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Texas teacher, aides arrested for allegedly locking 5-year-old special needs boy in ‘isolation room,’ where he ate feces, drank urine, and hurt himself

By: PAUL SACCA | November 26, 2022


Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

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A Texas teacher and two aides have been arrested for allegedly abusing a 5-year-old special needs boy in 2021.

Three instructors employed at the Liberty Independent School District (ISD) were taken into custody in mid-November for alleged crimes committed during an alleged shocking incident on April 15, 2021. Teacher Melody Michel LaPointe, 47, and teaching assistants Tarah Michelle Tinney, 33, and Augusta Danielle Costlow, 27, were charged with four counts each of abandoning or endangering a child in imminent danger of bodily injury, a second-degree felony.

All three women were booked into the Liberty County Jail, and their bond was set at $60,000 each. All three are reportedly out on bond.

The teacher and instructional assistants are accused of isolating a special needs student in a room at a Liberty Independent School District facility. The 5-year-old boy was deprived of food and began eating his own feces and drinking his own urine, according to court documents.

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The three instructors were reportedly responsible for the care of the young victim.

The indictment identified the victim as “R.W.,” and stated the instructors “intentionally abandoned [R.W.] in a place under circumstances that exposed [R.W.] to an unreasonable risk of harm, and under circumstances that a reasonable person would believe would place the child in imminent danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment.”

Law & Crime reported, “The document explains that the alleged conduct involved confining R.W. ‘to an isolation room where he fell causing bodily injury’ and then failing to ‘voluntarily deliver the child to a designated emergency infant care provider’ as required by law.”

A spokesperson for Liberty ISD issued a statement on the disturbing accusations.

We immediately reported the matter to law enforcement and CPS, removed the educators who continued to work for us from the classroom, and conducted a comprehensive investigation. Based upon our investigation, we reported the educators to the State Board for Educator Certification and shared our results with law enforcement officials.

KTRK-TV reported, “According to a spokesperson for Liberty ISD, the two assistants were put on administrative leave during the investigation last year and then resigned once the investigation was completed. LaPointe, the main teacher in the classroom, was able to find work at another school district. She was recently working as a teacher for Bonnie P. Hopper Primary School in Goose Creek CISD.”

On Nov. 17, officials at the Hopper Primary School informed parents of the teacher’s arrest.

“In an effort of full transparency, we want to inform our families of an incident that occurred yesterday during dismissal. A teacher at Bonnie P. Hopper Primary School was arrested yesterday by Liberty County constables. The cause for arrest occurred in Liberty County and is not affiliated with Goose Creek CISD in any way. The teacher is currently placed on administrative leave with pay, pending the outcome of an investigation, after which the District will take appropriate disciplinary action. As this is a pending legal matter, Goose Creek CISD will allow the legal process to proceed and refrain from further comment. We want to ensure our families that the safety and security of your children is our #1 concern. We thank you for your continuous support of our campus and our district.

Biden can’t redefine Title IX to include LGBT mandate: court

By Michael Gryboski, Mainline Church Editor 


White House/Adam Schultz

A court has ruled against the Biden administration’s requirement that healthcare providers perform sex-change procedures, concluding that federal Title IX’s definition of sex discrimination does not include sexual orientation or gender identity. The case centered on two Texas physicians who filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Notification of Interpretation and Enforcement of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which interpreted Title IX’s definition of sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity. The physicians sued, arguing that the Notification forced them to provide services such as body-mutilating surgeries on people suffering from gender dysphoria, such as castration and double mastectomies, and that it violated federal administrative procedures.

In a decision released Friday, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of the Northern District of Texas, Amarillo Division, ruled that “Title IX operates in binary terms — male and female — when it references ‘on the basis of sex.’”

“If ‘on the basis of sex’ included ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity,’ as Defendants envision, Title IX and its regulations would be nonsensical,” Kacsmaryk ruled. “Title IX expressly allows sex distinctions and sometimes even requires them to promote equal opportunity.”

“Defendants’ reinterpretation of Title IX through the Notification imperils the very opportunities for women Title IX was designed to promote and protect — categorically forcing biological women to compete against biological men.”

Kacsmaryk also rejected the claim by the defendants that their reinterpretation of Title IX was justified in light of the 2020 U.S. Supreme Court v. Clayton County, in which the high court concluded that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protects against employment discrimination, applies to sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Title IX is not Title VII,” Kacsmaryk continued. “The Court will not reflexively apply new Title VII precedent in the Title IX context.”

In May 2021, the HHS announced that it was going to interpret Title IX’s explicit prohibition on sex discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Under the new interpretation, the HHS Office for Civil Rights would enforce Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act to protect “the civil rights of individuals who access or seek to access covered health programs or activities” and stop discrimination “against consumers on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The proposed reinterpretation of Title IX was met with multiple lawsuits, with a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit unanimously deciding to block the implementation of the rule back in August.

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Colorado approves adding LGBT language into history curriculum after yearlong debate

By Samantha Kamman, Christian Post Reporter | November 15, 2022


Students sitting at their desks in a classroom raise their hands. | Getty Images

States are taking different approaches to how their schools teach sensitive subjects in history classes, with Colorado and Virginia taking the spotlight last week.

Colorado’s State Board of Education voted last Thursday in a 4-3 party-line vote to update the state’s social studies curriculum for all grade levels, restoring references to the LGBT community and marginalized racial minorities that had been cut earlier this year after some parents expressed concerns over a lack of diversity. 

CPR News reported that the state board of education would require schools’ social studies curriculum to reference minority groups throughout all grade levels in compliance with Colorado law. Board member Lisa Escárcega said that she included references to certain races and LGBT individuals at the top of the recommendations due to the importance of such groups.

The changes come as the state conducts its annual revision of academic standards, something Colorado does every six years. The Colorado State Board of Education did not immediately respond to The Christian Post’s request for comment. 

The board made recommendations for the curriculum standards last November that caused controversy.

The recommendations updated social studies standards to include references to minority groups highlighted in a law passed by the legislature in 2019 calling for the inclusion of more diverse views in children’s history lessons. The law requires schools to include perspectives of LGBT people, African Americans, Latinos, American Indians and Asian Americans.   

After concerns were raised about “age-appropriateness,” the committee eliminated references to LGBT people for students below fourth grade in April. 

Republican Board member Steve Durham objected to exposing preschoolers to LGBT topics, arguing that the “impact and discussion of sexual issues is the same for kindergartens as it is for high school students.” 

Democratic board members and Escárcega argued that LGBT issues are not sexual topics, claiming the topic may come up during discussions about families, even in lower grades, according to CPR. 

In a Monday statement to The Christian Post, a spokesperson for the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition, which supported references to LGBT people, said the standards were based “on research and best practice.”

The cuts that were made to eliminate certain references to the LGBTQ community and the realities of racism in our history perpetuate xenophobia, homophobia and false understandings of our collective histories,” the spokesperson wrote.

Before the vote, the board allowed for public comments. Except for two speakers, all who spoke called for restoring references to LGBT individuals. One parent who opposed restoring references to the LGBT community, Mary Goodley, stated that parents reserve the right to teach their children about complex social issues. 

“Teaching children about particular sexual or gender notions is a clear violation of parental rights and not only serves to further discredit, but also decreases trust in the public education model,” she said, as quoted by CPR.

The standards will go into effect next year.

Last month, the Colorado school board voted 4 to 3 to reject American Birthright social studies standards, a model promoted by the conservative National Association of Scholars. Those standards aim to teach children where their freedoms come from and “why their country deserves to be loved.”

Thursday’s vote in Colorado came the day before the Virginia Department of Education under Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin proposed new revisions that would alter former Gov. Ralph Northam’s proposed history and social science guidelines in the state’s schools. 

The standards will recognize the world impact of America’s quest for a ‘more perfect Union’ and the optimism, ideals and imagery captured by Ronald Reagan’s ‘shining city upon a hill’ speech,” the proposal reads. “Students will know our nation’s exceptional strengths, including individual innovation, moral character, ingenuity and adventure, while learning from terrible periods and actions in direct conflict with these ideals.”

The 53-page proposal includes teaching kindergarteners about patriotism and how certain symbols are used to honor the country. Fourth-grade students would learn about the Civil War and Reconstruction eras, and 11th-grade students would study Christopher Columbus and the enslavement of African-Americans. 

If the Virginia Board of Education adopts the draft proposal, the new standards will go into effect for seven years, according to a factsheet sent to Virginia legislators on Friday. The new standards would be taught during the 2024-2025 school year, and professional development will start in the summer of 2023. The administration claims these changes are necessary to provide clarity for educators and expand parental involvement. 

“The August 2022 draft standards were unnecessarily difficult for educators to understand and implement; they were also inaccessible for parents and families,” the factsheet reads. “The November 2022 revised standards are easily understood and implemented through a logical progression with a recommended grade level sequence.” 

The proposed history curriculum under Northam would have included lessons on LGBT issues and social justice, in addition to halting requirements to teach lessons on Christopher Columbus and Benjamin Franklin. The Northam standards also would not have included lessons on why James Madison is called the “Father of the Constitution” and George Washington is called the “Father of our Country.” Under the new draft, fourth-grade students would once again learn why Madison and Washington have these titles. 

Critics, such as the Virginia Education Association, a union representing more than 40,000 education workers, contend the proposed standards will impede academic instruction. VEA President James J. Fedderman said in a Saturday statement to The Washington Post that he believes the new standards contain “political bias” and refer to enslaved people with “outdated language.”

Former Trump administration official and founder of the education advocacy group Fight For Schools, Ian Prior, supports the changes. Prior told The Post that if applied “correctly,” the changes could unlock key critical thinking skills that students can use to make their own analysis and decision as they mature into young leaders.”

The Virginia Education Association did not immediately respond to The Christian Post’s request for comment. 

Education appeared to be a relevant issue last November when Youngkin defeated Democratic challenger Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race. Amid national attention surrounding parental involvement in education, McAuliffe argued in a debate against parents being able to tell schools what to teach. Youngkin responded to these concerns by promoting himself as an advocate for parental involvement in education. 

In September, the state’s Department of Education reversed another one of Northam’s directives involving trans-identifying students. The new directive prohibits students from identifying as the opposite gender without documentation and requires schools to keep parents informed about their child’s “psychological development.”

Samantha Kamman is a reporter for The Christian Post. She can be reached at:

Bible verse painted on HS teacher’s parking space angers fellow staffer: ‘I feel like it’s attacking me’

By: DAVE URBANSKI | November 13, 2022


Image source: WFLA-TV video screenshot

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A Bible verse painted on a teacher’s parking space at a Florida public high school has angered a fellow staff member — so much so that instructional assistant Marina Gentilesco told WFLA-TV she feels as though the verse is “attacking” her.

Gentilesco — who works at Wiregrass Ranch High School in Wesley Chapel about a half hour north of Tampa — told the station she grew up hearing stories about her parents in the Holocaust. That’s why passing by the parking space — adorned with the words from Philippians 4:13 in the New Testament: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” — every school day angers her so, WFLA said.

“I feel like it’s attacking me as a Jew,” Gentilesco told the station, adding that “it brings me to the verge of tears, because it brings me back to the 6 million that perished. Six million perished because of our faith — because we’re Jews.”

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Image source: WFLA-TV video screenshot

She also told WFLA “they survived — we didn’t.”

Gentilesco added to the station that she wouldn’t mind the verse in a place like a church — but that letting it be on school grounds is going too far.

“You put it on a state-funded property, I’m not OK with it,” she told WFLA.

The station said Gentilesco brought up her grievances about the Bible verse to the school’s principal, who then checked in with the school district. The verdict? Pasco County Schools won’t be removing the Bible verse, WFLA said.

“It’s not a violation,” the district’s Public Information Officer Stephen Hegarty told the station. “This is personal expression.”

Hegarty added to WFLA that “there is no proselytizing going on; it’s not compelling students to do anything one way or the other.”

What’s more, he added to the station that the painted Bible verse on the parking lot space doesn’t reflect what students are being taught.

“It has nothing to do with instruction,” Hegarty told WFLA. “It’s just a teacher expressing themselves just like they might wear a crucifix on their shirt.” He added to the station that “teachers and students are free to express themselves.”

Middle school dean placed on leave after Project Veritas video exposes teacher sexualizing students, talking about panties of ‘naughty’ girls

By: PAUL SACCA | November 11, 2022


iStock / Getty Images Plus

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A dean at a high-priced Connecticut private school has been placed on leave after a Project Veritas video appears to show him sexualizing his students.

Iman Rasti is the middle school dean, writing center director, and seventh-grade English teacher at the Greens Farms Academy, according to his LinkedIn account. He was reportedly caught on video making sexually explicit comments about his underage students entrusted to his care. Rasti seemingly admits to being sexually turned on by his seventh-grade students.

The undercover Project Veritas journalist asked Rasti if he was ever “tempted” by his students, and he nodded in agreement, then said, “Every day.” Rasti then appeared to confess being sexually aroused by his students: “It’s very hard. I mean, literally and figuratively.”

When asked about being sexual with his students, the dean noted, “That possibly means me losing my job, my reputation – it’s risky, way too risky.”

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said the female journalist recorded two hours of video speaking with Rasti – including the teacher making sexual remarks about his students.

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“Like, one thing they [students] do these days, they sit down in front of me, they purposefully sit down somewhere in the class that is literally directly in front of me,” Rasti said. “They spread their legs wide open and that is just brutal. Brutal.”

“Every day, there is different panties on: green, black, white,” he stated. “And they [students] make sure – it’s like they talk to each other, the three of them do that.”

“They open their legs, and I am teaching, and I see what I see,” Rasti told the undercover journalist at a restaurant. “They make sure that the panties are positioned in a way that I actually see the thing.”

Rasti is seen on video telling the Project Veritas journalist that he has seen the genitalia of his female students.

Rasti – who was hired by the school in 2019 – said he is distracted by the girls spreading their legs during the class. He said, “Well, how can you concentrate? How can you continue talking with your classroom when you see that?”

“I don’t know for women – if you see, I don’t know, I guess for women it’s sexy to see a man with a hard-on,” Rasti continued. “Maybe it’s sexy, I don’t know.”

The teacher said of his students, “And they smile, and they smirk at me, and they close and open, close and open a couple of times. They’re naughty.”

“When girls start having sex, it’s interesting for someone like me who has been in and out of relationships all my life, and married, and all of that,” he admitted.

Rasti theorized that you can see “changes in face and appearance” of adolescent girls once they begin having sex.

“You see a 15-year-old girl, and then next year they come back to school and she’s a woman,” he declared. “There is no way she has gained weight just doing nothing, so it is clear that she has had sex. A lot of sex.”

“Part of the reason why those girls give me attention – in addition to me being genuine with them and honest with them – I think it’s maybe they get that vibe, that sexual tension. I feel like they get it now,” he added. “They lost their head with the TikToks.”

Rasti met with the Project Veritas journalist a second time, and he made a shocking confession.

“I get the vibe, it’s obvious, but I refuse, because I don’t f*** my students. That’s my principle,” the dean said, but added, “I don’t do that, but sometimes I make exceptions. Sometimes.”

Rasti then admitted that he had numerous sexual encounters with his students when he was a college professor.

“Not with my K-12, but college, I had sex with many, many, many, many of my students,” he seemingly bragged.

After Rasti’s exposure in the Project Veritas video, Greens Farms Academy placed Rasti on leave.

“We have just been made aware of a report of inappropriate comments allegedly made by a teacher at GFA,” Greens Farms Academy spokesperson Michelle Levi told the Hartford Courant. “We are placing the employee on leave and will be promptly investigating this matter and taking appropriate action.”

Levi said the school sent a message about the situation to the parents of students on Thursday night. The school also provided parents with “resources” that could offer assistance.

Westport Police Capt. David Wolf told the outlet that police are aware of the damning video, but there is no investigation at this time.

Tuition for seventh-grade students at Greens Farms Academy is $48,770.

(WARNING: Explicit language)

Connecticut School Director Placed “On Leave” After Detailing Sexual Fantasies with Minor Students

Grassroots parental rights groups achieve school board victories across the country

By CANDACE HATHAWAY | November 10, 2022


Co-founders of Moms for Liberty Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

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In Tuesday’s midterm elections, grassroots parental rights organizations successfully secured key victories in school board races across the country, reported the Daily Caller News Foundation. Moms for Liberty, a group fighting to preserve parental rights in the public education system, and the 1776 Project PAC, a political organization fighting against critical race theory in classrooms, supported school board candidates in several races. While not all midterm election results have officially been called, the organizations reported that many of their endorsed nominees already won and successfully flipped school boards to conservative majorities in Florida, Maryland, Indiana, and Michigan.

“Last night was a disappointing night for Republicans in many parts of the country, but we’re happy to say we were very successful in key races in Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio, Maryland, which were by far the biggest places we targeted,” Aiden Buzzetti, head of coalitions and candidate recruitment for the 1776 Project PAC, told the DCNF. “We also officially flipped our 100th school board since our first election in November 2021.”

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The 1776 Project PAC reported that four of its endorsed candidates in Brandywine, Michigan, were victorious in Tuesday’s midterm elections, which successfully turned the school board majority. Similarly, the Carroll County school board majority flipped after all three endorsed candidates won their races.

The group raised $3.2 million through the end of October to support campaign efforts for school board candidates in about a dozen states.

Of the 67 candidates Moms for Liberty supported in Florida school board elections, 41 won. The organization stated that it backed more than 270 school board contenders across 15 states in the midterm elections.

“We’re thrilled,” Tiffany Justice, Moms for Liberty co-founder, told the DCNF. “We were able to endorse over 500 parental rights candidates so far this year with 270 on the ballot yesterday. For us, starting an organization a little less than two years ago, and then having chapters across the country that have vetted and endorsed candidates in 270 races was a really big deal. That was an accomplishment in and of itself.”

Leading up to the midterm elections, Justice urged citizens to “vote like a mother” and elect officials who would give parents the most say in their children’s education.

“There’s no truer love than that of a mother for their child,” Justice told the DCNF. “When we say, ‘vote like a mother,’ it means vote, unabashedly, for parental rights and for your children’s future. Don’t allow the hate or the noise to take you away from what you know to be true and right and good.”

American universities: Are the inmates running the asylum?

By Richard D. Land, Christian Post Executive Editor | October 28, 2022


Getty Images/Spencer Platt

From time to time something happens which seems to illustrate and magnify a very disturbing and possibly catastrophic impact on society.

Such an episode erupted in New York recently. Dr. Maitland Jones Jr., a prestigious professor of organic chemistry at New York University, was fired by the university’s administration over the strong protests of his fellow professors in the Chemistry Department.

Why was Dr. Jones fired? The answer is simply because he was “too hard” and students were not receiving the grades in his class to which they felt they were entitled.

First, who is Dr. Jones? A three-time graduate of Yale University (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) Dr. Jones taught at Princeton University for several decades. While there he founded the Jones Research Lab (in conjunction with Princeton) and he and his research colleagues published 225 cutting-edge research papers. Additionally, he published 63 papers with individual undergraduate students, 30 papers with graduate students, and 34 research papers with individual post-doctoral fellows.

He is also the chief author of the standard textbook on organic chemistry titled Organic Chemistry, which is now in its fifth edition (2014, originally published in 1997.) Upon his retirement from Princeton in 2007, Dr. Jones began teaching on an annual contract basis at New York University.

The New York University dean who informed Dr. Jones of his dismissal shockingly revealed the sorry state of higher education and by implication the entire entitlement culture, when he wrote that this was being done to “extend a gentle but firm hand to the students and those who pay the tuition bills.”

Doesn’t it sound like the inmates (the students) are running the asylum (the university)? This is a recipe for disaster, and I fear this horrible situation prevails at far too many of our nation’s institutions of higher learning.

In a Boston Globe column, “I was Fired from NYU After Students Complained That the Class was too Hard. Who’s Next?”, Dr. Jones responded to his critics. He explained that organic chemistry is an infamously difficult course and one that the failure to navigate successfully ends many students’ dreams of attending medical school and becoming physicians. The dreaded “orgo” is quite often a rite of passage into medical school.

Dr. Jones left Princeton after 43 years because he wanted to test to see if the technique “I had introduced at Princeton, in which the talking-head lecture was deemphasized in favor of small-group solving, was transferable to another university.”

This methodology was an attempt to apply the “precept” model of teaching introduced by Woodrow Wilson when he was president at Princeton University (1902-1910) before being elected president of the United States in 1912. In the precept method, a student attends two lectures a week and then an hour-long “precept” with the professor and only five or six students from the class to discuss that week’s lectures and readings (usually a new book each week). This was the model in every liberal arts course I took at Princeton from 1965-1969 in preparation to graduate with a degree, magna cum laude in history with a special certificate in the honors program in American civilization.

Evidently, Dr. Jones adopted this model in organic chemistry courses with “small-group solving” instead of the “talking-head lectures.”

Dr. Jones disclosed that all “went well at first as students prospered in the problem-solving setting.” However, after a decade, he noticed that incoming students were less industrious and less diligent in attending the lecture section of the course.

Then COVID hit.

Dr. Jones, along with two faculty colleagues, financed and prepared 52 videos to replace COVID-cancelled lectures. Many students either watched them haphazardly or not at all.

Of course, as student effort diminished, grades went downhill. So what was the reaction of the students? They accused Dr. Jones of “being insufficiently sensitive to the stressful issues of the day.” The students urged professor Jones to switch to multiple-choice exams.

Finally, this spring some students sent a petition to NYU deans complaining “about procedures and grades in the course.” Without ever revealing the contents of the students’ complaints, the NYU administration fired Dr. Jones on Aug. 2.

The most serious issue here is not the shabby treatment accorded Dr. Jones. As he himself said, he is 84 years old, and “the time for me to step aside was probably upon me.”

The real issue is the serious, crippling damage being done to higher education in the United States.

Dr. Jones points out that destruction emanates from the students’ dysfunctional behavior like ever-increasing concentric circles of corrosive, toxic slime.

The first group seriously damaged are the professors, tenured and untenured, both victimized by entitled, spoiled children who think they are entitled to great grades regardless of performance.

The second group seriously damaged are the students themselves being patronized and coddled by spineless college educators leading to the continued narcissism and infantilization of students who will find it increasingly difficult to function after they leave college.

Most important of all, it will inevitably lead to doctors and researchers who are significantly less well-educated than the current generation of doctors. They will have received their degrees, but their degrees will be devalued by the “dumbing down” of the requirement of their qualifications to be a doctor or a research scientist.

I don’t know about you, but I want doctors who “aced” organic chemistry.

Unfortunately, this squalid episode at New York University is indicative of another emerging fact in American higher education — the fact that year after year students are learning less before they graduate. We are producing graduates who are often not as well educated and trained as the people they are replacing.

As Dr. Jones put it, “about 10 years ago I noticed that students were increasingly misreading exam questions” and regular attendance at lectures began to decline.

Dr. Jones was observing evidence of a downward trend in the education of our young people that has taken place for more than a generation. This is reflected in ever poorer performances on standardized tests such as the SAT.

As I read Dr. Jones’ story, I reflected back on an experience I had in the mid-1980s. Dr. Paul Ramsey and I had been invited to speak as the two male pro-life “sacrifices” at a militantly pro-choice seminar at Perkins School of Theology at SMU.

Dr. Ramsey, one of the country’s leading ethicists, had been a mentor of mine when I was an undergraduate student at Princeton. Dr. Ramsey was a great teacher and a “good guy.”

Just making conversation, I asked Dr. Ramsey what the biggest difference was between Princeton when I was there (1965-1969) and now. The question was purely rhetorical since I was fully expecting him to say co-education (Princeton went co-ed in 1970, the year after I graduated.)

