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Georgia Sheriff Makes Bold Statement By Placing This Now-Viral Sign In His County

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Sheriff Mike Jolley of Harris County, Georgia put up a sign years ago that is now going viral for obvious reasons. I suspect it’s one of the reasons his county has a low crime rate. Cities, counties, and states are always looking for ways to drive the crime rate down and often the simplest answers are the best ones.

The crime rate in Harris County is about half the average rate for the state of Georgia, which is a remarkable feat.

“Every morning the children of Harris County gather around the welcome sign to recite the county pledge.”

Sheriff Jolley said:

“I think the sign speaks for itself. Citizens here have weapons and that’s legal.”

“The citizens have a legal right to protect themselves and their property. If you come into our county and kill someone, you might get killed back. Weapons are a tool. They’re not intended for someone to use in a criminal act.” 

“It’s a way to say people in this county have a Second Amendment right and if someone uses a weapon, they’re likely in danger. Don’t do anything crazy. We’re likely to shoot back.” 

Do guns really matter to criminals? Consider these examples. Let’s take James Holmes the Aurora movie house killer:

From Fox News

So why did the killer pick the Cinemark theater? You might think that it was the one closest to the killer’s apartment. Or, that it was the one with the largest audience.

Yet, neither explanation is right. Instead, out of all the movie theaters within 20 minutes of his apartment showing the new Batman movie that night, it was the only one where guns were banned. In Colorado, individuals with permits can carry a concealed handgun in most malls, stores, movie theaters, and restaurants. But private businesses can determine whether permit holders can carry guns on their private property.

How about the Columbine shootings?

And remember the 1999 Columbine attack in Colorado. Few appreciate that Dylan Klebold, one of the two Columbine killers, was following Colorado legislation that would have let citizens carry a concealed handgun. Presumably, he feared being stopped during his attack by someone with a weapon. 

In fact, the Columbine attack occurred the very day that final passage was scheduled.

Now consider this. Since the 1950s only three mass shootings took place where guns are allowed to be carried. Coincidence? I think not.


More Politically INCORRECT Cartoons for Monday March 5, 2018

Slow Joe Biden Was an Early Gun Free Zone Guy…

Authored by Tami Jackson | on

Joe Biden Gun Free 2

…well…except for his home.

You just know if Slow Joe Biden is involved with a bill there must be something cockeyed about it. Remember this is the same Joe Biden that had some real spiffy advice for his Missus Jill Biden concerning safety at their secluded home:

We live in an area that’s wooded and somewhat secluded. I said “Jill, if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. I promise you whoever’s coming in is not gonna!”

You don’t need an AR-15. It’s harder to aim. It’s harder to use. And in fact you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself!

Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun! 

Alrighty then. The two shotgun blasts in the air ploy. Girl Scouts selling cookies everywhere beware! That’s just the tip of the Biden iceberg of folksy wisdom.

So yea, Biden was the sponsor of Senate Bill 3266 “Crime Control Act of 1990,” which included the “Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990.”

That bill was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush with many misgivings. In fact he said:

I am also disturbed by provisions in S. 3266 that unnecessarily constrain the discretion of State and local governments.

…Most egregiously, section 1702 inappropriately overrides legitimate State firearms laws with a new and unnecessary Federal law. The policies reflected in these provisions could legitimately be adopted by the States, but they should not be imposed on the States by the Congress.

Take a look at Section 1702:

Interesting that all of these mass shootings are taking place at gun-free zones aka killing zones. Even crazed jihadis or mentally ill maniacs choose their targets. And the best targets are those that won’t shoot back. Plain and simple.

Right now we’re hearing all sorts of nonsense about limiting gun ownership. We have enough laws on the books now — probably more than enough — to handle the problem, if they were enforced.

But here’s the catch: criminals and thugs don’t follow the law. They don’t follow the law when they buy a firearm, and they certainly don’t follow the law when they use those guns for violent and ruthless purposes.

So don’t believe the gun-grabbers who say they just want to ban ARs. They only want to ban high capacity mags.

The Bloombergs and Feinsteins want to start with that. But the prize is eradicating the Second Amendment and total control. The grieving children just happen to be convenient props, pawns in their game to render patriots defenseless.

Just say no to more firearms laws!


Teachers and Staff Should Be Packing Heat at Schools, Churches, Etc.

