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School Video: I Pledge to Serve Obama


School Video: I Pledge to Serve Obama 

By Todd Starnes

A Wisconsin school district is apologizing after middle school students were shown a video that featured Hollywood celebrities pledging to be a servant to President Obama.

“I pledge to be a servant to our president,” Demi Moore said in the “I Pledge,” video shown Wednesday at Hudson Middle School.

The video was part of a number of Peace One Day activities, an international event to build peace awareness. The students were also invited to make their own pledges after viewing the video.  (SEE VIDEO HERE: )

But there was a big problem – the video conveyed the idea that Americans should serve the presidency instead of our elected officials serving the citizens, Fox9 News in Minneapolis reported.

“I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama,” Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis said.

Those statements led the middle school and the Hudson School District to issue apologies.

“We apologize for any part of the video that was offensive to students, their families and staff,” Principal Dan Koch said in a prepared statement. “We respect the Office of the President of the United States but like all of our other elected officials – that office serves each of us as well.”

The principal also made an announcement to students explaining why the video was inappropriate.

Local residents expressed their outrage over the video on social networking websites.

“That is the creepiest and scariest video I have ever seen,” one reader wrote. “They ruined a good message by making it left wing.”

Superintendent Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten said the video will not be used in the district again.

“Unfortunately, the video also had a political slant,” she said. “The district is non-partisan and does not endorse the political messages found in this video.”

While the school district said showing the video was a mistake, they said the purpose of the event was to raise student awareness and encourage involvement “in taking positive action in their schools and communities.”

“We hope that the use of the video does not overshadow the value of the positive message of this event for our middle school students,” the superintendent said.


Eric Holder Rolls Out $45 Million Program To Place Armed Guards In Schools

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It was a plan endorsed by the NRA not long after the Newtown mass murder and disparaged by liberals who think the only solution to “gun violence” at schools is to post gun-free zone signs. And when that doesn’t work, the solution is to post more gun-free zone signs. Eventually, it’ll work.

Well, now the Justice Department is allocating $45 million dollars to pay for armed police officers throughout the country’s government schools:

 ”The Department of Justice announced Friday it’s giving nearly $45 million to fund 356 new school resource officer positions. Funding will be provided by grants from the department’s Community Oriented Policing Services, or COPS, office. ‘Just over nine months after the senseless mass shooting at Sandy Hook, we remain committed to providing every resource we can to ensure that the children of Newtown can feel safe and secure at school and elsewhere,”‘ Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement. “And as we hold lost loved ones in our thoughts and prayers, we resolve to continue to support and protect this community — and to help them heal together.” Holder announced the department has allocated $150,000 to put police officers in schools in Newtown. The grant from the department’s Bureau of Justice Assistance is intended to fund two positions, such as resource officers.”

I realize the NRA was a big supporter of more police at government schools, but I never liked the idea. The NRA is right on a few things, but one thing that government schools don’t need is more of a police state.

If government schools are going to exist, the most common sense measure to take is to legalize the 2nd Amendment. Allow teachers and other officials to carry concealed, and make sure they’re trained.

Of course, not every teacher will want to carry. That’s OK. But at least a few officials will want to, and those are the ones that should carry.

I don’t understand how a police officer is a better option than a concealed carrier. If there is another school shooting, the murderer will look for the armed guard first and take him out. That’s not a guarantee, but that cop would have a target on his back. Wouldn’t it be better if the murderer didn’t know who was carrying? The murderer would be walking into a trap the moment he walks through the door.

A surefire way to protect your own kids from school shootings is to get them out of government schools. They’re obviously extremely dangerous places to be. They’re criminal magnets. It makes no sense to send kids to places that are prone to being targets of mass murders.

Obama Has Al Qaeda On The Run: All Over Christians


Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 4.41.23 PM

Image:Cover of an al Qaeda document; source:; Public domain This work is in the public domain

Today, al Qaeda is on the run.” President Barack Obama, Oct. 11, 2012

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV), defines Delusional Disorder as false beliefs based on incorrect inference about external reality that persist despite the evidence to the contrary and these beliefs are not ordinarily accepted by other members of the person’s culture or subculture. It’s a serious mental illness involving psychosis … the inability to tell what is real from what is imagined.

Now, the American people are acquainted with narcissism, thanks to Mr. Obama … but his recent history of insistence that the terrorist group (the Muslim Brotherhood’s baby) al Qaeda was diminished and on the run: Was clearly delusional. Much like his views on virtually ALL that has occurred under his administration…

But Mr. Obama’s delusion is not quaint or risible. It has emboldened this barbaric bunch of Islamic thugs to focus on innocent Christians throughout the Muslim world.

– Two churches in Syria attacked, al-Qaeda flag raised over church.
– Christian village, Maaloula (near Damascus), attacked. The terrorists commandeered a mountaintop hotel in the village of Maaloula and shelled the community. Al Hadath (Arabic news agency) writes, concerning this latest terror attack on Syria’s Christians, how the al-Qaeda linked rebels “terrorized the Christians, threatening to be avenged on them after the triumph of the revolution.”
– Al Qaeda beheads Syrian Christian and feeds his remains to his starved dogs.
–Al Qaeda rebels behead a priest and 2 of his assistants in Syria, as adults and children cheer/ take photos and video (which they uploaded to YouTube).

Literally thousands of Christians are being slaughtered throughout the world under Islamic persecution, most specifically in the Middle East, African and Asia. Al Qaeda and their brethren are having a slaughter-fest across the Muslim world murdering Christians in: Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi. The Christian population has been decimated in Senegal, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Liberia and Algeria … in order to create 100% Islamic States.

And the so-called Christian leader of the Free World, who is chasing al Qaeda all over the globe … doesn’t realize he’s more like Wile E. Coyote, than John Wayne…

The fact that this administration would put a bounty of $7 million on the head of al Shabaab (al Qaeda affiliate) for killing forty-four Muslims, BUT said bupkis about the THOUSANDS of innocent Christians butchered by al Shabaab … is beyond repugnant: It’s an abomination!

Next time Obama is able to get his lips off his looking glass … he should keep them shut. Sharing his confusion concerning fantasy versus reality regarding Muslims and their barbaric behavior, only hurts the innocent … of which HE is not

Shalom through strength…

 About the author: Audrey Russo

 Audrey Russo is the Host of the weekly REELTalk Radio Show and the co-host of WOMANTalk Radio Show. She handles Middle East Issues/National Security/Terrorism for their eZine and writes on foreign affairs for The She guests on several radio shows including The Rick Amato Show, The Simon Conway Show, The Pat Campbell Show and The Mike Wiley Show. Audrey is the Managing Editor for the online opinion journal Her articles can also be read at The Center for Changing Worldviews and the Gold Coast Chronicle as well as other online journals. She is also an active member of the NYC performing arts community as a singer and actor.

A Vietnamese Immigrant Thanks God He’s American

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On Saturday, July 24th, 2010, the town of Prescott Valley, AZ, hosted a Freedom Rally. Quang Nguyen was asked to speak on his experience of coming to America and what it means.

A Vietnamese refugee, Mr. Nguyen immigrated to this country in 1975, where he eventually founded an advertising and marketing company, Caddis Advertising, with offices in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, and Prescott Valley, AZ. He is also a talented oil and watercolor painter (see his website here).

This is Mr. Nguyen’s speech, which he dedicated to all Vietnam veterans. Notice that he refers to himself as an American, not a hyphenated Vietnamese-American. How good it’d be if all immigrants—no, EVERYONE— felt like Quang Nguyen.

H/t my friend Bob W.



35 years ago, if you were to tell me that I am going to stand up here speaking to a couple thousand patriots, in English, I’d laugh at you. Man, every morning I wake up thanking God for putting me and my family in the greatest country on earth.

I just want you all to know that the American dream does exist and I am living the American dream. I was asked to speak to you about my experience as a first generation Vietnamese-American, but I’d rather speak to you as an American.

If you hadn’t noticed, I am not white and I feel pretty comfortable with my people.

I am a proud U.S. citizen and here is my proof. It took me 8 years to get it, waiting in endless lines, but I got it and I am very proud of it.

I still remember the images of the Tet offensive in 1968, I was six years old. Now you might want to question how a 6-year-old boy could remember anything. Trust me, those images can never be erased. I can’t even imagine what it was like for young American soldiers, 10,000 miles away from home, fighting on my behalf.

35 years ago, I left South Vietnam for political asylum. The war had ended. At the age of 13, I left with the understanding that I may or may not ever get to see my siblings or parents again. I was one of the first lucky 100,000 Vietnamese allowed to come to the U.S.A. Somehow, my family and I were reunited 5 months later, amazingly, in California . It was a miracle from God.

If you haven’t heard lately that this is the greatest country on earth, I am telling you that right now. It was the freedom and the opportunities presented to me that put me here with all of you tonight. I also remember the barriers that I had to overcome every step of the way. My high school counselor told me that I cannot make it to college due to my poor communication skills. I proved him wrong. I finished college. You see, all you have to do is to give this little boy an opportunity and encourage him to take and run with it. Well, I took the opportunity and here I am.

This person standing tonight in front of you could not exist under a socialist/communist environment. By the way, if you think socialism is the way to go, I am sure many people here will chip in to get you a one-way ticket out of here. And if you didn’t know, the only difference between socialism and communism is an AK-47 aimed at your head. That was my experience.

In 1982, I stood with a thousand new immigrants, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and listening to the National Anthem for the first time as an American. To this day, I can’t remember anything sweeter and more patriotic than that moment in my life.

Fast forwarding:  somehow I finished high school, finished college, and like any other goofball 21-year old kid, I was having a great time with my life. I had a nice job and a nice apartment in Southern California. In some way and somehow, I had forgotten how I got here and why I was here.

One day I was at a gas station, I saw a veteran pumping gas on the other side of the island. I don’t know what made me do it, but I walked over and asked if he had served in Vietnam. He smiled and said yes. I shook and held his hand. The grown man’s eyes began to well up. I walked away as fast as I could and at that very moment, I was emotionally rocked. This was a profound moment in my life. I knew something had to change in my life. It was time for me to learn how to be a good citizen. It was time for me to give back.

You see, America is not a place on the map, it isn’t a physical location. It is an ideal, a concept. And if you are an American, you must understand the concept, you must buy into this concept, and most importantly, you have to fight and defend this concept. This is about Freedom and not free stuff. And that is why I am standing up here.

Brothers and sisters, to be a real American, the very least you must do is to learn English and understand it well. In my humble opinion, you cannot be a faithful patriotic citizen if you can’t speak the language of the country you live in. Take this document of 46 pages – last I looked on the Internet, there wasn’t a Vietnamese translation of the U.S. Constitution. It took me a long time to get to the point of being able to converse and until this day, I still struggle to come up with the right words. It’s not easy, but if it’s too easy, it’s not worth doing.

Before I knew this 46-page document, I learned of the 500,000 Americans who fought for this little boy. I learned of the 58,000 names scribed on the black wall at the Vietnam Memorial. You are my heroes. You are my founders.

A t this time, I would like to ask all the Vietnam veterans to please stand. I thank you for my life. I thank you for your sacrifices, and I thank you for giving me the freedom and liberty I have today. I now ask all veterans, firefighters, and police officers, to please stand. On behalf of all first generation immigrants, I thank you for your services and may God bless you all.

Quang Nguyen

Creative Director/Founder

Caddis Advertising, LLC

These RINOs Have Got to Go


RINO= Republican In Name Only

SBowers 9-28The Senate RINOs slavishly voted as Harry Reid ordered them to vote. They are an obedient bunch. And they know who their master is. The problem is, while they are faithful drudges to Dusty Harry, they cannot recognize their true masters. The rest of us. They serve their own personal interests first in the following order.

They want to stay in power. But as we saw in 1994, they don’t know how to run things if they fall into power (in 1994 on the coat tails of hapless Clinton and in a reaction to him). Being second fiddle to the Democrats because they aren’t as smart as the Democrats and can’t play to the electorate as well, doesn’t bother them. There is a risk in “playing to the grandstand.” You must have some courage. What if your theatrics fall flat? There is the chance the people in the grandstands may not like you. They may hate you. Maybe the guys who composed your lines are dummies.

There was a lucrative profession during the Napoleonic era, which consisted of attending debuts of symphonies and plays. The practitioners were called “Clappers.” They were hired to applaud or jeer at the right moment to bolster or condemn the production. Modernly in the political arena, we call those guys the “Press.” They are paid to mess up any theatrics the Republicans’ (or more accurately, Conservatives’) attempt in presenting their views or plans. They got a jolt of a sense of their power when they hammered Nixon and haven’t been the same since. Unfortunately for them, while they learned that they can dethrone a king, they found making one is much more difficult. This frustrates them and makes them nasty, derisive and petulant. Their mindset is “If you think differently than me you are wrong … I am (by definition) right, which means you are “Evil” … and … ergo … I can condemn you in every venue available.” It is circular logic, of course. But it makes liberals feel good about themselves because it allows them to look down on someone, which means they (liberals) are above the people they look down on … and superior to at least someone in the room, which feels really good if you know you really aren’t the smartest person in the room … as you may have claimed. This is a tremendous motivator, because liberals very seldom have anything to feel good about regarding themselves.

RINOs fear the media because liberals and their media lap doggies can start jeering your performance on cue, and you’re a goner. So RINOs have very few ideas they want to trot onto the public stage. It’s just too risky. And they have discovered it is even safer to follow the Democrat herds because the press will not notice them. You’re under the radar.

Of course, the other reason RINOs want to stay in power, is they like the power. Even if they are second fiddle to the Democrats they still get to enjoy the benefits of standing idly by in the corridors of power, even if they don’t get to yank the “levers of power” real hard whenever they want to like their Democrat masters. Even “second fiddle” power is sweet. People want your autograph and you can smugly deprive them. (They’re only dingy constituents. Screw ‘em! I’m engaging in fine dining in my favorite eatery, after all. Go away and take your street urchin progeny with you! How dare you?!?) You get your picture taken frequently and sometimes the press will even give you an approving caption, i.e., “Senator Second fiddle was seen yesterday at Walter Reed Hospital cutting the ribbon on a new phrenology clinic for the Vets, many of whom stood silently around, but were unacknowledged by the good Senator.” You might even get into a photo with Dusty Harry who might be seen giving you a mildly approving supercilious smirk. Hey … it’s better than him telling the press a nasty and politically damaging lie he made up about you (remember how Romney hadn’t paid taxes in ten years … or something like that?), which might actually be true about you! That’s always a risk! Limousines, Congressional junkets with your family along, big fat salary with incredible benefits, lifetime gigantic pensions etc, etc, etc.  Life is good. Really good, (just as long as you can avoid those often ugly Town Hall Meetings back home with those scruffy and nosey constituents with those pesky and uninformed queries about “Where in H%$&^LL our tax dollars are goin?” And their runny nosed kids and howling dogs … and their torches and pitchforks).

All those goodies in exchange for just keeping quiet, engaging in no grandstanding and going along to get along. There, there, that’s a nice RINO.

But the party may be nearing its conclusion.

People are waking up to the fact that politics matter. P.J. O’Rourke said, “Bad politics gets you dead.” Plato said “If you don’t take an interest in politics you will be doomed to governance by your lessers.” (With apologies to both fellows if I got the quotes fouled.)

These RINO jerks have to go.


Obama’s Fallen and He Can’t Get Up


Remember when your small child used to say, “I fall down and go boom”? Perhaps that is what’s happening now on the world scene. The President of the United States has fallen down, and we can only hope that neither he, nor we, go “BOOM!” But to hear what others have to say on the matter…”The state-owned Syrian newspaperAl Watan put it bluntly in a headline on Thursday: “Moscow and Damascus pull the rug out from under the feet of Obama.”

Perhaps the President needs to subscribe to LifeCall. Remember “I’ve fallen…and I can’t get up!”® a TV commercial catchphrase for a LifeCall medical alert systems to be used by people who are subject to falling at inconvenient times in inconvenient places. Perhaps some of our leaders could do well to memorize this commercial. Al Watan’s comment is only the latest in a whole series of stumbling and bumbling that have plagued this President from the git-go.

It seems that from the beginning of Barack Obama’s tenure as President, again and again, he has fallen. Maybe he should have the handy button to punch to gain somebody’s attention. Rather than asking for help to “get” up, his administration seems to divert the attention of the drive-by media and many of our fellow Americans to some other crisis. But it so often happens that his diversion leads to another scandal or unsavory situation. Let’s look briefly at a few of them.

DOJ scandal: Which one? Let’s just pick one. Black Panthers were intimidating voters (November 4, 2008): Seems that a group of New Black Panthers took it upon themselves to hinder and even intimidate voters in one precinct. The DOJ lawyer decided that they should be prosecuted under Federal law. However, once Eric Holder became Attorney General, he ordered the investigation to cease and the potential prosecution squashed. There must have been some dead people who hadn’t had a chance to vote yet.

Solyndra Scandal: Solyndra bailed out in 2009; went bankrupt in 2011: This was a doozy. Obama himself went to Solyndra manufacturing to tout the forward looking producer of solar panels and to assure them of a financial bailout, 535 million dollars. Sure enough, it worked. They were bailed out. The owners of the company pocketed a fair sum and then in 2011, Solyndra went bankrupt. Was the White House embarrassed? Did the White House mend its ways and never ever bailout another clunker? If you believe these statements are true, I have some beach front property in Western Kansas I would let go for a small price.

Benghazi4Benghazi Attack and Cover up: September 11, 2012: Four Americans, including an American ambassador, were killed when armed insurgents fired upon a Consulate in Benghazi, Lybia, which is sovereign property belonging to the United States. At first, the administration blamed the attack on an anti-Muslim video that had wide circulation. When that proved useless, they tried to just ignore the incident. The then Secretary of State, Hillary I-might-just-run-for-President-again Clinton declared that she was taking responsibility for what happened. It worked. She took the responsibility, and virtually all Congressional hearings ceased or at least slowed. I wonder if Al Capone had taken that position, his conviction on tax evasion might have been dismissed, and he could have died in peace in his Chicago apartment of syphilis.

NSA Scandal: June 10, 2013 Edward Snowden’s Revelations: A low level contract worker with the National Security Agency didn’t like what he was seeing come across his desk or his monitor, and decided to blow the whistle. Regardless of whether you take the position that the guy is a hero for revealing some very questionable activities of the NSA spying on American citizens, or that he is a traitor for revealing classified secrets, you do have to admit that Edward Snowden shook things up. Do I expect anything to change as the result of these revelations? Of course not. Nothing will change except for the arrogant indignity shown by government officials and drive-by media commentators. Snowden now resides in Russia, and I’m sure that he will be consulted by Premier Putin when it’s time to take possession of Syria’s sarin gas supply.

There are other scandals. I can’t keep up with them. I’m not sure I agree with Al Watan that Russia and Syria “pulled the rug out from under the feet of Obama.” More likely, he stumbled because of his own clumsiness. He’s fallen and he can’t get up. He just continues to do a low crawl on his belly from one scandal to the next one with no sense of dignity or embarrassment at all.


Must See Video of Senator Gulliory



CAN O’ WHOOP ASS: Sen. Guillory’s,“Today The Foundation Of Our Great Mansion Is Under Attack By Termites”

CAN O’ WHOOP ASS: Sen. Guillory’s,“Today The Foundation Of Our Great Mansion Is Under Attack By Termites” Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory (R-Opelousas) delivered a passioned speech at CPAC-St. Louis in Missouri on Saturday. He began his remarks by comparing to his recent change in party affiliation to a line in the […] … READ MORE

One More Step Toward Sharia Law Being Part of Our Legal System in America

Hamas CAIR Muslims Attempts to Force Maryland Schools to Observe Islamic Holidays

Freedom Outpost:

 by Tim Brown

 Muslim advocates in Maryland continue to call for closures of public schools on Muslim holidays in the State of Maryland. Standing in front of the Montgomery County Council Office Building in Rockville, Northwest High School senior Anhar Karim, president of the Montgomery County Muslim Student Association, said he is one of many students in the county who have faced a hard decision related to two Muslim holidays.

Karin says he is conflicted over going to class or celebrating an Islamic holiday.

“We are forcing our students into an unreasonable decision,” said Karim.

An unreasonable decision? Seriously? Perhaps Karim needs to prepare himself for the real world where he may be required to work on Islamic holidays. Should he get some sort of special treatment? I think not.

According to the

Karim and other speakers urged Montgomery County Public Schools to close when classes fall on Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr during a Monday press conference held by the Maryland chapter of the Council of American Islamic Relations and the Equality for Eid Coalition.

Eid al-Adha celebrates sacrifice to the Islamic god and falls on Oct. 15 this year. Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the month of Ramadan and was Aug. 8. The dates of the holidays change because of the Islam lunar calendar.