So I was shocked when he said, “the students we get now are not nearly as well educated as your class was and they aren’t nearly as used to working hard. They are just as smart, but less industrious and less well-informed. They also seem less curious.”

I was dumbfounded by his answer, but it stayed with me. The lowering of standards in our nation’s schools K-12 has now reached into the realm of higher education and it stands to reason it has lowered standards and performance across the board in professional and academic life.

It is a national disgrace for America as a nation not to encourage and enable our citizens to realize their God-given talents to the fullest extent possible. And all of us suffer from this downgrade and waste of talents.

As a nation, we need to reinvigorate our educational system and challenge our students and their teachers to do far better.

Dr. Richard Land, BA (Princeton, magna cum laude); D.Phil. (Oxford); Th.M (New Orleans Seminary). Dr. Land served as President of Southern Evangelical Seminary from July 2013 until July 2021. Upon his retirement, he was honored as President Emeritus and he continues to serve as an Adjunct Professor of Theology & Ethics. Dr. Land previously served as President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (1988-2013) where he was also honored as President Emeritus upon his retirement. Dr. Land has also served as an Executive Editor and columnist for The Christian Post since 2011.

Dr. Land explores many timely and critical topics in his daily radio feature, “Bringing Every Thought Captive,” and in his weekly column for CP.

Leftist militants attack conservative students and use terror tactics to shut down Turning Point USA event ​at UC Davis

By JOSEPH MACKINNON | October 27, 2022


Image: YouTube – Screenshot

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A Turning Point USA event was shut down Tuesday evening after multiple attacks by leftist militants on attendees were answered, not by the UC Davis police, who were kept from intervening, but by a handful of counter-protesters ready for a fight.

The UC Davis student chapter of Turning Point USA organized an event for Oct. 25, set to feature conservative speaker Stephen Davis, the host of the podcast “SMASH with MAGA Hulk.”

The chapter vice president of UC Davis TPUSA, Luke Shalz, noted that Stephen Davis is “an African-American gentleman who does not believe in systemic racism.”

In advance of the event featuring a black conservative speaker, flyers were distributed on campus accusing TPUSA of being “racist, homophobic, transphobic, and anti-immigrant” and of celebrating violence. The flyers also defamed Kyle Rittenhouse, who spoke at a TPUSA event, as a “racist murder [sic].” The flyers called on “anyone who opposes racism and bigotry to stand together and make it known that TPUSA is not welcome on our campus.”

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Similar posts were circulated online accusing Stephen Davis of being a fascist for “denying systemic racism.”

Notwithstanding calls for censorship ahead of the event, the university claimed that it was “committed to the First Amendment, and … required to uphold it. We affirm the right of our students — in this instance, Turning Point USA at UC Davis — to invite speakers to our campus, just as we affirm the right of others to protest speakers whose views they find upsetting or offensive.”

The university also reportedly informed the TPUSA campus chapter that UC Davis police would be present at the event and that they would intervene if protests turned violent. However, when leftist protesters began using barriers as battering rams and pepper-spraying young women, the campus police — said to have been on site — did not take action or deploy into the crowd.

The university told KCRA3 that officers had been on standby when the fighting broke out, but did not act because “the situation de-escalated on its own, eliminating the need for the police to engage.”

The brawl that ensued allegedly involved 100 people and began, according to TPUSA’s field team, when Antifa began provoking people trying to enter the venue. In a statement, UC Davis noted there had been reports of Antifa supporters involved in the fighting and pepper-spraying and that members of the pugnacious men’s group Proud Boys may have also been on the scene.

One young female conservative was pepper-sprayed by leftist agitators.

Young college girl attacked and maced at #TurningPointUSA event @UC Davis #Magahulk #StephenDavis

UC Davis also indicated that some “in the crowd used barricades to beat on the glass of the UC Davis Conference Center, where about 30 people were inside waiting for the event to begin.”

Student Affairs staff reportedly determined that the chaos outside presented sufficient danger to warrant shutting down the event.

The UC Davis TPUSA chapter ultimately agreed, later stating, “Rather than risk any further escalation of violence, our TPUSA chapter leadership decided to cancel the event when it became apparent campus PD was unable to disperse the violent agitators outside while also keeping our students safe inside.”

“This is a great loss for free speech, our speaker Stephen Davis, and for the students at UC Davis. TPUSA condemns all violence and refuses to be cowed by those who use threats and intimidation to stop conservatives on campus,” TPUSA tweeted.

On Thursday, former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell called out UC Davis chancellor Gary May, suggesting he had failed up to stand up for true diversity on campus after Davis, a black speaker, had been shut down by “radical lefties.”

Catherine Brinkley, a UC Davis professor, celebrated the silencing of a black conservative and the leftist attacks on unarmed students, stating she was “really proud of our students, faculty, staff and community who showed up to counter-rally a planned speaking event at UC Davis. Thank you for putting your bodies on the line.”

\u201cI am really proud of our students, faculty, staff and community who showed up to counter-rally a planned speaking event at UC Davis. \n\nThank you for putting your bodies on the line.\u201d

— Catherine Brinkley, VMD-PhD (@Catherine Brinkley, VMD-PhD) 1666812802

It is unclear whether the event will be rescheduled.

‘Nation’s Report Card’ records significant decline in math, reading scores after pandemic closures

By Samantha Kamman, Christian Post Reporter | October 25, 2022


A girl wears a face mask as students sit in a classroom of the Petri primary school in Dortmund, western Germany, on June 15, 2020, amid the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. | AFP via Getty Images/Ina Fassbender

Student reading and math scores suffered significant declines in the past three years as the nation analyzes the impact the COVID-pandemic had on education, according to The National Assessment of Educational Progress. The congressionally-mandated NAEP, also known as the “nation’s report card,” released Monday suggests dramatic declines in math and reading levels for fourth and eighth graders. Math scores showed the largest drop since NAEP began administering tests in 1990, and reading scores declined in both grade levels since the pandemic. The average reading scores for both grades decreased by three points since 2019, before COVID forced schools to enact remote learning measures. Similarly, the average math scores for fourth and eighth grade declined by five and eight points, respectively. Most states saw scores decline for fourth and eighth-grade math and reading between 2019 and 2022. 

Overseen by the U.S. Department of Education, the study assessed over 400,000 students at over 10,000 schools across the country at the beginning of the year, scoring students on a scale of zero to 500.  U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said the findings in the report are “appalling and unacceptable.”

“This is a moment of truth for education,” he said during a call with reporters Monday. “How we respond to this will determine not only our recovery, but our nation’s standing in the world.”

Peggy Carr, the commissioner for the National Center for Education Statistics, said the drop in math was to be expected in light of the nationwide pause to in-person learning during the pandemic.

“We really need the teachers to teach math,” Carr said. “Reading, on the other hand, is something that parents and communities are more comfortable helping students with.”

Nicole Neily, president of the advocacy group Parents Defending Education, believes that the report proves American parents’ concerns about their children’s education during the pandemic correct. 

“American students were the subject of a years-long social experiment that will impact our country’s economy for decades to come,” Neily wrote in a Monday statement shared with The Christian Post.

“It’s time to hold the education bureaucrats, activists, and public health officials who mocked, shamed, and derided families accountable for their decisions — and refuse to cede them any further authority (or funds) going forward.

The group’s director of outreach, Erika Sanzi, agrees with Carr that the academic outcomes for students were “predictable.” 

“We knew prolonged school closures and masking would have catastrophic effects on children,” she stated. “And now we have more evidence that they did.” 

Last month, NAEP released the results of an assessment that found historic declines in reading and math scores for 9-year-old students. The scales used in the evaluation also ranged from zero to 500, with the group testing around 7,400 students from 410 schools from January to March 2020 and 2022. 

“Average scores for age 9 students in 2022 declined 5 points in reading and 7 points in mathematics compared to 2020,” the report stated. This is the largest average score decline in reading since 1990, and the first ever score decline in mathematics.

The assessment noted that declines in math scores differed by race, with black students experiencing a 13-point score decrease compared to a 5-point decrease among white students. According to the report, the score gap between the two races went from 25 points in 2020 to 33 points in 2022. City students, who previously scored 213 on average in reading and 236 in math in 2020, experienced a seven-point decline in 2022. Students in suburban schools, who once scored 225 in reading in 2020, saw their scores decline by 8 points in 2022. Math scores for the same group of students went from 245 in 2020 to 236 in 2022.

Carr said in an August statement that COVID-19 may have “exacerbated” learning challenges already existing, particularly for students already underperforming. 

“There’s been much speculation about how shuttered schools and interrupted learning may have affected students’ opportunities to learn,” Carr wrote. 

“Our own data reveal the pandemic’s toll on education in other ways, including increases in students seeking mental health services, absenteeism, school violence and disruption, cyberbullying, and nationwide teacher and staff shortages.”

study released in July by the National Center for Education Statistics indicates the pandemic may have also impacted student behavior. The agency collected data from 846 participating schools between May 10 and May 24 as part of its School Pulse Panel. According to the study, 87% of public schools reported the pandemic negatively impacted students’ socio-emotional development for the 2021-2022 school year. Eighty-three percent of public schools also agree that the pandemic negatively affected students’ behavioral development. Forty-eight percent reported an increase in disrespect towards teachers and staff, and 56% noted an increase in student misconduct in the classroom. Forty-nine percent saw a rise in rowdiness outside the classroom, and 42% experienced increased use of prohibited electronics in class. 

Samantha Kamman is a reporter for The Christian Post. She can be reached at:

‘I hope you f***ing die!’ Penn State rioters resort to violence, even spitting to intimidate right-wing speakers, prompting school to cancel comedy event

By CORTNEY WEIL | October 25, 2022


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Right-leaning comedians Alex Stein, a BlazeTV contributor, and Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys, were recently invited to Penn State University to speak at an event billed as a “provocative comedy night” on campus. However, the event was canceled before it ever really began when hundreds of angry protesters quickly resorted to violence to prevent Stein and McInnes from speaking.

On Monday, Stein and McInnes arrived in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, to appear at the event arranged by a PSU student group and sponsored by Uncensored America, a “non-partisan organization dedicated to fighting for freedom of speech,” according to its website.

However, a mob of angry protesters awaited their appearance and immediately began hurling invectives, insults, and, in one case, even projectile saliva to prevent the event from proceeding.

Ever the provocateur, Stein entered the heated fray and began mocking and insulting protesters to their faces, a move that prompted even more hostility.

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When Stein zeroed in on one particular female protester, she lashed out harshly.

“I f***ing hate you!” the unnamed woman repeated as she gave him the middle finger. “I hope you f***ing die!”

When Stein then filmed himself with her and insisted he “loved” her because she was “a very nice woman,” she responded by spitting substantively on his suit jacket.

New York Post video

Stein himself tweeted another video of the incident. The spitting moment occurs at about the 1:40 mark:

Police on horseback attempted to quell the unrest but were ultimately unsuccessful. People began using pepper spray on one another and at police, prompting the school to cancel the event.

Both the school and the university president issued statements that condemned Stein and McInnes for “hateful” and “abhorrent” opinions, but that also lamented that student protests had devolved into violence.

“From the start, Penn State’s administration firmly denounced the two speakers,” university president Neeli Bendapudi reminded students in her statement.

However, Bendapudi continued, PSU administrators also “support the fundamental constitutional right of free speech and free expression of all members of our community.”

She then blamed both sides — Stein and McInnes for contributing “to the very violence that compromised their ability to speak,” the rioters for restricting “speech by escalating protest to violence” — and then expressed gratitude that no one had been seriously hurt.

In its statement to cancel the event, the school reiterated many of Bendapudi’s sentiments.

“The University has been clear that the views and speech of the two speakers at tonight’s student-organization-hosted event are abhorrent and do not align with the values of Penn State. We have encouraged peaceful protest, and, while protest is an acceptable means of expression, it becomes unacceptable when it obstructs the basic exchange of ideas. Such obstruction is a form of censorship, no matter who initiates it or for what reasons. The University expects that people engaging in expressive activity will demonstrate civility, concern for the safety of persons and property, respect for University activities and for those who may disagree with their message, and will comply with University rules.

“The climate in our nation has been polarized for quite some time. On campuses across the country, violence is proliferating, and individuals are being intimidated and even harmed. This must stop.”


The event was scheduled to begin by 8 p.m. but had been formally canceled by 7:15. It is unclear whether there had been any arrests or whether any of the students will face repercussions from the school for participating in the disturbance.

Moms for Liberty Uncovers “How to” Sex Manual Previously on 7th Grade “Book Tasting” List in Charlotte, NC. – Book Also Appeared in a Massachusetts School…**Warning: Graphic**

By Brian Lupo | Published October 24, 2022


Last week, The Gateway Pundit published a story about a man dressed in drag talking about his “p*ssy sweet…good enough to eat” at an *all ages* event.  There was a young child seen directly over his shoulder as he lifted his skirt, revealing himself to the crowd as they waved dollar bills.  How is that not child abuse?  One could argue “well, you don’t have to bring your child…it’s a private venue!”  But now this (notice the man in the crowd who plugs his ears during this explicit reading.  He was reportedly there for the renaming of a school but seems to have found this too embarrassing to listen to):

The YouTube version here has a slightly longer introduction

“This Book is Gay” by Juno Dawson was found in a 7th grade middle school classroom at Collinswood Learning Academy, according to a parent during public comment at a local school board meeting earlier in October from a member of an organization called Moms For Liberty.

The concerned parent also stated that it is on the ELA recommended reading list for 7th graders at JM Robinson Middle School.  It was actually found on a “book tasting” list in September of 2020 and labeled as “PG-13”.

The parent goes on to describe some of the writing in the book.

*WARNING* This is graphic.

From Chapter 9 “The ins and outs of gay sex” (page 201, part 1 “boy on boy sex”):

“Perhaps the most important skill you will master as a gay or bi man is a timeless classic: the handjob.  Good news is you can practice it on yourself.  The bad news is each guy has become very used to his own way of getting himself off.  Learning how to find a partner’s personal style can take ages.  But it can be very rewarding when you do.  Something they don’t teach you in school, in order to be able to cum at all, you or your partner may need to finish off with a handy.  A lot of people find it hard to cum through other types of sex.  That is fine and certainly not something you have to apologize for.  A good handy is all about the wrist action.  Rub the head of his cock back and forth with your hand.  Try different speeds and pressures until he responds positively.  A bad “handy” is grasping a penis and shaking it like a ketchup bottle.  Finally, my misunderstanding about rubbing two peens together wasn’t far off the mark.  Rubbing them together in one hand feels awesome.  “Mega combo handy”.  Trademark pending.”

The concerned parent then goes on to claim that this is the reason 92% of CMS graduates aren’t college or career ready is because they are teaching this type of filth instead of how to add and subtract.  Shockingly, as her time closes out, she says that this book was “brought into the classroom without intent of allowing children access”.  This begs the question why is it in the classroom in the first place, private or public?  If a teacher had a Playboy or Penthouse in their desk and a student saw it, would that teacher be held accountable?  And why was it once recommended as a “book tasting” in 2020?

Lastly, when the parent is cut off despite them shorting her about 15 seconds of her time while she allowed parents with children in the room to leave, as a responsible adult should do (unlike this drag queen who allowed a toddler to rub his genitals publicly), she finishes off her speech by stating “We will vote you out November 8th”.  The Board Chairwoman brazenly responds with “I’m not on the ballot November 8th.”  I’ve been watching a lot of public comment over the last several years from across the country and I have never seen a public official lose their bearing quite like this and respond in such a smug way to a concerned citizen.

The member who responded is confirmed as Elyse Dashew.  According to the Mecklenberg Board of Education website, she was elected in 2015 and re-elected in 2019.  She is on the ballot again in 2023.

I reached out to Moms for Liberty for comment and asked what their reaction would be if this was heterosexual in nature.  They responded:

“It doesn’t matter.  Manuals for sex don’t belong in classrooms.  I would have as much of a problem with the Kama Sutra being found in a classroom.”

Moms for Liberty Chapter Chair Brooke Weiss will be joining my podcast tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:30pm EST to talk about this and much more!  Their organization also has a solid plan to arm parents to combat this type of grooming.

The book, which ironically was also found in a Newburyport, Massachusetts school, has explicit instructions on how to create a sex app profile on how to chat with and meet up with local homosexuals.

Through Open Records Request submitted by Moms for Liberty, it was disclosed the principal of the school sent out an email to 7th grade parents concerning the book:

The email claims this book is kept in an “off limits” section of the classroom, however, this does not indicate whether or not it is visible to the children so they may inquire with the teacher to spark a conversation or even perhaps check it out of another library on their own.  Furthermore, the email does not disclose why the person responsible for moving it from the personal library and into the “in-classroom student library” did so and whether or not they’ve been investigated and reprimanded.  This seems to be, at the very least, grooming 7th grade children to wildly inappropriate sexualization and simultaneously giving them step by step instructions on how to partake in this themselves through the above “dating app.”

Moms for Liberty also obtained through Open Records that the book was in fact assigned as a “book tasting” assignment by a teacher no longer with CMS back in September of 2020, as mentioned above.  The official responding goes on to apologize for this and assures parents this book has been erased from CMS schools.  The problem is there are others, as The Gateway Pundit reported about Gender Queer being found in Michigan schools (among many others, including Orange Co, FL), where AG Dana Nessel has stated she wants a “drag queen for every classroom”.

And without the diligent research done by parents, it seems to go under the radar.  This is probably because teachers are encouraging students who join “gay and transgender clubs” in schools not to tell their parents about the clubs, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

It is clear that there are, at the very least, factions of people embedded in our public schools that want this “grooming” of children and they seem to have the support of the Mockingbird Media, who rarely, if ever, report on these disturbing, borderline criminal, findings.  Whether it was the Mockingbird Media mislabeling HB 1557 as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, which I refer to as the “Don’t Say Straight Bill” since it doesn’t mention heterosexuality either, or the Gender Queer book found in Michigan schools as mentioned above, or a field trip in Broward County, Florida to a gay bar for 10 year-olds.  I wonder if the bar, Rosie’s, took down their signage:

Thankfully, there are organizations like Moms for Liberty who are combing through our public schools to help ensure our children are not learning about sexual indoctrination, regardless of the sexual preference, or being taught about critical race theory, which teaches children that blacks and other minorities are inferior to whites and therefore need special consideration to ensure they have equal opportunity.


Brian Lupo

Follow me at, and @CannCon on TruthSocial

‘They want parents indoctrinated’: Several woke NYC private schools require parents to take ‘anti-racism’ training, sign pledges — or else

By CANDACE HATHAWAY | October 22, 2022


Photo by: BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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Several New York City private schools mandate woke training for parents — and some parents said if they refuse to participate in the controversial programs, their children will not be admitted to the schools.

The New York Post reported that at least five elite private schools in the city require parents to attend training in “anti-racism” and “diversity, equity and inclusion.”

One of the academies accused of pushing controversial theories is Brearley School, an all-girls private school in Manhattan. The student application states that “parents are expected to attend two diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism (DEIA) workshops per school year.”


Parents are also expected to write 500-word essays swearing their allegiance to those values, and should their child be accepted into the elite school, parents must sign an oath pledging their support of those values.

“We expect teachers, staff members, students and parents to participate in anti-racist training and to pursue meaningful change through deliberate and measurable actions. These actions include identifying and eliminating policies, practices and beliefs that uphold racial inequality in our community,” the pledge reads.

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Andrew Gutmann, whose daughter had been enrolled at the school, wrote a public letter criticizing the private school for pushing critical race theory.

“They want parents indoctrinated the same way they want their kids,” he stated.

Chapin School held an “optional” panel earlier this month for prospective parents to discuss the academy’s “ongoing commitment to equity & inclusion, including our newest community-wide initiatives.”

According to one mother, the panel discussion was anything but optional.

“They take attendance, they have name tags, there is someone from the admissions office to keep track of who goes and who doesn’t,” the mom told the Post. “If you don’t go, your child is not going to go very far in the admission process.”

Another mother stated that she was “talked to” by school officials after her son said boys are physically more capable at sports than girls. The mom said she was told her child “had to better understand the values of inclusion at the school, and I had to familiarize myself with the values of inclusion at the school and be clear with my child as to what they were so he arrived at school prepared.”

In 2020, Grace Church High School required students to sign an oath promising to stand against “racial propaganda” and to “interrupt biases.” “Respect for differing viewpoints is a fundamental commitment of the school,” a Grace spokesman said. The school added that it no longer requires children to sign the pledge.

Spence School, another all-girls school in New York City, “invited” parents to participate in a “Courageous Conversation equity workshop” hosted by a DEI consulting firm. “The opportunity to participate in the DEI program offered by PEG is strictly voluntary for parents,” a Spence spokesperson said. “These programs do not involve students.”

Horace Mann School, a college-preparatory institution, hosted a “family learning session” during which parents watched a presentation praising Robin DiAngelo, author of the book “White Fragility.”

“The workshop was designed to educate parents about what they were hearing not only in the news at the time but from their children. It was completely voluntary and if a parent rejected this instruction or the content, their children would be welcome at Horace Mann,” a spokesperson for the school told the Post.

Detransitioners slam trans agenda in schools: ‘Children deserve better’

By Ryan Foley, Christian Post Reporter


A sign outside a classroom taken in 2016. | REUTERS/Tami Chappell

A group of detransitioners spoke at a recent school board meeting in California amid concerns about public schools exposing students to gender ideology, warning that such content increases the likelihood that minors will rush to embrace “irreversible” decisions to their long-term detriment. 

Three young adults who formerly identified as trans spoke at a school board meeting for the Conejo Valley Unified School District in Ventura County, California, last week. Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old woman who has launched a support group for individuals who have come to regret undergoing gender transitions called Detrans United, was among three detransitioners who told their stories to the school board at a recent meeting. 

Detrans United shared their testimonies on its Twitter account Thursday, noting that the purpose of their remarks was to “voice our concerns about their policies that allow confused children to come to harm.” Cole indicated on her Twitter account that the distribution of a book introducing 8-year-olds to the word “transgender” was the primary reason she decided to call into the school board meeting. 

Cole shared screenshots of the book, titled Call Me Max, which declared that although “transgender is a long word,” it “means something simple.” The book laid out how “trans means going across” while “gender means being a boy or girl or a little of both.” Another page of the book adds, “When a baby is born, a grown-up says, ‘IT’S A BOY!’ or ‘IT’S A GIRL!’” 

Call Me Max embraced the idea that trans-identified children know that they were born in the wrong body from birth: “If a brand-new baby could talk, sometimes that baby might say, ‘NO I’M NOT!’ When a baby grows up to be transgender, it means that the grown-up who said they were a boy or a girl made a mistake.”

The school board meeting that Cole and the two other detransitioners called into was held on Oct. 11, which coincided with National Coming Out Day, an occasion that encourages LGBT youth to come forward about their sexual identities. One speaker addressed National Coming Out Day in her remarks.

“Growing up, I hated dresses and skirts. I hit puberty at 9 years old and I hated my developing breasts,” Cole recalled. “I hated growing into a woman. I didn’t identify at all with the women around me.”

Cole explained that her discomfort with her biological sex led her to decide that she “wanted to become a boy.” She began socially transitioning by adopting a boy’s name for herself, cutting her hair and wearing boys’ clothes.

“My parents were supportive but they weren’t sure what to do with me, so they sought the help of mental professionals who manipulated them into allowing me to do whatever I wanted to do with myself,” Cole said. She began to take puberty blockers at age 13, and had her breasts amputated at age 16. 

