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23 Pictures That Prove Society Is Doomed

1. This picture of old friends reminiscing about the good old days over a delicious brunch:

This picture of old friends reminiscing about the good old days over a delicious brunch:

2. This adorable picture of star-crossed lovers meeting for the first time:

This adorable picture of star-crossed lovers meeting for the first time:

3. This picture of graduating seniors leaving high school for the last time, finally free from the shackles of standardized education:

This picture of graduating seniors leaving high school for the last time, finally free from the shackles of standardized education:

4. This inspiring picture of fans rooting for their team at the big game:

This inspiring picture of fans rooting for their team at the big game:

5. This picture of friends enjoying a delicious Brooklyn pizza:

This picture of friends enjoying a delicious Brooklyn pizza:

6. This picture of a wonderful family giving thanks for all their blessings at Thanksgiving dinner:

This picture of a wonderful family giving thanks for all their blessings at Thanksgiving dinner:

7. This picture of best friends heading off on a life-changing road trip across the continental United States:

This picture of best friends heading off on a life-changing road trip across the continental United States:

8. This picture of teens enjoying their last summer vacation, one that will no doubt change their lives:

This picture of teens enjoying their last summer vacation, one that will no doubt change their lives:

9. This picture of friends discussing the intricacies of love, life, and everything in between over fine wine:

This picture of friends discussing the intricacies of love, life, and everything in between over fine wine:

10. This heart-wrenching picture of brother and sister reuniting after a decade apart:

This heart-wrenching picture of brother and sister reuniting after a decade apart:

11. This picture of museumgoers seeing the beautiful paintings of Thomas Cole for the first time, the sort of paintings that bring a tear to one’s eye:

This picture of museumgoers seeing the beautiful paintings of Thomas Cole for the first time, the sort of paintings that bring a tear to one's eye:

12. This picture of friends getting a little wild while tailgating at the ‘Niners game:

This picture of friends getting a little wild while tailgating at the 'Niners game:

13. This picture of eager moviegoers itching to see this summer’s hottest blockbuster:

This picture of eager moviegoers itching to see this summer's hottest blockbuster:

14. This picture of a friendly teen capturing a moment he never wanted to forget:

This picture of a friendly teen capturing a moment he never wanted to forget:

15. This picture of friends getting a bit wild at a birthday party:

This picture of friends getting a bit wild at a birthday party:

16. This heartwarming picture taken mere seconds before the man on the right proposed to his girlfriend:

This heartwarming picture taken mere seconds before the man on the right proposed to his girlfriend:

17. This picture of a nice young lady taking a new photo for her United States passport:

This picture of a nice young lady taking a new photo for her United States passport:

18. This picture showing young love in its purest, simplest form:

This picture showing young love in its purest, simplest form:

19. This picture of the girls watching the exciting conclusion of Pretty Little Liars:

This picture of the girls watching the exciting conclusion of Pretty Little Liars :

And eating eggs, apparently.

20. This picture of best friends enjoying a delicious burger and a coffee:

This picture of best friends enjoying a delicious burger and a coffee:

21. This touching photo showing the difficulty — and the reward — of parenthood:

This touching photo showing the difficulty — and the reward — of parenthood:

22. This picture of a young man viewing the sunset the way it was meant to be viewed — through a tiny screen:

This picture of a young man viewing the sunset the way it was meant to be viewed — through a tiny screen:

23. And this adorable photo of a baby logging into her very first social network account:

And this adorable photo of a baby logging into her very first social network account:


Good News Out of Washington D.C.

Have any of you heard anything about this legislation? Me either.

Gary Miller is one of the very good Congressman. Please add him to your prayer time.

 Gary Miller Banner

June 28, 2013


Pro-Jobs Energy Legislation Passes House

As gas prices continue to rise as we head into the summer driving season, families across the Inland Empire will be forced to fork over more of their hard-earned money just to fill their gas tanks. Now more than ever, we need an all-of-the-above energy plan that includes promoting the development of clean and alternative energy sources such as natural gas and clean coal technologies as well as utilizing resources here at home. This week, the House of Representatives considered two pieces of legislation that would increase U.S. energy production and create jobs.


In February 2012, the Obama Administration and Mexico reached an agreement establishing a framework to guide energy development along the maritime border in the Gulf of Mexico. On Thursday, the House passed legislation to enact this agreement, which would open up areas for development that, according to the State Department and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, contain an estimated 172 million barrels of oil and 304 billion cubic feet of natural gas. Currently, there are 67 active lease blocks held by nine companies on the U.S. portion of the area just waiting for the agreement to be enacted. It is my hope that the Senate will take up this legislation to get this exploration underway to improve our energy independence and create good-paying American jobs.


In addition, the House passed legislation that would remove federal obstacles that are blocking development of energy resources and the creation of hundreds of thousands of new American jobs. Last year, the President implemented a five-year leasing plan which shuts off 85% of offshore areas to energy production. This plan will stifle job creation and weaken our energy independence by continuing our reliance on foreign and unstable sources of energy. The bill passed by the House today would open up those areas with the most oil and natural gas resources, which  a recent study has shown this legislation could create up to 1.2 million jobs long-term, and the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has stated this legislation would generate $1.5 billion over ten years.

In addition, reforms are included in the legislation to strengthen safety, accountability, and ethical standards of offshore energy exploration operations.


With 21st Century technologies and the strictest environmental standards in the world, America can produce more of our own energy and protect our environment at the same time.  I will continue to work in Congress to increase access to American-made energy that will create new job opportunities here at home, help reduce the burden of high gas prices on families here in the Inland Empire, and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.


House Passes Bill Extending Whistleblower Protections to Victims of Sexual Assault in the Military

Sexual violence in the military is a disturbing and, unfortunately, growing problem. According to data from the Department of Defense the number of reported sexual assaults rose 64% from 2006 to 2011. However, the actual number of assaults that have occurred is much higher as fewer than 20% of assaults are reported. The fear of retaliation for reporting these horrific acts is far too common, discouraging victims from coming forward. It has been reported that 62% of servicemembers who have been assaulted have experienced some form of retaliation. This is unacceptable.


This week, the House passed a measure to extend whistleblower protections to victims of sexual violence in the military in order to encourage safe reporting. Specifically, the bill would require the Inspectors General of the military departments to investigate acts of retaliation against servicemembers who report such heinous acts. I strongly supported this legislation, which is a critical step to eliminating the scourge of sexual assault and violence in the Armed Services.

Judicial Watch: Obama Admin Collecting Financial Data From Private Citizens Without Warrants

Well, we almost made it through a whole week without a new Obama Regime scandal, but the good folks at Judicial Watch never rest, and they announced today that they’ve obtained records from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) exposing that millions of dollars have been spent by the agency on the warrantless collection and analysis of Americans’ financial transactions

 The full extent of the CFPB personal financial data collection program is revealed in a document obtained by Judicial Watch entitled “INDEFINITE-DELIVERY INDEFINITY-QUANTITY (IDIQ) STATEMENT OF WORK.” According to the IDIQ document’s stated Objective: “The CFPB seeks to acquire and maintain a nationally representative panel of credit information on consumers for use in a wide range of policy research projects… The panel shall be a random sample of consumer credit files obtains from a national database of credit files.”

To accomplish this objective, the CFPB describes the scope of the program accordingly:

The panel shall include 5 million consumers, and joint borrowers, co-signers, and authorized users [emphasis added]. The initial panel shall contain 10 years of historical data on a quarterly basis [emphasis added]. The initial sample shall be drawn from current records and historical data appended for that sample as well as additional samples during the intervening years [emphasis added] to make the combines sample representative at each point in time.

The CFPB data collection program has been highly controversial since the April 2013 hearing, when Cordray disclosed elements of the venture at a Senate Banking Committee hearing. At the time, the US Chamber of Commerce accused the CFPB of breaking the law by demanding the account-level data without a warrant or National Security Letter.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said,“the Obama administration’s warrantless collection of the private financial information of millions of Americans is mind-blowing. Is there anything that this administration thinks it can’t do? These documents show that the Consumer Financial Protection Board is an out-of-control government agency that threatens the fundamental privacy and financial security of Americans.”

CDC Releases Study on Gun Violence: Defensive gun use common, mass shootings not

Do fewer guns mean fewer deaths? Not necessarily, according to a study by the CDC. (Photo credit: ABC)

Parents are upset over gun violence. Kids are upset over having to hold up signs all day. (Photo credit: ABC News)

The Committee on Priorities for a Public Health Research Agenda to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence, under the direction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recently published a study of findings related to violence and guns. Some of the results may come as a shock – to those on both sides of the gun control argument.

The study was conducted as part of the 23 Executive Actions signed by President Obama in January in an effort to reduce gun violence. The order specifically called to “issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.”

Some have posed the logical question as to why the CDC would become involved in such a study which focuses on gun violence when the priority of the agency lies in the preventing and control of diseases. The academic community chose to study gun violence as a public health problem, partly because, according to the study, “Violence, including firearm related violence, has been shown to be contagious.” Therefore, gun violence is being studied in the same manner of a contagious disease.

The study did, however, recognize the right to bear arms as a basic human right acknowledged by the United States Constitution.

“An individual’s right to own and possess guns was established in the U.S. Constitution and affirmed in the 2008 and 2010 Supreme Court rulings in District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. City of Chicago.”

The initial summary of the study reiterated the need for sound evidence from a scientific standpoint to produce public policies that will best support the rights of the people while still doing whatever possible to protect the public from potential threats of violence.

“The evidence generated by implementing a public health research agenda can enable the development of sound policies that support both the rights and the responsibilities central to gun ownership in the United States. In the absence of this research, policy makers will be left to debate controversial policies without scientifically sound evidence about their potential effects.”

While the problem of gun violence is multi-faceted with no one single solution, the study resulted in a whole plethora of useful information (the entire study can be read here).

There were five primary areas of interest on which the study focused: The characteristics of firearm violence, risk and protective factors, interventions and strategies, gun safety technology, and the influence of video games and other media.

It was found that there are vast differences in who is more likely to become a victim of gun violence, with primary factors lying in socioeconomic status and ethnicity. Homicide rates were shown to be significantly higher in African Americans, while suicide rates were higher in Caucasians.

Additionally, the study concluded that high rates of poverty, illicit drug trafficking and substance use all increase the risk of becoming involved in gun violence. In addition, “criminals often engage in violence as a means to acquire money, goods or other rewards.”

However, the study also inadvertently explored some of the myths surrounding what seems like a recent epidemic of gun violence, including accidental deaths and mass shootings.

According to the study, “Unintentional firearm-related deaths have steadily declined during the past century.” Accidental deaths resulting from firearms accounted for less than one percent of all unintentional fatalities in 2010.

“Mass shootings are a highly visible and moving tragedy, but represent only a small fraction of total firearm-related violence. … It is also apparent that some mass murder incidents are associated with suicides. However, the characteristics of suicides associated with mass murders are not understood.”

The study also explored an often overlooked statistic regarding suicide, especially among veterans. “Firearm-related suicides — though receiving far less public attention — significantly outnumber homicides for all age groups, with suicides accounting for approximately 60 percent of all firearm injury fatalities in the United States in 2009. In 2010, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death among individuals in the United States over the age of 10.”

Yet the study also looked at the effect of having firearms available for self-defense, and found that firearms are much more likely to be used in a defensive manner rather than for criminal or violent activity.

“Defensive uses of guns by crime victims is a common occurrence, although the exact number remains disputed. Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year, in the context of about 300,000 violent crimes involving firearms in 2008.”

It was also discovered that when guns are used in self-defense the victims consistently have lower injury rates than those who are unarmed, even compared with those who used other forms of self-defense.

The study admitted that the results of interventions for reducing gun violence have been mixed, including strategies such as background checks and restriction of certain types of firearms, as well as having stricter penalties for illegal gun use. However, the study did reveal that “unauthorized gun possession or use is associated with higher rates of firearm violence than legal possession of guns.” In other words, law-breaking criminals are the ones most responsible for gun violence, not law-abiding citizens.

The study also looked at the source of guns used by most criminals, which helps to see partly why “there is empirical evidence that gun turn in programs are ineffective.”

“More recent prisoner surveys suggest that stolen guns account for only a small percentage of guns used by convicted criminals. …  According to a 1997 survey of inmates, approximately 70 percent of the guns used or possessed by criminals at the time of their arrest came from family or friends, drug dealers, street purchases, or the underground market.”

In reference to gun safety technology, the study claims that “research from the injury prevention field indicates that changing products to make them safer is frequently more effective at reducing injury and death than trying to change personal behavior.”

Is it the guns that are violent or the people behind them? (Photo credit: Lehigh Valley Live)

Judging by what they’re wearing, it was both cold and wet that day. (Photo credit: Lehigh Valley Live)

With the latest gun debate, there has been more emphasis placed on violent video games, movies and other media. However, the study’s findings on the influence of these things were inconclusive.

“The vast majority of research on the effects of violence in media has focused on violence portrayed in television and the movies, although more recent research has been expanded to include music, video games, social media, and the Internet. Interest in media effects is fueled by the fact that youth are spending more time engaging with media that portrays increasing amounts of violence. Although research on the effects of media violence on real-life violence has been carried out for more than 50 years, none of this research has focused on firearm violence in particular as an outcome. As a result, a direct relationship between violence in media and real-life firearm violence has not been established and additional research is necessary.”

The results of this study were surprisingly unbiased for the most part and closely resemble the findings from a similar study conducted following the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, in which the CDC concluded that there was “insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of any of the firearms laws reviewed for preventing violence.”

US Infrastructure: Financed By China, Built By Amnestied Aliens?


A-Kiss-590-LA-w-logoNo one seems to be asking where all these new provisional status Americans will work if Immigration Reform of any type becomes law now or in the future. Of course, amnestied aliens will continue to take jobs away from Americans, but jobs doing what? No one can raise a family on a low skill low wage job and prosper in America. Or can they?

Back in April, Secretary of State John Kerry met with Chinese government representatives to promote China’s investment in US Infrastructure Projects. At the same time, Obama regurgitated his idea of an “Infrastructure Bank.” I penned a piece about both, but got lost in the “Chinese government in America” thing and never made the connection to Immigration Reform. However, I think there is a very real connection between the calls for rebuilding the US Infrastructure, Obama’s investment overtures to China and our federal legislatures rush to legalize tens of millions of low cost illegal immigrant laborers.

The American economy is at a standstill. Manufacturing jobs that have been shipped offshore are not coming back to an over-regulated and over-taxed Obama economy. The Construction trades have been devastated by the recession. Bottom line is there are more workers than jobs. The Construction Industry cannot afford to keep people on the payroll or hire out of union halls unless there are projects that need building.

To illustrate my point, I offer Texas, one of the largest economies in the world. Yet a high percentage of its construction labor is now employed in the petrochemical industry, not the construction trades. Even as strong as the Texas economy is, there is not enough building trades work to go around. Even for the companies that employ cheap illegal immigrant labor.

With almost $17 trillion dollars, in short term national debt and estimated long term unfunded liabilities for our entitlement programs somewhere north of $150 trillion, the US government and taxpayer cannot afford to borrow much money for very long to finance rebuilding America’s Infrastructure. Not under our Obama economic models. Our government, Democrats and Republicans, all recognize that Americans may be feeding off their treasury, but America cannot be dependent on the rest of the world.

Enter Infrastructure projects done with Chinese investment and cheap immigrant labor—the new crony capitalism for America.

The White House and our lawmakers are strangely mute about the future of American Infrastructure Projects. Oh, they bristle and politic when a bridge collapses and they ribbon-cut often as it offers a photo op, but they are sketchy on details for why we are holding back on putting Americans to work on sorely needed public works and energy generation projects. Why?

For decades, American companies have manipulated our politicians and immigration laws to secure tax benefits for employing legal immigrant labor from around the world. Labor that was brought here in an expedient fashion, fast tracked if you will through the immigration process, sold as big hearted America’s helping hand to asylum seekers, when in reality they were a handpicked workforce designed to get the job done cheap. You pick a country that has had civil strife and I guarantee you that somewhere in the US is a Congressional district swamped with these people performing cheap labor and subsisting off the taxpayer. Not to mention a very happy public official with his or her hands in some campaign contributors pocket and cadre of newly sworn voters ready to head to the polls when instructed.

I believe that our government is executing a plan that is guaranteed to keep them fat and happy while we sweat the load. The Senate has not convinced the Congress, yet, but it is coming whether conservatives like it or not. Either that or our infrastructure and energy production needs will suffer. This is how Washington does business. It is called extortion.

Current Immigration reform includes immediate right to work status for all. For some it provides immediate citizenship and special worker protections required by law to work on public works or government job sites. The current bill also establishes an “Immigrant prevailing wage.” Sounds like government code for base union scale wages, but I could be wrong.

John Kerry went to China to soothe our bankers back in April. The Chinese are not satisfied with the slim pickings in America anymore. They want some real meat and it is going to take amnesty and a boatload of tax breaks, but this is our governments plan.

Every bubble that was re-inflated by Obama since 2008 is getting very thin. They have to do something quick or it is all going to fall apart. Selling out millions of voting Americans who will be replaced by millions of new voters is an ugly theory to swallow. America had better start chewing on it now before they cram it down our throats.

Immigration reform will destroy America. Vigorously protest and stop it now or it is over for all of us.

Supreme Court Opens Doors For Voter Photo ID and Early Voting Restrictions


The Obama administration has used Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act to stop states from passing election laws that required photo IDs or that regulated or restricted the time and dates of early voting.  Attorney General Eric Holder used it nullify voter ID laws passed in Texas and South Carolina prior to the 2012 elections.  Since Obama took office, at least 30 states have tried to pass some kind of voting law to require a valid photo ID or to restrict the number of days available to early voting.  Obama and his henchmen have used Section 5 to attack every one of those laws and squash the states’ rights to enact them.

They claim that the laws, especially in a number of southern states, are discriminatory against blacks because they are less likely to have a photo ID and they are more likely to vote in early elections than white voters.  Passing such laws were deemed by Holder to be intentional means to suppress the votes of poor blacks in order to boost Republican advantages at the polls.

However, the US Supreme Court disagreed with President Obama and Attorney General Holder when they just rendered a 5-4 decision to strike down Section 5 of the Voter Rights Act.  In his opinion on the ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote:

“The coverage formula that Congress reauthorized in 2006 ignores these developments, keeping the focus on decades-old data relevant to decades-old problems.  Our country has changed, and while any racial discrimination in voting is too much, Congress must ensure that the legislation it passes to remedy that problem speaks to current conditions.”

Obama is already calling on Congress to update the formula used to determine voter racial discrimination so that Section 5 can once again be applied.  With the partisan divide in Congress, I don’t expect this to be rectified any time soon, which would allow states like Texas and South Carolina to once again enact their voter ID laws.