The coalition, which is sponsored by the council, formed about a year ago to pursue a long-standing goal for the school closures.

The speakers also called for school system students and staff to skip school on Oct. 15 and celebrate Eid al-Adha instead.

Zainab Chaudry —vice president of the council’s Maryland chapter and a co-chair of the coalition —said the initiative is not asking for special lights.

“We’re only asking for equal rights,” she said.    

Equal rights? This isn’t about equal rights. It’s about religious equality. Those are two different things. What they are demanding is just like the homosexuals. Islamists are demanding special rights.

Look, as a Christian, I don’t care for either Christmas or Easter. I find neither of them in Scripture, but I don’t condemn my brothers and sisters for engaging in observing those holidays. However, I have worked on Christmas and haven’t been bothered in the least by it. If these Muslims have a problem with the school system not wanting to observe their particular holiday, perhaps they should either (a) homeschool, or (b) move to an Islamic country where they can have all the alleged Islamic rights they desire.

Mrs. Zainab Chaudry is also directly tied to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who have been identified as supporting terrorist organizations such as Hamas and engaged in money laundering in the US capitol of Washington, DC. If you want to let her know what you think of her affiliations with CAIR, here’s here email address:

My question is why is Mrs. Chaudry and her husband not in indefinite military detention with their affiliation with a group that supports the enemies of America? I guess that little provision of the NDAA is really for American Patriots like Brandon Raub. Isn’t that right Senator Lindsey Graham?

Montgomery County Councilman George Leventhal (D-At large) of Takoma Park said that Mulsim students and their families face a problem their Christian and Jewish counterparts don’t when it comes to holiday observances.

If school was in session on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur, it would be a conflict,” said Leventhal.

Like I said, holiday observances aren’t about rights. One has the right to engage in religious activity, but does not have the right to demand others to observe it by closing down schools and/or businesses. These kids can observe those holiday if they wish and simply provide a parents’ written note to attest to it.

However, I must ask, where are the people of Maryland? Where is your voice in this matter? You are being hammered by a tyrannical state government to disarm you, and you stand silently by while Islamists start making demands of your public schools? Where are you?

By the way, Leventhal is keeping his son home on October 15 to observe the holiday. Fine. That’s what you should do if that is what you believe is right. Stop forcing others to believe in the holidays forced on an ancient culture by a demon possessed pedophile murderer and thief! Just stop it!

I’m afraid the people of Maryland have allowed the devil in the back door and in the end there is going to be only one way to deal with him. I suggest the people of Maryland stand up and let their voices be heard in this matter.

About the Author, Tim Brown:

Husband to my wife. Father of 10. Jack of All Trades. Christian and lover of liberty. Residing in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. Follow Tim on Twitter.

Islamist War on Christians

Each time Islamists murder Christians, the media treat it as an isolated episode.


 — Lee Habeeb is the vice president of content at Salem Radio Network, which syndicates Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, and Hugh Hewitt. He lives in OxfordMiss., with his wife, Valerie, and daughter, Reagan.


Coptic Christian church in Alexandria, Egypt in 2011.
I’m waiting. I am a Lebanese Christian, and I am waiting. Waiting for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, theNew York Times, the Los Angeles Times, or Timemagazine to really tell the story. To finally run this headline: “War on Christians Being Waged by Islamists.”

I’m waiting for someone in the mainstream media to admit the facts.

Matt Lauer and NBC News made headlines when they declared there was a civil war in Iraq in 2006, putting them at odds with the narrative coming from the Bush White House.

Islamists are persecuting and murdering Christians all over the world. Where in the world are Matt Lauer and NBC News? Do they not want to be at odds with the narrative coming from the current occupants of the White House, which downplays the atrocities being perpetrated by Muslims against Christians? Or to be at odds with Muslim groups likeCAIR, which might accuse NBC of some kind of bias?

It is not an accident, the persecution and mass murder of Christians by Muslims. It is not episodic. It is by design. It is part of a master plan to destroy any competing narrative about God. To bully, threaten, and intimidate Christians into submission, or mass evacuation.And it is not an accident that the media aren’t covering this very real war. If this were Christians murdering Muslims, blowing up mosques, and driving Muslims by the millions from their homes, we’d never stop hearing about that war.

My goodness, the media didn’t mind covering the fake war on women that Democrats accused Republicans of waging, while the very real war on women being waged in Islamic countries marched on unreported.

The media haven’t ignored the stories of Muslim violence against Christians altogether, to be fair. But they do treat the incidents as tragic isolated events perpetrated by a few nuts. They refuse to frame the mass murder and mass persecution as what they are: a war.

Don’t ask me if I’m exaggerating the claim. Ask the victims. Ask the Christians living in places that are predominantly Muslim. Ask the Christians living in refugee camps, the Christians running for their lives in too many parts of the world.

And ask the millions of American Christians who wonder why this story isn’t being framed as a war.

But just because the media aren’t covering the war, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s actually spreading to more countries and continents as Islamists become more emboldened.

Islamists are persecuting and murdering Christians not just in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and the rest of the Middle East, but also in Pakistan and Kenya and too many other countries. And for doing nothing more than having different beliefs about God. They are persecuting Christians to let them know that they had better keep their most deeply held beliefs to themselves. Or move. Or else.

Here are some dispatches from the Middle East and beyond just in this past month.

This one is from Reuters this past weekend: “Suicide bombers kill 78 Christians outside Pakistani church.” Nearly 600 people had gone to one of Pakistan’s most historic churches Sunday to do what they’ve been doing there for 130 years: worship their God. A plaque on the wall had this inscription: “This church is erected to the Glory of God and dedicated to the memory of All Saints in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 1883.” Words that don’t warm the heart of your average Islamist.

The attack occurred as worshipers left the service to receive free food being distributed on a lawn outside the church. That’s when the two explosions ripped through the crowd.

That was no accident. It was a deliberate choice meant to desecrate a holy place and a beautiful ritual. And to let Christians know there’s no place they’re safe. Not even a house of worship.

This isn’t the first time something like that has happened in Pakistan. Back in March, theNew York Times reported that a Muslim mob swarmed through a Christian neighborhood, burning two churches and more than 100 houses. The story noted that Christians in the area were also increasingly the victims of Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws.

Here’s another September headline, this one from the London Telegraph: “Christians flee Syria village that speaks the language of Jesus.” Islamist rebels, the Telegraphreported, had taken control of Maaloula, one of the oldest Christian towns in the world and one of the few remaining places where the language of Christ and his disciples is still spoken — Western Aramaic. The Christians started fleeing after regime forces failed to win Maaloula back from the Islamists.

“They shot and killed people,” one Christian man who has fled that small town told reporters. “I heard gunshots and then I saw three bodies lying in the middle of a street in the old quarters of the village. . . . Where is President Obama to see what has befallen us?”

Another Christian resident told this story: “I saw the militants grabbing five villagers and threatening them and saying, ‘Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded.’”

And how about this headline from Voice of America? “Syrian Christians in Limbo, Fearing Repeat of Iraq.” VOA reported that the two-and-a-half-year civil war in Syria has forced hundreds of thousands of Christians to flee their homes, frightened of what might happen to them if Islamist radicals overthrow the Assad regime.

They have much to be afraid of, and need only look at what has happened in Iraq to get a glimpse of their own future. More than half of the 1.5 million Iraqi Christians have fled their home country since the fall of Saddam Hussein. Islamists drove them out with intimidation, violence, and murder (reports put that number at over 2,000). While Christians accounted for only 3 or 4 percent of Iraq’s pre-2003 population, they have accounted for 40 percent of its refugees, according to the U.N.

So it’s no surprise that 450,000 Syrian Christians have fled their homes. Some remain displaced inside Syria. An estimated 25,000 have sought refuge in Lebanon.

Those are just some of the stories. And that’s not counting Nina Shea’s tally of attacks on Christians and their churches in Egypt. The headline of her NRO story: “Egypt’s Christians Are Facing a Jihad.”

She documented a parade of horrible attacks on churches in Egypt — 58 and counting as of mid-August. And there have been many more attacks — lootings or burnings — on schools, monasteries, convents, and countless Christian homes and businesses. Even a local YMCA wasn’t spared.

“For the first time in 1,600 years, Sunday prayers were cancelled at the Orthodox Monastery of the Virgin Mary and Priest Ibram in Degla, south of Minya, because the three churches there were destroyed by a mob,” Shea wrote. “In Cairo, Franciscan nuns watched as the cross over the gate to their school was torn down and replaced by an al-Qaeda flag and the school itself torched.”

Small wonder Christians are fleeing their homes all over the Middle East.

And then we read the news from that mall in Nairobi, Kenya. At least 68 people were killed in the attack, and nearly 200 were wounded. And this we know for certain: The victims were attacked for one reason — they were not Muslim.

The account by one witness, Joshua Hakim, as reported in the Guardian, makes this clear. Hakim had stopped at the mall for a snack on his way to a rugby match. During a lull in the initial attack, the attackers called out in Swahili, a language widely spoken in Kenya and the rest of East Africa, for Muslims to identify themselves and leave.

Covering the Christian name on his ID with his thumb, Hakim approached one of the attackers and showed him the card. They let him go. What Hakim saw next was mind-numbing.

An Indian man came forward and identified himself as a Muslim. The assailants didn’t believe him, and hit him with a pop quiz. “What’s the name of Mohammed’s sister?” one of them asked, according to Hakim. The man didn’t know. “When he couldn’t answer,” Hakim continued, “they just shot him.”

Though there were non-Christians among the victims, the attack has added to concerns among minority Christians in Africa that they will be increasingly singled out for attacks by Islamic militants, including al-Shabab, which carried out the Nairobi attack.

In one of the bloodiest anti-Christian attacks on record in Africa, masked gunmen tossed grenades and sprayed bullets last summer at two churches in Garissa, a town in northern Kenya, killing at least 15 people and wounding many others.

Why the refusal on the media’s part to frame this as what it is, which is a war against Christians by Islamists?

Perhaps for the same reasons there has been abject silence on the war against women by these very same religious fanatics?

Is it fear? The media do indeed have reason to fear that groups like CAIR would soon be beating down their doors with accusations of anti-Muslim bias, boycotts, and worse.

Or is it just a blind spot? A case of bias so profound that they just can’t see this story for what it really is?

One thing’s for certain: All of this would make for one heck of a continuing story for a network like CNN. Covering the millions of Middle Eastern Christian refugees, many living in tents in refugee camps in Lebanon, would make for compelling television. Covering the increasing attacks on Christians by Muslims in Africa would make for compelling television, too.

It is certainly a story that millions of Christians in this country want covered. And many non-Christians as well.

Judging from the latest ratings, it might be a great way for CNN to do some bold reporting, and help its bottom line, too.

Homeowner is Arrested for Open Carrying an Empty Shotgun on His Own Property After Reporting a Tresspasser


Man is arrested on his own property for open carrying an empty shotgun

(Credit: Heather Donald, YouTube)

A military veteran in Crawford County, Michigan has been arrested and charged with a felony assault with a deadly weapon even after HE was the one who called the cops in the first place when he found a man trespassing on his property.

When the man’s wife tried to video tape what was happening the cops told her to turn off the camera and tried to take it.  (You can see the video below… only because the wife figured out how to restore the “deleted” file)

The Blaze has reported that Thomas Donald was out hunting with his son on his own land when they came across the trespasser.  Donald had an unloaded .410 shotgun while his son was using a crossbow.

When they came across the trespasser on a dirt bike, they escorted him back to the house and called the Department of Natural Resources.  But when the police showed up everything went downhill fast.  According to Heather Donald when the cops showed up Thomas Donald held up his open shotgun in one hand and held a shell in his other hand to show that he was not a threat.

But the police did not get the hint and they soon had a pistol pointed at Donald as they put him in handcuffs and on the ground.  The following video shows what Heather was able to record before the police forced her to turn off the cell phone camera. SEE VIDEO:

In the video you can hear Heather asking why her husband was being arrested, to which the officer replied,

“Because we pulled up and he had a handgun — or excuse me, a rifle,” one of the deputies says, before being corrected by Donald. “A shotgun.”

You can also hear the officer almost say Donald was under arrest at that point trying to explain why he was in handcuffs.  It should be noted that in the state of Michigan it IS legal to open carry, especially on your own property.  The officers explained this was typical procedure because at this point they didn’t know who was who.

The cops then reportedly took the woman’s phone and forced her to delete the video she had just taken.  But later on she figured out how to use recovery software to get the file back and upload it to Youtube.

It would be bad enough if the story ended there.  But soon the cops were saying that Thomas Donald was pointing his shotgun at the trespasser and he was charged with felonious assault, even though the couple says he  never pointed his gun at the trespasser and alluded to Thomas’s military training which taught him never to point a gun at anything he was not wanting to destroy.

The trespasser said he never saw any “no trespassing” signs, but later Heather Donald shot more video of the signs clearly visible on the trail the trespasser entered to get onto the Donald’s property.

The couple is outraged because “this is a man who was openly carrying an unloaded shotgun on his own property, which is legal in Michigan, and it’s even hunting season,” Heather told TheBlaze.

“It’s very disturbing,” Heather said, “and all of this happened in front of my children. Police are supposed to be the good guys and, at least in this case, they didn’t hold themselves to that standard.”

Update: A Facebook page has been setup to help Thomas Donald with his legal defense in this case.  If you could like to contribute or learn more you can check it out here.  His defense costs could be as much as $10,000 so any donation will be appreciated.

– See more at:

SEIU unionists strike over Obamacare-related cuts

Members of the Chicago-based Service Employees International Union Local 1 have gone on strike over recent job cuts by a janitorial company called Professional Maintenance.

The reason for the cuts? The employer says it is because of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. This is ironic since SEIU is a major supporter of the law.

Tyler French, Local 1’s organizing director, told Mediatrackers Ohio the company claimed it had to cut its employees’ hours due to Obamacare mandates.

French did not believe the explanation, though, calling it the “latest excuse in a long line of many that we’ve seen from corporate America.”

But others throughout the organized labor movement have warned that such actions will be a direct consequence of the President Obama’s health care law.

At the AFL-CIO’s convention in Los Angeles earlier this month, Loretta Johnson, secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of Teachers, said it was already happening in her union.

“We are seeing employer after employer cut hours so as to avoid the 30-hour definition of a full-time job,” Johnson said. The AFL-CIO passed a resolution demanding either Congress or Obama fix the law to stop it from hurting union members.

Under Obamacare, once a person works more than 30 hours a week, that person counts toward the requirement that companies provide insurance if they have more than 50 employees.

SEIU enthusiastically backed Obamacare when it passed and remains a booster of the law today. Earlier this month, it announced that it was sending nurses, doctors and other health care professionals out to promote the law in 30 cities over the coming months.

‘Eyes gouged out, bodies hanging from hooks, and fingers removed with pliers’: Horrific claims of torture emerge as soldiers reveal gory Kenyan mall massacre details

  • Kenyan soldiers claim to find scenes of torture by mall terrorists
  • They say children found dead in food fridges with knives still in bodies
  • Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed


Soldiers told of the horrific torture meted out by terrorists in the Nairobi mall massacre yesterday with claims hostages were dismembered, had their eyes gouged out and were left hanging from hooks in the ceiling.

Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed with pliers before being blinded and hanged.

Children were found dead in the food court fridges with knives still embedded in their bodies, it was claimed.

Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed with pliers before being blinded and hangedMen were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed with pliers before being blinded and hanged

Most of the defeated terrorists, meanwhile, were reportedly discovered ‘burnt to ashes’, set alight by the last extremist standing to try to protect their identities.

The horrifying details came yesterday as the first pictures emerged from within the wreckage of the building, showing piles of bodies left strewn across the floor.

A third of the mall was destroyed in the battle between terrorists and Kenyan troops.


Lying in the rubble are feared to be the bodies of as many as 71 civilians who have been declared missing by the Kenyan Red Cross.

With detectives, including the FBI and the Metropolitan Police, still unable to reach the wrecked part of the mall for fear of setting off explosives, it could take up to a week to determine exactly who is still inside.

 Security forces storm Kenya mall as building burns in siege

Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed with pliers before being blinded and hanged during the four day siege Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed with pliers before being blinded and hanged during the four day siege


Pictured is the aftermath at Westgate Shopping Mall where the roof of the car park collapsed crushing three floors Pictured is the aftermath at Westgate Shopping Mall where the roof of the car park collapsed crushing three floors

Yesterday, soldiers and doctors who were among the first people into the mall after it was reclaimed on Tuesday, spoke of the horrifying scenes inside.

‘You find people with hooks hanging from the roof,’ said one Kenyan doctor, who asked not to be named.

‘They removed eyes, ears, nose. They get your hand and sharpen it like a pencil then they tell you to write your name with the blood. They drive knives inside a child’s body.

‘Actually if you look at all the bodies, unless those ones that were escaping, fingers are cut by pliers, the noses are ripped by pliers. Here it was pain.’

A soldier, who took pictures at a bread counter and at the ArtCaffe, said he was so traumatised by what he saw he has had to seek counselling.

Bomb disposal experts with sniffer dogs were yesterday painstakingly combing the part of the building still standing for explosives before clearing forensic officers, police and troops to search for bodies.

Footage shows full extent of destruction to Westgate mall

Yesterday, soldiers and doctors who were among the first people into the mall after it was reclaimed on Tuesday, spoke of the horrifying scenes insideYesterday, soldiers and doctors who were among the first people into the mall after it was reclaimed on Tuesday, spoke of the horrifying scenes inside


Bomb disposal experts with sniffer dogs were yesterday painstakingly combing the part of the building still standing for explosives before clearing forensic officers, police and troops to search for bodiesBomb disposal experts with sniffer dogs were yesterday painstakingly combing the part of the building still standing for explosives before clearing forensic officers, police and troops to search for bodies


The collapse happened on Monday when government troops launched a massive assault on the mall where up to 150 people are thought to have been killedThe collapse happened on Monday when government troops launched a massive assault on the mall where up to 150 people are thought to have been killed


Images also emerged yesterday revealing the true extent of the destruction caused to the centre during the four-day battle between Kenyan forces and Islamic militants.

The first pictures taken inside the site show a gaping hole in the mall’s roof after three storeys collapsed when Kenyan soldiers fired rocket-propelled grenades inside the complex, knocking out a support column, a government official said.

Children’s buggies are left abandoned just metres from the yawning pit, as cars hang precariously over the edge. Beneath many more vehicles lie on top of each other, smashed to pieces.

The collapse happened on Monday when government troops launched a massive assault on the mall where up to 150 people are thought to have been killed.

During the firefight, hostages reportedly had their throats slashed from ear to ear and were thrown screaming from third-floor balconies as the siege came to a bloody end. Forensics teams, still sifting through the mountains of rubble, fear many more bodies are yet to be found.

Shell-shocked Kenyan troops said the inside of the Israeli-run mall resembled a ‘scene from a horror movie’ with blood spattered everywhere and dead bodies strewn across the floor.

Between 10 and 15 terrorists are thought to have stormed the mall on Saturday, according to Kenyan officials. The police said five insurgents were killed in the battle and at least 10 taken into custodyBetween 10 and 15 terrorists are thought to have stormed the mall on Saturday, according to Kenyan officials. The police said five insurgents were killed in the battle and at least 10 taken into custody


The main thrust of the operation began at 6am on Monday when troops and helicopters surrounded the building, but their efforts were hampered by an Al Shabaab sniper who managed to pin them back for nearly 24 hours.

As tear gas was used to try to flush him out, another terrorist reportedly blew himself up. It is believed the resulting fire may have killed dozens of shoppers in a supermarket.

The following day, the soldiers were ordered to adopt a ‘shoot to kill’ policy and launched their final attack on the terror group on the roof of the mall at 5pm.

The mall was retaken about half an hour later.

Between 10 and 15 terrorists are thought to have stormed the mall on Saturday, according to Kenyan officials.

The police said five insurgents were killed in the battle and at least 10 taken into custody.
Read more:

$67 Million Missing From ObamaCare Slush Fund – Freedom Outpost


I remember a day when $67 million disappearing was a big story, which is probably the biggest story of all. Today this is a somewhat of a yawner. I actually came across this and thought about skipping it. What has become of us as a nation when the IRS can lose $67 million and it’s no big deal? There are so many outrages on so many fronts these days that it’s easy to overlook the keystone cop routine that is OUR GOVERNMENT playing with OUR MONEY.

The IRS is unable to account for $67 million spent from a slush fund established for Obamacare implementation, according to a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report released today.

The “Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund” (HIRIF) was tucked into Obamacare in order to give the IRS money to enforce the tax provisions of the healthcare law. The fund, totaling some $1 billion of taxpayer money, was used to roll out enforcement mechanisms for the approximately 50 tax provisions of Obamacare.

