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Thursday August 31, 2017

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Top Stories
• Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Permanently Closes Another Clinic
• Late-Term Abortion Business That Kills Babies Through All 9 Months of Pregnancy Closes Down
. Feminist Asks for Donations for Hurricane Harvey Victims to Have Abortions
• Keith Olbermann Tweets Pro-Life Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos: “Hurricane Will Do Less Damage Than You Mother——“

More Pro-Life News
• Pro-Abortion “Women’s March” Wants Hurricane Harvey Donations to Go to Non-Whites
• Midwife Rides Inflatable Swan Through Hurricane Harvey Flooding to Help Deliver Baby
• Right-Handed or Left-Handed? Unborn Babies Show Handedness as Early as 10 Weeks
• Abortion Activists Dress Up as Early Feminists to Protest Pro-Life Event, But There’s One HUGE Problem
• Pro-Life Feminist: “I Lose All My Friends When I Talk About Why I Am Against Abortion”
• Scientists Conduct Grisly Experiments Modifying the DNA of Human Embryos
• U.S. Kills 85% of Unborn Babies Diagnosed With Down Syndrome. Why?
• New Liberal Film “The Misogynists” Labels Trump Voters “Misanthropic Sociopaths”
• Teenager’s Assisted Suicide Sends Horrible Message That Being Disabled is “A Fate Worse Than Death”
• Court Allows Woman to Abort Her 24-Week-Old Unborn Baby Just Because He is Disabled
• Coerced Abortions: The Hidden Abuse of Women Feminists Won’t Address

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Permanently Closes Another Clinic
Another Planned Parenthood facility closed this week in Pennsylvania as the national abortion chain focuses more on abortion and politics and less on actual women’s health care.

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Late-Term Abortion Business That Kills Babies Through All 9 Months of Pregnancy Closes Down
Somehow, calling the 1-800-Got-Junk people seemed appropriate for Germantown Reproductive Health Services as it prepared for its permanent closure.

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Feminist Asks for Donations for Hurricane Harvey Victims to Have Abortions
As residents and first responders scramble to save lives in Texas, one feminist is concerned about something entirely different.

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Pro-Abortion “Women’s March” Wants Hurricane Harvey Donations to Go to Non-Whites
The Women’s March sent out a tweet Wednesday with recommendations for how people can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

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Midwife Rides Inflatable Swan Through Hurricane Harvey Flooding to Help Deliver Baby
It’s amazing the length that some people will go to help a mother and her unborn child.

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Right-Handed or Left-Handed? Unborn Babies Show Handedness as Early as 10 Weeks
While it used to be believed that you can’t tell which hand is dominant until a child reaches toddler years, it seems that it may be decided very early indeed.

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Abortion Activists Dress Up as Early Feminists to Protest Pro-Life Event, But There’s One HUGE Problem
In her latest desperate cry for attention, abortion enthusiast and former comedienne Lizz Winstead carried out a textbook definition of what the Left commonly decries as a grave sin: “cultural appropriation.”

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Court Allows Woman to Abort Her 24-Week-Old Unborn Baby Just Because He is Disabled

Coerced Abortions: The Hidden Abuse of Women Feminists Won’t Address

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Blasted for Saying Ireland Should Make Abortion a Human Right

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Exclusive: Donald Trump Urged to Nationalize America’s Only Rare Earth Mine

Reported by John Carney | 30 Aug 2017

President Donald Trump met with an executive from an American advanced materials manufacturer who urged the president to prevent China from cornering the market in rare earth materials by nationalizing the only rare earth mine in the United States.

An investor group that allegedly has ties to the Chinese government in June purchased the rare earth mine in Mountain Pass, California that was one of the final remaining assets of the now bankrupt Molycorp Inc. The mine is one of the very few not already controlled by China, which accounts for 97 percent of the global rare-earth mineral production.

“By buying up Mountain Pass, the Chinese have locked up the only operating rare earth mining operation outside of China,” said Michael Silver, chief executive of American Elements Corp., in an interview with Breitbart News about his White House meetings.