Naturally, all of the civil rights and minority groups are up in arms over the decision of the court and claim that this will allow more racial discrimination at the polls.  But I really wonder how they justify their claims.  Most of the poor blacks they are referring to receive some type of government assistance in the form of food stamps or other welfare programs.  Everyone that I know that receives any form of government aid has to have some form of identification, many require a photo ID.  I personally know someone who gets food stamps and Medicaid and they had to have a photo ID to get them.

So why is it discriminatory for a state to require someone to have a photo ID to vote, but not discriminatory to require a photo ID to get government aid?  The only discrimination I see in requiring a photo ID to vote is that it discriminates against voter fraud, which is one of the pillars of the Democratic Party and probably how some of their people have been elected, including Barack Hussein Obama.

The Political Left is Pregnant

“Whoever is pregnant with evil conceives trouble and gives birth to disillusionment.” 

Psalm 7:14 NIV

Today’s Politically Incorrect Cartoon



Tactless Verbiage From a Pro-Abortion Troll

By /


Yesterday I posted an article on titled “Going Forward: Texas Moves On With It’s Ban On Abortion“.

The article is a simple news report on the Texas House passing a bill that would make it illegal for women to have an abortion after 20 weeks.The article also states how the bill most likely won’t pass the senate.

I did not share my opinion on this piece.

It was a simple news report, but clearly struck a nerve with this foul-mouthed internet troll on my GJWHG Facebook page.

The first message I received was a private message to the page and it read:

“What a stupid a** c*nt you are. F***ing hypocrite. Go f*ck yourself you useless piece of sh*t. Hope that’s clear enough for your dumb fascist a**.”

My initial reaction was, did you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Then I searched the page to find out what had upset dearest Cruella, when I landed on the post “Going Forward: Texas Moves On With It’s Ban On Abortion” and started reading the comments.

I stumbled upon Candace Lopez’s (yes, the troll has a name) next comment:

“What a bunch of idiot religious fanatics. How sad. This page is run by a hypocrite. Fight for all civil rights or shut the f*ck up dumb b****.”

She goes on to say I “hide behind daddy” (this coming from a person who has no photos of themselves on their FB page), I’m a “homophobic idiot” who belongs in “Guantanamo” because I’m a “religious fanatic”.


Miss Lopez also thanked me for making her comments public on the page, so her friends could enjoy it.

Finally, she ends her rant with “I’m finished with you now piss off.”

Well Candace, you don’t get to decide when this ends.

I am publishing this on the website so all of our friends can enjoy this.  I have nothing further to say to you. What I said in rebuttal to your hate-speech, as our society likes to call it now, is all I have to say.

However, I have plenty of friends whom I’m sure would like to contribute their two-cents to this comment strand.

Friends: feel free to post your comments on the page and also send Candace Lopez a message.

I do ask, if you are to partake in commentary, for you to be tactful, unlike this troll.

Gay Marriage is So Yesterday, Say Hello to Polygamy!

By / 26 June 2013 / 115 Comments

ClashDaily- The SCOTUS’ decision today on DOMA now opens the door for legalizing polygamy.

Thom Hartmann talks with Mark Henkel, Polygamy rights advocate & (FYI…their slogan is “bringing Christian Polygamy to the Church.”)


Website:, who advocates the decriminalization of polygamy in the U.S.

Read more:
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BREAKING: Supreme Court Invalidates Defense of Marriage Act, Punts on Prop 8

The US Supreme Court has struck down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional in a 5-4 ruling, authored by Justice Kennedy.  Chief Justice Roberts dissented, as did Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito.  The Court’s rationale, per SCOTUS blog: “DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment.”  The Defense of Marriage Act was passed overwhelmingly by Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1996.  Here is the text of the landmark Windsor decision.

While the federal portion of DOMA has been tossed out (the federal government must now recognize same-sex marriage performed in states that allow the practice), it appears that the high court has not require states to recognize same sex unions from other states.  In Chief Justice Roberts’ dissent, he hints that the Court will dismiss the Proposition 8 gay marriage case from California, based on standing issues.  That decision, Hollingsworth v Perry, will be released in a few minutes.  So it looks like the Court has given gay rights proponents a significant win on DOMA, while preserving some level of respect for federalism on the issue, and has not handed down a sweeping ruling on gay marriage.  We’ll have to wait to see Perry to know for sure, but it doesn’t sound like the Court has established a right to marriage for same-sex couples.  Here are the key grafs from Kennedy’s majority opinion:

UPDATE – The Court, in a 5-4 decision, has declined to rule on the constitutionality of Prop. 8, California’s 2008 amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman.  The decision, authored by Roberts, is a procedural one.  Quote: “ The Ninth Circuit was without jurisdiciton to consider the appeal. The judgment of the Ninth Circuit is vacated, and the case is remanded with instructions to dismiss the appeal for lack of jurisdiction.”  This is effectively a punt.  The Court neither affirmed nor stuck down Prop. 8 — thus, no major precedent is set.  Because the most recent lower court decision tossed out Prop 8, same-sex marriages are likely to resume in California for the time being.  The 5-4 coalition is an unusual one: The majority features Roberts, Scalia, Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan.  Dissenters are Alito, Thomas, Sotomayor and Kennedy.

– Kennedy, who wrote the Court’s Windsor opinion invalidating DOMA, dissents on Prop. 8, arguing that the Supreme Court has avoided addressing a crucial principle of democracy: The will of the people.

In the end, what the Court fails to grasp or accept is the basic premise of the initiative process. And it is this. The essence of democracy is that the right to make law rests in the people and flows to the government, not the other way around. Freedom resides first in the people without need of a grant from government. The California initiative process embodies these principles and has done so for over a century.

Public opinion has shifted in a big way since 2008, and one might imagine that Prop. 8 would fail in California if it were held today.  But Kennedy believes that the clearly defined will of a majority of Californians five years ago deserves a real hearing in court.  The bottom line of today’s dual rulings: The debate over gay marriage will continue in the states, which is where many federalists believe it belongs.


Confessions of a Believer

Confessions of a Believer

“In Jesus Name, my God DOES supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:19), because I give unto the saints and His gospel. My faith filled prayers are working mightily because I have asked in Jesus Name (John 14:12-14), asked in faith without wavering (James 1:5-8); I have asked according to His Word and I believe that God has heard me (1 John 5:14-15). I know my God is faithful Who has promised (Heb. 10:23).’

“In Jesus Name I address you *Principalities, *Powers, *Rulers of the Darkness of this world and *Spiritual Wickedness in high places, because I know that my battle is with *YOU (Eph. 6:12; 2 Cor. 10:3) and not against flesh and blood. The WORD declares that, although *YOU have risen up against me, yet, because I have made God, Who is my refuge and my strength, *YOU must flee from me seven ways (Deut. 28:7, James 4:7). In Jesus Name I am pulling down *YOUR strongholds with the weapons of my warfare (Eph. 6:10-18, 2 Cor. 10:3-5), and reminding *YOU of what is rightfully mine. I am bringing my Heavenly Father into remembrance of my covenant with Him (Isa. 43:26) and using my Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God against *YOU.’

“In Jesus Name *YOU are commanded to get your hands off my finances, because Deut. 8:18 declares that God causes me to get wealth so that He can established His covenant with me. Deut. 28:8 declares that God has commanded a blessing upon my finances, and He has commanded a blessing upon all that I set my hand unto. Deut. 28:13 declares that I am the head and not the tail, above ONLY and NOT BENEATH. In fact, all of Deut. 28:1-14 is working mightily in me, my family, my ministry and my business.’

“Because I meditate day and night in God’s Word, and I do not let it depart from my mouth, and I am careful to do according to ALL that is in there, ALL my way is prosperous and I have good success (Joshua 1:8). I am a tree planted by the rivers of water and I bring forth my fruit in it’s season. None of my leaves wither, and all that I do prospers (Psalms 1:3). I have no lack because I revere my Heavenly Father; Therefore I seek him and lack nothing (Psalms 34:9-10; 84:11). I say continually, “Let the Lord be magnified Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servants.” (Psalms 35:27) I trust in the Lord, delight myself in the Lord; I have committed my ways unto Him so that all my steps are ordered by Him and He busies Himself with my every step; He upholds me when I stumble, so that he can continually feed me, give me the desires I am suppose to have; Then He fulfills those desires as I continually place my trust in Him (Psalms 37:3-5; 23-24).

I am in constant health because Jesus bore my sicknesses and carried my diseases, by Whose strips I was healed (1 Peter 2:24). I am redeemed from the curse of the law, Jesus being made the curse for me (Galatians 3:13). No plaque can come near by dwelling, not any evil befall me, because I have made God my refuge and my habitation. Angels have charge over me to bear me up in their hands lest I dash my foot against a stone. I tread upon “serpents” and “scorpions” that get in my way. God has set His great love upon me, to deliver me and set me on high because I know His Name. Whenever I call upon Him, He answers me. He is with me in trouble; He delivers me and honors me; with long life He satisfies me and shows me His salvation (Psalms 91:9-16).

I choose to think only upon love and it’s aspects of patience, kindness, no envy, no boasting; I choose not to be proud and I choose not to be rude. I choose not to be self-seeking, or be easily angered; I choose not to keep any records of wrong committed against me, I choose not to delight in evil; instead, I choose to delight in the truth. I choose to always protect, always trust, always hope and always persevere. I choose to have faith in the fact that love never fails. (1Cor. 13:4-8) I choose to think on things that are true, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtuous and praise. (Phil. 4:8) I choose to be swift to listen, slow to speak and slow to wrath. (James 1:19) I choose to remain in Christ Jesus Whose I am and Whom I serve. (Acts 27:23)

Why should I say, “I can’t”, when God’s Word declares that I can do all things through the Lord Jesus Christ Who strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)

Why should I fear, when God’s Word declares that, God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2Tim. 1:7) If God is for me, who can be against me? (Rom. 8:31) The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do unto me? (Ps. 118:6). Perfect love cast out all fear. (1John 4:18)

Why should I doubt or lack faith knowing that God has allotted to me a measure of faith? (Rom. 12:3)

Why should I be weak when God’s Word declares that the Lord is the strength of my life (Ps. 27:1) and the people who know their God will display strength and take action? (Dan. 11:32)

Why should I wonder which way to go, or procrastinate in any way, when Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”? (John 14:6)

Why should I allow Satan to have supremacy over my life when God’s Word declares that, “Greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world”? (1John 4:4)

Why should I accept defeat when God’s Word declares that, “Thanks be to God Who leads me in triumphant procession in Christ Jesus, and through me spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him”? (2Cor. 2:14)

Why should I lack wisdom when God’s Word declares that, “Jesus became to me wisdom from God (1Cor. 1:30), and if I lack wisdom, I can ask God Who gives generously to me without finding fault, and it will be given to me”? (James 1:5)

Why should I worry and fret when I can cast all my cares upon Jesus, because He cares for me? (1Peter 5:7)

Why should I ever be in bondage, for “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2Cor. 3:17) and it was for freedom that Jesus set me free? (Gal. 5:1)

Why should I feel condemned when God’s Word declares that there is now no condemnation for me because I am in Jesus my Lord and Savior? (Rom. 8:1)

Why should I ever feel alone when Jesus said that He is always with me, even to the end of all time (Matt. 28:20), and He promised that He would never leave me nor forsake me? (Heb. 13:5)

Why should I feel accursed or the victim of bad luck when God’s Word declares that Jesus redeemed me from the curse of the law, being made the curse for me, in order that in Christ Jesus I might receive the promise of the Spirit by faith? (Gal. 3:13-14)

Why should I be discontented when I, like Paul, can learn to be independent of my circumstances regardless of my circumstances? (Phil. 4:11)

Why should I feel worthless when He made Jesus, Who knew no sin, to be sin on my behalf, that I might become the righteousness of God in Jesus? (2Cor. 5:21)

Why should I have a persecution complex, if God be for me, who can be against me? (Rom. 8:31)

Why should I be confused, “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace”? (2Cor. 14:33); I have not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit Who is from God, that I might know the things freely given to me by God.” (1Cor. 2:12)

Why should I feel like a failure, when in all these things I overwhelmingly conquer through Him Who loves me? (Rom. 8:37)

Why should I let the pressures of life bother me when Jesus said, “In the world you will have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world”? (John 16:33) For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even my faith. (1John 5:4)

I AM God’s child for I am born again of the incorruptible seed of the Word of God which lives and abides forever. (1Peter 1:23)

I AM forgiven of all my sins and washed in the blood of my Lord Jesus Christ. (Eph. 1:7; Heb. 9:14; Col. 1:14; 1John 1:9; 1John 2:12)

I AM a new creature. (2Cor. 5:17)

I AM the temple of the Holy Spirit. (1Cor. 6:19)

I AM delivered from the power of darkness and translated into God’s Kingdom. (Col. 1:13)

I AM a saint. (Rom. 1:7; 1Cor. 1:2; Phil. 1:1)

I AM holy and without blame before Him in love. (1Peter 1:16; Eph. 1:4)

I AM elect. (Col. 3:12; Rom. 8:33)

I AM established to the end. (1Cor. 1:8)

I AM brought near to God through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Eph. 2:13)

I AM victorious. (Rev. 21:7)

I AM set free. (John 8:31-33)

I AM strong in the Lord and the power of His might. (Eph. 6:10)

I AM dead to sin. (John 8:31-33)

I AM a witness and soul winner for Jesus. (Matt. 28:19-20; Acts 1:8)

I AM joint heirs with Jesus. (Rom. 8:17)

I AM sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise. (Eph. 1:13)

I AM in Christ Jesus by HIS doing. (1Cor. 1:30)

I AM accepted in the beloved. (Eph. 1:6)

I AM complete in Him. (Col. 2:10)

I AM crucified with the Lord Jesus Christ, nevertheless, I live. (Gal. 2:20)

I AM alive with Jesus. (Eph. 2:5)

I AM reconciled to God. (2Cor. 5:18)

I AM qualified to share in His inheritance. (Col. 1:12)

I AM firmly rooted, built up, established in my faith and overflowing with gratitude. (Col. 2:7)

I AM circumcised with the circumcision made without hands. (Col. 2:11)

I AM a fellow citizen with the saints and of the household of God, built upon the foundation of the Apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone. (Eph. 2:19-20)

I AM in the world as He is in heaven. (1John 4:17)

I AM born of God and the evil one does not touch me. (1John 5:18)

I AM His faithful follower. (Rev. 17:14b; Eph. 5:1)

I AM overtaken with blessings. (Deut. 28:2; Eph. 5:3)

I AM His disciple because I love those in the family of God. (John 13:34)

I AM the salt of the earth and the light of the world. (Matt. 5:13-14)

I AM a partaker of Jesus divine nature. (2Peter 1:4)

I AM called of God. (2Tim. 1:19)

I AM the first fruits among His creation. (James 1:18)

I AM chosen. (1Thess. 1:4; Eph. 1:4; 1Peter 2:9)

I AM an ambassador for Jesus. (2Cor. 5:20)

I AM God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works. (Eph 2:10)

I AM the apple of my Father’s eye. (Deut. 32:10; Ps. 17:8)

I AM being changed into the image of my Lord Jesus Christ. (2Cor. 3:18; Phil. 1:6)

I AM raised up with Jesus and seated in heavenly places. (Eph. 2:6; Col. 2:12)

I AM beloved of God. (Rom. 1:7; Col. 3:12; 1Thess. 1:4)

I AM one with Jesus and the Father. (John 17:21-23)

I HAVE the mind of Jesus. (Phil. 2:5; 1Cor. 2:16)

I HAVE obtained an inheritance. (Eph. 1:11)

I HAVE access by the Holy Spirit unto the Father. (Heb. 4:16; Eph. 2:18)

I HAVE dominion by, and in, the Name of Jesus. (Phil. 2:9-11)

I HAVE everlasting life and will not be condemned. (John 5:24; 6:17)

I HAVE the peace of God which passes understanding. (Phil. 4:17)

I HAVE received power; the power of the Holy Spirit; power to lay hands on the sick and see them recover; power to cast out demons; power over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt me; I have power to speak in new tongues. (Mark 16:17-18; Luke 10:17-19)

I CHOOSE to live by, and in, the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. (Rom. 8:1-14)

I CHOOSE to walk in Christ Jesus. (Col. 2:6)

I CHOOSE to dwell in God, and He dwells in me. (1John 4:15)

My life is hid with Christ Jesus in God. (Col. 3:13)

The understandings of my eyes have, and are, being enlightened. (Eph. 1:18)

I CHOOSE to press toward the mark, for the prize of the high calling of God. (Phil. 3:13-14)

I CHOOSE to always triumph in Jesus. (2Cor. 2:14)

I CHOOSE to show forth His praise. (1Peter 2:9)

Exclusive–Palin: Holes in the Border as Big as the Holes in Their Amnesty Bill



by Sarah Palin


Just like they did with Obamacare, some in Congress intend to “Pelosi” the amnesty bill. They’ll pass it in order to find out what’s in it. And just like the unpopular, unaffordable Obamacare disaster, this pandering, rewarding-the-rule-breakers, still-no-border-security, special-interests-ridden, 24-lb disaster of a bill is not supported by informed Americans.

I am an ardent supporter of legal immigration. I’m proud that our country is so desirable that it has been a melting pot making a diverse people united as the most exceptional nation on earth for over two centuries. But I join every American with an ounce of common sense insisting that any discussion about immigration must center on a secure border. The amnesty bill before the Senate is completely toothless on border security. 

It’s beyond disingenuous for anyone to claim that a vote for this bill is a vote for security. Look no further than the fact that Senator Rubio and amnesty supporters nixed Senator Thune’s amendment that required the feds to finally build part of a needed security fence before moving forward on the status of illegal immigrants who’ve already broken the law to be here. And if shooting down the border fence wasn’t proof enough, they blew another chance by killing Senator Paul’s “Trust But Verify” amendment which required the completion of a fence in five years and required Congress to vote on whether the border is actually secure before furthering any immigration measures. And then they blew it yet again, nixing Senator Cornyn’s “Results” amendment, which also required border enforcement standards. Now the Senate’s pro-amnesty crowd is offering a fig leaf to security via the Corker-Hoeven Amendment, but this is really nothing more than empty promises. It’s amnesty right now and border security… eh, well, someday.  

If this bill was genuinely concerned with border security, it might include practical solutions for those states that live with the problem every single day. Pass-through grants could be given to border states to actually build a fence. The most responsive and responsible level of government is the most local, and since governors accept pass-throughs all the time, this is a workable solution. We could also free up more federal lands along the border to be privatized. The farmers and ranchers would have a clear incentive to keep their private property secure from the flow of illegal immigrants and/or other illegal activities trafficked across the border onto land they’d cultivate. There are plenty of other commonsense solutions, but this bill isn’t about fixing problems; it’s about amnesty at all costs.