Authored by Tami Jackson | on


The Left has never met a gun control law they didn’t love, which only proves their abysmal ignorance of America’s history and the U.S. Constitution. Granted, the Constitution is not the Bible, but you better believe it was written by men who deeply respected and lived by the principles of that inspired book.

Progressives — aka Socialists (aka Communist apprentices) — enact public policy with rampant disregard for our Constitution and founding documents. You can bet Lefties are salivating over the opportunity to not only ban AR-15s, but to repeal the Second Amendment altogether. Wouldn’t you just love to survey a gaggle of millennials, Gen-Xers and Gen-Zers on the street concerning the reasoning behind the Second Amendment? How many do you suppose even know who King George, the original Beastie Boy, was? How many even know that firearms, undergirded by Providence, secured our liberty in the first place?

I am sure as can be that the average government-schooled young person could not quote the Second Amendment, which certainly protects the First. 

How dumb are the gun grabbers? They’ll tell you the Second Amendment was written about only the regularized Army. But militia members and other colonialists often had rifles, which were superior to the Army’s muskets.

You’ll hear the nonsense about gun ownership being all about hunting and home protection. Well, that’s certainly our right, to provide sustenance and protection for ourselves and our loved ones.

But the primary reason for including the Second Amendment was as a safeguard against tyranny, such as the colonials fought off in King George.

Well, what do you expect of the numbskulls like Dianne Feinstein who believed mags are disposable. Uh hum. Okay Dianne.

And never mind that most of these Leftist politicians have security detail which is armed to the teeth.

So yea. It is foolish to advocate for gun-free zones, aka Killing Zones. Who is it that obeys such laws? Law-abiding citizens. Ne’er-do-wells could care less about the law.

Teachers qualified and trained to conceal carry should carry. Church members and pastors trained to conceal carry should carry. In fact, any law-abiding citizen (think the more than 5 million NRA members and the over 1.5 million Gun Owners of America members) that is qualified and trained should carry.

And signs just like this would be a mighty powerful deterrent for the sniveling cowards who would do evil acts of violence!

Colorado Teachers Get Firearm Training, Will Be Armed in Future

Reported By Andrew West |  June 22, 2017

The argument by many is that “gun free” school zones do nothing to deter the criminally-armed from committing whatever heinous acts they wish.  After all, they are criminals who are not concerned with any sort of legal obstacle to their expressed purpose.  The lack of firearms on school campuses only serves to enhance the efficiency of their horrific schemes, as victims are forced to rely purely on the ability of first responders to arrive, assess, and arrest the assailant before the damage can be done.

One possible solution has risen above them all, in terms of common sense and efficacy:  Arming teachers.  A well-trained teacher could mean the difference between life and death in these incidents, not to mention that the deterrent effect of having this simple safeguard in place would prevent a great number of school shooters from even attempting their day of rage.

Now, as Colorado prepares to arm their own educating populace, many are heading to the gun range for specialized training.

“Over a three-day session, 17 school personnel will be taught at a Weld County range near Denver on how to become ‘armed first responders.’

“They will be taught by the ‘Faculty Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response’ group or FASTER, for short.

“The ‘FASTER’ group was founded in response to the devastating 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

“They say the training won’t replace police, but it will help ‘stop school violence rapidly.’ The program also teaches medical aid.”

Colorado, of course, has a dark history of modern mass shootings, with two of the most prominent American examples occurring within the state.

  • In 1999, the modern school shooting was born in Columbine, Colorado, as two high school students planned and executed a massive takeover of their campus in which they shot and killed 13 members of the school and then themselves.  For many Americans, the Columbine Massacre, as it became known, was the first such incident of its kind, sparking a debate over how best to prevent any future similar incidents.
  • Thirteen years later, James Holmes entered a packed movie theater in Aurora, Colorado carrying several firearms, and began indiscriminately firing into a crowd of Batman fans.  This incident saw 12 killed merely 22 miles from Columbine.  Holmes was arrested at the scene without putting up a fight.

In both cases, a “good guy with a gun” would have easily been able to limit the damage done by the perpetrators.

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagPresent Arms

Belgium PC Victims – Policies of these European countries are playing right into the hands of those who wish their destruction.

Belgium PC Victim / Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2016.

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From My Email IN-Box: Switzerland Gun Policy May Keep Their Murder Rate Down-Truth!


