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Democratic mayor of border town​ slams Biden’s immigration failure as ‘an embarrassment’ to the country, says things were better ‘under Trump’

Reported by PHIL SHIVER | September 30, 2021



The Democratic mayor of a Texas town along the U.S.-Mexico border is slamming President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party over their failure to secure the border, calling the deteriorating situation “an embarrassment for us as a country.”

In a recent conversation with the Washington Free Beacon, Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz charged his own political party with largely ignoring the crisis and abandoning the local border communities in favor of other interest groups. With tens of thousands of migrants pouring into the country every month — often times bringing disease — the mayor even reluctantly acknowledged that things were much better for border communities like his under former President Donald Trump.

“We need to truly secure the border,” Saenz told the Free Beacon. “It was working under Trump, call it whatever you want to call it, but it was working.”

Yet instead of addressing the situation head-on, Democrats have opted to put forward trillions of dollars in federal spending that does little to bolster physical border security or support Customs and Border Protection operations. Meanwhile, the brunt of the migrant influx burden is being borne on border towns.

“We’re spending billions of dollars on alternative things but immigration isn’t given priority. Border Patrol isn’t being funded to the extent that Border Patrol has to be funded,” Saenz said. “Their workload has increased to three times or four, and yet they’re not funded. So, that kind of leads me to think the Democrats have the same mentality [toward the Border Patrol] as defunding law enforcement, generally.

“The key, ultimately, is removing the incentive to come to the border and file for asylum,” the mayor argued, adding that while he believes in the asylum process, it needs to be reformed.

To prevent influxes of migrants showing up at the border and overwhelming U.S. immigration enforcement, Saenz suggests asylum-seekers be processed virtually from their country of origin.

According to the Free Beacon, the border crisis has caused Saenz to rethink his own political perspective:

The mayor in 2015 told then-candidate Donald Trump that a large wall across the southern border was not practical. He told NPR in 2019 that Trump’s proposal to order the Pentagon to construct fencing in Laredo would be less effective than the “virtual wall” backed by Biden. But, Saenz says, Laredo residents are growing tired of empty promises from Democrats, particularly as the city’s fire department is forced to serve as shuttle service for migrants who get dropped off by charities and federal agencies. Saenz has not heard from the Biden administration on any plans for a “virtual wall” or any other measure to stem the tide of illegal immigrants.

“If Biden doesn’t come out with implementing a virtual wall [soon], people here will be begging for a wall, a physical structure, simply because of his lack of attention to the border and especially the size of these surges,” Saenz predicted.

He acknowledged that a physical wall would “deter or at least buy time, so to speak, for law enforcement.”

“It’s really an embarrassment for us as a country now,” he added of the ongoing crisis. “You know we can do so much better.”

Tulsi Gabbard hits Biden for being ‘judge, jury, executioner’ by attacking Border Patrol agents over false narrative

Reported by CHRIS ENLOE | September 26, 2021


Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard sharply denounced President Joe Biden Saturday over the ongoing border crisis, comparing Biden, whom she called her friend, to an “autocrat” for attacking Border Patrol agents who were falsely accused of abusing Haitian migrants. Biden commented on the controversy involving the mounted Border Patrol agents on Friday by regurgitating the debunked narrative of migrant abuse and promising the Border Patrol agents involved would “pay.”

“It was horrible [what] you saw. To see people treated like they did [sic]. Horses nearly running people over and people being strapped,” Biden said at the White House.

“It’s outrageous. I promise you those people will pay. They will be investigated. There will be consequences,” he declared.

Speaking with Fox News host Jesse Watters, Gabbard condemned Biden for attacking the mounted Border Patrol agents despite facts that clearly showed the agents were not guilty of abusing the migrants.

“I consider Joe Biden a friend. But he’s absolutely wrong and he needs to apologize to the American people for saying what he said,” Gabbard said.

“Here’s why: He’s somebody who’s been very outspoken as being against autocrats, autocracies, dictators. But what he essentially did was act as judge, jury, and executioner for these Customs and Border Patrol agents on horseback,” she added.

Gabbard said the practical effect of Biden’s public condemnation is a compromise in the integrity of the investigation into the incident. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas confirmed Friday the investigation would continue despite Biden’s remarks.

“How can they expect to have a fair outcome to an investigation when the president of the United States has already declared their guilt and that they will be punished?” Gabbard questioned.

“The bigger issue that this points to, which is one that we all need to be concerned about, is that if we are no longer a country of laws, if we are no longer a country where we know we will be presumed innocent unless proven guilty, then we don’t have a democracy,” she explained. “And that’s the increasing feeling that a lot of us have is we are losing our democracy and moving closer and closer to what essentially is an autocracy.”

The former Hawaii representative said the “saddest part” about the wrongful condemnation of the Border Patrol agents is that it highlighted how the “powerful elite” are “working with the media, working with the deep state” to “preserve their power, their position, or money.”

“Who suffers as a result of this? It’s the American people, it’s our democracy, and they don’t care about the cost and the toll that [it] takes,” Gabbard said.

JUST IN: 26 Governors Demand Meeting with President Biden Over Escalating Border Crisis

Posted by Hannity Staff – 9.21.21


More than half of the nations’ Governors sent a letter to the White House this week demanding a meeting with President Biden to address the escalating humanitarian disaster taking place along the US-Mexico border.

“As chief executives of our states, we request a meeting with you at The White House to bring an end to the national security crisis created by eight months of unenforced borders. The months-long surge in illegal crossings has instigated an international humanitarian crisis, spurred a spike in international criminal activity, and opened the floodgates to human traffickers and drug smugglers endangering public health and safety in our states. A crisis that began at our southern border now extends beyond to every state and requires immediate action before the situation worsens,” write the Executives.

“The negative impacts of an unenforced border policy on the American people can no longer be ignored. Border apprehensions are up almost 500% compared to last year, totaling more than 1.3 million—more people than the populations of nine U.S. states. Approximately 9,700 illegal apprehensions have prior criminal convictions. Cartels and traffickers are making $14 million a day moving people illegally across the border. More fentanyl has been seized this fiscal year than the last three years combined—almost 10,500 pounds of fentanyl when only 2 milligrams prove fatal. This is enough to kill seven times the U.S. population,” added the group.

“Therefore, we come directly to you seeking an open and constructive dialogue regarding border enforcement on behalf of U.S. citizens in our states and all those hoping to become U.S. citizens. We must end the current crisis and return to border operations that respect the laws of our land and the lives of all people, including those in our states looking to the federal government to enforce and protect our nation’s borders,” concluded the Governors. “Due to the emergent crisis, we respectfully request a meeting as soon as your schedule allows within 15 days. While we know your responsibilities as Commander in Chief are substantial, ending the national crisis and securing our states must be a priority.”

Read their full statement here.

Today’s TWO Politically INCORRECT Cartoons by A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco Cartoon – Marxist Privilege

A.F. BRANCO on April 14, 2021 |

BLM founder, Patrisse Khan-Cullors is enjoying being more like a Capitalist than a Marxist with extorted money.

BLM Marxist Getting Rich

Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2021

A.F. Branco Cartoon – Border Clowns

A.F. BRANCO on April 15, 2021 |

Biden and Kamala have yet to visit the border, possibly because they’d make the crisis worse.

Biden and Kamala at the Border

Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2021.

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A.F. Branco has taken his two greatest passions, (art and politics) and translated them into the cartoons that have been popular all over the country, in various news outlets including “Fox News”, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and “The Washington Post.” He has been recognized by such personalities as Dinesh D’Souza, James Woods, Sarah Palin, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, Rush Limbaugh, and shared by President Donald Trump.

