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FOIA Uncovers Taxpayer-Funded Islamic Propaganda Forced on Teachers

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The Thomas More Law Center, a national nonprofit public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan who discovered that taxpayer money is being used to indoctrinate teachers on Islam. The two-day course was taken by 400 Michigan teachers and not one of them challenged the lies of terrorism and Sharia Law.

The workshop was arranged by Michigan’s Novi Community Schools District and all teachers were notified that attendance was mandatory. Besides promoting Islam, the course also saw Christianity disparaged, and America bashed. All at taxpayer expense.

These workshops are becoming more common every day.


TMLC inspected dozens of internal school documents, including audio recordings of Essa’s presentation.

The information on Islam she provided to Novi teachers was riddled with falsehoods and errors of omission that were clearly meant to deceive.

Essa provided no truthful information on Sharia law and jihad, two of the most important aspects of Islam. All references to terrorism were dismissed as having nothing to do with Islam. White Christian males, she suggested, are more dangerous than Islamic radicals.

Essa is the face behind Culture Links LLC, a Michigan-based consultancy. She describes herself on the Culture Links website as an advocate of social justice who encourages children to “take pride in their many identities.”

But, as TMLC discovered from the Novi documents, the one identity Essa does not celebrate is that of patriotic Americans who believe in our nation’s exceptionalism.

And her message extends far beyond Novi.

Essa’s client list reveals she has been spreading her “trash America first” philosophy to colleges, universities, schools and professional educator associations throughout Michigan, California, Georgia, Texas, Florida and beyond. In Michigan alone her website lists nine school districts as clients – Oakland County Schools, Ann Arbor Schools, L’Anse Creuse Public Schools, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, Roseville Community Schools, Farmington Public Schools, Dearborn Public Schools, Birmingham Public Schools and Melvindale Public Schools.

Under the banner of promoting diversity, inclusion and a multicultural approach to education, Essa sets about comparing Islam to Christianity, calling them “mostly similar.” The one big difference, she claims, is that Islam is the world’s “only purely monotheistic religion.”

Her message was clear: The Koran is superior to the Bible. But she did not address the fact that it calls for the extermination of Christian and Jews.

While quick to indict America as guilty of “cultural genocide,” Essa was silent on the 1400 years of actual genocides, also known as jihads, in which Muslims wiped out Jewish tribes on the Arabian Peninsula, and slaughtered millions of Christians throughout the Middle East, North Africa and the European Continent. Referring to Islam, Winston Churchill wrote, “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

Read TMLC’s entire investigative findings here.

Muslims In The Midwest Are LIVID After Citizens Permanently DESTROY Their Caliphate Plans



The rise of radical Islam around the world and here in the United States is impossible to ignore any longer. Thankfully, there are people who hold office in America that want to protect the American people.

A bill that was designed to block “the application of foreign law” in state courts advanced in the Montana House of Representatives earlier this week. The bill, of course, includes Sharia law and it has Democrats and Muslims fuming mad. Democrats are yelling that this potential law only targets Muslims and that it fuels xenophobia.

According to the Billings Gazette:

“After a lengthy debate, with Democrats and Republicans disagreeing on the intent of a Senate bill to prohibit state courts from applying foreign law, the legislation advanced in the House largely along party lines with a 56-44 vote.

Senate Bill 97, carried by Keith Regier, R-Kalispell, doesn’t specifically mention Sharia law, but it was the only kind of foreign law mentioned during testimony in both the Senate and House judiciary committees.

Sharia law is the religious governance followed by people practicing Islam. Sharia utilizes religious texts to determine divine will. Its implementation varies across the world, with Saudi Arabia adhering to strict punishments like stoning, while in other countries it is most regularly used in personal law such as marriage and divorce.

Democrats said the bill targets Muslims, while Republicans said it simply reinforces the Montana and U.S. constitutions.”

The fact that these democrats would say that this bill unfairly targets Muslims is 100% absurd, and here is why. The constitution in its perfection already protects people from religious persecution. Sharia law is the exact opposite of our values in this country and we need to protect our way of life.

There is plenty of room for all people of different background to enter America, however, they need to adhere to our laws. If they want to live under Sharia law they can go back to the Middle East and practice it there, right? I hope that this bill passes quickly and that more states follow suit.

H/T [ Conservative Post ]

Muslims Emboldened: List Of Islamists Looking To “Represent” You in 2020 (Updated)

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URL of the original posting site:

Those holding to the false teachings of Islam are at odds not only with Christianity, which our country was built upon but also against our Constitution.  Yet, with this last election, we saw many Muslims elected to office and in the coming election, we are sure to see many more.

The following is a list of Muslims who are already preparing to run for office to “represent” you.

Movita Johnson-Harrell is a Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 190, in the general special election on March 12, 2019. Read more about Johnson-Harrell here. – UPDATE: Movita Johnson-Harrell was elected to Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Ali Saleh is a Democratic candidate for California State Senate in District 33. Saleh is running in the primary special election on March 26, 2019. Read more about Saleh hereUPDATE: Ali Saleh was defeated in the primary election.

Ammar Campa-Najjar is a Democratic candidate for Congress in California’s 50th District, for the 2020 election. Campa-Najjar claims he is not Muslim but his grandfather was a Muslim terrorist, therefore I thought he should be added to this list. Read more about Campa-Najjar here.

Imtiaz Ahmad Mohammad is a Democratic candidate for Florida House of Representatives, District 104, for the 2020 election. Read more about Mohammad here.

Dr. Mohammad “MoDar” Dar is a Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Massachusetts, District 8, in the 2020 election. Read more about Dar hereUPDATE: Mohammad Dar has dropped out of the race. 

Altaf Ahmed is a Democratic candidate for Broward County Commission District 1, in the 2020 election.

Yasmine Taeb is a Democratic candidate for State Senate in Virginia’s 35th District for the 2019 election. Read more about Taeb here.

Nabila Mansoor is a candidate for Sugar Land City Council, District 2 in Texas. The General Election is on May 4, 2019. UPDATE: Nabila Mansoor will face Naushad Kermally in the runoff election on June 8th, 2019.

Naushad Kermally is a candidate for Sugar Land City Council, District 2 in Texas. The Election is on May 4th, 2019. UPDATE: Naushad Kermally will face Nabila Mansoor in the runoff election on June 8th, 2019. 

Mohammad Usman Aijaz is a candidate for Sugar Land City Council, District 1 in Texas. The General Election is on May 4, 2019. UPDATE: Aijaz was defeated on May 4th. 

Abrar Omeish is a candidate for Fairfax County School Board in Virginia.

Omar Sabir is a candidate for Philadelphia City Commissioner in Pennsylvania. The primary election is on May 21, 2019.

Qasim Rashid is a candidate for Virginia Senate, District 28. The primary election is on June 11th, 2019. Read more about Rashid here.

Ibrahim Moiz is a Democratic candidate for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Virginia.

Khurrum Wahid is a candidate for Coral Springs City Commission, seat 2, in Florida.

Mahmoud Mahmoud is a candidate for the New Jersey General Assembly, District 32. The primary election is on June 4, 2019.

Kaisar Ahmed is a candidate for the 3rd District seat on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, in California, for the 2020 election. Read more about Ahmed here.

Sharafat Hussain-Babu is a Democratic candidate for Virginia State Senate in the 33rd district. The election is on June 11th, 2019. Read more about Hussain-Babu here.

Hassan Ahmad is a progressive Democrat running for the Virginia House of Delegates, District 87. The election is on June 11th, 2019.

Aisha Wahab is a progressive Democrat running for Congress in California, district 15. Read more about Wahab here.

Adil Syed Ahmed is a progressive candidate for Commissioner in West New York, NJ. The election is on May 14th, 2019.

Sri Preston Kulkarni is a Democratic candidate for Congress in Texas, District 22, in the 2020 Election.

Ghazala Hashmi is a Democratic candidate for Virginia State Senate, District 10. The primary election is on June 11th, 2019.

Awais Qazi is a Democratic candidate for New Jersey General Assembly, District 29. The primary election is on June 4th, 2019.

Zulfat Suara is a candidate for Nashville Metro Council at Large. The election is August 1, 2019.

We’ll update the list as more file to run for office.

I ask, where are you Christian Americans who will stand and be counted and represent your people and faithfully execute your duty before God (Romans 13:1-5)?

Where are true, God-fearing Americans that take seriously the responsibility of the civil magistrate as the minister of God?  Where are those who seek to uphold the law rather than violate it like Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Attorney General Keith Ellison?