Cole lamented the lack of time between her initial referral to receive the double mastectomy and the surgery itself, which amounted to six months. “Very quickly, I was given what I wanted but it was far from what I needed. Two years later, I was still suffering from major complications,” she added. While Cole did not specify when exactly she began to regret taking significant steps to change her gender, she elaborated on the long-term consequences of her hasty decisions. 

“I will not be able to breastfeed any children I have in the future and my sexuality has permanently been affected because I was allowed to make adult decisions starting at 13, and then again at 15. This is what happens when children are sexualized and exposed to developmentally inappropriate and confusing content and ideas from a young age. This is what happens when we treat children like adults and expect them to have the mental faculties for proper long-term decision making.”

Cole concluded her testimony with a message to the school board: “You are placing children in direct harm. Children deserve better.”

A round of applause followed Cole’s remarks. After Cole finished speaking, another detransitioner, Cat Cattinson, began to outline her concerns about gender ideology in public schools in remarks delivered via telephone: “I was introduced to gender ideology when I was 13 years old. I began identifying as the opposite sex, a man, and believing this negatively affected me for the next 15 years.”

“For the record, coming out as gay is entirely different than coming out as another gender,” she suggested. Cattinson condemned surgeons who are performing mastectomies on underage girls, saying it’s an “irreversible procedure that will prevent this person from ever breastfeeding.” In addition to her status as a detransitioner, Cattinson used her experience as a molecular biologist to dismiss the central idea of gender ideology.

Cattinson added: “Humans cannot change sex. It’s impossible and trying to appear as the opposite sex comes with significant health risks such as infertility, osteoporosis and many more as well. Puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries are irreversible.”

As her remarks came to a close, Cattinson contended that “there is a serious lack of quality research that any of these interventions improve mental health or prevent suicide in the long term.” Like Cole, Cattinson’s remarks drew a round of applause.

Abel Garcia, a male detransitioner, also addressed the board to speak out against “the push that they are doing right now to our children with the transgender ideology.” Garcia stressed that “we cannot expect children as young as they are right now to believe that they can change their sex with cross-sex hormones and irreversible surgeries.”

Garcia detailed how he had breast implants at age 21. Implying that he did not have the maturity to make such a decision, the detransitioner told the board: “I cannot expect a child, a high school male or elementary child, to understand the full extent of damages that will be done to their bodies if an adult like myself wasn’t able to.” 

For her part, Conejo Valley Unified School District Trustee candidate Lisa Powell insisted in a Twitter post shortly after the board meeting concluded that “CA state law requires schools to support and affirm transgender students.” “As a trustee, I will support and affirm our transgender students — not only because it’s the law, but because it’s the right thing to do,” she vowed.

CA state law requires schools to support and affirm our transgender students. As a trustee, I will support and affirm our transgender students – not only because it’s the law, but because it is the right thing to do.— Lisa Powell (@Powell4CVUSD) October 12, 2022

At the previous school board meeting on Sept. 20, a parent slammed the Conejo Valley Unified School District for its response to a seventh-grade boy masturbating in class. She attributed his inappropriate behavior to the school district’s sex education curriculum.

“It does not take an expert to figure out what happens to a 13-year-old boy when he’s staring at mostly naked girls wearing underwear to school and being exposed to concepts like oral and anal sex in seventh grade,” she said. “They let children write the dress code. The Teen Talk comprehensive sex ed is not age-appropriate and neither are supported by parents and teachers have spoken out adamantly against this.”

In a statement published Monday, the Conejo Valley Unified School District has decried what it has described as “on-going social media warfare and print disinformation campaigns” as part of an effort to “create false narratives from email snippets, social media posts, half statements made at Board meetings, and printed disinformation.” 

According to district leadership, “What was once lively discourse at our Board of Education meetings during public comments and agendized topics has escalated to a concerted and organized effort to create chaos and further narratives that are unfounded and simply have nothing to do with current action items nor Board duties and business.”

Besides noting that district officials experienced death threats, the statement did not provide specific examples of actions it found troubling. It did, however, proclaim that the “sensationalizing of rumors and months-old reported incidents must stop,” in what appeared to be a veiled reference to the remarks at the Sept. 20 board meeting regarding the in-class masturbation that took place in May. District officials suggested that “these fictitious narratives are being wrongly used to politicize incidents involving our students.”

The Conejo Valley Unified School District crafted a fact sheet, which was last updated on Oct. 14, to respond to parental concerns about the sex education curriculum. It states that parents can opt out of the curriculum if they so choose.

Ryan Foley is a reporter for The Christian Post. He can be reached at:

HS girls’ volleyball player suffers severe head, neck injuries after trans opponent spikes her in the face with the ball

By CORTNEY WEIL | October 18, 2022


Screenshot of WTVC NewsChannel 9 YouTube video

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A girls’ high school volleyball player in North Carolina recently suffered severe injuries to her head and neck after a trans opponent spiked a ball into her face.

Early last month, Hiwassee Dam High School competed against Highlands High School in a girls’ volleyball tournament. During the game, an unnamed biological male playing for Highlands spiked a ball over the net and hit an unnamed Hiwassee Dam player directly in the face. Though video of the incident is grainy, the unnamed female player can clearly be seen lying on the floor for some time before recovering enough to walk off the court on her own power. The girl is still said to be experiencing long-term concussion symptoms, such as vision problems, and has not been cleared to return to play either by a physician or a neurologist.

As a result of her injury, the Cherokee County Board of Education voted 5-1 to cancel all future volleyball games against Highlands High School, citing a “safety issue.”

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One long-serving coach allegedly persuaded at least one board member to vote in favor of canceling the games. Cherokee board member Joe Wood said that “a coach of 40 years said they’d never seen a hit like this. That was really what sealed the decision, at least on my part.”

The Post Millennial claims to have confirmed that assertion from the unidentified coach.

Fellow board member Jeff Tatham added that the ball had allegedly been traveling at 70 mph when it struck the girl’s face. “I don’t know if that’s faster than normal, but it seemed like it was coming off very fast, abnormally, especially fast,” Tatham said. “It not only hit her in the face, then the ball came off of her face with enough force to then go back through the net.”

In addition to the safety concerns, the board also said it believes that male competitors have a “competitive advantage” over female opponents.

“The competitive advantage issue certainly has to come up in any scenario with that type of transgender conversion, per se,” said Jeff Martin, vice chair of the board. “I can tell you that the board wasn’t searching out this kind of thing. It was brought to our attention based on safety concerns.”

However, despite the concerns voiced by the board, some local residents have chided the decision to cancel district games against Highlands.

“All the events for one incident? It’s not right,” said Tony Graham. “There’s risk getting out of bed in the morning, crossing the street, and going to the store. I’m sure the teammate that did get hurt wants them to go out there and fight for it, right? That’s what we do.”

Board member Arnold Mathews reiterated that the decision applies only to Highlands and only to girls’ volleyball. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association confirmed that each “local school system” can decide not to play games against particular opponents or schools.

“While we would prefer that schools or teams play all games it schedules,” the NCHSAA said, “that latitude does exist.”

Though the WTVC video below does contain clips from the Hiwassee Dam/Highlands game, it does not depict the spike in question. The MaxPreps video for this particular game also appears to be unavailable.

We Need The ‘Protect Children’s Innocence’ Bill As A First Line Of Defense Against Sterilizing Kids



two young girls wearing rainbow colors carry pride flag in pride parade
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bill gives us the chance to defend children from leftists pushing a radically sexualized agenda on minors.

Author Sandra Kirby profile



Children in America are in need of protection now more than ever. The leftist tide is coming at them in full force, pushing a radically sexualized agenda on minors both mentally and physically, robbing them of their innocence and their childhood. That’s why legislators like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., are introducing legislation to protect children from dangerous experimental procedures such as puberty blockers, wrong-sex hormones, and ill-named “gender-affirming” surgeries.

Instead of being allowed to enjoy the innocence of childhood, develop imagination, cultivate friendships, develop curiosity, and enjoy the satisfaction of learning facts, figures, and formulas, children are assaulted with sexualized content fueled by a radical agenda. If you think it’s not having an effect, just look at a sampling from Maryland schools. According to school surveys in Montgomery county, over the last two years, the number of students identifying as gender nonconforming has increased by 582 percent. This survey includes children in elementary school.

At the very least, parents should be fully aware of any and all exposure their children have to sexualized content, and they have the primary right to know of any confusion or distress their children may be experiencing in school. Yet somehow it is becoming more to push policies to keep parents in the dark. Most schools cannot even prescribe aspirin to a child without parental consent, yet they see no issue with socially transitioning a minor without parental involvement. The disparity gives every cause for concern.

And when the parents do know about their child’s gender confusion, the agenda becomes even more radical, pushing parents to “affirm” their child’s choices to extreme degrees. Whether you embrace the ideology, no amount of parental concern can justify even the slightest delay in transitioning a child.

Compliance, Not Concern

One lesbian couple had already transitioned their eldest son when their second boy started asking to be called a girl. Unlike their first child, who had preferred playing with girls and had a gentler side, the younger acted like a typical boy, so his mother suspected that he was simply mirroring his older sibling’s behavior. But what happened when she voiced her concerns to a gender therapist?

“She [their gender therapist] expressed that it was transphobic to believe there was anything wrong with our younger son wanting to be like his older transgender sibling. When I pushed back, and asserted that I was not yet convinced our younger son was transgender, she told me that if I did not change his pronouns and honor his identity, he could develop an attachment disorder,” the mom recalls.

Instead of addressing the mother’s fears, the therapist merely preyed on them further.

It’s horrible to emotionally blackmail loving parents while blatantly ignoring their genuine concerns, but this is mild compared to the psychological manipulation that’s been waged on other parents, who have been told “comply or they die,” with doctors insisting that any questioning of their child’s feelings will result in further depression and suicide.

Meanwhile, these “experts” are not basing their methods in science at all.

So Much for Science

According to the recent Heritage report, “Puberty Blockers, Cross-Sex Hormones, & Youth Suicide” by Dr. Jay Greene, stats show that the exact opposite may be the case. He writes, “Starting in 2010, when puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones became widely available, elevated suicide rates in states where minors can more easily access those medical interventions became observable.”

That’s right, here it seems that access to these “life-saving drugs” has actually increased suicide rates. The fact is, there is no golden standard study proving the “lifesaving” claims of transition, yet left-wing politicians insist that it is the only path forward.

There is proof that these drugs are dangerous on their own, and there is no certifiable data proving the long-term harmlessness of puberty-blocking drugs and wrong-sex hormones, despite leftist claims to the contrary.

This isn’t health care. This isn’t science. We need to stop using children to wage ideological warfare, and we must stop the progressive tide before every child pays the price.

A Reason for Hope

Rep. Taylor Green is trying to do just that. She recently released the Protect Children’s Innocence Act (H.R.8731), which, if passed, will charge anyone who knowingly performs “gender-affirming care” — including the administering of puberty blockers and wrong-sex hormones — with a class C felony.

The bill will prohibit the federal taxpayer funding of so-called gender-affirming care, forbid institutions of higher education from providing instructions on such care, and will prevent aliens who have performed such procedures from receiving a visa. If they already have a visa, they will be eligible for deportation. It is designed to protect children from abusive experimental procedures from every angle.

Victims of surgery who realize their mistake and choose to detransition have recourse to the courts through a private right of action levied against anyone who took an active part in their transition, including administering puberty blockers and performing surgeries. There is no statute of limitations, ensuring that anyone involved in destroying a child’s life will be held accountable in perpetuity.

This bill also looks out for those victims who have already suffered at the hands of misleading therapists, doctors, and propaganda. While it does ban transition attempts on minors, it explicitly states that it in no way prohibits doctors from helping patients handle complications due to those interventions, regardless of whether they were received illegally. In every aspect, this bill holds the health of these patients as its primary object, not monetary benefits and soul-sucking propaganda.

Fighting on defense in the culture isn’t enough. We’re losing — more and more children are being subjected to these horrific “treatments” every single day. We need to fight back legislatively. We need to protect the innocence of children and demand justice for those who have already been deprived of that privilege. If the battleground is in our backyard, this bill gives us the chance to push back enemy lines, to establish a first line of defense that will allow our children the space they need to grow and thrive.

The character of our country will be determined by whether we are willing to defend our innocents. Children being mutilated and castrated openly is the moral issue of our time. Will we stand up and fight? Or will we let these evil monsters continue to wreak havoc on the helpless?

Sandra Kirby is the Government Affairs Manager at American Principles Project. Follow her on Twitter @SandraK1776.

‘Activist pimps’: Mom blasts school board for promoting ‘family-friendly’ Halloween drag show

By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor | October 17, 2022


Brittany Mayer, a mom and who is from the Christian-based parental rights group Rooted Wings, speaks to the Encinitas Union School District Board in San Diego County, California. | Screenshot / Twitter

Parents are rallying behind a mother who blasted a Southern California school district for its plans to host a “family-friendly” Halloween drag show, which she said amounts to “pimping out our kids” in an already “hyper-sexualized” culture.

In a video that went viral on social media, Brittany Mayer from the Christian-based parental rights group Rooted Wings spoke at the Encinitas Union School District Board meeting in San Diego County, California, accusing them of acting as “groomers and activist pimps” for the “Boo Bash” drag queen show planned for the Saturday before Halloween, Fox News reported.

“What is it about a grown man costumed in a sparkly bra with augmented boobs busting out and wearing a miniskirt barely covering his twerking a** with duct tape on his front while spreading his fish-netted legs as he writhes on the ground, grinding his groin next to a minor, family-friendly?” she asks the board in the video.

On Twitter, Mayer revealed that the drag queen show was sponsored by a local San Francisco gender reassignment surgery center in collaboration with a popular gay nightclub. “While we have a culture that has a huge problem with child porn and with sex trafficking, Encinitas Union School District in CA, made the decision to feature an event to sexualize young children,” she wrote.

She told the board, “You all played the activist pimp for Align Surgical center and for a 21-plus gay bar. It makes you groomers and activist pimps and we won’t have those sitting on a school board that oversees the education of our children.”

Elected San Diego Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer criticized the parents, saying on Twitter that they “should be ashamed of themselves for pushing hate and intolerance on all of us.” She also said she would be taking her 3-year-old to the event.

Carrie Boller, a mother of two and a community activist, pulled her kids out of the district, ABC 10 reported. The Encinitas Union School District said it’s not hosting or sponsoring the Oct. 29 event but shared it on a community information hub called Peachjar to notify parents about opportunities for families in the district.

However, Boller said, “Our message is very clear. We don’t want strip shows, we don’t want drag shows, and definitely not sent out inviting the parents and kids in our district.”

Justin Ried, a parent of two children who is also running for school board, was quoted as saying, “We certainly want to be an inclusive community and support groups of all kinds, but the question is where do we draw the line?”

The district said the flyer had been taken down as it did not meet district approval criteria, and it has reviewed and adjusted procedures for approving fliers in the future. But parents are demanding to know who approved it for promotion and want the district to apologize.

Mayer told Fox that she and dozens of other parents showed up at the school board meeting last Tuesday to confront the leadership, which had been requested several times to stop promoting the event and issue an apology.

“We asked the board again and again to reconsider and to issue an apology and an explanation, which they didn’t, which is why we decided to show up,” she was quoted as saying.

She added that the planned show was not an isolated incident. 

“This is coming to every school across the nation,” she said, adding that “… We’re not going to play by the rules, that we’re supposed to be afraid, that we’re going to be punished if we don’t speak up now.”

Watching Phones Instead of Reading Good Books Is Starving Kids’ Souls



young man on his phone

Author Katie Schuermann profile



Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education 2022 conference. It is excerpted here with CCLE permission.

My husband pastors a campus church at a Big Ten university, and we live amongst college students. It is a blessed life, one in which our evenings are longer and our mornings shorter, all because we have the privilege of fostering 50-plus Gen Z-ers in the faith.

What passion and curiosity reside in the hearts and heads of our young people! But do you know what else resides there? Fear and distrust of most everything coming out of the mouth of anyone older than them.

For so many of these students grew up reading, hearing, watching, and absorbing stories that assert that they are omniscient, that no outside source is as trustworthy as their own feelings. They are certain they know what is best for themselves, and anyone who asserts otherwise is an indoctrinated false prophet of the dead past who simply refuses to sing along with Elsa, “Let it go.”

How did these young people come to trust their own corrupted gut more than the wisdom of their parents? I suspect it has something to do with Cinderella, Ariel, Elsa, and Anna; as well as Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler; and “Modern Family,” “Sex and the City,” “Parks and Recreation,” Marvel movies, and even “Veggie Tales,” for many of our present college students were raised in homes dominated by screens.

Much of their free time was spent absorbing serial television, and while not every televised program, movie, and YouTube channel necessarily tells false stories, much of modern programming follows a storytelling formula that ensures the pet social agendas of screenwriters are always being covered in the plot and in ways that narrate lies surrounding sexual identity, the sanctity of life, the good order of creation and marriage, the strength of men, and the reality of absolutes.

Stories have always been a part of how we pass down what is good and beautiful and true to our children, but depending on the storyteller, this practice can corrupt as easily as benefit. As more and more families turn over the care of their children to institutions, programs, clubs, teams, and devices, parents are no longer controlling the narrative of the stories being passed down to their children.

The loudest, most powerful propagandist holds the bullhorn, and he makes sure the story’s plot fits his personal agenda, no matter if it is evil and ugly and false. This proves especially dangerous in the classroom, where most children spend the greater part of everyday away from their parents.

We now have generations of children raised by bullhorns, and it is commonplace for a child to be occupied by some sort of program every moment of every day, whether it is a daycare program, school program, televised program, sports program, or an arts program — you name it. Many of today’s college students have had few opportunities in life to grow bored, to daydream, and to experience what happens to their bodies and minds and emotions when not occupied. They seem to have missed out on what used to be standard human experiences such as unregulated play, relating to peers of all shapes, sizes, and maturity levels, and making messy, wonderful, formative relationships with imperfect people.

I have observed that when young people are denied the opportunity to share experiences with other real people, they bond with the fake experiences and fake people they see on a screen instead. It is not uncommon for conversations amongst college students to be centered around Disney or “Game of Thrones” or the show “Friends” or countless other streamed programs. Sadly, those Hollywood-scripted shows are the memories peers share, and those designed-to-disorder plots are the common experiences with which they relate to each other.

So, what do we do about it? How do we reclaim the hearts and minds — the attention — of our children? We have to turn off the television, certainly, and power down our devices and pick out the books to be read before bedtime as well as model chastity and charity and temperance and kindness and patience in our own lives.

As Rod Dreher suggests in “The Benedict Option,” “Christians are going to have to become better tellers of our own story,” for the screenwriters are already pitching a relentless campaign for that position, programming our children into an understanding of humanity and of God that is false, an understanding that fools’ men, born free, into living as slaves to bullhorns.

Bo Giertz, the most celebrated storyteller in my own tradition of Lutheranism, writes: “People often think they are free when they put themselves above God’s commands and don’t do what He wants. Actually, they only stop serving one power and begin serving another. Jesus tells us there is only one way to find true freedom: to remain in His Word, listening, receiving, and understanding. Then we perceive truth, and the truth sets us free, truly free.” (“Wednesday after the Third Sunday in Lent,” To Live with Christ, Bo Giertz, 224.)

We need more of this truth that “sets us free” in the stories our children are consuming. We need to read and discuss books with them that teach toward virtue and away from vice, so our youth can recognize tyranny and slavery to sin when they see it.

And they need to know they are not alone. When the time of persecution inevitably comes — when their character and endurance are put to the ultimate test — it is helpful for them to know that they are in good company. They stand with Jesus and the Apostle Paul and Samwise Gamgee and Josip Lasta and Charles Wallace and Katniss and the Rev. John Ames and Robbie Jones and saints and angels and hundreds of years of fictional heroes who have been tested and tried and even triumphed.

Think of it this way. A child is born having no formative memories of virtues and vices. At least, we hope he doesn’t, for firsthand knowledge of tyranny and sloth and intemperance would suggest that the child has been abandoned or deceived by a parent or abused by an adult or has endured some unthinkable suffering.

But a child can still know that patience is a virtue, that joy accompanies charity, that self-sacrifice has its rewards, and that chastity is a beautiful, worthy aspiration, because he has heard the story of Joseph in Egypt and Isaac on the altar and Stephen in Jerusalem and Frodo in Mordor and Bigwig in “Watership Down” and Anne in Avonlea. These characters and stories — fiction or nonfiction — give children memories of virtues before they experience them themselves. These stories teach children into a thought pattern and into a mindset and behavior that is virtuous, that is free.

As Wendell Berry writes in his essay “A Native Hill”: “It is not from ourselves that we learn to be better than we are.” Our children need us to keep telling them good, true stories — especially the true story of their forefathers, both in the family and in the faith — so they can learn to be better than they are. For we have already seen that, if left to the world and its false stories, our children will learn to be worse than they are.

Katie Schuermann is a full-time homemaker, a part-time musician, and a seasonal writer. Find her books and more at

San Diego parents outraged at ‘queerest’ Halloween party with ‘family-friendly’ drag show promoted at grade schools and sponsored by gender reassignment surgery center

By CARLOS GARCIA | October 10, 2022


mage Source: Boo Bash website screenshot

Parents in San Diego, California, are outraged over a flyer that was sent to public school children advertising the “queerest” Halloween party with a “family-friendly” drag show and sponsored by a gay bar and a gender reassignment surgery center. The flyer for the show was sent to parents of students in the Encinitas Union School District using its email platform. The event is being organized by Trans Family Support Services; a group based in San Diego that helps provide transgender support services for people across the country. The flyer advertised a “family-friendly drag show” as well as other Halloween events like a costume contest and trick-or-treating.

The drag show was advertised as having a “Disney villain” theme and included the performers Razzle Dazzle RichardsAmber St. JamesNaomi Daniels, and Mariam T.

The school district explained that the email went out through PeachJar, a service that offers optional information about other events in the district. It added that the emails contained the notice, “Distribution of this flyer does not imply endorsement by the Encinitas union school district, its schools or staff and is distributed in compliance with federal and state law.”

Some parents are planning to attend the school district’s board meeting to protest the event and to denounce a comment made by a district employee calling them homophobes. Attorney Paul Jonna told KGTV-TV that a concerned parent called him and that he was requesting information from the school district.

“A lot of people are just generally not comfortable with the idea of pushing drag queen shows on little kids, but separate and apart from that, I think the biggest concern with this event are the sponsors,” Jonna said.

“We submitted a public records request to find out more about their involvement, their communication with these sponsors and sort of this event,” he added.

He added that the event was sponsored by Align Surgical Associates, which advertises as offering “gender confirmation surgery for transwomen, transmen, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals.” He said another sponsor, Rich’s San Diego, advertises itself as “San Diego’s largest and most popular gay nightclub.”

Kathie Moehlig, the founder and executive director of Trans Family Support Services, said they will not cancel the show.

“We’re not going to back down from doing what we know is right and appropriate to support these youth and their families, just because some people think they can use it as their mega piece to get talking points and get attention,” said Moehlig.

Here’s more about the planned drag show:

Parents to protest Encinitas Union School District for hosting ‘Queerfest’ drag show Halloween event

Planned Parenthood pushes puberty blockers for kids in cartoon advertisement

By Samantha Kamman, Christian Post Reporter | October 10, 2022


The exterior of a Planned Parenthood clinic is seen on May 28, 2019, in St Louis, Missouri. | Getty Images/Michael B. Thomas

Planned Parenthood is facing backlash for promoting a cartoon ad encouraging children to get on puberty blockers if they think they’re trans-identifying or nonbinary. The Twitter handle Eye Inside the Classroom (EITC), which says that it provides “receipts that refute [claims] ‘it’s not happening,’” shared the Planned Parenthood video in a tweet.