China’s control of rare earth mining has implications for the U.S. military. According to a 2016 Government Accountability Office study, certain rare earth materials are “essential to the production, sustainment, and operation of U.S. military equipment.” Critical military uses include rare earths employed in antimissile defense systems, precision-guided weapons, lasers, communications systems, night vision equipment, satellites and military aircraft.

“Reliable access to the necessary material…is a bedrock requirement for the [Department of Defense],” the GAO wrote.

The GAO found that the Defense Department lacked any comprehensive plan for how to deal with “potential supply disruptions.”

The Decline and Fall of America’s Rare Earth Capacity

The U.S. was once the world’s largest producer of such metals but in recent decades has lost out to China, where the rare earth minerals are plentiful and companies are not burdened by environmental and labor regulation.  By 1999, more than 90 percent of the rare earth materials used by U.S. industry came from deposits in China. Today, China produces 97 percent of rare earth elements used globally.

Last year, there were no rare earth materials mined in the U.S., according to the Department of the Interior’s U.S. Geological Survey.  The U.S. imports between $120 million and $160 million worth of rare earths a year, around 9 percent of total global demand for the minerals.

The 2015 bankruptcy of Molycorp, which owned the Mountain Pass rare earth mine, was responsible for shutting down U.S. production. That followed from a sharp decline in prices of rare earth as China kept up its massive production, flooding the market. This global excess supply pushed the price of some rare earths below their cost of production, making the mining and processing uneconomical outside of China.

A buyout group led by U.S. investors and backed by China’s Shenghe Resources Holding Co. won approval in June by a bankruptcy court to buy the mine. Rival bidder Tom Clarke has called for the U.S. government to review the acquisition with an eye to Shenghe’s alleged ties to the Chinese government. 

Silver met with Trump twice in July to discuss nationalizing the Mollycorp mine. He also held meetings with Trump’s senior staff, including then chief strategist Stephen Bannon  and then deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka. He urged the Trump administration to use the power of eminent domain to acquire the mine for use as a new national laboratory dedicated to preserving America’s rare-earth mining capacity.

Rare-earth minerals were first used commercially to produce color televisions. Today they are used in the manufacture of high-tech items that are central to the modern economy, including laptop computers, iPhones, wind turbines, camera lenses, aircraft engines and hybrid electric cars.  According to a report from the U.S. Geological Survey, rare earth elements are “vital to modern technologies and lifestyles.”

China’s ramped up production was a reversal of a 2010 that had capped its rare earth exports. The U.S. viewed this cap as an attempt to force manufacturers to locate in China and put pressure on China to reverse its stance. That happened in 2015 following a ruling by the World Trade Organization that China’s practices were unfair. The lifting of the caps sent rare earth prices crashing.

Silver, the American Elements executive, says this was the result of China dumping the minerals on the market at rock-bottom prices in an effort to drive out competitors. Any attempt to make the Molycorp mine commercially viable will fail, according to silver, because China can hold prices lower for longer than any competitor can stay solvent.

Now China is using its control of the market to cajole companies to manufacture in China, according to Silver. That puts any efforts to restore manufacturing in America at risk, he said.

A Plan to Prevent China’s Sole Control

“We need to assure high-tech manufacturers that it is safe to locate plants in the U.S. At this point, the only place you can site a plant is China because of their control over the minerals,” Silver said.

Under Silver’s plan, the mine would become one of the U.S. government’s national labs. The best-known of these research facilities run by the Department of Energy is the famous Los Alamos National Laboratory. Nationalizing the mine would guarantee that manufacturers wouldn’t lose access to the rare-earth minerals if China decided to restrict their import.

“One you guarantee access to the minerals, where’s the best place to site your plant? The U.S. because of quality labor, our academics, our know how,” Silver said.