According to the report: “Specifically, the IRS did not account for or attempt to quantify approximately $67 million [from the slush fund] of indirect ACA costs incurred for Fiscal Years 2010 through 2012.”

-Source: Americans for Tax Reform

America has transcended into a different reality. Whatever happened to the IRS scandal? I’m still scratching my head over that one. But then again, this is the same agency that mailed over 20,000 refund checks to a single address. Should we be surprised? Maybe not, but we should be angry.

I look around and things that would have caused near riots 30 years ago are just shrugged off as normal activity in our government today.

And therein lies the problem… The fact that we haven’t reacted a little more irrationally, a little more often, has put the people of our nation in a position where the government has become our ruling class. They have forgotten that they work for us.

If you ran a business and $67 came up missing you would likely be chewing on someone’s butt and it may end up with them losing their jobs. It’s just business.

Yet, we can let these clowns lose $67 million, and nothing is done, nothing at all.

Sometimes I sit in my chair, eating Fritos, and imagine that I am the character from Walking Tall carrying a big stick through Washington. Sometimes I get angry enough to feel I could be that guy. I have seen so many old WWE matches that I can do “The People’s Elbow,” made famous by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with my eyes closed.

I’m your guy. I’m that guy. I’m our hope.

But then again, doing something would require me getting out of my chair.

This is us America. This is what we have become, and we allow them to treat us this way. We beg them to treat us this way.

You don’t ask for respect in this world.

You take it.

About the Author, Dean Garrison:

Dan is an editor and writer at He is a conservative independent who seeks only to recover the truth.

Remember The Shooting In New Orleans? Of Course Not…

Remember The Shooting In New Orleans? Of Course Not…

Remember The Shooting In New Orleans? Of Course Not…

The Liberal Left is Starting to Turn on President Obama

Scarborough admits Obama wasn’t ready to be president; sold to us like bag of chips

by  /


MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough is waking up to the fact that despite all the hype that accompanied President Barack Obama when he made his 2008 presidential run, he wasn’t ready for primetime.

“Barack Obama has proven over the past five years that he wasn’t ready to be president of the United States,” Scarborough said on his show Tuesday, according to Newsmax. “And he proves it still today.”

Scarborough said Obama “came out of nowhere” as a freshman senator, and “a couple years later, people elected him president of the United States.”

Obama served less than a decade in the Illinois Senate with a less-than-stellar record that included numerous instances of voting “present.”

He followed that distinguished service with less than a full term in the U.S. Senate, also unimpressive. Most of his time there seemed to be spent running for the presidency.

Yet, solely on the basis that “Barack Obama was against the [Iraq] war,” the Democratic Party “went out and sold him like he was a bag of potato chips, they marketed him [and] he becomes president of the United States,” Scarborough said.

To illustrate his point, the TV host challenged guest Donny Deutsch to “name me a major piece of legislation that Barack Obama passed in the United States Senate, that would suggest that he knew how to work in the United States Senate and would be an effective president of the United States.”

Neither Deutsch nor any of Scarborough’s other guests could.

“You have people that come out of nowhere and get in the Senate. They don’t want to be in the Senate. They don’t want to work for the people that hired them. Immediately, they start running for president of the United States a week after they get to the Senate,” Scarborough said, referring not only to Obama but also U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, who Scarborough described Wednesday as a “phony narcissist.”

Scarborough’s comparison of Cruz’s meteoric rise to Obama’s is misplaced.

The president has demonstrated time after time that he tends to take the path of least resistance. When he spoke against the Iraq war, he was among the majority of lawmakers — including many in his own party.

Cruz’s crusade to defund Obamacare is in opposition to his own party leaders. An aide to U.S. Sen. John McCain said that his boss “f**king hates” Cruz, according to The Daily Caller, and The New York Times reported that U.S. Peter King, R-N.Y., called Cruz a “fraud” who promotes “government terrorism.”

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz described Cruz, a former student, as “off-the-charts brilliant.” Obama has steadfastly refused to release any of his college records.

Prior to being a lawmaker, Obama worked in a law firm and as a community organizer. Cruz actually ran things, directing the Texas Solicitor General’s Office for five years, serving as his state’s first Hispanic solicitor general and the youngest in the United States.

Cruz also served as the director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, and in the private sector, Cruz led the Morgan, Lewis and Bockius law firm’s U.S. Supreme Court and national appellate litigation practice while a partner there.

But did I mention? Obama was also a community organizer.

“You can go one after another after another,” Scarborough said. “This doesn’t work. The Barack Obama way does not work.”

I agree, but Cruz is not a part of this ilk.

In 2008, GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was more qualified for the presidency. She had successfully run a city and a state. Obama, on the other hand, had only run for office.

About The Author:

Mike has been with BizPac Review almost from the beginning. Email Mike at michael@bizpacreview and follow him on Twitter at @MikeBPR.

John Kerry Signs UN Small Arms Treaty – Freedom Outpost

 By Tim Brown


*The article’s title has also been updated to reflect the verification of Kerry’s signature of the treaty. It was formerly titled “John Kerry will Sign UN Small Arms Treaty Wednesday.”

We were told that Barack Obama would more than likely sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty in August, during Congress’ recess. That failed to materialize. However, here we are near the end of September and word came out yesterday that Secretary of State John Kerry will be placing his signature to the treaty on Wednesday.

The Associated Press reports:

American officials say Secretary of State John Kerry will sign a landmark treaty regulating the multibillion-dollar global arms trade during the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting this week.

The officials said Kerry will sign the Arms Trade Treaty on Wednesday, initiating an uncertain ratification process in the U.S. Senate. Some lawmakers have expressed strong opposition to the United States becoming a party to the treaty. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to be identified as the source of information about Kerry’s plans.

The U.S. is the world’s largest arms dealer and its accession is seen as critical to the treaty’s success, although many of the world’s other top arms exporters and importers have not signed the document.

This document has been long feared by pro-gun groups and individuals as an end run around the Second Amendment. I have even questioned if it gives foreign troops the authority to enforce the treaty on US soil.

Freedom Outpost’s Lorri Anderson also produced a document, which many believe is authentic, that could very well be a disarmament plan for America by the United Nations.

As a result of fear that this treaty could open the US gun market to international regulation, CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gotlieb wrote:

The uncertainty begins in the discussion of small arms. Where will the regulations on our small arms start, and where will they stop? They are even trying to include ammunition regulations in the Arms Trade Treaty! Will the United Nations try to impose international licensing requirements, an international registry, or international?

The last negotiations for an Arms Trade Treaty took place in July 2012, just four months before the Presidential election. Obama did not want to take a big stance for global gun control just months before his re-election but now he has made it clear he is for total gun control. He also told voters he would not be re-visiting negotiations for an Arms Trade treaty but here we are.

Since his re-election it has become clearer than ever what is at the top of his agenda; taking our guns away! The Obama Administration has been exploiting tragedies since the election to push gun control at the city, state, federal, and now GLOBAL level.

Our Senate took a stance before the Presidential election when 51 of them wrote Obama a letter saying they would not support an Arms Trade Treaty. We must let our entire U.S. Senate know we do not support international gun control. They must not ratify this international treaty.

Kerry’s signature doesn’t actually put the treaty into effect. It must also be ratified by 2/3 majority vote in the United States Senate. However, remember that back in March the Senate voted 53-46 to uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The same Senate went on to defeat the tyrannical gun control legislation of the Obama administration and the Democrats.

The dangerous part of Kerry signing the treaty is that it will lie dormant in committee until there is a majority that will ratify it, or a future president, in essence, “unsigns” the treaty.

Additionally, it only takes ¾majority vote of member nations to amend the treaty. This means that once it is ratified other nations could determine how it could be amended, and that would also affect the United States.

Currently, the treaty does not seem to regulate gun ownership in the US. However, it could immediately affect the availability and cost of foreign made guns and ammo if it is ratified.

The treat also requires that 50 member nations sign and ratify it for it to take effect.

UPDATE: John Kerry has signed the treaty. This just in from Fox News: 

Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday signed a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation, riling U.S. lawmakers who vow the Senate will not ratify the agreement.

As he signed the document, Kerry called the treaty a “significant step” in addressing illegal gun sales, while claiming it would also protect gun rights.

“This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors. This is about reducing the risk of international transfers of conventional arms that will be used to carry out the world’s worst crimes. This is about keeping Americans safe and keeping America strong,” he said. “This treaty will not diminish anyone’s freedom. In fact, the treaty recognizes the freedom of both individuals and states to obtain, possess, and use arms for legitimate purposes.”

The NRA also reacted to the signing, calling it a threat to “individual firearm ownership with an invasive registration scheme” and saying the organization would fight against these “blatant attacks on the constitutional rights and liberties of every law-abiding American.”

The NRA also added:

Notably, the ATT includes “small arms and light weapons” within its scope, which covers firearms owned by law-abiding citizens. Further, the treaty urges recordkeeping of end users, directing importing countries to provide information to an exporting country regarding arms transfers, including “end use or end user documentation” for a “minimum of ten years.” Each country is to “take measures, pursuant to its national laws, to regulate brokering taking place under its jurisdiction for conventional arms.” Data kept on the end users of imported firearms is a de-facto registry of law-abiding firearms owners, which is a violation of federal law. Even worse, the ATT could be construed to require such a registry to be made available to foreign governments.


About the author, Tim Brown:

 Husband to my wife. Father of 10. Jack of All Trades. Christian and lover of liberty. Residing in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina.

“Peace Prize Obama” Went to Kenya in 2006 & Campaigned for His Muslim Terrorist Cousin


Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.17.10 AM

Don’t you remember?  Most of America, of course, doesn’t.  The mainstream media never told the masses.  They were too busy fawning over the fraud who wound up being awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Sick irony, that.  As the smoke clears and the body count mounts from the appalling Islamic terrorist attack on the shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, the fact that Obama had a personal hand in paving the way for groups like Al-Shabab to flourish in that part of Africa gets no coverage.

Those of us who pay attention to the real news know that in 2006, as a newly elected United States senator and rising star in the democrat party here, Barack Hussein Obama traveled to Kenya and illegally used his office (in violation of the Logan Act) to campaign for his cousin of the Luo tribe, Raila Odinga, who was running for president there.

Odinga wound up officially losing the 2007 election, but he and his socialist/Islamic Sharia platform hard-line supporters refused to accept the results.

Odinga’s faction already had an action plan in place in the event of their election defeat, and they carried it out with utter ruthlessness.  They waged violent jihad against Christians, hacking them to death with machetes, and conducted a prolonged campaign of “ethnic cleansing” and murder, riots, and all kinds of terror, including the burning and total destruction of at least 80 Christian churches.  The body count from that ”religion of peace” pogrom was in the thousands, with a half a million people displaced by the violence.

In the end, the presidential election winner and his party caved in to the relentless campaign of Odinga’s Muslim terrorists, which had enjoyed the tacit stamp of approval from the American official (who had, don’t forget, given the keynote address at the 2004 democrat national convention), senator Barack Obama.

In order to quell the jihad violence, a power-sharing agreement was brokered with Odinga’s terrorist faction.  Appeasing Islamic intimidation, Odinga was given the title of prime minister, and another key part of the deal was that Islamic Sharia law would be observed and enforced in all “Muslim declared regions” along with Islam being officially declared the supreme religion.

You have to go to websites such as World Net Daily, Atlas Shrugs, and Front Page Mag to get the lowdown, and you have to listen to Dr. Jerome Corsi report on his findings from his 2008 trip to Kenya, where he was arrested and jailed, then furtively deported, for trying to get the truth out.

Former top U.S. prosecutor of terrorism cases(including the American embassy bombing in Nairobi), Andrew C. McCarthy, has also written extensively on Obama’s illegal 2006 activities in Kenya.

According to World Net Daily, McCarthy’s book “The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America,” describes how “Obama spent six days barnstorming the Kenyan countryside in support of Raila Odinga, the socialist Luo who was seeking the presidency. Appearing with Odinga at campaign stops, Obama gave speeches accusing the sitting Kenyan president of being corrupt and oppressive, leaving the masses in poverty.”

I can’t help but notice the connection between Obama throwing the weight of his U.S. senate office behind the campaign of terrorist jihad which took place in Kenya in 2007, and the eventual massive terrorist ghastliness taking place in Kenya now.Around the globe, Obama supports the worst of the worst, because that’s what socialist community organizers do–they exploit and exacerbate conflict, to bring about their radical Marxist revolutionary goals.We are the new media.  Please help get the word about this out to the rest of America.

 About the author: Donald Joy

Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.



by AWR HAWKINS 26 Sep 2013, 2:58 AM PDT 655POST A COMMENT

A web page covering the Constitution gets the scope of the Second Amendment wrong, telling readers that it is not clear whether the amendment protects an individual right or a collective right.

Here is what the Senate’s web page on the Constitution says about the Second Amendment: “Whether this provision protects the individual’s right to own firearms or whether it deals only with the collective right of the people to arm and maintain a militia has long been debated.”

This is simply not true on at least two levels.

Number one, the scope of the Second Amendment has not been seriously questioned until Alisky-minded radicals isolated it from among the other amendments in the Bill of Rights and began attacking it. Before that it was taken for granted that the scope of the Second Amendment was the same as the scope of the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and so on.

Remember, the Bill of Rights protects individual, “unalienable rights” with which we were “endowed” by our Creator.

Secondly, and confirming these things, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment is an individual right twice in the last five years.

In District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) they ruled: “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia.” In McDonald v. Chicago (2010) Associate Justice Samuel Alito referenced the Heller decision to make the same point in a different but equally clear manner: “In Heller, we held that individual self-defense is ‘the central component’ of the Second Amendment right.”

How is that Wikipedia has incorporated the Supreme Court’s 2008 ruling that the Second Amendment protects an individual right but a U.S. Senate website has not?

Follow AWR Hawkins on Twitter @AWRHawkins


For the Children?




Cruz Control should be standard on GOP models

By: Ann Coulter
9/25/2013 04:46 PM

If I could briefly interrupt the Republican firing squad aiming at Ted Cruz, let’s talk about something we all agree on. And by “we all,” I mean a majority of the American people, the Teamsters, many Democrats and every single last Republican.

Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster.

It was passed illegally without the House ever voting on the Senate bill and became law absent a single Republican vote — even “the girls from Maine” and “the girl from Arizona” — the only major legislation ever enacted on a strict party-line vote. The Supreme Court had to violate the Constitution’s separation of powers to uphold Obamacare as a “tax” — despite the fact that no elected body could ever have enacted such a massive tax hike even with the sleazy parliamentary tricks used to pass this bill.

Proving that everyone hates it, Congress has now exempted itself from Obamacare’s provisions, having asked for, and received, a waiver from President Obama.

Yes, these are the exact same politicians who lecture us that Obamacare is “the law of the land!” (So are our immigration laws.) The same ones who huffily announce that the Supreme Court upheld it! (The court also upheld the First Amendment in Citizens United, but that doesn’t stop Obama from demanding Congress overturn the First Amendment.) They are the same sanctimonious frauds who tell us that Obamacare is “the right thing to do!”

Those guys waived Obamacare for themselves. If national health care is so great, why don’t they want it?

In every single category of Crap Forced On the Country by the Left, liberals always have a work-around for themselves.

They love the public schools and denounce school choice — but their kids go to St. Albans or Sidwell Friends. As Al Gore responded to a question from a black journalist for Time magazine who asked him why he opposed school vouchers while sending his own kids to private schools, “My children — you can leave them out of this!”

Oh, now I see.

Liberals are always eager to release criminals and block crucial crime-fighting strategies such as stop-and-frisk — which they announce from the safety of their antiseptic, crime-free neighborhoods. They love the homeless, but try putting a homeless shelter in their doorman buildings.

They tell us guns won’t protect us — and then we find out the loudest of them all have armed guards. Staunch gun-control advocate Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago had three armed guards with him at all times, as well as an armored car. Mayor Rahm Emanuel also has armed guards and an armored car.

Chicago aldermen are allowed to carry any guns they like. But until very recently (we hope!) the people of Chicago were virtually prohibited from being armed.

Liberals love affirmative action — provided their offspring still get into Harvard, Yale or Princeton. How about they give up their kids’ seats to disadvantaged minorities?

Are you beginning to see the pattern?

Class warriors Warren Buffett and the Nation magazine’s Katrina vanden Heuvel hired phalanxes of lawyers to fight the IRS when informed they weren’t paying the government what they owed. George Soros and the Kennedy family stash their money in offshore accounts, safe from U.S. taxation.

Liberals also strongly support every manner of environmental regulation — unless it blocks the view from the Kennedy compound. In deference to Teddy Kennedy’s ferocious opposition to wind farms off the coast of Cape Cod, the federal government reduced the number of turbines, moved them farther off the coast and ordered them painted white to blend in with the view.

And now these government do-gooders shoving Obamacare down our throats have managed to exempt themselves from its wonderful provisions. Supreme Court justices won’t have to suffer under Obamacare, but will continue to have their health care subsidized by us, the hapless taxpayers forced into this rotten system.

Unfortunately, most Republicans are too stupid to notice that Democrats are walking around with a gigantic glass jaw. Democrats must not be able to believe their dumb luck. Instead of hitting our glass jaw, Republicans have decided to attack Ted Cruz!

Cruz, and his Senate colleague Mike Lee (who, for some reason, is being held harmless by both Democrats and Republicans), have demanded that the Senate vote on the House bill fully funding the entire government — except Obamacare. Most important, they want Democrats to allow more than one amendment to that bill.

The Democrats are refusing either of those options in the Senate.

Among the amendments Republicans might want to introduce is one requiring members of Congress and their staffs to live under Obamacare. Or an amendment delaying the law’s implementation for the whole country — and not just the big employers favored by Obama. And also an amendment taking the administration of Obamacare out of the hands of the utterly corrupt IRS.

Can we at least get Senate Democrats to vote on these urgent reforms? I’d especially like to see the votes of red state Democrats, such as Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich and Mark Pryor. I bet their Republican opponents in the midterm elections next year would, too.

Of course, for Cruz’s threat to work, it has to be credible. Too bad Republicans have been blanketing the airwaves proclaiming that: (1) They don’t have the votes to defund Obamacare; and (2) Republicans will get blamed in the event of any government shutdown.

Republicans: You never had to shut the government down! (And thanks for making it blindingly clear that you never intended to.) You could have waited to see how the public opinion was going and cried uncle at the last minute.

But instead of attacking Obamacare and the breathtaking hypocrisy of the Democrats over this massively unpopular law, far too many Republicans have been spending their time attacking Ted Cruz. (Why didn’t we see one-tenth as much venom directed at Sen. Marco Rubio for trying to give the Democrats 30 million new voters with amnesty as we have toward Cruz for trying to defund Obamacare?)

For every minute you spend attacking Cruz on TV, Republicans, could you consider spending two minutes attacking Obamacare?

Barry Goldwater didn’t “have the votes” when Ronald Reagan launched the conservative movement with his “A Time for Choosing” speech in 1964. But he galvanized conservatives and gave them the hope of future victories. Does Rep. Peter King think Reagan was a fraud who lost influence in the Republican Party with that speech? We don’t have the votes, Ron!

Whether or not Cruz succeeds, we wouldn’t be talking about Obamacare this week without his efforts to defund it — at least those of us who are talking about this disastrous law, rather than attacking Cruz.

Democrats Run America’s Ten Poorest Cities


I have come to believe that chain emails may one day lead to the death of our society. Chain emails alone are responsible for the creation and the success of at least one popular website, Chain emails (and their ugly step-sister, the forward) are the bane of every email user’s technological needs. We must make ourselves more adept with modern technology so we have to use the internet and email… which leads us to receive junk mail at a level far worse than anything the old mainstay, snail mail, used to give us. But not all chain mail/forward/junk mail is bad; in fact, there are times when these pieces of technological dross are downright informative!

Recently, I received one example of the incredibly mysterious and rarely seen “informative” chain mail. It’s one of the more famous ones that have gone around in the last couple of years. In it, the author claims that the ten poorest cities in America have all be run into the ground by Democrat policies.

Here it is in its entirety…

What do the top ten cities with the highest poverty rate all have in common?


Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn’t elected
a Republican mayor since 1961;

Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected one since 1954;

Cincinnati, OH (3rd)… since 1984;

Cleveland, OH (4th)… since 1989;

Miami, FL (5th) has never had a Republican Mayor;

St. Louis, MO (6th)…. since 1949;

El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican Mayor;

Milwaukee, WI (8th)… since 1908;

Philadelphia, PA (9th)… since 1952;

Newark, NJ (10th)… since 1907.

Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and always expecting different results.”