When every commonsense, concrete, and verifiable measure to secure the border is stripped away, despite politicians’ promises, what are we supposed to rely on to ensure that our currently unsecured border will be fixed in the future? If D.C. expects us to just sit back and “trust” them despite our permanent political class and Washington bureaucrats proving themselves so very untrustworthy, then I have a bridge to somewhere in Alaska to sell them. Our government is awash in one scandal after another involving blatant lies and violations of our basic liberties, and the leader of the pack ventures out on one road trip after another to avoid accountability. 

Just like they did for Obamacare, the permanent political class is sugaring this bill with one goody after another to entice certain senators to vote for it. Look no further than page 983 of the bill, which contains a special visa exemption for foreign seafood workers in the 49th state despite huge unemployment numbers in the American workforce. This is obviously a hidden favor designed to buy the votes of Alaska Senators Murkowski and Begich.

And just like Obamacare, this amnesty bill fails on every level of economic sanity and sane reform. It offers no solutions. It will barely slow the flow of illegal immigration, which means we can expect millions and millions of new illegal aliens in coming years. Sort of what happened when we passed amnesty in 1986 without securing our borders first. 

According to the CBO, the bill won’t stop illegal immigration, but it will drive down wages for average hardworking Americans. These would be the same blue-collar working class voters of every ethnicity who chose to sit home in 2012 instead of turning out to vote in the swing states we needed to carry in order to stop Barack Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation” of America. I note this just as a helpful reminder to those who believe the hyperventilated new hype claiming that conservatives need to support this bill in order to win future elections. That’s 100% wrong. The crony capitalists in D.C. and their corporatist friends on Wall Street might think this amnesty boondoggle is a great idea, but the average American worker in our middle class who’ll soon see lower wages is the one left out in the cold, along with those hard working immigrants who followed the rules and are working here legally. 

Passing this bill with an unsecured border and within a growing welfare state under Barack Obama is economic insanity. Have people already forgotten that our bankrupt government is running up massive unsustainable deficits every year? We can’t afford to pay the piper now, much less the trillions of dollars more in welfare and entitlements for the millions who are here illegally today that will be granted this bill’s benefits. According to the Heritage Foundation, the bill provides only a temporary delay in granting illegal immigrants eligibility for all U.S. welfare and entitlement programs. We’re looking at an explosion of costs in the very near future. There is no way to pay for the added untold millions of new enrollees in these growing government programs. Pass this, Congress, and Obama will have succeeded in fundamentally transforming America. 

Again, I am supportive of legal immigration and am as sympathetic as the next person to the aspirations of people who come here to work hard and live a better life than the poverty and unfree environments they left behind. So many are drawn here because we are an exceptional nation where freedom provides an equal opportunity for everyone to work hard and make something of themselves. But a key part of American exceptionalism is the rule of law. Border security is fundamental to the rule of law, as is incentivizing those who follow the legal path to citizenship instead of punishing them by promoting lawbreakers. This is non-negotiable. 

It’s time our lawmakers remember that we are a sovereign nation of laws. This bill ignores that, and ignores the will of the people. The continued porous border goes against what politicians assured us was in this mountain-high bill, and in typical D.C. style it flies in the face of what many politicians campaigned on. I heard their campaign promises. You heard them, too.

It’s time for concerned Americans to flood our legislators’ phone lines with the input they need to hear from We the People. Join the mama grizzlies who are rearing up tirelessly to swat away false claims that amnesty is a good thing. Michelle Malkin rightly said the issue is not secure the border first, it’s “secure the border. Period.” Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter have also offered superb warnings on amnesty’s economic impacts to the middle class.

As the Senate moves to pass amnesty, the only bright spot in this travesty is the rallying revolution we can look forward to. For just as opposition to Obamacare became a rallying cry for the 2010 midterm elections, opposition to this fundamentally transforming amnesty bill will galvanize the grassroots in next year’s elections. And 2014 is just around the corner.


Obama-BikeHello and welcome to the 2013 Wimplympics!

We are broadcasting live from Anywhere, U.S.A!

The events to follow evince nothing of the spirit of competition, the finest examples of human perseverance and achievement, or the thrill of victory. Rather, what spectators are about to see is the dogged pursuit by one U.S. President of unsurpassed irrelevance, astonishing timidity, and unbelievably tragic fecklessness.

It is quite literally the quest of one man to fundamentally transform the United States from the world’s pre-eminent superpower into the world’s smallest, weakest, most annoying younger brother.

Strap yourselves in, folks. We have some incredible contests to show you!




The rules of this event are simple: a member of the United States team must sprint to a rival nation after revealing massive amounts of classified data. The U.S. team and rival teams must then jockey and exert force against one another in order to determine where the defector member of the U.S. team ultimately lands.

In the 2013 games the captain of the U.S. team, President Barack Obama, opted to forego phase two of the competition. Instead of exerting force, President Obama abandoned the competition. The U.S. President benched his entire team and substituted a group of lawyers to compete in their place. In a move that nobody would ever call bold, the United States has pursued a strategy of begging, hat in hand, for cooperation from rival nation states.

Official results of the Snowden Relay are still pending, but at present the United States is well ahead of the field in the pursuit of feckless, whimpering Gold.


Barrack-Obama-and-IranEVENT 2: NUCLEAR MISSILE PUT


In an unprecedented turn of events, the United States invented a new field event. The event begins with a singularly powerful, just, democratic nation dismantling their most powerful weapons and publicly throwing them as far away as possible. Once the weapons are abandoned, the abandoning nation must then humble itself in front of other adversary nations; begging for them to follow suit on both knees with hands clasped as if in contrite prayer.

If the abandoning nation’s pleas go entirely unheeded and all rival nations remain fully armed (and also consequently strengthened and emboldened) the abandoning nation’s Wimplympics event score is maximized.

In the 2013 Nuclear Missile Put competition there were no other entrants. It appears the U.S. will take the Gold medal home by default as well as establishing a new Wimplympics record for “most power unilaterally abandoned by a nation”.




The longest event of the games originates in Syria and circles around Iran and China before patently ignoring the United States. In a circuitous 2+ year marathon of Assad regime repression, abuse, and criminal conduct against humanity itself, the United States has been unexpectedly absent from the competition.

However, in a shockingly effective move, President Obama vaulted the United States to the head of the Wimplympics Red Line Hopscotch Marathon event pack with a two-pronged attack.

  • obama's-red-line-in-syriaThe American Captain at first stated that the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime would be unacceptable; a “red line”, and further intimated that use of said weapons would cause the President to recalculate U.S. involvement in the Syrian conflict.
  • The Assad regime, immediately and predictably, employed chemical weapons against its own people. This caused the American captain to forget what the words “red” and “line” mean, and to forget that he had ever uttered those words in the first place.

After a lackluster start, the United States had an incredible late surge to capture Wimplympics Gold in the Red Line Hopscotch Marathon.

This amazing comeback caps off a trio of victories for the American team. Such astounding lack of resolve and action is something never before seen from the United States, leading to unprecedented success in the 2013 Games of the Wimplympiad!




The grand finale of the 2013 Games features an awe-inspiring spectacle. As both North Korea and Iran parade nuclear weapons programs around the stadium, the United States has given up competing in any way at all.

North Korean captain and Kung Fu Panda doppelganger Kim Jong-un dutifully thanks his forebears for their wisdom and graciousness in leaving him a nation of starving, destitute farmers as well as aspirations of a missile that both launches AND flies!

PutinRingAs Russian despot Vladimir Putin leads his Russian team around the stadium he seems to need no words to silence the crowd. Instead, he quietly holds aloft the likely-pilfered New England Patriots Super Bowl ring as an undeniable reminder that, in the era of the Obama Presidency, what bullies want…bullies get.

Instead of offering opposition to hostile nation states in the world stadium, the American team has quit the field altogether. Looking over the grounds, we find team United States has taken over the concession stand instead of partaking in closing ceremonies.

The American snack bar sells both global warming and government-provided health care, but a “SOLD OUT” sticker is plastered over the line item “American Resolve”. The prices are excruciating and the aftertaste is horrific, but in keeping away from the competition altogether the United States has acted brilliantly to capture yet another first place in the 4th and final Wimplympics event.

Technically there shouldn’t even be a medal for closing ceremonies, but since team America has abandoned even the appearance of intestinal fortitude, the Wimplympics Committee has seen fit to have an additional Gold created. This one bears the face of Wimplympics domination; U.S. President Barack Obama.

Priests Rebuke Nancy Pelosi: Repent or Join a Satanic Church

By /

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 4.35.05 PMI wish the craven evangelical ministers would grow some cojones like “The Priests for Life” obviously have and start rebuking politicians who claim union with Christ while proposing and supporting legislation that’s spawned in the abyss.

I don’t know if you’re hip to what the Priests for Life did last week but these gents formally sent Nancy Pelosi a little love letter telling that nutty chick, in essence, to either renounce her backing of abortion, as a Catholic, or join a Satanic Church.

Actually they didn’t say join a Satanic Church. But she would fit right in. Yeah, I said it. Nancy and her ilk, if they don’t repent, should renounce Christianity and just formally hook up with whatever hip sect is following el Diablo because their Weltanschauung sho’ doesn’t flow from the scripture.

Just a cursory bounce through the Decalogue and one will quickly see that Nancy and her nabobs are about as Christ-like as Heidi Klum is fat and nasty.

Check it out:

I. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. (Clearly the Progressives have other gods, namely … them.)

II. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images. (Would having magazines depicting these cats in Messianic poses with Messianic mantras, which they don’t virulently condemn, equate idolatry?)

III. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord, thy God, in vain. (Look, taking the name of God in vain just doesn’t mean Nancy yelling GD when the Botox needle strikes a nerve in her forehead. It also means invoking His name for insidious and deceptive reasons.)

IV. Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy. (Yeah, right. Progressives are big churchgoers.)

V. Honor thy father and mother. (Note please that it says, father and mother and not father and father or mother and mother.)

VI. Thou shalt not kill. (Uh, would abortion fall into this category? I’m thinking, yes. By the way, why is it a double homicide when a murderer murders a pregnant mom and her unborn kid and not when a doc sucks an unborn baby through a vacuum cleaner fitted with razor blades at the behest of mommy dearest? Also, why do anti-hunters quote this text when they’re blathering about hunting being murder and they’re mute on this text when it comes to abortion? Please, thrill me with your answers. Send all correspondence to

VII. Thou shalt not commit adultery. (Must I comment on this one?)

VIII. Thou shalt not steal. (Uh, “wealth redistribution” anyone? Or Fedzilla printing money into oblivion?)
IX. Thou shalt not bare false witness against your neighbor. (Let’s see: Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS v. The Tea Party, NSA Spy Games, Jay Carney, all of their crap-addled campaign speeches. Must I go on?)

X. Thou shalt not covet. (Please. Avarice is all they spawn in their poor duped entitlement culture.)

Yep, ol’ Nance might ought to give the devil a serious look over because the Nine Satanic Statements, from the Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey, seem more apropos given her penchants.

Check them out …

1. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence! (Show me one liberal crotch rocket that’s into abstinence over indulgence and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t realize they’re a Tim Tebow yet.)

2. Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams! (I have no idea what that means.)

3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit! (Okay, maybe Pelosi shouldn’t join.)

4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates! (Whew, okay Pelosi is back in because Progressives only love and legislate for Progressives. Their policies have squat to do with independents, right of center peeps, or sane left of center folks. No, they show love only to the special loons who float their wet dream of being Lord of the Serfs).

5. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek! (Didn’t Obama say it’s payback time after 2012’s election? Would the IRS grinding down Tea Party and Conservative non-profit applicants be vengeance? Does any of this ring a bell? Hail, Satan).

6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires! ( I have no clue what the heck that means, either; but I’m sure Pelosi does.)

7. Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all! (Cock-doodle-do.)

8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification! ( There … you see? The Leftists, in their amorality, shouldn’t even jack with that cosmic killjoy Jehovah! They should pitch their tent on this satanic soil because there is no right or wrong, just pleasure and pain, baby.)

9. And lastly, Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!

Good on The Priests for Life for confronting Pelosi and rank disdain for the Verbum Dei. Who knows? Maybe these public rebukes wake her apostate soul up. If not, as we now know, there is another group that’ll take

Wake Up America. This Type of Persecution is Growing Strength Here

French extreme-right leader Marine Le Pen could face trial for comparing the country’s Muslim community to the Nazi occupation

  • MEPs have begun process of stripping the far-right leader of legal immunity
  • French prosecutors want to charge her with inciting racial hatred
  • Her father was in 1998 stripped of immunity to face holocaust denial charge

By Ian Sparks

French extreme right-wing leader Marine Le Pen faces potential prosecution for branding Muslims in France as ‘like a Nazi occupation’.

The National Front chief risks being put on trial after members of the European Parliament’s judicial committee in Brussels voted to lift her legal immunity as an MEP.

Ms Le Pen sparked uproar among in France after a speech at a party rally in December 2012 when she denounced Muslims praying in the street in areas where there are no mosques.

Stripped of legal immunity: French National Front leader Marine Le Pen could now face trial for inciting racial hatred after comparing the country's Muslim community to the Nazi occupationStripped of legal immunity: French National Front leader Marine Le Pen could now face trial for inciting racial hatred after comparing the country’s Muslim community to the Nazi occupation

France has a population of around five million Muslims, the highest of any European country.

Le Pen told supporters: ‘For those who like to talk about World War II, to talk about occupation, we could talk about, for once, the occupation of our territory.

‘There are no armoured vehicles, no soldiers, but it is an occupation all the same and it weighs on people.’

French prosecutors asked the EU last November to lift the her immunity as a lawmaker so she could be prosecuted for inciting racial hatred.

The European Parliament’s legal committee voted overwhelmingly yesterday that Le Pen could be charged and the full parliament is now expected to formally lift her protection in the coming weeks.

British Tory MEP and legal affairs committee member Sajjad Karim said: ‘There is a red line between freedom of speech and inciting racial hatred.

‘I, along with many other MEPs, today voted to drop Ms Le Pen’s immunity and I am confident that the majority of the European Parliament will follow our lead in July.’

A woman wears a burqa as she walks on a street in Saint-Denis, near Paris in 2010: France has a population of around five million Muslims, the highest of any European countryA woman wears a burqa as she walks on a street in Saint-Denis, near Paris in 2010: France has a population of around five million Muslims, the highest of any European country

Le Pen, 47, is renowned for her outspoken views on immigration – but is also riding on a wave of popular support and would come second in another presidential election.

Last year she tried to prosecute pop star Madonna for screening an image of her with a Swastika on her head at a Paris concert.

She also recently had a news photographer banned from taking any more pictures of her – because he makes her look ‘ugly’.

Her father and former National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen was stripped of his legal protection as an MEP to face charges of holocaust denial in 1998.

White House Petition to Ban Creationism Gathering Steam

A White House petition to ban the teaching of creationism and Intelligent Design in American classrooms has garnered 23,715 signatures in one week.

  “Both of these so-called ‘theories’ have no basis in scientific fact, and have absolutely zero evidence pointing towards these conjectures. These types of loopholes in our education are partially to blame for our dangerously low student performances in math and science,” reads the petition created by someone listed as A.J. of Vienna, Virginia. “Therefore, we petition the Obama Administration to ban the teachings of these conjectures that contradict Evolution.”

The petition must receive 100,000 signatures by July 15 to guaranteed a response by the Obama Administration.

 In an interview with the Christian Post, Ken Ham, the president of a creationist organization named Answers in Genesis, said the White House petition is just one more example of the growing intolerance against Christians.

 “This anti-creationist petition is yet another example of the intolerance of evolutionist activists” who do not “want to see any challenge to their deeply held secularist worldview,” said Ham.

Russian Paper Says “Weak Eyed Obama” Is Leader Of Sodom & Gomorrah Following G8 Summit



Although Obama is painted as a great President here in the United States, we must wonder just what do the nations of the world really think of President Barack Obama. We do use the label “President” very loosely here. It seems that the people of Russia are calling the United States the modern day Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah! We will get into that comment later. One now has to wonder just how in the world did the United States, once heralded as the greatest nation on earth, get such a very bad reputation by some outside our nation? It seems that the United States has taken a slide since 2008, but actually it could be traced even father back. We will just continue on what has been presented recently in the Russian Paper Pravda!

We received a communication from our friend Xavier Lerma and he sent us a very disturbing article based upon the perception of the people, not just in Russia, but maybe even the world. This has come to us and we are seeing the world now laugh at the United States to the point where the United States is now considered as a huge boiling pot of hate, anti-Christian, and very weak. Given this, we now wonder just why should we decide to drop our guard now with the other powers of the world gearing up to perhaps just walk into our nation and declare parts of it for themselves! Many have seen the two versions of the movie “Red Dawn,” but few will ever think that maybe we should be well prepared for such an invasion, especially since it seems that Obama wishes to nearly give the other powers of the world the way to do just as is done in both of those movies.

Now that we have primed up your interest about what we have to show as proof that we as a nation should not just start being concerned about such an event, but even get ourselves prepared for this. The only thing keeping those who wish to do as was done in that movie is the fact that the vast population of this nation owns guns and that is being slowly taken away by Obama and once that happens, we may well see a “RED DAWN” scenario. Our thinking on this comes from the latest article by Mr. Xavier Lerma. It shows some things that we as a nation should look at and then yell at those who seem to be doing just what Mr. Lerma states!

In his article Mr. Lerma shows us just how Russia thinks of our nation. It is an insight that we as a nation should look at and realize just how far backwards we have gone since 2009! Mr. Lerma shows just what the people in Russia think of Obama just in the first paragraph alone. He shows the way many perceive Obama to be. The Russian people have such little regard for Obama and the United States that they call Obama out in the second paragraph as “The weak eyed Obama…”

“Not so fast Mr. Hope and Change. Haven’t you heard? There’s a new Sheriff in town in the Middle East. President Putin reminded Barry that he’s in charge. He already reminded Netanyahu recently after Israel fired into Damascus in early May. Afterward, Bibi sang a different tune. Putin’s talent as a Judo expert is always useful in these situations. When Obama was continually arming Syrian rebels; declaring no fly zones and moving his Marines into Jordan Putin took quick action. Obama sang a different tune as well and even said, “and finally we compared notes on President Putin’s expertise in Judo and my declining skills in basketball.” The following video is in English and Russian:


The weak eyed Obama went on further to say, “And we both agree as you get older it takes more time to recover.” He unbelievably even talked about the removal of the Jackson-Vanik Act. Obama nervously looked over his notes as Putin spoke clearly from his memory and intelligence. At meetings end Obama then went on to try and slap a handshake. It was met with President Putin’s stone hand which withered Obama’s smile away. Putin’s firm grip declared who’s top dog in this world.”

