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Mueller Investigating $150k Trump Donation from Ukrainian Who Gave Hillary $13 Million

Reported By Chuck Ross | April 10, 2018 at 11:34am

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is investigating a $150,000 donation a Ukrainian businessman made to President Donald Trump’s charity in 2015, according to a new report. The donation, from steel magnate Victor Pinchuk, pales in comparison to contributions he gave to the charity established by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The billionaire has contributed $13 million to the Clinton Foundation since 2006 and had access to Hillary Clinton while she served as secretary of state.  But Mueller is not investigating the Clintons. Instead, he is conducting a broad investigation of Trump, including the flow of foreign money into various Trump-controlled entities.

Mueller began investigating the Pinchuk donation after receiving documents in response to a subpoena issued to the Trump Organization — the real estate company Trump ran before entering politics.

In September 2015, Trump appeared via video link at a conference Pinchuk hosted in Kiev. Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, negotiated details of the event with Douglas Schoen, a former consultant for Bill Clinton, according to The New York Times.

Trump did not initially request payment for the appearance, but Cohen contacted Schoen at one point to request a $150,000 honorarium, The Times reported.

In a seemingly unrelated matter, the FBI raided Cohen’s Manhattan office and residence on Monday. The search was reportedly conducted for records related to Cohen’s payments to Stormy Daniels, a porn star claiming to have had an affair with Trump in 2006.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation issued a statement to The Times, downplaying the donation to Trump. The charity reached out to Trump and other world leaders in order to “promote strengthened and enduring ties between Ukraine and the West,” it said.

Contact with Trump was made at a time when “it was by no means assured that Mr. Trump would be the Republican nominee in 2016,” the foundation pointed out.

Pinchuk appears to have had a much closer relationship to the Clintons. 

In June 2012, the billionaire attended a dinner at the Clintons’ residence. And through Schoen, Pinchuk lobbied the State Department in 2011 and 2013. Documents filed with the Justice Department show Schoen and Pinchuk met on several occasions in 2012 with Melanne Verveer, a close Clinton associate who then served as an ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues.

Bill Clinton attended Pinchuk’s annual Yalta conference, The New York Times reported on Feb. 13, 2014. Pinchuk also attended the former president’s 65th birthday party in Los Angeles.

The FBI reportedly investigated the Clinton Foundation over its foreign donations. The status of that investigation is unclear.

This story originally appeared on The Daily Caller News Foundation website.

Russia: Factual Error in Manafort Indictment Shows Case Was ‘Cooked Up’

Reported By Brianna Young | October 31, 2017 at 3:31pm | Source(s): NBC News, NBC News, and Los Angeles Times

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Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his top deputy, Rick Gates, are facing serious charges regarding the consulting business Manafort used to operate. Manafort and Gates have been indicted on 12 charges, including “conspiracy against the United States,” “conspiracy to launder money” and “false statements.”

But now, Russia is claiming the allegations against both men are “cooked up” and not part of a “serious investigation.” The Russian foreign ministry cited what they say is one glaring factual discrepancy in the 31-page indictment: the fact that the indictment referred to Yulia Tymoshenko as the former president of Ukraine.

Tymoshenko served twice as Ukraine’s prime minister before being imprisoned in 2011 on embezzlement charges, according to NBC News.

“I liked a lot the bit that, it turns out, according to the recent findings of American enforcers, the Ukrainian president before (Viktor) Yanukovych was Yulia Tymoshenko,” said Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

Zakharova claims this one error puts the entire document’s validity into question.

“This is a very important moment showing the way how, once again, this document had been made, cooked up,” Zakharova said. “You understand when you talk about serious investigation one cannot allow things like that.”

The indictment against Manafort and Gates claims that both men made of millions of dollars thanks to their lobbying efforts in Ukraine.

They, in addition to George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign policy adviser who pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI, are the first people to be charged as part of the ongoing investigation into Russia’s meddling in last year’s election.

Papadopoulos’ guilty plea led the White House to immediately distance itself from him. President Donald Trump even tweeted that hardly anyone knew who Papadopoulos was.

The White House said Monday that the indictments against Manafort have nothing to do with the president, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. As for the charges against Manafort, NBC reported they are going to be tough to beat.

“It’s a very strong case, of course it’s not about last year’s election, but they have a long list of transactions and they have a lot of facts to support the indictment,” said Jennifer Rodgers, a former assistant U.S. attorney in New York.

But if Russian officials can cast doubt into the validity of the indictment, it may give Manafort the leverage he needs.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already claimed on several occasions the country did not meddle in the 2016 election.

