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Half of German Women Feel Unsafe in Their Own Neighbourhoods

waving flagAuthored by Donna Rachel Edmunds / 9 Jan 2017

Forty-eight per cent of the women surveyed said they have changed their habits to avoid certain areas in their neighbourhood, while 16 per cent said they carried pepper spray when venturing out after dark.

In response to the survey, Focus Online gathered anecdotal statements from women across Germany and found that some were asking male relatives to chaperone them at night, while others had taken to carrying their keys in closed fists in case of attack.

One woman, Kerstin, told the paper: “I no longer feel safe as a woman. Harassment, rapes, and raids are happening everywhere. I was particularly concerned by the case of the jogger Carolin [G.], who was killed. I run myself and I find it particularly disturbing that this happened during bright daylight.

“I feel very uncomfortable on my own and avoid travelling alone in the evening or at night. I always constantly carry pepper spray with me.” you-mean-rapefugees

Another, Natalie, said that she “narrowly” avoided being present in Cologne on the night of the attacks, but luckily opted not to go. “[S]ince then [I] have avoided groups in the dark,” she said.

She added: “Anyway, I’m not going anywhere in the dark alone. When I arrive by train at our small station, my father is always there to go with me through the solitary underpass. I dare not go alone!

“I ordered two canisters of pepper spray two months ago from Amazon. Two, so that I can be sure of having one in each of my winter jackets.

“It worries me very much that even the German state does not know who is here.” RAPE

The German media have been keen to stress that violent attacks are becoming less common, however, statistics show that they are actually on the rise. 214,600 crimes were committed by immigrants in Germany in 2016, “several thousand more than in 2015”, according to the German edition of the Huffington Post. The media outlet went on to claim that, as 213,000 asylum seekers registered in Germany during the same period, overall the de facto rise in crime constitutes a net fall.

However, in November the German Federal Police admitted that there had been a massive 31.6 per cent increase in crime in 2016 over the previous year’s figures, a jump which they said was down to Chancellor Merkel’s open door policy on migration. 

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DEMONIC: German Map Marks All The RAPES ‘Refugees’ Committed Against Fräuleins

waving flagPublished on December 13, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

This is unbelievable. And it’s just for 2016. ClashDaily has been reporting on this for a long time.

The most recent articles about this include the German college student that was raped and murdered by a refugee and the staggering rise in the number of rapes and sex assaults in Austria.

The terrifying scale of migrant sex attacks in Germany has been laid bare in a new map detailing the thousands of locations where women and children have been raped and abused in 2016 alone. Shocking figures show 2,125 people were sexually assaulted, 199 were raped and(sic) and 380 were molested in swimming baths by a combination of refugees or non-German nationals this year. There were also 319 murders and attempted murders committed by foreign nationals and migrants in 2016, 14 of which were committed against children. Migrants were responsible for 59 terror offences in Angela Merkel’s country since the start of the year and 112 incidents of arson.rapeugees02

The map shows the volume of depraved sex attacks spreads the length and breadth of Germany, prompting calls for the Government to prevent the same happening in Britain by making sure migrants adhere to British laws and values.

Sickeningly, children are often the target of foreign sexual deviants across Germany, with 26 minors raped, 633 assaulted and 286 molested at swimming pools in 2016.

The revealing data, compiled by a German group called XYEinzelfall, also includes an incident of a 10-year-old boy being raped by an Iraqi man in the Theresienbad public swimming baths in Austria.
Read more: Express UK

Check out the image here:


Merkel is running for reelection, even after her big push for more refugees to enter Germany.

The refugees taunted police in Cologne, saying they were invited by Merkel.

Germans are angry with Merkel over her refugee policy.

The police are unable to protect their citizens from these threats.

Muslim gangs are roaming European cities and wreaking havoc.

Is it xenophobia to see and report actual news?

We need to stop with the name-calling and focus on the issue of keeping women and children safe from these disgusting violent attacks.RAPE American women respond

Rash of Sexual Assaults by Muslim Refugees Hit Germany AGAIN!

waving flagAuthored By Onan Coca September 9, 2016

We’re starting to sound like a broken record, aren’t we? Those of us who have been warning about the dangers of unchecked, unvetted Muslim migration to the West are getting tired of having to say “We told you so.” Sadly, it seems that none of our leaders in the West have been listening to us, because they continue to allow the unfettered flow of Muslim migration into our homelands.