Where are you Christians?  Are you willing to simply sit back and let your country be taken by antichrists? (1 John 2:22; 2:18; 4:2–3; 2 John 1:7).

If your idea is to simply live and let live and not war against the schemes of the devil and not bring forth the true Gospel that saves, along with opposing those who are at war with God, then your Christianity is missing something important.

I encourage you, if you believe you should move into the political realm to represent your people, as well as honor your Creator, I would implore you to do so.  Contact me, and I’ll support you as best I am able by the means God has given me.

Article posted with permission from The Washington Standard

Reporter Catches Extremely Disturbing Behavior from Linda Sarsour’s Apparent Bodyguard

Reported By Malachi Bailey | Published March 7, 2019 at 1:02pm

Linda Sarsour, a far-left activist and known anti-Semite, turned her bodyguard on a reporter who asked about Israel’s right to exist at Sarsour’s rally for Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar. Sarsour’s rally for Omar, who is known for her anti-Semitic tweets about “hook-nosed Jews,” was held in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. Like the freshman congresswoman, Sarsour is notoriously anti-Semitic and known to have ties to radical Islamic groups.

And of course, Sarsour is a supporter of the “one-state solution” in the Middle East, which means the far-left activist wants to get rid of the Jewish state.

Considering Sarsour’s notoriety as founder of the Women’s March movement, known anti-Semitism and outspoken support for Omar, it makes sense why a reporter would confront her about her radical stance on Israel.

“Linda, do you believe the state of Israel has a right to exist?” a reporter asked Sarsour on Wednesday.

“We’ll answer questions later after the press conference,” Sarsour said. “I’ll be happy to answer them.”

The reporter patiently waited until after the press conference, but Sarsour’s apparent bodyguards blocked him from asking questions. As the bodyguards stopped the reporter from confronting Sarsour, he asked, “Why are you guys pushing me here?” The bodyguard repeatedly asked the reporter, “Why are you here?” and brought up anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jewish money. “Do you work for Israel? How much do you get paid? Do they pay you enough?” the bodyguard angrily asked.

The bodyguard’s comments were eerily similar to the comments made about Jewish “lobbyists” from Omar last month.

This is what the face of the new Democratic Party looks like; a growing portion of Democrats now support radical Islam and have a disdain for Jewish people. And don’t be tricked into thinking it’s only a few radicals on the left. Omar isn’t only supported by Sarsour — the representative also has the backing of her freshman colleague, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez, who is immensely popular in far-left circles, made it clear that she isn’t bothered by Omar’s anti-Semitism. Omar and Ocasio-Cortez might not publicly support radicals like Sarsour, but they definitely have the support of radicals, and that’s evidence enough of the representatives’ extremist dog whistling.

Democrats should be concerned because their party is being taken over by a coalition of extreme socialists and radical Islam sympathizers.



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Malachi Bailey is a writer from the Midwest with a background in history, education and philosophy. He has led multiple conservative groups and is dedicated to the principles of free speech, privacy and peace.

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“She called for Americans to be killed before she even left United States soil. She’s not only committed treason but is a traitor.”
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VIDEO: Arizona ISIS Supporter Shot by Officer

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Interfaith dialogue a ‘Trojan horse’ within evangelicalism

Authored by J.M. Phelps ( | Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Bible in lap (black-and-white)A Christian filmmaker says by defending faith, family, and freedoms, and exposing Islam and communism, American evangelicals are performing a service that is “vital to national security” – and interfaith dialogue, he argues, is the greatest threat to evangelicals.

Evangelical Christians in the U.S. are under attack by Islamists and Marxists, says Brannon Howse, founder of Worldview Weekend, because they are “the only real obstacles [to America] being completely overtaken” by those groups. When the Judeo-Christian ethic of America falters, he affirms, “we are done as a constitutional republic,” because it is Christian faith which promotes the defense of a constitutional republic based on a Judeo-Christian worldview.

Howse also declares the greatest threat to evangelicals, specifically, is interfaith dialogue. An egregious example of that, he says, came from the words of Sayyid Qutb – the late Muslim Brotherhood leader – who declared that “interfaith dialogue is a one-way bridge to bring the non-Muslim to the side of the Muslim – not the other way around.”

Islamists aren’t the only ones who use that tactic, says Howse.

“Interfaith dialogue is [also] being promoted by Marxist groups like the Gamaliel Network,” he tells OneNewsNow. The Gamaliel Network can be found in over 17 states and was “expanded greatly” in the 1980s, says Howse, by a former Jesuit priest by the name of Gregory Galluzzo. He notes Galluzzo studied under Saul Alinsky and helped to bring Barack Obama to Chicago to be a community organizer.

deception red markerHowse emphasizes that the Gamaliel Network promotes interfaith dialogue because “they understand the importance of what Karl Marx, the father of communism understood.” He understood “the Hegelian dialectic process – pitting opposites against each other so there can be a merging or a synthesis – and that’s exactly what Saul Alinsky taught” Galluzzo to do.

Alinsky taught that “change comes from the conflict,” Howse continues.

“You get people to conflict; you get them to have chaos,” he explains – then they “tire of the conflict [and become] “willing compromise to have unity and to have peace, so everybody can get along.”

Having learned that tactic from Alinsky, Galluzzo then expanded the Gamaliel Network by using “Christian terms and Christian names” and “twisting Scripture” to create confusion amongst evangelicals.

“So, the greatest threat right now facing evangelical Christians,” Howse believes, “is interfaith dialogue coming at us from both the Marxists and Islamists.”

And that, says Howse, is the reason he produced the new six-hour documentary Sabotage. “[The film] is all about understanding how the Islamists, the Marxists, and their useful idiots are destroying America from within,” he adds.

Sadly, says Howse, “some of these useful idiots are coming from inside evangelicalism – [from those] who don’t understand either Islam nor do they understand Marxism.” In which case, he continues, they suggest the “things we’re promoting [are] conspiracy. [But] their ignorance doesn’t make me a conspiracy theorist; it just makes them ignorant [to the facts].”

Howse accurately paraphrases the words of evangelist Vance Havner, who said: “The devil is not fighting religion …. He is producing a counterfeit Christianity, so much like the real one that good Christians are afraid to speak out against it.”

“And that’s what we have today with so-called Christian useful idiots giving way to social justice, a social gospel, white privilege, reparation, and interfaith dialogue,” Howse concludes. “This is how you destroy a nation from within: with a Trojan horse.”

Experts agree: America being exploited by veiled threat of Islam

Reported by J.M. Phelps ( | Tuesday, December 11, 2018

'It's Islam stupid!' signA pair of experts say the demands of Islam, particularly those in defiance of the laws and customs of the United States, do not have to be accommodated by the government or military.

In opposition to a 200-year tradition, Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar desires to wear her Islamic headscarf while serving as an incoming member of Congress. Likewise, the Air Force is appeasing Muslims by granting waivers for wearing beards.

In response to the latter example, Dr. Bill Warner, founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, tells OneNewsNow “there is a hadith [a tradition] that says Muslims should wear a beard without a moustache. This is a political demand to the Kafirs (non-Muslims). The out here is that if it were denied, then the sin is on the Kafir and the Muslim is released from the Sharia rule.”


Warner explains that two, often over-looked principles of Islamic law “give direction to Muslims who find themselves in situations where they cannot practice Islam in complete obedience to the totalitarian rules of Sharia – Islamic law.”

The principle of tayseer allows a Muslim to “lighten one’s burden,” according to Warner, which then “leads to the second principle of dararu.” Appointed times of prayer for the Muslim may become lenient, for example, when circumstances to fulfill this duty become difficult or impossible. Missed prayers would simply be accomplished at another time – without doing any harm to their religious beliefs.

Author of Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam, I.Q. al-Rassooli, concurs. The Iraqi-born native Arabic-speaker, living in an undisclosed location in Europe says, “everything Dr. Warner shared is true and correct.”

Al-Rassooli suggests few people in the American government, military, or citizenry have either the knowledge or the backbone to say “although these Sharia-compliant Muslims were elected fairly or may be serving in the U.S. military, they cannot ever be loyal to the American Constitution because Sharia is the nemesis of all known human freedoms.”


He declares “the minute a woman insists she wears a hijab, that means she is Sharia-compliant. Since she is Sharia-compliant, she cannot be loyal among non-Muslims. It’s that simple. It’s not complicated.”