Hundreds of Thousands Take to the Streets of Ukraine to Celebrate the Protestant Reformation and Praise Jesus

Reported By Onan Coca | September 22, 2017

Everybody Is Forgetting That Clinton Allies Did The Same Thing As Don Jr.

Reported by Photo of Peter Hasson Peter Hasson | Associate Editor | 3:24 PM 07/10/2017

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at a reception celebrating the completion of the U.S. Diplomacy Center Pavilion, at the State Department on January 10, 2017 in Washington, D.C. The first floor of the pavilion was dedicated and named the Hillary Rodham Clinton Pavilion. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Many journalists reacted breathlessly to a New York Times report on Sunday revealing that President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., met with a Russian lawyer who indicated she had damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Donald Jr. admitted to the June 2016 meeting — to which he brought campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Trump adviser Jared Kushner — but downplayed its significance. “Obviously I’m the first person on a campaign to ever take a meeting to hear info about an opponent,” he wrote on Twitter Monday morning, adding that the meeting “went nowhere” but that he “had to listen.”

Many Trump critics claimed that the NYT report supported the theory that members of the Trump campaign were somehow involved in the Russian government’s hacking of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee.

But Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort’s lone meeting with the Russian lawyer pales when compared to the coordination between Clinton allies and Ukrainian government officials who hoped to see Clinton win the 2016 election.

Donald Trump and Paul Manafort (Getty Images)

Politico revealed in January some of the Ukrainian government’s anti-Trump activities during the election.

A veteran DNC operative who previously worked in the Clinton White House, Alexandra Chalupa, worked with Ukrainian government officials and journalists from both Ukraine and America to dig up Russia-related opposition research on Trump and Manafort. She also shared her anti-Trump research with both the DNC and the Clinton campaign, according to the Politico report.

Chalupa met with Ukrainian Ambassador Valeriy Chaly and one of his aides, Oksara Shulyar, at the Ukrainian Embassy in March 2016 to talk about unearthing Paul Manafort’s Russian connections, Chalupa admitted to Politico. Four days later, Trump officially hired Manafort.

“The day after Manafort’s hiring was revealed, she briefed the DNC’s communications staff on Manafort, Trump and their ties to Russia, according to an operative familiar with the situation,” Politico reported.

The Politico report also notes that the DNC encouraged Chalupa to try to arrange an interview with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to talk about Manafort’s ties to the former pro-Russia president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, whom Manafort previously advised.

The embassy declined to arrange the meeting but was nevertheless “helpful,” Chalupa told Politico. “If I asked a question, they would provide guidance, or if there was someone I needed to follow up with,” she said, but added that “There were no documents given, nothing like that.”

Chalupa also told Politico that the Ukrainian embassy worked directly with reporters in uncovering dirt on Manafort and Trump.

Like other DNC staffers, some of Chalupa’s emails were obtained by hackers and published by WikiLeaks. U.S. intelligence services have identified Russia as the culprit behind the hacking of the DNC. In one email released by WikiLeaks, Chalupa told Luis Miranda, then the DNC’s communications director, that she was working with Yahoo News reporter Michael Isikoff and “connected him to the Ukrainians.”

“A lot more coming down the pipe. I spoke to a delegation of 68 investigative journalists from Ukraine last Wednesday at the Library of Congress – the Open World Society’s forum – they put me on the program to speak specifically about Paul Manafort and I invited [Yahoo News reporter] Michael Isikoff whom I’ve been working with for the past few weeks and connected him to the Ukrainians,” Chalupa told Miranda. “More offline tomorrow since there is a big Trump component you and Lauren need to be aware of that will hit in next few weeks and something I’m working on you should be aware of.”

The Open World Leadership Center, which funded Chalupa’s briefing of journalists about Manafort, is a taxpayer-funded congressional agency. A spokeswoman for the center, Maura Shelden, emphasized to Politico that the center is non-partisan and that “our delegations hear from both sides of the aisle, receiving bipartisan information.”

After Trump’s shocking electoral victory, the Ukrainian government told Politico, “We have never worked to research and disseminate damaging information about Donald Trump and Paul Manafort.” But Andrii Telizhenko, a former Ukrainian embassy officer, told Politico that he was assigned to work with Chalupa.

“Oksana said that if I had any information, or knew other people who did, then I should contact Chalupa,” said Telizhenko “They were coordinating an investigation with the Hillary team on Paul Manafort with Alexandra Chalupa.”

“Oksana was keeping it all quiet,” Telizhenko said, but added that “the embassy worked very closely with” Chalupa, the DNC operative.

Like the Ukrainian embassy, the DNC distanced itself from Chalupa’s actions when asked by Politico, insisting that she was acting on her own.

