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Los Angeles Makes It Illegal to Own a Gun That Works

Posted on October 29, 2015 by

Tyranney Alert

The Los Angeles City Council — no collection of constitutional scholars cropped-george-washington-regarding-2nd-amandment.jpgthey — on Tuesday unanimously adopted an ordinance that requires any privately owned handgun to be kept at home, either locked or dismantled so that it does not function. Councilman  Paul Krekorian was behind the vote. Krekorian also recently pushed through an ordinance requiring all clips of more than 10-round capacity to be destroyed.

The Los Angeles Times quoted Krekorian as saying, “It’s unacceptable to live in a country where it’s more dangerous to be a preschooler than to be a police officer — and we can do something about that today.”

Gun Control Supporters croppedThe Times neglected to mention what country Krekorian thinks he’s living in.

Cuz that’s definitely a country you wanna stay away from.

Perhaps I’m just not enlightened, but I’m a bit confused what exactly Krekorian imagines is going on in Los Angeles homes.

I’m getting flashes of scenes involving toddlers out strolling the neighborhood, caps on askew, gold chains hanging from their necks, the theme from “The Sopranos” playing over their iPhones, when some punk from a rival block rolls up on his trike, hauls out a nine and goes to town.

It’s like a scene out of the comic strip “Boondocks.” 

Does Krekorian think that toddlers just spend all their time looking for Dad’s gun, then shooting their friends with it? Or is it that Krekorian foresees a day when the U.N. has banned meat animals and roving burger gangs hunt down the last meat available — little Timmy?Armed

That Krekorian is afraid of guns is assumed, but you would probably be correct to suspect that what he’s really afraid of is the people who elected him to office being able to defend themselves not against criminals but the government.Disarmed CitizenryHey Leftist

And the L.A. City Council might have reason to fear that, having invited illegal aliens of all stripes to rest their weary heads within their sanctuary city limits. So, people who are by definition criminals, who often bring crime with them or engage in crime once they get here, are OK. But people wanting to defend themselves against crime, that’s bad.Criminals and Dictators

Councilman Mitch Englander pitched in with Krekorian, saying, “This is less about gun control and simply more about controlling your gun. It’s really that simple.”

And then, to paraphrase the film “Idiocracy,” government will un-Nazi the world, forever.

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The Ben Carson ‘secret’ that Democrats can’t bear to face

waving flagBy Jonah Goldberg, October 30, 2015

Here’s something you may not know: Dr. Ben Carson is black.

Of course, I’m being a little cute here. The only way you wouldn’t know he’s black is if you were blind and only listened to the news.

For instance, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” — a program that often serves as a kind of artisanal boutique of inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom — host Joe Scarborough expressed consternation over Carson’s popularity. “I just don’t get it,” Scarborough said more than once. Remarking on some Carson ad he didn’t like, Scarborough said, “This guy is up 20 points in Iowa? . . . It’s baffling.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski kept saying, “I just don’t get the Ben Carson . . .” before trailing off into in articulate exasperation.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson took a plausible stab at why Carson is popular. “They like him, they like him,” he repeated, referring to conservatives in Iowa and elsewhere who admire Carson’s dignified and soft-spoken demeanor.

True enough; Carson has the highest favorables of any candidate in the GOP field.

But what’s remarkable is that at no point in this conversation did anyone call attention to the fact that Carson is an African-American. Indeed, most analysis of Carson’s popularity from pundits focuses on his likable personality and his sincere Christian faith. But it’s intriguingly rare to hear people talk about the fact that he’s black.

One could argue he’s even more authentically African-American than Barack Obama, given that Obama’s mother was white, and he was raised in part by his white grandparents. In his autobiography, Obama writes at length about how he grew up outside the traditional African-American experience — in Hawaii and Indonesia — and how he consciously chose to adopt a black identity when he was in college.

Meanwhile, Carson grew up in Detroit, the son of a very poor, very hardworking single mother. His tale of rising from poverty to become the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital is one of the most inspiring rags-to-riches stories of the last half-century. (Cuba Gooding Jr. played Carson in the movie about his life.) He was a towering figure in the black community in Baltimore and nationally — at least until he became a Republican politician.

And that probably explains why his race seems to be such a non-issue for the media. The New York Times is even reluctant to refer to him as a doctor. The Federalist reports that Jill Biden, who has a doctorate in education, is three times more likely to be referred to as “Dr.” in the Times as brain surgeon Carson. If the Times did that to a black Democrat, charges of racism would be thick in the air.