If you see this and think it is a joke and this does not reflect just what the people of the world think, remember that in 2008 when Obama went to Germany, they had hundreds of thousands of people there to see him and cheer him. However when he went to the same place, they had less than ten thousand and that would be if you counted all the security people! Yes, the United States is very quickly becoming the third world nation that Obama discussed with John Drew while he was at Occidental College under the huge picture of Karl Marx while learning the Marxist way. Obama is fulfilling his dream to weaken the United Sates and change it and make it unlike anything the Founding Fathers ever could envision it to be. But let us get back to that article by Mr. Lerma.

As shown below, Mr. Lerma shows us just how much we should fear what Obama and his Administration are doing to our military and to our status in the world.

“Obama got the message. Russia has a naval base in Tartus and Russia’s fleet is continually growing in the Mediterranean. I’m sure all the loose change and hope fell out of Mr. Hope and Change during one of Putin’s judo throws. Obama has now become aware of Putin’s arms race. While Obama was having his many expensive vacations Putin had no choice but to increase military spending to halt US aggression. A Russian military having already an edge over the US.”

Here we see without a doubt that while our “friends” a term we have to use, build up their military and expand their drilling for oil our nation is made fun of and shown as once again a weak nation which fails to use the vast minerals we have and it also shows that the people in Russia even question Obama’s expensive vacations while cutting military and other parts of this nation’s wealth. But we do just have to go back and listen to what Obama said before he took office, “We will fundamentally change the United States.” Looking at what is written in the Pravda article, it seems that maybe Obama is doing what he envisioned! But the article continues and goes to the very root of our demise.

“The US is broke and Russia is the world’s largest oil producer with a growing economy. Russia is not backing down and they have China to back them up. Who will back the US? Tiny Britain? Americans are turning gay and Russian men are looking more like the Klitschko brothers. The US is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah while Christianity triumphs in Russia. No ACLU in Russia suing Christians to be sure. The largest country in the world shows only contempt at the US Bomb & Missile Diplomacy.”

Here Mr. Lerma shows that Russia is using and obtaining their oil while Obama refuses to allow one drop of our vast amounts of oil to be obtained. Let us remind you that our nation has some 3 TRILLION barrels of oil waiting to be removed in just 3 states; Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, but Obama and his environmentalists refuse to allow this vast reserve to be taken. Once again Mr. Lerma shows just how Obama has weakened the stand of the United States to the point that it has almost become a laugh to even discuss this! He even mentions the ACLU of which many things have evolved to the detriment of the nation. We like to call that acronym American Communist Leader Union. Mr. Lerma evens shows how the Obama administration is attacking the very core of our nation, Christianity!

The article even shows how the lame stream media seem to show only what Obama wants them to show! Of course, we know what befalls the people that speak out against Obama in the open public forum. We even have suspicions that our phones have been tapped. However, in his article, Mr. Lerma goes on with even more very curious statements about just how at least Russia feels about the United States and maybe even the world also has the same ideas.

“The western media will warp the truth as usual. They will not show the entire video of Putin and Obama fearing that Americans will see things as they are and wise up. No mention of Christianity under attack in the Middle East and North Africa. Loud music and commanding voices will tell American citizens what to think and who to hate as they become mesmerized by their idiot boxes. Little is mentioned of Christians or priests murdered in Syria or the Christian Bishops that were kidnapped. Again the western cry is here reiterated, “What difference does it make! Assad must go!” Amerikan Demonocracy foaming at the mouth rabid with hate.”

Here he even uses the statement by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when he nearly quotes her with her most famous words, “What difference does it make…” Is it any wonder that our nation is now perceived as weak? Mr. Lerma even points to the news media and how they “cover up” what is really going on!

Obama still surrounds himself with people that have backgrounds deeply twisted with Socialism and Communism.

We have shown what Russia thinks of our nation; they perceive it as a weak nation near the end of its time. Can we as a people allow this to happen? We must wake up or we will forever leave to our children and grandchildren a nation that becomes very poor with only poor and elite and looking like a lesser third world nation, instead of the once proud and powerful nation we should be! Obama is about to send an executive order to the EPA, which may well double our electric bills as he did promise in 2008! This is the “Carbon Tax” he could not get passed, but he is going to use his executive order to pass something that will hurt every United States Citizen through higher electric bills! This should make Mr. Lerma and Russia laugh out loud!

Apologize For My Conservatism? Fat Chance.

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Jacob_Riis_portraitAwwww, isn’t that just precious! 

I suspect that sentiment, or something roughly akin to it, was the norm among the masses who’ve viewed a photo gone viral over the past several months. It captured the moment twenty-four year old Marine Josh Curtas, squared away in his dress blues,  shared a discreet, pre-wedding-ceremony prayer with his fiancée. The intimate image took the internet by storm when, in a January 2013 blog,  young bride Bre Curtas posted an account of the incident, embellished by the snapshot.

“Everything culminated in that moment right there,” Curtas told New York’s Daily News. “Faith was a huge part of our relationship and plays a role in everything we do … I think this photo has gone viral because it’s not about me .. I think people are touched because it’s two young people taking a minute to forget about those things and thank the Lord for what he’s done.”

Wow, that’s refreshing. How else to respond to a profession like that in this jaded,  God-phobic age?

The twenty-three year old Liberty University graduate has confessed it was prayer that strengthened the youthful pair’s resolution to postpone their first sexual experience until the honeymoon. “[I]t’s really hard,” Curtas said, “but there is a blessing and a benefit to it … Plenty of people disagree and they’re entitled to that. I’m not going to say that if you don’t wait you’re not pure … This was just my personal journey. We made a commitment to each other and the Lord.”

Drat. She really had me right up until that last bit. 

Look, I deeply admire these kids — they really are swimming against the 21st century’s hormone-saturated, secularist-libertine tide — but the mildly apologetic tone of Mrs. Curtas’ explanation strikes me as unfortunate. ”I’m not going to say you’re not pure”? “This was just my personal journey”? 

Carol Kuruvilla’s Daily News  piece arguably dabbled in a dash of editorial massaging, but I can almost cut the reporter some slack. Likely, it was Bre’s ever-so-slightly defensive footnote which egged on Kuruvilla’s spin on the newlywed’s abstinence philosophy: “It was a tough choice to make, one that the couple struggled with for months. And she understands that it’s not for everybody.”

“Not for everybody”? Mark me down as skeptical that Bre Curtas, a conspicuously devoted Christ follower, literally has concluded some folks are exempt from God’s sexual purity standard.  If, as manifestly seems to be the case, she knows Scriptural teachings and treats them weightily, she surely understands a) sex was God’s idea: He’s enthusiastic about it and designed it to be mutually pleasurable; b) but only between husband and wife; within the context of marriage.

What I intuit from Curtas’ remarks, though, is a concern about avoiding the appearance of the dreaded “J” word: Judgmentalism; or “I” word: Intolerance. For a sensitive, modern person? Few slurs, besides perhaps “racism” or “homophobia”, are worse than either of those accusations. 

I’d prefer the fresh-faced spouse had elaborated on their heroic, before-the-vows chastity minus the  self-effacing hint of uneasiness; maybe along these lines: Plenty of people disagree and they’re free to do that; but sexual purity before marriage is what the Bible teaches and we wanted to obey God in that. 

Period. Not scolding, but straightforward. This is what we believe.  ’Nuff said.

If the 86% of women who allegedly don’t bother holding out for the “marriage bed” are discombobulated by the Curtas’ biblically-directed self-restraint? They can take it up with the Author of Old and New Testament sexual ethics. Bre and hubby, meantime, are off the hook. 

A few weeks back, when NFL running back Adrian Peterson commendably affirmed he didn’t endorse homosexual marriage, even he couldn’t resist a whiff of verbal fidgeting: “ To each his own. … I’m not with it … I have relatives that are gay … But again I’m not with that. That’s not something I believe in. But to each his own.”

Similarly, I’ve heard Bill O’Reilly bemoan America’s voracious tax policy — yet first, grandly insist he’s copasetic with the drunken-sailor government’s absconding with fifty percent of his income; but not one farthing more! Seriously? So, demanding he be vouchsafed fifty-five percent of his earnings? Sixty percent? That would be what? Shameful?

Committed, walking-the-lifestyle Christians, cultural traditionalists and determined Constitutionalists  – i.e., right thinking folks — owe no hand-wringing apologies for their convictions. 

Must every decent person denouncing pop entertainment’s profusion of profanity and lewdness reflexively preface his objections with “Now, I’m no prude …” .

Legions of hard-working Americans kvetch about unacceptably burdensome taxes and smothering regulations — might they do so without, every time they broach the subject, grovelingly reciting, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for helping the poor…”. 

Knocking a policy that fattens an already corpulent and corrosive welfare state? That doesn’t necessarily out a person as a “racist”. Too often, however, the hemming-and-hawing of small-government/personal responsibility types gives the impression it does: I’m no bigot, but …; Lots of my friends are black! I work with an Hispanic – we get along muy bueno!


It was talk-radio legend Bob Grant, I believe , who came to a point relatively late in his career where he indignantly foreswore ritual, I’m-not-a-racist hoop-jumping — y’know, vocally checking off all his non-racist bona fides — anytime he addressed matters that even indirectly impinged upon skin color or ethnicity. (My program director is black! I marched for Civil Rights back in the late ‘60′s! KKK? Ba-a-a-a-addd!)

There are times, I suppose, such clarifications are effective — but sensible folks who recur to them in every exuberant exchange indulge the rhetorical equivalent of staring embarrassedly at one’s shoes or squirming guiltily in one’s seat. The confident authority an assertion might hold shrivels. Hopes of persuasion are self-defeatingly undercut.   

Unintentionally, noble truth becomes misrepresented as untruth, nervous and red-faced.

Precisely what the other, rarely-apologizes-for-anything side is hoping for.

Image: Jacob August Riis; date: c. 1903; source: United States Library of Congress; author: J. E. Purdy, Boston; public domain

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Gun-Rights Documentary ‘Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire’ Reasoned Counter to Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling For Columbine’

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“Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire” is a reasoned counter to Michael Moore‘s “Bowling for Columbine” and, as such, a constructive addition to the current national firearms debate.


Director Kris Koenig’s inspired choice of rap star Ice-T as narrator signals the film’s relative finesse in addressing gun owner stereotypes as a way of arguing against most — but not all — firearm restrictions.

We hear from gun owners of all stripes — women, minorities, old-timers, paraplegics, even an LGBT gun group called the Pink Pistols — making the movie’s fundamental assertion that self-protection is a right and, in times when the “thin veneer of civilization” breaks down, a necessity, a defense for the defenseless.

There’s much talk about constitutional rights, no mention of high-capacity magazines or the effectiveness of gun laws in other nations.

For the filmmakers, it’s all about the 2nd Amendment, which, to their thinking, demands a responsibility for one’s own well-being, the “most sacred civil right.”


8 Vital Skills To Teach Your Children That Will Trump An Ivy League Education

A few weeks ago I was in a particularly depressed mood. That’s not the norm for me, but this time it was completely justified. I was pondering my children’s futures.

College prices have sky-rocketed, far surpassing wage increases. My daughter will be ready for college in five years. Will we be able to afford a college education for her or even pay a percentage of it?  And, if she does go to college, what will she major in that will provide a reliable career in a world whose future is increasingly unreliable?

Perhaps my kids should learn a trade that would provide a rock-solid income, but what would that be? As a mom, I want their futures to be as secure as possible, giving them a chance of achieving their dreams and a comfortable lifestyle.

As you might imagine, it was right around this point that my thinking got pretty muddled. Is there a career that’s EMP-proof? A job that will provide their families with an income even if the dollar goes belly up and America, as we know it, declines forever?

I’m still not sure what path they should take, and of course they have a say in their future plans! However, my brain lit upon something that gave me hope as I contemplated a dismal future.

What’s more important than a college degree?

The future job market may be bleak for professions from A to Z, but people will always, always, look for and need leaders. People who have the skills, confidence, and personality to stand up and lead. Isn’t that what our world is crying out for right now? Leadership?

boy working 8 Vital skills to teach your children that will trump an Ivy League educationimage by (Blue Sky)

My son could easily become an electrician, capable of wiring a building, knowing electrical code, and also able to give direction, focus, and encouragement to his peers and family. Perhaps my daughter will become a florist, but why can’t she also live her life with goals and a vision and inspire others to do the same? It’s those leadership qualities and skills that may very well trump another person’s Ivy League education.

I believe the future belongs to those who possess leadership skills and are willing to step out and lead. Leadership, though, is mostly taught and nurtured. Skills such as decisiveness, ambition, the ability to motivate and inspire are not taught in the public school. I spent 9 years in the classroom as a public school teacher and another 4 as a school district trainer. Trust me. There is nothing in the public school curriculum that teaches leadership skills. If your child is to become a leader in a tumultuous and unpredictable future, you will have to teach him or her yourself.

What skills and qualities should you begin focusing on? Here are a few:

Communication skills

From an early age, give your children practice speaking to and with adults. At restaurants, insist that they place their own orders with the waitress. Stand back and let them approach the librarian or store clerk with their questions. Be willing to sit and just listen to your child as they put their thoughts and emotions into words. Enroll them in activities that will require them to make speeches orpresentations or communicate with the general public. Many adults shrink away from this themselves, but it’s impossible to be a leader without effective communication skills.

Even if there is no need for your child to earn money, getting a job is an excellent way to learn how to communicate with all sorts of people. My first job was at J.C. Penney and I had to work in the children’s clothing department. I learned how to strike up conversations with customers, ask my boss for help when I needed it, and not crawl into a hole when the store manager showed up! All lifelong skills!

Creating a vision

All children have fantasies and dreams for their futures. Encourage them to talk about what they want to be when they grow up, what they want to do, to build, to create. Nothing meaningful on this earth has ever been accomplished without, first, a vision. Our world has been greatly enhanced by people like Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison. They let their imaginations run wild, and apparently, so did their parents!

Setting and achieving goals

boy scouts 8 Vital skills to teach your children that will trump an Ivy League educationimage by RDECOM

Once your child has a vision for something, help him or her break it down into smaller parts. Setting and achieving goals is an enormous confidence builder but too many people, including most adults, have no idea of the power of goal-setting. Start with a small goal, perhaps earning a certain amount of money or achieving some specific goal in a school subject. Write out the goal and what has to be done in order to complete it. This teaches kids to know what they want and what has to be done to get it.

Courage in the face of opposition

We live in a world where too few people have courage. They are too willing to behave like sheep and kowtow to the latest version of political correctness. A real leader stands up for what he or she believes in the face of ridicule, prejudice, and rejection. As well, it takes courage to finish a difficult task and overcome obstacles of every kind. Facing peer pressure is another chance to be courageous and do the right thing.


Confidence comes with competence. Require your kids to always to their best and to not make excuses. However, don’t expect them to succeed in something without thorough instruction. That applies to school subjects, athletic endeavors, and even household chores. I used to get frustrated at my son’s attempts to load the dishwasher until I realized that I had never actually taught him how to do it! Don’t demand a high level of competency without making sure your child understands exactly how to accomplish the task. Once they are competent and experience repeated successes, just watch their confidence soar!

Ability to encourage others

We all need a pat on the back, a word of encouragement, or a note of appreciation. Let your child see from your own actions what it means to encourage others and give them opportunities to do the same. Perhaps they could write a kind note to a friend who lost a pet or send a get-well card to a relative. Our culture encourages isolation and selfishness, but this will teach your kids a more rewarding way of interacting with others.


People will never trust a leader who they know to be dishonest. Honesty brings with it respect and admiration. Reward truthfulness and integrity every time you notice it.

Decision making

boy and girl on path 8 Vital skills to teach your children that will trump an Ivy League educationimage by Ernst Vikne

I have a friend who decided what her daughter should wear each day until the girl was at least 11 years old. Yes, she was always perfectly coordinated, but without meaning to, I’m sure, her mother was teaching her to doubt her own decisions. Part of learning to make smart decisions is bearing the consequences of poor ones. When my kid spend all their money foolishly, I don’t slip them a ten when they see something else they want! Let your kids make decisions. Talk about what they give up if they make Decision A versus Decision B. It’s important to take into consideration the consequences of their decisions and learn to not rush into something without giving it plenty of thought.

How should these be taught?

  • Point out examples of leadership in movies, TV, literature, and real life. Be specific in explaining why that person, or character, is a good leader. For example, one reason many people look up to Ron Paul, regardless of political beliefs, is because he speaks his mind, even when his opinion is unpopular and he stands a good chance of being criticized. It’s important to actually label the specific leadership skill or quality.
  • Ask your child to look for examples of leadership among your circle of familyand friends and tell you why that person is a leader.
  • Encourage your child to read biographies of famous people and then analyze their leadership qualities and skills.
  • When you observe these skills in your child, be sure to point them out and praise them.
  • Set family goals and track progress with a chart or a marble jar.
  • Family meetings can be helpful in discussing decisions, conflicts, and goals. They also give each family member the chance to express their opinions and feelings. In other words, they can help develop important leadership skills.
  • Give children an allowance in order to help them make decisions involving money. Teach them how to keep a ledger of income, outgo, and savings.

You and I have no way of knowing what careers will be “hot” in ten or twenty years, but in a way, that doesn’t matter. Young adults facing the future with the confidence that comes with these leadership qualities and skills are ready to tackle anything and succeed, even without that Ivy League education.

Eric Holder Investigates Himself


Happy Father’s Day: President Obama and his daughter play with toy guns

Robby Soave;Reporter, The Daily Caller News Foundation
Wishing Americans a happy Father’s Day, the White House tweeted a picture of President Obama and one of his daughters playing with toy water pistols.

The Tweet comes at a time when several schools around the country—fearful that such toys make kids more prone to violent behavior—have launched trade-in programs that encourage children to exchange their harmless toy guns for chances to win prizes, like books and bicycles.

One such trade-in took place last weekend at Strobridge Elementary in California. Principal Chris Hill, who organized the event, explained that toy guns desensitize kids toward gun violence.

Obama Compares Catholic School With Racial Segregation


While in Ireland, President Obama said this:

“Because issues like segregated schools and housing, lack of jobs and opportunity—symbols of history that are a source of pride for some and pain for others–these are not tangential to peace; they’re essential to it. If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings, and Protestants have theirs—if we can’t see ourselves in one another, if fear or resentment are allowed to harden, that encourages division. It discourages cooperation.”