Obama rejected Jordanian King Abdullah’s pleas for Predator drones



– The Washington Times – Thursday, February 5, 2015

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President Barack Obama, right, meets with  King Abdullah II of Jordan in the Oval Office of the White House, on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015, in Washington. The meeting comes after Jordanian Air Force pilot First Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh was executed by the Islamic State group. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Barack Obama, right, meets with King Abdullah II of Jordan in the Oval Office of the White House, on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015, in Washington. The meeting comes after Jordanian Air Force pilot First Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh was executed … more > Read more: Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

The Obama administration this year turned down a request from Jordan for Predator spy drones that would help it locate targets in the war against the Islamic State. The refusal, disclosed by a House Armed Services Committee member, has gained attention since Jordan has emerged as a critical player in a U.S.-led coalition to destroy the Islamist terrorist group in the days after it released a video of its execution by fire of a captured Jordanian military pilot.Picture1

Obama Muslim collection

Jordan retaliated Thursday with F-16 airstrikes on the Syrian town of Raqqa and is vowing a relentless war against the Islamic State, also known as ISIL and ISIS. Members of Congress are calling on the White House to approve a list of weapons for King Abdullah II, a strong U.S. ally.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, sent a letter Thursday asking President Obama to approve the transfer of the Predator’s unarmed export version for surveillance missions. “The decision to deny the license request should be reversed immediately,” Mr. Hunter wrote. “Doing so will provide Jordan critical mission capability in the fight against the Islamic State and ensure Jordan is given every advantage. Jordan has made requests for specific resources, including ammunition,” Mr. Hunter said. “Given our mutual interests, and our strong relationship, it’s absolutely critical that we provide Jordan the support needed to defeat the Islamic State.”

Jordan borders Iraq and Syria, where the Islamic State controls wide stretches of territory, including key Iraqi cities in the north and west. “Jordan is uniquely positioned to support and perhaps lead the fight against the Islamic State, and it’s now our obligation to offer Jordan our full support in this effort,” Mr. Hunter said. American Predators are playing a large role in a U.S.-dominated air campaign, firing Hellfire missiles as well as conducting sustained surveillance over Islamic State strongholds.

Jordan is not the only world hot spot where the Obama administration has turned down allies’ requests for weapons. For months, Ukraine has been seeking military assistance from the U.S. and/or NATO in its battles against pro-Russia separatists getting lethal weaponry and even some troops from Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Ukraine’s military is equipped mostly with Russian weapons inherited from the breakup of the Soviet Union, with some purchases from Moscow in friendlier recent times. But the U.S. has refused to provide lethal aid to Ukraine, sending only humanitarian assistance amounting to tens of millions of dollars and, for the Ukrainian military, a similar amount of training and nonlethal equipment such as trucks.Picture2

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told U.S. lawmakers in September that his country was in desperate need. “Please understand me: Blankets and night vision goggles are also important, but one cannot win the war with blankets,” he told a joint meeting of Congress. Secretary of State John F. Kerry was in Ukraine Thursday, where he was set to announce a $16 million package in civilian refugee aid that will include blankets and counseling for traumatized civilians.

A congressional aide said Jordan does not quality for armed Predators but could be given the limited platform. The source said the administration’s denial has to do with making sure Israel maintains military superiority in the region. Jordan was the second Arab state to sign a peace treaty with Israel, in 1994, a pact that is not considered precarious barring drastic regime change in Jordan. The U.S. has provided Jordan with F-16 Falcon fighter jets and other advanced weapons.

Mr. Hunter’s district is in the San Diego area, home to Predator maker General Atomics.

Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican and Senate Armed Services Committee chairman, told CNN on Wednesday that King Abdullah, who met with senators while in Washington, is frustrated by a “huge bureaucratic bottleneck in the State Department.”  “He needs some types of weapons very badly,” Mr. McCain said. “We’ll be working immediately to try and achieve that for him.”  The issue of Jordanian frustration with the speed of U.S. weapons deliveries came up during Wednesday’s confirmation hearings for Defense Secretary-designate Ashton Carter. All 26 members of Mr. McCain’s committee sent a letter on Wednesday to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and to Mr. Kerry asking them to speed up arms shipments to Jordan.

“Jordan is seeking to obtain aircraft parts, additional night vision equipment and precision munitions that the King feels he needs to secure his border and robustly execute combat air missions into Syria,” the senators wrote. “We understand the need to ensure the integrity of third party transfers, the protection of critical U.S. technologies, and our commitment to the maintenance of a Qualitative Military Edge (QME) for Israel. However,” the senate panel continued, “Jordan’s situation and the cohesiveness of the coalition demands we move with speed to ensure they receive the military materiel they require for ongoing operations against ISIL.”