I have received this message more times than I can count, and while I didn’t disbelieve the information, I was sure that the information was dubious in some way. But when I recently had it come into my email inbox again, I decided to dig a little deeper. What I found was that the information was accurate and that a famous political commentator had already written about the veracity of the list. Glenn Beck wrote about the problems in these cities way back in 2008, and his conclusion about the amazing list of cities? “We’ve talked a lot about “change” in this country recently, but there’s a much more important catchphrase that we’ve neglected: “All politics is local.” Maybe instead of focusing so much on who we put in charge of our country, we should focus more on who we put in charge of our cities.”

The Left, of course, laughs at the news that the ten poorest cities in the country are all run by Democrats. Meanwhile, they parrot the talking points of the liberal media by pretending that stories like this one, about the poorest states being Republican, actually mean something. The brilliant Mark Hendrickson expounded on both of these stories (you can read both of his pieces here and here) for Forbes magazine online, and his conclusion is this: “The most fundamental difference between the data that conservatives prefer—that the 10 poorest cities are longtime Democratic strongholds—and the data that liberals will be more inclined to cite—that the 10 poorest states are predominantly Republican, is that conservatives can point to actual policies that Democrats implemented that contributed to the impoverishment of the cities, while the liberals cannot point to specific GOP policies that have caused the poorer states to lag behind.”

While the most basic information may come to us by way of chain mail forwards, just a little digging shows that the truth is really as simple as it seems. See, the truth of the matter is this: Democrat policies are destroying our nation’s cities. If the voters in these cities are happy being poor and having little to no prospect of leaving poverty, then they are electing the right people. If they’d like the opportunity to climb out of poverty and build a middle-to-upper class legacy for their family, then they could start by electing people in whose interest it is to see them prosper — conservatives.

Democrats win when the people are poor, conservatives win when the people prosper. That is the difference.

Correction: A reader pointed out that Miami currently has a Republican Mayor (Tomas Regalado). The email began being distributed before Mr. Regalado’s election in 2009. However, it seems that there has been one other Republican mayor in Miami – Joe Carollo. Sorry for the confusion.

What the Administration Didn’t Tell You About Obamacare Exchange Plans

** I will be adding notes to this excellent article written by Chris Jacobs.  Everyone needs to understand the duplicity of this criminal legislation. Please Share this with everyone you know who cares about our nation and maintaing our freedoms.




Today the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a report regarding premiums and plan offerings in Obamacare’s exchanges for next year. Despite the Administration’s claims, premiums are going up due to Obamacare—and the quality of the “coverage” is, in many cases, going down.

In both today’s report and an earlier report released in July, HHS claims that premiums are, “lower than projected.” HHS bases its claim on a March 2012 Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate stating that premiums for a family would average $15,400 per year on the exchanges. The Administration report claims that weighted average premiums are “16 percent below projections” based on that CBO report—therefore Obamacare is lowering premiums. (**  Remember, every state has it’s own Department of Insurance. Each DOI has alot to do with the premiums that are charged in that state.  With states like New York and California, both extremely high in premiums, Obamacare’s limited HMO policy will appear to be lower. In states like Arizona, even the limited HMO will be HIGHER. While it is true that numbers never lie, it is also true that numbers can be manipulated. The Obama propaganda machine is definitely manipulating the numbers they quote.)

What HHS didn’t mention is that CBO also estimated in a November 2009 analysis that individually purchased insurance premiums would go up by an average $2,100 per family, due to the increased mandates and requirements included in Obamacare. So when HHS says that premiums are “below projections,” it really means that premiums are still going up as a result of Obamacare—just by less than originally advertised.  (** Remember that when government demands an insurance company to cover certain illnesses, knowing that from day one the insurance company is buying claims, even though they have not received a single dime of premium. They are taking in a dollar of premium and paying out a hundred dollars of claim. No logical person would ever do that.)

That’s a far cry from candidate Obama’s promise that his health plan would lower premiums by $2,500 per year.  (** Because it is all propaganda smoke and mirrors.  You cannot accept anyone’s claims about insurance when they haven’t run such a company, or at least sold insurance. In order to get a license to sell insurance in any state requires certification. That requires a minimum of schooling and test that have to be passed. In that schooling you are taught how premiums are determined and how they are paid out.)

The HHS report also makes claims about a wide variety of plan offerings. What the report didn’t mention is that many of these “new” plans are Medicaid managed care plans, which insurance companies admit “will look a lot like the Medicaid plans we are currently administering.” HHS also didn’t mention that patients object to being placed in a program with low physician reimbursements and poor health outcomes—even some Medicaid patients don’t call the program “real insurance.”  (** The American public are not tald how many doctors and medical practices are no longer taking insurance of any kind. That will be the trend. You see your doctor you choose, pay him out of pocket whatever they determine to charge you and then you file a claim with the Obama approved insurance company. IF they have approved that doctor they will pay you according to what the policy says it will pay, and it will never be the same amount. IF the Obama approved insurance does NOT include your doctor in their approved doctors list, then 100% of the cost of that visit, tests and all, are out of your pocket. Joy. Joy. Joy.)

So instead of just raising premiums, Obamacare is inflicting a double whammy: forcing the American people to buy health plans costing more than what they paid previously, and providing such limited access to provider networks they may not be able to find a doctor that will treat them. It’s why Congress should act now to stop Obamacare before it starts.


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“But no one came…” The Plight of Coptic Christians in Egypt


About Lydia Goodman

Mississippi PolitiChick Lydia Goodman considers herself more of a “social commentator” than a journalist. She had become a cynical bystander in the political arena for the past few years, basically “throwing… More

fhwptbxflx6nwksesu6jWhat is it like to live under unremitting persecution because of your faith?  What follows is an exclusive first-hand look at the terrifying face of evil from a Coptic Christian in Egypt:

“Wednesday, August 21–In The village of Saft El Laban in Minya, very close to Mina city, the distance is about 10 kilometers between it and Minya, a quarrel between a Christian boys and Muslim boys led to severe clashes between Muslims and Christians in this village.  A person belonging to Muslim Brotherhood used a loudspeaker of a mosque in this village and spread a false rumor among the people there that the Copts of this village killed a Muslim man, he incited the Muslims of this village against Christians. So many supporters of the deposed President Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Fanatics from this village attacked the Christians, looted and burnt eight Christian homes, wounded some Christians.

I talked to a Christian resident in this village named Mina Saber, he told me that what happened was terrible. ‘They were chanting Allah Akbar during burning the Christian homes. They destroyed more than eight Christian homes, insulted us, injured many Christian in the absence of the police. We tried more times to call the police to come and protect us from these attacks but no one of them came.’ He added ‘that the Christians here are living in horror, there is a situation of panic and fear among all of us. Because they threatened us that they will kill all of us and they said that they are going to purify the village from the Christians. This mean that they will get rid of Christians in this village and unfortunately there isn’t any protection for us’”.

I recently interviewed Todd Daniels, of International Christian Concern.  Todd graciously provided an inside look at the work he and his organization does on behalf of persecuted Christians throughout the world and a glimpse into the fear that Copts are forced to live with daily.

LG:  Please describe the work you do for ICC.

TD:  ICC exists to assist the persecuted church around the world. This is done through a variety of means including assistance projects, raising awareness in the media for the general public, and by mobilizing the church to be more informed as they pray.

I serve as the Regional Manager for the Middle East at ICC. Our regional managers are part journalist, part human rights advocate, and part relief worker. We have the opportunity to cover the developments in our region, specifically noting how it impacts Christians and write and speak out on this through a variety of forums. We are also actively engaged in advocacy work promoting religious freedom and addressing specific cases where international political or legal pressure may be of value. Then, we are also working through a network of in-country partners and representatives to carry out assistance projects to actually make a difference in the lives of individuals that we are reporting on. We not only get to talk about persecution of Christians, but also are hands on in assisting those who are hurting.

LG:  You recently wrote an article titled “Christians Fear Another Day of Burning in Egypt”  for Persecution.Org.  What is the “The Day of Rage” or “Day of Fire” that you discuss and how does it affect Coptic Christians?

TD:  There have been periodic calls for a “Day of Rage” by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since the ousting of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. These are mass demonstrations that are expected to turn into violence against those who the Muslim Brotherhood feel are responsible for their fall from power. There are typically three targets: government buildings, police stations, and Coptic Christians. The most vulnerable being the Christians. On August 16th, this led to violent clashes throughout the country and dozens of people killed as mass demonstrations turned violent and led to attacks on hundreds of churches, schools, monasteries, shops, and homes owned by the Coptic Christians. Subsequent calls for a “day of rage” have not garnered the same level of response, but the fear is palpable as the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters have shown no apprehension towards the use of violence.

LG:  You mention in your article the climate of fear that Copts are living under. What measures are they taking to protect themselves and their families?

TD:  The climate of fear is strong all across the country, but in some places it has nearly paralyzed some individuals. Roughly ten percent of the population is Christian, so you have people engaged in all levels of the economy. Some operate without problems, while others are persecuted directly because of their faith. After the recent wave of attacks they are certainly more cautious. Many try to avoid being out at night, or leaving women at home alone. The reason for that is that kidnappings and attacks against Christians continue to rise. On Tuesday, September 3, a Christian doctor was kidnapped at gunpoint on his way home from a clinic in a village. His kidnappers demanded a ransom of 500,000 Egyptian Pounds ($72,000 USD). Also on Tuesday, September 3, a teacher in Assiut in Upper Egypt was killed in her home when people broke in after her husband and children had left the house. These kinds of stories have people afraid, they are scared to go out, but scared even to stay in, and the security forces have been negligent in protecting Christians.

LG:  You also state in your article that different markings are used to identify Christian homes and businesses-for what purpose?

TD:  The yellow sign, showing a four-fingered salute, has become the sign of opposition for the removal of Mohamed Morsi and for the establishment of a temporary government. (I recently reported on R4BIA and its usage.) The same sign has also been drawn on some Christians’ houses in what they fear is a marking to indicate what houses ought to be attacked.

LG:  In Syria, we are witnessing untold atrocities against Christians-and many are fleeing to escape death.  Copts are also fleeing persecution and death, but some choose to stay.  Why?

TD:  The pressure and violence against Copts has led to many of them leaving the country- if they have the means to do so. Copts, however, have a deep tie to the land of Egypt; the word Copt is connected to the original word for the land of Egypt. Christianity here dates back to the first century. It predates Islam by hundreds of years. So, even though they are in the midst of difficult times, many will stay and continue on in their homeland.

LG:  Do the Copts have any support from “moderate” Muslims?

TD:  Yes, there absolutely have been Muslims who have stood together with Copts. Unfortunately, these instances receive far less attention. But there have been a few instances of Muslims joining together to provide protection for the church. The head of Al-Azhar University, one of the centers of Islamic learning, has criticized the use of violence and the tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood. So there has been some support, but it is not often recognized. There are many Egyptians who are very troubled by the violence of the Muslim Brotherhood and do not condone it in anyway.

LG:  What is the opinion of Coptic Christians in the region of our administration and its foreign policy?

TD:  The United States has been severely criticized in Egypt. The previous ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, was viewed as being in league with the Muslim Brotherhood. This brought harsh criticism from many who have opposed the Muslim Brotherhood, both Christians and non-Christians. She has since finished her tour in Egypt and has been reassigned outside of the country. The United States policies in the region have been poorly handled and repeatedly have been backing the wrong side of conflicts. We continue to provide humanitarian and military aid to the country, but the United States has seen its political leverage greatly reduced in Egypt.

For more information:

Pres. Obama “Fired Up” and Ready to Repeal Second Amendment

Written by

Pres. Obama "Fired Up" and Ready to Repeal Second Amendment

On behalf of your children, President Obama plans to take the guns you own and make it harder for you to buy them.

During a speech September 21 at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Phoenix Awards dinner, the president promised he was turning his attention back to his gun control agenda.

Referring to his failed efforts to irreparably infringe on the right to keep and bear arms begun after the massacre of 20 children and six adults at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama declared:

We fought a good fight earlier this year, but we came up short. And that means we’ve got to get back up and go back at it. Because as long as there are those who fight to make it as easy as possible for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun, then we’ve got to work as hard as possible for the sake of our children. We’ve got to be ones who are willing to do more work to make it harder.

There could hardly be a more receptive crowd, and the president’s remarks were met with cheers and applause.

Admitting that although there was so much to be done and the repeal of the Second Amendment would be a tall order, President Obama promised supporters that he was “still fired up.”

Given his penchant not only for ignoring the Constitution, but for zealously pursuing the permanent, piecemeal destruction of the roster of fundamental rights it protects, there is little doubt that this will be one promise that President Obama keeps.

Gun owners — the “dangerous people” being targeted by the president — have legitimate reasons to fear the federal government’s assault on the Second Amendment.

After the recent murders at the Navy Yard in D.C., White House spokesman Jay Carney reported that the president is committed to redoubling his efforts to enforce the score of executive orders he signed in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. “The president supports, as do an overwhelming majority of Americans, common-sense measures to reduce gun violence,” Carney said.

Prior to the shootings at the Navy Yard, Vice President Joe Biden announced that through “executive authority,” the president was closing two so-called loopholes in federal gun restrictions. First, corporations purchasing guns will be subject to a background check. Second, the re-importation of almost all surplus military weapons to private individuals will be banned.

His water carriers in Congress were no less anxious to use tragedy as a pretext for tyranny.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) lamented the “litany of massacres,” asking, “When will enough be enough? Congress must stop shirking its responsibility and resume a thoughtful debate on gun violence in this country. We must do more to stop this endless loss of life.”

Ironically, that is the same question Americans are asking themselves about the federal government and its daily demolition of the Bill of Rights.

While many Republicans have so far successfully resisted wholesale gun grabs, the compromises by conservatives are stacking up and that which was once a right is become little more than a privilege.

It is undeniable that the requirement that one recur to the government for permission to do something that the Constitution protects as an inherent right of all men is an outright obliteration of the bedrock liberties upon which this Republic was founded.

Remarkably, there are many Republicans and other self-described “pro Second Amendment” politicians who accede to the notion that the government should be permitted to impose “reasonable restrictions” on the owning, buying, selling, and trading of weapons.

True constitutionalists recognize such unconstitutional concessions for what they are: reductions of rights protected by the Constitution. Furthermore, they understand that if we are to remain a free people, we must enforce every provision of the Constitution on every issue without exception; that includes those rights that may be politically unpopular or misunderstood en masse.

The hour is late, but there is still time to ride to the defense of the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Constitutionalists can let the president and their elected representatives in Washington know that they will hold them accountable for each and every attempt to curtail rights that are not theirs to dispose of.

Also, state lawmakers must be aware that voters will likewise hold their feet to the fire and demand that they unqualifiedly reject any effort by the federal government to enforce any act — be it congressional bill, executive order, or regulation — that exceeds the constitutional limits on its power.

As the applause faded at the banquet Saturday night, President Obama undoubtedly rode back to the White House determined to get rid of the guns and increase the surveillance of the “dangerous people” who currently own them.

Were he honest, however, President Obama would admit that the elimination of guns from the world is not the goal of the gun grabbers. Their hidden agenda, the one shared by the president and his fellow internationalists at the United Nations, is the consolidation of monopolistic control over firearms by the plutocrats on the Potomac and Turtle Bay.

Constitutionalists should now be on the lookout for the imminent announcement by Secretary of State John Kerry or by President Obama himself that the United States has signed the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty. That act will be a bellwether of the coming acceleration of the disarmament of the civilian population of the United States.

 Joe A. Wolverton, II, J.D. is a correspondent for The New American and travels frequently nationwide speaking on topics of nullification, the NDAA, and the surveillance state.  He is the host of The New American Review radio show that is simulcast on Youtube every Monday. He can be reached at

Powerful & Funny Screed Against The Black Community’s Selective Outrage Towards Violence

Powerful & Funny Screed Against The Black Community’s Selective Outrage Towards Violence
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Hamas-CAIR: Money Laundering Out of US Capital


By Pamela Geller

Our law firm, the American Freedom Law Center, has been engaged in a long and drawn out lawsuit against the Hamas front group, CAIR. Hamas-CAIR has been running a global criminal money laundering operation out of the nation’s capital. “The money laundering scheme was discovered in the course of legal discovery in unrelated federal litigation arising out of allegations by five of CAIR’s former clients that CAIR defrauded them by failing to provide the legal services they had been promised. (See here for the latest update in that case.”

To avoid reporting these millions of dollars from the dubious Islamist sources and to avoid registering as an agent for a foreign sovereign as required by federal law, CAIR created a separate company called CAIR-Foundation, Inc., to serve as an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization. CAIR itself quit filing any federal tax returns from 2008-2010 and allowed the IRS to withdraw its status as a 501(c)(4), converting itself to a regular for-profit corporation. CAIR also stopped all of its operations and became simply a holding company, transferring, at least on the books, all of its employees and equipment to CAIR Foundation.

What has been revealed in discovery is devastating. I address this issue in my column today at WND, but this is the money….:

CAIR —the Largest Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas Front Group in America —is Running a Money Laundering Operation AFLC,  September 20, 2013.

The largest Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group in America is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). After three years of litigation in federal court in Washington, D.C., AFLC has uncovered facts demonstrating that CAIR has been running a global criminal money laundering operation out of the nation’s capital.

The money laundering scheme was discovered in the course of legal discovery in unrelated federal litigation arising out of allegations by five of CAIR’s former clients that CAIR defrauded them by failing to provide the legal services they had been promised. (See here for the latest update in that case).

While CAIR bills itself as the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization, it has been named by the U.S. Department of Justice in federal litigation as a Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group and an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation criminal trial, the nation’s largest terrorism finance prosecution to date, resulting in convictions in 2008 for all five leaders of the terrorist financing ring operating as the Holy Land Foundation Muslim charity. Prison sentences ranged from 20 years to 65 years.

As brought out in the Holy Land Foundation criminal trial, CAIR founders Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad were participants in the conspiracy, although not formally charged. These two men formed CAIR in 1994 in an effort to create a front organization to further the Muslim Brotherhood goals in this country. But, like many criminal fronts, CAIR itself turns out to be a criminal organization.

Part of CAIR’s criminal operations included representing itself to be a public interest law firm created to protect the civil rights of Muslim Americans. In reality, however, CAIR has unlawfully employed non-lawyers to engage in legal services. In one case, CAIR employed a man by the name of Morris Days as its “Resident Attorney” who claimed to represent hundreds of CAIR clients in various state and federal litigation matters. In reality, CAIR and its “Resident Attorney” were not filing any actual lawsuits on behalf of these clients. Moreover, after the fraud was discovered, CAIR attempted to cover-up the whole affair with threats of litigation against the victims and finally with payoffs to other potential witnesses.

AFLC represents five of these former CAIR “clients” who had sought out CAIR’s legal services for various matters, including workplace discrimination, immigration, and family law matters. Three of these former CAIR clients are Muslims, including two African Americans and a Pakistani.

Specifically, in 2010, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi filed suit in federal court in Washington, D.C., against CAIR on behalf of these CAIR victims, alleging fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. After several years of legal discovery, which required Yerushalmi to go to court on numerous occasions to compel CAIR to turn over documents, which in turn led the court to warn CAIR’s in-house counsel, Nadhira Al-Khalili, that her conduct was unprofessional and would result in the court filing a formal Bar complaint against her if it did not cease. That case is now awaiting the court’s ruling on the extent of CAIR’s liability.

In the midst of gathering evidence to prove the plaintiffs’ case, AFLC discovered a massive criminal money laundering organization run out of CAIR’s D.C. offices. The scheme was created in 2005 by CAIR, which at the time was an IRS-approved 501(c)(4) lobbying organization. CAIR’s problem was that as a registered lobbying group it had to report to the IRS the source of funds received over $5,000. The specific problem was that CAIR was receiving millions of dollars from oil-rich Gulf Arabs, the same sources who were also financing the Muslim Brotherhood to prepare for the “Arab Spring” and even Al Qaeda operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. CAIR’s expensive headquarters in the nation’s capital was financed with a one million dollar grant from a Saudi Arabian bank. At one point, CAIR even sought one million dollars from Libya’s now dead strong man, Moamar Ghaddafi, in an effort to distribute to Muslim Americans Qurans with an Islamist translation and commentary together with Muslim Brotherhood literature.

To avoid reporting these millions of dollars from the dubious Islamist sources and to avoid registering as an agent for a foreign sovereign as required by federal law, CAIR created a separate company called CAIR-Foundation, Inc., to serve as an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization. CAIR itself quit filing any federal tax returns from 2008-2010 and allowed the IRS to withdraw its status as a 501(c)(4), converting itself to a regular for-profit corporation. CAIR also stopped all of its operations and became simply a holding company, transferring, at least on the books, all of its employees and equipment to CAIR Foundation.