Barack Obama is quite adept at saying one thing, while meaning another. Taken at face value, the essence of what the President said is accurate: fear and resentment may harden us to others; and it discourages cooperation. So, if one were to take out of context what the President said, it might make for a delightful sound bite; making Obama seem as wise and urbane as the media makes him out to be.

However, by reading the entirety of his speech, it is quite clear that Obama is directly comparing racial segregation to religious education. Let’s break down what the most powerful man in the world said:

1. He first establishes that segregation is a despicable thing. Ok, that’s accurate.

2. He then goes on to compare religious education among Catholics and Protestants to segregation. In essence, Obama is claiming that sending your child to be educated in an environment that you believe is better suited to your views is comparable to not wanting your children around black people.

3. He makes sure to evoke the everlasting tension between Catholic and Protestant so that it doesn’t appear as though he is talking directly about racial segregation; but rather religious and social segregation.

4. Beyond the obvious absurdity of comparing religious education to racial segregation, this has implications beyond the scope of school. By chastising the Catholic schools and Protestant schools for “segregation,” Obama is essentially taking a shot at religion in general. Is he saying that because many of us choose to be either Catholic or Protestant, that we are segregating ourselves? Is he saying that practicing one faith over another is comparable to black segregation? If so, he is making a clear and dangerous move against freedom of religion.

5. The President also links religion and religious education directly with hatred and resentment. He is taking liberties in terms of speaking about faith that no President should take. At its core, Obama’s message is that this school, and religious “segregation” is a source of resentment; that it creates and fosters resentment.

6. Finally, it’s Democratic policies that cause this supposed segregation in the first place. If the Democrats were to actually implement a voucher school choice program, parents would be free to choose the schools best suited for their kids. In that case, poor kids, whose parents cannot afford Catholic or Private school, would not be locked into an awful district. With choice, I’m sure many parents—even non-religious parents—would rather have their kids in a faith based school over a public school. Regardless, this “segregation” comparison is absolute garbage.

What Obama loves to do is speak these elegant and striking words that mean absolutely nothing. When taken apart, and understood clinically, Obama’s words often represent the exact opposite of his apparent intention. With this speech, apparently intended to provoke thought and discussion regarding a divided people, Obama has insulted schools of faith, religion at large, and those who simply desire a better education for their children.

Apparently, reptiles aren’t the only creatures with forked tongues.

California Senate – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Updated 6-11-13

In a completely NOT so shocking move, the ridiculously incompetent California lawmakers, backed by the incapable-of-logic gun control lobbyists, are using the recent murder spree in Santa Monica, CA to try and push their gun grabbing agenda.  Never mind the fact that everything that cowardly turd did that day was illegal, and he was carrying an already illegal gun loaded with already illegal magazines.  To the elected geniuses occupying the State Capital, that just means we need more ineffective laws that will NOT prevent crimes like this, but will actually reduce the law abiding public’s ability to defend themselves.

Let me see if I can follow what these brain donors are suggesting:  The possibly mentally unstable man who is angry about his parents divorce, who somehow acquired a banned “assault rifle” (illegal) and numerous banned “high capacity magazines” (illegal), then set out on a murderous rampage killing his father and brother (illegal), who burned a home down (illegal), who shot at passing motorists (illegal), then carjacked and kidnapped a complete stranger (illegal x2), fired at more random cars and pedestrians (illegal), ran onto a school campus carrying a loaded gun (illegal), but by God, if there had just been a law requiring him to have a permit to buy ammo, none of that would have happened…

What a bunch of Morons!

California Senate – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Anyone who has seen Forrest Gump, and many others who have not, know the saying that was so eloquently stated by none other than Forrest himself, “stupid is as stupid does”. I found two excellent definitions for that phrase on
1) It means that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid. You are what you do.
2) A catch-all term that basically means that stupid people are gonna keep on doing stupid things because that’s what they are, period. The term was popularized in the 1994 Tom Hanks 3-hour blockbuster movie Forrest Gump.

However, one needs look no further than the California State Senate to see evidence that Forrest was a more intelligent man than the majority of the elected officials who are part of that legislative body. The most recent, glaring example of this stupidity is the bevy of laws regarding firearms and ammunition that the Senate just voted on, and passed.

In a profound effort to solve problems that do not actually exist, the CA Senate passed a series of firearms related laws. “The package, if you look at the whole array of measures before this body today, are designed to close loopholes in existing regulations, keep the circulation of firearms and ammunition out of the hands of dangerous persons, and strengthen education on gun ownership,” said Democrat Senator Darrell Steinberg. “These bills attempt to respond to those well-publicized tragedies and many more that go unpublicized.”

Really? Let us examine that lofty claim, bill by bill.

SB 47 – Bans use of “bullet buttons”

bullet-button-smFor those of you fortunate enough to be wondering what a bullet button is, I will explain. It is either a replacement magazine release button (as in the case of AR-15 type rifles, pictured) or an add-on device on many other guns, that prevents the shooter from using their finger or hand to release the magazine. A tool of some sort, in this case a bullet tip, must be used to release the magazine. “Bullet buttons” were originally invented as a creative way to allow California residents to legally own a neutered AR-15, which are still limited to a 10 round magazine as well as many other requirements.

What is the justification for this law? Hubris? Lawmakers appear to be pushing this law because they are upset that enterprising individuals outsmarted them. I say that because there has been no crime spree using bullet button equipped rifles, there has been no mass shooting using a bullet button equipped rifle. For that matter, to my knowledge, and to that of my dear friend Google, there has been no crime at all committed with a bullet button equipped rifle, anywhere. I have repeatedly asked the bill’s author (via Twitter), Senator Leland Yee to point me to ANY crime where a bullet button equipped rifle was used and have not once been provided with a single example. So what tragedy is this law supposedly addressing?

SB 53 – “Permit for purchasing ammunition”

Yes, you read that right. Democrat Kevin de Leon is pushing a bill (coauthored by none other than Leland Yee, the author of the Bullet Button bill) that will require law abiding citizens to submit to a background check in order to receive a permit to purchase ammunition. As I can see no intelligent reason for a law such as this (unless your goal is to make gun ownership more difficult), I had to look it up. As stated in the bill, the purpose for this proposed bill is:

“Existing law requires the Attorney General to maintain records, including among other things, fingerprints, licenses to carry concealed firearms, and information from firearms dealers pertaining to firearms, for purposes of assisting in the investigation of crimes, and specified civil actions.
This bill would require the Attorney General to also maintain copies of ammunition purchase permits for those purposes.”

So, let me see if I understand this. In order to assist in the investigation of a crime (something I actually do for a living), this senator seems to think having records of who is permitted to legally purchase ammunition will be helpful. Last I checked, ammunition has a maker mark and caliber on it, and that is it. No serial numbers, lot numbers, batch numbers, seller’s identification markings, etcetera. If I pick up an expended cartridge casing at a crime scene, this senator seems to think that being able to check a statewide database to see who has applied for a permit to legally purchase ammunition is somehow going to help me find the perpetrator. Brilliant!

SB 374 – “Bans detachable magazines in rifles” and more (dramatically modifies existing CA Assault Weapons Ban)

This bill, from Democrat Darrell Steinberg, seeks to ban all rifles that use a detachable magazine, semi-auto or not. Yes, you heard that right! They want to ban any and all rifles that use a detachable magazine. That Remington 700 bolt-action deer rifle your grandfather passed down to you or in my case, that WWII Enfield bolt action rifle, are now going to be illegal, unless of course you register them as an assault weapons!

photo_60It gets even more insane in that it now would classify any rimfire rifle with a detachable magazine, or affixed magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, as an “assault rifle” and they would no longer be legal for sale and all existing guns would need to be registered. Yes, your Ruger 10/22 is now considered a heinous death machine. For that matter, so is a Remington 550-1 (introduced in 1941) and a Marlin model 60 (see picture, introduced in 1960).

Unless there has been a recent rash of crimes committed with hunting rifles and/or .22 rifles, highly publicized or not, I see no justification for these modifications to the already existing ridiculously stringent California Assault Weapons ban (unless of course your ultimate goal is a ban on all firearms).

SB 396 – Prohibit possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds

This bill, from Democrat Loni Hancock, outlaws ALL magazines, rifle and handgun, that can hold more than 10 rounds, period. It does not allow for continued possession of magazines already legally owned. Any and all magazines with over 10 round capacity, regardless of when they were purchased, are now illegal and must be turned in or removed from the state.

While it is true that there have been a few recent, highly publicized incidents where evil men used guns with “high capacity” (standard capacity) magazines while slaughtering many unarmed innocent people. That said, there have been far more, not publicized at all, incidents where good folks have defended themselves using those same “high capacity” magazines, incidents where if it were not for that capacity, those good people may not have survived.

Besides the argument for or against “high capacity” magazines, there is a more important issue at stake here, and that is the State retroactively outlawing something that was previously legally obtained. In my humble opinion, this falls into the realm of an ex post facto law, which are specifically prohibited by none other than the United States Constitution (Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3). However, seeing as that same document, the Constitution of the United States, specifically prohibits any infringement on our right to bear arms, violating a far less well known section should not be a concern for our benevolent lawmakers, who know better than we do what is best for us.

Three other bills included in this package are worth mentioning, but not something I plan on spending time on.

SB 567 – Changes the characteristics of shotguns in their definition under the assault weapons ban to include pistol grip (no shoulder stock) shotguns and shotguns with rifled barrels.

SB 683 – Requires all purchasers to present a certificate showing they have completed a firearms safety course. This is currently a requirement for handgun purchases and this bill extends that requirement to long guns.

SB 755 – Adds several new crimes to the category of crimes that if convicted of violating, will prevent someone from legally purchasing a firearm. For some of the minor alcohol related offenses, this law actually requires multiple convictions of multiple offenses within a very short time frame.

Taken as a whole, this “package” will do nothing to enhance public safety. These laws do not address any real world problems that exist nor do they target any particular problem that is being exploited by violent offenders. For that matter, for all but one of these bills, I seriously doubt any of the authors can actually point to a single incident that their proposed law would have prevented, which leaves me wondering why bother.

These bills are not yet law, but they have passed a significant hurdle and are now on their way to the State Assembly where they will likely be passed by the Democrat majority (53D-25R). Once the Assembly passes them, they are off to Governor Moonbeam who, if past actions are any indication, will almost certainly sign any and all of them.

If these legislators truly wanted to solve violent crime, they would be addressing the Prison Realignment Act (AB 109) that was signed into law in 2011. Since the passage of AB 109, there have been countless incidents of prisoners released, because of AB 109 requirements, committing heinous acts of violence up to and including murder, rape and kidnapping. These crimes, committed by persons freed under AB 109, are happening on a weekly basis, and unlike the non-existent crimes being committed with bullet button equipped rifles, these AB 109 released convict’s crimes are well documented in the media and easily found via Google.

These liberal elites appear much more concerned with disarming law abiding citizens than they do with preventing violent crime. That fact is clearly evident when you examine what they spend their time trying to legislate. They are passing laws releasing convicted felons far before their sentences are up at the same time they are passing laws to further disarm the citizens that claim to be trying to protect. Sorry stupids, but I ain’t buying what you are selling. Your actions speak far louder than words!

Greatest Mistake of Obama: Pro-Muslim Campaigner vs. President/Leader

By /

obama karThe greatest mistake of the Obama Administration is Obama’s unwillingness to shift from pre-election political mode to Chief Executive/Commander-in-Chief management/leadership mode – following his success at the poles.

America desperately needs a President  . . . and we haven’t had one for the past 4-½ years.  Everything is politics with Obama. Even in his second term, he is compelled by political considerations and effects.  He has no understanding of or commitment to his Executive/Commander-in-Chief management/leadership responsibilities.

Obama is an articulate but shallow leader – clinging to 19th century Marxist/Socialist/Leftist social, economic and governance schoolbook concepts that have never worked and have produced disasters wherever they have been tried.

The President has surrounded himself with Leftist schoolboys of the same ilk, who are apparently running the administration while Obama flies around on Air Force One, cheerleading, conducting fundraisers, vacationing, playing golf and basketball, etc.

For example, true to his radical Leftist roots, Obama refuses to face up to the reality that we are at war with radical Islam and the terrorists that it has spawned. He has failed to launch and sustain an all-out war against these enemies. Instead of taking the war to them, which was President Bush’s successful strategy, Obama is reverting to a defensive, police action, reactive approach – the same strategy that preceded 9/11/2001. He has even backed off from his effective use of drones – a political action in response to his left wing Democrat critics.

Obama entered the White House with limited experience and schoolboy notions that he could secure peace with Islam via his personal charisma and verbal skill.  Like his father, he believed America and the Western powers were responsible for the ill will of Muslims and the impoverished nations — the result of Colonialism and it’s exploitation of the colonialized. He spent his first couple of years apologizing for America’s misdeeds and claims of Exceptionalism.

Not only was this inappropriate and grossly untrue, but it failed to win the goodwill of Muslims and peace with Islam. America today is still considered to be The Great Satan by World Islam.

Obama has refuse to recognize and/or accept that his schoolboy, Leftist strategies have failed. He has refused to recognize that even moderate Muslims are sympathetic to the violent activities of their radical followers.  Collectively, they have refused to expel radicalists and radical teachings from their ranks.

Obama refuses to acknowledge that Islam is a Geo political religion that endorses murder, mutilation, persecution, and the subservience of women. The American Constitution – based on Judeo-Christian values – never anticipated a politicized religion with the likes of Muslim values. Nor did our Founders ever envision a President so devoid of his administrative responsibilities.

Image: President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai; source: P050112PS-0241; author:Pete Souza for The White House from Washington, DC; public domain

About the author: William Pauwels

 William A. Pauwels, Sr., born to a Belgian, immigrant, entrepreneurial family is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. He’s served in executive and/or leadership positions at Thomson Industries, Inc., Dow Corning, Loctite and Sherwin-Williams and is currently CIO of Pauwels Private Investment Practice. He’s been commenting on matters political/economic/philosophical from 1980 to the present.

Ann Coulter: Avoid the Need for Spying Using One Not-So-Weird Trick

Coulter: Avoid the Need for Spying Using One Not-So-Weird Trick

By: Ann Coulter
6/20/2013 08:41 AM

Well, of course the government is spying on Americans! Look at the havoc caused by American citizens engaging in terrorism.There’s “American citizen” David Coleman Headley, who conspired with Pakistani military officers to commit the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, that left more than 160 people dead.

Headley’s ancestors served under Gen. George Washington — no, I’m sorry, Headley was born “Daood Sayed Gilani” in Washington, D.C., to a Pakistani father. Like your typical American boy, he enjoyed TV’s “Happy Days” and murdering innocent people in terrorist attacks.

There were the 20 “American” men from the Minneapolis area who joined a terrorist group in Somalia in 2008. I knew the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party would cause trouble one of these days!

No, wait — wrong again. We invited these foreign terrorists to immigrate here after the collapse of Somalia’s government in 1991. (And what a great deal for America that was! I’m so glad Obama’s doing it again with Syrian rebels.)

These hardworking Somali immigrants produced — in the words of The New York Times — “the first known American suicide bomber”! Go U.S.A.! Who could have guessed that Shirwa Ahmed would be America’s first suicide bomber? (My money had been on a guy named “Jim Peterson.”)

In addition to the first suicide bomber, the other American citizens who joined the terrorist group included Cabdulaahi Ahmed Faarax, Abdiweli Yassin Isse and Mahamud Said Omar.

If you can’t trust “American citizen” Cabdulaahi Ahmed Faarax, what Americans can you trust these days? Or to quote Sen. Bob Casey, the mentally disabled Democratic senator from Pennsylvania: “It’s really disturbing — Americans becoming radicalized.”

Then there were the six “New Jersey men” who plotted a terrorist attack on the Fort Dix military base in 2007. Using rocket-propelled grenade launchers, they estimated they could kill at least 100 soldiers.

Chris Christie, then the U.S. attorney for New Jersey, said surveillance tapes showed the men watching videos of Americans being killed in Afghanistan.“(T)hey watched the blowing off of the arm of a United States Marine and the room burst out into laughter,” Christie said. “These are the types of people we are dealing with.”

The New Jersey men were named Mohamad Shnewer, Serdar Tatar, Agron Abdullahu, Dritan Duka, Eljvir Duka and Shain Duka. Four were from the former Yugoslavia, one was from Turkey and one was from Jordan. All were illegal aliens.

But we needed them! As Marco Rubio’s staff recently told The New Yorker, American workers “can’t cut it.”

If the government can spy on Cherry Hill’s Mohamad Shnewer, how can we draw the line at Fox News’ James Rosen and CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson?

Then there’s “American citizen” Maj. Nidal Hasan, who is still collecting his handsome military salary — up to nearly $300,000 by now — since being accused of a terrorist attack on Fort Hood that left 13 dead and dozens wounded.

And don’t forget “American citizen” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, accused of conspiring with his brother to bomb the Boston Marathon earlier this year.

My favorite “American citizen” is Najibullah Zazi, arrested in 2009 for plotting to bomb the New York subways. Zazi was born into a tribe in eastern Afghanistan and came to America in his teens. His ticket to entry was his father, whose ticket was, in turn, a brother living in Queens.

(We have no room for Scottish bankers because we have to make room for entire villages of illiterates from Afghanistan, thanks to Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act.)

Zazi’s own step-uncle described him as “a dumb kid, believe me,” according to The New York Times. (Sorry, Scottish bankers — that’s our immigration law!)

He dropped out of high school and had an arranged marriage to his cousin in Pakistan. So Zazi is another big immigrant success story.

Forget the recent Muslim immigration problem. Virtually all enemies to America have been foreigners. The only known Italian traitors in U.S. history were anarchist terrorists Sacco and Vanzetti: immigrants.

Reading the amazing new book, Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government by M. Stanton Evans and Herb Romerstein, one can’t help but notice that J. Edgar Hoover’s job would have been a lot easier if our immigration service had been doing its job. A shockingly high percentage of the communist spies were immigrants. This is all the more striking considering that there weren’t that many immigrants getting in at all back then.

Even the commies didn’t want to overthrow the United States as such — only to support Moscow. Otherwise, they’d have just kept voting Democrat and gotten there a little more slowly.

That’s why the National Security Act of 1947, creating the CIA, expressly prohibited the agency from engaging in domestic operations. Now we have to spy on Americans because of all the imported Tsarnaevs and Zazis. We have created two huge problems where none existed before — domestic terrorism and government spying — all to help the Democrats win elections by changing the electorate.

Not only do our post-1965 immigration policies create an unemployment problem, not only have they massively increased the crime rate, but now all Americans are being asked to give up their civil liberties to fulfill Teddy Kennedy’s dream of bringing the entire Third World to live right here in America. (And vote Democrat!)