Chris Wallace blasts Jen Psaki over border crisis, media blackout: ‘Less transparent than Trump’

Fox News host Chris Wallace grilled White House press secretary Jen Psaki Sunday over the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis, confronting her over allegations that officials are blocking media from disseminating critical information related to migrants and the conditions of migrant detention facilities.

Journalists have accused the Biden administration of blocking media access to document the border crisis. Award-winning photojournalist John Moore said he was even forced to photograph the crisis from the Mexico side of the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I have photographed CBP under Bush, Obama and Trump but now — zero access is granted to media,” Moore said earlier this month. ” Until now, US photojournalists haven’t needed to stand in another country to photograph what’s happening — in the United States.”

In fact, NBC News reported the Biden administration enacted an unofficial “gag order” on Customs and Border Protection agents, limiting what information they share with journalists and restricting media access to migrant facilities. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has denied that such an order exists.

While being interviewed on “Fox News Sunday,” Wallace confronted Psaki, and pointed out the Biden administration is being “less transparent than the Trump administration.”

Wallace began by acknowledging the fact that Americas only know about the conditions of migrant detention centers because members of Congress, who have toured some facilities, released pictures of the detention centers.

“These kids are living in these conditions now. They’re not living in these conditions some indeterminate time from now when the president says everything will be fixed,” Wallace said. “So why not allow reporters and camera crews in on a pool basis safely to take pictures and show the American people what’s happening in those Border Patrol facilities right now?”

Psaki responded by claiming that Biden, Mayorkas, and the entire administration is “absolutely committed” to providing media access.

When?” Wallace shot back.

Psaki claimed the administration provided Fox News with access to a facility just last week, adding the Biden administration is not blocking media from the facilities, but rather is limiting access because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Wallace pointed out that Fox News was not granted access to a Border Patrol migrant detention facility, but a different facility operated by the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Just to clarify, Jen, you allowed a camera crew in to see the HHS facilities. What we’re talking about here are the Border Patrol facilities, the detention cells,” Wallace pointed out as Psaki attempted to interrupt. “There is a law — let me just finish — that they are not allowed to be there for more than 72 hours, many of them are there for 10 days.”

“At this point, in terms of allowing access to Border Patrol facilities for reporters, you are being less transparent than the Trump administration,” Wallace added.

When Biden was confronted over the media access issue last week, asked by a reporter specifically when journalists would be granted additional access to document migrant conditions, Biden responded, “I don’t know.”

Mystery virus found where illegal-alien kids sent


Posted By Paul Bremmer On 10/08/2014

URL to article:


obama-border-is-open-378x257Enterovirus D68 has killed five U.S. children and infected hundreds more in the past month and a half, doctors confirm, and some believe there may be a connection between the sudden outbreak and the throngs of unaccompanied, illegal-alien children now being housed across the country.

A 2013 study published in Virology Journal found EV-D68 in a small proportion of young people with flu-like symptoms in eight Latin American countries.

According to investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, there are significant numbers of unaccompanied illegal minors in Kansas City and Chicago, the two cities where the current EV-D68 outbreak was first identified.

The outbreak happened in mid- to late August, right around the time when many children would have gone back to school and come into New WhatDidYouSay Logocontact with their new illegal-alien classmates for the first time.

While not proving the Enterovirus outbreak originated with the Central American children, the CDC reports on its website confirmed EV-D68 cases in 44 states and the District of Columbia since mid-August. That includes states, such as Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming, which have very few illegal minors. Meanwhile, Arizona, a common crossing point and holding ground for illegal aliens, is one of the six states that have not had a confirmed case of EV-D68.

And Enteroviruses are not unheard of in the United States. They commonly circulate during summer and fall. The current strain, EV-D68, was first identified in California in 1962 and has rarely been reported in the U.S. since then. The CDC has not offered any theories to explain the current outbreak, which has led many to speculate. made the connection between the EV-D68 outbreak and the thousands of illegal immigrant children who have arrived in the U.S. this year in an article Sunday titled “Obama is Complicit in the Murder of Five Children – Illegal South American Immigrants Introduce Deadly Virus to U.S. Children.”PC-Rider-590-LI

It showed points where illegal alien children are known to have been sent and the locations where virus cases have been reported.

See the links:


Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly – author of “Who Killed the American Family?” – said she agrees Obama is responsible for allowing diseases to enter the country.

“There are all kinds of diseases in the rest of the world, and we don’t want them in this country,” Schlafly said. “And it’s Obama’s job to keep them out.

“Out of all the things he’s done, I think this thing of letting these diseased people into this country to infect our own people is just the most outrageous of all.”

Schlafly said the government should screen immigrants for disease before they enter the country, as was done at Ellis Island a hundred years ago.

“That was the purpose of Ellis Island – to have a waiting place where it was decided whether people were healthy enough or responsible enough to come into our country,” she said. “The idea that anybody can just walk in and carry this disease with them is just an outrage, and it is Obama’s fault because he’s responsible for doing it.”Immigration-Piper

In her new book, Schlafly wrote about Antonio Gramsci, the Italian communist who developed a strategy in the early 1900s to overthrow Western society from within.

Gramsci’s idea was to attack the foundations of Western society, including patriotism, national unity, tradition, language and the rule of law. However, Schlafly does not believe the present illegal immigration crisis is something Gramsci would have foreseen or incorporated into his plan.

“Gramsci lived some time ago, and I don’t think he had any idea that we were going to be so stupid as to let anybody into our country who walks up to the border,” she said.

When asked why the current administration hasn’t done more to prevent diseased illegal aliens  or Ebola carriers from Africa  from entering the country, Schlafly said Obama wants to make the U.S. more like the rest of the world.

“Obama doesn’t want America to believe that we’re exceptional,” Schlafly said. “He wants us to be just like everybody else, and if Africa is suffering from Ebola, we ought to join the group and be suffering from it, too. That’s his attitude.”

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GOD DECIDES TO SECURE THE BORDER: Look What Happened In North Mexico

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Well, this is another way to secure the border. What a coincidence that this large fissure suddenly appeared in Northern Mexico in the middle of our immigration crisis.


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The Federal Government Bought A Border Fence…For A Country Nearly 6,000 Miles Away

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By Justen Charters 22 hours ago

concerntina wire

In April, U.S. policymakers authorized a Crisis Support Package for Ukraine. While the White House had previously released information on what the package would cover, it wasn’t until Thursday that the government published a report detailing how the U.S. would help fund a project for a border fence to help separate Ukraine and Crimea.

From, here is a screenshot of the contract awarded:

Award Letter

In addition, the order specifies that it will take care of the cost of 2,500 spools of concertina wire. The purpose of concertina wire is to prevent the passage of humans and animals.

Sure, there may be a border crisis in Ukraine, but we have one here at home as well. In 2013 alone, the United States Border Patrol reported on 414,397 illegal immigration apprehensions. However, opinion is split on whether those numbers are accurate because many illegal aliens are caught trying to cross more than once.

To throw more fuel on the fire, public officials and intelligence experts warn that the terror group ISIS could take advantage of our border security vulnerabilities and slip through undetected.

Lawmakers chose to help Ukraine with their border security as a preventive measure with Crimea. We can only ask that they afford us the same courtesy with our border, here at home.

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James O’Keefe Crosses The US-Mexico Border Dressed As Osama Bin Laden

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Read more:

Photo of Patrick Howley<img class=”avatar avatar-96 photo” width=”64″ height=”64″ src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photo of Patrick Howley” />

Patrick Howley

Political Reporter

obama-border-is-open-378x257Investigative filmmaker James O’Keefe exposes the U.S.-Mexico border’s vulnerability to terrorism in his latest undercover project, obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller.