The result is that CAIR now receives millions of dollars from foreign Islamist sources every year, but only has to report the amounts of its income and not its sources. CAIR then transfers these monies to CAIR Foundation as loans or grants, and CAIR Foundation then only has to report its source as CAIR. The result is a criminal money laundering operation that allows CAIR to funnel millions of dollars from dubious foreign sources into a lobbying group fronting as a charity without the legally required disclosure of sources.

Indeed, CAIR is so brazen about its operation that it maintains only one website for CAIR, which does not even mention CAIR Foundation. In this way, CAIR receives smaller donations from presumably Muslim Americans made payable to “CAIR,” thus allowing CAIR to decide which “CAIR” will get the money. These small U.S. donations are then deposited into CAIR Foundation’s bank account, which in turn reports these small innocuous donations to the IRS. The big money transfers from the Gulf, however, are conveniently deposited in the CAIR bank account, which does not require any disclosure of the source of the funds. This presents no problem to the Gulf Islamist terror financiers because they are obviously not looking for a U.S. tax deduction. What CAIR does not explain of course is why a Gulf Arab would be transferring these kinds of sums to a holding company that has no employees or operations.

An interesting, but as yet unanswered question is why the IRS would have registered CAIR Foundation as a legitimate 501(c)(3) organization in 2005? An even more intriguing question is why, in 2012, the IRS re-registered CAIR Foundation as a legitimate 501(c)(3) charitable organization, particularly after it had lost its status because it failed to file the organization’s federal tax reports (on IRS form 990) for three consecutive years and in light of the obvious illegal use of CAIR as a money laundering front? This, at a time when the IRS was improperly holding up conservative and pro-Israel groups’ applications for the same 501(c)(3) status causes even heightened concerns.

CAIR’s criminal financial operations raise a whole host of questions the IRS and the Department of Justice should be investigating. The obvious question to be asked now is whether the IRS can get past its politically-motivated witch hunt of the Tea Party and pro-Israel groups and whether the Department of Justice will finally prosecute CAIR and its founders for their direct and indirect involvement in the material support of terrorism.

About the Author:

Pamela Geller is the founder, editor and publisher of Atlas and President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). She is the author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, (foreword by Ambassador John Bolton), (Simon &Schuster). Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. She is also a regular columnist for World Net Daily, the American Thinker, and other publications.

Obama Says Fight for Gun Laws ‘Ought to Obsess Us’


Image: Obama Says Fight for Gun Laws 'Ought to Obsess Us'

President Barack Obama on Sunday memorialized the victims of the Washington Navy Yard shooting by calling for a transformation in the nation’s gun laws to address an epidemic of gun violence, saying, “There’s nothing inevitable about it.”

Reprising his role of the nation’s consoler in chief after yet another mass shooting, Obama said Americans should honor the victims of last Monday’s shooting by insisting on a change in gun laws. “It ought to obsess us,” Obama said.

“Sometimes I fear there is a creeping resignation that these tragedies are just somehow the way it is, that this is somehow the new normal. We cannot accept this,” Obama said.

He said no other advanced nation endures the kind of gun violence seen in the United States, and blamed mass shootings in America on laws that fail “to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people.”

“What’s different in America is it’s easy to get your hands on a gun,” he said. He acknowledged “the politics are difficult,” a lesson he learned after failing to get expanded background checks for gun buyers through the Democratic-controlled Senate this spring.

“And that’s sometimes where the resignation comes from: the sense that our politics are frozen and that nothing will change. Well, I cannot accept that,” Obama said. “By now, though, it should be clear that the change we need will not come from Washington, even when tragedy strikes Washington. Change will come the only way it ever has come, and that’s from the American people.”

Obama joined military leaders in eulogizing the 12 victims killed in last Monday’s shooting, speaking from the parade grounds at the Marine Barracks, a site personally selected by Thomas Jefferson because of its close marching distance to the Navy Yard. The memorial service came on the first day of fall, which shone brightly in Washington, with sun sparkling off the instruments being played by the Navy Band and the gold dress uniform buttons worn by so many in the crowd.

The invitation-only crowd included around 4,000 mourners, with the victims’ tearful, black-clad family members directly in front of the speakers’ stage. The president and first lady met privately with the families before the service, White House officials said.

Authorities say their loved ones’ lives were taken Monday by shotgun-wielding Aaron Alexis, a 34-year-old former Navy reservist and information technology contractor who struggled with mental illness. Police killed Alexis in a gun battle.

By the end of the day, the Senate’s chief gun control proponent, California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, was calling on her colleagues to restart the debate on gun control and “do more to stop this endless loss of life.” Obama didn’t speak out on the issue until Saturday night, when he urged a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner “to get back up and go back at it” to push gun control legislation that stalled in the Senate earlier this year. Obama proposed the legislation in the aftermath of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn., that killed 20 first graders and six staff.

Obama said it’s clear from the Navy Yard shooting that the country needs to do a better job to secure its military facilities and improve mental health services, but also address gun laws.

“Our tears are not enough,” Obama said Sunday. “Our words and our prayers are not enough. If we really want to honor these 12 men and women, if we really want to be a country where we can go to work and go to school and walk our streets free from senseless violence without so many lives being stolen by a bullet from a gun, then we’re going to have to change.”

The military leaders who spoke before Obama at the memorial service, including Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Adm. Jonathan Greenert, chief of naval operations, avoided any mention of gun control. But Washington Mayor Vincent Gray spoke forcefully for action, mentioning that one of the Navy Yard victims, Arthur Daniels, had already lost his 14-year-old son to gun violence and citing a string of mass public shootings in recent years.

“Why is it that these tragic consequences and these tragic occurrences never seem to move us any closer to ensuring that guns don’t get into the hands of criminals or mentally unstable people?” Gray asked. “I don’t know the answer. But I do know this — that this time it happened within the view of our Capitol dome, and I for one will not be silenced about the fact the time has come for action.”

The service ended with a bugler playing taps and singing of the Navy hymn after a reading of the names of the fallen, who ranged in age from 46 to 73 and included civilian employees and contractors. Eight people were also hurt, including a police officer and two others who suffered gunshot wounds.

Obama also mentioned each victim, and said memories of them will go on, along with “the sense that this has happened before.”

“What wears on us, what troubles us so deeply as we gather here today, is how this senseless violence that took place in the Navy Yard echoes other recent tragedies,” he said. “As president, I have now grieved with five American communities ripped apart by mass violence: Fort Hood, Tucson, Aurora, Sandy Hook and now the Washington Navy Yard. These mass shootings occur against a backdrop of daily tragedies as an epidemic of gun violence tears apart communities across America, from the streets of Chicago to neighborhoods not far from here.”

Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

My Own Perspective – Jerry Broussard

Another Gun Control LawWith all the gun laws we have nationally, why do we need more? How is it working in Chicago and Washington D.C.? If we were able to strap these Liberals to a truth machine what would be revealed is their real desire to disarm America in order to transform our country from freedom to tyranny.

So here is a suggestion. Have the Marine Corps do a sweep, starting in Chicago, Every gang member, drug dealer, and any other crazy that have guns, bring them to a large open space that has been set up with triple row-stack razor-wire. Seize their weapons and leave them there to fend for themselves. If the kill each other off, oh well. Give the survivors some troop tents to erect, cots to assemble, and equipment to farm the area to grow their own food. Provide the water, and, after shutting down an unnecessary troop deployment (i.e., Germany), move part of those facilities to this new location, and guard the inmates until they are processed through court. Several of these can be established all over America. Instant detention facilities. We did that with the Japanese Americans.

We don’t need more law. We need better policing, the mental health organizations to do their jobs without Liberal interference, and let the law abiding citizens alone with their lawfully acquired fire arms.

Christian Minority In Pakistan Pounded By Islamists In Brutal Suicide Bombing

 By Janna Brock

Sunday has been the single deadliest day for the Christian minority in Pakistan. A pair of suicide bombers detonated bombs outside a historic church in Peshwar killing at least 78 innocent people and wounding hundreds. The Islamic war on Christians is in full force all over the Middle East. With each passing day it intensifies. Where is the international outrage? Where is President Obama? He’s busy arming Al-Qaeda in Syria, and the rest of the world is busy praising Islam for it’s peacefulness.  SEE VIDEO:

Pakistani Christians are under siege. In an unprecedented attack on the Christian minority in Pakistan, at least 78 people were killed in a suicide bombing outside a church in Peshwar. The number of casualties will surely increase. With an attack of this magnitude, knowing the official death toll will take some time.

What cowards, what heartless savages. Islamists continue to prove their soullessness. And instead of condemning these attacks, government officials cater. They attacked as worshippers were leaving the church in the city’s Kohati Gate district. Church goers were expecting to get a meal of free rice on the church lawn when the bombs went off.

Instead, they got body parts blown off, or completely obliterated. What was to be a peaceful Lord’s day turned into terror. Death on the Lord’s Day came for Pakistani Christians at the hands of the merciless Taliban militants, determined to kill as many Christians as possible.

“There were blasts and there was hell for all of us,” said Nazir John, who was at the church with at least 400 other worshippers. “When I got my senses back, I found nothing but smoke, dust, blood and screaming people. I saw severed body parts and blood all around”

Survivors could only stand shell shocked in the horror. And all the while, trying to find survivors and identifying the dead becomes an impossible job. But knowing who committed the attack is more than obvious.

“All the indications suggest that this was an attack by the Taliban,” said the government official who spoke to CBS News on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to journalists. The official said at least 600 people were present in the church when the attack took place.

Now it all makes sense. Hospitals have been overrun with victims of the attack, to the point to where they cannot keep up with the influx. They are running out of caskets for the dead and beds for survivors.

This isn’t the first horrific attack on the Christian minority in Pakistan, but it is the deadliest. Islamic jihadists have been responsible for countless attacks on Christians and other minorities in the past, but this is the worst of them all.

Why? It’s Islam, and it’s because the government is only trying to “talk” with the Pakistani Taliban. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who took office in June, is attempting to negotiate a peace agreement with the Pakistani Taliban. The Taliban wants a release of prisoners and other “preconditions” before agreeing to a “peace settlement.”

This is laughable. How many times does it take for history to repeat itself before the message becomes clear? There is NO peace with Islam in any form of fashion, except in submitting.

Sharif condemned the church attack in a statement sent to reporters, saying, “the terrorists have no religion and targeting innocent people is against the teachings of Islam and all religions.”

It’s the same broken record playing the same song of “Islam is the religion of peace,” but when the same lie works so beautifully, why change it up? Keep playing the broken record. There’s no need to change the song.

Naturally, the Obama Administration has insisted the Pakistani government crack down on “Islamic militants.” Just like they have in Syria, right? Never mind, wrong country. The worst part is that members of the Afghan Taliban’s role in this. The Afghan Taliban use Pakistan as a “base” to carry out their attacks on U.S. troops in Afghanistan. So, who’s side is Pakistan on? Again, this is Islam. There aren’t “sides.”

But with the U.S. ending its military operations in Afghanistan in 2014, attacks of this magnitude will only increase. Not that they would be stopped. Violence and carnage will continue. The dead bodies will continue to pile up and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Islam wins. The “religion of peace” will continue doing what it does best and world leaders will turn the other cheek.

About the Author:

 Janna Brock . “I am a Christian and a staunch conservative. I am very interested in civil liberties and also arts and entertainment from a conservative point of view. I am interested in a wide variety of topics that have to do with the liberal war against conservatives. Christians are being attacked on all fronts, be it the gay agenda, abortion issues, and other forms of persecution. It is time to stand for Christ in a sin sick world. Janna Brock also contributes to The

Another Example of Christian Persecution by Homosexual Lobbyist

San Antonio Discriminates Against Christians


The city of San Antonio, Texas is a beautiful and interesting place to visit. There are plenty of touristy things to do in the city, and a lot of great amusement to be found. However, Christians in this city may soon find themselves living as second class citizens. The city council there had been considering a measure all summer that they say guarantees equal protection to everyone living in the city. What it really does, is bow to pressure from the local homosexual community and strip the rights of conservatives and Christians.

The city council has been considering an update to their anti-discrimination policies that could ensure no traditional marriage supporter could ever again sit on the city council. “No person shall be appointed to a position if the city council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability,” the ordinance reads.

Local Pastor, Charles Flowers says, “The ordinance also says that if you have at any point demonstrated a bias — without defining what a bias is or who will determine whether or not one has been exercised — that you cannot get a city contract… Neither can any of your subcontractors [who have demonstrated a bias] sign on to the contract.”

JulianCastro and ObamaWell, supporters of the ordinance have won. The city council recently voted to pass revision to the anti-discrimination policy. In a 9-3 vote, they passed the resolution with liberal San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro saying, “It’s a common-sense ordinance that’s going to treat everyone equally… Nobody will be a second-class citizen in San Antonio. Here, there will be basic fairness and common decency for everybody.”

But some will be second-class citizens in San Antonio now. Anyone who believes that marriage should only be between a man and a woman will be discriminated against. Anyone who believes homosexuality to be morally wrong will be discriminated against. Anyone who has ever shown any indication to believe these things will be legally discriminated against by the government (and by proxy, the people) of San Antonio. In fact, it is now codified into law that certain people cannot hold government office or be employed with government funds because of their personal beliefs on homosexuality.

What this law did was not provide “fairness” for everybody… it ensured that certain people, namely Christians, will be made into a lower class of citizen. Fellow conservatives who believe that homosexuality is a moral wrong… by law in San Antonio, Texas, we now have less rights than other citizens.

You Won’t Believe What the National Parks Services are Praising Islam For

This is incredible, absolutely mind blowing, but seeing is believing. The National Parks Service has made videos praising Islam for its contribution to women’s rights. That’s right. This is the very same Islam that allows children, babies, to marry middle age men, gang rape, genital mutilation, and honor killings. Is this a deliberate omission of the truth? Of course. Welcome to the bizarro world.

Watch this and see the outrageous propaganda machine at work within the National Parks: Shamelessly using children to argue that Islam, the religion of nothing but lies and deceit, advocates women’s rights is as accurate as Hitler being touted as an advocate for Jewish rights. It’s a total fabrication invented by deliberate deceivers.

What is the motive for the National Parks Service to put out such videos? With the service facing sequestration and cut, this just might be a way for the parks service to get money. And it’s coming out of taxpayers’ wallets. Prop up Islam as the religion dedicated to to the rights of women and reap financial benefits.

Says one student on camera: “People think that Islam oppresses women and there’s no equality, but they’re wrong – there’s equity … 7th century A.D. Islam gave women the right to be involved in politics, the right to earn and keep her own money.”

There is no equality. This is a child speaking. And what they say in the videos more than leads to the truth. It’s a matter of reading between the lines.

Just this past week,an eight year old girl died of internal injuries on her wedding night in Yemen. A baby, and the groom was 40. This is an outrage, an absolute disgrace. The man who violated her should be put to death for this.And the “religion” devoted to women’s rights should be directly held accountable for such an atrocity.

A child forced into marriage before she’s old enough to menstruate is most definite proof that Muslim savages value women. This is outrageous. And what about gang rape and genital mutilations?

Late in June, British media reported that Suhair Al-Ba’ta, an Egyptian girl aged 13, died during an FGM “operation.” She reportedly perished from blood loss while subjected to FGM in a village north of Cairo. The latest terrible “death by FGM” of a girl in early adolescence provoked widespread outrage at the practice. Disregarding public opinion, representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), defended FGM as “Islamic.”

The National Parks service is working overtime to “convince” gullible people that Islam is a leader in women’s rights. It’s deplorable. Gang rapes, honor killings, and atrocious stories of abuse are found coming from all parts of the world. And they have one thing in common: Islam.

Is the National Parks Service getting money for this via the federal government? Surely. Just like Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer money, so is the National Park Service. We just don’t see it all first hand, but it’s happening.

The National Parks Service has also made inroads promoting “marriage rights” for The LGBT population. So their uproarious support of Islam’s women’s rights is hardly surprising. Lies are lies and when told enough, people start believing them.

“Islam gave women a whole bunch of rights that Western women acquired later in the 19th and 20th centuries and we’ve had these rights since the 7th century A.D. and it’s just not acknowledged worldwide,” the woman continued. “Islam within itself, Islam itself means peace,” proclaims another individual.

Islam is peace is the biggest lie of all. But the sheep will just take it in and nod in agreement.

Muslim Man Rapes 8 Year Old Bride Until She Dies


By Daisy Luther

Do you have any 3rd graders in your life?  If they’re anything like the little 8 year old girls I know, they are probably playing with My Little Ponies and Polly Pockets, going to school, listening to One Direction, and painting their fingernails (out on the back porch so as not to get nail polish all over the house).

Because that is the life of 8 year old girls in America.

In many Islamic countries, however, 8 year old girls are donning fancy white dresses and going to get married to adult men.

Recent news reports from Yemen tell of such a child who died on her wedding night.

An 8 year old little girl named Rawan died from injuries sustained within her young, immature body when her 40 year old husband had intercourse with her.  The child bled to death in this perverted parody of a marriage after she was sold to her “husband” by her impoverished family.

It would be horrific enough if this was a one-time tragedy, but this is a regular custom for young Muslim girls, especially in impoverished countries.  In 2010, a 13 year old girl (a 7th grader in America) died the same way –she hemorrhaged for 5 days  until she bled to death after wedding night sex with her husband.  Also in 2010, another 12 year old girl  died in labor after struggling to give birth for 3 days.

Apparently girls are far easier to mold into “good Muslim wives” if you get them when they’re young.  More than a quarter of girls in Yemen are sold into marriage before the age of 15.

The husband of little Rawan was not arrested.  The parents of Rawan were not arrested.  This was all perfectly legal, so Rawan’s agonizing, terrifying death is considered just an unfortunate accident in Yemen, with no more blame laid than if she had been the victim of a random lightning strike or any other unpreventable incident.

This is part of Sharia law.  This is part of the “Religion of Peace.” Directly from the Quran:

“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” — Bukhari 7.62.88

According to the site Wiki Islam, this type of pedophilia is not only acceptable, but encouraged.  Due to religious reasons, laws cannot be made to discontinue the sickening practice.

Due to its many endorsements within Islamic scripture, child marriages are permitted by the majority of Muslim scholars and leaders, and in many Islamic countries it is common practice. Girls far below the age of puberty are forcibly married to older persons (sometimes in their 50s and later) for various personal gains by the girls’ guardian or with the intention to preserve family honor by helping her avoid pre-marital sex.

Pedophilic Islamic marriages are most prevalent in Pakistan and Afghanistan, followed by other countries in the Middle East and Bangladesh.[5][6] This practice may also be prevalent to a lesser extent amongst other Muslim communities, and is on the rise among the growing Muslim populations in many non-Muslim countries, such as the United Kingdom[7] and the United States.[8]

In countries like Yemen, Bangladesh, Iran, and Northern Nigeria, attempts at reforming laws and banning child marriages have been opposed and stopped on the grounds that such a ban would be un-Islamic,[9][10][11][12][13] and in the case of Malaysia, the growing Muslim population has effectively turned back the clock on social progress by passing new laws which allow for the practice of pedophilic marriages specifically between followers of Islam.[14]

Human rights activists are rightfully outraged by these senseless deaths, but flouting hundreds of years of customs and a religion that is practiced by nearly a quarter of the world’s population has proven to be a difficult battle.  Those who disagree with these practices are being painted as intolerant, racist, and anti-Muslim. How dare we step on the tenets of their faith? If you say this is wrong in an Islamic country, you’re liable to get your head promptly lopped off.

This subject is certainly not one of the normal topics on my website, but as the mother of two precious girls, I feel obligated to say something for little Rawan and the thousands of other girls who are abused like this, and not just shake my head at the dreadful tragedy of the ordeal these little ones undergo.  This isn’t “Christian vs. Muslim”, but “Right vs. Wrong.”

You don’t have to be the parent of girls to be outraged by this practice and by the religion that turns it into a “right”. You just have to be a human being with a sense of right and wrong and one who believes that the innocence and well-being of children –wherever they happen to be born –should be protected.  I’ve always considered myself to be very tolerant of other people’s faith or personal belief system because I expect others to be tolerant of my right to believe the way I do.  But when horrific, fatal child abuse is sanctioned because the Quran says it’s okay –well, that is where I draw the line of tolerance and acceptance.

For now, however, the practice putting little girls in a pretty white dress and then raping them to death remains legal in many parts of the world because we certainly can’t infringe on the “religious freedom” that protects the dirty old men who believe it is their deity-given right to do so.

Editor’s Note: According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), between 2011 and 2020, more than 140 million girls will become child brides. Furthermore, of the 140 million girls who will marry before the age of 18, 50 million will be under the age of 15.