When we’re referring to “American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki” — provoking Rand Paul to carry on for 13 hours about Obama killing an “American citizen” with a drone — the phrase “American citizen” has lost its essential meaning. We don’t have a drone problem. We don’t have a spying problem. We have an immigration problem.

US Ready To Enter Negotiations With Taliban?


Joyce Brothers said: “Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”

Unquestionably, there is merit in trust. Having trust in other people is a basic and necessary part of life. Without trust, we would remain isolated; never able to form relationships with other people. However, just as important as holding trust in someone else, is holding trust in yourself; in your own instincts. In politics, sometimes, trusting your own instincts is all you have.

 There are certainly those in the world with whom you should not deal, or negotiate. There is a basic understanding—at least I have a basic understanding—that one should not trust someone who has not proven worthy of trust. Simple, right? Apparently not. According to, the United States, in conjunction with Afghanistan, is prepared to enter negotiations with the Taliban. Yes, you read that correctly…negotiating with the TALIBAN.

Taliban Spokesman Mohammad Naim has announced that the Taliban will not accept the use of Afghan soil as a base for military operations, and supports negotiations. The Obama administration stated that US representatives will start bilateral negotiations with the Taliban…Marine General Joseph Dunford, the top US commander in Afghanistan, also celebrated the beginning of talks: ‘My perspective has always been that this war is going to have to end with political reconciliation and so I frankly would be supportive of any positive movement in terms of reconciliation…that would bring reconciliation between the afghan people and the Taliban.’

So, a terrorist organization is suddenly—with seemingly abundant enthusiasm–willing to enter “peace talks?” Something doesn’t smell right. Actually, that’s generous. This is totally bogus. This is the same organization that called the Karzai administration “stooges” of the West.

I can’t ask much beyond these basic questions: Why would anyone enter negotiations with the Taliban? More than that, why would the Taliban suddenly decide that now is the time to negotiate?

No answer?

An ideologically-driven group of people, a people who want nothing more than to exterminate those who don’t agree with them, cannot be negotiated with. Is it just me, or is this not absolutely, hands down crazy?

However, the part that baffles me the most is the willingness on the part of Afghanistan and the US to deal with these maniacs. Do they actually believe that the Taliban can be trusted; or is this a small move in a much larger game? Is it a fake out?

I am trusting my instincts, and leaning toward the belief that this is a chess move in a much larger game. But I wonder; in the end, which side is actually benefitting? Is this move worth the risk of legitimizing psychopaths? I say no.

Supreme Court Tells Arizona To Ask Obama’s Permission

The States of Texas can require “proof of citizenship” to apply for or renew your drivers license, but Arizona cannot ask for “proof of citizenship” to register to vote. Yes, I know it sounds as confusing at it is maddening. What else would you expect from this mixed up bunch of lawyers running the country. Furthermore, the US Supreme Court, yesterday ruled in favor of the challengers to the Arizona’ Proposition 200 voter I.D. law and found that the state had overstepped its authority by requiring “proof of citizenship” to register to vote in US elections.

The 1993 “National Voter Registration “Motor Voter” Act” established an honor system for federal voter registration tied to driver license applications and renewals. Federal law provides all applicants for Driver Licenses or renewals—in all states—must be offered a “mail -in” voter registration card. Proper I.D. is required, by law, to do business with all state driver licenses issuing authorities as a pre-requisite for receiving your voter registration card, but federal law does not require “proof of citizenship” to register to vote.

The US Constitution provides the federal government broad authority over states regarding election law.

Federal law allows anyone to register to vote by swearing to be a US citizen—simply checking a box on the federal registration form—under penalty of perjury. Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling upheld that authority.

Unfortunately, perjury is a rarely prosecuted crime at the federal level.

Some states require “proof of citizenship” for D.L. applications and re-newels. Some states do not. In addition, some states (Utah for one) will take a Matricula card issued by the Mexican government as proper ID as they allow non-citizens to drive “conditionally” in their state.

Arizona taxpayers were burned by Arizona lawmakers who failed to perform their due diligence. Federal taxpayers picked up a lot of the cost since the Justice Department had a hand in assisting “The League of Woman voters of Arizona, the “Mexican American Legal Defense Fund” and Arizona Indian Tribes—all tax exempt organizations—in their challenge to Arizona’s “proof of citizenship” voter registration requirement.

Two weeks ago, a sixty something Vietnam veteran was required to show “proof of citizenship” to renew his 30 year old Texas driver license (which has required fingerprint ID for over a decade). He got it all straightened out by bringing his Social Security card, his passport and his DD-14.  He also filled out his voter registration card and checked the box on the federal form swearing he was a US citizen eligible to vote. I rather wish I were there to see and hear that.

Arizona could have saved us all a great deal of money and valued Supreme Court Justice hearing and deliberation time if they had simply copied the laws on the books from any number of states that require “proof of citizenship” to be granted the privilege to drive and by law being offered a federal voter registration mail-in card like they do in Texas.

Texas requires “proof of citizenship” as identification in state driver’s license applications and re-newels. According to the Vietnam Veteran, I mentioned earlier Texas “proof of citizenship” requires a valid Social Security Card and a valid Passport.

Justice Scalia, who authored the majority opinion, with Justices Thomas and Alito dissenting, ruled that the states could not add additional voter registration requirements over current federal laws without permission of the federal government or courts. I cannot say for sure what the Arizona State Constitution or statutes allows for drivers license I.D. laws, but Justice Scalia provided its state’s Attorneys with the proper procedure to petition the Federal Election Assistance Commission for a change in Arizona’s voter registration identification standards. According to Scalia, if the commission denies Arizona’s request, the state can take the federal government back to a lower Federal Court to ask for relief.

Here is the rub.

Since 2011—the year the last two commissioners resigned—the Federal Election Assistance Commission (FEAC) has not been able to seat more commissioners. The President is responsible for FEAC commissioner nominations, which the Senate must confirm. Just like Federal Immigration Judgeships that remain vacant and awaiting Obama nominations.

Since there was a Democratic controlled House, Senate and President from 2008 through 2010 my gut tells me that Obama and his allies, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, may have purposely avoided their obligation to staff this election law assistance program provided by the federal government. Now why would they do that?

Perhaps someone should be asking John Boehner and Mitch McConnell this question. After all what is more important election integrity or immigration reform?

I applaud Arizona’s efforts to control voter fraud. Now, could someone call Jan Brewer and tell her Texas already figured it out.

Senator Slams Democrats & Welfare As He Dramatically Switches Parties

Here is another story kept from us. Please watch this video and get everyone you know to also watch.

Senator Slams Democrats & Welfare As He Dramatically Switches Parties Senator Slams Democrats & Welfare As He Dramatically Switches Parties

Atheist Monument Opposes Ten Commandments with no Alternative

The courtyard outside the Bradford County Courthouse in north Florida will include quotations from Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the founder of American Atheists. It will also include a list of Old Testament punishments that mandate the death penalty. The atheist monument will stand next to a copy of the Ten Commandments.

Atheists have no moral standing in critiquing any moral law system. Atheism cannot account for morality. Morality is not a thing. It is not made up of atoms. Morality cannot be derived from the stuff of the cosmos or extracted from our DNA. As a result, atheists can’t argue against murder, genocide, rape, theft, or any other moral aversion. In fact, the category “morality” does not exist in a matter-only worldview.

Atheists have put together the “enjoy yourself” campaign. Here’s there logic:There's No God_enjoy Self

There’s No God. So Stop Worrying and Enjoy Yourself.

What if people enjoy killing, raping, stealing, and eating people?

If there were a set of commandments that said, “Thou shalt not drive red cars,” “Thou shalt not live in four-side houses,” and “Thou shalt not hop, skip, and jump,” there is nothing within atheism that could fundamentally raise an objection.

Arthur Leff (1935–1981), who taught law at Yale Law School, concluded that, given atheistic assumptions, no way to prove that “any particular act, no matter how horrible, is normatively wrong.” Leff stated:

“I will put the current situation as sharply as possible: there is today no way of ‘proving’ that napalming babies is bad except by asserting it (in a louder and louder voice), or by defining it as so, early in one’s game, and then later slipping it through, in a whisper, as a conclusion.”[1]

In Leff’s analysis, “‘good’ becomes just a function of nosecounting.”[2] Was he exaggerating? I don’t think so. Look around us. Where is an absolute moral standard to be found? If you say religion, you’ll never be hired by a major university or sit on the Supreme Court.

Many don’t remember how then-Senator Joe Biden grilled Clarence Thomas on his belief in Natural Law. Thomas knew that any dialog with Biden over the idea that there is a God-given law would have doomed his nomination. Thomas was smart to let Biden ramble and get his analysis of Natural Law wrong, and impossible to account for, given evolutionary assumptions which America’s new religion.

But it’s worse than that for the atheist. There is no basis for the categories “good” and “evil” in a matter-only cosmos. Anything that’s left of the idea of fixed moral laws is an illusion that will soon fade as our nation becomes consistent with what it has mandated from the courts and taught in our schools.

The acceptance of the atheist monument by civil officials and the courts as somehow being equal to the Ten Commandments is a prime indicator that secularism is on its death bed. Let’s pray that we all don’t end up there with them.

Obama’s America No Longer Fights Terrorists; We Just Join Them



Syria, a Shiite Muslim state sponsor of global terror, is engaged in a manufactured civil war. Ironically, Syria’s enemy in this civil war is another Muslim sect widely known for sponsoring terrorism, Sunni Islam. Given Obama’s recent decision to involve the United States—in unspecified ways—in this very Muslim problem, I have to wonder: Why does America care?

Lost in the conversation taking place over US military involvement in this Syrian crisis, is the cause of the current conflict: Hunger and the threat of starvation.

Before Obama‘s election in 2008, the seeds of the Syrian conflict had already been sown. After experiencing the worst draught in 100 years, Syrian food independence—a promise fulfilled by the former brutal Shiite ruler and father of Syria’s current President Bashar al-Assad—was in ruins. What once was a thriving state sponsored farming economy was in deep trouble. Farming jobs evaporated and historic food shortages caused the nation to split, leaving the Assad loyal Shiites controlling food and water supplies and the Sunni population left to pound sand.

I do not remember President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or then UN Ambassador Susan Rice calling for the world community and Syria’s wealthy Gulf neighbors to provide food shipments to quell this reasonable uprising when it began. No, they let it fester and the Saudis were granted an opportunity to influence a covert regime change favoring the Saudi financed Sunni al-Nussra Front rebels.

Now it appears that Assad may have taken extraordinarily brutal steps to defeat the Saudi backed overthrow of his government—allegedly using Sarin gas and his stockpiled weapons of mass destruction against rebel forces and a rioting Syrian people. Given Saudi Arabia’s past involvement and desire for a Sunni rebel victory, shouldn’t Saudi Arabia be sending troops or weapons to back the al Nussra Front in its efforts to defeat Assad and remove him from power? Why does it require American military involvement?

Iran and Hezbollah are culpable in this enduring conflict. However, the Saudis are the real catalyst fomenting the Syrian civil war.

Now America, under Obama’s leadership, will be supplying weapons and intelligence to a Saudi funded Sunni Islamist terrorist groups fighting for the installation of a different radical Islamist government in Syria. Although it is not yet official, there is also a real possibility that American troops may take part in the efforts to aid Sunni rebels in their fight.

Does anyone think that changing the Shiite Islamist government to one of Sunni Islamist rule will prevent or tolerate civil unrest the next time Syria’s water supply dries up? Will this lead to a revolutionary respect for human rights and religious freedom for all men and women regardless of their faith? Will the overthrow of the Assad regime, and the installation of an al-Qaeda affiliated government—that worships an ideology demanding all Muslim nations be ruled by strict Islamic law—lead to a crackdown on radical Islamist terror?

The Obama White House has suggested that al-Qaeda affiliated Syrian rebels will be more fair and caring to all Syrians. Remember, these are the rebels who recently forced a 14-year-old boy’s parents to watch his public execution for blaspheming Mohammed. His crime, uttering this phrase:” Even if Mohammed comes back to life, I won’t.” These are the so-called freedom fighters our President wishes to support.

Perhaps our cold war enemy Russia has reasonable justification for buttressing the Assad Presidency enduring a Saudi proxy war. Russia has more to protect than a Mediterranean naval base and a military customer. Russia’s support for Assad appears to reveal a reasonable fear of an enemy it shares with America.

A notorious incursion of Sunni Islam has been taking place in Russia for decades. Sunni Islamists—like the ones that carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks on America—have been the principal source of the spread of radical Islam in Russia. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has a well-known disdain and justified intolerance for Sunni extremism, He has stated publicly that his ally in Syria is fighting against a threat similar to that his nation experienced in Chechnya. I might be inclined to agree.

So once again, why are our President and Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham so supportive of a brutal Sunni Islamist rebel victory over a brutal Shiite Islamist government? Do they really believe that this is a good foreign policy decision for America? Will handing over Assad’s stockpiles of WMD’s to a radical Islamist terror organization make Americans safer?

Sounds to me like the Presidents claims of ending the war on terror are pure bunk. Providing weapons and support to so-called Syrian rebels will only make our Sunni terrorist enemies stronger while growing Shiite Islam’s hatred of the West. The United States is now responsible for every civilian death, Shiite mosque destroyed, and every miscarriage of Sharia justice in this Muslim conflict. Somehow, Israel will also be faulted and one day these Islamists will ban together against America and turn our weapons against our sons and daughters fighting a war started by Saudi Arabia.

Let them kill each other. We should have bombed the radicalism out of Saudi Arabia on September 12, 2001. Russia would not have said a word and our military spared thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of wounded. Instead, our government caters to them, risks more lives, and puts America further in debt while the Gods of Gulf oil laugh at us.

The overwhelming majority of Americans oppose US involvement in this Saudi funded Muslim mess. So why doesn’t Obama?

What do you think of that Barry?

Benghazi Scandal Takes Another Turn Against Obama and Clinton


It seems that in the wake of the IRS and NSA scandals that the Benghazi scandal has almost been forgotten.  However the recent admission of Martin Dempsey, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, is certain to bring it all back into the limelight.

In the weeks following the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the US Consulate grounds in Benghazi, The White House and State Department both said that there were no troops or Special Forces that could have reached the consulate in time to help them, even though there were reports that said otherwise.

Now we learn that both the White House (Obama) and the State Department (Clinton) were again lying to the American people.  According to a statement from Dempsey, a highly trained team of Special Forces, C-110, were within a few hours of Benghazi.  The consulate reported that they were under attack early on and the attack lasted over 8 hours.  If Dempsey is telling the truth, the Special Forces unit could have been there and possibly save the lives of the four Americans.

Dempsey tried to protect the White House and State Department by first saying that the Special Forces unit was more than 6 hours away and that was only if they were setting on the tarmac at the time.  He did acknowledge that the unit was training in Croatia.  A large commercial jet liner can make the trip in about two and half hours, and sources close to the unit said they could have loaded up and flown to Benghazi in about four to four and half hours.

He also testified that the Special Forces unit had been told to begin preparations to leave Croatia to return to the base in Germany.  If that were true, then they would have already been preparing their gear for transport which would have cut their arrival time to Benghazi down.

Dempsey’s testimony before the Senate did verify a report that was aired on Fox News back in April that said there was a Special Forces unit close enough to have responded to the call for help from the consulate.  The Fox News report quoted a whistleblower source as saying:

“We had the ability to load out, get on birds and fly there, at a minimum stage.  “C-110 had the ability to be there, in my opinion, in a matter of about four hours … four to six hours.”

“They would have been there before the second attack.  They would have been there at a minimum to provide a quick reaction force that could facilitate their exfil [sic] out of the problem situation. Nobody knew how it was going to develop. And you hear a whole bunch of people and a whole bunch of advisers say hey, we wouldn’t have sent them there because, you know, the security was unknown situation.”

To add more controversy to what was reported and what really happened, Dempsey told the Senate hearing that on the night of the Benghazi attack, the command of the Special Forces unit was unexpectedly transferred from the European Command to the Africa Command.  Former Libyan Deputy Ambassador to Libya Gregory Hicks testified earlier that when he got word of the attack, he tried to contact the Africa Command but received no support.  He said:

“At about 10:45 or 11 we confer, and I asked the defense attache who had been talking about AFRICOM and with the joint staff, ‘Is anything coming? Will they be sending us any help? Is there something out there?’ And he answered that, the nearest help was in Aviano, the nearest – where there were fighter planes. He said that it would take two to three hours for them to get onsite, but that there also were no tankers available for them to refuel. And I said, ‘Thank you very much,’ and we went on with our work.”

So even in his attempt to support the White House and Statement Department, Dempsey only helped verify the earlier reports that help could have been sent to Benghazi, but it wasn’t.  The help could have possibly arrived in time to make a difference, but no attempt or effort was made to save the Americans at the consulate.  Our government deserted our ambassador and his staff and just left them there to fend for themselves against nearly 200 hostiles.

Perhaps this needs to be pointed out to anyone interested in pursuing a diplomatic career with the State Department.  Once deployed on foreign shores, you’re on your own, especially if you are in a known hostile region and the President and Secretary of State will lie to your families as your body is returned to them.  Doesn’t that make you want to sign up?


If Barack Obama didn’t tell Lois Lerner to target his enemies it’s because he didn’t have to. She knows who her boss is and they’re happy as hell with the job she did to help silence Tea Party, religious and conservative groups going into the 2012 election. Ms. Lerner hasn’t been charged, fired, or even had her computer unplugged. She took the Fifth and got a promotion administering ObamaCare.

My point is the Obama Administration is more than willing to use the power of the Federal government to deny Americans their Constitutional rights. “There is no direct link to the White House…” So what? When a baseball team is in last place no one says; “There’s no direct link to the manager. He wasn’t at bat or playing the field – he had nothing to do with it…” It’s his team, just like this is Barack Obama’s team. The manager and most of the players have got to go and this President is no different, except there are probably high crimes and misdemeanors involved here.

I care about Edward Snowden only to the extent that he’s the reason we’re talking about the NSA trolling billions of phone calls, email messages, texts, videos and other means of private communications. Apparently, the information Mr. Snowden “leaked” was already out there but other NSA whistleblowers, Bill Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe, who “did it right,” got harassed, were retaliated against, and most importantly – nothing changed at the NSA, except It got bigger and more secretive. Defenders say the programs are effective and agents can only collect the data, not actually look at it without a court order. Yeah, about that…

In a secret Capitol Hill briefing, the NSA recently disclosed that thousands of analysts have the authority to listen to domestic phone calls. That goes for email and text messages as well. And when I say “secret” Capitol Hill briefing, I of course mean  everyone knows about it. This would be funny if the story didn’t end with me kicking someone’s ass in the gulag. In light of such clear evidence this Administration is not to be trusted with information; why would we grant them the ability to collect this ‘meta-data’? It’s insane. Do I have to list the other Obama scandals that involve secrecy, deception, obfuscation and outright lies?