Or consider the aforementioned Eugene Robinson, who routinely sees racial bias in Republicans. “I can’t say that the people holding ‘Take Back Our Country’ signs were racists,” he wrote in 2014, recalling a tea party rally four years earlier, “but I know this rallying cry arose after the first African-American family moved into the White House.”

Wrong. Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry all used the slogan incessantly when George W. Bush was in office.

How strange it must be for people who comfort themselves with the slander that the GOP is a cult of organized racial hatred that the most popular politician among conservatives is a black man. Better to ignore the elephant in the room than account for such an inconvenient fact. The race card is just too valuable politically and psychologically for liberals who need to believe that their political opponents are evil.

Carson’s popularity isn’t solely derived from his race, but it is a factor. The vast majority of conservatives resent the fact that Democrats glibly and shamelessly accuse Republicans of bigotry — against blacks, Hispanics and women — simply because they disagree with liberal policies (which most conservatives believe hurt minorities).

Yet conservatives also refuse to adopt those liberal policies just to prove they aren’t bigots. Carson — not to mention Carly Fiorina and Hispanics Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio — demonstrates that there’s no inherent contradiction between being a minority (or a woman) and supporting conservative principles. And that fact is just too terrible for some liberals to contemplate.

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Iran arrests first American since nuke deal

waving flagBy Julian Hattem10/30/15



The Iranian government has arrested an Iranian-American businessman living in Dubai, according to multiple reports on Friday, in what is likely to be interpreted as a signal of a crackdown following the international nuclear deal.

The man, Siamak Namazi, is the head of strategic planning at an energy company and was arrested by an arm of the Revolutionary Guards Corps two weeks ago while visiting family in Tehran, multiple news outlets reported. He is believed to be in his late 40s.

Namazi is the fourth American known to be Death to Americaimprisoned in Iran; his arrest signals new discord in the relationship between Tehran and the western world on the heels of the nuclear pact. A fifth American went missing in 2007, and Iran is believed to have knowledge of his whereabouts.The arrest of Namazi is also being seen as a sign of the ongoing friction between Iran’s hard-liners and President Hassan Rouhani, who has pushed for reforms.

It is likely to send a chill through any in the business community looking to exploit new opportunities in the country as international sanctions dissipate in coming months, under Perspectivethe terms of the nuclear accord. The deal lifts international sanctions on Iran’s oil and financial sectors in exchange for limits on its nuclear program.

The Washington Post reported that Namazi’s family came to the U.S. when he was a boy in 1983. He returned to Iran after college, to serve in the military, and has had business in the country for more than a decade, the newspaper added. Namazi was a proponent of greater engagement between the U.S. and Iran. In 2013, he wrote an op-ed in The New York Times urging countries to relax their restrictions so that life-saving medical supplies can be sent into Iran. “The West must relax and rationalize the terms of its sanctions regime against Iran to allow more Bright-Future-NRD-600medical goods into the country,” he wrote. “If it doesn’t, more Iranian men, women and children will suffer needlessly.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Iranian intelligence agents ransacked Namazi’s family home in Tehran and took his computer. His email contacts have become the target of cyberattacks, the newspaper added.

Critics of the Obama administration’s stance toward Iran have chided the president for signing the nuclear pact without assuring commitments about the imprisoned Americans.

The Iranian government has suggested a willingness to trade the prisoners for an undefined group of Iranians in U.S. jails.

Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Thursday in Vienna to discuss the nuclear deal. The two are among a group of international diplomats gathered in Austria to talk options for ending the civil war in Syria.

RNC pulls out of NBC debate

waving flag

By Ben Kamisar and Jonathan Easley

The Republican National Committee on Friday pulled out of a planned Feb. 26 debate with NBC News amidst a revolt by candidates after Wednesday’s CNBC debate.  “While debates are meant to include tough questions and contrast candidates’ visions and policies for the future of America, CNBC’s moderators engaged in a series of ‘gotcha’ questions, petty and mean-spirited in tone, and designed to embarrass our candidates,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus wrote in a letter to NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack. Since CNBC is an NBC Universal property, “We are suspending the partnership with NBC News” for its Feb. 26 debate.

Priebus’s email panned CNBC for “inaccurate or downright offensive” questions, specifically singling out a question to Donald Trump, who was asked whether he was running a “comic book” version of a presidential campaign.

“What took place Wednesday night was not an attempt to give the American people a greater understanding of our candidates’ policies and ideas.