Likewise, al-Rassooli points out “if a Muslim is insisting he needs to have a beard, for so-called religious reasons – which, in fact, means he is Sharia-compliant – then automatically these same reasons would also mandate that he destroy the infidel [the non-Muslim].” He believes “such Muslims are nothing short of a waiting, and ticking, suicide bomber.”

Allowing Muslims to be Sharia-adherent in the U.S. military is “the worst mistake,” according to al-Rassooli. “I have absolutely no doubt that one day soon, such a Muslim will cause horrendous and catastrophic damage, either to planes or to an aircraft carrier.” “The sole purpose in the life of every [Sharia-compliant] Muslim anywhere on Earth is to subjugate all of humanity to Sharia,” al-Rassooli avows. “Therefore, their foremost method is to deceive hundreds of millions of Qur’an-ignorant and Sharia-ignorant people that they [Muslims] mean well.”

According to both Warner and al-Rassooli, Muslims can be released from the demands of Islam while living in America. Sharia offers some leniency, which dismisses any professed necessity for the United States to nix its Constitution to become Sharia-compliant.

ClashQuiz: How Many ‘Sweet Refugees’ Were Arrested In England & Wales For Child Rape Last Year – 3? 461? 900?

Reported By Wes Walker |

Why is a ‘free press’ so vital to a nation? Here’s a hint: Tommy Robinson spent time in solitary because he dared to report on an issue the Government would rather he shut up about. Tommy lost 40 lbs in just two months spent in prison for daring to tell this story. The rest of the news outlets were far too candy-assed and politically correct to even acknowledge there was a systemic problem.

News is breaking — gradually, and LONG after the fact — about how the very government officials charged with enforcing the law and keeping the peace were far more concerned about whether or not they appeared to be ‘intolerant’. Because ‘intolerant’ people face unpleasant consequences.

Public humiliation. Lawsuits. Career-ending disgrace.

Meanwhile, the people — CHILDREN! — they routinely failed to protect didn’t get the unpleasant business of being called intolerant. They got gang-raped by strangers. Children who tried to go to the police found no justice there. All too often, the police did nothing.

It all comes down to a bureaucratic fear of pissing off the wrong well-connected grievance-monger and their activist lawyers. Of course, that only emboldens whatever misbehavior they are too gutless to investigate and prosecute.

How big of a problem have they been turning a blind eye to all this time?

SHOCKING police figures released for England and Wales have shown nearly 900 Syrians have been arrested in just one year.

Now critics say they are concerned that the thousands of Syrians entering Britain each year under resettlement schemes are being allowed to enter the country unchecked.

“The UK Government continues to commit a significant amount of international aid to assistance programmes in the regions neighbouring Syria, arguing that this is preferable to encouraging Syrian refugees to make dangerous journeys to Europe.

“The UK has committed over £2.3 billion to helping refugees in Syria and the region, making it the second largest bilateral donor to the Syrian refugee crisis.”

The figure of 900 came from a Freedom of Information request by the Sun on Sunday.

But UKIP MEP Ray Finch has said: “The Government seems have not to have vetted those it has invited into the country.”
Source: Express

That number isn’t ALL ‘sweet migrants’. It doesn’t account for people showing up as ‘refugees’ from countries elsewhere in the Middle East, or North Africa.

The ‘grooming gang’ (a typically polite and English way of child-trafficking soulless bastards) that Tommy was reporting on didn’t have any Syrian connections. Those were, in English speak ‘Asian’. For those of us West of the Atlantic, that term does include people we would call ‘middle-eastern’, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.)

A think tank has claimed that 84 per cent of people convicted of child grooming-gang offences since 2005 were Asian.

In a new study, Quilliam says its researchers discovered differences in the way paedophiles from different backgrounds operated.

It said white offenders often acted alone, while child abusers from Asian backgrounds were more likely to work in so-called grooming gangs.

The organisation, which usually focuses on counter-extremism, said it found 222 of 264, or 84 per cent, of people convicted of specific grooming-gang crimes in the UK since 2005 were Asian.
Source: Independent

Is there any problem with their refugee plan, beyond the sheer number of people who never mastered that kindergarten skill of ‘work and play well with others’? Here’s one. While the UK is setting up a long-term plan to import all of these healthy unmarried men (where ARE all those ‘vulnerable’ women, children, aged and infirm Europe was supposedly giving shelter to?)

Here’s a Reuter’s story that may be relevant to the conversation.

Syria’s foreign minister, Walid al-Moualem, told the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday that the country was ready for the voluntary return of refugees who fled during the more than seven-year conflict.
Source: Reuters

The money they are spending on helping them integrate into the UK might be more helpfully spent in helping them rebuild.

Even the Dalai Lama agrees with that logic.

The left, on the other hand… they’ve got other ideas.


Wes Walker is the author of “Blueprint For a Government that Doesn’t Suck”. He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

Judge Jeanine Tarnishes Obama Legacy in Brutal Fashion

Reported By Lisa Payne-Naeger | September 9, 2018 at


You’ve got to love Judge Jeanine Pirro and her common-sense plain talk. She speaks to mainstream Americans just as well as, if not better than, President Donald Trump on matters that are near and dear to their hearts, on issues that affect their lives on a daily basis.

In her latest monologue Saturday night, Pirro brilliantly outlined why Americans rebelled against the establishment of either party to elect Trump.

On Friday former President Barack Obama spoke at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and in that speech he unloaded on the current administration with countless criticisms. Not only did he try his best to cast the Trump White House in a bad light, he tried to take credit for Trump administration successes.

That gave Pirro all the ammunition she needed to so succinctly outline the current differences between the mindset of voters who elected the current president and their mindset when they elected him.

And in the “Opening Statement” segment of Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” she held nothing back.

She began: “All of you have a decision to make. It has never happened in the history of this country, an ex-president viciously attacking his successor, trashing our commander in chief, his party and all those Americans who put him in the Oval Office…

“There is so much hatred and resentment over the success of this president that they simply cannot handle it. I’ve got news for you. It’s not going to stop. The haters aren’t going anywhere. But if you’re a patriot and you like the course America is on, just ignore them, get behind this president and vote.

“Yesterday, with a full-throttle savage attack on the president, Barack’s message, obstruct and resist. He pontificates about the reality of racial discrimination, slavery and the quote, ‘darker aspects of America’s story’ …”

Pirro went on to cite various instances in which Obama and his administration facilitated racial and religious division in the nation. She skillfully dissected Obama’s comments on the economy, Middle East policy, relations with Russia, money to the Clinton Foundation, antifa and the various other narratives Obama pushes to stoke his base into hatred and division.

The list is long.

Pirro addressed Obama directly and at length: “You ran the most corrupted administration since Harry Truman and you can’t stand it that every metric under Trump is better off than when you were in office.

“And Donald Trump is one of the biggest threats to our democracy? How dare you? This man is the president of the United States, someone that we put in office and he is to be respected. Your attack on him as a racist and a fascist is not about making things better for us, its about you, your ego and your corrupt, deep-state power structure…

“You desperately tried to defeat Trump and it didn’t work. And you remain in Washington to support the resistance and obstruction of a sitting American president while you stoke your racial cop -ating narrative.”

As Pirro tied it all together, it almost seems too simple. Americans have seen through the smoke-and-mirrors version of the nation presented by the left.

“Your version of America is not the America we want,” Pirro said, still addressing Obama. “To us, social justice is about justice for American citizens, and not illegal criminals. To us, social justice is about taking care of veterans who come back to our shores with fewer limbs than when they left. To us, social justice is not about burning our flag. It is about raising it and lifting it.

“I’m sorry to say this, but there’s one thing that you’re going to have to live with. The only reason that we have an outsider businessman president is because of you, your lies, your policies and your divisiveness. You, Barack. You elected Donald Trump and there’s nothing you can do about the fact that he’s sitting in the Oval Office now. So I guess I should say, thank you, Barack.”

Barack Obama should know better than to try to speak out against a sitting president, especially this one. Americans have woken up to the fact that they are better off under policies that support capitalism, less regulation and thriving economy rather than divisiveness, open boarders and socialism.

And Judge Jeanine delivered a perfect narrative to describe what Americans are thinking, regardless of the critical narrative presented by Obama and the left. If Obama is upset at seeing his legacy go up in smoke, he has no one to blame but himself .


An enthusiastic grassroots Tea Party activist, Lisa Payne-Naeger has spent the better part of the last decade lobbying for educational and family issues in her state legislature, and as a keyboard warrior hoping to help along the revolution that empowers the people to retake control of their, out-of-control, government.