About the Author:

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at

Guns Don’t Kill – Gun Free Zones Do


In no way do I want to minimize or trivialize any of the mass shootings we have watched take place in recent years by dumbing down the causes to one or two issues. However, with the liberal media’s withering attack on gun rights which uses these attacks as their “ammunition,” some kind of response is necessary to combatthe misinformation. We are a nation of over three hundred million people, and an estimated 270 million guns are spread out among us. We are the most well-armed nation in the world, a heritage passed down to us through the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees the right of every American (who is not a felon) to carry a firearm.

Even with these gaudy numbers of guns and gun owners, gun violence in America among legal gun owners is statistically insignificant. In fact, the vast majority of gun crime is committed by criminals who carry their weapons illegally. Meanwhile, in America, a gun is 7 times more likely to stop a crime than to commit one.

gunfreezone2Furthermore, consider the recent and most famous instances of mass shootings in the news. All of these rampages took place in areas described as “gun free” zones. The movie theater in Aurora, CO, the school in Newtown, CT, the military base in Fort Hood, TX, and the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. All of these places were gun free zones where the shooters took advantage of the guaranteed weakened state of their victims. In fact, if you try to remember back to other infamous mass shootings from Paducah, KY to Columbine, CO the gun free zone is a common thread. However, the media has placed the idea of blaming fun-free zones out of bounds in the political discourse – anyone who considers eliminating these “safe” zones (or un-safe zones depending on your perspective) is immediately labeled an extremist. In fact, a simple Google search of gun free zone returns stories of mass killing and liberal attempts to deflect blame from gun free zones. The gun free zone is one of the liberals’ “hills to die on”, even though it’s other people who are facing death because of them.

See, what we’ve learned about mass shooters is that they are cowards. Many of them choose these unprotected areas because they offer the path of least resistance for the killer. Consider that in the killing at the Aurora, CO movie theater the shooter had his choice of seven theaters within 20 minutes of his home… yet he chose the only theater that did not allow patrons to carry weapons. It was a gun-free zone. Even more telling is the shooting that took place in Oregon just days before the attack at Newtown. In the Oregon shooting, a killer marched through a mall, shooting at helpless victims — that is until he encountered armed resistance. Immediately after seeing that one of his intended victims had a weapon, the Oregon shooter retreated and fired one last shot… the bullet that ended his own life.

In fact, situations like this are more common than you realize, perhaps, as the Oregon story illustrates, because the media doesn’t seem to cover the cases that end well because of an armed citizen. Buzzfeed has a neat collection of mass shootings that were stopped by armed citizens, who were in the right place at the right time. Had you heard of any of these instances? Are they commonly brought up in the media?

The honest truth is this. When you couple the fact that so few of our gun crimes are committed by legal gun owners, with the fact that most of these mass shootings happen in gun free zones by mentally imbalanced people… we get a completely different picture than the portrait painted by the liberal media and the Democrat Party.

gunfreezoneCould the war on guns be charade orchestrated by the left to simply wrest power from conservatives by disarming us? The scary truth is that the reason we have a 2nd Amendment is to ensure that we would have the firepower to dislodge a tyrannical government if the need ever arose. Today we see members of our government trying to disarm us by changing laws and enflaming public sentiment against us. Our government is filled with legislators who fear our weapons because those weapons give us more power than they’d like us to have.

Murder is always evil. It is always a violent and destructive act that attacks the very fabric of our communities. We must respond, and we must try our best to ensure these things happen less and less in the future. However, we cannot allow the emotion of the moment to overcome our abilities to reason and consider logic. The gun control ideas of the left are a red herring. They create as many problems as they solve. The best answers to violence and public safety come from conservatives who love liberty and value independence.

Don’t let the liberal media mislead you – we are safer with a gun in our hands than with our empty hands in the air begging for mercy.



Administration building ‘de facto domestic military’


NEW YORK – The Department of Homeland Security under President Obama is demonstrating troubling signs the agency is shifting the balance of power away from local and state municipalities toward a centralized federal authority, charges a recently released book.

In “Impeachable Offenses: The Case to Remove Barack Obama from Office,” New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott document the DHS has likely violated the Posse Comitatus Act.

The law expressly forbids direct participation by the military in a “search, seizure, arrest, or other similar activity.”

The authors further cite evidence the DHS is building a de facto domestic military, with the purchase of military-grade equipment and the execution of military-style training exercises.

Aaron Klein’s “Impeachable Offenses: The Case to Remove Barack Obama from Office” is available now, autographed, at WND’s Superstore

Perhaps the DHS is the realization of Obama’s call for a civilian national security force, warn Klein and Elliott.

In his July 2, 2008, “New Era of Service” address delivered at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, presidential candidate Obama said: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. … We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”

Obama’s pre-address prepared remarks delivered to the news media did not include the passage.

DHS on steroids

“Impeachable Offenses” relates Obama revised President Bill Clinton’s 1992 Defense Department Directive 1404.10, Emergency-Essential (E-E) DoD U.S. Citizen Civilian Employees.

The prior directive was rescinded. The new directive issued Jan. 23, 2009, states that a Civilian Expeditionary Workforce “shall be organized, trained, cleared, equipped and ready to deploy in support of combat operations by the military; contingencies; emergency operations; humanitarian missions; disaster relief; restoration of order; drug interdiction; and stability operations.”

Klein and Elliott dedicate a sizable portion of a chapter to the Transportation Security Administration’s Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response program, or VIPR (

A 2007 act authorized the TSA to use any DHS asset for its VIPR teams, including federal air marshals, transportation security officers, surface transportation security inspectors, canine detection teams, explosives detection specialists, behavior detection officers and federal, state and local law enforcement officers. As an extension of the TSA, VIPR teams may be found screening passengers, looking for suspicious behavior and acting as a “visible deterrent for potential terrorist acts.

While VIPR began under President Bush, the drills were expanded exponentially, and possibly illegally, under Obama, “Impeachable Offenses” charges.

How many VIPR teams are there? No one knows for sure. An August 2012 report claims there were 37 VIPR teams. This is up from the 15 existing plus 12 anticipated new teams reported eight months earlier.

By September 2008, the VIPR operations were becoming more grandiose. The Amtrak Office of Security Strategy and Special Operations, Amtrak Police, TSA personnel and officers from approximately 100 commuter rail, state and local police agencies “mobilized” for the “largest joint, simultaneous Northeast rail security operation of its kind, involving 150 railway stations between Fredericksburg, Virginia, and Essex Junction, Vermont.”

The multi-force security “surge” returned in September 2009 for Operation ALERTS – Allied Law Enforcement for Rail and Transit Security – to repeat the operation.

Amtrak Police Chief John O’Connor announced that the operation – with “hundreds” of law enforcement officers across 13 states and Washington, D.C., monitoring an estimated 700,000 travelers – was the “longest wall of security ever mobilized along the East Coast.”

Amazingly, black helicopters – often attributed only to conspiracy theorists’ imaginations – were involved with VIPR team operations the following month. A pair of black helicopters was noted flying low over the perimeter at Yeager Airport in Charleston, W.V., as part of a two-day VIPR operation.

Also reported was “an abundance” of uniformed and plainclothes TSA officers going through the terminal and inspecting delivery trucks.

The purpose of the operation? So the TSA could “spot check security procedures and increase safety.”

Write Klein and Elliott: “Did the black helicopters only fly over the airport perimeter? Of course not! They reportedly made “wide loops over the city, moving slowly over several neighborhoods.”

Also, according to Yeager Airport Director Rick Atkinson, VIPR teams visited every airport at least once a year, with a VIPR team at “an airport or two somewhere in the country every day.”

Violation of law?

In the largest VIPR extravaganza to date, in mid-June 2010 the TSA pulled out all the stops with an operation that incorporated terrain in three states – Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

More than 300 law enforcement and military personnel representing 83 agencies swept through a 100-mile stretch of the Ohio Valley with the alleged goal of familiarizing themselves with the area’s industrial infrastructure and learn how other agencies responded to emergencies.

It is difficult to see how much real information participants gleaned from the “brief visual inspections of power and chemical plants, rail and riverboat terminals, lock and dam complexes and natural gas pipelines,” note Klein and Elliott.

The inclusion of military personnel in this surveillance activity seems to be a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which expressly forbids direct participation by the military in a “search, seizure, arrest, or other similar activity.”

An extraordinary number of agencies and a variety of equipment were called into play, the authors write.

VIPR teams “used helicopters, emergency vehicles, reconnaissance aircraft, Coast Guard patrol boats and watercraft from the Divisions of Natural Resources in West Virginia and Ohio.”

Michael Cleveland, federal security director for TSA operations in West Virginia, boasted it was his “biggest VIPR ever.” People and resources had been pulled from both Ohio and West Virginia, with federal air marshals borrowed from Pittsburgh.

The TSA outdid itself a year later, in June 2011, when it created the “largest of its nature in the country.” The all-day field exercise encompassed 5,000 square miles along the Ohio River Transportation Corridor that covered parts of Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, including air, water and ground resources.

The widespread VIPR operation included Coast Guard boats on the river, Ohio Air National Guard Black Hawk helicopters with multi-jurisdictional teams onboard and the West Virginia Air National Guard and other aircraft in the air. Law enforcement vehicles were “visible at various ‘targets’ (industrial plants, pipelines, surface or road assets) and other general infrastructure, including the Willow Island Locks and Dam,” and Ohio highway patrolmen on the ground.

In October 2011, the TSA literally took its operation on the road with its “first ever instance where simultaneous statewide VIPR operations” were held in seven locations. In partnership with the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security and “several other federal and state agencies” – allegedly for a “safety enforcement and awareness operation” – the TSA set up checkpoints at five weigh stations on Tennessee’s interstates and at regional bus terminals in Nashville and Knoxville.

Federal and state agents inspected trucks and other vehicles to “identify security threat.”

Book makes impeachment case

Klein and Elliott bill their book as a well-documented indictment based on major alleged violations.

Among the alleged offenses enumerated in the book:

  • Obamacare not only is unconstitutional but illegally bypasses Congress, infringes on states’ rights and marking an unprecedented and unauthorized expansion of IRS power.
  • Sidestepping Congress, Obama already has granted largely unreported de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens using illicit interagency directives and executive orders.
  • The Obama administration recklessly endangered the public by releasing from prison criminal illegal aliens at a rate far beyond what is publicly known.
  • The president’s personal role in the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attack, with new evidence regarding what was transpiring at the U.S. mission prior to the assault – arguably impeachable activities in and of themselves.
  • Illicit edicts on gun control in addition to the deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation intended, the book shows, to collect fraudulent gun data.
  • From “fusion centers” to data mining to drones to alarming Department of Homeland Security power grabs, how U.S. citizens are fast arriving at the stage of living under a virtual surveillance regime.
  • New evidence of rank corruption, cronyism and impeachable offenses related to Obama’s first-term “green” funding adventures.
  • The illegality of leading a U.S.-NATO military campaign without congressional approval.
  • Obama has weakened America both domestically and abroad by emboldening enemies, tacitly supporting a Muslim Brotherhood revolution, spurning allies and minimizing the threat of Islamic fundamentalism.

This is Klein and Elliott’s fourth book investigating the Obama administration. Their other titles include “Fool Me Twice,” “Red Army” and “The Manchurian President.”

Journalism professor says he hopes for murder of NRA members’ children

Katherine  Timpf 

A journalism professor at the University of Kansas (KU) turned to Twitter on Monday to suggest he would like to see the murder of children of National Rifle Association (NRA) members at the hands of a deranged gunman.

A journalism professor has defended tweets he sent out which called for the death of NRA employees children.

“#NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA,” tweeted David Guth, who is an associate professor of Journalism at the university’s William Allen White School of Journalism.

“Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters, he continued. “Shame on you. May God damn you.”

Speaking with Campus Reform on Wednesday, Guth confirmed it was he who sent the controversial tweet.

“Hell no, hell no, I do not regret that Tweet,” he said. “I don’t take it back one bit.”

Guth also doubled down on the statement when other Twitter users pressed him, suggesting it was was shameful to call for the death of children.

“God’s justice takes many forms,” he tweeted in response.

And on Monday the associate journalism professor echoed those sentiments on his personal blog, called Snapping Turtle.

“I don’t wish what happened today on anyone,” he wrote. “But if it does happen again — and it likely will — may it happen to those misguided miscreants who suggest that today’s death toll at the Navy Yard would have been lower if the employees there were allowed to pack heat.”

Also in his interview with Campus Reform, he said that he wished “a pox on our Congress and a pox on the NRA” for not instituting gun control policies to prevent mass shootings.

“It absolutely appalls me that after Newtown, we could not have come to some kind of sane agreement on something as simple as the number of bullets in a magazine or the availability of assault weapons,” he said.

Despite early rumors, the weapon used in the Navy Yard shooting was not an assault weapon, but a shotgun typically used for hunting small birds and wild game.

KU on Wednesday told Campus Reform that they stand by the professor’s right to make such statements.

“Faculty have their own social media accounts and use those to express personal opinions, but those opinions do not represent the university,” spokesman Jack Martin wrote in an email statement to Campus Reform on Wednesday.

While Guth’s Twitter account is personal, his biography includes a link that directs to the school’s website.

“An Eastern Shoreman turned professor and historian,” reads his description. “A devoted husband, father and dog owner. Most important: an independent thinker.”

Official school policy demands all in the community adhere to a standard of “inclusive learning and working environment at the University of Kansas.”

Guth made his comments the same day as the massacre at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC which left 13 people dead including the shooter.

Guth also served as the associate dean of the journalism school from July 2004 to July 2009.

The NRA did not make a spokesperson available to Campus Reform at the time of publication.


‘Disgraceful:’ University suspends prof who hoped for murder of NRA children

Administrators at the University of Kansas have suspended the journalism professor who suggested on Monday he would like to see the murder of the children of National Rifle Association (NRA) members.

KU’s chancellor, Bernadette Gray-Little, announced the suspension Friday morning, according to a local radio station, KMBZ.

Professor Guth has been placed on administrative leave.

“In order to prevent disruptions to the learning environment for students, the School of Journalism and the university, I have directed Provost Jeffrey Vitter to place Associate Professor Guth on indefinite administrative leave pending a review of the entire situation,” he said.

“Professor Guth’s classes will be taught by other faculty members,” he added.

And on Thursday the school released a statement condemning Guth’s tweet.

“The contents of Professor Guth’s tweet were repugnant and in no way represent the views or opinions of the University of Kansas. “[I]t is truly disgraceful that these views were expressed in such a callous and uncaring way. We expect all members of the university community to engage in civil discourse and not make inflammatory and offensive comment

There is no word whether or not Guth will be paid throughout the suspension.

Guth turned to Twitter on Monday in response the a crazed gunman’s rampage at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C., in which 12 perished.

“#NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA,” tweeted David Guth, who is an associate professor of Journalism at the university’s William Allen White School of Journalism.

“Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters, he continued. “Shame on you. May God damn you.”


Speaking with Campus Reform on Wednesday, Guth confirmed it was he who sent the controversial tweet.

“Hell no, hell no, I do not regret that Tweet,” he said. “I don’t take it back one bit.”

Campus Reform has learned that Guth was also publicly censured by the university on October 8, 2010 for “unprofessional, threatening, and abusive behavior towards another faculty.”

“His conduct violated acceptable standards for professional ethics, University policies and Article V.2 and Article V.5 of the Faculty Code of Conduct,” read’s the public notice on the school’s website. “This announcement represents public censure of Professor Guth for his actions.”


The following is professor Guth’s e-mail: If you’re going to e-mail him I ask you to be tactful, although he wasn’t.



Town council votes to fly communist banner above city hall


A California city has decided that for at least one day, the flag of communist China will get equal time with the “Star-Spangled Banner” flying “o’er the land of the free.”

Despite the objections of residents and human rights groups, the city council of San Leandro, Calif., decided in a 4-3 vote to fly the flag over its city hall Oct. 1 to honor “the formation of the sovereign state in 1949 by communist leader Mao Zedong,”the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Councilman Benny Lee explained he wanted to provide a sign of support for the city’s Chinese residents and signal that the city is open for Chinese business and investments.

Lee was joined in the vote by council members Ursula Reed, Diana Souza and Jim Prola.

“Raising the flag gives us the opportunity to show the openness to the people of China, the business people of China, to show that we welcome that investment and we welcome the prosperity,” Lee said, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

A number of Tibetan organizations opposed the vote, according to the San Jose paper, including Tashi Kungo of the Tibetan Association of Northern California, who charged the flag is “stained with the blood of Tibetans, Uyghurs and Chinese.”

Arlene Lum of the Asian Community Cultural Association, however, supported the council’s decision. She insisted it reflects a welcome to the Chinese population in San Leandro and an open door to Chinese money.

The San Leandro Patch reported that a petition is being promoted that condemns the plan.

The San Leandro school board showed its opposition to the council’s decision by voting to move its meeting away from city hall on the day the Chinese flag will fly there, according to KGO-TV in San Francisco.

The station reported flags from China already fly in San Francisco but said the decision to raise it over city hall in San Leandro for one day has riled human rights activists.

Blogger Greg Autry – a senior economist with the American Jobs Alliance and co-author of “Death by China?” – charged the city council has been “corrupted by the lure of Chinese money.”

He noted Oct. 1 “celebrates the conquest of China by Mao’s brutal communist forces in 1949 and the establishment of a regime that has killed more people than any other on Earth.”

“Apparently ‘partnering’ with these sort of criminals is what San Leandro wants to be known for,” Autry said.

He called for boycott of San Leandro and a demonstration there Oct. 1.

“Bring your own food and fill up your gas tank before you enter town. Never do any business in or with a San Leandro firm,” he said.

The Chinese flag, Autry argued, symbolizes the “inferior position” of the Chinese people, represented by the small stars, to the Communist Party and the “overall dominance of communism,” symbolized by the red background.

He said the decision insults Korean veterans who fought Chinese forces and Tibetans “who are watching their country be systematically dismantled and their people abused under Beijing’s colonial ambitions.”

Vietnamese Americans, he added, “had their country overrun and stolen by communist forces.

He also called it an insult to the members of the Falun Gong sect have been “executed so their organs and bodies could be sold for profit,” Christians “whose churches have been demolished and the millions of unemployed Americans whose jobs have been sucked up by the Chinese behemoth.”

Boehner asks why Obama will negotiate with Putin but not Republicans

By Jonathan Easley – 09/19/13 07:53 AM ET 

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) released a Web video  on Thursday seeking to contrast the White House’s willingness to work with the Russians to find a diplomatic solution in Syria against President Obama’s declaration that he won’t negotiate with Republicans over the debt limit.

“The Obama administration on working with Congress to address the debt and deficit,” the ad says, before cutting to a montage of Obama and senior members of his staff saying they will not negotiate over the country’s debt ceiling.“The Obama administration on working with Putin on Syria,” the ad continues, before cutting to pictures of Obama looking chummy with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Why is the Obama administration willing to negotiate with Putin on Syria … But not with Congress to address Washington’s spending problem?” text from the ad asks.

Last week, the U.S. and Russia brokered a deal in which Syria would give up its chemical weapons. The diplomatic solution temporarily lifted the threat of a U.S. military strike against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

House Republican leaders said Wednesday they were working on legislation to raise the debt ceiling but that it would include a one-year delay in the implementation of the president’s healthcare law.

The White House says it will not negotiate over the country’s borrowing limit and will not consider a debt limit package that seeks to delay or defund ObamaCare.

The last debt limit showdown in 2011 dragged Congress and the president’s approval ratings to new lows, and resulted in the automatic spending cuts known as the sequester.

House conservatives submit bill to replace ‘ObamaCare,’ amid ‘defund’ fight

Published September 18, 2013,


A group of House conservatives introduced legislation Wednesday that members say will replace ObamaCare and its “unworkable” taxes and mandates with a plan that expands tax breaks for Americans who buy their own insurance.

Under the proposal endorsed by the 175-member Republican Study Committee, Americans who purchase coverage through state-run exchanges can claim a $7,500 deduction against their income and payroll taxes, regardless of the cost of the insurance. Families could deduct $20,000.

The plan — which appears to be congressional Republicans’ first comprehensive alternative to President Obama’s health care overhaul  — also increases government funding for high-risk pools. The plan serves as a rebuttal to Obama’s claims that Republicans just want to eliminate the health law and are no longer interested in replacing it. And it comes as House Republicans, on a different track, prepare to vote on a budget bill that would also de-fund the existing health care law. Democrats have vowed to oppose that bill, warning the strategy risks a government shutdown, with funding set to expire by Oct. 1.

Roughly 75 percent of rank-and-file House Republicans are on the study committee, and the new legislation is being formally presented at a time when leaders of the GOP-led chamber have yet to advance any comprehensive alternative to ObamaCare.

Lawmakers have voted more than 40 times on repealing part or all of the 2010 law, despite Republicans vowing over the past three years to “repeal and replace” the existing law.

“We can lower health care costs and fix real problems without a government-run system that puts unelected Washington bureaucrats between you and your doctor,” said Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, the committee chairman.