Recently, the Obama administration celebrated hitting their goal of 10,000 new Muslim refugees accepted (they accomplished the feat ahead of schedule – the first time in the Obama era the government has done anything quickly). In Germany, Angela Merkel just suffered yet another electoral defeat seemingly BECAUSE OF her apathetic attitude towards the overwhelming flood of Muslims entering Germany (and the havoc they’ve wreaked in the process).

Angela Merkel was facing calls to toughen her immigration policies after her Christian Democrat party went down to an historic defeat to the far-Right Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) in local elections last weekend.

The German chancellor said she took “personal responsibility” for the defeat which came a year after she threw open Germany’s borders to a million refugees – and a year before next year’s general election when she is expected to seek a historic fourth term.

The stinging loss in her home state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was described as “a slap in the face” for Mrs. Merkel whose popularity ratings have fallen sharply over the last year as she continues to defend a stance on welcoming refugees.

The most recent spate of Muslim violence in Germany won’t help Merkel’s cause.

On Friday, authorities in the city of Essen, Germany reported that there had been at least four different gang attacks (and it was likely that there were more) on innocent women during a festival known as Essen Original. The family friendly festival has been an Essen mainstay for over twenty years, but with the influx of Muslim refugees into the region, it can no longer be considered a safe environment.different or same

Immigrant men have groped and sexually assaulted a number of women in a German city in copycat attacks of the New Year’s eve sex frenzy in Cologne.

Police said the four women who filed complaints after the incidents in Essen late on Friday could be ‘only the tip of the iceberg.’RAPEUGEES

All said that men came up to them in groups, danced around them, harassed and groped them….

Police said the Essen victims were attacked in three parts of the city by North African men in groups of four and six ‘who drove their victims into corners and groped them all over.’

Most of the abusers are still being hunted but police apprehended several lone suspects shortly after the complaints were made.American women respond

The sexual assaults were not the only crimes that have been reported during this years Essen Original festival.

Authorities say that the attacks took place in various parts of the city with two particularly serious incidents occurring on Friday at 10pm near the Marktkirche church and in front of one of the festival stages at Kennedy square on Saturday at 11:30pm.

Police say the Saturday attack began after the end of a concert by artist Seven as two 18 to 25-year-old migrant men approached and molested a group of 18-year-old girls. Plain clothes police officers acted immediately to end the attack by confronting the pair of attackers who fought back against the police before being subdued and arrested. The migrants responsible for the attack on Friday night have so far not been found.

Sex attacks were not the only crimes reported at the festival. Several festival-goers say that migrant men had harassed them, pick-pocketed them and others even claimed they had been violently attacked.RAPE

At this point the police have arrested seven men (they believe all of the attackers to be migrants of North African or Middle Eastern origin). The suspects were all detained, questioned, and then released. Authorities beefed up security around the festival and are promising to have a more pronounced presence in the area, but as we’ve seen across Europe… this won’t stop the violence. The criminal element will simply find new fields in which to hunt their victims, and we’ll be forced to report on a new series of attacks in a different place. The same sad cycle repeating itself, yet again, all because the liberal politicians won’t face the facts on how detrimental their immigration policies really are.Islam is NOT


Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Liberty Alliance media group. He’s also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children. You can find his writing all over the web.

Christians Forced to Hide Bibles Amid Migrant Muslim Death Threats

waving flagby Virginia Hale, 11 Aug 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Highlighting the fact Christians suffer violence, harassment, and death threats in migrant lodgings, Ms. Mousapour criticised Germany for granting Islam “too much respect”.  Declaring anti-Christian hate attacks an affront to German values, politician Erika Steinbach advocated the government deport migrants who insult or attack Christians.

At the press conference Ms. Mousapour, who converted to Christianity more than 25 years ago, reported that Christians face various forms of persecution in migrant housing.

Ms Mousapour warned that Christians living in migrant housing are told they are “impure as a dog” and deserved death for rejecting Islam.

“Toys of Christian children are being destroyed, Christian asylum seekers are told not only to wash their dishes after eating but also that they must clean the entire kitchen as it would otherwise be ‘unclean’. Many Muslim asylum seekers call all Christians unclean. Church services are held in secret, bibles and crucifixes have to be hidden,” she explained.Do you want

Ms Mousapour, pastor of the Evangelical Free Church, disclosed that even converts who no longer live in migrant housing attract Muslims’ ire, and recounted her experience of being threatened at knifepoint on the street.