“Puberty blocker ad put out by Planned Parenthood, which tells children that they can get puberty blockers to ‘put their puberty on hold,’” EITC tweeted. 

The Planned Parenthood ad was originally posted to YouTube in January and tells children that puberty looks different for everyone, particularly for those who believe they are “trans, intersex or nonbinary.” The cartoon first claims that puberty might not begin for intersex people until they turn 14, and they could undergo certain changes but not others. Planned Parenthood adds that some intersex people take cross-sex hormones or undergo a series of sex-change surgeries. For those who believe they are trans-identifying or nonbinary, Planned Parenthood claims that puberty can be “uncomfortable” and “stressful” if their experiences do not align with their preferred gender identity. The ad then misleads children into believing that they can take puberty blockers to temporarily delay puberty, claiming that the drugs “work like a stop sign.”

“Puberty blockers are safe and can give you more time to figure out what feels right for you, your body, and your gender identity,” Planned Parenthood claims. “You don’t have to have all of the answers right now.” 

Planned Parenthood tells people who identify as trans or nonbinary that finding what feels “right” for them might take time, but encourages them to talk with a trusted adult, a nurse or a doctor. 

Recently, Planned Parenthood has faced allegations that it willingly prescribes puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to individuals identifying as the opposite sex without a proper medical examination. One mother interviewed by The Christian Post went undercover after her daughter was prescribed testosterone without parental consent or reviewing her medical history. She herself was given a six-month testosterone prescription after a 30-minute consultation. 

Helena Kerschner, a former trans-identifying woman, said in a podcast interview with Tim Pool in May that when she visited Planned Parenthood at age 18, a nurse provided her with a high dose of testosterone after an hourlong appointment. She said that the business did not request bloodwork or medical records from her before they prescribed the testosterone; they simply needed her to pay $200.  Kerschner said on the May podcast that as a result of taking the testosterone, she started experiencing a “wide spectrum of emotions.”

“The testosterone and the rage attacks were so intense that I ended up actually hurting myself. So I had to be hospitalized twice for these reasons,” she said.

A former Planned Parenthood employee spoke out last year about the corporation dispensing cross-sex hormones in an interview with journalist Abigail Shrier. The employee said she never saw the organization deny a patient cross-sex hormones. 

According to consent documents obtained in 2020 by the California Family Council from Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, giving experimental puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to youth can cause infertility. The hospital warned patients and parental guardians that infertility is a side effect for children taking such drugs.

Samantha Kamman is a reporter for The Christian Post. She can be reached at:

Chicago Educators Get An ‘A+’ On Teaching While Their Students Get An ‘F’ On Reading



Chicago Students Return To School After City Reaches Deal With Teachers Union
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

While students post low literacy rates in math and reading, Chicago teachers are acing their performance evaluations, according to the Illinois Report Card. In 2021, 100% of Chicago Public School teachers were evaluated as “proficient or excellent” by an administrator, according to the Illinois Report Card, the”state’s official source” for information on its public schools. The same year, students posted a 23.1% proficiency rate in English language arts, a 20.6% proficiency rate in math and a 29.3% proficiency rate in science. (RELATED:Chicago Children’s Hospital Promotes Sex Toys And Gender Affirming Tools For Schools)

“It sounds like the teachers or teacher unions are the ones performing the evaluations,” No Left Turn in Education Chief Operating Officer Melissa Jackson told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “It most certainly is not ensuring that Chicago Public School students will graduate equipped to become productive and self sufficient independent citizens. What are the teachers actually being graded on? So students are failing and teachers are excelling? How is that equitable?”

Grade 11 black students had a 11.2% proficiency rate in English and Hispanic students scored a 15.7% proficiency rate, the report showed. In math, grade 11 black students had an 8.3% proficiency rate and Hispanic students showed a 16.6% proficiency rate, the report stated.

About 36% of students in the district are black, 46.8% are Hispanic and about 11% are white, according to the report.

The same year, 2021, Chicago Public Schools announced a record high graduation rate of nearly 84%, according to Fox 32 Chicago. In 2011 the graduation rate was about 57%.

Students arrive for classes at A. N. Pritzker elementary school on January 12, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois. Students in Chicago public schools are returning to school today after classes were canceled for the past six days as the city sparred with the teacher's union over COVID-19 safety measures. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Students arrive for classes at A. N. Pritzker elementary school on January 12, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

“Something is horribly wrong in Chicago if teachers are earning perfect evaluation scores when only one in ten black students in Chicago Public Schools can read at grade level,” Parents Defending Education Investigative Fellow Alex Nester told the DCNF. “Chicago teachers called parents ‘racist’ and ‘misogynist’ for wanting to reopen schools during the pandemic. They chose to strike over teaching kids. And now, while they receive perfect scores, kids are suffering. Make no mistake: Chicago teachers may have passed in the eyes of the state, but test scores don’t lie. They’ve failed their kids.”

The Illinois Report Card notes that the suspension of in-person learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic may have effected the 2020-2021 data collection and evaluations.

Enrollment at Chicago Public Schools has been dropping since the 2011-2012 school year; that year 404,243 students were enrolled in the school district, but now just 322,106 are enrolled, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Public Schools did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.

‘Showing Their True Self’: Biden Admin Empowers Teachers Unions To Push Gender Ideology And Critical Race Theory



March for Our Lives 2022
(Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for March For Our Lives)
  • Teachers unions are helping school districts implement Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender identity through different initiatives such as LGBTQ badges, summer reading lists and advertisements. 
  • The more recent push by the unions comes from the backing of the Biden administration, whose beliefs align with the teachers unions. 
  • “Teachers unions are certainly embracing ‘wokeness’ and showing their true self: their actions show they don’t care about the academic success of our kids, they only care about money and furthering their own political ambitions,” Parents Defending Education Director of Community Engagement Mailyn Salabarria told the Daily Caller News Foundation. 

Teachers’ unions have a long history of political action, but now teachers unions are advocating for gender identity and Critical Race Theory (CRT) to be taught in schools. This recent push has come because of the support of the Biden administration, experts tell the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Teachers unions have been notorious for entering political races; in the 2021-2022 school year, the nation’s two largest teachers unions, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, poured millions into political funding. The belief that gender ideology and CRT should be in classrooms has long been present, but the Biden administration has empowered the beliefs to be embraced, experts told the DCNF. (RELATED: Major Teachers Union Goes On Strike, Delaying The First Day Of School For Thousands)

“I was a former school board member from 2016 and 2020 and we did not see this stuff like we’re seeing now,” Laura Zorc, director of education reform for Building Education for Students Together, a parental rights in education organization, told the DCNF. “I was not a school board member under the Biden administration. I’ve seen a radical change starting to take place in January 2021 when he took office. Underneath the school districts, you had people that had those beliefs in those feelings that we should be embracing this, but there was never that support and this is really where we see all this coming from, the Biden administration.”

As a part of a summer reading list in August, the National Education Association recommended students read “Why We Fly” by Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal, a book that describes two girls who kneel for the national anthem. The book explicitly talks about marijuana use and is paired with discussion questions on activism.

In September, an Ohio chapter of the National Education Association provided Hilliard City Schools in Columbus, Ohio, with LGBTQ ally badges that featured a flag with the words “I’m Here.” The badges were for educators to wear in order to show their support for the LGBTQ community.

The badges featured a QR code that took students to the National Education Association’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer+ Caucus website which provides adult resources on sexual education. An Ohio parental rights in education group called the website “age-inappropriate” and said it “crosses the line.”

“The way that they’re bringing this in is through an inclusive, safe environment, you know, the mental health aspect,” Zorc told the DCNF. “‘If our kids don’t feel safe, then they’re not going to be able to learn so we have to fix that because that helps us improve the quality of academics if our kids are feeling more safe at school.’ When I look at this, it’s hard to separate. It’s not one group of LGBTQ teachers. It’s not one group that’s wanting the Critical Race Theory ideologies. It’s really coming from that Democratic teacher union leadership like these Randi Weingartens and people like that.”

Weingarten is the president of the American Federation of Teachers.

The New Jersey National Education Association ran an ad ahead of the 2022-2023 school year that depicted parents who speak out against gender identity and CRT as “extremists.” The ad cites two articles, one describing groups working to remove books featuring LGBTQ and CRT imagery from school libraries and the other discussing a New Jersey state senator’s bill which prohibits lessons on gender identity for kindergarten through sixth grade.

About a year ago, the National School Boards Association sent a letter to the Biden administration comparing parents at school board meetings to “domestic terrorists.” Attorney General Merrick Garland called on the FBI to “use its authority” on the parents who disrupt school board meetings and pose a threat.

“The current administration actions also show they are on board with making politics and ideologies the priority in the classrooms,” Parents Defending Education Director of Community Engagement Mailyn Salabarria told the DCNF, “instead of addressing the historically low proficiency scores of our students and the learning loss they’ll suffer for generations to come. And this has emboldened teachers unions and activist teachers to push for even more ideology instead of the basics of academic instruction.”

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, speaks during a protest near the office of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to ask him to work on gun-safety legislation on June 03, 2022 in Miami, Florida. Following the latest mass shootings some activists across the country are asking their politicians to enact commonsense gun laws. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, speaks during a protest near the office of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to ask him to work on gun-safety legislation on June 03, 2022 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Ahead of the 2022-2023 school year, the Department of Education (DOE) called for action to address a nationwide teacher shortage. The DOE announced partnerships with schools across the country to address the problem they say was brought on during the pandemic.

“They’re saying that we have a teacher shortage,” Zorc told the DCNF. “We do not have a teacher shortage. Teachers are moving to other environments where they’re not forced to teach this stuff. So when it comes to Critical Race Theory, when it comes to this gender ideology, it is really being spearheaded from the top down. That’s why we’re seeing this massive exodus of our public school teachers, because they were waiting on retirement, but a lot of them are like, ‘I cannot even I can’t do this anymore.’”

The push from the teachers unions for CRT and gender identity curricula comes as students across the nation post record learning losses; K-12 reading levels have dropped to where they were in 1990, the largest ever drop in the scores, while math levels saw their first ever decline.

“Teachers unions are certainly embracing ‘wokeness’ and showing their true self: their actions show they don’t care about the academic success of our kids, they only care about money and furthering their own political ambitions,” Salabarria told the DCNF.

The National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers and the DOE did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Vermont Girls’ volleyball players banned from locker room after objection to transgender student: Report

By Andrew Mark Miller | Fox News | October 1, 2022


Connecticut female athletes suing over transgender policy

Female students at a Vermont high school have reportedly been banned from using the girls’ locker room after objecting to a transgender student changing there.

Members of the Randolph Union High School girls volleyball team were banned by school officials from using the locker room pending an investigation after some members objected to a biological male changing with them, WCAX-TV reported. One of the female students told WCAX-TV that the dispute began when the trans student made an inappropriate comment as the volleyball team was changing in the locker room, triggering an incident between students. 

The outlet reported that school officials emailed parents to tell them an investigation into whether the transgender student was harassed has been launched.


Female students at Randolph Union High School were reportedly banned from the girls' locker room after objecting to a trans student using it.
Female students at Randolph Union High School were reportedly banned from the girls’ locker room after objecting to a trans student using it. (Google Earth)

“My mom wants me to do this interview to try to make a change,” female volleyball player Blake Allen told the outlet. “I feel like for stating my opinion — that I don’t want a biological man changing with me — that I should not have harassment charges or bullying charges. They should all be dropped.”

Allen added that when students have gone to the school about their concerns, they have been told that state law allows for transgender students to change in the locker room based on their gender identity.


A protester holds the trans flag and snaps in solidarity with other speakers, during a demonstration at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, on June 25, 2021.
A protester holds the trans flag and snaps in solidarity with other speakers, during a demonstration at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, on June 25, 2021. (Stephen Zenner/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Officials reportedly told parents that the school provides “plenty of space where students who feel uncomfortable with the laws may change in privacy.”

“They want all the girls who feel uncomfortable — so pretty much 10 girls — to get changed in a single-stall bathroom, which would take over 30 minutes. Where if one person got changed separately, it would take a minute, like no extra time,” Allen told WCAX-TV.


Lawmakers listen as parents speak about the prospect of their children competing against transgender girls in school sports at the Utah State Capitol
Lawmakers listen as parents speak about the prospect of their children competing against transgender girls in school sports at the Utah State Capitol (AP Photo/Samuel Metz, File)

School officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

Vermont Agency of Education policy states that the “use of restrooms and locker rooms by transgender students requires schools to consider numerous factors” while also saying that a “transgender student should not be required to use a locker room or restroom that conflicts with the student’s gender identity.”

Andrew Mark Miller is a writer at Fox News. Find him on Twitter @andymarkmiller and email tips to

Brave high school girls’ volleyball players who object to trans teammate using their locker room now reportedly under investigation by school: ‘My mom wants me to do this interview to try to make a change’

By CORTNEY WEIL | September 30, 2022


Several brave members of a girls’ high school volleyball team in Vermont have taken a stand against a trans teammate sharing their locker room. And now, they may be under investigation by the school for possible harassment.

According to WCAX-TV, several girls on the Randolph Union High School girls’ volleyball team raised concerns about a trans teammate using the girls’ locker room. They allege that the trans teammate made an inappropriate comment in the locker room while they were changing, and now they feel uncomfortable. And at least one of those girls has spoken out publicly in the hopes of effecting “change.”

“My mom wants me to do this interview to try to make a change,” said team member Blake Allen, who spoke on camera wearing her team uniform.

Allen told a local reporter that she and her fellow female teammates did not object to having a trans teammate, but that they did want to have a space where they can change with only other biological females.

Some of girls and their parents then contacted the school about their concerns but were met with resistance. The school defended the status quo, explaining that state law permits a trans student to use the bathroom and locker room that corresponds with their perceived gender identity.

In an email sent to families, school officials also claimed that the girls’ locker room offers “plenty of space where students who feel uncomfortable with the laws may change in privacy.” However, Allen countered that the “plenty of space” is actually a “single stall bathroom” and that forcing all the girls to use one stall rather than the main girls’ locker room itself would be an impractical waste of time.

WCAX reports that Randolph has since banned the entire team from using the locker room while it conducts an investigation into claims that the girls on the team harassed their trans teammate. Allen alleged that volleyball team members are not even allowed to use the locker room during gym class.

And she believes that the negative image that has been cast on her just for raising concerns is unfair.

“I feel like for stating my opinion — that I don’t want a biological man changing with me — that I should not have harassment charges or bullying charges. They should all be dropped,” Allen asserted.

School co-principal Lisa Floyd reportedly said in an email that student safety remains the school’s highest priority and that any violation of school policies will be met with disciplinary action. The school also added that its decision to close the locker room should not be seen as taking sides in the dispute, but rather an as attempt to find a solution that suits the needs of all involved.

The city of Randolph is located near central Vermont, approximately 30 minutes south of the state capital of Montpelier.

H/T: The Federalist

New Jersey requiring schools to teach middle schoolers about ‘anal sex,’ ‘pregnancy options’

By Michael Gryboski, Mainline Church Editor 



The New Jersey Department of Education is imposing sex education standards that require school districts to teach middle school students about anal sex and pregnancy options like abortion or face potential “disciplinary action.” The state board of education approved several changes to the statewide education standards in June 2020, which school districts are required to implement this month under threat of losing state funding. 

The new standards expect students by the end of grade eight to be able to “describe pregnancy testing, the signs of pregnancy, and pregnancy options, including parenting, abortion, and adoption” and be able to define “vaginal, oral, and anal sex.”

The state’s education standards also state that children by eighth grade should be able to “differentiate between gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation,” and schools should “develop a plan … to promote dignity and respect for people of all
genders, gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations in the school

The Christian Post contacted the New Jersey Department of Education for comment on the sex education standards. A response was not received by press time.

Melissa Varley, superintendent of the Berkeley Heights Public Schools, told Fox News that while parents can have their children opt out, the sex education requirements still have to be taught in her school district.

“If we do not, we do not pass New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC) monitoring. If the district fails this process, we may become ineligible for state and even federal funding,” Varley explained.

A spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Education told Fox News that the learning standards are “mandatory for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to implement and failure to comply can result in disciplinary action.”

“Under [New Jersey Statutes Annotated] 18A:35-4.7, for children to be excused from any part of instruction in health, family life, or sex education, their parent or guardian must inform the school principal in writing that the instruction conflicts with their conscience or sincerely held moral or religious beliefs,” the spokesperson said. 

The NJQSAC system the state uses to monitor school systems evaluates based on five “core components” that research has identified as “key factors in effective district operations,” the spokesperson added. 

“Specific indicators in each of the five areas are self-evaluated by the district and verified by the Department,” the spokesperson said. “If a district scores below 80% in any of the NJQSAC areas, the district is required to create a district improvement plan to address the indicators found to be out of compliance. An assessment is made of the district’s capacity and effectiveness based on its compliance with the indicators.”

“Following the assessment, the district is placed on a performance continuum that will determine the level of oversight, and technical assistance and support it receives in accordance with NJSA 18A: 7A-10,” the spokesperson continued. “Dependent upon the percentage of quality performance indicators a district satisfies upon review of the improvement plan, the Department may determine whether additional monitoring or intervention is warranted, pursuant to NJSA 18A:7A-14.” 

In 2020, following five months of discernment, public comments and revision, the state board of education voted to revise the 2020 New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education for classroom instruction, with a key focus on the “Personal and Mental Health” section.

Concerns over how the standards will be implemented prompted Gov. Phil Murphy to ask the state DOE on April 13 “to review the standards and provide further clarification on what age-appropriate guidelines look like for our students.”  

Acting Education Commissioner Angelica Allen-McMillan issued a memo on April 14 to school officials declaring that “the State does not mandate curriculum” and that specific materials for the course remain at “the discretion of local educational agencies.”

“To be clear, any report indicating that the NJDOE has approved a specific vendor or instructional material (e.g., lesson plan) related to the implementation of NJSLS-CHPE or any other content area is not accurate,” stated the memo.

“These standards are based on research making clear that receiving age-appropriate information about health education is essential for students’ physical and emotional well-being.”

Regarding the requirement that students know about “vaginal, oral, and anal sex,” Allen-McMillan said this is “foundational to keeping [students] safe and protecting themselves from pressure, dating violence, and assault.”

“It is important to provide students language for, and understanding of, specific acts, empowering them to stay safe, evaluate risks, make informed decisions, and communicate health issues or injuries if necessary,” the memo continued.

“Further, youth who are unable to appropriately name sexual acts may not be able to accurately report instances of sexual harm or abuse if it occurs.”

In May, four state board of education members wrote an open letter to Allen-McMillan, expressing an ongoing concern about the sex education standards and their implementation.

“As board members, we continue to hear views of parents and educators with passionate feelings about what is appropriate and inappropriate for their children to learn, especially about sex,” they wrote. 

“[W]e are hoping the committee and department will recommend removing some of the more controversial and graphic language as well as reexamine the age appropriateness of the grade at which some of these topics are recommended to be taught.”

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Teachers Refuse To Follow Trans Policy That Requires Them To Use Students’ Birth Names On Official Records

By REAGAN REESE, CONTRIBUTOR | September 29, 2022


(Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP)

Peter Doocy Wrecks Karine Jean Pierre And The FBI Goes After … Barron?

Teachers from a Pennsylvania school district are refusing to follow the district’s transgender policy, saying it deadnames, or disrespects, students’ gender identity, according to the Courier Times.

At least four teachers from Lenape Middle School and Central Bucks High School West, both in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, said they would not be following the district policy which requires educators to call students by the name and pronouns on their official records, according to the Courier Times. The district implemented the policy in September, which allows students to change their official record on a case-by-case basis.

“We’re not doing it,” Central Bucks High School West David Klein told the outlet. “If we adopt what they’re suggesting we’re putting a very, very fragile small minority of kids at a risk.”

Central Bucks West teacher Rebecca Cartee-Haring said all of the coworkers she talked to will not be following the policy, the Courier Times reported. At least two Lenape Middle School teachers said they will not be following the policy and know other educators in their building who will be doing the same.

The teachers in the middle school said not following the policy could cause them to lose their jobs, they told the Courier Times. (RELATED: TransTape, Chest Binders And Packers: The ‘Gender-Affirming’ Gear Public Schools Are Stocking Up On)

Grand Marshals wave from a float as they participate in the 2016 Gay Pride Parade march through downtown on June 12, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The mood was celebratory despite news of the mass shooting this morning in a gay club in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

Grand Marshals wave from a float as they participate in the 2016 Gay Pride Parade march through downtown on June 12, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

In May, the school district required any political symbols to be removed from classrooms which included pride flags, according to the Courier Times. In July, a district policy was passed that gives the community the right to challenge any book held in the school library.

“If we’re going to, as a way of making it easier for some angry parents to control their kids, we’re going to by policy make it worse for the most marginalized in a school where we’ve already seen the negative consequences of this? No, we can’t,” Klein told the Courier Times.

In Virginia, students in nearly 95 schools walked out on Tuesday to protest Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s proposed transgender policy which requires educators to call students by the name on their official records, which can only be changed with parental consent. The policy also requires students to use bathrooms that correspond with their biological sex rather than their gender identity.

The Central Bucks School District, Klein and Cartee-Haring did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Michael Brown Op-ed: Let the shout arise across the nation: Stop sexualizing children!

By Michael Brown, CP Op-Ed Contributor | Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Image used for illustration only. | Pixabay/PublicDomainPictues

In August 2011, I participated in a brainstorming session held at Liberty University together with a number of conservative leaders, all of whom had been on the front lines of confronting LGBTQ activism.

As we discussed the impact of this activism on the nation, we asked ourselves what words we could find to help awaken the national conscience. What slogan or saying would capture our concerns and would appeal to the masses? One phrase we agreed on was: “Stop sexualizing our children!”

Now, more than 10 years later, that cry must rise from coast to coast, from all concerned parents from all stripes and backgrounds, and it must speak to heterosexuals activists and LBGTQ activists alike: “Stop sexualizing our children! They do not belong to you, and you will not continue to influence them and degrade them and pollute them and pervert them. Enough is enough! This must stop, and it must stop now.”

From the heterosexual side, the attack has come through sex-ed curricula in schools, presenting inappropriate subjects in inappropriate ways, beginning with the youngest school children. It has been going on for a long time.

In her 1989 book Sex Education: The Final Plague, Catholic author Randy Engel cited Dr. Melvin Anchell’s 1981 statements, noting that:

“When sex educators devalue parental influence … they in effect devalue the student’s conscience. At the same time, they are instrumental in ‘removing societal inhibitions,’ they intensify their efforts for ‘sexual openness’ and they teach the students ‘to rely entirely on their own inexperienced and immature judgments and those of their peers.’

“One of the results of this indoctrination process, charges Dr. Anchell is the formation of a ‘horde culture,’ which is characterized by ‘sexual indulgences … devoid of love.’ ‘The indoctrinated show no guilt, nor do they display concern for morality.’ They are in effect the new barbarians!”

Anchell made these remarks more than 40 years ago, yet some parents are still unaware of just how pervasive this curriculum is in some of their schools. Isn’t it beyond time to wake up?

The heterosexual sexualizing of our children also continues apace through movies and music and social media, where it seems that nothing is sacred anymore.

As I wrote in 2011 after attending that conference at Liberty, “The recent cover of the French edition of Vogue magazine caused considerable controversy, and it was not because of the all too typical, female model featured in a sensual pose. Instead, it was the fact that the model this time was a 10-year-old girl.

“The headline of an article appearing on announced that, ‘Vogue Blurs the Line between Fashion & Pedophilia with 10-Year-Old Model,’ and the article’s author, Ilana Angel, rightly noted that, ‘A 10 year old is not able to distinguish between playing dress up in mommy’s make-up and high heels and proving a sexual aid to pedophiles.’ How true!