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Who Is Stronger ISIS or al-Qaeda? Al-Baghdadi is apparently ‘alive and well’ Read and Share

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Who Is Linda Sarsour’s Mentor?

“She’s an infiltrator, sent to distract ignorant women into giving her power, it worked.”

– M.M.

Mauro: US Must Wake Up to the New Turkey

“Tell that to Merkel.”

– J.D.

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The Clarion Project Newsletter for Sunday August 12, and Monday August 13, 2018

Video: Mauro: ‘Jihadist Waco’ Narrowly Avoided in New Mexico More harrowing details come to light Watch right-arrow.png
Podcast: The Father, the Son and the Unholy Exorcism The New Mexico tragedy happened on the FBI’s watch Listen right-arrow.png
News Analysis: Al-Qaeda Turned 30 – and It’s Alive & Well. Why? The threat and what you can do about it Read and Take Action right-arrow.png
Media Review: Erdogan Locks Horns With Trump What Arab Media Says About the US – August 12, 2018 Read right-arrow.png
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NM Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy?

“I have no words for the delay of the FBI intervening in a situation when a first-person report pinpointed the location of a disabled kidnapped minor went out to not just one, but four agencies. But then again, I was at Garland, Texas where the bulk of us were used for human experimentation as part of a kill box for a couple of luckless, pushed-to-the-finish-line jihad roadies. The FBI covered themselves with glory for that event also.”
– T.S.
Three Convictions for US ISIS Supporters

“These sentences are ridiculous. They’ll do two years, and come right back at it.”
– H.S.
Podcast and Poll: Is Hate Speech Terrorism? Let us know your thoughts Listen and Vote right-arrow.png
Opinion: Canada & the Saudis: Snowflake Versus Tyrant What the recent spat between the countries is really all about Read More right-arrow.png
Readers Write
Three Convictions for US ISIS Supporters

“But the FBI sat on exposing and arresting the scum in New Mexico….why?”
– E.R.S.
9 Stories on Radical Islam Buried by Mainstream Media

“Wow, how can the media censor stories like this?”
– D.P.

The Media is Diverting Your Attention From the 35 Known Jihadi Camps in America! You Should Be Asking, Why?

Reported by Bradlee Dean

URL of the original posting site:

It was reported this last week on The Sons of Liberty Media by Mac Slavo:

“Eleven children were rescued from a compound in New Mexico, which was being run by armed Muslim extremists.  Authorities found all the children living in deplorable living conditions after raiding the property looking specifically for a three-year-old boy. It is also being reported that they were training children up for school shootings.”

A Muslim military camp heavily armed in New Mexico?  Training up children to go into schools and shoot them up?  Yes, you heard that right, in America (Deuteronomy 28:50).

They are bringing their culture with them into this country.  These Muslims are not looking for help.  They are here to terrorize, and they are looking to conquer.

But what are you being told by the media?  You are being told that they are contributing to society. Really? Let’s take a look at Muslims from the east who are plundering countries that they are entering.

  • Denmark: 450% more crimes committed by Muslims than non-Muslims.
  • Germany: Muslim migrants committed 142, 500 crimes in 6 months. This is 780 every day.
  • Sweden: 480,000 sexual assaults in one year. 77% of all rapes by less than 2% Muslim.
  • England and Wales: Over 56% of Syrian refugees committed severe crimes in less than 1 year etc.
  • Belgium: 35% of prison population is Muslim who make up only 6% of the population.
  • UK: Muslims fill 44% of high security prisons, out of a 5% population.
  • USA: 91.4 % Muslim refugees are on food stamps, 68.3 % on cash welfare.

Muslim migration has doubled in the decade since 9/11 and 60% of migrants to America favor Sharia law (Deuteronomy 28:15-68).

All that one has to do is look to Germany, Sweden, France, or to the U.K. to see what is happening concerning the Muslim invasions and overthrow of these countries.  Again, these Muslims are not coming into these countries to assimilate, they are there to conquer, and it is exactly what they are doing (Matthew 7:16).  This is happening incrementally and Scripturally, it is called a siege.

Do remember that this is happening with the help of the silent churches, the apathetic congregants that refuse to obey God, corrupt politicians, and the CIA-controlled media worldwide (Deuteronomy 28:43).

“And it shall come to pass, that as the LORD rejoiced over you to do you good, and to multiply you; so the LORD will rejoice over you to destroy you, and to bring you to nought; and ye shall be plucked from off the land whither thou goest to possess it.” (Deuteronomy 28:63)

Now, I have to say America, that while most of you are beating up on the Democrats (As if to suggest that there is any difference between them and the Republicans) as being a bunch of idiots, I would have you know that the idiots are those that let them do the things that they are unlawfully doing, and that on a daily basis (Psalm 94:20). They know the crimes that they are committing, so do not play their fools. Your representatives are the ones responsible for alluring these Muslims into America and all on the taxpayer’s dime.  And it is the media that is using fear tactics by magnifying the crimes of ISIS and ISIL to paralyze you.

To further prove all of this, let’s look to the 35 jihadi training camps right here in America that are all being ignored.

While most are asleep (Matthew 13:25) and diverted, Americans are taking their time and energy to lavish praises upon the current president, who has done nothing in opposition to the immigration as to what is being highlighted here.  In other words, the agenda goes forward regardless of who occupies the people’s White House.

Take a look.

Back in 2009, post 9/11, the above report on the jihadi training camps and the one below came out. However, I am not hearing anyone in the corporate-run media raising any flags on this.  Why? Only you can answer that.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday August 10, 2018

News Analysis: New Mexico Extremists Were Grooming School Shooters The children were primed for this role by having their identity stripped Read and Share right-arrow.png
Opinion: Advice for the 90 Muslims Running for Office If you’re running for office because you’re a Muslim, STOP Read and Share right-arrow.png
Readers Write
NM Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy?

“Why would a judge allow squatters? What rights do they have over property owners?”
– M.S.
Should This UK Court Rule According to Sharia Law?

“The great British Empire has turned on itself and been defeated from within.”
– J.S.C.

Virginia Imam: “Islam is only solution to solve America’s problems,” US “will be a Muslim nation”

Reported by Robert Spencer

There is a threat implicit in this because Muhammad taught that after the invitation to Islam comes the invitation to dhimmitude, and then warfare.

A hadith depicts Muhammad saying:

“Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war…When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them…. If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them.” (Sahih Muslim 4294)

“Virginia-Based Imam Sulaiman Jalloh: Allah Willing, America Will Be a Muslim Nation, Islam Is the Solution to the World’s Problems,” MEMRI, June 22, 2018:

Imam Sulaiman Jalloh, who delivers sermons in English at several mosques in the Washington, D.C. area, including the Loudon Islamic Center in Leesburg, Virginia, the Dar Al Noor mosque in Manassas, Virginia, and the Prince George’s Muslim Association in Lanham, Maryland, said in a sermon that Islam was the “only solution to solve America’s problems.” It would solve the world’s problems, he said, but none of the Muslim countries could serve as an example of the implementation of Islam to solve life’s problems. He further said that the U.S. has “great potential” and that he believed that “it will be a Muslim nation, and potentially one of the best Muslim nations that you will see in a long time.” The sermon, titled “The Source of Slavery & Nazi Laws,” was posted on his YouTube channel on June 22.

Dozens of Imam Jalloh’s sermons can be found on his own YouTube channel, the YouTube channel of the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia, the YouTube channel of the Muslim Association of Virginia, and the website of the Prince George’s Muslim Association. Imam Jalloh has also spoken at many Islamic events. In October 2016, he told CNN in an interview about the U.S. presidential election: “Today, some people say, ‘You and I have no right to be here.’ That although this nation was founded on freedom of religion, your religion and mine is not welcome here’… My dear respected brothers and sisters: This time, I believe none of us has the option to just sit home.”

The following are excerpts from Imam Jalloh’s July 22 sermon:

Sulaiman Jalloh: “Allah teaches us to help the needy people of all kinds of needs. That is why Islam is only solution to solve America’s problems. Islam will be the solution to solve the world’s problems. Do you know why people are not implementing Islam as the solution? Find one Muslim country that has implemented Islam to solve all the problems of the Muslim countries. Not one can be an example of how Islam solves all of life’s problems. That’s the problem we have, brothers and sisters. We are not going to absolve ourselves from this we need to show people the way the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam [peace be upon him] showed people.