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Summary of eRumor:

This is a forwarded email alleging that Switzerland equips every adult male with a gun, trains them and mandates that they maintain marksmanship personal qualifications. Because of this the gun related crimes in Switzerland are almost nonexistent.

The Truth:

This is true according to a September 27, 2001 article by Britain’s BBC that said “the country has a population of six million, but there are estimated to be at least two million publicly-owned firearms, including about 600,000 automatic rifles and 500,000 pistols.”

The BBC said that over the centuries Switzerland developed a unique system of national defense where every adult man is required to take some form of military training. The training continues for most of their lives and can last a few days or weeks throughout the year.  Men between the ages of 21 and 32 will serve as frontline troops. Each man is issued an M-57 assault rifle with 24 rounds of ammunition, “which they are required to keep at home.”  After their service is completed they are discharged but continue to serve in a Swiss version of the U.S. National Guard.  Their training continues but less frequently and they are issued bolt rifles.

As for the statistics of murders around the world, they are in accurate and may be out of date.  TruthOrFiction.Com found that such data taken from the United Nations website have variations as to the year the information for each country was gathered.  This would result in a less accurate report.

Sample report found posted on the website Maps of the World

Posted 03/20/14

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:


WORLD MURDER STATISTICS From the World Health Organization

Places NOT to go!

This is FASCINATING! WORLD MURDER STATISTICS Murders per 100,000 citizens per year.

Honduras 91.6 (WOW!!)

El Salvador 69.2

Cote d’lvoire 56.9

Jamaica 52.2

Venezuela 45.1

Belize 41.4

US Virgin Islands 39.2

Guatemala 38.5

Saint Kitts and Nevis 38.2

Zambia 38.0 Uganda 36.3

Malawi 36.0

Lesotho 35.2

Trinidad and Tobago 35.2

Colombia 33.4

South Africa 31.8

Congo 30.8

Central African Republic 29.3

Bahamas 27.4

Puerto Rico 26.2

Saint Lucia 25.2

Dominican Republic 25.0

Tanzania 24.5

Sudan 24.2

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9

Ethiopia 22.5

Guinea 22.5

Dominica 22.1

Burundi 21.7

Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7

Panama 21.6

Brazil 21.0

Equatorial Guinea 20.7

Guinea-Bissau 20.2

Kenya 20.1

Kyrgyzstan 20.1

Cameroon 19.7

Montserrat 19.7

Greenland 19.2

Angola 19.0

Guyana 18.6

Burkina Faso 18.0

Eritrea 17.8

Namibia 17.2

Rwanda 17.1

Mexico 16.9

Chad 15.8

Ghana 15.7

Ecuador 15.2

North Korea 15.2

Benin 15.1

Sierra Leone 14.9

Mauritania 14.7

Botswana 14.5

Zimbabwe 14.3

Gabon 13.8

Nicaragua 13.6

French Guiana 13.3

Papua New Guinea 13.0

Swaziland 12.9

Bermuda 12.3

Comoros 12.2

Nigeria 12.2

Cape Verde 11.6

Grenada 11.5

Paraguay 11.5

Barbados 11.3

Togo 10.9

Gambia 10.8

Peru 10.8

Myanmar 10.2

Russia 10.2

Liberia 10.1

Costa Rica 10.0

Nauru 9.8

Bolivia 8.9

Mozambique 8.8

Kazakhstan 8.8

Senegal 8.7

Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7

Mongolia 8.7

British Virgin Islands 8.6

Cayman Islands 8.4

Seychelles 8.3

Madagascar 8.1

Indonesia 8.1

Mali 8.0

Pakistan 7.8

Moldova 7.5

Kiribati 7.3

Guadeloupe 7.0

Haiti 6.9

Timor-Leste 6.9

Anguilla 6.8

Antigua and Barbuda 6.8

Lithuania 6.6

Uruguay 5.9

Philippines 5.4

Ukraine 5.2

Estonia 5.2

Cuba 5.0

Belarus 4.9

Thailand 4.8

Suriname 4.6

Laos 4.6

Georgia 4.3

Martinique 4.2

And …………………………………….. The United States 4.2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL (109) of the countries above the USA have 100% gun bans. It might be of interest to note that SWITZERLAND is not shown on this list because it has: NO MURDER OCCURRENCE!