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has vowed to launch war on the Islamic State, saying Wednesday that “the blood of martyr [Lt.] Muath al-Kaseasbeh will not be in vain, and the response of Jordan and its army after what happened to our dear son will be severe.”  On Thursday, dozens of Jordanian F-16s carried out strikes on targets around Raqqa, the Islamic State’s self-styled capital, and even spread its attacks into Islamic State-held targets in Iraq. Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh told Fox News that Jordan was still mostly hitting Islamic State targets in Syria as part of a U.S.-led military coalition, but was now spreading its involvement.

“We said we are going to take this all the way, we are going to go after [the Islamic State] wherever they are, and we’re doing that,” he said. “They’re in Iraq and they are in Syria, and therefore you have to target them wherever they are.”Picture3

According to The Associated Press in Amman, Jordanian state TV showed fighter jets taking off from an air base and large balls of fire and smoke after bombs had fallen. Jordanian troops scribbled chalk messages on the missiles, with one reading “for you, the enemies of Islam.” Abdullah paid a condolence visit to the family of Lt. al-Kaseasbeh on Thursday and was sitting next to the pilot’s father, Safi al-Kaseasbeh, as fighter jets roared overhead. The king pointed upward.Islam is NOT

The official Facebook page of The Royal Hashemite Court made it personal as well this week. In an image that has since gone viral, the Court posted a picture of Abdullah in military fatigues, and noted that he’d cut short his U.S. visit in response to the pilot’s death. According to Mr. Hunter, Abdullah quoted a line from Clint Eastwood’s revenge Western “Unforgiven” at a meeting with U.S. Congress members Tuesday after the news of the burning death had broken.

While the Jordanian government has denied Abdullah would take part in actual attacks, he has been called the “warrior king” due to his decades of military service. Like his father and predecessor, King Hussein, Abdullah enrolled in the U.K.’s Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. The current king has been a pilot for Cobra attack helicopters.

For its part, the Islamic State has signaled that its fire execution will not be its last, according to translations of its official Twitter account by the Middle East Media Research Institute. After Jordanian Air Force Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh was set on fire while caged, the Islamic State’s “Fatwa and Research Authority” called such burnings “completely permissible” under Muslim law in a series of theological discussions and accounts of Muslim history and scholarship, including the actions of Muhammad. According to MEMRI, the Islamic State deemed Lt. al-Kaseasbeh a non-Muslim or apostate, and noted that Muslim schools of jurisprudence have interpreted loosely the apparent Koranic prohibition on “burning an infidel with fire until he dies.” “The Hanafi and Shafi’i schools hold that burning is completely permissible. They interpreted the saying of the Prophet that ‘Only Allah shall torture with fire’ as [a call for] humility. [The scholar] Al-Muhallab said: ‘This ban is not [an actual] prohibition, but rather a means for [advocating] humility.’ [Shafi’i scholar] Ibn Hajar, may Allah have mercy on him, said: ‘[This saying] indicates that it is permissible to burn, as the Companions did. The Prophet blinded two men from ‘Arina [whom he judged to be apostates and criminals] with a branding iron. Khalid bin Al-Walid, [one of the Prophet’s Companions], also burned apostates with fire.'”Wake up America

Douglas Ernst contributed to this article, which is based in part on wire service reports from the Middle East.  © Copyright 2015 The Washington Times, LLC.

Freedom with Prayer

Ukraine Says Russian Tanks Have Crossed the Border

by Kurt Nimmo | | November 7, 2014

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The government in Kiev has once again accused Russia of sending tanks into eastern Ukraine. Claim made after vote was held in Donetsk People’s Republic on Sunday

Although unconfirmed, the Ukrainian military says 32 tanks and 30 trucks crossed over into the Luhansk region where rebels opposed to the government in Kiev are making a stand.

Citizen journalists, however, claim to have video showing the deployment:


“The deployment continues of military equipment and Russian mercenaries to the front lines,” military spokesman Andriy Lysenko told the BBC.

In August, the Ukrainian government claimed Russia had invaded the country. NATO used the unverified invasion as a pretext when it announced troop deployments in Eastern Europe.

NATO released satellite imagery of what it said were tank and truck columns crossing over into Ukraine. Critics argued it was not clear if the images were of military vehicles inside Russia or Ukraine.

Donetsk Separatist Vote

On Sunday a vote was held in the Donetsk People’s Republic and  separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko was sworn into office.

military tweet

Russia said it “respects” the vote after previously stating it supported it.