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician called the anti-Christian hate crimes “horrific attacks on our fundamental values and our Constitution.

“This kind of crime weighs on me more heavily than shoplifting. If we do nothing about it we will lose our foundations in this country,” she added.Islam is NOT

Ms. Steinbach advocated deportation for Muslims who attack or insult Christian migrants on the basis of their religion.

A vocal critic of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy to open Germany’s borders, Ms. Steinbach called for the European Union to set up refugee camps outside the bloc’s external borders. Here, the popular MP said, migrants would “stay until the war is over, then go back home”.

The pastor said she felt that a “misconceived tolerance” had led Germany to be overly respectful to Islam, pointing to Ramadan arrangements as a “disastrous” example of this.America are you really paying attention

During the Islamic month of fasting, migrant shelters in Germany catered to Muslim eating schedules, with Christians receiving only leftovers. The timing saw Christians disturbed by Muslims eating and reciting surahs before sunrise and then staying up very late for dinner.

Ms. Steinbach called for the system to be overhauled for next year. She suggested migrant housing serve “”breakfast, lunch and dinner as usual”, and that people who want to fast can save their meal to eat later on.

Ms. Mousapour commented: “We are here in Germany, in a Christian country! We must not allow others to change that.”

War Grade Arsenal of Weapons Confiscated at Mosque in Germany

mosque guns / Monitor the mosques.

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the Muslim faithful our soldiers…”
―Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey

NRW: arsenal with “heavy weapons of war” in mosque excavated
Epoch Times, Sunday, June 19, 2016 (thanks to RF):
ANRW (Nordrhein-Westfalen):  Weapons arsenal with war grade weapons were found near a mosque.

A weapons depot belonging to radical Islamists was found in NRW. The top secret search took place a week ago and war grade weapons were found.  This is reported by the Hessian representative Ismail Tipi (CDU).

According to information from the Hessian CDU representative Ismail Tipi, about a week ago a top secret search by SEKS (Spezialeinsatzcommando – or  SWAT team) in Northrhein-Westfalen took place. In the refrigerator room of a grocer/vegetable seller located near a mosque, weapons were discovered and seized.

“According to my information, a weapons arsenal with war grade weapons was found in this search.  The danger of fundamentalist Salafists who are ready  to use violence arming themselves in Germany is very large.  This secret raid finding this weapons cache makes this more than clear,” according to Tipi last Friday in a press release.Do you want

This extremist expert suspects secret weapons arsenals are being set up in other German cities. The Hamburg intelligence service is also warning of increasing numbers armed jihad supporters.

Up to now 300 supporters of armed jihad have been identified in Hamburg. “The information about this is increasing. The fear is large that Salafist sleeper cells, jihadis, and Isis terrorists in Germany get support from foreign intelligence services that are not friendly to us. Through the weapons arsenal, the sleeper cells and militant jihadis can be armed with  weapons and prepare for their likely attack. This is exactly what I have always feared.”

“Politics must speak clearly about this” Tipi warns: “If these fears are substantiated, we can assume that secret weapons arsenals are being set up for a big terrorist attack not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. It would be a dereliction of duty if we didn’t recognize this danger and find these weapons arsenals.”  It is a problem that many battle hardened young Salafists returning from war zones are back in Germany and that dangerous people have snuck in as refugees according to the press release.

“We must see this danger and deal with it as soon as possible.  Those in charge of our security must look at this closely and share this information with all relevant security agencies,” according to Tipi.

He continues:  “Politics must be clear about this, report on possible dangers and threats, must educate the people and call upon them to be wide awake and report every type of observations to the police.  The problem of Salafism  and IS-terrorism is always getting bigger when we don’t react. Here everyone has a responsibility.”

Tipi’s political engagement against radical Salafists has led to death threats against him.