“Islam spread not because any of us spread it but because Allah spread it. The companions of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam went to all corners of the world and they were successful just by trading with people, bartering with people, and showing them the adl [justice] of Islam, not by the sword. You cannot compel people. La ikraha fee alddeeni qad tabayyana alrrushdu mina alghayyi [let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clear from error]. This is what Allah said. America has great potential, I strongly believe, inshallah, it will be a Muslim nation, and potentially one of the best Muslim nations that you will see in a long time. Because there are a lot of people with good hearts, and when they embrace this deen [religion] and taste its sweetness, they are going to make better policies that help everyone inshallah.”

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

About the Author Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday August 8, 2018

News Analysis

New Mexico Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy? Body found was most like missing disabled toddler Read More right-arrow.png


11 Kids Found Starving in Radical Compound in NM Local authorities moved in after the FBI stalled Watch right-arrow.png

News Analysis

Why CAIR Is Fundraising for MN Candidate Ilhan Omar Omar doesn’t stand firm against FGM Read and Share right-arrow.png


Is the UK Legal System Supporting Child Marriage? Shocking findings of an undercover operation Read More right-arrow.png


Who’s Got the Last Word Now? Not Iran As new sanctions go into effect, Rouhani makes a disingenuous offer Read More right-arrow.png

Readers Write
Should This UK Court Rule According to Sharia Law?

“Kind of bothered about things here [in the U.S.] too. When you have judges sworn to uphold the constitution, yet ignore its plain language, then whose law are we under really? We are not to obey sharia law nor any other laws, but only laws under the authority of the constitution. Yet we have tax dodgers running free. We have governors and mayors ignoring the law of the land and setting up their own little kingdoms called sanctuary states/cities. Now, if they have that right, is it not possible that a city or state might declare itself a sharia city or state? Neither are allowed by the constitution, but nothing is done. Britain is just a ways down the road waiting at the bend for us to catch up.”
– J.S.
ISIS Is NOT Contained. Here’s Proof

“At least they don’t have control over all that land.”
– S.T.R.

The Clarion Project Newsletters for Sunday August 5 and Monday August 6 2018

Poll Results: Vaporize! You voted against arrests Read
News: What Gives, Saudi Arabia? More Women’s Rights Activists Arrested Join us in asking Mike Pompeo to pressure Saudi Arabia Take Action
News: Texas Prisoner Charged With Helping ISIS Bomb-making knowledge allegedly shared from cell Read More
Readers Write
US Slaps Sanctions on Turkey; Ankara: We’ll Retaliate

“They’ll retaliate? LMAO We could destroy their economy in a month with sanctions. They will do the right thing, or they’ll wish they had.”
– S.W.
Look Who’s Being Hosted at a US College

“Reading on the College it seems to put forth education of women to lead change. Funny it would seem by having these groups speak they are further hurting women under Islamic extremists.”
– R.S.
News: Michigan Candidate for Governor Linked to Nation of Islam This is not the first time El-Sayed has embraced groups & individuals with extremist views Read More
Opinion and Poll: Should this UK Court Rule According to Sharia Law? The case is not simple. Read the pros and cons and take our poll Read and Vote
News: ISIS Is NOT Contained. Here’s Proof The brutal terror group is attacking, beheading and, of course, filming it all Read and Watch
Readers Write
Quiz: Where in the World Did This Happen?

“I don’t know why our government is not doing anything about this?! Oh ya, the Dems are going to accuse them of being islamophobes.”
– R.S.D.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday, August 3, 2018

Take Action : Look Who’s Being Hosted at a US College Terrorist facilitators are apparently in fashion Read More
Feature and Poll: From the Opportunistic to the Absurd Recent fallouts from the ‘War on Terror’ Read More
Analysis: ‘Iran to Bring Forward War Games’ in Threat to US The exercise takes place in a key international waterway Read
Readers Write
US Sanctions – Iran’s Economy in Free Fall

“Sad for good people, one leader Is destroying MILLIONS of people.”
– W.S.
Mauro Warns Trump: Beware Iran

“I think Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, and what Iran is up to.”
– K.C.

The Clarion Project Newsletter forWednesday August 1, 2018

Video: Why Am I Paying More for Gasoline? Short-term pain for long-term gain Watch
News: Two Americans Killed in Terror Attack They were cycling in Tajikistan Read and Watch
Feature and Poll: They’re Watching Us – But Is It a Bad Thing? New bombshell report reveals TSA surveillance on ‘ordinary’ citizens Read and Vote
News: Good Move, Netflix The media giant cancelled a laudatory documentary on hate preacher Louis Farrakhan Read More
Video: Mauro Warns Trump: Beware Iran Talks are touted as sanctions deadline looms Watch
Readers Write
Two Americans Killed in Terror Attack

“No msm coverage; msm complicit in cover-up.”
– E.C.
US Holds Directs Talks With Taliban — Should It?

“If we do not communicate, how can we make a change? Failure to communicate is the reason for almost every problem we have in our world.”
– P.C.

The Clarion Project Newsletters for Sunday July 29 and Monday July 30, 2018

News: Texas Honor Killer Found Guilty Man allegedly kills two in rage against daughter Read and Watch
Media Review: Arabic Media: US Must Outlaw Muslim Brotherhood What Arabic Media Says About the US – July 29, 2018 Read
Readers Write
Tough Questions for a Tough Time

“Canadian politicians at the federal and municipal level ( I don’t know about the Ontario PC party yet) have their heads in the sand. Included in that is the MSM. Clear thinking Canadians do not and are not fooled.”
– M.R.
Islamists by the Numbers

“The army of the new world order. This has all been planned for decades, but when we push back, they will not be able to stand against us.”
– P.W.
News: US Mulls Military Action to Counter Iran Threats Reports say UK and Australia would join in Read More
Readers Write
Texas Honor Killer Found Guilty

“Why was he permitted to have two wives when entering this country?”
– E.B.L.
Trump Threatens Turkey if US Pastor Not Released

“Screw Turkey. Same two-faced country that wouldn’t let the allies use their airspace during Desert Storm. Get the preacher home!”
– R.M.S.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday, July 27, 2018

News: US Senators to Terror Groups: Stop Using Human Shields Bill names ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah Read
Opinion: Tough Questions for a Tough Time Lessons from Toronto terror Read
Podcast and Poll: Poll: More Likely to Like Muslims if You Know Them Clarion gets to grips with the findings Listen and Vote
Readers Write
Pompeo Attacks Iran’s ‘Hypocritical Holy Men’

“There is nothing holy about them.”
– B.B.
Toronto Shooting – Terrorism Was the Victor. Again

“The truth, if known, won’t be made public. A misleading statement will be made to pacify the masses directing the police what to say by their political masters which the media will promote. And the politicians and the media wonder why they are no longer trusted by the public.”
– S.F.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday July 25, 2018

Video: ISIS Is Alive and Well in the US Help us prevent violent extremism Watch and Join
News: Z-Burger Disrespects ISIS Terror Victim Foley The ISIS victim is used in a company ad Read and Watch
Video: Toronto Shooting – Terrorism Was the Victor. Again Was Faisal Hussain mentally ill? Does that matter? Watch
Readers Write
Toronto Shooting – Terrorism Was the Victor. Again

“Canadians won’t acknowledge a terrorist attack. Wow!!!!”
– L.T.
Z-Burger Disrespects ISIS Terror Victim Foley

“If you really want to be upset, be upset at the ad agency or marketing company that produced the ad in the first place.”
– G.G.M.

The Clarion Project Newsletters for Sunday July 22 and Monday July 23, 2018

Video: Watch Out for the ISIS Ideology It could take generations to defeat Watch and Share
Poll: Should Police From Muslim Countries Patrol Western Cities? Moroccan officers are on the streets of Paris Read and Comment
News: Five Shocking Truths About Syrian Education It’s as if nothing’s been learned from the war Read
Readers Write
Did Qatar Just Pay a $1 Billion Ransom to Terrorists?

“The ransom was really payment to fund terrorism.”
– C.F.
Violence Erupts in TV Studio

“Women need to rise up against being treated like dogs.”
– A.B.
News Rouhani, Trump, Pompeo Exchange Barbs It’s just words. For now… Read more
Video Mauro: Iranian Regime in Desperate Situation Watch out for US moves on Nov. 4 Watch
Media Review Arab Media: Does US Really Want to Fight the Brotherhood? What Arabic media says about the US – July 23, 2018 Read
Readers Write
Watch Out for the ISIS Ideology

“They are just morphing into something else…the name is irrelevant…”
– S.F.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday July 20, 2018

Video: Violence Erupts in TV Studio Man arrested for attacking woman Watch
News: Oakland Man Pleads Guilty to Supporting ISIS Alleged he planned to “tear up” San Francisco Read
Video: Did Qatar Just Pay a $1 Billion Ransom to Terrorists? Iraqi Hezbollah was the beneficiary Watch
Readers Write
If Arab States Ban the Brotherhood, Why Don’t We?