O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video reminds viewers of recent statements by the president and Obama administration officials that the southern border is secure. O’Keefe then proceeds to Hudspeth County, Texas, to easily cross back and forth cross the Rio Grande wearing the costume of modern history’s most recognizable terrorist.

“I see no border patrol. I see no security,” O’Keefe said in the video before donning a bin Laden mask. “Thousands of people have stood in my footsteps right now. They’ve come from South America, Honduras, Guatemala, and they’ve all crossed the border. And if they can cross, anybody can cross.” (RELATED: The Time Fidel Castro Snuck Into America From Immigration-PiperMexico)

O’Keefe’s work often distinguishes itself for proving taboo but accurate premises – in this case, that Islamic extremists are able to gain entry to the United States from Mexico, where drug cartels are linked to numerous terrorist organizations including Hezbollah and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), the strongest al-Qaida-like organization in the heart of the Middle East.

This summer has seen a whirlwind of terrorist activity on the southern border, with dire anecdotes pouring out of local news stations but ignored by the mainstream press. Security contractors found a Muslim prayer rug on the Arizona border, where 300 extremists affiliated with al-Qaida’s Somalia syndicate al-Shabab recently entered the United States unaccounted for. Terrorist watch-list suspects were also detained trying to get into the country through California. Country music legend Charlie Daniels revealed that, “I personally spoke with an Arizona law enforcement officer who had taken four what he called ‘Taliban’ out of the back of an 18 wheeler.”

Relevant on the contemporary merits, O’Keefe’s video also makes an important symbolic point thirteen confusing years after the attacks of 9/11. The terrorists we’re fighting today are more technologically savvy than their idol Osama bin Laden, the self-designed political figure who tried to fire history’s loudest shot. But their motives have not changed. And they have access to the United States.



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President Obama Lying About Amnesty for Illegal Alien Children


If his mouth is open he must be lyingPresident Obama can say he isn’t going to grant amnesty to the hundreds of thousands of illegal alien obama-border-is-open-378x257children flooding over the border with their families, but he’s lying.  Surprise, surprise.

They are currently being disbursed all over the country and will be put into the foster care system – or a parallel system – in order to lose them in the heartland.

The immigration courts currently have about a three year backlog, and these illegal alien children are simply being given a summons to appear in 30 days.  Guess what?  They don’t show up and nobody is going to track them down.

In a couple of years, they will be “established” in the US and will petition for one form of amnesty or another.  And they’ll likely get it.

Have you noticed, in the last week, the major media is running with anything they can find on any other story?  They don’t want to report on the illegal flood coming across the southern border because, as it turns out, those illegal alien children just aren’t as heartwarming as the President thought they’d be, and they’re not helping his – and John Boehner’s – agenda to get amnesty passed this obama-liar4-266x189summer.

How bad is the news on “immigration reform?”  It’s this bad.

When this story first broke at Breitbart Texas, the media jumped all over it. At first, it was obvious the media planned to exploit the story of 50-plus thousand unaccompanied Central American illegal alien children crossing our border as a way to pressure the GOP into caving on amnesty. A new poll from Economist/YouGov shows how badly that plan backfired — even among Hispanics.

Imperial President ObamaRather than convince the American people that passing a mass amnesty is what’s needed, the burst of border coverage earlier this month convinced

  • 77% of the American people that the kids need to be sent back home.
  • A full 42% want the kids sent back immediately regardless of what’s happening in their home countries…
  • Only 11% want what Obama, Democrats, and the media want — which is amnesty for everyone.

You’re probably saying, “But Curmudgeon, Speaker Boehner and the Republican establishment say we have to have amnesty because Hispanics will never vote Republican if they don’t get it!”  OK, you’re probably not asking that, but we’ll answer it anyway.

The numbers are not all that different among Hispanics. Only 22% want to give the children amnesty. A full 64% [of Hispanics] want the children deported.

Where’s the Republican leadership on all of this?

Boehner told donors at a Las Vegas fundraiser in March that he was “hellbent on getting this done this year.” After he met with President Barack Obama at the White House in February, Boehner said that he agreed with Obama on immigration during the meeting.

Call your Representative today, the number for Capitol Hill is 202-224-3121.  Conservatives have been melting down the phone lines all week, don’t stop.

Cloward Pevin with explanation

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Mark Levin On What To Do With Illegals: “Turn Em Around, Kick Em In The Ass, And Send Em Home”

mark levin

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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Border Crisis Views




A Service Member















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The loophole is Obama

Ann Coulter Letter

By: Ann Coulter   7/30/2014 03:02 PM

Angry ObamaIt’s been reported everywhere — the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox News — that the William Wilberforce Sex Trafficking Act requires that any non-Mexican children who show up on our border be admitted and given a hearing. (New York Times, July 7, 2014: “Immigrant Surge Rooted in Law to Curb Child Trafficking.”)

The problem, we’ve been told, is that a loophole in the sex trafficking law mandates these hearings — or “removal proceedings.”

But there is no such loophole.

The fact that people on both sides of the aisle are telling the same lie about this law is worrisome. Are Republicans being tricked into thinking we need an emergency bill, so that, two weeks later, we’ll see them emerging from a conference, saying:

obama-border-is-open-378x257We fixed the loophole! We didn’t get everything we wanted, but you can hear about that later.

No, tell me now.

Well, remember amnesty? It’s kind of in this bill. But the headline is: We closed the loophole! So no more worries about that loophole. But yeah, amnesty passed.

Why else would everyone be carrying on about a non-existent loophole? I know they’re mistaken because I read the law.

The Wilberforce law states, in relevant part:

“Any unaccompanied alien child sought to be removed by the Department of Homeland Security, except for an unaccompanied alien child from a contiguous country (i.e. Mexico — or Canada, so as not to sound discriminatory) … shall be — placed in removal proceedings … eligible for relief … at no cost to the child and provided access to counsel.”

Imperial President ObamaObviously, that’s the whole ball of wax. Once a kid is in, given La Raza attorneys and a hearing date, he’s never going home. No immigration judge is going to listen to a lawyer-manufactured sob story and say, “No, I’m sorry, that didn’t touch my heart. You have to go back to Huehuetenango.”

But the law’s definition of “unaccompanied alien child” limits the hearings to kids who have no relatives in the United States. If your relatives live here, the law assumes you’re not being sex-trafficked — you’re trying to join them.Here’s the definition — note subsection (C):”(g) Definitions

“(2) the term ‘unaccompanied alien child’ means a child who –

(A) has no lawful immigration status in the United States;

(B) has not attained 18 years of age; and

(C) with respect to whom –

(i) there is no parent or legal guardian in the United States; or (ii) no parent or legal guardian in the United States is available to provide care and physical custody.”

The law is not — as George Will suggested on “Fox News Sunday” — a general humanitarian mandate allowing all 2 billion poor children of the world to show

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

up at our border and be told, “Welcome to America!” It’s a law to combat sex trafficking.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Vice President Joe Biden wrote the law — and Feinstein isn’t stupid. She’s well aware of illegal immigration. That’s why the law specifically excludes two huge categories of illegal aliens from getting hearings: (1) Mexicans; and (2) children who have relatives in the U.S.

Those cases look more like illegal immigration than sex trafficking. (Didn’t anyone wonder why Mexican kids are excluded?)

Mexicans make up the lion’s share of illegal immigrants in the U.S., and children with relatives already living in the U.S. are probably just trying to rejoin family — not trying to escape a fiendish kidnapper about to sell them into sex slavery.

According to last Friday’s New York Times, almost 90 percent of the 53,000 illegal alien kids given refugee status since October have already been transferred to parents or relatives living in the U.S. By the law’s clear terms, those 47,000 kids should have been summarily turned away at the border — just as Mexican children are.

