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Shall We Have Respectability at the Loss of Responsibility?

Commentary by Don Wildmon Founder of AFA/AFR | Friday, August 11, 2017

Shall We Have Respectability at the Loss of Responsibility?

JANUARY 1987 – Back when I had the privilege of serving a local church as pastor, I would preach the same sermon two or three times over a period of months or years. The reason? Some things need to be said more than once, just as some things should never be said the first time.

I would hate to count the times I have said in this column, and in appearances all over this great country, that we are in the midst of a spiritual war. But that is precisely the situation.

At stake in this spiritual war is the very foundation, not only of our country but of the whole of Western civilization. The progress we have made, the freedoms we have enjoyed these past two centuries, have come primarily because our society was founded on the Christian view of man.

There is an intentional, powerful effort currently being made to change the base of that foundation, to rid it of Christian influence, and to replace that base with a secular, materialist, humanistic view of man.

Three hundred years from now when historians write about the current era in which we live, they will refer to this spiritual war as being the most important struggle the organized church has faced since Constantine. I am sure of that. What I am not sure of is how they will report the outcome.

The organized church has spent far too much time and placed far too much importance on buildings and budgets and far too little time informing and leading its people in facing this spiritual war. Too much of our activity, at the local church level and at the denominational level, has been inward. “Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it” (Matthew 10:39). That is as true for the organized church as it is for individuals. 

Let me paraphrase some other words of Jesus found in Mark 8:36: What shall it profit a church if it builds the largest and finest buildings, fills them with people, and raises great sums of money, while its members lose their souls? 

I am not saying that buildings and budgets aren’t important; they are. But I am saying that there is something far more important.

The increase in crime, breakdown of families, and increases in divorce, abortion, pornography, etc., are not simply separate areas of concern. They are all interrelated symptoms of the spiritual war being waged.

At the very heart of the Christian gospel is a cross – the symbol of suffering and sacrifice, of hurt and pain and humiliation and rejection.

I want no part of a Christian message that does not call me to involvement, requires of me no sacrifice, takes from me no comfort, requires of me less than my best. The duty of a Christian is to be faithful, not popular or successful.

I hope, for our Lord’s sake and the sake of those who come after us, that those of us who bear Christ’s name will not shirk our responsibility for the sake of respectability.

If Christ will use this repentant sinner as a soldier in this spiritual war, I will count it the highest honor I could receive.

Editor’s Note: From the late 1970s through 2010, Don Wildmon, founder and president emeritus of American Family Association, wrote hundreds of monthly columns for AFA Journal. Thirty-one of his best columns are now available in a recently published collection titled Our Call to Faithfulness: The Voice and Legacy of Don Wildmon. These columns represent his timeless wisdom and insight and are now being published weekly on The Stand in celebration of AFA’s 40 years of ministry.

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Have You Heard??????

waving flag New WhatDidYouSay LogoWhile working here at my newly recovered computer (third time I’ve been hacked), I was listening to Shepard Smith report that in Texas, formally known as a very RED state, that the dems are turning the state BLUE with their vote. Shepard response was, “don’t blame corruption or the machines, blame the vote.”

Immediately I remember news from 2015 saying that the Leftist in Texas were determined to turn Texas BLUE. Well, maybe they have established the way; TAMPER WITH THE VOTING MACHINES, OWNED AND OPERATED BY GEORGE SOROS, AND TAKE THE VOTE AWAY FROM LAW ABIDING TEXAS CITIZENS.

“So, Shepard Smith of FOX, stuff your Leftist rhetoric about the vote, because the evidence so far is overwhelming, and growing, of massive voter fraud, voting machine fraud and typical Marxist (There is no God), Socialist (Government is God), Human Secularist (Man is god) and basic Democrat cheating finishes their slimy corruption in killing what’s left of the Representative Republic our Founders gave us, while turning us into Socialist hell hole.”

While I’m on this rant; “Hey Hillary and your followers. WE ARE NOT NOW, NOR HAVE WE EVER BEEN A DEMOCRACY. By deliberate choice, our Founders gave us this Representative Republic because they did not want a democracy that can be manipulated by a majority in order to enslave the minority. Anyone running for President of the United States, swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, should know what form of government we have been from conception.”

I can’t stop. I have remained silent too long. So here we go with more rant;

  • I am fed up with the constant propaganda that Conservatives/Republicans are the ones dividing our country creating an atmosphere of “us versus them.” Just listening to the propagandist of the Left will tell you who the dividers are;
    • They tell all black people that we hate them and want to put them back in chains.
    • They tell all poor people that we want to make them poorer and take away what they have; take away their welfare that the Left uses to keep them loyal to the Left.
    • They tell their followers (the 50% of the American people who pay no taxes at all) that the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share. They run from any discussion about the facts of that argument, such as;
      • Some of the wealthiest people in America are career Senators who always vote themselves exclusions from the taxes they levy on the American tax payers;
      • The top 7% of income earners are now paying over 70% of the national taxes collected each year;
      • The Leftist Senators have been using they laws they pass to benefit themselves with foreign governments like Harry Reid with China in the Nevada desert.
    • They claim to be the ones wanting to “bring people together”, “unite us, not divide us” and “reaching across the aisle in cooperation”. In reality, if it’s not their way, and only their way, their speech and only their speech, their philosophies and only their philosophies, then they label you, demean you, demonize you, malign you and make every effort to destroy you in every form possible.
  • I am fed up with the Left claiming to be pro religious freedom, while they seek every opportunity to silence Evangelical Christians and promoting Islam, or any other form of religion that does not threaten their conscious or their craving for more corrupt forms of chosen lifestyles.
  • I am fed up with being labeled a “HATER” because I hold to God’s Word regarding marriage, the life of all babies, homosexuality and more.
  • I am fed up with all the lies, spin, deceit and carefully crafted propaganda of the Left every time they are caught with a failure, disaster or corruption.

AND I AM FED UP WITH FOX NOT USING THE TERM “PROPAGANDA” WHEN REFERRING TO THE LEFTIST FALSE RHETORIC ABOUT ANYTHING. We have all come to expect that from the Main Stream Media, THE PROPAGANDIST DEPARTMENT OF THE LEFT. But the rest of us should be recognizing the tactic and exposing them to our uninformed friends and that part of the American public who have not been dumbed down by the Marxist/Socialist/Humanist/Secularist/Democrat machine.

You should know the rest, if not, then you have lived under ground far too long. PLEASE GET UP OFF YOUR APATHY AND BEGIN EDUCATION THOSE AROUND YOU. Some you may have to wake up out of the fog they been placed in by the Left, but we must act NOW. Remember the following;

only-you-copy absurdities Never-Hillary-Egl-sm fight Picture1

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