Scalise also said the group wants an alternative that lowers health care costs and increases access and is going to push for a full House vote, which would call for a full repeal of ObamaCare that Republicans have opposed from the start.

House Speaker John Boehner said on Wednesday that chamber Republicans will pass a budget bill this week that withholds funding for ObamaCare.

The effort stands little chance in the Democratic-controlled Senate, setting up a showdown that could push the government toward a partial shutdown at the end of the month. Funding to operate the federal government runs out at the end of September.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said the House will also push to delay the health care law for a year as part of a plan to extend the government’s ability to borrow. He said debt ceiling talks will include a path forward on tax reform and approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., who led a small group that drafted the study committee measure, said the tax deduction would ensure that individuals and families enjoy “the same buying power” as employers who are permitted to deduct the cost of coverage they provide to their workers.

He also said the commitment of $25 billion over 10 years to defray the cost of coverage for high-risk patients would ease a problem caused when funding provided under Obama’s plan ran out. Premiums in the high-risk pools would be capped at twice the average cost of insurance sold in the state.

Individuals with pre-existing conditions who already have coverage would generally be permitted to shift existing insurance without fear of losing it.

The legislation also includes expanded access to health savings accounts, which are tax-preferred accounts used to pay medical expenses by consumers enrolled in high-deductible coverage plans.

The RSC legislation includes a number of proposals that Republicans long have backed to expand access and hold down the cost of health care, including features that permit companies to sell policies across state lines and that let small businesses join together to seek better rates from insurers.

In addition, awards for pain and suffering, emotional distress and similar noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases would be capped at $250,000, unless a state had a higher cap.

No overall cost estimates for the bill were available.

The legislation contains no provision to assure insurance coverage for millions of lower-income Americans who are scheduled under current law to be enrolled in Medicaid, a state-federal health care program for the poor.

Nor are there replacements for several of the requirements the current law imposes on insurance companies, including one that requires them to retain children up to the age of 26 on their parents’ coverage plan and another barring lifetime limits on coverage.

Internal divisions have plagued Republicans this year as they struggle to produce alternatives to the Obama plan. Legislation backed by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., to increase funding for high-risk pools was pulled without a vote after some conservatives objected to improving ObamaCare at a time when they want to repeal it.

Obama and Democrats frequently criticize Republicans for focusing so much attention on repeal efforts without coming up with an alternative.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

Boy Facing Expulsion For Turning In Hunting Knife At School Football Game

Posted By  // 

he airport about 10 years ago and forgetting that I had a pocketknife on me. I always had it on me, and I remembered that I had it as I was going through security. Instead of waiting for the security personnel to find it, I decided I would tell them as soon as I could, so that they wouldn’t think I was trying to sneak it in. I pulled it out of my jacket where I always kept it and gave it to one of the guards. He gasped as if I were holding an explosive device. With eyes wide open and mouth gaping in awe, he unfolded it slowly and showed it to me as if I had never seen it before. “Yeah, it’s my knife. I know what it looks like.”

Thankfully, I didn’t get in trouble. They gave me the option of mailing the knife to myself via the airport post office or allowing them to “hold on to it for me.” I took them up on their offer to let me mail the knife to my address.

Well, things didn’t work out as well for a 16-year-old high schooler in Pittsburgh. He had just been hunting in some woods behind his house before his dad dropped him off at one of his school’s football games. Before he entered the stands, he realized he still had his hunting knife on him. He knew that it was against the rules to have any kind of weapon on school grounds. So, he thought if he just turned it in and was open about it and apologized, he’d be OK. He turned in the knife to a security guard at the game and even accompanied the knife with a signed letter:

“I was in the woods behind my house at my tree stand and forgot to take my knife out of my pocket … came to the game and gave it to the security guard. [signed] David Schaffner III”

Everything seemed fine until the principal found out about this student’s atrocity. The principal approached Schaffner in the stands and ordered him to leave the game. But that wasn’t enough to punish him for his violent behavior and possession of an “assault” weapon on campus grounds. He suspended the boy for 10 days.

And now, Schaffner is facing expulsion from the school later this month. His expulsion hearing is September 27th.

His parents have had to hire an attorney to get the school to reverse their decision. The school district communications director said that they were just doing their jobs:

“[W]hen there’s a weapon, we have to follow the law; that is our responsibility to the community and to our students and staff.”

It would’ve been better for Schaffner to have done and said nothing. They haven’t yet installed metal detectors on the school field or hired security personnel to search all those entering the game. No one knew about the knife except for him. And he had to go and be honest, because he thought that was the right thing to do.

I don’t understand why the parents would hire a lawyer just to get their kid back in that school. If I were in the parents’ position, I wouldn’t let my son go back to that school.

Syrian Rebels Dismembered Little Girl While She Was Still Alive

By Michael Snyder  //

Should the United States be allied with radical Islamic jihadists that dismember little girls while they are still alive? That question sounds ridiculously absurd, but that is precisely what Barack Obama is proposing. Obama wants the United States to go to war so that it will be easier for al-Qaeda Christian killers to take over Syria. What you are about to read should absolutely shock you. Please send it out to your friends and share it everywhere that you can. If America willingly sides with psychotic, murderous savages that behead little children, it will bring a curse upon our nation. It is imperative that the American people be told the truth about this.

Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib is a Catholic nun and mother superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria. She has been living in the country for about twenty years, and she has been very active in reporting what has actually been happening on the ground inside Syria.

Posted below is an excerpt from what she told RT the other day. According to her, the Syrian rebels have been brutally beheading people wherever they go and they even dismembered one little girl with a frame saw while she was still alive

 In the village of Estreba they massacred all the residents and burnt down their houses. In the village of al-Khratta almost all the 37 locals were killed. Only ten people were able to escape.

 A total of twelve Alawite villages were subjected to this horrendous attack. That was a true slaughterhouse. People were mutilated and beheaded. There is even a video that shows a girl being dismembered alive –alive! –by a frame saw. The final death toll exceeded 400, with 150 to 200 people taken hostage. Later some of the hostages were killed, their deaths filmed.

What Mother Agnes is saying lines up very well with what is being reported in major international publications such as the Daily Mail…

Terrified Christians claim Syrian rebels ordered them to convert to Islam on pain of death when they ‘liberated’ their ancient village.

Opposition forces, including fighters linked to Al Qaeda, gained temporary control of the Christian village of Maaloula after fighting with regime forces.

The reports have reignited fears about western support for the rebel groups, which are increasingly being infiltrated by Islamic extremists.

According to eyewitness accounts quoted in that same article, innocent Christian villagers are being given the choice to either convert on the spot or be summarily executed…

 One Maaloula resident said the rebels, many of whom had beards and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great), attacked Christian homes and churches shortly after moving into the village.

‘They shot and killed people. I heard gunshots and then I saw three bodies lying in the middle of a street in the old quarters of the village. Where is President Obama to see what has befallen us?’

 Another Christian resident said: ‘I saw the militants grabbing five villagers and threatening them and saying, “Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded”.’


And keep in mind that these psychotic Syrian rebels are doing this even though they know that the entire world is watching them.

So if this is how they are acting now, how bad would they be if they actually took power in Syria?

It is also very important to note that a high percentage of these “rebels” are actually foreigners. In fact, as Business Insider reported back in January, a lot of them are actually death row inmates that Saudi Arabia set free and sent into Syria to wage jihad…

A leaked internal memo shows how Saudi officials commuted 1,200 death row inmates under the condition they go and fight against Assad in Syria, according to the Assyrian International News Agency.

From the memo:

 We have reached an agreement with them that they will be exempted from the death sentence and given a monthly salary to their families and loved ones, who will be prevented from traveling outside Saudi Arabia in return for rehabilitation of the accused and their training in order to send them to Jihad in Syria.

 Saudi officials apparently gave them a choice: decapitation or jihad? In total, inmates from Yemen, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, and Kuwait chose to go and fight in Syria.

 These are the people that Obama wants to assist?

Is he insane?

If the rebels win, they will set up a hardcore Sunni government that will impose sharia law on the entire nation of Syria. This is a nation where Christians, Jews and various types of Muslims have been living together peacefully for centuries.

If the jihadists that Obama is supporting win, all of that will be gone.

A similar thing happened in Afghanistan. We have spent more than a decade “nation building” in Afghanistan, and now they have a government where members of parliament argue that anyone that converts to Christianity should be killed…

 Converts from Islam to Christianity should be killed according to Islamic law (shari’a), in a bid to stop the growth of Christianity among Afghans inside and outside the country, according to one leading member of parliament cited by the Afghan Voice Agency news service.

 Mohabat News, an independent Iranian Christian news agency, reported on Sunday that Nazir Ahmad Hanafi said several weeks ago that “Afghani citizens continue to convert to Christianity in India. Numerous Afghanis have become Christians in India. This is an offense to Islamic laws and according to the Qur’an they need to be executed.”

 Hanafi, an independent who represents the province of Herat, is a prominent lawmaker who heads the parliament’s Legislative Commission and reportedly received the third highest number of votes in the 2010 parliamentary election.

 Is that what thousands upon thousands of Americans shed their blood for?

Are we about to make an even worse mistake in Syria?

The Syrian rebels are not our friends. They even put up pictures depicting the destruction of the White House on their Facebook pages. They are murderous, psychotic jihadists that are the enemy of everything that is true and good.

Please share this article with as many people as you can. It is so important that we wake as many people up as we can before our government starts a war that it will not be able to stop.

 T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog (End of the American Dream. Michael and his wife, Meranda, believe that a great awakening is coming and are working hard to help bring renewal to America.

Russian Paper: “Once Drug Addict Obama Cannot Fight Against Vladimir Putin”

by   //


How many people could ever have thought of Barack Obama making a statement that he was going to send missiles into any country, much less Syria? Then we have to ask why has he gone from a roaring lion to a paper tiger? Obama was going to attack first and ask questions later, he was drawing the line in the sand, yet when time came and that line was allegedly crossed, like a school yard bully, he says “That was the world’s red line, I never did that!” Now that we have seen the United States snickered at and in some places laughed at like the Rodeo Clown Obama and his friends demeaned, we see a man that is lost and has no way out. Just what does Russia think of him? They laugh as if Obama is the clown, and he is not in any sort of rodeo! Should anyone wonder just what some, if not all the people of Russia and maybe the world, think of Obama right now? All we have to do is look at recent articles about Obama in the Pravda paper, which is a Russian publication.

The following commentary comes from just one of many articles popping up all over Russia and the world especially after Obama drew the “red line,” then another and then another! The following words are from Xavier Lerma:

Even though the US thinks they are in charge of humanity the reality is they are not. In their imaginary world the toothless media supports their spit ball shooting president. They actually think their words are supreme and final. Kerry and McCain keep dancing in a parade trying to influence a congress which is neither conservative nor moral but nevertheless war weary. The once drug addict now US leader cannot fight against Vladimir Putin who brought Russia from poverty in the 90’s to a more stable economy today. Obama’s buffoonery selling the war against Syria has hit a wall thanks to President Putin’s firm stance and leadership.

Focusing on war instead of a trillion dollar debt, Obama’s forte is to spread chaos not only in America but in the world. Like a fire bug his wake has left North Africa burning and he now supports terrorists the US once fought against. Bush once said that when Obama got into office that Barry would have to do the same and continue fighting in the Middle East. “Mr. I’ll bring home the troops next summer” has broken that promise and kept his “YES WE CAN start more wars” pledge. As they say in America, “he’s Bush on steroids”.

With just these words, the United States looks like a 3rd world nation rather than a leading nation. But this is just what the Marxist Obama wanted as he laid claim to being a staunch Marxist while he sat below the huge painting of Karl Marx and not just studied Karl Marx, but also wished he could direct a nation into oblivion like Karl Marx did! Yes Obama did say that many times while at Occidental College in California! Now he sits down when Putin talks and he listens like a good little school boy should, but why not, after all this is just what he had hoped for while studying Marxism in California! Now let us continue on with this article and see just what Obama is thought of outside of our nation where he should be respected!

“Although US public opinion is against another war the Bush haters will not protest Obama’s wars. I guess their feet hurt or Soros ran out of money. Code Pink went home to bake cookies or those in charge feel nothing can stop them now. Well, Putin is still in charge of the Middle East. The blood thirsty west can only grind its teeth, wail and scream, writhe in agony, spitting out lies, threats and accusations against Russia. Like Hitler and Napoleon, they will also meet their end.

 Russia, who has slain its Red Dragon (Communism) long ago, is now facing Puff the Magic Dragon. Blowing smoke in his people’s eyes and spreading democracy with bombs. Magic that cannot fight against the truth. Puff must face reality and will try to save face. He will blame the Republicans who stand in his way and his worshipers will pity and love him. Playing the race card once again will bring more power to his throne.

 The Saudi King whom Obama bowed to and Bush kissed will try again and again. Demanding Obama attack Syria. Trying to bribe Putin or threatening Russia with terrorists. He cannot let Russia, the largest country and the number one oil and gas producer, stand in their way. They want the world coming to them for oil and they know Russia will become more powerful in the future supplying Europe, China and other major countries. The Saudis must have complete control of the Middle East now before it’s too late.”

 Mr. Lerma shows the discontent with Obama and just how people in other parts of the world see him. Obama is now showing himself to be such a weak President that few nations will even help him go into any sort of war! Many would bash and cut to pieces President Bush for going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but when he mentioned it he had the backing of over 21 different nations that not only supported him, but were willing to send troops also. Obama, on the other hand, is lucky if he can gather together people from his home nation of Kenya, much less any amount of other nations.

Is it not strange that Obama has come out throwing punches like a drunken fighter, only to be knocked out before making center ring by Putin? Some say this is Obama’s master plan; to diminish the United States standing since he has always harbored a hate for our nation due to the actions across the globe. We do not know that to be a fact. However, one does have to wonder why did he even take up any ideas on Syria without first finding out who would support those ideas?

We should pay attention to what the world sees and writes which our own so-called newspapers seem to refuse to write. Mr. Lerma gives us insight into what some in Russia think of not just Obama, but some of the conservatives too, since it seems that some of those conservatives have in some cases seem to have crossed the line and followed behind Obama rather than lead from in front of him, men like the Speaker of the House John Boehner, who at times cries like a baby. What have we as a people done to allow a man who cries like a baby be a leader? However, we cannot just stop here, let us call into play the Vietnam Veteran Senator John McCain, who seems willing to jump the fence like a lost sheep. With leaders like these, we have become our own enemy! Let us not get caught up with these and let us get back to what is written about Obama in Russia.

Lerma continues:

 “Conservative Americans and those in the world are seeing Barry falling apart at the seams when he goes against Putin. They see a weak- kneed, lying, war mongering punk against a well-educated, confident and successful leader.  President Putin can stand alone and speak without a teleprompter or notes and argue reasonably. He can give interviews anytime without worry because he does not have to try to remember a lie or wonder what to say. He only has to gives facts which are easy to remember.  His conservative economics and religious views are admirable in their eyes.

Forgotten or ignored by the west are the Christian men and women of Russia who prayed, suffered and died for today’s free and united Russia. Last century they were attacked by Hell itself yet they endured and rebuilt Christ’s Church. Over 58 Million were killed in Communist Russia but the Faith survived. It is one of the greatest miracles in world history. The western media prefers to shriek like spoiled brats against Putin.  “Evil dictator!” they shout, while they themselves have rejected the Holy Spirit and proudly wear the seal of the Antichrist. They laugh but God is not mocked. Christ is Victorious in Russia where homosexuality is still a sin; blasphemy a crime; where crosses and holy images are in public view. A renewed faith in Christ our King has become our fortress. This is the wall Putin stands on and the wall that will cause Obama’s fall.”

Here, we see just what is written about Barack Obama in the Russian paper, Pravda, yet should we take this with a grain of salt? We should read this as a lesson learned, we should never vote another person into the office of President who only has experience as a “community organizer” because a local community is much smaller and different than a world of people. We should also make a note that in this article, Lerma openly called Obama a “liar,” something we have openly referred to Obama as, yet few seem to have noticed. Perhaps now that another country is making this statement, someone may well take heed and check out just what has he lied about.

We wouldn’t have to look hard to find out what Obama has lied about. Just one year ago, Obama was the biggest liar when it came to the terrorist attack in Benghazi! He could also be called a weak kneed man because he had many chances to capture at least one of those who killed the 4 men in Benghazi, yet Obama could not find them. Meanwhile, the very same press that loves Obama could not just find the first suspect charged in the Benghazi attacks, but they had interviews with him! We may not like the words Mr. Xavier Lerma writes, but we should ask if maybe the so-called news writers in our nation could be as bold? Maybe if the American reporters would be as bold as Mr. Lerma, our nation would not be the laughing stock of the world! Maybe the Rodeo Clown knew just what he was doing when he wore a mask of Obama!

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About Leon Puissegur.

Leon Puissegur is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran with 3 children and 9 grandchildren. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for 43 years. He is an award winning author and has been writing opinion pieces over the years and in just the last few years has written 4 books and a large amount of articles on many sites. You can purchase his books at Pick up his latest “The Oil Man” at his site. View all posts by Leon Puissegur

The Most Offensive Speech Ever

By Mike Adams //


Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 5.17.55 PM

 There’s nothing more frightening to a liberal college administrator than the gospel message. And I mean that literally. Twice, and only twice, since I’ve been a professor at UNC-We’re Afraid of Jesus, hereafter UNCW, I’ve been warned that there is about to be an exceedingly offensive message broadcast on campus. On both of those occasions, the message was the Gospel. Here’s the latest warning, which was sent out on September 4th to everyone in the university community:

“I wanted to make you aware of a freedom of expression permit that has been approved for this Thursday. Christopher Jude Crowley from ‘Dead 2 Sin Ministries’ will be on campus Thursday, September 5th between 12:00p-4:00p in the Commons Amphitheater. He is not sponsored by a student organization, but he will have a permit from the Office of the Dean of Students. His topic is ‘to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.’ Per our procedures, notice(s) will be placed at appropriate locations stating who the speaker/group will be and the duration of time they will be in the location. This will allow for people to reroute their day if they prefer not to hear a speaker they may find offensive or to avoid the area due to congestion.”

This is a grand idea, isn’t it? College is the last place where we would want students to encounter an idea that might be offensive. It would also be insane to assume that they are adults possessed of the ability to take matters into their own hands and divert themselves away from messages they might find to be disagreeable. So I support these “notices at appropriate locations” just like I support these mass emails warning in advance of these potentially offensive situations. I just wish the university would have posted some signs and sent some emails before I encountered some of the following examples of potentially offensive speech, here at UNC-We’re a Bunch of Sanctimonious Liberal Hypocrites, hereafter UNCW:

– Niggas and Bitches for Obama. In 2008, the Obama people set up a booth to urge people to make Obama our first half-white president. The guys at the booth were playing a lot of rap music laced with the b-word and the n-word. The problem is that there were no notices posted or emails sent. So lots of jiggers and botches were getting needlessly offended. We probably need to do something about that in the future. Jigger please!

– The Hate Rock. A few years ago, one of our diversity initiatives involved writing racist words on a giant rock and then spray-painting over them as a symbol of eradicating hate. I think there should have been an email sent out on this one but not because they were spray painting the n-word and then covering it. I think there should have been an email sent warning people about the offensive waste of tax dollars. I mean, it was just so damned stupid. What’s next? Should we pay one janitor to drop trash around the campus and pay a second janitor to follow him around picking it up?

– Greetings Vagina Lovers! We all know that the women who participate in The Vagina Monologues act like sex-crazed frat boys. They get up on stage during the profane play and perform a skit called “Reclaiming C*nt.” It’s a word so dirty, I c*nt even use it on Clash Daily without using an asterisks. These women say the word over and over in this skit based on the theory that repeating the insulting word will reduce its stigma and, therefore, its power to control women. It’s painful to listen to this repetitious profanity. It’s a death by a thousand cu*ts!

Fortunately, if you’re offended by the word, you can avoid hearing it by boycotting (or to avoid being sexist, girl-cotting) The Vagina Monologues. That way, you can also avoid seeing the feminists licking their candied vaginas, which they call p*ssy pops. Yea, that’s right. The feminists actually sell vagina-shaped candy at university sponsored events.

Now, again, all of this potentially offensive vagina speech would be avoidable except that the university sends out a mass email telling people about the event every year. The email always begins with the line “greetings vagina lovers.” So much for giving people advanced warning and helping them avoid offensive speech.

– Naked chicks everywhere! Remember the Century Project I previously wrote about in one of my columns? If not, don’t worry. It’s easy to explain. It’s a collection of pictures of 100 naked women, the youngest being one and oldest being 100. Most of the pictures are tame. Others are more provocative and controversial. For example, one picture shows the fully developed breasts and pubic hair of one under-aged teen. Our Women’s Center once decided to post the pictures in the university library.