“But this is only one, extreme example of the way our kids are being sexualized. How many children watch MTV and VH1, mimicking the moves and memorizing the lyrics of the latest song by Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, having no clue that the moves they are making and the words they are mouthing are sexually charged. These kids are too young to have any understanding of sexuality, and yet it is no secret to the TV execs that these same children are a major part of the viewing audience.”

Fast forward to 2019, when I wrote (and here’s a reader alert for graphic content coming), “It was not enough for Teen Vogue to celebrate anal sex, promote prostitution and teach kids how to have an abortion without parental permission. Now this popular young people’s magazine is offering guidelines on ‘sex spells,’ guaranteed to ‘make your orgasms magical’ (What wholesome reading for teens!)”

Tragically, this is barely the tip of a massive, destructive iceberg.

As for the LGTBQ+ sexualizing of our children, much of it comes in the form of indoctrination. Gay is good. Queer is cool. Being trans is something to celebrate. And your kids need to know this starting in pre-school, if not earlier. In fact, let’s normalize drag queens for toddlers!

As I wrote in 2011, it is outrageous “to introduce the categories of adult homosexuality and bisexuality to elementary school children, and now is the time to draw the line. Otherwise, your 8-year-old daughter might come home from school to tell you that she just learned that Joan of Arc was transgender. (After all, wasn’t she a cross-dresser?) Or perhaps your little boy will tell you how exciting it was to learn about the drag queens who started a riot at the Stonewall Inn in 1969.

“The fact is that our educational system is having a hard enough time teaching our kids the three R’s. Must they now learn LGBTQ’s? Now is the time to stop sexualizing our children. They should not be casualties of the culture wars. Do you agree?”

Do these words seem eerily prophetic today?

No wonder, then, that a March 2022 article was titled, “Joan of Arc: Cross-dressing warrior-saint and LGBTQ role model.” Your kids might well have heard about this too. And I already mentioned the perverse new fad of drag queens reading to toddlers. Should I add that they do so with the enthusiastic affirmation of the American Library Association?

This past July, I wrote an article titled “The Only Surprise is That Parents are Just Now Learning About LGBTQ+ Curricula in Their Children’s Schools.”

What, then, prompted me to address this topic yet again?

It was reading about “Gays Against Groomers, an organization comprised entirely of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and even transgender people, launched in 2022 [which] has had meteoric success at attracting followers to their cause exposing the harms done to children by some radicals hiding behind the LGBTQ banner.” Yes, these are gays (and others) who are against the grooming of children. They, too, recognize what is happening.

It was also this story that got my attention: “In Chicago, the city’s largest children’s hospital offers ‘kink’ and ‘trans-friendly’ sex toys for minors.”

Enough with this unbridled assault on our children. However, one may attempt to justify this madness, it must stop, and it must stop now. Parents, grandparents, educators, influencers, politicians, pastors, and other spiritual leaders, whoever you are, whatever stage of life you are in, it’s time that we stand together and raise our voices as one, shouting: “Stop sexualizing our children!”

If we each do our part, radical change will come.

Christian school wants photos of 8-year-olds ‘in bathtub’ — fights dirty when parents object

BLAZETV STAFF | September 27, 2022


An 8-year-old student at Victory Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, was “administratively withdrawn” from school after her parents objected to a homework assignment instructing second-graders to “send picture of you doing reading homework in bathtub,” reported parents Misty and Christopher Dunham.

Christopher told CBS-47 that he and his wife were shocked when their 8-year-old said she needed to send a picture of herself in the bathtub doing her reading homework to her second-grade teacher.

“I emailed the teacher [to say] ‘Hey, you may want to explain that. Send something out to the parents. Let them know what the intentions are.’ This just does not sound OK,” Misty explained.

Though the teacher responded by adding that students could “be in pajamas, be in your uniform, have fun with it,” something about the assignment still “didn’t sit right,” Misty explained. So she reached out to the school administrators, who claimed that “we have been sending this homework assignment for years, and you’re the only one complaining about it.”

Soon after, a school administrator called to encourage the Dunhams to “do a parental withdrawal for the child.” When Misty refused to withdraw her daughter, the administrator said the school was “going to proceed with an administration withdraw.”

CBS-47 reported that school documentation indicates that the Dunhams’ daughter is “no longer a student at Victory Christian Academy.”

\u201cAn 8-year-old girl refused to do an assignment that involved taking a picture \u201cdoing reading homework in the bathtub.\u201d\n\nAfter her parents complained, Victory Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida expelled the child.\n\n\u201d

— Hemant Mehta (@Hemant Mehta) 1664283995

On “The News & Why It Matters,” BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales and guests Matthew Marsden, Tayler Hansen, and John Doyle discussed the strange homework assignment and the Christian school’s draconian reaction when parents raised objections.

“Just because they say it’s a Christian academy doesn’t mean that it is,” Marsden warned. “You don’t do this … the internet is forever. You take a picture like that, it’s out there forever. This is just so weird … it’s just a head-scratcher. Is this where we are in America? This is, it’s evil,” he added.

Watch the video clip below or find full episodes of “The News & Why It Matters” here. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

Massachusetts school district promotes book telling students how to use gay sex apps

By Ryan Foley, Christian Post Reporter | Friday, September 23, 2022


Laramie Pridefest board member Tyler Wolfgang displays a stack of books, some of which have been banned across the U.S. due to controversy, including “This Book is Gay,” in their office on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, Wyoming, on August 13, 2022. | Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

WARNING: The following article contains sexually explicit content

A book available to students of a public school district in Massachusetts includes instructions on how to use online sex apps, drawing the ire of online critics as debate about the content accessible to students in public schools continues to loom large in American politics. 

The Twitter account LibsofTikTok published a tweet Monday reporting that the book titled This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson is “proudly displayed” at a school within the Newburyport Public School District in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The Christian Post reached out to Newburyport Public Schools for comment. A response was not received by press time. 

A photograph posted with the tweet showed This Book is Gay on a bookshelf at an undisclosed location underneath a poster advertising “Banned Books Week.” The initiative is backed by the American Library Association in response to an increase in attempts to ban books from schools that critics contend are sexually explicit. 

A screenshot of the book accompanying the tweet shows a section titled “How sex apps work.”

The book informs readers that after they “upload a tiny pic of [themselves] to the app,” the app “works out your location” and “tells you who the nearest homosexuals are.” From there, users can “chat to them,” with the book stressing that “because they are near, it’s easy to meet up with them.”

LibsofTikTok’s Twitter thread about the book includes a screenshot from Chapter 9, “The Ins’ and Outs of Gay Sex.” The first page of the chapter notes that “this chapter is about sex” and urges those who “aren’t ready for the finer details of same-sex pairings” to skip the chapter. 

The book laments that schools “taught you all about straight sex when you were TEN YEARS OLD” and maintains “the fact that they didn’t also teach you what same-sex couples do is nothing less than institutionalized homophobia.”

“Straight sex was presented as the norm to make five per cent of the population feel abnormal,” the book states. “This chapter is simply all the stuff teachers SHOULD be saying if they want to be inclusive of people with same-sex” attraction.

An additional page of the book shared by LibsofTikTok showed the author telling readers not to use vaseline and baby oil in conjunction with condoms during gay sex and referring to anal sex as “bum fun.” The book contends that some gay men don’t like the sexual act because “it’s the hole poo comes out of.”

The page transitions from talking about sex between men to “girl-on-girl sex,” detailing how “two women can pleasure each other in a variety of fun ways” and suggesting that “a hand can do the job of five penises in one.”

LibsofTikTok provided a link to the entire text of the book, warning that “it gets much worse.”

While the school district didn’t respond to CP’s request for comment, Newburyport School Superintendent Sean Gallagher confirmed to The Newburyport Daily News that the book is available in a school library. In an earlier interview with The Daily News, Gallagher said that parents have the right to petition for a book to be removed from circulation and need to submit the proper paperwork.

The inclusion of This Book Is Gay has drawn the ire of the Newburyport-based grassroots coalition Citizens for Responsible Education, which warns that the book is also available for download on an ebook app that allows kids access using their school computer logins without parental knowledge or permission.

“Page 156 of ‘This Book is Gay’ gives your teenager instructions on how to use sex apps,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post. “

story published on the website Mass Resistance last year contains additional snapshots of the book, which includes a claim that homosexual men have bigger genitalia than their heterosexual counterparts. In addition to including graphic pictures of male and female anatomy illustrating which parts “FEEL NICE” when touched, the book provides instructions on how to engage in anal and oral sex and give “handies.” 

summary compiled by Amazon characterizes This Book is Gay as an “instruction manual” for LGBT people to read after they “come out.”

It explicitly highlights the presence of a section dedicated to “the ins and outs of gay sex.” LibsofTikTok’s post about the presence of This Book is Gay in Newburyport Public Schools came on the second day of Banned Books Week, which organizers describe as “an annual event celebrating the freedom to read.” Characterizing itself as a “response to the sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools, bookstores and libraries,” Banned Books Week serves as a collaboration of “the entire book community — librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists, teachers, and readers of all types — in shared support of the freedom to seek and to express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular.”

This Book is Gay is one of the top 10 challenged books of 2021, as identified by Banned Books Week. Two of the other books on the list, Gender Queer and Lawn Boy, have also garnered national attention not only for their graphic depictions of sex but for the promotion of sex between men and boys. The Banned Books Week website asserted that both books were “banned and challenged for LGBTQIA+ content” and because they were “considered to have sexually explicit images,” not mentioning the concerns about pedophilia. 

Last year, Stacy Langton, whose son attends Fairfax High School just outside Washington, D.C., appeared at a Fairfax County School Board meeting to express outrage over the presence of the two books in high school libraries throughout the largest school district in Virginia. She noted, “One book describes a fourth-grade boy performing oral sex on an adult male,” while “the other book has detailed illustrations of a man having sex with a boy.”

“The illustrations include fellatio, sex toys, masturbation and violent nudity,” she added. “Pornography is offensive to all people; it is offensive to common decency.”

Concerns about sexually explicit material in school libraries and curricula, as well as some schools embracing elements of critical race theory, have led to the creation of several advocacy groups.

Such organizations include Parents Defending Education, a “national grassroots organization working to reclaim our schools from activists promoting harmful agendas,” and the 1776 Project PAC, which supports “school board candidates that vow to overturn any teaching of the 1619 Project or critical race theory in their school districts.”

Ryan Foley is a reporter for The Christian Post. He can be reached at:

New Jersey To Punish Schools That Don’t Teach 10-Year-Olds About Gender Identity

By REAGAN REESE, CONTRIBUTOR | September 20, 2022



The New Jersey Department of Education will intervene in school districts that do not implement the state’s new sexual education standards that teach 10-year-olds the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, according to statement shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The New Jersey Department of Education told the DCNF that schools that fail to adhere to their new sexual education standards will face “disciplinary action,” resulting in monitoring or intervention from the state government. The standards were passed in 2020 but their implementation was delayed until the 2022-2023 school year because of the pandemic. (RELATED: ‘Our Kids Are Being Threatened’: California School District Gives Students Access To Books With Pornographic Content)

Under the new standards,

  • by the end of fifth grade, students should be able to explain the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • The 10-year-olds must be taught to “describe gender-role stereotypes” and how those stereotypes affect themselves and those around them.

The fifth grade students are also taught how to “promote dignity and respect” for those with different sexual orientation, gender identity, race and socio-economic status, the standards showed. By the end of fifth grade curriculum, the students should be able to explain all the ways “pregnancy can be achieved.”

In eighth grade, students are taught to define vaginal, oral and anal sex. The students are also asked to create a plan to foster an inclusive environment for all “gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations.”

Additional training principles in the standards include definitions on transgender men and women while noting that one’s “gender assigned at birth” doesn’t necessarily match their sex.

A students waits for First Lady Jill Biden to arrive to his classroom at the Samuel Smith Elementary School in Burlington, New Jersey on March 15, 2021. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker / POOL / AFP) (Photo by ANNA MONEYMAKER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

A students waits for First Lady Jill Biden to arrive to his classroom at the Samuel Smith Elementary School in Burlington, New Jersey on March 15, 2021. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker / POOL / AFP) (Photo by ANNA MONEYMAKER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Using the “New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC),” the state Department of Education monitors how school districts implement the sexual education standards, the department told the DCNF. The schools are tracked in five categories and if they score below an 80% in any category, they are subject to punishment and intervention by the state.

“Following the assessment, the district is placed on a performance continuum that will determine the level of oversight, and technical assistance and support it receives,” the state said in a statement. “Dependent upon the percentage of quality performance indicators a district satisfies upon review of the improvement plan, the Department may determine whether additional monitoring or intervention is warranted.”

School districts across the country are pushing to implement sexual education curriculums that implement sexual orientation and gender identity; the Wauwatosa School Board in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, implemented a curriculum that teaches sixth graders that the definition of a female was a “person with a vulva.”

A majority of nationwide voters, 70%, believe that elementary school students should not learn about sexual orientation and gender identity. About 53% still oppose instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity through eighth grade.

“For children to be excused from any part of instruction in health, family life or sex education, their parent or guardian must inform the school principal in writing that the instruction conflicts with their conscience or sincerely held moral or religious beliefs,” the New Jersey Department of Education told the DCNF.

Youngkin’s Crusade To Get Radical Gender Theory Out Of Virginia Schools Puts Kids And Families First



Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin

Author Casey Chalk profile



Last week, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin further delivered on his gubernatorial campaign promise to give parents more control over their children’s education. The Virginia Department of Education issued new model policies specifically directed at resisting the radical gender ideology that has become commonplace even in the Commonwealth’s elementary schools.

The New Model Policies

Virginia’s new model policies explicitly state that students’ participation in school programming and use of school facilities such as bathrooms or locker rooms should be based on their biological sex and that modifications should be offered only to the extent required under federal law. They also assert that students who are minors must be referred to by the name and pronouns in their official records unless there is explicit parental approval for the use of something else. And they also declare that schools may not conceal information about a student’s so-called gender identity from his or her parents and that parents must be given the opportunity to object before any gender-related counseling services are offered.

The document reads: “Parents have the right to instill in and nurture values and beliefs for their own children and make decisions concerning their children’s education and upbringing in accordance with their customs, faith, and family culture.” In a rebuke to those officials and administrators who have encouraged wrongly named gender-affirming “care,” it explains: “Parents are in the best position to work with their children and, where appropriate, their children’s health care providers.”

The new model policies are subject to a 30-day period for public comment that begins later this month. Following that period, in accordance with a 2020 state law, school boards across the Old Dominion must adopt policies that are “consistent with” those of the state’s Department of Education. Macaulay Porter, a spokeswoman for Youngkin, noted that the updated guidance “delivers on the governor’s commitment to preserving parental rights and upholding the dignity and respect of all public school students.”

A Personal Anecdote

I can personally speak to how widespread the promotion of gender ideology has become, at least in Fairfax County, where I attended school for 12 years and then worked as a high-school history teacher. The very day after Virginia’s Department of Education issued this new guidance, my family attended a picnic in our neighborhood. My two eldest children (ages 9 and 7) were playing a game with other neighborhood kids, including, a bit awkwardly, a teenage girl who attends the local public high school. During the game, and when my wife and I were not nearby to overhear, this teenager told my children that she identifies as both a girl and a boy and that there are “72 genders.”

My wife and I homeschool our children. It wasn’t something I was eager to do — my extended family has been attending county public schools since the 1960s, and I was proud of my experience in FCPS 20 years ago. But I knew things had changed very dramatically in the last two decades, and I wanted to shield my children from ideas and behaviors that are not commensurate with their maturity. Simply put, prepubescent children don’t need seminars in gender fluidity and sexual experimentation. But over this past weekend, an FCPS-educated teenager took it upon herself to impart those ideas to my children.

As confusing as this was for my children — and as upsetting as it was to my wife and me — I do not level much blame at this teenager for taking away part of their innocence and forcing us to have conversations with our children about gender and sex we had been hoping to delay just a few more years. I blame FCPS teachers and administrators who welcomed this gender ideology in schools. And I blame smartphones and social media for proliferating these ideas with little parental oversight.

Protecting Our Children

Left-wing corporate media and Democratic politicians, of course, have been quick to attack Youngkin over his new policy. “Virginia has moved to restrict the rights of trans students in its public schools,” reads a mid-September headline from NPR. The Department of Education’s guidance “calls for the misgendering and outing of children in schools where they’re supposed to be safe. Absolutely shameful,” tweeted Virginia Democratic Del. Mike Mullin

Think about the fact that in my kids’ very first interaction with a public school-educated teenager, she couldn’t help but share the confused, biologically inaccurate gender ideology she has been wrongly told is the most important part of her identity. That speaks to the pervasive nature and aggressiveness of this ideology and its adherents. Think about how many kids have had their lives thrown into chaos by adults who tell them they may be a boy in a girl’s body, “gender fluid,” or some other nonsense that may very well cause them permanent physical and emotional damage.

Thankfully, our kids trust their parents enough and have a solid enough understanding of what makes boys different from girls that we could have a brief, open, and hopefully instructive conversation about what they experienced on a neighborhood playground. Youngkin’s edict aims to ensure those conversations happen in the home, guided by loving parents, and less influenced by the confused ideology of bureaucrats who don’t have your children’s best interests at heart.

Casey Chalk is a senior contributor at The Federalist and an editor and columnist at The New Oxford Review. He has a bachelor’s in history and master’s in teaching from the University of Virginia and a master’s in theology from Christendom College. He is the author of The Persecuted: True Stories of Courageous Christians Living Their Faith in Muslim Lands.

Parental rights group gives majority of lawmakers an ‘F’ on its Congressional Report Card

By Ryan Foley, Christian Post Reporter | Thursday, September 15, 2022


Kimberly Fletcher, the president and founder of Moms For America, speaks at a Capitol Hill press conference unveiling the organization’s “Congressional Report Card” grading lawmakers on how effectively they voted to advance “12 key issues that matter most to moms,” Sept. 14, 2022. | The Christian Post/ Nicole Alcindor

WASHINGTON — A parental rights organization has awarded more than half the members of Congress an “F” on its Congressional Report Card as it seeks to assist mothers in making informed decisions about who to support in the upcoming midterm elections.

The parental rights advocacy group Moms for America held a press conference on Capitol Hill Wednesday to unveil its Congressional Report Card, which graded members of the 117th Congress based on what the organization classified as “12 key issues that matter most to moms.” Moms for America President and Founder Kimberly Fletcher spoke at the event alongside Aly Legge, the organization’s family lobby manager, and Debbie Kraulidis, vice president of Moms for America.

Two of the lawmakers who received an “A” rating or higher from the organization, Reps. Billy Long, R-Mo., and Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., also spoke at the press conference. In a group that includes both Long and Greene, 43 Republican members received a grade of “A+,” 47 received a grade of “A,” and 79 received a grade of “A-.” A total of nine senators, all Republicans, received a grade of “A+” on the report card, while an additional 12 Senate Republicans received a grade of “A.”

Senators receiving a grade of “A” or higher constitute less than half the 50-member Senate Republican conference and a sizable majority of the House Republican conference. More than half of lawmakers in both chambers received grades of “F.” All 50 Democrats and six Republicans received a grade of “F” in the Senate, while all Democrats and three Republicans received a grade of “F” in the House.

The House Republicans awarded a grade of “F” were Reps. Connie Conway, R-Calif., Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., and Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Penn. Sens. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.V., Susan Collins, R-Maine, Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska.

In a statement issued ahead of the event, Moms for America President Kimberly Fletcher declared, “We are excited to release our first-ever Congressional Report Card, and are more excited to distribute our report card to the hundreds of thousands of mothers who are headed to the polls in a few short months.” 

“Moms represent a key voting block, and they are typically responsible for providing for their children’s education, their diets, their healthcare and their safety,” she added. “From Medical Mandates to Mask Mandates, from radical Critical Race Theory to Gender Equality, from the right to keep and bear arms to School Choice, our 2022 Report Card finds both political parties lacking the will to take necessary steps to protect the interests of America’s moms.”

After identifying her organization as a “national movement of moms working to reclaim our culture for truth, family, freedom and the Constitution” and comprising “over 500,000 moms across the country in all 50 states,” Fletcher said, “We’re in the midst of a mom-led revolution. That revolution is about reclaiming our culture, and we’re going to start by doing it in our homes by promoting those principles of liberty that matter to us and made us the freest, most prosperous nation on Earth.” 

Fletcher described the purpose of the Congressional Report Card as part of her organization’s efforts to “help moms know who it is that’s representing them and what it is that they stand for.” In addition to the Congressional Report Card, Moms for America has created a questionnaire that candidates for office who are not serving in the U.S. Congress can fill out. Based on their responses to those questions, the candidates will receive grades. 

Fletcher told The Christian Post that Moms for America is distributing the Congressional Report Card to “hundreds of thousands of moms” across the U.S. ahead of the midterm elections. “We’re sending it out over email, text, social media, and we have network partners all across the country.”

The parental rights activist expressed optimism that her organization’s network of hundreds of thousands of mothers would spread the report card far and wide: “If you have any familiarity with the way moms work, it’s a word of mouth thing and we share what we like.”

Fletcher added, “The simple answer is the Constitution of the United States” when addressing the wide disparity in grades among members of Congress. “Those who got an ‘A’ grade, they knew that when they raised their hand and took an oath to defend the Constitution that that meant something, and they knew what that Constitution said.” 

“They say a lot of things but when they go down to vote, they don’t vote the way that they speak,” Fletcher told CP. “That’s the reason why this report card is so important. It isn’t just repeating what they say on a campaign site or a stump speech. It’s actually showing how they voted when that was brought up, when that specific issue or policy was brought up.”

Fletcher said her group also sent a questionnaire to congressional candidates running for Congress and Moms for America will score and publish the candidates’ responses ahead of the midterm elections. 

In addition to the Congressional Report Card and the candidate questionnaire, Fletcher explained that Moms for America has a “massive ground game” that is “helping moms get registered to vote.”

Moms for America has created a project called MomVote, which helps mothers learn about the “voting process, how it works” and gives them information about “who the candidates are, what the issues are” and “the process of registering to vote.” 

“We’re also mobilizing our moms on the ground and doing the same thing we’ve done in the last two years in elections: doing the ground game, knocking on doors, sharing information via email and text.” 

Fletcher reported that her organization has no plans to update the Congressional Report Card to reflect additional votes ahead of the 2022 midterm elections but will take such votes into consideration in future Congressional Report Cards and “will make these things available on the website” in the form of a database containing information about lawmakers and candidates.

Moms for America plans on releasing a new Congressional Report Card every election cycle, meaning every two years, with the future goal of releasing it every year.  

The votes that determined the lawmakers’ grades included controversial legislation that has passed the U.S. House of Representatives but failed to gain traction in the Senate. Most notably, the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act, which would have codified the right to abortion into federal law and the Equality Act, which would have codified nondiscrimination protections for LGBT identifying individuals into federal law. 

Critics of the Equality Act worry about its implications for women’s sports, specifically expressing concern that it would require schools to allow biological males who identify as females to compete on women’s sports teams despite the physiological differences between men and women that give males an advantage over their biologically female counterparts. 

Additionally, the lawmakers’ grades took into account their votes on lesser-known legislation, including the LGBTQI+ Data Inclusion Act, which Moms for America has characterized as the “More than 2 Genders Act.” Other bills the grades took into consideration included lawmakers’ votes on gun control bills, measures that would have increased federal oversight over elections, a bill that would have given statehood to Washington, D.C., an aid package designated for Ukraine and stimulus packages including the so-called Inflation Reduction Act and the American Rescue Plan.