“Totally Agree!! [US Flag]”
– D.M.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday, July 18, 2018

News: FBI Reveals Explosive Details of Terror Conspiracy Details emerged after sentencing of Maryland man Read
Webinar: Clarion Invites You to Join Unique Webinar Together we can keep our kids safe Sign up
News: Death Penalty Talked Up for Houston ‘Honor Killings’ Man allegedly kills two in rage against daughter Read and Watch
Video and Poll: Terrorists – Do We Arrest or Vaporize? We look at U.S. and Russian counter-terror tactics Watch and Vote
Readers Write
Enter the Putin

“What’s the alternative? Bring back the cold war? Mutually assured nuclear destruction by the 2 global nuclear super powers? They mocked President Reagan for trying to seek peaceful negotiations too. Praying for God’s wisdom and grace to accomplish the same goal to peacefully deescalate tensions here and abroad.”
– T.P.
Terrorists – Do We Arrest or Vaporize?

– B.D.B.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday July 16, 2018

Satire: Enter the Putin The conversation Trump and Putin should be having… Read
Poll Results: Riots? No Way You voted overwhelmingly against Read and Listen
101s: Human Trafficking — Quick Facts & Stats An infographic based on the State Dept’s latest report Read and Share
Readers Write
Pompeo Shores Up Support to Put Screws to Iran

“For a US administration to get the Saudis to increase oil production as an economic weapon is a major step and show’s what possible when there’s a will to sort out the sources of terrorism instead of a desire to fan the flames and throw fuel on the fire as has been the case previously. Well done Mr P (and of course Pres Trump).”
– J.S.
Politicians, Free Speech & Bigotry: Where to Draw the Line?

“Their line meanders around those things they think are politically advantageous. Smells to me like most people are tired of all the pc BS and lies.”
– M.O.

Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday, July 13, 2018

Campaign: Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Foreign Terrorist Organization Write to your members of Congress by clicking here Take Action
Video: How to Hold on to Your Kids How to create an environment where radicalization can’t flourish Watch and Share
Podcast and Poll: Protests Yes, Riots No Where do we draw the line? Listen and Vote
News Analysis: Pompeo Shores Up Support to Put Screws to Iran 5 reasons why it’s not a hard sell Read More
Readers Write
Extremists Headline Houston Convention

“Woo .. she has the right of free speech, then condemns anyone that as much as questions her? Interesting. If I had said only one of her favorite sentences, I would be given a sentence on the grounds of Islamophobia/racist response. Why?”
– R.H.
Protests Yes, Riots No

“Real patriots don’t riot. We defend the weak, the old and infirm, the helpless, the young. Rioting and destruction are signs of a primitive mind, a temper tantrum caused by not getting what they want.”
– M.S.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Podcast: Hey ACLU, Now You Only Defend Free Speech You Like? Clarion’s Meira Svirsky fights back Listen and Share
Feature: Extremists Headline Houston Convention ISNA was identified as an ‘entity’ of the Muslim Brotherhood Read and Share
Take Action: Congress Learns About the Brotherhood. Urge a Ban! Hearing takes place about the threat to the U.S. from the Brotherhood Read and Help
Infographic: ISIS Is Defeated? No Way. Look at These Attacks This infographic shows ISIS is alive and well Read
Infographic: For Saudi Women, Driving Means More Than Just Getting Around New vistas open to Saudi women through gaining the right to drive Learn More
Readers Write
Extremists Headline Houston Convention

“We shall be known by our fruit!”
– T.U.
ISIS Is Defeated? No Way. Look at These Attacks

“Canada is handing out poetry books and welfare for returning ISIS fighters. We are told by our prime minister if we let them come home they will not attack us.”
– R.P.

The Clarion Project Newsletters for Sunday, July 8 and Monday July 9, 2018

News: Four Gruesome Stories This Week Video and words from Greece, Iran, Iraq and Syria Read and Watch
Poll Results: You Told Us: Get the Threat Off the Streets At Once ‘Police, feds should leave nothing to chance’ Read
Media Review: What Arabic Media Says About the US – July 8, 2018 This time: oil policy, Putin and Iran. Read
Readers Write
7 Tips for Colin Kaepernick

“Let them prove how ignorant and shallow they are in front of millions of viewers. You have the right to show the world you’re an attention-whore and the ones offended can vote with their wallet by not supporting you and with their feet by walking away from you.”
– L.C.
An Open Letter to an American-Muslim Leader

“They need to integrate no take over.”
– G.A.
Video: Video: Teen Arrested for Provocative Dance See the dance and taped “confession” Watch
Video: One Man’s Fight Against FGM Be inspired by the progress made by Egyptian lawyer Reda Eldanbouki Watch
Infographic: Summer Tips: Preventing Radicalization in Your Kids Simple summer tips from Clarion project Read and Share
Readers Write
Four Gruesome Stories This Week

“Imagine if these people ruled the world.”
– L.A.G.
Video: Clarion’s New Film Is a ‘Real Whopper’

“Can you imagine the long term, permanent brain damage these levels of violence (to themselves and inflicting in others) is doing to these children?!”
– C.J.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday July 6, 2018

Opinion: 7 Tips for Colin Kaepernick The famous quarterback was just given an education award Read More
Opinion: An Open Letter to an American-Muslim Leader Attn. Salam Al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council Read
Video and Poll: Terror Foiled; But Should Police Have Stopped Khalid Ali Sooner? …after all he was behind dozens of bombings Watch and Vote
Video: For Goodness Sake – It’s the Fourth of July Raheel pleas to focus on the real stuff Watch
101s: Human Trafficking — Quick Facts & Stats An infographic based on the State Dept’s latest report Read and Share
Readers Write
Terror Foiled; But Should Police Have Stopped Khalid Ali Sooner?

“There’s hundreds more just look him walking the streets of Britain. Our country is very unsafe and our politicians don’t seem to care.”
– M.T.
Human Trafficking — Quick Facts & Stats

“Human trafficking …. Why Democrats want an open border it would make it so much easier .”
– W.B.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday July 4, 2018

Quiz: Quiz: Do You Know Your Terror Organizations? Take a look at the flags and answer the questions Take the quiz and share
News: Al-Qaeda Wannabe Behind July 4 Cleveland Terror Plot The alleged terrorist is from Philadelphia Read More
News Analysis: EXCLUSIVE: Michigan Mosques Linked to Iranian Regime Radical Shiite ideology may be dying in Iran, but it is active in America Read More
Feature: Great Video! Saudi Woman’s Parody Rap on Driving The video by Leesa A has gone viral Watch
Video: Update: Bomb Plot Foiled at Iranian Opposition Rally in France One of the suspects is an Iranian diplomat in Vienna Read and Help
Readers Write
Great Video! Saudi Woman’s Parody Rap on Driving

“She’s probably dead after this video got out.”
– K.M.
Al-Qaeda Wannabe Behind July 4 Cleveland Terror Plot

“Maybe they can make a documentary like the one about the Bronx terrorism plot so we can all pretend to feel bad for him, just one big misunderstanding.”
– D.K.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday June 22, 2018

News: First Round Victory Against Islam Course in School The school district tried to shut down the case. The judge disagreed. Read More
News: CAIR Officials Linked to Liberal Smear List Southern Poverty Law Center’s PR firm employed CAIR officials Read More
News: Rape Gang ‘Comprised of Sons of Key Gov’t Officials’ The Shiite gang in Iran is targeting Sunni women Read More
Poll Results: Poll Results: Moscow Car Ramming Was Deliberate Why did Russia jump to say it was an accident? Read More
Readers Write
CAIR Official Loses Interfaith Award Due to History of Hate

“How could a group identified as funding terrorists even be up for such an award in the first place?”
– L.W.
Where’s the Outcry Over These Kids?

