Obama on national security and foreign policy—further advised the group that the issues would be resolved in a meeting of top administration officials the following morning at the White House.


There is little information about what happened at that meeting of the Deputies Committee. But according to two officials with knowledge of the process, Mike Morrell, deputy director of the CIA, made broad changes to the draft afterwards. Morrell cut all or parts of four paragraphs of the six-paragraph talking points—148 of its 248 words (see Version 2 above). Gone were the reference to “Islamic extremists,” the reminders of agency warnings about al Qaeda in Libya, the reference to “jihadists” in Cairo, the mention of possible surveillance of the facility in Benghazi, and the report of five previous attacks on foreign interests. 

Ed Lasky writes concerning Rhodes, “Ben Rhodes should be called to account for trying to divert blame away from Islamic terrorists and the Obama team members whose feckless negligence led to the Benghazi massacre.”

“I have previously written about Ben Rhodes and his role in the Obama White House,” writes Lasky. “It is shameful that this ‘kid’ (he is all of 35) has been given any responsibility at all in our government. In ‘Does it bother anyone that this person is the Deputy National Security Adviser?’ I noted his problematic background for someone given so much power by Obama. But then again he does specialize in fiction-writing. He earned a master’s degree in fiction-writing from New York University just a few years ago . He did not have a degree in government, diplomacy, national security; nor has he served in the CIA, or the military. He was toiling away not that long ago on a novel called ‘The Oasis of Love” about a mega church in Houston, a dog track, and a failed romance. ”

Lasky concludes that Ben Rhodes is the man that attempted to whitewash Islamists and the Obama administration, not only in the Cairo speech, but in the talking points promoted by the Obama White House in the days following the attack on Benghazi that left four Americans dead.

I guess we’ll wait and see if he is even called as a witness this by the House in this week’s hearings.

Read more:



The Left Are Unmasking Themselves

Post Boston Bombing: Idiocy and Illumination

By /

417px-Chris_Matthews_2011_ShankboneWith purposely gleeful righteous indignation, the blame game began almost immediately yesterday. How disheartening to hear political pundits, talking heads, and media figures offer their opinions as fact. Speculative journalism is the norm these days, though. The words “vet” and “verify” appear to have been stricken from either usage or practice.

Chris Matthews made his opinion pretty clear.

Well, Michael, tax day today. That came up. You know, I was thinking of all the iconic events that are being told about today. Of course I knew it was tax day because I got them in. But of course, it’s Patriots Day. It’s also the Boston Marathon. And would you as an expert be thinking domestic at this point? I don’t think tax day means a lot to the Arab world or Islamic world or certainly not to al Qaeda in terms of their world. It doesn’t have iconic significance.

Wolf Blitzer was full of speculation.

”It is a state holiday, in addition to the Boston Marathon. It is a state holiday in Massachusetts today called Patriots Day, and who knows if that has anything at all to deal — to do with these, these twin explosions.”

Michael Moore’s tweets were deemed “cryptic.” Not really.


“Tax Day. Patriots Day”

“This is the anniversary week of the Columbine massacre, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Virginia Tech massacre, the Bay of Pigs, and Waco.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of law enforcement officers from the Boston PD, Massachusetts State Police, the FBI, and the ATF were descending on Boston. While these idiots were safely behind their computers or teleprompters, those with actual knowledge were just getting to work.

According to Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, the crime scene stands at roughly 12 blocks. Wrap your head around that. About 60 football fields. Full of potential evidence. Every bag, every piece of paper or trash, every vehicle a possible clue to be investigated. Figure in the thousands of runners, volunteers, race watchers, people in nearby businesses working or consuming. It’s no wonder Commissioner Davis called it the largest and most complex crime scene in Boston history.

Yet The Michael Moores and Chris Matthews of the world had it all sewn up in little more than a few hours. I know two guys that spent the weekend watching reruns of CSI and Law & Order!

Even if they end up right, do they “win?” 173 people have been physically injured, 17 critically so. Three have been murdered, including eight year-old Martin Richard. We’re talking about horrifically injured people whose lives have forever changed. Thousands of witnesses who, while perhaps not physically damaged, will live with the emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

So you tell me, Chris Matthews. If you’re right, what do you want? A pat on the back? And what if it’s a foreign terrorist? Does that change the outcome? Are people any more or less damaged by this incredibly cowardly act? Did your speculation help or harm? Is it even accurate? Does that matter to journalists anymore?