You know how it’s not cool to make a joke about a bomb when you’re at the airport? Do it and you’ll be detained for hours and be put on a list or two. Does the airport bomb-joke rule go for private conversations, emails, or texts now? Is there even such a thing as a private conversation now? If someone at the NSA finds something they deem suspicious, can they go back years and listen to everything you say to anyone – on the phone, email, text, video – whatever? What’s stopping them from investigating your friends and family using the powers granted to them to catch terrorists? Is this just a continuation of Bush policies or is it much, much bigger as Mr. Snowden claims – a Marxist conspiracy by Chicago thugs?

My point is, do I have to watch what I say on the phone or email for fear Big Brother will become suspicious? They have all my records now and just need to get a FISA court to sign off on further intrusion. How would I know they’re investigating me and everyone I’ve ever called, emailed or texted? And what if I did something private I don’t want anyone else to see? Just to be clear: It’s none of your business. I don’t need another reason.

Trusting government to follow the law are Boehner, Feinstein, Rogers, Saxby, McCain, Reid and others who have been collecting a government paycheck since before the Louisiana purchase. Then there’s Karl Rove who said on Fox that folks opposed to NSA programs must also be against local police forces who use the same type of intelligence gathering to solve crime. Mr. Rove – I haven’t committed a crime! I haven’t been accused of one either, and I damn sure don’t want government agents collecting my records without cause for any reason. patrick henry2

There are people I do respect on a certain Fox News Show… let’s just say it’s on at FIVE, who say these are necessary anti-terrorist programs because if just one nuclear bomb gets through we’re all dead. I’m not going to say their names because I sincerely think they’re both solid people and great conservatives, but their initials are Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. Question, you two: Does “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death” ring a bell? Did you miss the part where Eric Holder goes from judge to judge until he finds one to sign off on James Rosen being a co-conspirator and a flight-risk? Now we’re supposed to believe they wouldn’t do the same with a FISA court? Did the IRS petition anybody to deny Obama’s enemies their civil rights?

Look at what this President and Congress has done over the past five years with the dollar, the military, the economy, welfare, unemployment. Talk about endangering the well-being of the country – they’ve done a million more times damage to the safety and defense of this nation than Edward Snowden ever could. It’s shocking to me that we’re even debating giving them these kind of powers after all the questions about voting irregularities in the last election. Ask anyone who escaped a place of tyranny if they think this is a good idea.

With every phone record, text, and email of everyone in the nation at hand, a motivated administration could easily fix a national election. You don’t think they’d be on board with that? These are the same people who give automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels in order to gin up a phony gun crisis here in America to push their anti-Second Amendment crusade. They invented a crazy anti-video riot to cover-up the deaths in Benghazi. These are bad, bad, people who should not have any power at all, much less this kind. This NSA matter isn’t about terrorism, it’s about you. Controlling you. Ten years ago, I would have called myself crazy for saying that.

2014 is right around the corner.

Happy Father’s Day, Patriot: I Hope You’re Raising Your Kids to be Righteously Rebellious

Read more:


By / 17 June 2013 / 16 Comments

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 5.26.55 PMHey, Dad. If you’re going to send your kid to a public school or a state run university, then you’ve got to teach your child not to just sit there in class, like a nice boy, and take whatever propaganda the “progressives” shove down their pie hole.

The Conservative/traditionalist is the rebel of our day. “The Man” and “The Machine” on campus to rage against is not stodgy traditionalism, but rank socialism and its moral and political vacuity. Meet the new boss — it’s not the same as the old boss.

For Dads who want their kids to make a dent on their campus for God and country, not only for their sake but for the following generations, I have seven things your charge must take on if they want to screw with the asinine screwballs at their school. To be an effective agent of rebellion have them do the following:

1. Get a sense of humor. Most of the liberal teachers and student activists are a screeching, nerve-grating, nasally bunch of emotional basket cases.

Therefore, conservative student, when you queue up to address your crowd, be pleasant, poke fun at yourself, remove the whine from your voice and use honed humor to humiliate the Left. Getting folks to laugh at your opponents and not being rabid about taking yourself so seriously helps get your point across.

2. Get creative. God bless technology. Conservative rebels, you have at your technological fingertips the wherewithal to go creatively crazy with the real possibility of a stack of people seeing and hearing you take on the Left’s propaganda peddlers via social media.

3. Get tough. One thing that drives me nuts about some wussies on the right is their bemoaning how they get attacked when they go public in the classroom with their sentiments. What did you think the Leftists were going to do, clap? Buy you candy? Look, not-so-sharp holder of traditional values, we’re in a very real culture war. The crap will hit the fan when you counter the liberal crud in the classroom. Embrace it. Suck it up. Get tough.

4. Get prayerful. Most folks on the ludicrous left who embrace what 21st century Democrats currently spew are admitted atheists. Seeing that they don’t believe in the God who is, I’m a guessin’ they are probably not down with the discipline of prayer. The traditionalist (usually) believes in the God of Scripture . . . the God who’s got a will and way that He’d like to see implemented on the planet. Therefore, start praying with faith and oomph for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven (this includes your campus).

5. Get informed. Conservative contrarians, you’ve got to get the following books and read them:

The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design, The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South (and Why It Will Rise Again), The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism.

Digest the above and, when appropriate, take some of the factoids found within these devastating tomes and share them with your prof during class and your buddies in the dorm; and watch their blood pressure spike.

6. Get speakers to your campus who’ll fire up your base. Duh.

7. Get sharp looking. Most Leftists on campus have a monopoly on ugly. They are neither pleasing to the ear nor eye. Do not follow their lead, young conservative. If they want to look slovenly, unshorn, tie-dyed and multi-pierced, let ‘em. You, however, should run in the opposite direction.

Lastly and seriously, Dad, if America continues to: diss God, follow cultural coarsening zombies, whiz on traditional values, weaken in our chutzpah, stop spitting out babies and continues to say “muy bien” to this insane illegal immigration invasion, then as a super power we will be in more trouble than a naïve, giggly, good-looking, drunk girl, or guy, at a Dennis Rodman keg party.

No civilization has lasted long as King of the Hill when there was a death of faith, a degeneration of morals, contempt for traditional values, a reliance upon big government, a collapse of culture, a paralysis of the will, a decline in its native born population, and foreign invasion that wasn’t resisted. Google it if you don’t believe me, as the aforementioned is well known 411 regarding nations that have Gary Busey-ed their being into cheesy tourist spots.

Look folks, here’s the deal, if we forego the foundations upon which our country was built and start winging it with “progressive” principles instead of our old school traditional values, substituting our original blueprint for some socialist wizard’s ideas for a better mañana, then we officially put ourselves in line for historical butt kicking. And we have plenty of enemies hoping that we will blissfully blow off the very nitty-gritty that got us to this place of global greatness.

I believe young people who boldly embrace our nation’s founding docs and who’ll respectfully take on those who denigrate them in the classroom are major players in this momentary stay of our nation’s execution.
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Supreme Court: Arizona law requiring citizenship proof for voters is illegal

WASHINGTON –  The Supreme Court ruled Monday that states cannot on their own require would-be voters to prove they are U.S. citizens before using a federal registration system designed to make signing up easier.

The justices voted 7-2 to throw out Arizona’s voter-approved requirement that prospective voters document their U.S. citizenship in order to use a registration form produced under the federal “Motor Voter” voter registration law.

Federal law “precludes Arizona from requiring a federal form applicant to submit information beyond that required by the form itself,” Justice Antonia Scalia wrote for the court’s majority.

The court was considering the legality of Arizona’s requirement that prospective voters document their U.S. citizenship in order to use a registration form produced under the federal “motor voter” registration law. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which doesn’t require such documentation, trumps Arizona’s Proposition 200 passed in 2004.

Arizona appealed that decision to the Supreme Court.

“Today’s decision sends a strong message that states cannot block their citizens from registering to vote by superimposing burdensome paperwork requirements on top of federal law,” said Nina Perales, vice president of litigation for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and lead counsel for the voters who challenged Proposition 200.

“The Supreme Court has affirmed that all U.S. citizens have the right to register to vote using the national postcard, regardless of the state in which they live,” she said.

The case focuses on Arizona, which has tangled frequently with the federal government over immigration issues involving the Mexican border. But it has broader implications because four other states — Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Tennessee — have similar requirements, and 12 other states are contemplating such legislation.

Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented from the court’s ruling.

The Constitution “authorizes states to determine the qualifications of voters in federal elections, which necessarily includes the related power to determine whether those qualifications are satisfied,” Thomas said in his dissent.

Opponents of Arizona’s law see it as an attack on vulnerable voter groups such as minorities, immigrants and the elderly. They say they’ve counted more than 31,000 potentially legal voters in Arizona who easily could have registered before Proposition 200 but were blocked initially by the law in the 20 months after it passed in 2004. They say about 20 percent of those thwarted were Latino.

Barbara Arnwine, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, called the decision a victory. “The court has reaffirmed the essential American right to register to vote for federal election without the burdens of state voter suppression measures,” she said.

But Arizona officials say they should be able to pass laws to stop illegal immigrants and other noncitizens from getting on their voting rolls. The Arizona voting law was part of a package that also denied some government benefits to illegal immigrants and required Arizonans to show identification before voting.

The federal “motor voter” law, enacted in 1993 to expand voter registration, requires states to offer voter registration when a resident applies for a driver’s license or certain benefits. Another provision of that law — the one at issue before the court — requires states to allow would-be voters to fill out mail-in registration cards and swear they are citizens under penalty of perjury, but it doesn’t require them to show proof. Under Proposition 200, Arizona officials require an Arizona driver’s license issued after 1996, a U.S. birth certificate, a passport or other similar document, or the state will reject the federal registration application form.

While the court was clear in stating that states cannot add additional identification requirements to the federal forms on their own, it was also clear that the same actions can be taken by state governments if they get the approval of the federal government and the federal courts.

Arizona can ask the federal government to include the extra documents as a state-specific requirement, Scalia said, and take any decision made by the government on that request back to court.  Other states have already done so, Scalia said.

The Election Assistance Commission “recently approved a state-specific instruction for Louisiana requiring applicants who lack a Louisiana driver’s license, ID card or Social Security number to attach additional documentation to the completed federal form,” Scalia said.

The case is 12-71, Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.

Importing Jihad: Obama Considers Bringing Syrian Refugees To America


More of Obama’s immigration war on America. Obama supports the jihadist opposition in Syria — al Qaeda elements. And he is bringing those savages here? He has turned a blind eye to religious minorities that are being persecuted under Muslim rule. So it will be more Muslim immigration. Clearly, jihadist groups linked to al Qaeda pose a grave security concern. It’s another giant middle finger to the American people by the Obama administration, endangering national security.

We have suffered the effects of importing whole Muslim communities from jihad regions (i.e. Somalia). More here. Law enforcement officials have reported to Congress on the growing Somali Muslim threat.

This will be worse.

The growing concern of ‘Home-Grown,’ Spectacular Jihad Growing Problem, Authorities Fear” is a direct result of the huge influx of whole Muslim communities from jihad areas and nations into the US since 911.

I strongly recommend Freedom Outpost readers contact their congressmen and tell them that we simply cannot afford the cost or the risk.

“U.S. considers taking in Syrian refugeesL.A. Times:

A resettlement plan aims to help both the hard-hit Syrian families and the Middle Eastern countries that are straining to support 1.6 million refugees.

A resettlement plan under discussion in Washington and other capitals is aimed at relieving pressure on Middle Eastern countries straining to support 1.6 million refugees, as well as assisting hard-hit Syrian families.

The State Department is “ready to consider the idea,” an official from the department said, if the administration receives a formal request from the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, which is the usual procedure.

The United States usually accepts about half the refugees that the U.N. agency proposes for resettlement. California has historically taken the largest share, but Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia are also popular destinations


Homeland security officials require careful vetting of refugees, with multiple interviews and background checks before they are allowed to enter the country. Under normal circumstances, the screening process can take a year or longer.

U.S. officials are likely to be extra careful with Syrian refugees. As Islamic militants take a more prominent role in the rebel forces, officials worry about fighters with Al Qaeda ties trying to enter the country. Two resettled Iraqis were convicted of trying to send arms to Al Qaeda from their home in Bowling Green, Ky.

God Is Still Willing To Give His People What They Are Willing To Fight For


“The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.”

– attributed to Benjamin Franklin

There is no doubt America is being assaulted by an administration that is tyrannical, attempting to rule through policy – not law – only because the American people have become rebels against their own foundational principles and have eaten the fruit of their own ways.

For those that have not taken the time to understand history (God’s story), He promised judgment to a disobedient people. Read Deuteronomy 28 and you will see there are 14 verses of blessings to a people that keep the commandments of the Lord, while there stands 54 verses of curses against those that refuse God’s rule.

Let’s take a look at what took place just this last week in America on the behalf of a people that respond to God’s commandments. Instead of magnifying crimes – which only strengthens tyranny – the American people are beginning to magnify the law unto judgment in order to establish righteousness and peace (Isaiah 51:4):

  • Operation Rescue let out a press release this week stating that in 2013 alone, 30 abortion clinics have been closed down, more than doubling the amount of closures over all of last year.
  • A tea party group in southern California held an “Impeach Obama” demonstration on a major freeway overpass, holding signs such as “Remember Benghazi” and “Obama Lies.” Their protest brought so much attention that it backed up traffic over 10 miles!
  • It was also reported that officials in eight northern Colorado counties united in opposition to the state’s new gun control laws and oil and gas regulations, going so far as considering seceding and forming a new state, North Colorado. Citizens also successfully petitioned to recall two senators, Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron, who continuously ignored their constituents and voted for gun control legislation.
  • The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed a lawsuit against the IRS on behalf of 25 tea party groups that were targeted when seeking tax-exempt status. Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the ACLJ, stated, “The IRS and the federal government are not going to get away with this unlawful targeting of conservative groups. … The lawsuit sends a very powerful message to the IRS and the Obama administration – including the White House: Americans are not going to be bullied and intimidated by our government.”
  • After pressure from anti-religious groups to keep prayer out of high school graduations, Liberty High School Valedictorian Roy Costner IV took to the podium, tore up his pre-approved speech and instead thanked his parents for leading him to the Lord at a young age. He then proceeded to pray the Lord’s Prayer. The crowd burst into applause and cheers so loud Costner’s voice was almost drowned out. Costner’s prayer has received worldwide support and media coverage.

So it stands true that God is willing to give what His people are willing to fight for. America, we fight the good fight of faith because the law is on our side, and God grants us the victory every time.

Watch this video as students erupt in protest after the superintendent attempts to shut down my assembly program:

Bradlee Dean speaking at a conservative conference in Arizona:

Think the IRS scandal is bad? You should see what MSNBC and Rachel Maddow did to Bradlee Dean. Help in his lawsuit against them. Stand for America and get your free gift.

Fed Up Citizens Taking Action Across America
Someone once said, the Declaration of Independence “doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.”

There is no doubt America is being assaulted by an administration that is tyrannical, attempting to rule through personal policy initiatives – not law – only because the American people have become rebels against their own foundational principles and have eaten the fruit of their own ways.

But all is not lost.

Let’s take a look at what took place just last week in America on the behalf of a people of America. Instead of magnifying crimes – which only strengthens tyranny – the American people are beginning to magnify the law unto judgment in order to establish righteousness and peace (Isaiah 51:4):

  • Operation Rescue let out a press release this week stating that in 2013 alone, 30 abortion clinics have been closed down, more than doubling the amount of closures over all of last year.
  • A tea party group in southern California held an “Impeach Obama” demonstration on a major freeway overpass, holding signs such as “Remember Benghazi” and “Obama Lies.” Their protest brought so much attention that some claim it backed up traffic for more than 10 miles.

Tea Party Protest

  • It was also reported that officials in eight northern Colorado counties united in opposition to the state’s new gun control laws and oil and gas regulations, going so far as considering seceding and forming a new state, North Colorado. Citizens also successfully petitioned to recall two senators, Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron who continuously ignored their constituents and voted for gun control legislation.
  • The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed a lawsuit against the IRS on behalf of 25 tea party groups that were targeted when seeking tax-exempt status. Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the ACLJ, stated, “The IRS and the federal government are not going to get away with this unlawful targeting of conservative groups. … The lawsuit sends a very powerful message to the IRS and the Obama administration – including the White House: Americans are not going to be bullied and intimidated by our government.”
  • After pressure from anti-religious groups to keep prayer out of high school graduations, Liberty High School Valedictorian Roy Costner IV took to the podium, tore up his pre-approved speech and instead thanked his parents for leading him to the Lord at a young age. He then proceeded to pray the Lord’s Prayer. The crowd burst into applause and cheers so loud Costner’s voice was almost drowned out. Costner’s prayer has received worldwide support and media coverage.edmund-burke


Obama’s Egyptian Buddies Prove He’s Guilty of High Treason!

Dave Jolly makes a good argument. He is a trusted writer and presents his case well. I am not in agreement that President Obama has committed treason, but, Mr. Jolly’s perspective does have merit.  – MrB

Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America reads:

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

1)  Has President Barack Hussein Obama committed treason according to the US Constitution?

Yes he has and is still doing so.   Ever since the overthrow of Egypt’s former dictator, President Obama has been a close ally to the Muslim Brotherhood and their Egyptian leaders.  Obama has pushed to send billions of dollars in aid to Egypt.  At one point, Congress stopped all monies heading to the land of pyramids because of their questionable leadership and ties to terrorism.  Obama took it upon himself to override Congress’s blockage of funds and sent them their millions of dollars.  Obama has also provided Egypt with fighter jets and other military arms.

Egypt’s leaders have now publicly admitted that America is an enemy like Israel that needs to be battled with.  In a closed secret meeting, Egypt’s leadership including President Morsi discussed how they could stop Ethiopia from completing its construction of a dam along the Nile River before it enters into Egypt.

Although the meeting was supposed to be secret, they failed to realize that TV cameras were rolling and that their meeting was being broadcast live on Egyptian television.  The broadcast caught a number of the leaders saying that the dam in Ethiopia was a secret plot by both America and Israel to undermine Egypt and that they must figure out how to stop it from being completed.

The television broadcast caught Magdi Hussein, the leader of the Islamic Labor Party saying:

“I’m very fond of battles. With the enemies, of course, with America and Israel, but this battle must be waged with maximum judiciousness and calm. Even though this is a secret meeting we must all take an oath not to leak anything to the media unless it is done officially by Sister Pakinam. We need an official plan for popular national security, even if we did …”

<iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

The Egyptian leaders’ own words identify America as an enemy in the same category as Israel.  Therefore, I contend that we have proof that Egypt and President Morsi are our enemies.