“How can they teach their children to hate. So sad.”
– R.J.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday June 20, 2018

News: Liberal Group Forced to Pay Millions to Anti-Islamist Activist The Southern Poverty Law Center was outed for its anti-Muslim extremist list Read More
News: CAIR Official Loses Interfaith Award Due to History of Hate Yet afterwards, the group that was to give the award groveled for forgiveness Read More
Feature: World Hijab Day? Not on This Soccer Field! Look what happens when women leave Iran Watch
News Analysis: Fuqra Congressional Candidates: 1 Down, 1 Remains Those opposing these candidates have been called bigots and racists Read More
Readers Write
Get Educated: Terrorism’s Child Soldiers

“Cultists raise their children to hate.”
– M.H.
Report: Deradicalization Programs Are Failing; What’s the Alternative?

“We could stop waging war in the Middle East for a start.”
– B.P.C.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday June 18, 2018


Why Will San Francisco High Schoolers Learn Hate? An extremist group will give workshops to students Read and Take Action

Poll Results

Poll Results: Power to the People! Support for Israeli PM’s water technology offer to the Iranian people Read More


Why Flying Is Harder Now we know who was behind the laptop bomb Read More


Women Bear the Brunt of Honor Violence in Ramadan Relatives and strangers took beatings Read More

Readers Write
Accident or Terror? You Decide

“That is a clear terrorist act. Mainstream media want to pretend it is not to avoid a back lash”
– C.M.
Next Stop, Iran

“HOPEFULLY TRUMP HAS PUT A STOP TO NK supplying IRAN with weapons and nuclear ‘technology’!”
– D.N.

The Clarion Project Newsletters


Next Stop, Iran What if Trump had made a stop in Tehran after Singapore? Read and Share


One-Woman Army Stands Up to ‘Morality Police’ This woman kicks her way out of trouble Watch and Share

Video and Poll

Netanyahu Makes Direct Offer to Iranian People Israel to transfer water technology Watch and Vote


VIDEO: Girls on Bikes Women take to the road in the unlikeliest of places Watch

Readers Write
Get Educated: Terrorism’s Child Soldiers

“Any time you weaponize a child by turning them into a human bomb, I would consider that abuse!”
– B.H.
Report: Deradicalization Programs Are Failing; What’s the Alternative?

“ ‘How do you defeat an idea? With another idea.’ De-radicalization programs don’t offer another idea. They offer only the absence of an idea. Statists and agnostics are incapable of defeating the faithful of any belief system.”
– A.P.

FBI and DOJ – Why Aren’t They Talking? The Justice Dept. says potential terrorists are slipping through the cracks Read More


Bill Aims to Stop Funding Terror Education The US contributes millions to the Palestinian Authority, including funding textbooks Read More


Banning Al-Quds Day’s Support for Terror Why are Hezbollah flags waved in Western capitals? Read and Share


Are We Too Scared to Talk About Pulse? It’s the 2nd anniversary of the massacre and no one is talking about radical Islam Read More

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Report: Deradicalization Programs Are Failing; What’s the Alternative?

“I’ve scanned through a few web sites that talk about disengagement and deradicalization attempts. After a cursory look at these pages, they seem to be trying replace Islamic ideology with secular humanism. That might have something to do with the failure rates.”
– B.Q.
Should Women Wear Full Face Veil in Public?

“I recommend that men and politicians who support the Burkha to show their support by wearing it all summer.”
– M.W.
News Analysis and Poll

Accident or Terror? You Decide Why were authorities so quick to rule out terror in the taxi ‘incident’ in Moscow? Take Poll


Boys Without Fathers and the Islamic State How young boys are coerced into joining Islamic State Watch


Angelina Jolie: ‘The Worst Devastation I’ve Seen’ Yet, Iraqis vow to stay and rebuild Watch

Media Review

What Arabic Media Says About the US – June 17, 2018 From America colluding with ISIS to Trump wanting to change the world order Read and Share

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Next Stop, Iran

“Art of the deal!”
– R.A.J.
Take the Quiz: How is North Korea Tied to Radical Islam?

“I only got two right, and those were just guesses.”
– B.Q.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for June 10 and 11, 2018

Opinion: Why Wasn’t I Invited to the White House? Do Islamists Represent American Muslims? Read More
News and Petition: Sign Our Petition to Designate American Jihadi Cult Pakistani group with 22 compounds in the US Sign
Opinion: Sometimes Tough Love Is What You Need Closing radical mosques is not hate Read More
Video: Join the Road to Hope Four children talk of their experiences before and after ISIS Watch
Video: You Can Help Us Finish Our Next Film Jihad Generation looks at child radicalization at home and abroad Watch
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Additional 16 Years for Virginia ISIS Supporter

“Treason is what he should be charged with.”
– G.V.
Islamists Brought to Justice on East, West Coasts

“Those sentences are RIDICULOUSLY SHORT!”
– J.S.
Opinion: Here’s Another NYC Public School Supporting Terrorism This is not the first time students have been manipulated Read More
Podcast: Cold War Alive and Well in Middle East Old enemies on a new front Listen
Media Review: What Arabic Media Says About the US – June 10, 2018 From riding oil prices to broken chicken legs Read
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Additional 16 Years for Virginia ISIS Supporter

“Slam the door, turn the lock, throw away the key.”
– D.C.
Report: Deradicalization Programs Are Failing; What’s the Alternative?

“I’ve scanned through a few web sites that talk about disengagement and deradicalization attempts. After a cursory look at these pages, they seem to be trying replace Islamic ideology with secular humanism. That might have something to do with the failure rates.”
– B.Q.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday June 8, 2018

Poll Results: You Told Us: Security Trumps Human Rights Your comments are fascinating Read
Feature: Your Amazing Replies to Our ‘No Women in Gaza’ Video You didn’t just focus on the lack of women Watch and Read
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Infographic: Church Closures Abound in Islamist States Happens on an almost daily basis Read and Share
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Islamists Brought to Justice on East, West Coasts

“An excellent move.”
– S.J.
Poll Results: Should Women Wear Face Veil in Public?

“Never in our country. It is not compatible with our culture and divides us. I am proud of Denmark.”
– Anonymous

The Clarion Project for Wednesday June 6, 2018

Poll Results: Poll Results: Should Women Wear Face Veil in Public? We publish your comments Read
Video: ‘Facebook Bans Imam for Slamming Terrorists’ Exclusive interview with reformist Imam Mohammad Tawhidi Watch
News: Islamists Brought to Justice on East, West Coasts Authorities stop terror plots; justice is served Read
Podcast: Are We on the Verge of an Iran-US War? Could pinpoint strikes be on the cards? Listen
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Should Women Wear Full Face Veil in Public?

“I recommend that men and politicians who support the burqa show their support by wearing it all summer.”
– M.W.
‘Would You Allow Rockets Launched Into Your Country?’

“She is fantastic. We should be so lucky to see her as the President of the United States some day in the future!”
– M.B.

Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday June 1, 2018 and Monday June 4, 2018

Poll: Security or Human Rights – Which Trumps? Take our poll and comment too Vote
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Why is Female Genital Mutilation happening in the 21st Century??

“It baffles my mind that women in the West are not against this evil, horrific crap!!! You feminists ought to be ashamed!!! Where are the protesters with the pink hats??? Why aren’t the paragons of virtue from The View speaking out against this???!!!”
– K.T.O.
News Analysis: Imam: Kids Listening to Music Become Monkeys, Pigs Report: Salafists Take Over Mosques Read and Share
Feature: Christianity in the Shadow of Jihad Faithkeepers: Why this film is so important Read and Share
Infographic: What Christians Think of Muslims Findings of a new in-depth survey Read
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Security or Human Rights – Which Trumps?

“Security can mean many things. And can be used to justify a lot of oppression. If you mean secure borders and illegal aliens, yes security is more important. If you are talking about a citizens’ “human rights” then you have to consider it is not about security but destroying opposition.”
– Anonymous
Should Women Wear Full Face Veil in Public?

“Back to security as a priority. Let’s ensure that 1st. After world peace is established it might be a choice for someone. We don’t allow masks in public except for children on Halloween.”
– Anonymous

Shocking Statistics on Teaching Islam in American Schools

disclaimerReported By Guest Contributor Tuesday, May 29, 2018

In this picture taken on October 13, 2017, a student takes notes from history book in a classroom at Tokyo Korean high school. (Photo: BEHROUZ MEHRI / AFP / Getty Images)
(Illustrative photo: BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)

A retired Florida teacher contacted Clarion Project after we published the article “Why Is This Being Taught in Public Schools?” That piece told the story of a West Virginia parent who was upset after his daughter was asked to write the shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith, as part of “calligraphy practice” in her world religion class.