Immigration-Piper(Democrats wailing about a “humanitarian” crisis — after calculating the precise number of voters they need — evidently don’t care about the Mexican kids.)

No law needs to be fixed. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the president.

Obama has gone mad and is defying the law in order to “fundamentally transform America” — as he pledged to do during the 2008 campaign — into Latin America. (Luckily for George Will, he won’t be around by the time Latin America gets to his neighborhood.)

Any Republicans pushing for an immigration bill to seal an imaginary loophole aren’t fighting Obama; they’re helping him.

Constitutionally, the remedy for a president defying the law so he can assist an alien invasion is impeachment. But the media won’t let us impeach Obama — and Republicans don’t have the votes, anyway. The only way for Americans to fight back is to put large Republican majorities in the House and Senate this November.

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Collect More Than $7,000 Per Month for ‘Fostering’ Adult Illegal Aliens

29 Jul 2014


HOUSTON, Texas–The federal government is in dire need of U.S. citizens willing to house the thousands of illegal immigrants who enter the country each week, and they are willing to pay them to do so.

The Texas-based nonprofit Catholic Charities is currently seeking out foster families for the migrants, most of whom come from Central America. A spokeswoman for the organization told Breitbart Texas that foster families can receive monthly payments for housing adult immigrants who are under 23-years-old.migrant

“Most of our children are 15 to 17-years-old,” she said. “But some stay in our program until they are 22-years-old; if they’re still working on getting their high school diploma, they can stay until they’re that age.” 

The revelation that some of the migrants receiving foster care are adults will likely come as a surprise to many; the mainstream media has largely portrayed the border crisis as involving only children and family units.

The spokeswoman mentioned that foster families will be given $40 per day to care for each migrant they take in from Catholic Charities. The assistance is funded by the federal government, as Breitbart Texas previously reported.

Foster parents have the ability to collect more than $7,400 per month, considering that they can house six immigrants at any given time.

The spokeswoman said that the illegal immigrants are provided with taxpayer subsidized education, health care, transportation, and an “allowance.” She was not specific about the amount of such an allowance or how often it is administered.

obama-border-is-open-378x257Many have expressed outrage that instead of being turned away at the border, many illegal aliens are being brought to federal facilities where they receive a slew of taxpayer-subsidized benefits: housing, food, vocational training, English lessons, recreation, and legal counsel. Ultimately, most of the migrants are released onto U.S. soil after promising to show up at an immigration court hearing.

Follow Kristin Tate on Twitter @KristinBTate

The name of the Catholic Charities spokeswoman been removed due to an overwhelming response to this article. 



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The Next ‘Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ May Be Fired In Texas

tx militia patrol

A group of self-organized militiamen patrol in Texas near the Mexican border. Photo from the San Antonio Express-News.

The crisis along our southern border with Mexico is only getting worse.

The Mexican government is allowing tens of thousands of criminal aliens from Central American nations to transit their nation unimpeded to invade the United States. It’s a stunning development for a nation which (ironically) has far stricter immigration laws that the United States does, and which once used to arrest and deport illegals from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. For reasons unknown to us—which should perhaps be the focus of a Congressional investigation—Mexico has stopped turning these criminal invaders back, and may even be actively be assisting them in their travels north.

It would be relatively easy for the U.S. government to shut down this flow of criminal immigrants.

The U.. government could simply put economic sanctions on Mexico for failing to stop the invaders at their southern border, and the Mexicans would staunch the flow at two natural checkpoints, one in the state of Oaxaca on Mexico’s west coast, and the other in the state of Veracruz-Llave on the nation’s east coast. The vast wilderness area between these two states in the narrow “foot” of Mexico forces migrants to these coastal routes, where they can be captured and repatriated if the Mexican and United States governments had any interest in stopping the invasion, which the two federal governments quite obviously do not.

obama-border-is-open-378x257It thus appears that American citizens will be left to do the job of stopping the criminal invasion that these governments won’t.

When this nation was founded, the Constitution was written to lay out what the government could do, and the Bill of Rights was created define individual rights and protect the citizenry from governmental tyranny.

The Second Amendment—our primary focus at Bearing Arms—was written to codify a pre-existing human right to self-defense, which includes the right of self-defense from criminals, tyrants, and foreign invaders.

The Founders would take a very dim view of the federal government’s refusal to protect the Republic’s southern border with Mexico.

American presidents from both parties have repeatedly failed to build physical barrier to stop criminal immigration, drug cartels, arms smuggling, and terrorist infiltration. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California are all but undefended in many stretches as a practical matter, and the Border Patrol has been hamstrung by bureaucrats and politicians who do not wish for them to succeed. At no point in our history, however, has a Presidential Administration so blatantly refused to lift a finger to stop a deluge of foreign invaders.

Is this what Barack Obama meant when he said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America?

A group of self-organized militiamen patrolling near the Mexican border talk with a U.S. Border Patrol agent. Photo from the San Antonio Express-News.

A group of self-organized militiamen patrolling near the Mexican border talk with a U.S. Border Patrol agent. Photo from the San Antonio Express-News.

Americans who are sick and tired of the refusal of the Obama Administration to stop importing criminal aliens and distributing them around the nation are beginning to take matters into their own hands. Many are protesting attempts by the federal government to bring these largely illiterate, unskilled, disease-carrying criminal invaders deeper into the heartland, but there are also groups now taking a very active role along the border themselves, seeking to stop the criminal invasion of our nation since the federal government has no apparent interest in enforcing the rule of law.

The militias are turning out.

Photos showing dozens of members of the militia groups on the U.S.-Mexico border carrying semi-automatic rifles and wearing masks, camouflage and tactical gear provide one of the first glimpses into the group’s activities on the border.

Members of the militia groups, who say they have 10 active “teams” along the state’s southern border, are seen at campsites, walking along the Rio Grande River, pointing rifles and pistols out of frame and flipping off the camera in the photos obtained by the San Antonio Express-News.

A spokesperson for the group provided the photos under the condition that members’ faces be blurred because of fear of

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Click on image to see movie trailer and more

being identified by “cartel and gang members.”

One of the photos shows a Border Patrol agent leaning through an armed militia member’s vehicle window and pointing on a map. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection earlier this month strongly rebuked the group’s presence on the border but did not return multiple requests for comment regarding the photo.

Gov. Rick Perry, who last week ordered 1,000 Texas National Guard members to the border, declined to comment specifically on the militia groups through a spokesman but said he is “leading to secure the border.”

The groups, including Oathkeepers, Three Percenters and Patriots, began recruiting and organizing more than a month ago, as national media outlets began focusing on an influx of Central American immigrants illegally crossing the border, including more than 50,000 unaccompanied minors.

Immigration-PiperThese patrols of self-organized, self-supporting volunteer militias are armed with semi-automatic rifles. Most wear some form of military camouflage and kit, with multiple magazines for their weapons. Some wear military-grade body armor.  Many appear to be military combat veterans, and have defended the United States before in Afghanistan or Iraq.

This time, their acting with greater urgency, on our own soil.

To date, intercepts of criminal aliens by these militias have been peaceful affairs, with militias calling in the Border Patrol to capture invaders whose intention is to obtain the free food, medical care, and government housing that the Obama Administration seems intent on lavishing on criminal invaders that they seem to want to groom into a new far-left underclass of Democrat voters.

Eventually, however, these patrols are likely to run into armed coyotes, the smugglers who bring humans, weapons, and drug shipments across the border.  In many instances, these coyotes are actively escorted by (or are made entirely up of) members of the Mexican Army.

Eventually, there will be confrontations. There will be firefights. Americans and criminal invaders will both fall, and the vivid cost in blood along the border will inflame an American people who has been quietly simmering with rage against a lawless Administration.