However, SWITZERLAND ‘S law requires that EVERY ADULT MALE: 1. Be issued a gun. 2. Be trained in its use. 3. Maintain Marksman qualifications …. regularly. Did you learn anything from this – like our politicians are up to their usual, and it is not in our favor. The message is – loud and clear –  GUN BANS AND RESTRICTIONS DO NOT WORK!

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From My Email InBox

waving flagEye opening Statistics

—– Original 
Median HH Income
% of African-American
% Hispanic
% Asian
% Non-Hispanic White

Somewhat similar until you compare the following:

Concealed Carry gun law
# of Gun Stores
184- Dedicated gun 
stores plus1500 legalplaces to buy
guns, e.g. Wal-Mart, K-mart, sporting goods,
Gun Related Homicides, 2013
Homicides per 100K
Avg. January high temperature (F)

Democrat Conclusion: Cold weather from global warming causes murder.

More Evidence     Hate Merchants          stupid Alinsky affect In God We Trust                                  freedom combo 2

Since 2009, 92 Percent of Mass Shootings Have Occurred in Gun-Free Zones

waving flagPosted by Tim Brown

URL of the original posting site:

The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) recently released a report that indicates that since January of 2009 to July 2014 92% of all mass shootings in the US occurred in gun-free zones.  The CPRC report was released to combat the liars over at Everytown for Gun Safety, a Michael Bloomberg, communist gun grabbing organization. According to Everytown, who pushed a gun safety study claiming that only 14% of mass shootings took place in gun-free zones, 86% of mass shootings have occurred in places where guns are allowed.

In its presentation, the CPRC report, put out by John R. Lott, Jr. and Rebekah C. Riley, claim, “Everytown’s recent analysis of mass shootings is riddled with errors. Mistakes are made on the number of mass shootings as well as the extent of mental illness, the killers’ ages, and even where the attacks occurred. Those errors occurred because they did not do a complete news search on each case. They made simple accounting errors and included cases that did not fit their claimed criteria (4 or more shooting deaths). Also, their arbitrary definition of “assault weapons” seems chosen to obtain the results that fit their ideological agenda. Their numbers should not be relied on for any type of policy analysis.”Disarmed Citizenry

So, let’s be honest here, because clearly Everytown was not. They did not make errors. They made calculated deceptive claims. In the vernacular, they lied, and they know it.

According to the CPRC report, Everytown’s claims of 86% of mass shootings occurring outside of gun-free zones is because of their “inclusion of attacks in private homes” and “numerous errors in identifying whether citizens can defend themselves.”The Leftist Propagandist

Not only does Everytown’s report fail to identify cities that infringe on citizens’ rights to carry a gun, but they also fail to distinguish between citizens and police officers who carry guns.

The CPRC report also takes the time to educate ignorant people about so-called “assault rifles.”

“It may seem obvious that using assault weapons would result in far more victims than if other types of guns had been used,” reads the report. “After all, firearms such as the AR-15 and the AK-47 are ‘militarystyle weapons.’ But the key word is ‘style’—they are similar to military guns in their cosmetics, not in the way they operate. The guns covered by the original federal assault weapon ban were not the fully automatic machine guns used by the military, but semiautomatic versions of those guns.”

“The civilian version of the AR-15 uses essentially the same sorts of bullets as small game hunting rifles, fires at the same rapidity (one bullet per pull of the trigger), and does the same damage,” the report continues. “The civilian version of the AK-47 is similar, though it fires a much larger bullet—.30 inches in diameter, as opposed to the .223 inch rounds used by the Bushmaster. The civilian version of these guns is hunting rifles. They have just been made to look like military weapons.” Hey Leftist

This is important because the call from gun grabbers pushes the fear of scary looking weapons, when the rest of us gun owners understand they’re really just “cool” looking. But here’s an important question, are there more fatalities when these kinds of guns are used? CPRC answers:

“Mass public shootings vary greatly and averages can be misleading. Except for the tragedy at Newtown, the typical attack with an assault weapon actually results in slightly fewer deaths than shootings with other types of guns. That one attack greatly skews the results as Adam Lanza used an assault weapon to kill 26 people at the Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as his mother. When all mass public shootings are counted, the average number killed with assault weapons is 10.2 per attack versus 6.5 in a non-assault weapon attack. Excluding the Newtown shooting, assault weapons are actually associated with slightly fewer fatalities — 6 versus 6.5.”