What follows is the response from the former teacher – one of several we received this week:

Speaking as a retired Florida educator, this has been going on for over 30 years. Not necessarily in writing the Islamic conversion verse and calling it practicing “calligraphy,” but in terms of elevating one religion over all others.

When I started teaching world history way back in the late 1990’s, I was leafing through my well-worn textbooks and formulating plans for the coming year. I noticed something that struck me as very odd, even then.

Let me break down the structure of secondary school social studies texts, at least in Florida.

Each chapter is broken down into lessons of about five to 10 pages each. The number of lessons per chapter averages four, with some going as long as five or as short as three depending on content.

As I flipped through my very first professional text to educate “my” new students, I was concerned.

In covering world religions, the textbook covered the Asian philosophies with their own lesson each. Hinduism, Shintoism, Buddhism and others got their own lesson. Judaism and Christianity? A section of a lesson each, not even rating their own individual lessons.

Islam? Four total chapters. Not lessons. Chapters. Each chapter having three to four lessons! I wish I’d kept one of those old books.

All history classes in Florida are divided in half. Makes sense. History is the only subject that keeps extending by the year. When I first started teaching, I covered everything in one year. But now, middle school takes care of the foundations and senior high gets into the details and inferences.

The emphasis on Islam far predates 9/11. It’s scary. In Florida, world history is mandated for the eighth and ninth grades. A very impressionable age. Very little in the way of critical thinking skills.

Written anonymously by a retired educator in Florida.

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The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday May 30, 2018

Opinion: Shocking Statistics on Teaching Islam in American Schools First hand from a former teacher in Florida Read
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The Real Story Behind the Gaza Riots

“It would appear nobody bothered to watch the video, read the content within the article nor bothered to do their own independent research outside of mainstream media who is spoon feeding you. Unconscionable, how anyone could be on the side of these monsters over Israel.”
– M.R.
We Found a Candidate Who Gets It

“Qudrat has publicly acknowledged the incompatibility of Sharia and the Constitution, in favor of the Constitution. It’s an irrevocable break with Sharia that conflicts with Constitutional law, a declaration of opposition to Islamism, and his loyalty to our Constitutional regime. That is what this Muslim running for Congress has done. America’s Muslim enemies will identify themselves by condemning him and calling him an apostate.”
– M.H.

The Clarion Project Newsletters for Sunday May 27 & Monday May 28, 2018

Opinion: Since When Do Public Schools Support Terrorists? The Beacon School in NYC just paid tribute to Hamas Read and Share
News Analysis: 5 Ways Trump’s New Iran Policy is Working A slew of serious protests have erupted. #ThankYouPompeo is trending in Farsi Read More
Media Review: NEW: What Arabic Media Says About the US This time: North Korea, Iran, sexual harassment and a pile of eggs Read
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We Found a Candidate Who Gets It

“Sounds like a good man.”
– A.L.B.
How Europe Will Try to Bypass Trump’s Iran Sanctions

“Good luck! It’s pretty simple. They either do business with Iran or they do business with the United States! But what everybody doesn’t seem to understand is that we have a president who is not a politician. He is a businessman and they have never had to deal with a president like this before!”
– L.T.
Infographic: On Memorial Day We Salute Those Who Paid the Highest Price Fighting Radical Islamists Learn about the 33 servicemen and women who gave their lives this year Read and Share
Video and Poll: Has Linda Sarsour Met Her Match? … and we aren’t talking marriage Watch and Vote
Opinion: What the Difference Between Hurricane Alberto and Radical Islam? What natural disaster can teach us about challenging radical Islam Read More
Blog: Canada – Fast Becoming a Third-World Country Raheel Raza describes living through a horror movie Read More
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6 Ways Trump’s New Iran Policy is Working

“One problem: Assad is selling real estate to Iran and Russia.”
– J.J.
We Found a Candidate Who Gets It

“If anyone knows…he does.”
– S.J.M.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday May 25, 2018

Feature: We Found a Candidate That Gets It Oh, and BTW, he’s Muslim Read More
Feature: One Brave Father & the Myths of Radicalization Radicalization rarely happens the way the media wants you to believe it does Read more
Feature: Child Marriage Just Took a Hit A mother who forced marriage on her daughter was just successfully prosecuted Read and Share
Opinion: Who Will Win This Year’s Victimhood Olympics? If respect were a value, life in the modern world would be much simpler Read More
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What’s in America’s New Tough Plan for Iran?

“I know what I would do with this evil regime. Not the majority of the people. These mullahs are a danger to women and children.”
– J.H.
Why Is This Being Taught in Public Schools?

“This should be considered indoctrination, not a part of an American school curriculum.”
– B.S.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday May 23, 2018

News Analysis: Where You Vacation May Be Decided by Radical Islam More danger on Canadian beaches found Read More
Satire: ISIS Leader’s Sinister Plan for the Future About a year ago, al-Baghdadi called together his top sergeants to scheme Read and Share
Podcast: Saudi Arabia Arrests Women Driving Activists. Why Now? The ban on women driving will be lifted next month Listen
Video: How Europe Will Try to Bypass Trump’s Iran Sanctions European countries and businesses seek loopholes Watch

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Why Is This Being Taught in Public Schools?

“Public schools need to stop encourage Islam. Parents send their kids to learn reading, writing and arithmetic and not Islam. Parents should not let this happen in public schools.”
– P.T.
Gulf States Join US in Sanctioning Hezbollah. Thanks but …

“Big deal sanctioning Hezbollah. How about outlawing it and the UN while they are at it?”
– A.F.

The Clarion Project Newsletters for Sunday May 20, and Monday May 21, 2018


Why Is This Being Taught in Public Schools? The incident is part of a growing objection as to how Islam is taught in U.S. schools Read More

Poll Results

Poll Results: Should it Be Legal to Join Foreign Fights? Read the results of our recent poll Read

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Gulf States Join US in Sanctioning Hezbollah. Thanks but …

“Thanks Clarion Project for clearly delineating what needs to happen to bring these countries into the 21st century where people need to have rights, where oppression needs to stop.”
– L.R.
Why Do Anti-Semitic US Islamists Get a Free Pass?

“Because of the Leftist/Islamic convergence. They share the same goals: undermine traditional, Christian, free market America. In other words, the America that you grew up in. Now, as a Leftist, you may feel this is a good thing, and that’s your prerogative. Just be honest about it.”
– D.B.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday May 18, 2018

Opinion: Why Do Anti-Semitic US Islamists Get a Free Pass? If anti-Muslim rhetoric was substituted, they would all be red-flagged immediately Read and Share
News and Poll: Should US Citizens Be Allowed to Join Foreign Fights? Or should it be illegal? Let us know what you think Read and Share
Opinion: Far From Home and in Our Backyard Let’s challenge radical Islam together Read

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday May 16, 2018

Video: Minnesota Gov’t Defrauded; Funds Supporting Terror? Scammers are sending suitcases of cash overseas Watch
News Analysis: Jihadi Cult Member Files to Run for Congress Gregory ‘Shoaib’ Jones filed for the Congressional race in Alaska Read More
Feature: It’s All a Media Show Islamists are manipulating the narrative and the West happily buys it Read
News: ‘Islamic Force’ Claims Responsibility for Beach Contamination ‘You allow your women to shamelessly parade around your beaches all but naked!’ Read
Opinion: Gaza Wants Freedom: Here’s How to Get It Clarion’s quick guide to solving a decades-old problem Read
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Minnesota Gov’t Defrauded; Funds Supporting Terror?

“Those found guilty should be sent packing immediately! One has already been found guilty in this scheme and is now doing time in Fed prison. We are still feeding and housing her for free! They need to be gone from our country!!!”
– G.S.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Monday May 14, 2018

News Analysis: US Embassy Move Helps the Fight Against Radical Islam Trump’s decision in Israel has broad effects Read More
Infog: Forced Marriage in the UK: Shocking Stats 1,200 people were helped last year alone Read and Share
Feature: What You Need to Know About Hamas A primer about this terror group now in the news Read and Share
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Leaked Report Exposes Hate Teaching at Mosques

“In the end, Belgium will just huff and puff.”
– K.W.


Iran’s African Tentacles

“Clarion Project stays on top of things. Great Intel and a good reminder of how Obama willingly played into the hands of Iranian terrorists using American taxpayer funds. Hopefully Trump will spend his two terms neutering Iranian terrorists 100%.”
– R.F.


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