How will Americans respond to civilians dying because federal agencies and the criminal-enabling Obama Administration refuse to fulfill their oaths of office?

If current sentiment is any guide, any of the self-organizing militia who fall will result in the mobilization of more volunteers, and any attempt by this corrupted government to stop the militia patrols or press criminal charges against men and women doing the job that the government intentionally fails to do will result in citizens standing against government agents like they did at Bundy Ranch… and with much less patience.

A group of self-organized militiamen patrol in Texas near the Mexican border. Photo from the San Antonio Express-News.

A group of self-organized militiamen patrol in Texas near the Mexican border. Photo from the San Antonio Express-News.

It is the duty of the federal government to secure the borders and prevent foreign invasion. They have resolutely refused to perform these tasks.

Their actions suggest that they are instead facilitating the invasion by refusing to secure the border, refusing to mobilize and deploy the National Guard, refusing to mobilize and deploy Homeland Security, and refusing to use the many diplomatic tools at their disposal to stop the flow of immigration at Mexico’s southern border, far from our own.

The federal government has abandoned their duty to defend the Republic. American citizens are now beginning to use their natural right to self-defense to form self-organized militias to protect their nation.

When government fails, the people will rise.

If we hope to remain a sovereign nation under a President who has abandoned the rule of law, we seem to have no other choice.



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Stop Amnesty Bill Introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz


Posted on July 28, 2014 by

obama-border-is-open-378x257The DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) was first introduced by Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) in August 2001. The original bill would apply only to illegals who entered the US when they were minors and have lived here for a minimum of 5 years and have graduated from high school. If these young illegals completed 2 years of college (or college equivalent program) or 2 years of active military service, they would be granted temporary residency in the US for a period of 6 years. If they fulfilled all of the requirements and have remained free of any criminal activity, they could then be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

The DREAM Act of 2001 was never approved, but not forgotten. Versions of it have been introduced in 2007, 2009 and 2011, but again, the measured was never passed. In May of 2012, President Barack Obama announced that he was issuing an executive order to stop the deportation of young illegals who basically met the requirements spelled out in the DREAM Act. He called his program the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program. Technically, Immigration-Piperhe bypassed Congress to establish a new law which in reality is a violation of the Constitution, but no one seems to care to do anything about it.

Under Obama’s provision, these under 30 illegals would be granted permits to work in the U.S. which also entitled them to a number of state and federal benefits. One of those benefits included obtaining a valid state driver’s license. This provision instantly raised alarm flags among many conservatives.

There is no doubt that Obama’s promise of amnesty to the millions of illegal youth in America is responsible for the flood of illegal Central American kids. If that promise of amnesty was removed, the main motive for their coming would be eliminated and America would no longer be as promising to them.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has introduced a piece of legislation that is being referred to as the Stop Amnesty bill. Cruz’s bill will defund the Obama administration’s program that allows illegals to remain in the US without fear of deportation. It is tied to the legislation that Obama is trying to push to get Congress to fund him the $3.7 million he wants for his immigration policies.

Cruz’s bill, not yet given a number, states:A Service Member

“A Bill to prevent the expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program unlawfully created by Executive memorandum on August 15, 2012.”

“Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,”

“Section 1. Limitation on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals; Restrictions on Employment Authorization for Aliens no in Lawful Status.”

“No agency or instrumentality of the Federal Government may use Federal funding or resources—“

“(1) to consider or adjudicate any new or previously denied application of any alien requesting consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals, as authorized by Executive memorandum on August 15, 2012; or”

“(2) to authorize any alien to work in the United States if such alien—“

“(A) was not lawfully admitted into the United States in compliance with the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq.); and”

“(B) is not in lawful status in the United States on the date of the enactment of this Act.”

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

In the released statement, Cruz stated:

“The only way to stop the border crisis is to stop President Obama’s amnesty. If we do not put an end to its expansion — to the promise of amnesty that is the reason so many are coming — then more little boys and girls will be trafficked, abused, and even killed.”

Imperial President ObamaIn addition to his Stop Amnesty Bill, Cruz is expected to introduce several other pieces of legislation designed to increase the speed with which illegal aliens will be deported and to allow governors of the border states to use National Guard troops with the use of federal funds.

In plain language, Cruz wants all of the DREAMers deported and to prevent them and all illegals from being able to legally work and take jobs from American citizens. Cruz is working to protect the American border, protect American jobs and protect American citizens and cities from being ravaged by the flood of illegals. It’s about time someone in Washington is trying to take steps to protect America from the alien invasion.


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New Illegal Aliens Outnumber American Birthrate [VIDEO]


Posted by Michael Becker on Jul 24, 2014

obama-border-is-open-378x257A Texas State Senator hit the nail on the head with his comment about the numbers of illegal aliens who are flooding across our southern border now outnumbering the legal birthrate of Americans.

Oh, and how about those crime statistics that the major media won’t report.

We disagree with the Senator about the “humanitarian crisis.”  It’s not a humanitarian crisis, it’s a crisis of refusal to enforce US immigration law.

Patrick also said law enforcement officials have told him that somewhere between one in five and one in ten illegal immigrants are actually apprehended. 

“Now, we think we catch one out of every five. That means twenty five or thirty thousand are crossing the border, that we don’t catch,” he said. “Don’t focus on the numbers that are apprehended, that’s the ones we catch.”

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Click on image to see movie trailer and more


Add to that another twenty five or thirty thousand coming across the border into the Tucson Sector in Arizona. 

Keep in mind when your hear about the number of illegal aliens who are caught that more than five don’t get caught.  The “eleven million” illegals that the pro-amnesty politicians talk about is probably more like 15 to 20 million, and if they get a comprehensive immigration bill signed into law, every version has a “chain immigration” feature that will allow their immediate family members – who, like the illegals who are already here, are uneducated, don’t speak English, and are unskilled – to legally immigrate.  At a minimum that’s another 30 to 60 million welfare recipients.

Illegal immigration will destroy the United States of America.  At the rate we’re going, if we don’t close the border, and close it with the US military if necessary, the US will be a third world country much like Mexico.


dan patrick

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GOP Rank-and-File Discusses Ways to Take on Obama Over Amnesty, Including Impeachment

obama-border-is-open-378x257In a free-wheeling discussion that touched on dozens of proposals for how to address the tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children streaming across the southern U.S. borders, one thread connected the calls to add to or change a border crisis proposal from GOP leadership: President Barack Obama.

The proposals included trying to prevent a future executive amnesty by Obama, telling the president what he should do to enforce the law in a non-binding resolution, and even putting impeachment on the table.impeachment

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) told colleagues that the House should pass legislation with new steps to secure the border, and tell Obama if he didn’t implement it, they would impeach him.

“He either enforces the laws on the books—as he was hired and elected to do—or he leaves Congress no option. This is not our choice, this is the President’s choice and I would advise him to uphold the law on the books,” Yoho said in a written statement after the meeting.

“People were hissing at that because they don’t want to go there,” said a GOP member who was in the room.

At the other end of the spectrum, Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA), a top proponent of comprehensive immigration reform, expressed befuddled frustration with conservative colleagues resistant to passing the package put together by a working group of members appointed by Speaker John Boehner.

“I have all my ideas about this, a lot of you guys – what you tell me is, we gotta secure the border and send ’em home.

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Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Now you have a chance to secure the border and send ’em home, but you’re saying we can’t do it,” he said, to laughter.

Imperial President ObamaThere were divergent views from lawmakers on whether the meeting produced a strong impetus to pass a bill in the House next week, with some lawmakers saying the conference had achieved a consensus on moving forward while critics of the border package raised questions about whether it could secure the necessary votes.

The discussion is, at this point, about optics, since it’s widely regarded that the House bill will not be enacted into law.

