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Shall We Have Respectability at the Loss of Responsibility?

Commentary by Don Wildmon Founder of AFA/AFR | Friday, August 11, 2017

Shall We Have Respectability at the Loss of Responsibility?

JANUARY 1987 – Back when I had the privilege of serving a local church as pastor, I would preach the same sermon two or three times over a period of months or years. The reason? Some things need to be said more than once, just as some things should never be said the first time.

I would hate to count the times I have said in this column, and in appearances all over this great country, that we are in the midst of a spiritual war. But that is precisely the situation.

At stake in this spiritual war is the very foundation, not only of our country but of the whole of Western civilization. The progress we have made, the freedoms we have enjoyed these past two centuries, have come primarily because our society was founded on the Christian view of man.

There is an intentional, powerful effort currently being made to change the base of that foundation, to rid it of Christian influence, and to replace that base with a secular, materialist, humanistic view of man.

Three hundred years from now when historians write about the current era in which we live, they will refer to this spiritual war as being the most important struggle the organized church has faced since Constantine. I am sure of that. What I am not sure of is how they will report the outcome.

The organized church has spent far too much time and placed far too much importance on buildings and budgets and far too little time informing and leading its people in facing this spiritual war. Too much of our activity, at the local church level and at the denominational level, has been inward. “Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it” (Matthew 10:39). That is as true for the organized church as it is for individuals. 

Let me paraphrase some other words of Jesus found in Mark 8:36: What shall it profit a church if it builds the largest and finest buildings, fills them with people, and raises great sums of money, while its members lose their souls? 

I am not saying that buildings and budgets aren’t important; they are. But I am saying that there is something far more important.

The increase in crime, breakdown of families, and increases in divorce, abortion, pornography, etc., are not simply separate areas of concern. They are all interrelated symptoms of the spiritual war being waged.

At the very heart of the Christian gospel is a cross – the symbol of suffering and sacrifice, of hurt and pain and humiliation and rejection.

I want no part of a Christian message that does not call me to involvement, requires of me no sacrifice, takes from me no comfort, requires of me less than my best. The duty of a Christian is to be faithful, not popular or successful.

I hope, for our Lord’s sake and the sake of those who come after us, that those of us who bear Christ’s name will not shirk our responsibility for the sake of respectability.

If Christ will use this repentant sinner as a soldier in this spiritual war, I will count it the highest honor I could receive.

Editor’s Note: From the late 1970s through 2010, Don Wildmon, founder and president emeritus of American Family Association, wrote hundreds of monthly columns for AFA Journal. Thirty-one of his best columns are now available in a recently published collection titled Our Call to Faithfulness: The Voice and Legacy of Don Wildmon. These columns represent his timeless wisdom and insight and are now being published weekly on The Stand in celebration of AFA’s 40 years of ministry.

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Doctors urged to amputate healthy limbs

waving flagPosted By -NO AUTHOR- On 06/22/2015

Article printed from WND:

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wheelchair32A Canadian university teacher has argued during a radio interview doctors should amputate the limbs of able-bodied, physically healthy individuals who consider themselves “transabled,” positing such extreme procedures will help those people feel “empowered.” Clive Baldwin, a Canada Research Chair in Narrative Studies who is an associate professor of social work at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada, says he has interviewed almost 40 people who identify as “transabled.”Head in Hands 01

He told “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on Sunday that an amputation may be, in some circumstances, the “best way” to manage the insanefeelings of being “transabled.” (Klein’s show is broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.) Baldwin described “transabalism” as “the desire or the need to move from being able-bodied to disabled. Because, the general consensus at the moment is one’s body map in one’s brain does not align with one’s physical body.” He said being “transabled” is not a lifestyle choice but is “very much a deep felt need to become this way because their bodies are wrong.”

“So people for example want amputations, or they want to be paralyzed or they want to be blind or deaf. And that misalignment can be very distressing for people.” Klein asked Baldwin whether he thinks “in Western civilization, therefore, doctors should indeed amputate an arm, or a leg or make somebody paralyzed or make somebody blind” to treat “transable” feelings. “Do you think that we should go there?” Baldwin replied: “After long, hard consideration, yes, that is a medical option to deal with this condition. It’s not a decision that is or should be taken lightly but it’s one medical option to deal with it.”Stop

Baldwin explained that currently “transabalism” is thought to be a condition referred to as body integrity identity disorder for which, he said, there is no known cure. “So people need to manage those feelings,” he continued. “So consequently, an amputation may be, in some circumstances, the best way to manage those feelings.” He said that “transabled” people who have had an amputation “report physical feelings of relief. They feel more confident in themselves. They feel more at home in their bodies. They feel empowered.”Liberalism a mental disorder 2

Klein said he talked off the record to people who identify as “transabled,” but none wanted to come on the radio to speak out publicly. Baldwin said the majority of the 38 “transabled” people he interviewed for his work “would seek or would want an amputation.” He said, “[I]t’s usually a very specific disability that people want. It might be a below left knee amputation. Or a right below elbow amputation. Some people want to be paralyzed. They don’t want their legs to work.” Baldwin relayed that one person he interviewed wanted to be blind. He explained some “transabled” people use wheelchairs to manage their feelings.crazy talk

Klein referred to the reported case of Chloe Jennings-White, an able-bodied Cambridge University educated research scientist now living in Utah and seeking a doctor to help make her paralyzed. She told the U.K. media in 2013 that she attempted to injure herself several times but to no avail. Jennings-White uses a wheelchair and leg braces and lives the life of a disabled person even though she can walk. She called the feeling of first sitting down in a chair “magical.” She told the media that when she was young she was jealous of disabled kids and envious of an aunt who got into a bike accident and was required to use leg braces. She said she does use her legs at times, including to go hiking or skiing, sports she said she engages in with hopes the activities will make her paralyzed.

Hear the interview:


The media even have begun grouping those who consider themselves “Transabled” alongside other groups, such as members of the LGBT community. caught

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