In the statement released ahead of Wednesday’s press conference, Moms for America explained why it penalized lawmakers for supporting certain legislation not directly related to education. The group specifically highlighted its opposition to the Ukrainian aid bill because it “sent billions of dollars to Ukraine, while America’s moms are struggling to put food on the table and gas in their minivans.”  

Concerns about inflation, the economy and crime figured prominently at Wednesday’s press conference, where Fletcher decried “what’s going on in our country today.” She spoke of “a serious downgrade in everything that we care about, from freedom, to the protection of our children, to the education that they’re receiving” in the first two years of the Biden administration. 

The release of Moms for America’s Congressional Report Card comes as education has emerged as a major point of contention in American politics. The teaching of critical race theory, the inclusion of sexually explicit material and LGBT ideology in school curriculum, efforts by school officials to encourage students to transition their gender without parental knowledge and the promotion of comprehensive sex education characterized by critics as inappropriate for children has led to outrage among American parents.

This outrage has led to the formation of advocacy groups such as Parents Defending Education and the 1776 Project PAC, which supports candidates for school board elections that oppose critical race theory and “want to reform our public education system by promoting patriotism and pride in American history.

Last month, several school board elections in Florida resulted in candidates endorsed by the 1776 Project PAC and the state’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis performing very well, including in populous metropolitan areas that usually favor Democratic candidates. Fletcher described the school board elections in Florida as a “precursor of things to come” in the upcoming midterm elections. “The moms are making a major difference.” She concluded her interview with CP by proclaiming that “the most important thing about this election is that we get out and we vote, that our values are represented and that our voices are heard.” She lamented that “the vast majority of conservative women of faith aren’t voting. Most of them aren’t even registered to vote.”

“If you think that this mom-led revolution is just a little thing that’s going to come and go, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” she vowed.

Ryan Foley is a reporter for The Christian Post. He can be reached at:

Florida, Arizona top ‘Educational Freedom Report Card’

By Ian M. Giatti, Christian Post Reporter | Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Getty Images

Parents looking for more options and transparency when schooling their children may want to head toward the Sunshine State.  A new report from conservative public policy think tank the Heritage Foundation ranked Florida as the most parent-friendly jurisdiction in the union, followed by Arizona, Idaho and Indiana.

The inaugural 2022 edition of the “Education Freedom Report Card” also ranked New Jersey, New York and the District of Columbia as the least favorable for parents seeking choice and transparency in their child’s education. The report card uses a metric of four broad categories — school choice, transparency, regulatory freedom and spending — and utilizes 30 “discrete factors” to determine each state’s score. 

Florida’s top ranking is mainly due to its academic transparency and a “strong” education savings account (ESA) program, more commonly known as school vouchers, the report stated. Florida adopted its ESA program in 2014, followed by several other states, including Mississippi (2015), Tennessee (2015), North Carolina (2017) and West Virginia (2021). Florida ranked first in “academic transparency,” meaning that “Florida lawmakers set a high standard for academic transparency and rejecting critical race theory’s pernicious ideas in 2022.”

“State officials approved a proposal that prohibits teachers and administrators from compelling students to affirm the prejudiced ideas of critical race theory,” the report reads. “Lawmakers also approved a proposal that requires academic transparency so that parents and taxpayers can review classroom assignments before educators use such materials as part of K–12 instruction.”

Earlier this year, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits public school teachers and third parties from instructing students about sexual orientation or gender identity in grades three and younger. The law also requires schools to notify parents about changes affecting their child’s mental, physical and emotional health.

The law also prevents school districts from withholding information from parents at a time when many school districts nationwide are barring teachers from discussing trans-identified students’ social gender transition with their parents at the students’ request. 

Florida ranks seventh overall in return on investment (ROI) for education spending, a variable that measures academic achievement for the investment in terms of spending per pupil. Florida also ranked second in regulatory freedom, meaning the state’s teachers and students are able “to pursue education largely devoid of red tape.”

“An impressive 42 percent of Florida teachers are alternatively certified, making their way to K–12 classrooms through a means other than a traditional university-based college of education,” the report added. “The state has full reciprocity of teacher licensure, allowing anyone with a valid teaching license from another state to teach in Florida, or anyone who holds a certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.”

Arizona, which expanded its ESA option to every child statewide in July, ranked second on Heritage’s report card. However, data for the ranking was collected in the early spring of 2022 before the passing of Arizona’s universal ESA program. This means next year may see the state catapult over Florida to the top ranking. That didn’t stop Arizona from ranking first for school choice on the 2022 report card.

According to the report, Idaho’s third-place ranking stems largely from its high ROI and transparency.

On the other end of the ranking, New Jersey, New York and D.C. are “doing little to provide transparency, accountability, and choice to families,” the report finds, citing those jurisdictions’ 49th, 50th and 51st rankings, respectively.

The report also underscored that while school choice remains vital, a growing number of existing schools are embracing critical race theory as “teachers have abandoned the practice of teaching their students about a shared sense of national identity, and districts are coercing teachers and students to affirm ideas that violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

“Schools are teaching children to affirm the lie that America is systemically racist, despite seminal laws, such as the Civil Rights Act, and the monumental cultural shifts and racial progress brought on by the civil rights movement,” the report states.

The report’s authors — Lindsey Burke, Jay Greene, Jonathan Butcher and Jason Bedrick — urge lawmakers to consider legislation that would prohibit “any public official from compelling teachers or students to affirm or profess any ideas, especially concepts that violate state and federal civil rights laws.”

The report’s authors also contend that parents, taxpayers and policymakers should also have access to curriculum and instructional materials and that such access was a welcome benefit gleaned from remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“[P]arents should know if teachers assign homework from the Black Lives Matter Week of Action website, for example, so that they can have informed discussions with their children, school administrators, and board members,” the authors wrote. “Our report card accounts for state policymakers who have adopted provisions reaffirming state and federal civil rights laws and academic transparency provisions.”

The ongoing debate comes as American public school systems have seen an exodus of students since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

One report from the nonpartisan research group Education Next found that 2 million fewer students have been enrolled in non-charter public schools since spring 2020 when many public schools were closed for in-person instruction.

While conservative organizations have issued resounding endorsements of school voucher programs, those programs are mostly opposed by public school teachers’ unions. The American Federation of Teachers argues that vouchers will primarily serve as tax breaks for wealthy families that can afford to send their kids to private schools. 

Zeph Capo of the Texas American Federation of Teachers told KHOU-11 in August that voucher programs “really haven’t worked out well.”

“As a matter of fact, most of the evidence shows that it’s actually been a waste of money and it hasn’t actually improved education,” Capo was quoted as saying.

But Burke, the director of the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, told The Christian Post the study seeks to change the national conversation. 

“We hope this report card catalyzes education freedom across the country,” said Burke. “That more professionals are able to enter the classroom without having to go through woke colleges of education; that parents have radical transparency around the content their children’s schools are teaching, that school boards become more responsive to parents than to teachers unions by moving more school board elections on-cycle; and that, most importantly, every child can choose the learning environment that’s right for them through universal education choice.”

California school district must recognize Christian club that opposes homosexuality: 9th Circuit

By Ryan Foley, Christian Post Reporter


Students sit in a high school classroom. | Reuters/Stephane Mahe

A federal appellate court has ruled that a California high school must allow a club for Christian athletes requiring participants to sign a “sexual purity” statement opposing homosexuality to meet on campus as an official student group. On Monday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes over a dispute surrounding its efforts to regain official recognition at Pioneer High School in San Jose.

2-1 opinion authored by Judge Kenneth Lee contends that the San Jose Unified School District violated the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by revoking FCA’s status as an official student club at its high schools in 2019. While the school district cited concerns that the club’s “sexual purity” statement and “statement of faith” constituted violations of the district’s non-discrimination policy, Lee wrote that the school district approved other student clubs whose constitutions limited membership based on gender identity and ethnicity. 

The judge,  appointed to the bench by former President Donald Trump, identified the district’s approval of the Senior Women of Leland High School — open only to girls — as an example of this phenomenon. 

“Under the First Amendment, our government must be scrupulously neutral when it comes to religion: It cannot treat religious groups worse than comparable secular ones,” Lee wrote in the majority opinion. “But the School District did just that.”

The FCA’s “sexual purity” statement declares, “God desires His children to lead pure lives of holiness.” The statement also highlights the Bible’s teachings that “the appropriate place for sexual expression is in the context of the marriage relationship” and that “the biblical definition of marriage is one man and one woman in a lifelong commitment.”

“While upholding God’s standard of holiness, FCA strongly affirms God’s love and redemptive power in the individual who chooses to follow Him. FCA’s desire is to encourage individuals to trust in Jesus and turn away from any impure lifestyle,” the statement concluded.

In dissent, Obama-appointed Judge Morgan Christen contends that the FCA lacks standing to “seek prospective preliminary relief, and our court lacks jurisdiction over this preliminary injunction appeal.”

“It is uncontested that student groups like FCA must reapply each fall for official ASB recognition. It is also uncontested that only student club leaders may apply,” Christen wrote. 

“Because the District’s nondiscrimination policy cannot cause a real or immediately impending injury to FCA if no students apply for ASB recognition, FCA cannot establish standing without evidence that a Pioneer FCA student has applied, or intends to apply, for ASB recognition for the upcoming school year. FCA failed to make that showing.”

FCA’s statement of faith contains similar language, asking members to affirm the beliefs that “God’s design for sexual intimacy is to be expressed only within the context of marriage,” that “God instituted marriage between one man and one woman as the foundation of the family and the basic structure of human society” and that “marriage is exclusively the union of one man and one woman.”

FCA was an official student club at three San Jose Unified School District high schools for over a decade before Pioneer High School social studies teacher Peter Glasser became aware of the FCA’s statement of faith and sexual purity statement. Glasser took issue with the club’s proclamation that “[t]he Bible is clear in teaching on sexual sin including sex outside of marriage and homosexual acts.” Glasser also opposed the statements’ insistence that “neither heterosexual sex outside of marriage nor any homosexual act constitute an alternative lifestyle acceptable to God.”

The FCA also required its officers to affirm that if they are “found being involved in a lifestyle that does not conform to FCA’s Sexual Purity Statement,” they will need to step down from their FCA leadership position. 

Glasser posted the FCA statements on the whiteboard in his classroom, writing that he is “deeply saddened that a club on Pioneer’s campus asks its members to affirm these statements.”

In an email to the school’s principal, Glasser shared additional concerns about FCA’s beliefs stating that “God approves only of relationships between one man and one woman” and that “God assigns our gender identities at birth based on the physical parts He gives us.”

Glasser’s email led to a discussion among the school’s Climate Committee, a group of school leaders including principals and department heads, which culminated with the revocation of the FCA as an official school club. Glasser thought that the organization’s “views on LGBTQ+ identity infringe on the rights of others in my community to feel safe and enfranchised on their own campus, even infringing on their very rights to exist.”

The Climate Committee determined that the FCA statements violated school district policy requiring that “[a]ll district programs and activities within a school under the jurisdiction of the superintendent of the school district shall be free from discrimination, including harassment, with respect to the actual or perceived ethnic group, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, color, race, ancestry, national origin, and physical or mental disability, age or sexual orientation.”

While FCA continued to operate on campus despite lacking recognition as an official club, the organization experienced hostility from school officials, members of the school newspaper and the student community as a whole. Students from the school newspaper took “rapid-fire” photos of participants at FCA meetings and every meeting attracted protests from the student body. Teachers at the school, including Glasser, sought to “ban FCA completely from campus.” 

This prompted a lawsuit seeking an injunction “requiring Defendants to restore recognition to student chapters affiliated with” the FCA and alleging violations of FCA students’ rights to free speech, expressive association and free exercise of religion under the First Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. After a lower court sided with the school district, the 9th Circuit granted the plaintiffs’ request for a preliminary injunction and directed the lower court to “enter an order reinstating FCA as an official student club.” 

Ryan Foley is a reporter for The Christian Post. He can be reached at:

Christian school administrator in Florida receives threats after media reports on LGBT school policy

By Ian M. Giatti, Christian Post Reporter | August 24, 2022


Bible on a school desk in a classroom. | Getty Images

A Christian school administrator in Florida says he’s received threats over media reports about a school policy that requires students to be identified by their biological sex.

Barry McKeen, an administrator for Grace Christian School, located in Valrico about 15 miles east of Tampa, announced in an email on June 6 that any students who violate the school’s stance on sexuality would “be asked to leave the school immediately.”

McKeen told The Christian Post that the email — which outlined definitions of biological sex and sexual sin with specific references to Bible verses — was sent as part of a regular series of summer emails reminding parents of school policies.

“We noticed as last year was wrapping up, some kids being more friendly with the same gender than they probably ought to be,” McKeen said. “We had a feeling we needed to clarify [the policy].”

The email read in part: “We believe that God created mankind in His image: male (man) and female (woman), sexually different but with equal dignity. Therefore, one’s biological sex must be affirmed and no attempts should be made to physically change, alter, or disagree with one’s biological gender — including, but not limited to, elective sex reassignment, transvestite, transgender, or non-binary gender fluid acts of conduct (Genesis 1:26-28). Students in school will be referred to by the gender on their birth certificate and be referenced in name in the same fashion.

“We believe that any form of homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgender identity/lifestyle, self-identification, bestiality, incest, fornication, adultery and pornography are sinful in the sight of God and the church (Genesis 2:24Leviticus 18:1-30Romans 1:26-29I Corinthians 5:1I Corinthians 6:9I Thessalonians 4:2-7),” the email added. “Students who are found participating in these lifestyles will be asked to leave the school immediately.”

McKeen told The Christian Post that the school of about 540 students has had a similar policy in place for years, and to date, no student has been excused or expelled over the policy. 

In fact, McKeen said the policy is “literally verbatim” in the handbooks of more than a dozen other Christian schools, and aside from terminology updates, the policy is the same as it was when the school started in 1975.

“I’m not suggesting on Day One it had transgender in there, but it certainly dealt with the homosexual issue,” said McKeen. “That’s why it’s been surprising for me. Because A) it’s not a new policy, and B) we weren’t forced to enforce it yet.

“Nobody was kicked out; we didn’t approach anybody,” he added.

Since that announcement and the ensuing media coverage, McKeen said there was a law enforcement presence on campus last Friday following the NBC News story.  While there weren’t any specific threats made toward the school, McKee said two separate individuals threatened him personally, including one who said they would “burn my house down.”

Not only did Grace Christian hire additional security, but McKeen said, “we have a lot of kids at the school whose parents are in law enforcement, so they began to show up anyway.”

In response, McKeen posted a video on the school’s Facebook page to refute some of what he called erroneous reporting by NBC News and other outlets.

The NBC News story also referenced a similar policy that was enforced at another Christian school in Louisiana, claiming it was “shutting its doors” to the LGBT community.

“That’s the crazy part,” he said. “The reason I made the video is because I felt like we were painted as hateful.”

McKeen said that while he had no problem with NBC News reporting on the school’s policy, he says a quote attributed to him saying “if you’re gay, you’re going to Hell” is inaccurate.

“I know I didn’t say that because it’s not my doctrine,” he said. “What I believe is any sin will send you to Hell if you don’t know Jesus.”

McKeen, who is the administrator of Grace Christian, is also the pastor of Grace Community Church, which is on the same campus as the school. He took over the church in 2004 from his father-in-law, whom McKeen said took “some stands for Christian schools” in order for them to operate free from state intervention.

“There wouldn’t be Christian schools, honestly, if it wasn’t for him. I’m not about to stand here and cave [to political pressure],” he said.

“For me, it’s like, if we waver on this, we’re just a school, kids can go learn math anywhere,” he added. “What sets us apart is we believe these values, we’re going to stick to these values.”

He says the initial feedback on the story started out as “extremely negative,” but “as the news sources changed, so did the feedback.”

“When it was NBC and ABC and MSNBC and CNN, it was all this hate mail, hate phone calls,” said McKeen, who estimated they received thousands of phone calls, including people swearing at them on the phone.

As reporters continued calling and emailing McKeen about the policy, he said he initially resisted talking to any media on the advice of his attorney. But eventually, McKeen said, he felt there was something far bigger at stake.

“I told my church, ‘I have a feeling we are about to be thrust into the center of something enormous,’” he recalled. “‘I don’t know why this small little church and this small Christian school are going to be called to take this stand, but we’re going to do it and I need you to be with me,’ and of course they are.”

Overall, McKeen said, community feedback has been mostly positive: he even received thank you notes from parents following his initial email on the policy.

Grace Christian has also received an estimated $26,000 in unsolicited giving following the initial story, according to McKeen, including $5,000 from a man in Virginia with just a note saying, “Keep the faith.”

McKeen said despite all the controversy, the trans-identified student referenced in the NBC story has a sibling who still attends Grace Christian. He met with her family last week and said they’re “appalled” at their daughter’s actions.

And after what he described as a very long week, McKeen wants to encourage other Christians who are taking a public stand for their deeply-held values.

“You’re not going to shout us down,” he said. “I’m tired of Christians being trampled and shouted down and sworn at and getting scared and crawling back into a hole. 

“We have things to stand for, too.”

Judge dismisses lawsuit against school district hiding trans students’ gender identity from parents

By Ryan Foley, Christian Post Reporter


A sign sits outside the Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. | Screenshot: Google Maps

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by parents over a school district’s policy that permits school officials to withhold information about students’ gender identity from their parents in some cases, causing critics to warn of efforts to “destroy the family and capture the souls of our children.” 

Judge Paul Grimm of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, appointed to the bench by former President Barack Obama, issued an opinion Thursday siding with Montgomery County Public Schools “Guidelines for Student Gender Identity.”

Located just outside Washington, D.C., Montgomery County Public Schools educated 158,232 students in the 2021-22 school year, making it the largest school district in the state.

A group of parents anonymously filed a lawsuit asking a federal court to prevent the school district from implementing its policies regarding trans-identified students. The guidelines state, “Prior to contacting a student’s parent/guardian, the principal or identified staff member should speak with the student to ascertain the level of support the student either receives or anticipates receiving from home.”

The guidelines repeatedly suggest that schools should hide their children’s gender transition from parents.

“In some cases, transgender and nonconforming students may not openly express their gender identity at home because of safety concerns or lack of acceptance,” the document states. “Matters of gender identity can be complex and may involve familial conflict.”

“If this is the case and support is required, Student Welfare and Compliance (SWC) should be contacted. In such cases, staff will support the development of a student-led plan that works toward inclusion of the family, if possible, taking safety concerns into consideration, as well as student privacy,” the guidance added. 

The guidelines also state that “information about a student’s transgender status, legal name, or sex assigned at birth may constitute confidential medical information” and therefore, “disclosing this information to other students, their parents/guardians, or third parties may violate privacy laws, such as the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).” 

“Unless the student or parent/guardian has specified otherwise, when contacting the parent/guardian of a transgender student, MCPS school staff members should use the student’s legal name and pronoun that correspond to the student’s sex assigned at birth,” the guidelines read. 

The school district authorizes school officials to establish a “gender support plan” with trans-identified students, including completing an “Intake Form” by school officials with or without parental consent.

According to The Washington Post, Grimm wrote in his order that “The Guidelines carefully balance the interests of both the parents and the students” and encourages parental input “when the student consents” but avoids parental input “when the student expresses concern that the parents would not be supportive, or that disclosing their gender identity to their parents may put them in harm’s way.” 

Grimm ruled the policy consistent with the Montgomery County Board of Education’s “legitimate interest in providing a safe and supportive environment for all MCPS students, including those who are transgender and gender nonconforming.”

Additionally, he maintained that the plaintiffs did not provide “specific allegations” about the impact the guidelines had on “counseling their own children.”

Rod Dreher of the American Conservative described Grimm’s ruling as a victory for the view that “the State has the right to deceive parents about whether or not their children are choosing to live as the opposite sex.”

In a blog titled “The State Hates Families,” Dreher lamented what he sees as the decision’s confirmation that “the State — in the form of the local school board — has the right to deceive parents about this fundamental aspect of their child’s life.” 

“Under Communism, the State usurped the family,” he wrote. “Children are being raised by schools, and by news and entertainment media, to believe … insane lies about their bodies and their gender, and to believe that parents are the enemy, that the State is their friend and ally.”

“We are ruled by a malignant class that wants to destroy the family and capture the souls of our children,” he added. “[T]he schools — this federal judge — believes your children belong to it, and that you, as a mother or a father, are a danger to your child if you disagree with gender ideology, and that you have no right to expect public schools to tell you the truth.”

He classified this way of thinking as “Totalitarian,” stressing that “there is almost nothing more important, politically, than protecting children from the State.” 

In Leon County, Florida, parents January and Jeffery Littlejohn filed a lawsuit last year against the school district and its leaders for holding a meeting with their daughter to discuss changes to her gender identity and working to hide such changes from them without their consent.

Outrage over similar policies and actions taken by school district officials to conceal information from parents prompted the passage of a “parental rights in education” bill passed in Florida earlier this year.

The bill, approved by the state’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in March, requires public school districts to “adopt procedures for notifying a student’s parent if there is a change in the student’s services or monitoring related to the student’s mental, emotional, or physical health or well-being and the school’s ability to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for the student.” 

The law also proclaims that “A school district may not adopt procedures or student support forms that prohibit school district personnel from notifying a parent about his or her student’s mental, emotional, or physical health or well-being, or a change in related services or monitoring, or that encourage or have the effect of encouraging a student to withhold from a parent such information.” 

Ryan Foley is a reporter for The Christian Post. He can be reached at:

Success in school more favorable for students who live with married, biological parents: study

By Leonardo Blair, Senior Features Reporter | August 19, 2022


Getty Images

While society has increasingly embraced alternative families like single-parent homes and stepfamilies, a new Institute for Family Studies research brief suggests students who live with their married biological parents perform better in school.

The brief, written by Nicholas Zill, a research psychologist and IFS senior fellow, and Brad Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia and a fellow at The Future of Freedom at IFS, was based on data from the 1996 and 2019 National Household Education Surveys.

These surveys were completed by parents whose children were enrolled in elementary and secondary schools nationwide. The 1996 survey covered 17,535 students in kindergarten through the 12th grade, while the 2019 survey covered 15,990 students in the same age range.

In their analysis, Zill and Wilcox looked at the frequency of teacher and school interventions for students from both non-traditional and traditional families. They examined whether or not the child repeated one or more grades, if the child was suspended or expelled, the frequency with which schools contacted parents about their child’s schoolwork and how often parents were contacted about the child’s behavior.

The researchers found that the overall frequency of school interventions fell from 1996 to 2019.

In 1996, parents of 21.9% of students were contacted about their child’s schoolwork. By 2019, this share fell to 17.4%. Over the same period, the percentage of parents contacted about their child’s behavior dropped from 27% in 1996 to 21.6% in 2019. The share of children who repeated a grade fell from 12.9% in 1996 to 6% in 2019. The share of children suspended or expelled also decreased from 18.8% to 9.4%.

Despite the overall decrease in the frequency of school interventions from 1996 to 2019, the odds of school interventions increased for students in non-traditional families on all measures. However, the increased risk was only considered statistically significant for suspensions and parental contact about student behavior.

“It is only for suspension and parental contact about behavioral problems that the increases were statistically significant,” the researchers wrote. “But it is striking that the odds ratio increased for all four outcomes in the last quarter-century. Our results are consistent with the theory that marriage matters more than ever for today’s children.”

When the data were adjusted to control for differences across family types in racial composition and parent education levels, as well as for the ages and sexes of the students in each group, the researchers found that the greater risks of school intervention faced by students from non-traditional families declined.