When I wrote about this previously, I emphasized their bad judgment in posting the pictures in the lobby right in front of some public access computers some pedophiles had previously been caught using to download child pornography. What I did not write about previously was the fact that there was no mass email sent to the entire university community warning them that there would be pictures of naked women “they may find offensive” or to avoid the library area “due to congestion” caused by pedophiles who may be lurking to see pictures of the naked children without risk of prosecution. (Author’s note: When a professor downloads pictures of naked children, it’s not called pedophilia. It’s called academic freedom).

So let’s stop for a minute and put all of this information into perspective. To do so, I suggest we play a game they’ve played for decades on the children’s program, Sesame Street. It’s called “which one of these is not like the others.” Here goes:

1. Niggas and Bitches. Well, this is clearly inoffensive speech, which is fine, especially when broadcast by Obama liberals.

2. C*nts and P*ssies. This is also inoffensive speech, provided the person using these words is a feminists or, at the very least, a vagina lover.

3. Bushes and Boobies. Well, pubic hair and fully exposed breasts can get pretty tricky. But as long as a professor is promoting it, we’ll call it academic freedom. We’ll also call it inoffensive speech.

4. Jesus and the Gospel. Well, now we’ve gone too far. This one is clearly offensive speech. In fact, it’s so offensive that students need to be protected from it. The truth is that we’re going to need to kill a lot of trees to print flyers and post notices about this one. I hope the tree-huggers aren’t needlessly offended.

On our campus, the Gospel of Jesus is not like the others. The Word of the Lord just doesn’t

About the author: Mike Adams  

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don’t Understand.

Media Shield Law Heralds the Death of the 1st Amendment


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The Senate Judiciary Committee just passed a new “media shield” bill, and will now ask the Senate to take the bill up for a vote. In the wake of the Justice Department’s recent attacks on the freedom of the press, many members of Congress seem ready to take up the cause and support the media shield law. At first glance a new media shield law would be a positive development, because it would imply that our Congress took our press freedom seriously. However, that is just not the case. This media shield law is not just a bad idea, but a dangerous one.

GrahamLet’s begin with the most basic argument against the media shield law. It is unnecessary because the Bill of Rights offers us complete coverage on freedom of the press. “Congress shall make no law…abridging freedom of speech, or of the press.” It doesn’t get much clearer than that. So the real issue here is not that we need a media shield law (we already have the 1st Amendment), but that someone at the Justice Department needs to go to prison for their roles in the AP scandal and in the Fox News and James Rosen case. The likely jailbird should be Attorney General Eric Holder, because he signed off on both investigations. In addition, the Justice Department should have to pay hefty restitution to both organizations for their heavy handed attack on free speech.

The first argument was easy – we already have a media shield in the First Amendment and the real problem is that the Justice Department broke the law, so they should be punished. But the next argument gets a little more nuanced.

FeinsteinThe second argument here is that by allowing Congress to pass a media shield law we are allowing them to decide who is a journalist. Congress will not pass a bill that gives blanket protection to any Tom, Dick, or Harry’s free speech or press freedom. Their concern is that someone blogging out of their mom’s basement will get a hold of classified information, publish it and then be covered by the media shield law… and Congress just cannot risk any more Edward Snowdens. So in the bill that has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, they have drawn lines to show who is and isn’t a “real” journalist. An example – an 80 year old retired English teacher working for a small town newspaper (or newsletter) is a journalist… but Matt Drudge who publishes the Drudge Report and is read by millions may not be covered. A reporter with a college paper may be covered, but one of the writers for this site might not be. This begs the question… where is Congress given the authority to decide who is and isn’t a journalist? The answer is, that Congress has no say in that question whatsoever – because the 1st Amendment says Congress shall make no law…abridging freedom of speech, or of the press. It doesn’t get much clearer than that. In fact, the 1st Amendment strictly prohibits Congress doing anything to draw lines on free speech or press freedom. The very notion of passing a media shield law that applies only to some is Congress doing exactly what the First Amendment says it CANNOT do.

So… Congress passing a shield law for some but not for all, and putting conditions on the information covered by said law – is unconstitutional and therefor illegal.

The last argument I want to make is about precedent. If we allow Congress to move forward with a media shield law that protects some citizens at a greater level than others, who’s to say they won’t use similar tactics to weaken other freedoms? For example, could we next see a Religious Practice shield law? Perhaps it will allow only practitioners of certain government recognized religions to practice freely. Or maybe a Firearm Shield law, which will say that the government cannot prohibit the use of certain firearms, while at the same time effectively saying that other firearms can be legislated against? Do you see the danger? Do you see how thin the razor’s edge of our liberty is?

A media shield law sounds like a good and noble idea, and maybe some legislators are well intentioned as they seek to pass the law. But you know the old saying about good intentions don’t you? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It’s often true, and this law is no exception.

This is a dangerous bit of legislation and those of us who value our freedom of speech and our free press, should stand against it.

President Obama Waives Law; Arms Al-Qaeda

By 18 September 2013 

President Obama announced today that he would “waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A of the AECA related to such a transaction.” Those two sections of the Arms Export Control Act make it illegal for our government to send weapons to nations described in another section of the Act: “The prohibitions contained in this section apply with respect to a country if the Secretary of State determines that the government of that country has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism.” These provisions of the Act are supposed to guarantee that our government will not arm or give aid to our enemies, and yet here we have our President simply waiving the provisions the first time a case that fits the circumstances presents itself.

The President, in all his wisdom, has waived these provisions and will begin to arm the Syrian rebels — including terrorists — who hope to one day play a role in our destruction. Al-Qaeda is one of the strongest elements in the rebel ranks and there can be no doubt that some of our weapons will fall into the hands of these terrorist monsters… but the President is hell bent on arming the rebels, consequences be damned.

The Act does provide provision for the President to waive these rules: “determines that the transaction is essential to the national security interests of the United States.” This section of the law is the reasoning the administration provided for waiving the prohibition on supplying arms to our enemies. “The transaction is essential to the national security interests of the United States.” Nothing we’ve been provided by way of reasoning for involvement in Syria justifies our involvement for national security purposes.

terroristrebelIn fact, quite the opposite… what we’ve been told is that if Assad falls there is a very real chance that weapons of mass destruction will fall into the hands of terrorist groups bent on our destruction.

The national media has already reported that we’ve been providing material support to the Syrian rebels, including al-Qaeda, for quite some time. Yet, for some reason, they’ve failed to explain why the CIA was already providing weapons and support to the Syrian rebels out of Benghazi. It’s becoming obvious that the President never cared about the provisions of the Arms Export Control Act and this recent action waiving the prohibition was simply to keep up appearances.

Our President has spent the last five years ruling over us, instead of leading us. He has been part of a climate shift in Washington, DC that has turned our representatives into oligarchs. This is simply another piece of evidence to add to the growing pile of terrifying proof. Over the last few months the NSA has shredded our 1st, 3rd and 4th Amendment rights. The Justice Departmenthas trampled our 1st Amendment rights. The State Department has lied to us and taken part in the cover-up of various scandals, including the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi. The IRS has ignored our 1st Amendment freedoms and then dared to be belligerent in the face of our questions. Many other agencies have taken part with the ones already mentioned to undermine our freedoms and our values, while pretending it’s for our own “good.” Now the President simply speaks and the law is ignored while we give aid to our enemies.

This failure to follow our laws is simply another example in a long train of abuses partaken by the government of the United States against the people of this country. What are simple citizens who love their country supposed to do when faced with such an unscrupulous and duplicitous government?

Poltical Correctness

There’s an annual contest at the Griffith’s University, Australia, calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.

This year’s term was political correctness.
The winning student wrote:

‘Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by the media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.’

I am Almost Back

I will be getting my new computer on Wednesday and you know what comes next. Loading, downloading and file transfer. I should be back with you by Thursday with new blogs. I am borrowing my this computer today. I can’t use it everyday because it belongs to the management company that manages this property my wife manages. They don’t like non-apartment  business conducted on their computer. I understand.

Thank you for your patience. Here is a story I received today and thought you might enjoy it.

Jerry “Mr B” Broussard


Could God DVU People?
Author: Cathy Drobnick; Contributor: Jim Beck ; Scripture: 1 John 4:10
Published: “THE QUESTION THAT MADE THEM LAUGH” by Cathy Drobnick, published by New Tribes Mission on, January 3, 2013

New Tribes Mission reports on the way one group of Bible translators came to communicate the fullness of God’s love to an African tribal community:

“The verbs for a particular African language consistently end with one of three vowels,” explains Dennis Farthing from the NTM Missionary Training Center. “Almost every verb ends in i, a, or u. But the word for ‘love’ was only found with i and a. Why no u?”

Dennis says the Bible translation team included the most influential leaders in the local community. In an effort to truly understand the concept of “love” in this African language, the missionary began to question them.

“Could you dvi your wife?”

“Yes,” they answered, “that would mean that the wife had been loved, but the love was gone.”

“Could you dva your wife?”

“Yes,” they responded, “that kind of love depends on the wife’s actions. She would be loved as long as she remained faithful and took good care of her husband.”

“Could you dvu your wife?”

Everyone in the room laughed.

“Of course not!” they replied. “If you said that, you would have to keep loving your wife no matter what she did, even if she never got you water and never made you meals. Even if she committed adultery, you would have to just keep on loving her. No, we would never say dvu. It just doesn’t exist.”

The missionary sat quietly for a while, thinking about John 3:16, and then he asked, “Could God dvu people?”

There was complete silence for three or four minutes; then tears started to trickle down the weathered faces of the elderly men of the tribe. Finally they responded, “Do you know what this would mean? This would mean that God kept loving us over and over, while all that time we rejected His great love. He would be compelled to love us, even though we have sinned more than any people.”

The missionary noted that changing one simple vowel changed the meaning from “I love you based on what you do and who you are,” to “I love you, based on who I am. I love you because of me and not because of you.”

Dennis concludes, “God encoded the story of His unconditional love right into this African language. For centuries, the little word was there—unused but available, grammatically correct and quite understandable.”

Pledge of Alligiance On Trial

By /

The highest court in the state of Massachusetts will begin hearing a case where the Pledge of Allegiance itself is on trial. An anonymous atheist couple has brought suit against the state for the mandatory recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. The focus of the lawsuit is the simple phrase “under God”, which despite years of use, continues to offend the eminently offendable atheists. The Supreme Court of Massachusetts will consider Doe v. Action-Boxborough Regional School District on Wednesday. Their verdict will rule on whether or not the required recitation of the pledge violates the rights of students.

In the past, plaintiffs have attacked the phrase “under God” as being prejudicial to atheists and even non-Christians, in an effort to remove the pledge from our schools. This time around, the legal team representing the plaintiffs will argue that compulsory recitation of the pledge represents an attack on the state’s equal rights laws, which guarantee equal protection for everyone under those laws. This is very similar to the route that gay-marriage supporters recently used in a similarly successful case argued before the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

kidspledge2A lawyer for the defendants, who are represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, says that if the Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs,  “you would then see a rash of state court lawsuits challenging the pledge all over the country.” Meanwhile, he continued, “A win for us would completely avoid that unnecessary harm. And it would affirm that it is not discriminatory to have the words ‘under God’ in the pledge.”

The left argues that the Pledge of Allegiance somehow discriminates against the godless, but fails to show evidence of said discrimination. What they miss is that the affirmation of God in our society is what protects the unbeliever from discrimination. If there are no moral absolutes attributable to a Righteous and Holy God, then every man should be free to do what is right in their own mind. This is what the left argues for without considering the consequences – without an absolute moral law one cannot judge evil. If one cannot judge evil by an absolute code, then it is left to the will of the majority to decide what is right and what is wrong. Once that happens, the rights of the minority no longer exist.

So, the truth of the matter is the phrase “under God” is exactly the reason that the godless are able to live unhindered in America today.

This latest case continues the onslaught of the culture war upon the traditional values at the very core of our national identity. Instead of attacking the root causes of the problems in our society, the left has been content to attack symbols of our traditional heritage. It must be obvious now, even to the most casual observer, that the left is interested only in the destruction of traditional American culture and the domination of the post-modern liberal ethos


My computer crashed yesterday (motherboard burned up). Please be patient with me.


Allen West responds to Obama: Don’t ‘lecture us about obligation’ after Benghazi



President Barack Obama said in the Rose Garden Saturday afternoon that he would have Congress decide whether to militarily respond to Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Former Republican Congressman Allen West began his Facebook response to this statement by reminding him where his most important obligations lay — protecting the American people.

“Sir, you turned your back on Americans in Benghazi, so do not pretend to lecture us about obligation,” West said, before launching into his analysis.

“He is afraid to make a decision so is now setting up Congress for the blame,” he continued. “We should not commit our Military because Obama said something stupid and especially since he does not have a strategic or operational objective.”

Abdication of responsibility as commander-in-chief? We were warned this would happen in 2008. Obama has a propensity for abdicating responsibility by voting “present,” and he did it again in his Rose Garden address.

West then made a not-so-gentle reminder of what events led to the escalation of violence in the Middle East — especially Syria.

“Perhaps if he had not decided to ‘end the Iraq War’ and left a residual force on the Iraq-Syrian border we would not have this situation,:” West observed. “I guess this is not so time sensitive, but it is a confirmation of Obama’s weakness.”

West closed his Facebook post with a firm statement of what his vote would be, if he were still serving in Congress.

“NO authorization for military action in Syria.”

West’s Benghazi reference is a reflection of his Friday post, in which he observed:

Consider the irony as we draw close to the one-year anniversary of the Benghazi attack.

President Obama says the use of chemical weapons in Syria threatens our national security and we have an obligation to act.

In contrast, our US Consulate (sovereign American territory) was attacked in Benghazi, our Ambassador was killed along with Sean Smith and two former Navy SEALS (Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty) and the only indignation shown was over a video. Need I mention the ensuing lies?

But where was the obligation to act in response to Benghazi? The events in Syria are horrific to be sure, but to dismiss the attack and loss of American lives in Benghazi is unconscionable.

About Michael Dorstewitz
Mike has been with BizPac Review almost from the beginning. Email Mike at michael@bizpacreview and follow him on Twitter at @MikeBPR.

Ron Paul: Syria Intervention Would be “Reckless and Immoral” – The Last Resistance


It’s striking how much the media control people’s political opinions without people realizing it. Just a few years ago, only an “isolationist” would be opposed to U.S. military intervention in a foreign country for the sole purpose of “humanitarianism.”

Way back in 2007, this is one of the very few interviews Sean Hannity did with Ron Paul. This particular exchange took place after one of the presidential debates:

Hannity: Are you saying then that the world has no moral obligation, like in the first Gulf War, when an innocent country’s being pillaged, and people are being raped and murdered and slaughtered, or in the case of Saddam, he’s gassing his own people, are you suggesting we have no moral obligation there? Do you stand by and let that immorality happen?

Paul: We have, on numerous occasions.

Hannity: You support that?

Paul: We have, on numerous occasions. If we feel strongly about it, why don’t we declare war —

Hannity: If a woman’s being raped do you stand by and do nothing there either?

Alan Colmes: We’re almost out of time, but the fact is the Reagan administration stood by while the Kurds were being gassed, it happened in 1988, we didn’t do anything —

Hannity: We didn’t do anything about it, for how many years?

Paul: And what did we do with Pol Pot, what did we do with Moscow, what did we do at the time? We stood by while they did it to their people.

Hannity: We got it, Ron, you would stand by and do that, I would not.

Paul: No, you —

Hannity: I think that’s immoral.

Hannity’s of course singing a much different tune nowadays, since being opposed to unconstitutional military interventions is kind of “cool” now. But Ron Paul was opposed to such interventions long before it was cool, and he’s remained steadfast for decades in his opposition.

A couple days ago, on his Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity website, he wrote that intervening in Syria would be a reckless and immoral use of the military:

“President Obama announced this weekend that he has decided to use military force against Syria and would seek authorization from Congress when it returned from its August break. Every Member ought to vote against this reckless and immoral use of the US military. But even if every single Member and Senator votes for another war, it will not make this terrible idea any better because some sort of nod is given to the Constitution along the way. Besides, the president made it clear that Congressional authorization is superfluous, asserting falsely that he has the authority to act on his own with or without Congress. That Congress allows itself to be treated as window dressing by the imperial president is just astonishing. The President on Saturday claimed that the alleged chemical attack in Syria on August 21 presented ‘a serious danger to our national security.’ I disagree with the idea that every conflict, every dictator, and every insurgency everywhere in the world is somehow critical to our national security. That is the thinking of an empire, not a republic. It is the kind of thinking that this president shares with his predecessor, and it is bankrupting us and destroying our liberties here at home.”

He hasn’t changed one bit. But people’s foreign policy views change depending on what their media channel of choice is feeding them. And the media narratives are written depending on which party holds the White House.

If Bush had decided to attack Syria because the leader was gassing his own people, then conservatives, fed by Fox News, would be all for it; and the liberals, fed by all the other networks, would be denouncing it.

I’m glad that conservatives are coming out in opposition to a war with Syria. What concerns me is that people don’t have any discernment, and that they’ll believe whatever their favorite media network tells them.

What if a Republican becomes president next, and he’s no better than Obama when it comes to foreign policy or the preservation of the 2nd and 4th Amendments (and all the rest) here at home? Will conservatives see through the propaganda that will most certainly be used by the media to sell tyranny to us? They’ll use the same excuses of “security and safety.” And I fear that most people who identify themselves as conservatives will swallow it, hook, line and sinker.

The sooner people get away from this phony “republican vs. democrat” dichotomy, the better off we’ll all be. We should be electing people who want to do the right thing, not the “Republican” thing. Think Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or Justin Amash. Sure, they’re Republicans. But to them, party affiliation is secondary to the Constitution.


My 2 Cents – Jerry Broussard

  • Who decided that the United States of America is the world’s police?
  • If we are going to come to the rescue of a people, what didn’t we go to the aid of the Christians in the Sudan?
  • The evidence is confirmed many times that those responsible for the gas attack was the accidental mishandling of the chemical weapons give to the Syrian rebels by Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, who also was instrumental in confirming the false evidence of Saddam Hussein‘s weapons of mass destruction? Why can’t we see that Saudi Arabia is culpable in the entire mess in the Mid East?
  • The Obama Administration is buying into the same lies the were fed to the Bush Administration. Why aren’t we acknowledging that fact? What does Saudi Arabia have on our government that they always end up with “clean-hands”?
  • Fact: Russia, China and others have stated that they will defend Syria and will retaliate if America uses any military force against the Assad regime. That will cause a larger war American Military is NOT prepared to fight because the Obama Administration has decimated our military.
  • Fact: The only winner is such a conflict would be Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea and China.
  • Fact: We cannot afford another war.
  • Fact: 2014 Mid Term Elections are growing in importance every day.
  • Fact: America is in desperate need of a Spiritual revival that will change the spirits, hearts and minds of the people of the United States to use what means are moral and necessary to rid our country of the evil that has such a death-grip on our Federal, State and Local governments.

Today’s Devotional by Dr. David Jeremiah – “Be the Good Soil”

Be the Good Soil

“But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.” – Matthew 13:23
Recommended Reading: 1 Corinthians 3:5-9; 5 Who do you think Paul is, anyway? Or Apollos, for that matter? Servants, both of us — servants who waited on you as you gradually learned to entrust your lives to our mutual Master. We each carried out our servant assignment. 6 I planted the seed, Apollos watered the plants, but God made you grow. 7 It’s not the one who plants or the one who waters who is at the center of this process but God, who makes things grow. 8 Planting and watering are menial servant jobs at minimum wages. 9 What makes them worth doing is the God we are serving. You happen to be God’s field in which we are working. (from THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson. All rights reserved.)
If you are a vegetable gardener, you have had the puzzling experience of different plants of the same variety producing different qualities of fruit when planted in the same soil. Perhaps a large rock is blocking the growth of the roots. Or perhaps a poisonous chemical substance was accidentally spilled on the ground. Lots of things can render soil unsuitable for seed.
Jesus identified the soil of the heart as the primary variable in spiritual growth (Matthew 13:1-23). If the soil is rocky or filled with weeds and brambles, the seed of the Word of God cannot spring up and bear fruit. But if the soil is “good,” then we “hear and understand” it and bring forth an abundant crop of spiritual fruit. And whose job is it to make sure the soil of the heart is “good,” prepared to receive kingdom teaching? It is every Christian’s responsibility to prepare his or her heart—to be the good soil.
Whenever you are about to receive the Word—before Bible study or a sermon—ask God to give you a heart of good soil.
”As seed is made for soil and soil for seed, so the heart is made for God’s truth and God’s truth for the heart.”
Richard Glover
© 2013 Turning Point

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