“We support the continuation of the Minsk process and advocate holding another meeting of the Contact Group,” said Russian foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov.putin 01

The Minsk process is a reference to a ceasefire agreement reached in the capital of Belorussia on September 5.

Earlier this year separatist leaders declared victory after a large number of residents in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions voted in a Crimea-style referendum calling for the establishment of People’s Republics.

On May 24, the two separatist republics signed an agreement creating a confederation called the Federal State of Novorossiya, or New Russia.



Obama to Arm Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Militants?


New Senate bill would authorize $350 million weapons transfer to Kiev forces

Obama to Arm Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Militants?

Image Credits:

by Paul Joseph Watson | September 18, 2014

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Imperial President ObamaA new bill introduced in the U.S. Senate yesterday would authorize the Obama administration to send $350 million dollars worth of sophisticated weapons technology to Ukraine despite the fact that neo-nazi militants are openly fighting alongside Kiev forces.

The bipartisan Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, introduced by Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Bob Corker (R-TN), is set to be discussed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee later today.

Despite attempts to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine after a shaky cease fire was called, the legislation would intensify sanctions against Russia, forcing Moscow to “pay an increasingly heavy price” for its “aggression” in the region. The bill would also authorize President Obama to provide military assistance to Ukraine to the tune of $350 million dollars.

From the bill;

Providing defense articles, defense services, and training to the Government of Ukraine for the purpose of countering offensive weapons and reestablishing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including anti-tank and anti-armor weapons; crew weapons and ammunition; counter-artillery radars to identify and target artillery batteries; fire control, range finder, and optical and guidance and control equipment; tactical troop-operated surveillance drones, and secure command and communications equipment. It authorizes $350 million in fiscal year 2015 to carry out these activities.lunicy

The notion that such weapons are not “offensive” and can only be used for defensive purposes is clearly a misnomer. Anti-tank weapons include rocket-propelled grenade launchers and bazookas which can be used to target aircraft as well as fortifications and buildings.

obama- Marxist tyrantWith the administration already facing criticism for its decision to arm so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels despite clear evidence that FSA militants have sold weapons to ISIS, the likelihood of powerful weaponry ending up in the hands of neo-nazi militants who are openly aligned with and have fought alongside Kiev forces is extremely troubling.

As the Telegraph reported last month, Kiev is now deliberately working with armed neo-nazi paramilitaries on the front lines of the battle with pro-Russian rebels, men who proudly display SS tattoos on their necks in honor of the feared Waffen SS – the armed wing of Hitler’s Nazi party.

When the Ukrainian government was asked about their policy of supporting and using neo-nazis in battle, Kiev’s Anton Gerashchenko was unrepentant, commenting, “The most important thing is their spirit and their desire to make Ukraine free and independent.”

The Senate bill risks seeing weapons transferred into the hands of what Foreign Policy magazine calls the “fascist defenders of freedom”, including the Azov Battalion, anopenly neo-Nazi unit has suddenly found itself defending the city against what Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called a Russian invasion.”

Earlier this month, German television broadcast video which showed Azov militants proudly wearing Nazi SS symbols on their helmets.

The Azov Battalion has also recently been converted into a regiment, making it a de facto part of the Ukrainian Army. The paramilitary group forms “the backbone of the forces fighting against the local self-defense militia advocating independence from Ukraine.”

“Azov fighters do more than wave a Swastika-like flag,” writes Robert Parry, “they favor the Wolfsangel flag of Hitler’s SS divisions, much as some of Ukraine’s neo-Nazis still honor Hitler’s Ukrainian SS auxiliary, the Galician SS. A Ukrainian hero hailed during the Maidan protests was Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera whose paramilitary forces helped exterminate Jews and Poles.”

The prospect of using American tax dollars to arm fascists is unlikely to sit well with millions of Americans whose family members fought to defeat Hitler and Japanese imperialism during World War II.Eagle Really

Following last year’s coup d’état, Kiev also handed key positions within the newly formed government to members of the neo-nazi Svoboda Party, despite the fact that one if its top members, Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn, founded a think tank named the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Centre as an homage to the Nazi propaganda minister.Eagle Really

Despite their clear neo-nazi connections, Senator John McCain and others have repeatedly called on the Obama administration to arm pro-Kiev militants.

Plans to further bolster Kiev forces also arrive in the aftermath of numerous incidents involving Ukrainian air strikes on villages which have killed scores of civilians, primarily in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

The one hour video below exhaustively documents how neo-nazi militants were involved in both the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government as well as fighting on the front lines alongside post-coup Kiev forces.

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