“Whatever we do, we gotta figure Reid isn’t going to go ahead with it, so basically it’s a message bill, well we’re going to go tell our constituents, ‘well here’s what we’ve done, Reid won’t do it.’ So this is kind of just political blame shifting,” said Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

One option discussed is a resolution outlining steps Obama should take to secure the border.

“Trent Franks mentioned he has a resolution that specifically lists all the ways the president has failed and invited the crisis, lists a number of things that the president could actually do to solve the crisis. I think there’s a lot of sense that that’s a good idea, right out of the gate, to do that. And then whatever you do after that, we’ll see,” DeSantis said.

Another was addressing the push to address a future executive action by Obama in a stand-alone bill.

“We could at least put it on the floor separately. That’s what my recommendation has been to the task force: if you don’t want to put it in the bill, at least let us vote on it,” said Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX).

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said he supported addressing Obama’s executive actions in the package. “I think we should, but we’ll see. I think we should, but I would vote for it anyway. Whatever comes out is a step in the right direction. You can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” he said.

Members remarked about a very wide array of ideas being proposed.

“Every subject under the moon” was discussed, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) said.

“Oh, yeah – too many,” King said when asked if many views were expressed.

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Cruz: Obama’s ‘Heartless’ Inaction Directly Causing Children to be Physically and Sexually Assaulted

Illegal Immigration And Gangs: Someday Our Cities Will Burn Because We Didn’t Protect Our Borders

Number of illegals that enter Texas each week is greater than the number of babies being born to citizens

by Michael Snyder | Economic Collapse | July 23, 2014

border-openDid you know that the number of illegal immigrants that enter Texas each week is greater than the number of babies being born to citizens of that state?  The mainstream media is shining the spotlight very brightly on all of the children that are coming over, and there is a reason for that.  They are trying to tug on our heartstrings.  But there is another part of the story that you aren’t hearing much about.  By refusing to protect our borders, Barack Obama has allowed hundreds of thousands of gang members to illegally enter the United States and settle in our major cities.  In many communities, gang activity is already wildly out of control, and someday our cities will burn because of the foolishness of the federal government.

The Obama administration knows that one out of every five illegal immigrants has a criminal record.  And we are not just talking about illegal immigrants taking “upskirt photos” of women like just happened in Texas.  We are also talking about rapists, murderers, drug dealers and hardcore gang members.

obama-border-is-open-378x257According to Texas state Senator Dan Patrick, illegal immigrants have been formally charged with nearly half a million crimes in his state over the past four years alone.  And he also says that there are “at least 100,000 illegal immigrant gang members” living in his state right now…

Hours before Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced he would send National Guard troops to the border, Texas state Senator Dan Patrick said there are at least 100,000 illegal immigrant gang members in the state.

On Monday’s The Laura Ingraham Show, Patrick, who is also the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, said from 2008 to 2012, 143,000 illegal immigrant criminals were arrested and jailed in Texas. He said these were “hardened criminals, gang members, and other criminals that we identified as being in Texas illegally.”

“We charged them with 447,000 crimes, a half-million crimes in four years, just in Texas, including over 5,000 rapes and 2,000 murders,” Patrick said. “We estimate we have 100,000 gang members here illegally.”

Why won’t Obama do anything to stop this madness?

Cloward Pevin with explanationThere are at least 70,000 gang members living in Obama’s home city of Chicago.  Other estimates put that number closer to 100,000.  But everyone agrees that it is a number that is growing every day.

So it shouldn’t surprise any of us that at least 40 people were shot in Chicago over one recent July weekend.

I just fear for what Chicago will look like when things get really bad in this country.  Many of our major cities are literally being transformed into tinderboxes that could erupt in flames at any time.

Overall, there are now approximately 1.4 million gang members living in the United States according to the FBI.  But that number is actually a few years old now, so the true number is undoubtedly far higher at this point.

In addition, we know that illegal immigrants make up approximately 30 percent of the total population in our federal, state and local prisons.

And yet we refuse to stop more waves of illegal immigrants from coming in.

Are we willingly committing national suicide?

Just the other day, I noted that Honduras has the highest murder rate on the entire planet and that the Mexican drug war has claimed more than 120,000 lives since 2006.

That is what is coming here if we allow this insanity to continue.

Unfortunately, political correctness reigns in America today.  Under current policies, our border agents are not even turning away minors with known gang Immigration-Piperaffiliations that have gang tattoos all over them.  Just check out the following excerpt from a recent National Review article

Border Patrol officials struggling to keep up with the increasing number of minors illegally crossing the Mexican border are not turning away persons with known gang affiliations. Chris Cabrera, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 in the Rio Grande Valley, explained that a Border Patrol agent he represents helped reunite a teenage gang member with his family in the United States. Cabrera notes the young member of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), a transnational criminal gang, had no criminal record in the U.S., but asks, “If he’s a confirmed gang member in his own country, why are we letting him in here?”

“I’ve heard people come in and say, ‘You’re going to let me go, just like you let my mother go, just like you let my sister go. You’re going to let me go as well, and the government’s going to take care of us,’” Cabrera says. “Until we start mandatory detentions, mandatory removals, I don’t think anything is going to change. As a matter of fact, I think it’s going to get worse.”

Art Del Cueto, president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 in Tucson, says agents who recognize the gang-affiliated tattoos of minors crossing the border must treat them the same as anybody else. He says these people are afforded the same rights provided to anyone crossing the border.

And according to the Border Patrol, some of these “processing centers” that we have seen pictures of lately are actually being used by the gangs to recruit more gang members

According to Border Patrol sources, violent MS-13 gang members are using the Nogales processing center in Arizona as

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Click on image to see movie trailer and more

a recruitment hub and as a transfer point for gang members to get into the United States.

The Red Cross has set up phone banks inside the processing center so unaccompanied minors can make phone calls to family members inside the United States and back home in Central America. According to sources, those phones are also being used by MS-13 members to communicate with gang members already in the United States and operating in cities like Atlanta, New York and Chicago. Further, many teenaged males inside the facility have approached Border Patrol agents and have said gang members have tried to recruit them from shared cells. According to the FBI, MS-13 regularly targets middle and high school students for recruitment.

“The National Border Patrol Council believes there to be serious security issues at the Nogales Processing Center. Agents’ hands are tied due to the policies governing the care and lodging of juveniles and this has allowed gang recruitment and activity to flourish amongst those being detained,” vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Shawn Moran tells Townhall. “Customs and Border Protection needs to do more to ensure that gang members that are in custody at the NPC are identified, prosecuted, and prohibited from benefiting from this crisis.”

Barack Obama can see all of this happening and yet he refuses to secure our borders.

What in the world is he thinking?because


































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Sen. Ron Johnson: Illegals Could All Be Flown Home in Style for 1.5% Obama’s Funding Request

National Day of Protest with date

9 Jul 2014

Immigration-PiperWisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson argued Wednesday that there are more cost-effective and efficient ways to confront the ongoing America the movie with hyperlinkborder crisis than President Obama’s emergency funding request for $3.7 billion to be dispersed across multiple agencies.

“The $300 million dollar [State Department] request for – I guess improving conditions in those Central American countries… You know, we’re finding we’re not particularly good at improving our own economy. Isn’t it a pipe dream to spend $295 million trying to improve the conditions and expecting that is going to solve the problem, as opposed to sending planeloads full of these kids back to their families?” Johnson asked during a Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing.

Tuesday, President Obama submitted a request to Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency funding to deal with the ongoing situation at the border. Since October an unprecedented 52,000 unaccompanied minors have been apprehended illegally crossing the southern border, most believing they can stay.

“I think we need to be doing everything we can on all levels – both promoting economic growth, expanding repatriation, sending more people back. All of these things have to be done; this is a complex problem, and there is no easy simple solution,” said Francisco Palmieri, the State Department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Central America and the Caribbean in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs.