Did your tweets have a ring of truth, Michael Moore? Or is it merely publicity you’re after? Perhaps you wanted a mention in the evening news or a catchy Twitter hash tag? (#bumblingidiot is available. I’m just

As for me, I will not use several hundred words to play armchair detective. Instead, I will share the words of every day citizens. They don’t have talk shows or sidekicks. They don’t dominate the airwaves with politically motivated verbal sewage. Only love. Love for their fellow man or for a city or for running. They don’t care about proving who did it more than offering prayers and support.


In times of great tragedy, we sometimes reach out to those we love. Those we may have not spoken to in a while or mend bridges that may have been broken. Always giving thanks for what we have. “Today I am most thankful for…”

–Duran Martinez

“Boston Bombings…Moments like these, as TERRIBLE as they are, don’t show our weakness, but our strength as a nation!!” – Dawn Younge

And finally, the words of Patton Oswalt, simply and beautifully put.

If it’s one person or a HUNDRED people, that number is not even a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the population on this planet. You watch the videos of the carnage and there are people running TOWARDS the destruction to help out. (Thanks FAKE Gallery founder and owner Paul Kozlowski for pointing this out to me). This is a giant planet and we’re lucky to live on it but there are prices and penalties incurred for the daily miracle of existence. One of them is, every once in a while, the wiring of a tiny sliver of the species gets snarled and they’re pointed towards darkness.

But the vast majority stands against that darkness and, like white blood cells attacking a virus, they dilute and weaken and eventually wash away the evildoers and, more importantly, the damage they wreak. This is beyond religion or creed or nation. We would not be here if humanity were inherently evil. We’d have eaten ourselves alive long ago.

So when you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance or fear or just garden-variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, “The good outnumber you, and we always will.”

Links: utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=buzzfeed

Upper Image: : Chris Matthews at the 2011 Time 100 gala; author: David Shankbone; Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license

Lower Image: Comedian Patton Oswalt; author: Gage Skidmore; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Remember the Propaganda Machine of the NOW DE-FUNKED U.S.S.R?

Congressman Blasts Obama For Using Fake Twitter Messages To Fight Gun Control

obama-twitterRep Steve Stockman (R-TX) made accusations against Barack Obama on Monday over his gun control campaign claiming that is it fraud based with fake messages over Twitter. Stockman claims that Obama is seeking to give the appearance of support greater than what he has for gun control legislation by flooding Twitter with messages from people that don’t exist.

“Obama’s anti-gun campaign is a fraud,” Stockman said. “Obama’s supporters are panicking and willing to do anything to create the appearance of popular support, even if it means trying to defraud Congress,” he added. “I call upon the president to denounce this phony spam campaign.”

When Obama called for people to tweet their congressmen in support of more gun control legislation, Stockman said he received a mere 16 tweets. However, he notes that upon closer examination, only six of the tweets were from six actual people and that the messages were all identical.

“The other 10 are fake, computer-generated spambots,” his office said.

Then, in a press release issued by Stockman, he writes, “The other 10 are fake, computer-generated spambots.”

• They all use the default “egg” avatar.
• They have account names resembling names automatically suggested by Twitter.
• They have engaged in no human interaction.
• They have tweeted almost nothing promotional, sponsored messages pushing real estates websites and other liberal “grassroots” campaigns.
• They follow mostly MSNBC anchors or media outlets, not actual people.

His press release went on to point out, “Reporter Robert Stacy McCain’s investigation of the fraudulent Obama campaign, available at, finds the majority of the Obama-supporting accounts were created in less than 48 hours before contacting members of Congress.”

“Even more interesting, Stockman staff find two accounts happened to tweet Stockman back-to-back,” the press release continued. “Both have only one follower, former Obama digital strategist Brad Schenck. Schenck somehow found and followed them before they ever tweeted anything, followed anyone or followed any real people. Of the six real people who contacted Stockman only one can be verified as a constituent. One lives outside the district and the remaining four do not list where they live.”

“If you are a real person who contacted us about your support for the President’s anti-gun campaign, we are listening. We do not agree with you, but we appreciate your sincere opinions and encourage you to continue to contact us,” said Stockman. “But the vast majority of the President’s supporters have no feelings because they fake profiles from spammers.”

“The White House has some explaining to do. My own staff, and others looking into Obama’s Twitter campaign, find the vast majority of messages are coming from fraudulent accounts. Some of these accounts are linked directly to a former Obama staffer. To what extent is the White House involved in this attempt to defraud Congress,” said Stockman.

Stockman ultimately said that the Obama anti-gun campaign was “using the same scam techniques that sell male enhancement pills.”

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