Still, according to Zill and Wilcox, “students from non-intact families continue to have nearly triple the risk of suspension and double the risk of grade repetition as students from intact, biological families.” Specifically, students who grow up in non-traditional families are 2.92 times more likely than their peers in intact families to get suspended from school while those who live in non-traditional families are 2.01 times more likely to end up repeating a grade than children from intact families.

Parents of students growing up in non-traditional households are 2.18 times more likely than parents of students raised by a nuclear family to have schools contact them about their children’s behavior. At the same time, parents of students living in a non-traditional household were just 1.63 times more likely than parents of children from two-parent homes to have schools contact them about their children’s schoolwork. 

“Despite the declines in the frequency of school interventions for students from single-parent, stepparent, and other non-intact family types, in both surveys, these students were significantly more likely than those from married, biological families to receive each of these interventions,” the researchers explained. “And the over-time declines in the frequencies of school interventions were greater for students from married, biological families. So, the relative risk faced by students from non-traditional families has actually increased or remained the same.”

The researchers clarified in their brief that their findings should not be interpreted as saying students from non-traditional families cannot succeed in school, only that the odds of academic success are “more favorable” for students from traditional ones.

These results reaffirm the conclusion that children from stable, married families have a better chance of receiving the guidance and support they need to succeed academically and adapt confidently to the classroom environment than children from disrupted or reconstituted families,” they noted. “This does not mean that children from non-traditional families cannot do well in school. Many do, despite the conflict, turmoil, or curtailed parenting they may experience at home.”

Parents demand sexually explicit books be removed from Oklahoma public school libraries

By CARLOS GARCIA | August 10, 2022


Oklahoma parents demanded that sexually explicit books be removed from the public school libraries in their district, but others argued to keep them. The parents made their objections known at the monthly meeting of the Stillwater Board of Education on Monday.

Stillwater resident Karen Flack cited the book, “The Truth About Alice,” which is a book about a hypocritical woman protesting against abortion clinics while her daughter has an abortion.

“I just feel there is no need for this in our libraries,” Flack said. “This is just not appropriate. To me, it’s like if you had a section of video pornography for kids to check out. Wish you would find out more about how these books are getting into the school and get back to teaching our children.”

The book’s author, Jennifer Mathieu said specifically that the book was an attempt to persuade people to defend abortion rights.

Another parent referenced “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” which has explicit accounts of oral sex.

“I hesitate to read it,” said Riley Flack to the board. “I don’t feel comfortable reading it to adults.”

He said another book on their list had 79 instances of the F-word.

Not all parents agreed.

“We’re not limiting their time on the internet,” said parent Danielle Keig to KOCO-TV.

“I’m sure these parents also let their kids use TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, social media apps, those things have way more sexualization in them than these books do,” she added.

She also argued that wanting the sexually explicit books out of the public library was somehow against the Constitution.

“The Library Bill of Rights, rooted in the First Amendment, has been repeatedly held up in court cases and it guarantees that parents can choose for their own child what they can and cannot read,” Fuxa said, “however, it holds that other parents do not have the right to restrict access for my children as that right lies with me and my family.”

The objecting parents said they would making formal complaints about the books in order to initiate a formal investigation about their controversial inclusion in a public school library. Stillwater Public Schools said in a statement to KOCO that no parent had thus far made a formal complaint about the books.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Angry parents in Stillwater want some books banned from middle school

Oklahoma man allowed to sue local school board members for cutting his mic because he spoke about God: ‘Mr. Chaffin was removed because he was predicating his comments on a Biblical worldview’

By CORTNEY WEIL | August 04, 2022


A state judge in Oklahoma has refused to dismiss a lawsuit which alleges that a local school board turned off a public microphone because a man used “a Biblical worldview” to frame his comments.

Back in April, Brice Chaffin spoke at a public school board meeting in Stillwater, Oklahoma, about 65 miles north of Oklahoma City and the home of Oklahoma State University. Though the board had not planned to discuss rules related to bathroom use at schools, many in the audience, including Chaffin, elected to speak about the topic nonetheless.

Many residents wanted to weigh in on the issue since the board had recently updated its anti-discrimination policy to include “gender identity,” which meant that students could use the bathroom which corresponds to their “gender [identities],” rather than their biological sexes.

Chaffin began his comments by arguing for the reality of God and the necessity of accepting Jesus. When board members then asked Chaffin to speak about the bathroom topic at hand, Chaffin hinted at his opposition to “gender identity” as a concept and the related bathroom issue by referencing the Bible.

“So, I talked about physical laws,” Chaffin said. “We have spiritual laws. We also have natural laws. Natural law, for instance, one natural law is that on the day God created man, He made him in the likeness of God. He created them male and female. So, we have males and females.”

Chaffin then began to quote from the first chapter of the New Testament book Romans, a chapter often cited to denounce homosexuality.

At that point, school board members interjected once again and asked Chaffin to stay on topic. When he continued to read from Romans, the board silenced the microphone, and Chaffin’s words became inaudible. Security then removed Chaffin from the meeting.

After the meeting, Chaffin, with the help of attorney Maria Seidler, filed a lawsuit against Stillwater Public Schools, members of the Stillwater school board, and Gay Washington, who was acting superintendent at the time.

Jenni White, president of the group Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment (ROPE), which is also listed as a plaintiff, issued a statement in support of the suit.

“Any member of the taxpaying community has the right to speak at a school board meeting,” White wrote. “If you watch the video, it was clear that Mr. Chaffin was removed because he was predicating his comments on a Biblical worldview. According to the First Amendment our speech is protected from interference by the government and a school board is a governmental entity.”

“I’d just like the school boards to uphold the Constitution as they’re required to pledge upon taking office. Free speech must include religious speech,” White added.

Though the judge dismissed the charges against the school board as a whole, the judge upheld the suit against the district and each individual board member. A pretrial hearing has been scheduled for November. Chaffin and Seidler are not seeking monetary damages from the defendants, but a public apology and remittance for attorney’s fees.

State legislators have since changed state law to restrict students to using the bathroom which is in accords with their biological sex.

Video unavailable.

SPLC accused of pushing kids book that says kids can trans identify at age 2, sexualizes children

By Michael Gryboski, Mainline Church Editor 


Unsplash/Kimberly Farmer

The Southern Poverty Law Center is facing allegations that the group is promoting a book for elementary school students that normalizes sexual behavior among children, drawing criticism from conservative Christian groups. Conservative news website Breitbart published a report last week about the SPLC’s “Learning for Justice” project, which includes an “LGBTQ Library” with a list of recommended books and practices that are controversial.

Jeff Johnston, the culture and policy analyst for the Colorado Springs, Colorado-based Focus on the Family, denounced the guide as promoting “false ideologies and damaging behaviors for children of all ages.” 

“It promotes the false idea that there are not two sexes — male and female — but a variety of ‘gender identities,'” said Johnston in a statement emailed to The Christian Post on Monday.

“It encourages schools to violate privacy and safety in restrooms, locker rooms and showers by allowing students who ‘identify’ as the opposite sex into those spaces. And it urges schools to use curriculums that are radical and sexualized. This is ideology masquerading as education.”

Senior Fellow for Education Studies at the Christian conservative activist organization Family Research Council Meg Kilgannon also took issue with the guide, telling CP that the SPLC “has been in the business of sexualizing children in the name of ‘diversity’ for years.”

Kilgannon directed CP to a 2019 paper by the FRC, updated last year, which documented examples of the SPLC’s “Learning for Justice” program engaging in controversial practices. 

“When sexual progressives want to teach children with ‘no normative pressures around sex,’ parents should know that kind of thinking can include the idea that age restrictions on sexual behavior adults and children is a ‘normative pressure,'” she explained. 

“SPLC isn’t interested in preserving childhood innocence when they train teachers to implement Queer Theory in classrooms in California and around the country. School systems that rely on teacher training materials from SPLC should be aware of the dangerous political and sexual ideologies SPLC’s ‘free materials’ include.” 

One of the recommended books in the guide, which received considerable attention from Breitbart, is Sex is a Funny Word by Cory Silverberg, which is aimed at younger readers. 

“Less controversial than its title suggests, this comic book for kids includes children and families of all makeups, orientations and gender identities, providing an essential resource about bodies, gender and sexuality for young children that will help caregivers guide difficult conversations,” claims the guide.

The comic book features an illustration of a girl having an orgasm, with its author being quoted as wanting “a world with no normative pressures around sex.”

Elsewhere, the guide claimed that “children often know their gender as early as 2 or 3 years old” and that they “do not need to be pubescent or sexually active to ‘truly know’ their gender identity or sexual orientation.”

CP reached out to the SPLC for a response to the book, but a response wasn’t received by press time.

Under the category of “Classroom Culture,” the guide encouraged teachers to wear nametags indicating their chosen pronouns and encouraged the conducting of “pronoun check-ins.” “Collective pronoun check-ins help students learn peers’ pronouns without forcing nonbinary students to come out repeatedly,” the guide continued. “You may say, ‘To make sure we’re referring to each other accurately, let’s go around so everyone can share their name and pronoun.’ This process can help transgender and nonbinary students feel seen, not singled out.”

Launched in 1991 and originally named “Teaching Tolerance,” “Learning for Justice” describes itself as an educational resource project helping schools combat discrimination and celebrate diversity.

“Our free educational resources — articles, guides, lessons, films, webinars, frameworks and more — help foster shared learning and reflection for educators, young people, caregivers and all community members. Our engagement opportunities — conferences, workshops, and school and community partnerships — provide space where people can harness collective power and take action,” its website states.

“Through this continual cycle of education and engagement, we hope that we can build and maintain meaningful relationships with communities and we can all move from learning for justice to creating it.”  

A far-left civil rights group, SPLC has garnered much controversy and backlash over its labeling of several conservative Christian organizations, including FRC, as “hate groups.” This became a major point of contention in 2012 when a gay rights activist inspired by the SPLC entered FRC’s Washington, D.C. headquarters and attempted to kill the staff. The SPLC apologized to ex-Muslim activist Maajid Nawaz in June 2018 and paid him $3.3 million in a settlement after wrongfully including him in a report on anti-Muslim activity.

In March 2019, the SPLC fired its founder, Morris Dees, in response to several allegations of sexual misconduct, as well as claims of racist behavior within the progressive group.

Michael Gryboski released the novel “The Enigma of Father Vera Daniel.” For more information, click here.

Christian university sues Washington AG over probe into LGBT hiring policies

By Ian M. Giatti, Christian Post Reporter


The campus of Seattle Pacific University, a Christian school located in Seattle, Washington | Seattle Pacific University

A Christian university is suing the attorney general of Washington state over an investigation into its hiring practices that university officials say violate the school’s religious freedom. Seattle Pacific University (SPU) filed suit on July 27 against state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who is investigating potential illegal discrimination over the university’s refusal to hire LGBT applicants based on its statement of faith.

In the 22-page complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Tacoma, SPU said Ferguson “is wielding state power to interfere with the religious beliefs of a religious university, and a church, whose beliefs he disagrees with.” 

“He is using the powers of his office (and even powers not granted to his office) to pressure and retaliate against Seattle Pacific University,” the suit stated.

The complaint claims that Ferguson’s investigation compels SPU to release “information on internal religious matters and decisions, detailed review of religious hiring practices, communications with ministerial employees, and even the selection of the University’s president, senior leadership, and board of trustees.”

A June 8 letter Ferguson sent to SPU requests that the institution to “[p]roduce any policies governing the hiring, promotion, discipline, and/or termination of University faculty, staff, and administrators, as it relates to their sexual orientation or status of being in a same-sex marriage and/or intimate relationship.”

“The attorney general’s probe inquires into confidential religious matters and is beyond the scope of authority granted under state law and the federal constitution,” attorneys for SPU said in the complaint.

In response to the lawsuit, Ferguson released a statement confirming the civil rights investigation.

“We did not publicize the letter, nor did we announce our investigation. In response to our inquiry, Seattle Pacific University filed a federal lawsuit,” the attorney general stated. 

“The lawsuit demonstrates that the University believes it is above the law to such an extraordinary degree that it is shielded from answering basic questions from my office regarding the University’s compliance with state law.”

Ferguson launched the investigation after “[n]umerous Seattle Pacific University students, faculty, and others reached out to my office to file complaints or otherwise express deep concern that the University administration’s policies illegally violate Washingtonians’ civil rights.”

The private evangelical Christian and Wesleyan institution is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church and enrolls around 3,500 students. The institution claims it adheres to the biblical definition of human sexuality. Last year, SPU faced criticism after its board of trustees announced it would continue a hiring policy that prohibits hiring full-time faculty members who identify as LGBT. SPU’s Faculty Senate obtained responses from around 90% of the faculty on the board’s decision to maintain that policy despite objections from some in the school community.

Around 72% of the faculty who responded agreed with the “no confidence” vote regarding the board and its decision, according to The Seattle Times.

“The Board’s decision to maintain SPU’s discriminatory hiring policy related to human sexuality, as well as its manner of delivering that decision, have regrettably compelled the faculty of SPU to pass a vote of no confidence in the SPU Board of Trustees,” the faculty senate said.

In May, SPU’s policies attracted national attention following a student protest over the board’s vote to “retain Seattle Pacific University’s current employee lifestyle expectations regarding sexual conduct.”

“We want the community of SPU to know that this was a thorough and prayerful deliberation,” Board Chair Cedric Davis said in a statement. 

“While this decision brings complex and heart-felt reactions, the Board made a decision that it believed was most in line with the university’s mission and Statement of Faith and chose to have SPU remain in communion with its founding denomination, the Free Methodist Church USA, as a core part of its historical identity as a Christian university.”

SPU is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, which is opposing a lawsuit filed by former students from over two dozen Christian universities who say they felt discriminated against on their campuses. The lawsuit seeks to overturn religious exemptions to Title IX of the Civil Rights Act that allows faith-based institutions to adhere to scriptural beliefs on sexuality and gender. 

Ferguson, who has served as attorney general of Washington since 2013, has a history of bringing charges against Christian entities deemed to have violated the state law barring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

In 2013, Ferguson filed a consumer protection lawsuit against Christian florist Barronelle Stutzman for refusing to provide floral arrangements to a same-sex wedding on the ground that doing so went against her Christian convictions. 

After a lengthy legal battle, Stutzman agreed to pay $5,000 to settle the lawsuit and announced her retirement. 

22 states sue USDA for tying school lunch funding to compliance with LGBT ideology

By Ryan Foley, Christian Post Reporter


Students eat lunch in the cafeteria at a middle school in San Diego, California March 7, 2011. | (Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

More than 20 state attorneys general have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture for threatening to withhold funds for the National School Lunch Program from schools that do not comply with the Biden administration’s LGBT ideology

On May 5, the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service announced its intention to interpret “the prohibition on discrimination based on sex found in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972” to include “discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” 

In a memorandum published that same day, the agency informed state and regional directors of all Food and Nutrition Services programs of the policy change. The department cited the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2020 decision in Bostock v. Clayton County finding that the provision of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibiting discrimination based on sex also applies to sexual orientation and gender identity as the justification for the new interpretation of Title IX. 

As a result of the USDA’s interpretation of Title IX, “state and local agencies, program operators and sponsors that receive funds from FNS must investigate allegations of discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation” and “update their non-discrimination policies and signage to include prohibitions against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.” 

The FNS administers the National School Lunch Program, which provides low-cost and free lunches to 29.6 million children at nearly 100,000 public and nonprofit private schools in the fiscal year 2019.

On Tuesday, Tennessee’s Republican Attorney General Herbert Slatery joined 21 other Republican attorneys general in filing a lawsuit against the USDA and its top officials in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee Knoxville Division. The attorneys general of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia are also plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The states contend that USDA’s interpretation of Title IX would cause the plaintiff states to lose federal funding for the National School Lunch Program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) Program.

Describing the USDA as the latest example of the Biden administration’s “misinterpretation” of Title IX, the lawsuit states that the final rule issued by the department requires states to ensure that “no person, on the grounds of sex, including gender identity and sexual orientation, race, color, age, political belief, religious creed, disability, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subject to discrimination under SNAP.” The final rule takes effect on Aug. 15. 

Additional guidance issued by the USDA requires “FNS nutrition assistance programs, state or local agencies, and their subrecipients” to post a nondiscrimination statement. The statement.

The complaint argues that language in the additional guidance indicates that while “the old policy prohibited discrimination only ‘in any program or activity conducted or funded by USDA,’ the new policy seemingly implies to each program-administering ‘institution’ as a whole.” It warned that “the USDA Memoranda and Final Rule [will] Irreparably Harm Plaintiff States.”

The lawsuit listed plaintiff states’ “laws or policies that at least arguably conflict with” the USDA’s final rule.

Tennessee state law asserts that “[a] student’s gender for purposes of participation in a public middle school or high school interscholastic athletic activity or event must be determined by the student’s sex at the time of the student’s birth.” The state law also provides a right of action against schools that permit “a member of the opposite sex to enter [a] multi-occupancy restroom or changing facility while other persons [are] present.”

The complaint urged a federal judge to issue “a declaratory judgment holding unlawful the Department’s Memoranda and Final Rule” and a “declaratory judgment holding that Plaintiffs are not bound by the Department’s Memoranda and Final Rule.”

The complaint also sought a declaration that the department did not have the authority to penalize and withhold federal funds from Title IX and Food and Nutrition Act recipients that “continue to separate students by biological sex in appropriate circumstances.” 

The plaintiff states requested similar declarations preventing retaliation against Title IX and Food and Nutrition Act recipients that “maintain showers, locker rooms, bathrooms, residential facilities, and other living facilities separated by biological sex or regulate each individual’s access to those facilities based on the individual’s biological sex.”

The states also want the court to prohibit retaliation against schools that “do not require employees or students to use a transgender individual’s preferred pronouns,” “maintain athletic teams separated by biological sex or” assign individuals to teams based on biological sex.

The lawsuit comes a month after 26 state attorneys general wrote a letter to President Joe Biden outlining their concerns with the USDA’s administrative action and asking the administration to rescind the guidance.

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack defended the agency’s actions as part of a commitment to “administering all its programs with equity and fairness and serving those in need with the highest dignity.”

“A key step in advancing these principles is rooting out discrimination in any form – including discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity,” he added. “At the same time, we must recognize the vulnerability of the LGBTQI+ communities and provide them with an avenue to grieve any discrimination they face. We hope that by standing firm against these inequities we will help bring about much-needed change.”

Ryan Foley is a reporter for The Christian Post. He can be reached at:

Teacher’s unions upset that Florida to address teacher shortage by hiring veterans without a college degree: ‘We do not believe that anyone … can be a teacher in a classroom’

By CORTNEY WEIL | July 28, 2022


Teacher’s unions in Florida are concerned about a new state policy which will allow veterans without a college degree to receive a five-year voucher to teach at a state public or charter school. According to reports, Florida currently has more than 4,300 teaching vacancies with a new school year fast approaching. In an effort to fill some of these essential positions, the state has adjusted the requirements for military veterans in the hopes of attracting some of them into the classroom.

Veterans who wish to apply for the teaching voucher must have:

  • Minimum of 48 months of active-duty military service with an honorable/medical discharge
  • Minimum of 60 college credits with a 2.5 grade point average
  • Passing score on a Florida subject area examination for bachelor’s level subjects which demonstrate mastery of subject area knowledge
  • Employment in a Florida school district, including charter schools

The policy went into effect on July 1 and offers fee waivers for military spouses as well, though contrary to some reports, spouses are still subject to the same requirements as other civilians.

While many teachers acknowledge that the shortage is dire and that fewer and fewer recent graduates are electing to become teachers, many Florida teachers’ union members are unhappy with the new policy for veterans, particularly the education requirements.

“We are always fighting to lift our profession up,” Carmen Ward, president of the Alachua County Education Association and a member of the Florida Education Association, said. “We have a lot of veterans that work currently in our schools. However, they have four-year degrees. Because it is an academic position, it requires that the person who is teaching the subject matter have academic experience with that subject matter.”

“And not to mention that teachers have pedagogy,” Ward added. “It is not just a science, but an art to be able to teach children to read. We do not believe that anyone, regardless of their education, can be a teacher in a classroom.”

Tina Certain agreed.

“It’s not that I’m against the service that veterans provide to our country,” Certain said. “I just think that to the education profession, we’re lowering the bar on that and minimizing the criteria of what it takes to enter the profession.”

“You can’t just throw a warm body in a classroom. That’s not the answer,” said Barry Dubin, president of the Sarasota County Teachers Association.

However, Gov. Ron DeSantis is optimistic about the new plan:

“We owe the freedoms we enjoy as Americans to our military veterans, and I am focused on ensuring Florida is the best state in the nation for those who have served to find great jobs, start or grow businesses and support their families,” DeSantis said in a statement. “Business is booming in Florida, and employers are looking for the leadership skills, training and teamwork military veterans bring to the workforce.”

At This Manhattan Middle School School, Sixth-Graders Are Asked to Surveil Friends and Family for ‘Microaggressions’

By Aaron Sibarium | July 27, 2022


Students at a New York City public school, March 2022. (Getty Images)

A New York City public school encouraged students as young as 10 years old to keep a list of all the “microaggressions” they witnessed, both at school and in their own families, according to materials from the school’s curriculum reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. The same students were also asked to list their gender identity—”cisgender,” “nonbinary,” or “trans”—as well as their sexual orientation on a graded worksheet.

The sixth-grade humanities curriculum from Lower Manhattan Community Middle School, where just 31 percent of students are white, required students to read Tiffany Jewell’s This Book Is Anti-Racist, one of only five books assigned for the 2021-2022 year. The book contains 20 lessons on “how to wake up, take action, and do the work”—including the work of confronting the police, which Jewell suggests white students can do without ending up “in jail or harmed.”

“If you are a Black, Brown, or Indigenous Person of the Global Majority, you will need to decide how each outcome could end for you,” Jewell writes in a chapter called “Choosing My Path.” “White people, this is not something you need to do because you are at the center of the system.”

From Tiffany Jewell’s ‘This Book Is Anti-Racist’

The book also asks students to surveil their friends and family for racist behavior. “Grab your notebook,” one “activity” instructs readers. “Look and listen for the microaggressions around you. Write them down and note your observations.” Another activity asks students how “folx” in their families “resisted” or “contributed to racism,” defined as the “systemic misuse and abuse of power by institutions.”

The curriculum, which went into effect August 2021, came as parents across New York City were mobilizing against critical race theory in public schools—and as education officials across the country were denying that there was any such thing.

“Critical race theory is not taught in elementary schools,” Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, asserted in July 2021. Parents “are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history.”

One month earlier, New York Regents chancellor Lester Young stated that critical race theory “is not our theory of action” and assured parents that “we are not preparing young people to be activists.”

Jewell’s book belies that assurance. “We will work together, in solidarity, to disrupt racism and become anti-racist accomplices,” the preface reads. “There are many moments to pause in this book so you can check in with yourself and grow into your activism.”

The curriculum could spell legal trouble for the school, which is already under investigation for separating seventh and eight-graders into racial affinity groups. That practice prompted a civil rights complaint in December from the watchdog group Parents Defending Education; on July 13, the Department of Education announced it would investigate the middle school over the complaint.

“It’s astonishing that administrators at Lower Manhattan Community seem determined to create a racially hostile educational environment on top of the civil rights investigation that was just opened,” said Nicole Neily, the president of Parents Defending Education. “Parents who were once proud of the school’s academic performance compared to other New York City public schools are now concerned—justifiably so—about the school’s increasing fixation on race.”

Those concerns come amid steep enrollment declines—and budget cuts—in New York City’s public schools. With enrollment down 8 percent since 2020, schools have lost $215 million in funding this year alone, forcing widespread layoffs and larger class sizes.