“There are things that are going to be far more effective and far less costly,” Johnson responded, arguing the Obama administration’s request for $3.7 billion to take on the border crisis represents tens of thousands of dollars per unaccompanied illegal immigrant child.

“Literally, if we were to buy a plane ticket, put them up in a hotel room, get them some good meals – let’s say we spend a $1,000 per child – it would be $57 million to return the children to their families. Isn’t that far more effective spending?” he asked.

great idea

According to Johnson, sending planeloads of illegal immigrant children – “in a very humane fashion” – back to their home countries would be more effective than the Obama administration’s proposal.

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Click on image to see movie trailer and more


Palmieri noted that part of the funding is going to assist with repatriation.


“We think a more balanced approach that tries to address some of the underlying, root causes is also essential, not just to stopping the current problem but to creating the conditions so that in the future these people have a better alternative in their homes,” he said.

Imperial President Obama












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(President Obama) Regime Blames Bush for Border Crisis

From the Rush Limbaugh Broadcast July 08, 2014


RUSH: Let’s move on to the situation involving the illegal alien unaccompanied children.  “United Nations officials are pushing for many of the Central Americans fleeing to the US to be treated as refugees displaced by armed conflict, a designation meant to increase pressure on the United States to accept tens of thousands of people currently ineligible for asylum.”

I tell you, these people on the left, are they good or are they good?  The one thing they can do is coordinate a message.  So here you have the purposeful, intentful importation of 300,000 illegals just since April, and of that 300,000, about 60,000 are unaccompanied children.  And right on schedule, here comes the UN demanding that they be called refugees and that they be allowed to stay, and that they not be called illegal immigrants because they are refugees fleeing war-torn, poverty stricken nations.  And of course it is our responsibility to open up and accept them.  It just falls right in line with Obama’s message. What Did You Say Logo

“Excuse me Rush, but that needs emphasis. Did you get those numbers? Since April; 300,000 300,000! 60,000 are unaccompanied children. That means 240,000 ADULT ILLEGAL INVADERS SWAMPED THROUGH OUR SOUTHERN BORDER! What did they bring with them? What kinds of diseases did they bring with them? HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR ALL THIS???????????????????????????’

“What’s with the U.N. demanding anything? They are acting in their arrogance that they control a “One-World-Order-Government” Making it worst is the Leftist/Marxist/Socialist/Democrats going along with it and repeating the term, “REFUGEES” Does that tell you how close we are to President Obama’s dream of being the President of the World?.”  JB

Now, yesterday at the White House press briefing — this is an example here of media bias.  ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl actually asked the press secretary a tough question, and he got an answer, and it was a story, it was an incident totally unfavorable to the White House.  And ABC News spiked it.  Nobody saw it other than the people who watched the press briefing live.

Here’s what happened.  During yesterday afternoon’s White House press briefing, Josh Earnest was forced by Jon Karl of ABC to defend White House claims that they are deporting tens of thousands of these kids at the border.  Obama’s saying it, Josh Earnest is saying it.  But they’re not.  They’re not deporting — the max may be 1%, and that’s just enough so that Obama or somebody can stand up and say, “Oh, yeah, we’re deporting ’em.”  It’s the smallest amount of deportations they can get away with.  So Jonathan Karl stood up.  Well, I don’t know if he stood up.  But he asked the question.  He cited an article in the Los Angeles Times, which explained that under the Obama Regime, contrary to what the White House is saying, deportations of miners has actually decreased.

Immigration-PiperJonathan Karl told Josh Earnest that, according to the article in the LA Times, deportation of minors is one-fifth of what it had been.  And then he asked the press secretary, “Doesn’t that show that what you are saying is disinformation?” So basically the ABC News White House correspondent, in so many words, said to the White House press secretary, “Doesn’t that mean you’re lying to us?  Doesn’t that mean you’re spreading false information?  You’re out there talking about how the deportation numbers are up, that your deporting a bunch of these kids and you’re really not.”  And Josh Earnest answered by blaming Bush.  He said the problem is traced back to the previous president and so forth.

Now, this all began when Jon Karl asked Josh Earnest “if he had an ‘an answer for me yet as to how many of those that are released with the promise of returning for a court date are actually showing up for their hearing?’ Earnest told him he did not yet have the numbers for him which agitated the ABC reporter. Karl asked Earnest if he could give him any idea of what the number was, was it ‘closer to 10 percent than 100 percent?’ Earnest didn’t give in. Instead he argued that the number would not be accurate in light of the recent surge at the border. That’s when Karl moved to the LA Times article and asked Earnest if that paper’s findings proves that the White House is giving ‘disinformation.’ Earnest argued to the contrary by shifting blame on the law signed by the ‘previous president.'”


I’ve got to get into this.  I’ve gotta stipulate something here.  I was wrong about something last week.  I, too, fell for this.  What Josh Earnest is talking about here, blaming Bush, is this supposed loophole in the law from 2002 that allows children who arrive here unaccompanied from nations not contiguous with the US to stay indefinitely.  And it just so happens that that’s where these kids are coming from.  They’re not coming from Mexico.  They’re coming through Mexico, but they’re coming from nations further south, which are not contiguous, meaning, for those in Rio Linda, don’t share a border.  And there is a 2002 law that says — and so Earnest says (imitating Earnest), “It’s not our fault, it’s not our fault. Bush did this. It’s Bush’s fault. That’s where the loophole is.”  Which, of course, is a cop-out because it doesn’t matter.  We still have a crisis.

We have a crisis on the border. We’ve got an influx that we can’t handle.  It’s roiling the country.  You ever wonder why the president doesn’t even dare go to one of his own refugee camps?  Anyway, it turns out that what is being used in this case to not deport these children is not the 2002 law.  It is a previous law that was signed by Bill Clinton.  The law being used here by the Regime saying there nothing we can do. We have to keep these kids here. It actually predates that loophole of 2002 that was found in a Bush administration law, and I’ve got it in the Stack somewhere, I’ll find it after the break.  Anyway, that’s what Earnest is talking about when he blames Bush.  “Our hands are tied.  We’ve got this loophole in the law.”

Anyway, Jon Karl at ABC News yesterday, during the White House press briefing, demonstrated that the White House is spreading America the movie with hyperlinkdisinformation.  His report did not air on ABC’s World News Tonight.  That is the kind of thing that happened to Sharyl Attkisson at CBS.  That’s the kind of thing that ended up frustrating her and ended up causing her to look elsewhere.  Her reports were on Benghazi, and CBS was spiking all of her reports, or the vast majority of them on Benghazi.  Now, this is another clear example of an executive decision back at the ABC newsroom.  Karl got the goods.  He got a story and it ended up not airing on the primary ABC newscast of the day, ABC’s World News Tonight.

Let me take a time-out, find that Clinton-era law that I meant to cite this yesterday and I didn’t get to it.


RUSH:  Okay, the law that the White House is citing — and I erroneously cited it. I can’t remember where I first saw this, but it was a credible place.  The law that allows the unaccompanied children to stay originally was said to be a 2002 immigration law signed into law by Bush, which stipulates that children from nations not contiguous with the US could not be sent back it where they came back.

Now, I don’t know the history of that. I don’t know the origins. I don’t know why it was put in. I don’t know how we prove where they’re from. I mean, when these kids show up, how do we know that they’re from where they say they’re from? (interruption) Yeah, the original purpose was designed to prevent drug cartels from exploiting them by preventing them from being used to go back and forth to bring drugs in and so forth.