Nationalizing the mine would not stop China’s ability to set price globally. But government ownership would allow the mine to continue operating even if it were unprofitable. That, in turn, would allow the U.S. to continue to employ rare earth scientists domestically and develop new rare earth technologies. Under the U.S. Constitution, the government is allowed to take ownership of the property through the power of eminent domain so long as property owners receive appropriate compensation. 

American Elements is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of metals and chemicals with a catalog of more than 15,000 products, according to Silver. He was one of the first Americans to set up a distribution supply chain from China to North America, he said in an interview.

“I probably stand to lose money by arguing for nationalizing the mine. But I feel like this is my duty as a patriot,” Silver said.

Report: Trump to End Obama-Era DACA Program

Reported by John Binder | 31 Aug 2017 | Washington, D.C.

URL of the original posting site:

According to Fox News reports, the Trump Administration is set to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) this week, days before a coalition of state attorneys general said they would sue if the program was not ended by September 5:

President Trump, as early as Friday, is expected to announce plans to end the Obama administration program that gave a deportation reprieve to hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants, a senior administration official told Fox News.

Trump promised to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, during the presidential campaign — but since taking office had left the door open to preserving parts of it.

According to the official, Trump is expected to announce the program’s end but will allow so-called “dreamers” currently in the program to stay in the U.S. until their work permits expire – which, for some, could be as long as two years.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to confirm the Fox News report on Thursday afternoon. A “final decision on this has not been made … it has not been finalized, and when it is, we will let you know,” she told the White House press conference.

As Breitbart Texas reported, a study done by Mark Zuckerberg’s pro-immigration organization found that if DACA ends, American workers can expect nearly 700,000 job openings in the U.S. workforce.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

Hurricane Harvey Cartoon Explains what the Media Really Thinks of Christians, Conservatives, and Texans

Reported By Onan Coca August 31, 2017

Politico made a very big mistake on Wednesday when they decided to publish what may be one of the most bigoted, unAmerican, and despicable political cartoons published in recent memory.

Let’s start with the cartoon itself so that you can get a sense of what the liberal media actually thinks about people like us:

That image really has it all, doesn’t it?

This was published by the mainstream “news” publishers at Politico on a day when people were still getting rescued by the Coast Guard and by their neighbors.

Confederate flag? Check. Gadsden Flag? Check. Hillbilly redneck? Check. Texas Secession sign? Check. Mocking Christianity while praising government? Check.

This cartoon ticks all of the leftwing boxes, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, it ignores the fact that the vast majority of people saved during and after the storm were rescued by friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens. (That’s the small government way, if you’re keeping score.) Then the government actually told those heroic citizens to STOP saving their neighbors. It also ignores the fact that conservatives have never said that there is no place for government in a situation like this, in fact, this is one of the actual functions the government is supposed to take care of. Finally, it ignores the reality of a Sovereign God who “works in mysterious ways” and as the Bible teaches uses believers and non-believers alike to accomplish His Will.

Politico eventually realized their mistake and deleted the Tweet… but they kept the cartoon on their website.

The artist also tried to deflect the backlash from his bigoted cartoon by claiming it was just about secessionists:

The first problem with the cartoon is it’s crassness. People are still being saved, and it’s making fun of those same people.

The second problem is the stereotypes. It’s almost a caricature of what you’d expect a liberal cartoonist to draw in response to conservative Texans relying upon the government in their time of crisis. The Confederate flag T-shirt. The Gadsden Flag. The reference to being saved by God (which seems extremely dismissive of Christianity). The Texas secession banner. It’s all kind of … predictable? …

But the cartoon suggests that normal people who believe in small government should essentially forfeit government help in their time of need — or, at least, that they should suddenly recognize that their belief in smaller government is wrongheaded. It’s all very smug, and it gives extremely short shrift to very complex issues.

To make matters worse, the cartoon just isn’t very good. It’s ham-fisted and un-nuanced, there is nothing to think about as HotAir’s Ed Morrissey points out.

