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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoons


My thanks to Lisa Benson and Dana Summers of TOWNHALL.COM for their political cartoon perspectives, with my added contribution.

Jerry Broussard of


Today’s Poliktically INCORRECT Cartoon

Drawn by Mike LesterFriday, March 17, 2017

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N.E.A. = National Endowment for the Arts – Official Site

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester



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Comic Relief: Watch the Hilarious Video Parodying CNN’s Fake News

Written by Philip Hodges Philip Hodges

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fake news

As with any piece of satire, there’s always an element of truth in it. But what makes this video even more funny is that they used stories and narratives pushed by the media over the past few years to show their extreme penchant for unabashedly contradicting themselves. There isn’t really a whole lot of parody. They’ve just taken what’s been reported and put it into a song. I guess the media is just a parody of itself.

Here are a few of the lyrics:

Nothing else to report, Ed
as we’ve been banned from the press gaggle
and labeled as “fake news” by the president.

We’ll have to prove him wrong. Thanks Tim.


Trump’s approval numbers have gone to new lows
according to a new poll–and we’re never wrong about those
And is Starbucks’ new cup bringing people to tears
No, but we’ll find two tweets like we do every year

Uh, Ed? Yes Tim? Look, this is obviously bad
But do you think we could maybe help our case a tad
They say we’re not news, that we just make stuff up
My apologies, Tim, I’ll fix that right up

A nurse shark bit a man in a Florida park
Could this summer be the SUMMER OF SHARKS
Plus, a product you own causes death exponentially
The answer to that misleading question – eventually…

Read the rest of the lyrics here. For now, watch the video:

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