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Mass sexual assault reported at music festival in Germany

waving flagAuthored  by  Samuel Osborne

URL of the original posting site:


Eighteen women have said they were sexual assaulted at a music festival in Germany. Three men from Pakistan aged between 28 and 31 have been arrested and police are still searching for three men who may also have been involved. The attacks are similar to those reported in Cologne and other cities on New Year’s Eve, when as many as 1,000 women were groped and robbed.American women respond

Police said three women reported being groped at the Schlossgrabenfest music festival in Darmstadt on Saturdaym saying they had been encircled then sexually harassed by a group of men. By Tuesday, 15 more women had made complaints of being sexually assaulted in a similar manner at the festival.

The three men who have been arrested are asylum seekers from Pakistan. All have been charged with sexual assault charges. Police have said the number of complaints could rise and are hunting for between two and three more men. Many of the perpetrators were allegedly of North African or Arab descent and the assaults sparked a backlash against refugees throughout Europe.

Protests by anti-refugee groups swept the country following the New Year’s Eve attacks and support for refugees in Europe fell.

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Merkel Drubbed At The Ballot Box As Surging Nationalists Declare: ‘People Voted AGAINST Her Migrant Policy’

by Breitbart London 13 Mar 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) lost in two of three states in regional elections, and scored a historic low in its stronghold Baden-Wuerttemberg where it came in second place after the Greens, according to projections based on early results published by public broadcasters ARD and ZDF.

The populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), which had sparked outrage by suggesting police may have to shoot at migrants to stop them entering the country, recorded double-digit support in the first elections they have stood for in all three regions.

The elections are the biggest since Germany registered a record influx of refugees, and are largely regarded as a referendum on Merkel’s decision to open the country’s doors to people fleeing war.

Bild daily called Sunday’s polls “a day of horror for Chancellor Merkel” as the stunning popularity of the upstart AfD was a clear punishment for her policy.

“The people who voted for us voted against this refugee policy,” said AfD deputy chairman Alexander Gauland.

“We have a very clear position on the refugee issue: we do not want to take in any refugees,” he declared.RAPEUGEES

AfD is projected to garner close to one in every four votes in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt — making it the second biggest political force there after the CDU.

In Baden-Wuerttemberg, the populists are credited with almost 15 percent, displacing Merkel’s CDU’s junior coalition partner Social Democratic Party (SPD) as the third biggest party.

In the southwestern region of Rhineland-Palatinate, AfD also came in third, although the SPD and the CDU had substantial leads.

Nevertheless, asked if Merkel should now overhaul her refugee policy, the CDU’s general secretary Peter Tauber said: “I don’t see that need.” Likewise, Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said the grand left-right coalition government would stand firm on its immigration stance.

“We have a clear position on refugee policies and we stand by that,” said the SPD leader.

– ‘This party hurts our country’ –

Germans had watched in growing alarm as 1.1 million asylum seekers arrived in the country in 2015 alone. Despite facing intense pressure to change course, Merkel has resolutely refused to impose a cap on arrivals, insisting instead on common European action that includes distributing refugees among the EU’s 28 member states.

She reiterated her point on Thursday, insisting that imposing a limit on refugee numbers was merely a “short-term pseudo-solution”, and that the only measure that would sustainably bring numbers down was a “concerted European approach”.Leftist Propagandist

As dissent has grown over her stance, AfD has capitalised on the darkening mood. Founded in 2013 as an anti-euro party, AfD has since morphed into an anti-migrant outfit.

Welcoming Sunday’s outcome, AfD party leader Frauke Petry insisted that “we have competency and have not only spoken about migration policies in our election campaign”, but she conceded that that “was the theme for all parties and the people because it is such an emotional issue.”

Although the upstart party has seats in five regional parliaments and is represented in the European Parliament, it has so far made its biggest gains in former communist eastern states that still lag behind western Germany in jobs and prosperity. But its inroads into western states have sparked alarm in a Germany mindful of its Nazi past.

On the eve of the vote, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere joined calls from both the political mainstream as well as civic and religious groups, urging the electorate to shun AfD.

“AfD has no political programme and no capacity to resolve problems,” he told Die Welt daily on Saturday. “We must make it clear — this party hurts our country.”Leftist Propagandist

Merkel herself described AfD as a “party that does not bring cohesion in society and offers no appropriate solutions to problems, but only stokes prejudices and divisions”.Leftist Propagandist

She has also shrugged them off as a temporary diversion saying that once her government’s policies show results on reducing migrant numbers, “I’m convinced that from there, the support that AfD is enjoying right now will drop off.”Leftist Propagandist

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