2) Do we have the testimony of two or more witnesses to Obama’s crime of treason?

Yes!  It’s a matter of public record that Obama bypassed Congress to give aid to our enemies in the form of money and military supplies, some of which may be used against Americans.

I don’t know how to make the case of treason any more clear than it is.  Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of treason as defined the Constitution of the United States of America by willfully, and against the consent of Congress, rendering aid and military supplies to a proven enemy of our country.  He needs to be charged and tried for his high crimes and punished accordingly.

Obama makes Benedict Arnold look like a loyal patriot compared to his own treachery.  Had Arnold not fled to England with the British troops, he would have been caught and hanged for his treachery.  I think we should give Obama the same option of fleeing the country or be hanged for high treason.

Outrage as high school recites Pledge in Arabic saying ‘One Nation Under Allah’

By James Nye

Fury is brewing at Rocky Mountain High School, in Colorado, after a multicultural student group were encouraged to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeaker in Arabic – replacing ‘one nation under God’ with ‘one nation under Allah’.

Following Monday’s pledge, Principal Tom Lopez has been inundated with complaints from outraged parents concerned that saying the Pledge in any language other than English is unpatriotic.

Standing by his controversial decision, Principal Lopez has said that despite the irate telephone calls and emails, he is not in any way or form trying to push an Islamic agenda at the Fort Collins school.

Scroll Down for Video

Rocky Mountain High School in Colorado was hit by controversy on Monday when a student group recited the Pledge of Allegiance in ArabicRocky Mountain High School in Colorado was hit by controversy on Monday when a student group recited the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic

‘These students love this country,’ said Lopez to Fox News.

‘They were not being un-American in trying to do this. They believed they were accentuating the meaning of the words as spoken regularly in English.’

At the school, the Pledge of Allegiance is recited once a week and on Monday, a member of the Cultural Arms Club at Rocky Mountain High School read out an Arabic version.

 The pupils sought the permission of Principal Lopez, who previously had allowed the Pledge to be read out in French and Spanish.

However, the backlash began from students hours after the recital and has continued through the week as angry parents have waded into the controversy.

‘We understand not everybody would agree with the students’ choice,’ said Danielle Clark, communications director of the Poudre School District to Fox News.

Pictured are members of the Cultural Arms Club at Rocky Mountain High School Pictured are members of the Cultural Arms Club at Rocky Mountain High School

‘We’ve heard there are some who are upset.’

Clark said though, that the club has a history of reading the Pledge in different languages and some parents have emailed to say it ‘was a great thing’.

And she added that the students had asked permission from the principal.

‘We deferred to the students because it’s their deal,’ she said to Fox News.

Students at the school rushed to the classmates defence, keen to highlight the motto of the Cultural Arms Club which seeks to ‘destroy the barriers, embrace the cultures.’

‘No matter what language it’s said in, pledging your allegiance to the United States is the same in every language,’ student Skyler Bowden told The Coloradoan.

The issue for some parents and pupils at the school is that in an Arabic translation of the Pledge of Allegiance, ‘one nation under God’ is replaced with ‘one nation under Allah’.

Rocky Mountain High School Principal Tony Lopez has been stunned by the level of vitriol directed at him and the students for the Arabic pledge
Rocky Mountain High School Principal Tony Lopez has been stunned by the level of vitriol directed at him and the students for the Arabic pledge

Rocky Mountain High School Principal Tony Lopez has been stunned by the level of vitriol directed at him and the students for the Arabic pledge

 ‘Obviously in Arabic, you would use the word Allah, but Christian Arabs would use the word Allah,’ said Ibrahim Hooper, of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

‘It’s not necessarily specific to Islam and Muslims.’

Principal Lopez has borne the brunt of the criticism of the decision to allow the recital – and some have gone as far as to label him as a traitor.

‘They claim they are outraged that this is blaspheming a real major tenet of our patriotism – which in their mind the Pledge of Allegiance is only in English,’ said Lopez.

Other parents have accused him of ‘pushing a Muslim Brotherhood agenda – to push Islam into the school.’

Solemn Duty: Young students recite the Pledge of Allegiance at a school in AmericaSolemn Duty: Young students recite the Pledge of Allegiance at a school in America

‘How on earth is it un-American to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in another language,’ said Hooper to Fox News.

‘It doesn’t make sense unless the people complaining are anti-Muslim or anti-middle eastern bigots.’

Indeed, the embattled head is becoming wary at the number of complaints and level of abuse he has received.

‘I’ve been shocked with prejudicial statements that have been made,’ said Lopez.

‘I’ve been shocked with the lack of seeking understanding. There’s definitely suspicion and fear expressed in these people’s minds. There’s some hate.’

Lopez says the school is a place of inclusion where one message can be communicated in many different ways.

‘When they pledge allegiance to United States, that’s exactly what they’re saying,’ Lopez said. ‘They’re just using another language as their vehicle,’ he said.

Obama’s Snooping Excludes Mosques, Missed Boston Bombers

Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:


Who is better offHomeland Insecurity: The White House assures that tracking our every phone call and keystroke is to stop terrorists, and yet it won’t snoop in mosques, where the terrorists are.

That’s right, the government’s sweeping surveillance of our most private communications excludes the jihad factories where homegrown terrorists are radicalized.

Since October 2011, mosques have been off-limits to FBI agents. No more surveillance or undercover string operations without high-level approval from a special oversight body at the Justice Department dubbed the Sensitive Operations Review Committee.

Who makes up this body, and how do they decide requests? Nobody knows; the names of the chairman, members and staff are kept secret.

We do know the panel was set up under pressure from Islamist groups who complained about FBI stings at mosques. Just months before the panel’s formation, the Council on American-Islamic Relations teamed up with the ACLU to sue the FBI for allegedly violating the civil rights of Muslims in Los Angeles by hiring an undercover agent to infiltrate and monitor mosques there.

Before mosques were excluded from the otherwise wide domestic spy net the administration has cast, the FBI launched dozens of successful sting operations against homegrown jihadists — inside mosques — and disrupted dozens of plots against the homeland.

If only they were allowed to continue, perhaps the many victims of the Boston Marathon bombings would not have lost their lives and limbs. The FBI never canvassed Boston mosques until four days after the April 15 attacks, and it did not check out the radical Boston mosque where the Muslim bombers worshipped.

The bureau didn’t even contact mosque leaders for help in identifying their images after those images were captured on closed-circuit TV cameras and cellphones.

One of the Muslim bombers made extremist outbursts during worship, yet because the mosque wasn’t monitored, red flags didn’t go off inside the FBI about his increasing radicalization before the attacks.

This is particularly disturbing in light of recent independent surveys of American mosques, which reveal some 80% of them preach violent jihad or distribute violent literature to worshippers.

What other five-alarm jihadists are counterterrorism officials missing right now, thanks to restrictions on monitoring the one area they should be monitoring?
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More From America’s Gestapo

House committee looks into IRS seizure of 60 million medical records

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Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee are looking into allegations that the Internal Revenue Service seized 60 million medical records from a California health care provider.

“(T)he Committee on Energy and Commerce is investigating allegations that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in the course of executing a search warrant at a California health care provider’s corporate headquarters in March 2011, improperly seized the personal medical records of millions of American citizens in possible violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” members of the committee wrote in a letter Tuesday to Acting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel.

The letter to Werfel, which requires a response by June 25, comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed by an unnamed health-care provider against the IRS in California Superior Court.

The lawsuit alleged that 15 IRS agents improperly stole medical records during search of the facility in March 2011, according to a report about the incident from Court House News.

The search warrant the agents were executing, the committee noted in citing the Court House News report, was allegedly limited to financial records of a former employee of the company, not medical records.

“In light of these allegations and in anticipation of the IRS’s increased role in implementing health care under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, we are writing to request information regarding your agency’s ability to both protect the confidential medical information of millions of Americans and respect the safeguards imposed by HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act],” the letter reads.

The IRS did not immediately respond to request for comment.


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GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan ‘looking into’ why IRS agents train with AR-15s

GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan ‘looking into’ why IRS agents train with AR-15s

Rep. Jeff Duncan, R- S.C.
Rep. Jeff Duncan, R- S.C.

On Tuesday, Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., said on Twitter that he observed IRS agents training with AR-15s, and is investigating the issue, Twitchy said.

“A few weeks ago when I toured a DHS facility I saw #IRS agents training with AR-15’s. I’m looking into the issue now,” he tweeted.

“It’s bad enough that IRS agents have been targeting conservatives. It’s even worse that they plan on hiring 16,500 new agents over the next few years to enforce ObamaCARE. Now, it seems the Obama Administration is turning IRS agents into soldiers for some reason,” said a post at the Liberty Crier.

The revelation comes as members of the House are still investigating the agency’s handling of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.

Twitchy said there may be a “perfectly good explanation” why the IRS is training agents to use what gun control advocates like to call an “assault weapon,” but said the news is “more than a little disconcerting.”

“We’re hoping the answers come sooner than later, but the most transparent administration ever has quite a backlog of questions in the queue,” the Twitchy staff wrote.

In response to one Twitter user’s statement, Duncan said he knows the IRS has an enforcement arm.

“But what I’m saying is why do they need stand-off capability?” he asked.

“True, and this applies to the #FDA as well, but you dont see them (YET) training with AR-15’s,” one person said.

“Whether it’s unmanned drones or AR-15s,” Twitchy said, “the growing unease among the public has less to do with the technology at work than a distrust in the people calling the shots — not to mention Vice President Biden’s belief that no citizen needs more than a shotgun.”



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Demoralizers Of The Christian Faith In America



“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.


As the initial stages of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case proceeds, the media is again resurrecting the issue of racism… and not too far behind are the modern day self-proclaimed civil rights leaders. After listening to their divisive rhetoric (only to help along the administration’s tactic of divide and conquer), I couldn’t help but notice how far off the modern day civil rights leaders are from the creed of the civil rights movement in the 1960′s, led by Martin Luther King Jr. He was a molder of consensus to guarantee equal rights under the law for all men, “endowed by their Creator,” as the Declaration of Independence rightly states.

Let me take you back to the 1960′s. Every participant in the civil rights marches was required to sign the following pledge before they could participate:

1. Meditate on teachings of Jesus daily.

2. Remember that the non-violent movement seeks justice and reconciliation, not just victory.

3. Walk & talk in the manner of love/charity, for God is love.

4. Pray daily to be used by God.

5. Sacrifice personal needs. Greed has to go out the window.

6. Observe with both friend & foe the ordinary rules of courtesy.

7. Seek to perform regular service for others and for the world.

8. Refrain from the violence of fist, tongue or heart.

9. Strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health.

10. Follow the directions of the movement and of the captain of the demonstration.

However, the self-made civil rights leaders of today, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have left off their Bibles and their morals, as they debase themselves and reap nothing but mockery and reproach. Let me contrast the original pledge with the modern version of the pledge, as demonstrated by their actions:

  1. Meditate on the media and anything but the teachings of Jesus.
  2. Civil disobedience to just laws, through force, in hopes of an unjust victory.
  3. Walk and talk in the manner of thuggery/pride!
  4. Play the race card as you are enslaved through deception by a godless administration daily.
  5. Sacrifice the needs of others, gain is the goal.
  6. Send threats to those who disagree with you.
  7. Seek to have it your way at all costs, lie if necessary.
  8. Use fear and force.
  9. Strive to take from others because you deserve what you take!

10. Follow the directions of an un-Constitutional and unlawful administration.

These modern civil rights leaders are demoralizers of the faith. They have turned civil rights into uncivil distribution of privileges, derived by the state. They have left off the Declaration of Independence, therefore throwing off freedom. Under their directives, racism is being taught to a new generation under the guise of decrying racism.

Martin Luther King Jr. condemned the “black power” movement because he knew “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” His point was that men were not to be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. The civil rights movement was about truth and justice, not lies and injustice.

Demoralizers of the faith – the new civil rights movement:

School Districts Tells Christians to Shut Up!


“In authoritarian and totalitarian societies schools exist to indoctrinate students in the orthodoxy of the state. In a democracy we teach students how to think, not what to think.”

–         David Horowitz

What would you do if your child was told that they were in no way allowed to share their beliefs in a program at the school they attended? Let’s make it even more personal – what would you do if through hard work and diligence you earned the opportunity to give a speech about your past, present, and future, but in no way could you include the most important aspect of who you are? You might not be happy with the situation – in fact, you might well feel driven to disobey in as least a disruptive way as possible.

This situation isn’t a hypothetical; it actually took place just recently at a public high school graduation in Texas.  Young Remington Reimer was the valedictorian at Joshua Independent School District, but as he prepared for his graduation the local school told him that he could not include references to his Christian faith.1 After thanking his parents, teachers, and classmates he mentioned that he was told not to speak of his faith but that he felt he had the Constitutional right to do so– at that point the school shut off the sound system.

Leftist groups will quickly move to point out that this was a public school event, and they might drone on about the separation of church and state. Now, I have a great many problems with the modern liberal perspective on the separation of church and state – but let’s just forget that for now. I would contend that the speech given by the Valedictorian at a graduation does not classify as the school showing support or favoritism for one religion over another. Each student is different, and if a Muslim student had been Valedictorian and offered their reverence for Allah at the event, I doubt the school would have batted an eye.publicschoolindoctrination

Therein lies the bipolar nature of our society. If I’m cynical, this is mostly to do with our culture’s shift away from Judeo-Christian ethics and towards hardcore secularism. However, instead of simply moving toward secularism, we are actually just shifting away from Christianity. This is why our culture at large has no problems with Eastern Mysticism, or New Age beliefs, or even Islam – but they react violently against anything that even sniffs of Christianity.

We must reverse this trend. If we continue to let culture slip away from us we may never recover.

Not all is lost, however, dear reader. I do not wish to leave you in the depths without a glimmer of hope.  There are pockets of resistance, there are places where our values are still held dear, where people just like us are willing to cheer when the youth of our generation take a stand for justice. Places like Liberty High School in Pickens County South Carolina, where the Valedictorian (and the entire school system) were told that they could not honor God in their proceedings. Valedictorian Roy Costner IV stood before his classmates, ripped up his prepared remarks, and launched into the Lord’s Prayer – only slowing to allow for the thunderous applause of his classmates and their loved ones. Our God, our values, and our culture are not forgotten by everyone – there is still time to remind our Union that we were meant to be a city on a hill.

The ugly secret of the secularist march is that our Christian ethic doesn’t clash with their goals of equality and tolerance. Our nation has always been a haven for the downtrodden and a place of refuge for the needy. We value equality and justice, no matter the race, creed, or color of the person. These are Christian values…beliefs that are an outgrowth of the Covenant of Grace and the understanding that before God all men are equal.

It’s too bad they can’t see the Truth.

Uncle Sam Wants You (But Not Muslims) . . . Under Surveillance


According to an ever-increasing array of sources, we are all under surveillance. Every electronic source of communication is being monitored, cataloged and stored in Utah to be accessed by the authorities at any time in the future.

Our phone calls, e-mails, texts, everything. And with the ever-growing number of security cameras lining our streets, our every movement can be monitored outdoors.

Once inside they have the capability of watching us through our web cams and interactive TVs. With the introduction of common core in our schools it does seem like the government at least has the makings of building a “Minority Report” type profile on each and every American. Well, not quite.

There is the odd schizophrenia when it comes to the Muslim community. It seems our same ultra-intrusive government doesn’t feel the need to monitor them as they do us.

Even when moderate Muslims claim to have seen materials calling for jihad against the United States in the Cambridge mosque attended by the Tsarnaev brothers.Watching You_02

But I’m sure our government sees the Cambridge mosque as a holy place that should not be monitored even though the founder of the Islamic Society of Boston mosque was none other than Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who is currently serving two years in prison for funding Al Qaeda. Yes, only two years.

One of the mosques former trustees and a “spiritual leader” of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has been banned from even entering the U.S. due to his terror ties. Other notable mosque attendees include a member of Al Qaeda. Yet the mosque is still fully operational and growing every year.

And evidently the jihadist materials recently found in the mosque are nothing new. One Muslim attendee told CBN news that 10 years ago he found in the mosques upstairs library, many flyers and newsletters, written in Arabic calling for jihad against America, Jews and Christians.

Note our all-seeing governmental eye did not discover these publications, but they are watching you.

Four years ago the Muslim American Society built a new mosque in Roxbury, a Boston neighborhood.

By the way, the Muslim American Society is, as are most of these “societies”, a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The mosque cost a whopping $15.5 million and most of the money came from our buddies, Saudi Arabia. You know, our friends, the wahhabists. Naturally, the liberal Massachusetts political class all endorsed these mosques.

Now we all know, if this were a Synagogue or Christian church, breeding and promoting radicalism, the doors would’ve already been padlocked.

Yet radicals can be bred in these mosques and no one is allowed to say anything for fear of being branded a racist or Islamophobe.

So us law-abiding patriotic citizens live our lives been catalogued and profiled with every keystroke being monitored. All the while, radical Islamists are holed up in their “religious sanctuaries” all across the country churning out jihadist literature and killers.

At least our government has their priorities straight.

VIDEO: When NJ Gun Grabbers Don’t Get Their Way

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The following is an e-mail received from Amy Brittin of

On Thursday, the NJ Assembly was voting on several horrible gun bills, specifically S2723.  This heinous bill would change our lifetime Firearms ID Cards to a 5 year renewable magnetic strip that is placed on our Driver’s Licenses.  This strip will only be readable by NJ FFL’s so no out of State purchases, no private purchases, and no more ammo except for in person at an FFL because they’ll need to read your magnetic strip.

No more internet sales of ammo or guns, only in person sales are allowed, and everything will be in a registry, even ammo!  Also, it requires State approved training for all FID cards, so minorities, single women, poor people will not be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights.  They are attaching a financial expenditure, and a rather high one at that, to you’re being able to exercise your rights.

This magnetic strip  as well as your Firearms private information, will be administered by the NJ Motor Vehicle Department, the same people that were recently arrested for selling Driver’s Licenses to illegal immigrants.  There were department wide arrests made in this operation whereby MVC employees created “legal” licenses using information from law abiding NJ drivers.

 At the Assembly, the gun grabbers thought they had the Yea votes lined up for this bill.  After this vote, the bills that passed would be placed on Christie’s desk to be signed or vetoed within 45 days. If he doesn’t veto them, after 45 days they become law.  Watch the below video to see what happens when they think they have the votes, but don’t.  This is an open mic recording of the assembly.

Be sure to support this group in their fight for 2nd amendment rights in the state of New Jersey.


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