GunsSo, sticking to the actual definitions of what a mass shooting is (four or more injured or dead in a single shooting), CPRC takes the same data, but deals with it fairly and demonstrates that Everytown is pulling a Climate Change data fraud on the American people. In the same manner that Climate Change should be dismissed as being advanced by Communists, the same can be said of the anti-gun push by Bloomberg’s communist organization Everytown for Gun Safety.

Climate Change isn’t about the environment. It’s about money and control, and the same is true with the anti-gun movement as well.

In the end, it matters not what the numbers spell either way, as the restrictions on government over the rights of the citizens continues to remain in black and white in Article 2 of the Bill of Rights… “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

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The Gun Control Chart Liberals Are Desperately Trying to Hide

waving flagBy


TheBlaze explains how guns aren’t the problem:

The idea that more government control over the private lives of individuals will eventually prevent hitleratrocities from being committed is an incredibly dangerous philosophy. It’s also ironic that liberals, who form the majority of those concerned about the danger of an increasingly abusive police force, now openly advocate for a disarmed citizenry, leaving guns exclusively in the hands of the very police they fear.

Black lives matter, anyone?

The fact is that the only world in which rapes, kidnappings, stabbings and shootings don’t happen, is the world of Tom Cruise’s “Minority Report,” in which an all-powerful and all-knowing state prevents crime by arresting criminals before they can act. And that kind of world simply isn’t compatible with freedom. Liberty and security hang in eternal balance, as Benjamin Franklin reminded us. As long as people have a choice, some will choose to impose themselves upon others. Freedom is a dangerous thing.

It seems that after each national tragedy, the hand-wringers on the left sift through every grain of liberty they can get their hands on, looking for ways to regulate away every natural disaster, bad business decision, and murderous psycho. Their solution is always more government, more control.More Evidence

As short-sighted as the call for more gun control is, the call for better background checks and more Gunsmental health regulations isn’t much better. Neither addresses the real problem: freedom.

We can talk about a culture in decline, about the wane of traditional morality, or about the effect of a press that glorifies monsters and ignores heroes, but our political calculus as a society must continue to account for the fact that, as Jeb so neatly summarized it, “stuff happens.”

The reason people ask politicians to respond to tragedies is that they want to know what government should do about them, and conservatives need to stop hiding from the fact that we believe there are problems in this world that government cannot and should not solve.

Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Defend it.Hey Leftist

Year after year, stories of law-abiding citizens defending themselves and others with legal weapons continue to undercut the arguments of the anti-gun left. Areas that have seen gun regulations loosened continue to see lower murder rates. It turns out that if decent people have the right to defend themselves against violence, they will.

Who knew, right?

That’s why it’s so important that those who believe in limited government be willing to stand up for the primacy of the “boisterous sea of liberty” while acknowledging that it does indeed have its waves.

Because a free and armed citizenry is not only the cause for gun crime, it is also the solution to it.

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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagDo Something!

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagCaution! Gun Free Zone

Expert: Chattanooga Proves That Military Must Rethink Gun-Free Zones

waving flagby AWR Hawkins16 Jul 2015

cropped-george-washington-regarding-2nd-amandment.jpgSpeaking to CNN Newsroom, Houck said, “I’m a Marine. And this really is hitting me a little harder here than normal that [these Marines] weren’t able to protect themselves at the time this occurred.” “We need people that are armed,” he added. He also said that even if that means getting armed guards, then so be it; something has to change.citizens armed tyranny

The Tennessean reports that Abdulazeez pulled in front of a recruiting location, shared by various military branches, and shot holes through the “doors and glass… [of] the… Air Force, Navy and Marine offices.” He allegedly did this while sitting in his car.

Ironically, one of the earliest post-attack photos of the recruiting center shows shattered glass and bullet holes by the very sign that designated the office a gun free zone. Mike Ball tweeted the photo:


The Tennessean also reports that “within minutes” of the first attack, Abdulazeez allegedly opened fire on “the Navy Operational Support Center and Marine Corps Reserve Center Chattanooga.” The operational center is about seven miles from the recruiting offices where the attack began.

Houck pointed out that the police were in pursuit of the gunman when he began the second attack “and he still got… rounds off.” Houck praised the police for their bravery and commitment, but stressed again that the Marines inside the center simply had no way to respond to Abdulazeez’s attack; they had no means with which to defend themselves.Criminals and Dictators

Follow AWR Hawkins on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly

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Gun-free zones and progressives’ insanity

Exclusive: Matt Barber implicates Obama administration in latest Fort Hood attack

Written by Matt Barber

Matt Barber is founder and editor-in chief of He is an author, columnist, cultural analyst and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. Having retired as an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer, Matt has taken his fight from the ring to the culture war.