Divisive curricula like the one at Lower Manhattan Community School have exacerbated that exodus. One parent told the Free Beacon that their child would not be returning to the middle school this fall on account of an assignment that required sixth-graders to disclose their “social identities”—including their sexual orientation—on a worksheet. Though students did not have to “write something for every category,” instructors collected the worksheet for a grade.

Such lessons aren’t the product of a few school administrators run amok but reflect the race-conscious worldview of the New York City Department of Education. In June 2020, then-executive superintendent of Manhattan public schools Marisol Rosales hosted a panel on dismantling “systemic racism in our schools,” which held up Lower Manhattan Community School’s “mission statement on race” as a model for the entire school system.

“To undo the legacy of racism and oppression in this country that impacts our school community,” the mission statement reads, Lower Manhattan Community Schools works to instill “anti-racist beliefs and practices.”

The school’s sixth-grade humanities curriculum is a microcosm of what that education looks like in practice. Three of its five units concern “identity,” with Jewell’s book listed as a “key text” for unit one. The “social identities” worksheet was part of a broader lesson on “the dominant culture,” which consists of “people who are white, middle class, Christian and cisgender.”

Whoever does not fit into this “box,” Jewell writes, is “part of what’s called the ‘subordinate culture.’” Her description of that culture is exhaustive, albeit studded with solecisms: “Folx included in the ‘subordinate culture,’ include Black, Brown, indigenous People of Color of the Global Majority, queer, transgender, and nonbinary folx, and cisgender women, youth, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist, and non-Christian folx, neurodiverse folx, folx living with disabilities, those living in poverty, and more.”

“The people who want to talk about racism all the time are the racists,” said Maud Maron, who served as an elected representative for parents in the district where Lower Manhattan Community School is located. “The people who suffer are the kids who get cheated out of a wholesome school experience and hours of learning that should be focused on academics instead of race indoctrination.”

Lower Manhattan Community School did not respond to a request for comment.

The focus on race extended to the seventh-grade social studies curriculum—ostensibly devoted to early American history—which used “anti-racist” guru Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped from the Beginning as its main textbook, according to a syllabus for the 2021-2022 school year reviewed by the Free Beacon.

These curricula do not seem to have soothed racial tensions at Lower Manhattan Community School, which is 41 percent Asian, 15 percent Hispanic, and 7 percent black.

A group of parents and administrators in April began planning a “restorative justice circle” to address alleged incidents of racism that had taken place over the school year, according to emails reviewed by the Free Beacon. The incidents included a black student calling a South Asian student “Indian Boy,” an Asian student touching a black student’s hair, and a “rumor” that a white student “used the N-word.”

The school eventually canceled the circle after a parent objected that it would “violate students’ privacy” and “possibly put current students at risk”—and after parents started to litigate the incidents over email, replicating the racial catfighting that had consumed the classroom.

One parent questioned the wisdom of discussing the transgressions of Asian students at a time when anti-Asian hate crimes were on the rise. It didn’t go over well.

“African Americans have been facing race-based violence for 500 years in this country, and still face it every day,” another parent responded. “So, I’d ask you to please be sensitive to that fact during discussions and emails with our group.”

LA school district encourages teachers to reject gender ‘binary,’ embrace LGBT ideology

By Ryan Foley, Christian Post Reporter | Monday, July 25, 2022


IT Support Technician Michael Hakopian (R) distributes computer devices to students at Hollywood High School on August 13, 2020, in Hollywood, California. With over 734,000 enrolled students, the Los Angeles Unified School District is the largest public school system in California and the 2nd largest public school district in the United States. | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

One of the largest school districts in the United States has urged teachers to embrace LGBT ideology denouncing the gender “binary,” according to a new report. 

Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the conservative think tank Manhattan Institute, shared documents he obtained from the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity Department on Twitter Wednesday. LAUSD is the largest school district in California, serving more than 500,000 students.

“Los Angeles Unified School District encourages kindergartners to experiment with non-binary pronouns, trains teachers to subvert ‘mainstream white cis-heteropatriarchy society,’ and promotes sexual identities such as ‘trans,’ ‘pansexual,’ ‘two-spirit,’ and ‘genderqueer,'” Rufo tweeted. 

The outspoken critic of critical race theory and LGBT ideology being incorporated into public schools provided screenshots of a “treasure trove of documents from the district’s Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity department, which has created an entire infrastructure to translate the basic tenets of academic Queer Theory into K-12 pedagogy.”

“The programming includes a wide range of conferences, presentations, curricula, teacher-training programs, adult-driven ‘gender and sexuality’ clubs, and school-sponsored protests,” Rufo wrote in an article for City Journal. 

The Christian Post reached out to LAUSD for comment. A response is pending. 

Among the documents Rufo shared online are LAUSD’s “Queer and Trans-Affirming School Calendar” titled “Queer All School Year.” One PowerPoint presentation focused on “Queering Culture & Race.” The PowerPoint has been removed from the LAUSD’s Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity Department’s website.

A slide from an October 2021 professional development workshop discussing “breaking the binary in education” asserted that “our language is binary due to the society around us.” The stated purpose of the workshop was to provide a “start for educators to look at how they can shift their thinking, language, and approach to LGBTQ+ topics in the classroom.” The workshop was presented by a fifth grade magnet school teacher whose pronouns are “they/them.”

Other workshops at the same conference featured a panel discussion with queer seventh-grade students to “produce counter narratives against the master narrative of mainstream white cis-heteropatriarchy society that seeks to erase and oppress our lived experiences.” They included a list of resources for trans-identified students, including “trans-affirming clothing.”

Another workshop advised teachers to use “non-gendered expressions” and abandon the use of the phrases “boys and girls,” “ladies and gentlemen” and “guys.”

SCOOP: Los Angeles Unified School District encourages kindergartners to experiment with non-binary pronouns, trains teachers to subvert “mainstream white cis-heteropatriarchy society,” and promotes sexual identities such as “trans,” “pansexual,” “two-spirit,” and “genderqueer.”🧵

I have obtained a trove of documents from the district’s Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity department, which has created an entire infrastructure to translate the basic tenets of academic Queer Theory into K-12 pedagogy. The narrative follows the standard academic slop: white, cisgender, heterosexual men have built a repressive social structure, divided the world into the false binary of man and woman, and used this myth to oppress racial and sexual minorities.

In a conference last fall, the district hosted presentations on “breaking the [gender] binary,” understanding “what your queer middle schooler wants you to know,” and producing “counter narratives against the master narrative of mainstream white cis-heteropatriarchy society.”

In another training, the district encouraged teachers to “avoid gendered expressions” such as “boys and girls” and “ladies and gentlemen.” The district also warned teachers that they might need to work against black families, who are guilty of “homophobia and transphobia.”

Los Angeles Unified has gone all-in on “trans-affirming” programming, encouraging kindergartners to experiment with non-binary gender identities and organizing “trans & gender nonbinary” sexuality clubs for middle school students.

The district has adopted the policy that schools must use the “names and pronouns” selected by the student and keep them a secret from families. In other words, teachers can facilitate a child’s gender and sexual transition without notifying parents.

school district policy issued in 2019 proclaimed, “Students shall be addressed by the name and pronoun that corresponds to their gender identity asserted at school without obtaining a court order, changing their pupil records or obtaining parent/legal guardian permission.”

The document clarified that “if school personnel are unsure how a student wants to be addressed in communications to home or in conferences with parents/legal guardians/educational rights holders, they may privately ask the student how they want to be referred to when communicating with parents/legal guardians.” 

A chart obtained by Rufo listed the “privileged social groups” within individual “social identity categories,” along with the “border social groups” and the “disadvantaged social groups.”

The chart identified “white people,” Anglo-Saxons, citizens, males, gender-conforming men and women, heterosexuals, rich people, the able-bodied and mainstream Christians as privileged social groups. The document classified “People of Color,” females, trans-identified people, LGBT individuals and non-Christians as “disadvantaged social groups.”

Rufo cited the chart as an example of the narrative that “white, cisgender, heterosexual men have built a repressive social structure, divided the world into the false binary of man and woman, and used this myth to oppress racial and sexual minorities.”

As of Sunday, all but one of the links on the Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity’s “Advisory Lessons” webpage redirect to a page informing visitors that “this page has moved.” The only document remaining is a PowerPoint presentation outlining “10 Ways to Talk About Sensitive Issues in the News.” Two of the PowerPoint documents removed from the website include “Critical Race Theory, Racism and K-12 Education” and “Say Gay: Protect LGBTQ+ Futures.”

The department has a separate webpage devoted to lessons on “Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression.”

While most of the documents have been removed, a presentation on the meaning of the term “2 Spirit” remains. A lengthy glossary of LGBT terminology defined the phrase as an “umbrella term traditionally within Native American communities to recognize individuals who possess qualities or fulfill roles of both feminine and masculine genders.” 

The PowerPoint contended that “European colonizers” imposed a “binary, European understanding of gender” on Western civilization. Additionally, it stated that “colonizers imposed homophobia, gender binaries and misogyny among other abuses towards the Indigenous nations” when they first arrived in what is now the U.S.

Another presentation available on the website discussed “names and pronouns” and included advisories to “ask [people] for their pronouns when meeting someone new, correct people when they use the wrong pronouns, use the name and pronouns they ask you to use and apologize and correct yourself if you get it wrong.”

An LAUSD spokesperson told The Washington Examiner that the district “supports and respects the diversity of our students and families, which includes providing safe and affirming learning environments.”

Rufo’s reporting comes three years after 43.9% of students in the district met or exceeded standards in the 2019 Smarter Balanced assessments’ state English testing, which constitutes part of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress.

That same year, 33.47% of students in the district met or exceeded the standards in the state math testing.

When compared to all the school districts in the state, LAUSD scored in the bottom 50% in both categories. SchoolDigger ranked the district 1,029th out of 1,496 school districts in California. LAUSD is not the only major U.S. school district to embrace LGBT ideology amid mediocre student performance on state assessments.

Rufo previously shared footage of professional development training teachers in the School District of Philadelphia were encouraged to attend. The training consisted of sexually explicit workshops, including one where the speaker informed attendees that “I have tried and touched many d—s” and showcased prosthetic penises.

The most recent data from the school district reveals that 22% of Philadelphia public school students received a proficient or advanced score on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment math test. Additionally, 33% of third-graders scored proficient or advanced on the PSSA ELA test, and 36% of students in grades four through eight received scores of proficient or higher on the same test. SchoolDigger ranked the School District of Philadelphia 473rd out of 579 school districts in Pennsylvania.

poll commissioned by the American Federation of Teachers showed most Americans are “dissatisfied” with how schools teach students about issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity and race. The survey indicated that 58% of respondents living in battleground states were “dissatisfied” with “the way students are taught about issues related to sexual preference and gender identity,” while just 23% were “satisfied.” At the same time, 60% of those surveyed described themselves as “dissatisfied” with “the way students are taught about racial issues and the role of race in America,” while 27% were “satisfied.”

Ryan Foley is a reporter for The Christian Post. He can be reached at:

Chinese Government-Backed Student Groups Pose ‘Greatest Threat to American Colleges’: REPORT



Members of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Korea chant slogans denouncing Japan during an anti-Japan protest near the Japanese embassy in Seoul September 20, 2012. Tension had run high due to the territorial dispute over the uninhabited group of islands in the East China Sea - known as the Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, with major demonstrations recently across China and Japanese and Chinese boats stalking each other in waters around the group of East China Sea islands. (REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won)
(REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won)

Chinese government-backed student groups pose a clear and present danger to U.S. colleges, a report from The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal said Monday.

Chinese Students and Scholars Associations (CSSA) — “campus organizations for Chinese students studying abroad” — have coordinated with the Chinese government to engage in intimidation, censorship and surveillance while maintaining “furtive financial practices,” the center’s report claims. Many of the approximately 150 CSSAs across the country “receive guidance” and funding from the Chinese government, according to a 2018 congressional commission.

Some CSSAs have been “active in carrying out overseas Chinese work consistent with Beijing’s United Front,” according to the congressional commission. The United Front Work Department (UFWD) is a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agency whose members engage in propaganda, espionage and physical violence, according to the State Department.

“CSSAs pose what is arguably the greatest threat to American colleges,” the report states, citing multiple instances in which CSSA chapters have worked to advance Beijing’s agenda on U.S. campuses. (RELATED: After Being Outed By The State Department, China’s US College Infiltration Operation Just Rebranded: REPORT)

One instance involved members from the University of California San Diego’s CSSA chapter who condemned the Dalai Lama’s 2017 commencement speech by issuing a statement and publishing an op-ed in protest, Time reported. Along with Uyghurs, Falun Gong practitioners, pro-democracy advocates and Taiwan independence activists, the CCP considers Tibetans one of the “Five Poisonous Groups” that supposedly threaten China, according to a 2005 congressional hearing.

Similarly, the University of Washington’s CSSA protested a screening of “Letter From Masanjia” — a film about Chinese slave labor — and “made a scene” in 2019, Leon Lee, a Peabody Award-winning director, told the Daily Caller News Foundation in February.

CSSA chapters have also reportedly engaged in surveillance activities against Chinese students, Politico reported. For example, a University of California Berkeley graduate student affiliated with the school’s CSSA was reportedly working with China’s secret police to report on other Chinese students, an anonymous former official told Politico. (RELATED: Math Professor Convicted Of Hiding China Ties To Get Taxpayer Funding)

Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, The Dalai Lama, speaks to reporters during a news conference in Seattle April 13, 2008. (REUTERS/Robert Sorbo)

Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, The Dalai Lama, speaks to reporters during a news conference in Seattle April 13, 2008. (REUTERS/Robert Sorbo)

Many CSSA chapters reportedly receive funding from the Chinese government, the report states, citing a Foreign Policy piece that determined chapters frequently take money from Chinese embassies and consulates. However, the funding provided to any given CSSA varies and “not all CSSA members are comfortable” with Beijing’s influence, according to the congressional commission.

The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal filed public records requests to six University of North Carolina (UNC) schools — University of North Carolina Chapel HillUNC GreensboroUNC PembrokeUNC CharlotteEast Carolina University and North Carolina State University — concerning their CSSA chapters, yet reportedly received no “insightful information” regarding their finances or budgets.

Meanwhile, many of the nation’s Confucius Institutes — Chinese language and culture centers — recently rebranded and then reportedly rekindled relationships with U.S. colleges after the Department of State designated the Chinese government-backed organizations a “foreign mission” in August 2020, according to a National Association of Scholars report in June.

The Chinese Embassy, the State Department, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Pembroke, Charlotte, East Carolina University, North Carolina State University and their related CSSA chapters did not respond immediately to the DCNF’s request for comment.

The Left’s Trans Agenda Is All About Erasing the Past to Control the Future



LGBT flag etc.

The left doesn’t just want you to deny biology in the present. They want you to ignore that it was ever valued as reality in the past.

Author Jordan Boyd profile




Radical gender idealists recently announced they are unhappy with the “current standards in forensic human identification” because those policies “do a disservice to people who do not clearly fit the gender binary.” Instead of simply discovering and classifying the past using contextual clues in human remains, including sex as determined by biological features, there’s a new academic push to project the sexual climate of today on history and offer “a gender-expansive approach to human identification.”

We should have guessed that the same progressives who want to wipe the Founding Fathers’ legacy off the face of the planet would also want you to believe that skeletons from ancient times would be miffed about being “misgendered” by archaeologists and anthropologists. The left’s war on the past shows their ferocious desire to control the future. By normalizing sexual chaos in the now and using that to contextualize the past, transgenderism activists are chipping away at the foundations of humanity. To participate in their charade, you must reject biology on all counts and accept what false narrative is force-fed to you as tolerance and acceptance.

Unfortunately, Americans are buying it. They are adding “pronouns” to their email signatures and Instagram bios. They cheer when Big Tech nukes someone like Jordan Peterson from Twitter for “deadnaming” actress Ellen Page and pointing out that no amount of mutilation will change her sex into accord with her new name, Elliot Page. They collectively moan when they hear another Republican state passed legislation affirming women’s sports or launched an investigation into puberty-blocking drug manufacturers.

The left wants a monopoly on language, definitions, and history because once you control those, you have the power to set the narrative for everyone else — past, present, and future. That’s why institutions from schools to libraries to sports leagues and all the way up to the federal government are plagued with propaganda pretending it’s perfectly fine and normal for immature, underdeveloped children to make life-changing, physically altering, and often irreversible choices.

Thanks to elevation by the corrupt press, pharmaceutical companies, and social media echo chambers, that propaganda is working. Not only has the number of self-proclaimed trans teens nearly doubled since 2017 to 300,000, but a “study found that people 13 to 25 accounted for a disproportionately large share of the transgender population” in the United States.

As The New York Times succinctly put it, “trans identification in recent years has become political dynamite, driven in part by the rise in minors seeking medical treatments.” These “medical treatments,” often touted as life-saving, include chemical castration, genital mutilation, and other irreversible procedures and prescriptions that lack approval from the Food and Drug Administration, but those dangerous risks are memory-holed by the White House and the corporate media. This spin is present throughout the whole trans movement.

Just like it is taboo to mention that there is often regret associated with sculpting bodies into something they are not, it is almost always forbidden to mention the name and life associated with a person before he or she “transitioned.”

Any mention of a “deadname” could evoke a deranged rage because, for the radical gender idealists, any mention of the past that doesn’t comport with their perception of the future must be rejected.

That’s why leftists demand we pretend Lia Thomas wasn’t just an average swimmer in the men’s division before deciding to switch over to the women’s category and destroying the competition there. That’s why Merriam-Webster has repeatedly caved to radical gender activists and updated its definitions to reflect ideology instead of science, truth, and fact.

The left doesn’t just want you to deny biological reality in the present. They want you to ignore that biology was ever valued in the past. Refuse to accept the terms and conditions of their wordplay and reject their attempts to replace fact and science with this radical new orthodoxy on sex. It’s wrong, it’s revisionist, and it’s already harming an entire generation of moldable children at a historic rate.

Jordan Boyd is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire and Fox News. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordanboydtx.

Judge Blocks Biden’s LGBTQ Guidance that Allows Transgender in Girls’ Sports and Bathroom Access

Reported By Jim Hoft | Published July 17, 2022


A Trump-appointed judge in Tennessee temporarily blocked Biden’s woke LGBTQ policy on Friday, including transgender workers and students to use gender-appropriate bathrooms, and participate in sports teams, Reuters reported.

U.S. District Judge Charles Atchley Jr. ruled in favor of the 20 state attorneys general who sued the Biden administration saying the directives infringe on states’ freedom to establish laws governing transgender. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Knoxville by Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery last August and was joined by Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia. In the ruling, Judge Atchley prohibited the federal agencies from enforcing the orders issued by the Biden regime regarding the treatment of LGBTQ people.

TRENDING: UK Activist Tommy Robinson Interviews The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft on Media, Culture and His Latest Project (VIDEO)

More from Reuters:

A coalition of 20 Republican attorneys general brought a lawsuit last year against the federal government, noting that they stood to lose significant federal funding as the Biden directives were in conflict with their own state laws.

Atchley agreed with that, writing in his order that the states “cannot continue regulating pursuant to their state laws while simultaneously complying with Defendants’ guidance.”

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor, one of the plaintiffs, said in a written statement on Saturday that Atchley’s order “is a major victory for women’s sports and for the privacy and safety of girls and women in their school bathrooms and locker rooms.”

The Justice Department, the Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are named as defendants in the lawsuit. None immediately replied to requests for comment on Saturday. The three had earlier requested that Atchley dismiss the states’ lawsuit, a motion the judge denied in his Friday ruling.

Jim Hoft

Jim Hoft is the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative news outlets in America. Jim was awarded the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award in 2013 and is the proud recipient of the Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Journalism from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation in May 2016.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova says what we’re all thinking about trans swimmer Lia Thomas’ ‘Woman of the Year’ nomination

BLAZETV STAFF | July 18, 2022


Following the NCAA announcement that transgender swimmer Lia Thomas was nominated for the 2022 “Woman of the Year” award by the University of Pennsylvania, tennis legend Martina Navratilova took to Twitter to express the sentiments we’ve all thinking when it comes to biological men competing in women’s sports.

“Not enough fabulous biological women athletes, NCAA?!? What is wrong with you?!!!!!!!?” tweeted the nine-time singles Wimbledon champion.

As you may have heard, UPenn nominated Thomas — a biological male who in 2017 ranked as the 462nd-best male swimmer on the school’s men’s team — for the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s 2022 “Woman of the Year” award. Thomas joined the women’s team in 2020 after transitioning and almost immediately became the No. 1-ranked female collegiate swimmer in the country.

Navratilova, one of the greatest tennis players of all time and a vocal LGBT activist, has been speaking out about the unfair advantages of biological men competing in women’s sports.

“It’s not about excluding transgender women from winning, ever,” she told NewsNation in March. “But it is about not allowing them to win when they were not anywhere near winning as men. You try to keep it as close as possible to what it would have been had you been born in the female biological body in the first place.”

On BlazeTV’s “Fearless with Jason Whitlock,” Jason and contributor Delano Squires sounded the alarm about the less obvious concerns of transgender athletes such as Thomas. It’s not just about violating norms of athletic fairness, but also the normalization of something that is downright dangerous to American children. At what point do surgeries and drugs used for gender transitions become abusive?

Watch the video clip below to catch the conversation. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

Video: Uvalde Body Cam, CCTV Footage Released – Shows ENTIRE Botched Police Response

Reported By Jack Davis | July 12, 2022


The full 77-minute video has been released from the day 19 children and two teachers were killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The full video, which includes a hallway surveillance camera and a bodycam from one officer, was obtained by the Austin American-Statesman. The outlet posted the four-minute edited collection of excerpts on its website. It posted the full video on its YouTube page.

The edited video begins with the gunman crashing the pickup truck he was driving, and then moving to the school after shooting at witnesses across the street and firing shots in the school parking lot.

WARNING: The following video contains images and audio that viewers will find disturbing.

“The video tells in real time the brutal story of how heavily armed officers failed to immediately launch a cohesive and aggressive response to stop the shooter and save more children if possible. And it reinforces the trauma of those parents, friends and bystanders who were outside the school and pleaded with police to do something, and for those survivors who quietly called 911 from inside the classroom to beg for help,” Statesman reporter Tony Plohetski wrote.

“The kids are running,” a woman calls out during the video in a 911 call, adding “Oh my God.”

Panic-stricken screams are heard as a woman orders children into their rooms.

The excerpt then continues with the shooter entering the school, peering around a corner to rooms 111 and 112, before sauntering down the hallway holding his rifle. The video captures one boy emerging from a bathroom. The boy peers around the corner and looks at the shooter, who is farther down the hall, before running away upon hearing the first shots.

Officials have said in the next two and a half minutes, about 100 rounds were fired, according to the Daily Mail.

Gunfire continues.

A few moments later, the first officers arrive.

Three officers approach the classroom warily with drawn weapons. A burst of gunfire erupts, sending the officers running. One officer holds his head as if he was struck.

The clip video then cuts to 19 minutes later, then 31 minutes later, as more officers with guns and a ballistic shield arrive. Officers continue to wait. Four shots are heard.

“They’re making entry,” an officer says, but nothing happens.

At 12:30 p.m. local time, an officer squirts hand sanitizer from a wall-mounted dispenser and rubs his hands together. Officers appear to be discussing alternate ways to enter the classroom.

At 12:50, officers breach the classroom, killing the gunman.

Republican state Rep. Dustin Burrows said Tuesday that most sections of the hallway video will be shown to Uvalde community members on Sunday.

However, with the leak of the entirety of the footage, more backlash is sure to ensue.

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