That was the original purpose.  It had nothing to do with amnesty.  It had nothing to do with immigration, actually.  The Bush law was an effort to tamp down drug cartels’ usage of these kids.  Now they’re showing up.  Now they’re flying in. They arrived in San Diego on a jet! They’re being bussed back up to Murrieta, California. 

You know, the Regime is really in their face in Murrieta, California.  It’s a real standoff.  It’s a replay of the federal government suing the State of Arizona, in its own way.  But I have come to learn that what is actually being used to allow these unaccompanied children to stay once they arrive is a Bill Clinton law that’s titled The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000.

It was intended to offer protection to illegal aliens in the US who’ve been the victims of human trafficking.  The bill has been renewed four times since 2000, and that is the legislation actually being used, actually being cited as the authority for allowing these unaccompanied children to stay.  In 2008, Joe Biden sponsored a renewal that was rammed through Congress during December.  It was actually Christmas of 2008.

Only two Republican senators voted against it.  Bush signed it on December 28th of 2008.  Now, the bill in 2008 contained the language that “requires alien minors from noncontiguous countries hearings and appeals if they claim to be the victims of human sex trafficking.”  And you can bet, folks, that nobody except the pro-amnesty authors of the bill knew what the consequences of that would be.

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Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Now, the 2013 renewal, which was also championed by Biden, “put in similar language to also require that women who claimed to be victims of domestic violence also get hearings and appeals,” which means they won’t be deported.  So it is not the Bush law from 2002 that is being used here.  It is a Clinton law from 2000 which has been renewed four times since 2000.  It’s called the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. 

That’s actually what is being cited officially.

In the media they’re still saying it’s the Bush 2002 law, but it isn’t.  




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Obama: Guilty of Human Trafficking – Girls Rented & Raped: Part II



Politicians who directly encourage the travel of thousands of children through a rapists valley – all in the name of bending American citizen’s to their political will – are guilty of human trafficking and an accessory to the torture and gang-rape young girls coming to cross the Texas border from Central America must endure. Period. by Rodney Lee Conover

This is ground zero in a very real War on Women:

A War on Children, no-less as young girls from Central America – some with parents, some without – travel on the death trains and trails through Mexico toward awaiting DHS lawyers, food, shelter, court dates, underwear, and the promise of Disneyland are being rented out, raped and abused along the way.

It’s repulsive, evil and orchestrated in the quest for political power.

Texas is the quickest route (and conveniently the reddest State) to enter through and border authorities there are overwhelmed. This, despite a Nostradamus-like request back in January by DHS on the BizOpps website seeking “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children.”

U.S. law is clear: Once a child from a foreign Truth The New Hate Speechcountry reaches American soil, they must be processed and released into the country with friends or relatives to await an appearance in deportation court. Let me ask you a rhetorical question:

Let’s say you’re a mom and you just dragged your little girls through the deserts of Central America and Mexico; hopped a few moving trains; watched your precious babies be raped and abused; paid extortion money; were raped and abused yourself; maybe saw one of your kids lose an arm or a leg trying to jump off a rape train; made it across the Rio Grande to America and got issued a court date  to determine if you’re all there illegally and should be returned:

20140604MIGRANTS-slide-3NM3-superJumbowould you show up to court?

The message has been clear to people in Central America: Get your child and yourself across the border and Obama will let you stay.  One federal judge slammed the Department of Homeland Security for “completing a criminal conspiracy” by placing a recently smuggled child with the undocumented immigrant parent who had hired the smugglers.

Now let me be clear: Once a child is here on American soil – I don’t care where they’re from – we should take good care of them. Period

It’s not their fault they’re here anymore than it’s their fault that they were gang-raped by vile, smelly, desert pedophilistas. But they shouldn’t be coming here in the first place and a secure border would stop the flood immediately. I know, good luck with that one..

If Republicans and Democrats did their Constitutional duty, the message gets back quickly that you can’t come in illegally and there America the movie with hyperlinkwould be no exodus for the Texas border.

Our leaders are all complicit in these children’s living nightmare of cruelty, unspeakable pain and lifelong suffering. They come because they’re getting the green-light from this Obama Administration and their enablers in the Republican Chamber of Amnesty Commerce House of Zuckerberg Main Street Partnership SuperPAC Party. Oh, shut-up – I just invented that.

Miami is one of 10 cities where the children are being sent for immigration proceedings as border shelters fill up. The stories are the same, however.

From the Miami Herald:

Soon after crossing into Mexico from Guatemala, 17-year-old Ana became separated from the group of Hondurans with whom she had been traveling. She wound up alone in a mountain cottage where she was repeatedly

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

raped by strangers. “The only thing I was thinking was that they were going to kill me, that I was going to die..”

Ana was the youngest in a group of 12 Hondurans, including adults, who boarded buses and cars to reach the U.S. border: “It was early morning and dark, and when we reached a cottage in a mountain, the men grabbed me after my group disappeared,” she recalled. 

After raping her, the attackers left. At sunrise, her group found her, and resumed their trip toward the U.S. border.

So off they go, back on their road trip toward DHS lawyers, new underwear and America to “feed the vote-hungry appetites of Amnesty supporters” as Colonel Allen West so correctly nailed it.

20140604MIGRANTS-slide-URCX-superJumboI wonder – will this be the last time Ana is raped and tortured by filthy sub-human predators, out hunting for their jollies? They know thousands upon thousands are coming into Mexico en route to Obama’s Promised Land; so for the scumbags, pedophiles, rapists and monsters looking to satiate your wickedness? Just follow the Yellow Rape Road..

Or are you going to tell me this was just Ana’s bad luck – a tragic exception? I’ll tell you exactly what Ana and thousands of young girls being ravaged by sociopaths are:

Collateral damage in the Leftist’s War on the Constitution.

The horror these girls endure are the price paid for Obama’s fundamental changing of America and all who enable this – including Republicans standing by while Executive Orders scoff at the Separation of Powers – are complicit in their traumatized, bloody, raped and abused nightmares.

Because this eradication of our border and abdication of duty, Americans are now pitted against little children flooding their cities and stressing their local resources as Immigration officials process and bus the kids off to cities around the South. Mayor Pro-Tem of Hemet, Ca.; Shellie Milne, pointed out to me that it’s quite a coincidence these kids and their “escorts” are almost exclusively being bussed to Republican strongholds such as her district.

Protesters-block-immigration-bus-jpgIndeed, three buses holding 140 undocumented who were being taken to Murrieta, CA; Tuesday afternoon were greeted by angry protesters and turned away from its intended destination. Even so, Murrieta may receive an additional 140 immigrants every 72 hours for several weeks – making residents there look exactly how the Obama Administration and the media wants them to look.

That’s what’s really sick – this whole thing is part of the big Amnesty Bill picture. Obama, the Dems and the GOP all want their Amnesty –  how many different ways can I say it?

at Fox News now reports a government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

Here comes the scary stuff, folks: According to medical staff at the base, the Security forces called themselves the “Brown Shirts.” InResist Amnesty spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared details with Starnes about contagious diseases and the risks the children pose to Americans:

“It was a very submissive atmosphere,” the counselor said. “Once you stepped onto the grounds, you abided by their laws – the Brown Shirt laws.” 

She said the workers were stripped of their cellphones and other communication devices. Anyone caught with a phone was immediately fired. “Everyone was paranoid,” she said. “The children had more rights than the workers.” She said children in the camp had measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat as well as mental and emotional issues. “I would be talking to children and lice would just be climbing down their hair.” 

Both the counselor and a former nurse said their superiors tried to cover up the extent of the illnesses. “When they found out the kids had scabies, the charge nurse was adamant – ‘Don’t mention that. Don’t say scabies,’” the nurse recounted. “But everybody knew they had scabies.

These are Obama’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.


READ PART I: “Girls Rented and Raped on Way to Border:”

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