They say that lightening never strikes twice in the same place. Not true. It does if you stand high atop a cliff’s edge with a lightning rod above your head during a thunderstorm. In fact, in the unlikely event you survive the first strike, it’ll keep right on striking until you climb down.

So-called “gun-free zones” are lightning rods for mass murder. It’s time we climbed down from cliff’s edge.

This week America mourns yet another needless and preventable mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas. When will gun-grabbing liberals learn?

In a blunt and provocatively titled, though well-reasoned post, submitted shortly after Wednesday’s shooting, Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft charged: “Obama Is Responsible for Latest Fort Hood Murders – Still a Gun-Free Zone.”

Wrote Hoft:

“In 2009 Islamist killer Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others at Fort Hood, Texas. Fort Hood was a gun-free zone.

“Hasan reportedly screamed, ‘Allahu Akbar!’ as he committed his mass murder. …

“Barack Obama termed this Islamic terrorist attack – workplace violence. Complete lunacy.

“After the first mass killing nothing changed. Fort Hood is still a gun-free zone. President Bill Clinton’s gun-free policies are still in place.

“Today there was another mass shooting at Fort Hood. Soldiers were told to take cover and hide like cowards as a crazed gunman shot at least 14 Americans on base. The shooter, Ivan Lopez, then shot himself in the head.

“These deaths are the result of failed policies. These deaths are the result of a dangerous ‘gun free zone’ policy.

“The Obama administration is responsible for this mass shooting. They witnessed this before. They didn’t learn a thing. Gun-free zones are death zones,” concluded Hoft.

Of course, no one but Ivan Lopez is responsible for his own criminally horrific actions. Still, this Obama administration is likewise responsible for its own criminally horrific incompetence.

By maintaining his demonstrably failed “gun-free zone” policy at Fort Hood (anywhere for that matter), Obama may as well have beaconed: “Hey, would-be mass murderers, we’ve still got some unarmed soldiers here. Come and finish ‘em off!”

This president is undeniably culpable. His reckless insistence upon preserving this obtuse, liberal – but I repeat myself – gun-grabbing policy rendered defenseless, once again, the fine servicemen and women of Fort Hood. It kept in place the same mass-murder-rich environment in which Nidal Malik Hasan committed the first Fort Hood “fish-in-a-barrel” soldier hunt.

And the only people surprised are you gun-control nutters.

Never ArgueHere’s the thing about liberalism, which is really cultural Marxism, euphemistically tagged “progressivism”: It’s never worked and it never will. It can’t. It’s a material impossibility. “Progressivism” can no more work than can one answer a nonsense question like, “How big is blue?” As with all similar such humanistic efforts to achieve a man-made earthly utopia, “progressivism” is a hopeless non-starter.

Why? Because “progressivism” is utterly detached from reality. There’s truth, and then there’s “progressivism.” Central to every single “progressive” policy, without exception, is the fatally flawed denial of the existence of sin – of man’s fallen nature. There’s also a stupidly stubborn refusal to acknowledge the reality of moral absolutes. “Progressivism” is built upon a utopian, relativist house of cards; and when that house comes crashing down, the results are often deadly.Never Argue

On Wednesday America witnessed liberalism’s deadly results first hand. A public policy that intentionally disarms American citizens – much less American soldiers – is a policy that creates a pond full of sitting ducks; this, whether we have a terrorist behind the trigger, or a government with designs on tyranny.

Notice a trend here? What do;

  • Sandy Hook Elementary,
  • Aurora Colorado’s Century 16 theatre,
  • Columbine,
  • Fort Hood No. 1 and
  • Fort Hood No. 2 all have in common?

They’re all “gun-free zones.”

Oh, that rather than “gun-free zone,” each of these terror sites had a sign reading: “Staff heavily armed and trained. Any attempts to harm those herein will be met with deadly force.”

Might some of those beautiful souls have yet died before one or more well-armed good guys could take out the well-armed bad guys? Perhaps. But how many precious lives could have been saved?

Albert Einstein famously quipped that the definition of “insanity” is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” In that sense, “progressives” are insane.