If you want a good analysis of what is taking place in Texas created by a political cartoonist with actual talent, look no further than Michael Ramirez:

Trump’s border wall moves forward with prototypes


The Department of Homeland Security announced Thursday the winners of a contest to build prototypes for sections of President Trump’s proposed border wall. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Deputy Commissioner Ronald D. Vitiello said four companies were chosen to build the prototypes, which are planned to be built in the San Diego area.

Vitiello said the prototypes are a “significant milestone” in Trump’s plan to build a wall on the border with Mexico. The prototypes will be built out of concrete, 18 to 30 feet high and 30 feet long. Vitiello said they would each cost between “just under $400,000 and just under $500,000.” He added that four additional prototypes made of “alternative materials” will be announced next week.

The companies selected for prototype construction were Caddell Construction Co. of Montgomery, Ala., Fisher Sand & Gravel Co. of Tempe, Ariz., Texas Sterling Construction Co. of Houston, Texas, and W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company of Philadelphia, Mo. An unnamed contractor filed a bid protest, which could detain construction of the prototypes.

According to Vitiello, the concrete portions of the wall will be built 150 feet away from the actual border. The space between an initial see-through barrier on the border and the concrete wall, the “enforcement zone,” will provide a “much safer environment than what we may have planned for before,” said Vitiello.

Trump had initially called for a concrete wall spanning the entire border, but later said he’d consider a see-through option after hearing from Border Patrol officials. Vitiello also said the wall would not span the entire border, but would be constructed “where it’s necessary, not along the whole border.”

In July, Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that the finished wall could span just 700 to 900 miles.

“It’s a 2,000 mile border, but you don’t need 2,000 miles of wall because you have a lot of natural barriers. You have mountains. You have some rivers that are violent and vicious. You have some areas that are so far away that you don’t really have people crossing. So you don’t need that. But you’ll need anywhere from 700 to 900 miles,” he said.

Vitiello added that prototypes were chosen based on their aesthetics, impenetrability, resistance to tampering, scaling and anti-breach properties .

Depending on the results of prototype testing, the agency could end up using all four concrete and all four alternative materials prototypes in different sections of the wall, or decide to use none.

Trump made construction of a border wall a centerpiece of his campaign, and has threatened to shut down the government unless Congress funds initial construction of the wall in 2018. Democrats successfully blocked wall funding in May’s omnibus spending bill, but $1.6 billion in wall funding was added to homeland security in House appropriations bills that must still clear the Senate.

The prototypes are being built with existing fiscal year 2017 funds, according to Vitiello.

– This report was updated at 5:20 p.m.

Obama Era Policy to Waive Work Requirements for Welfare Gets the Axe

Posted by | on August 31, 2017

Another bad Obama policy has been defeated by the Trump administration and it’s going to do America a world of good!

President Trump’s team has moved ahead to restore the work requirements for welfare under the program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

The Office of Family Assistance, which operates under the Department of Health and Human Services, published a memorandum to states. They were made aware of the restored work requirements, which rescinds a loophole created by the Obama-admin that allowed states to request a wavier.

That policy had been operating since 2012. Almost five years of unaccounted for free-loaders. No wonder our economy was in such a bad state.

“Re-emphasizing the work requirements in the welfare program means once again promoting gainful employment and economic independence as goals for every family,” said Acting Assistant Secretary for Children and Families Steven Wagner in a statement. “The waiver option offered by the Obama administration is being replaced today by an expectation that work should always be encouraged as a condition for receiving welfare.”

Republicans famously passed work requirements for welfare recipients during the Clinton administration, but the Obama administration wanted to loosen them for individual states.

According to a release from the HHS, Ohio was the only state that applied for a waiver, which was never granted by the Obama administration. The state was informed today that their request was denied.


“Our agency is committed to helping low-income families transition from welfare to work,” said Office of Family Assistance Director Clarence Carter. “We cannot achieve the goal of self-sufficiency if meaningful work participation is divorced from welfare cash assistance.”

FAKE NEWS: CNN Caught Faking Harvey Rescue Video in Pathetic Stunt

Reported By Andrew West | August 31, 2017

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