Or are they? “Crazy like a fox” maybe?

Either way, they’re certainly no Einsteins.

Even so, I’ll admit that many “progressives” are generally well-meaning and decent people. I even have a handful of “progressive” friends who’ve yet to see the light. I love ‘em, but they just want what they can’t have – at least not until that glorious last trumpet.

They want heaven on earth.

It’s not for a lack of sincerity that “progressives” are destroying America.

It’s for a failure to grasp reality.

Media wishing to interview Matt Barber, please contact

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

No Guns Allowed

Posted on April 4, 2014



Guns Don’t Kill – Gun Free Zones Do


In no way do I want to minimize or trivialize any of the mass shootings we have watched take place in recent years by dumbing down the causes to one or two issues. However, with the liberal media’s withering attack on gun rights which uses these attacks as their “ammunition,” some kind of response is necessary to combatthe misinformation. We are a nation of over three hundred million people, and an estimated 270 million guns are spread out among us. We are the most well-armed nation in the world, a heritage passed down to us through the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees the right of every American (who is not a felon) to carry a firearm.

Even with these gaudy numbers of guns and gun owners, gun violence in America among legal gun owners is statistically insignificant. In fact, the vast majority of gun crime is committed by criminals who carry their weapons illegally. Meanwhile, in America, a gun is 7 times more likely to stop a crime than to commit one.

gunfreezone2Furthermore, consider the recent and most famous instances of mass shootings in the news. All of these rampages took place in areas described as “gun free” zones. The movie theater in Aurora, CO, the school in Newtown, CT, the military base in Fort Hood, TX, and the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. All of these places were gun free zones where the shooters took advantage of the guaranteed weakened state of their victims. In fact, if you try to remember back to other infamous mass shootings from Paducah, KY to Columbine, CO the gun free zone is a common thread. However, the media has placed the idea of blaming fun-free zones out of bounds in the political discourse – anyone who considers eliminating these “safe” zones (or un-safe zones depending on your perspective) is immediately labeled an extremist. In fact, a simple Google search of gun free zone returns stories of mass killing and liberal attempts to deflect blame from gun free zones. The gun free zone is one of the liberals’ “hills to die on”, even though it’s other people who are facing death because of them.

See, what we’ve learned about mass shooters is that they are cowards. Many of them choose these unprotected areas because they offer the path of least resistance for the killer. Consider that in the killing at the Aurora, CO movie theater the shooter had his choice of seven theaters within 20 minutes of his home… yet he chose the only theater that did not allow patrons to carry weapons. It was a gun-free zone. Even more telling is the shooting that took place in Oregon just days before the attack at Newtown. In the Oregon shooting, a killer marched through a mall, shooting at helpless victims — that is until he encountered armed resistance. Immediately after seeing that one of his intended victims had a weapon, the Oregon shooter retreated and fired one last shot… the bullet that ended his own life.

In fact, situations like this are more common than you realize, perhaps, as the Oregon story illustrates, because the media doesn’t seem to cover the cases that end well because of an armed citizen. Buzzfeed has a neat collection of mass shootings that were stopped by armed citizens, who were in the right place at the right time. Had you heard of any of these instances? Are they commonly brought up in the media?

The honest truth is this. When you couple the fact that so few of our gun crimes are committed by legal gun owners, with the fact that most of these mass shootings happen in gun free zones by mentally imbalanced people… we get a completely different picture than the portrait painted by the liberal media and the Democrat Party.

gunfreezoneCould the war on guns be charade orchestrated by the left to simply wrest power from conservatives by disarming us? The scary truth is that the reason we have a 2nd Amendment is to ensure that we would have the firepower to dislodge a tyrannical government if the need ever arose. Today we see members of our government trying to disarm us by changing laws and enflaming public sentiment against us. Our government is filled with legislators who fear our weapons because those weapons give us more power than they’d like us to have.

Murder is always evil. It is always a violent and destructive act that attacks the very fabric of our communities. We must respond, and we must try our best to ensure these things happen less and less in the future. However, we cannot allow the emotion of the moment to overcome our abilities to reason and consider logic. The gun control ideas of the left are a red herring. They create as many problems as they solve. The best answers to violence and public safety come from conservatives who love liberty and value independence.

Don’t let the liberal media mislead you – we are safer with a gun in our hands than with our empty hands in the air begging for mercy.

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