Debates can mean big money for networks, which charge premium prices to advertise for the event. CNBC reportedly charged about $250,000 for a 30-second ad during Wednesday night’s debate — similar to reported prices for the previous CNN debate.

The decision is the RNC’s response to the rumbling of complaints that bubbled over during the debate, when Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) and other bashed the moderators for political bias and unfair questions. Immediately after the debate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s campaign manager confronted the network backstage over how little time his candidate received.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump came out in support of the RNC’s decision Friday afternoon. “The campaign supports the RNC’s decision to suspend the debate on February 26th due to the total lack of substance and respect exhibited during Wednesday’s night’s debate,” Trump’s campaign said in a statement. “We look forward to pursuing alternatives along with the RNC to ensure candidates are given ample opportunity to outline their vision for the future of our country.”

A spokesperson for Ben Carson said the campaign has “no objections to the decision,” but still wants to see changes to the process to ensure the debates are “about informing the public and not about network ratings.”

Some campaigns are still set to meet this weekend to air their grievances and determine what other steps might be taken to avoid issues in future debates.

The RNC has tried to take more of a leading role in debates after 2012, slicing the number of debates to about one-third of the contests from that cycle.  While the editorial decisions, specifically debate questions, are up to the media organizations, it has control over the logistics and ultimately whether the debate gets its blessing.

But that hasn’t stopped complaints about the criteria in each of the three debates—Fox News chose to lower the qualifications for its undercard debate and CNN expanded the criteria to include Carly Fiorina, both decisions amid criticism. And the pushback from the campaigns on CNBC’s debate hasn’t relented since late Wednesday night.

In his letter to NBC, Priebus wrote, “I have tremendous respect for the First Amendment and freedom of the press. However, I also expect the media to host a substantive debate on consequential issues important to Americans. CNBC did not.” 

NBC responded to the RNC’s decision in an email statement Friday afternoon saying, “This is a disappointing development. However, along with our debate broadcast partners at Telemundo we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the Republican Party.” A source with NBC pointed out that NBC News had no editorial control over the debate. Lack’s corporate bio says that he only oversees NBC News and MSNBC. CNBC is a separate property under the NBC Universal umbrella.

The RNC still plans to hold a debate on that date that includes National Reviewa conservative publication that partnered with NBC for the upcoming debate.  The decision to pull out of the NBC debate was met with mixed reviews from RNC veterans.

Jim Nicholson, a former RNC chairman during the 2000 election, applauded Priebus’ decision and told The Hill that the “RNC ought to continue to use their megaphone to try to get these networks and moderators to have the same set of standards.” 

“That’s a pretty big stick because those debates have been very well watched, so the advertising time is very valuable to the networks,” Nicholson said of the threat of pulling out of another debate.

As far as the candidates, he added, their leverage lies in uniting together if they want to push for substantive changes to future debate criteria. “They are the strongest when they act collectively,” he said, adding that Donald Trump and Ben Carson won their demands to have opening and closing statements, as well as a two-hour time limit on the debate, after threatening to pull out of CNBC’s debate.

That win was short-lived, however, as Priebus’ letter notes that the network eschewed the opening statement to instead ask candidates about their weaknesses.

But former RNC chairman Michael Steele, who has clashed with Priebus in the past, said the move to suspend the partnership with NBC would do nothing ameliorate the frustration candidates have with the debate process as a whole.

“This doesn’t solve the problem,” Steele said. “The original idea was for the RNC to have more control over the process but now the candidates are already making their move and it’s too late.” 

“I don’t think it’s a bold move,” he added. “They’re trying to appease the candidates who are already pissed off at the process they created. What they’ve got to do is look forward and determine the style of debate they want and who is going to be up there for it, rather than just reacting to what happened with CNBC, which was abhorrent.”

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Cruz accuses McConnell of working for Dems

waving flagBy  Susan Ferrechio (@susanferrechio) 10/29/2015

Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican presidential candidate, conducted a 90-minute takedown late Thursday of his own Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who he characterized by name as a weak leader unwilling to fight for conservative causes. Cruz, a Tea Party conservative, frequently bucks Senate GOP leaders and has on at least one other occasion criticized McConnell in a Senate floor speech.

But late Thursday, he took on McConnell with renewed antipathy, using pie charts to demonstrate that the Kentucky no more rinosRepublican has bolstered the Democratic agenda rather than conservative goals during his ten-month tenure. “Why is a Republican majority leader fighting to accomplish the priorities of the Democratic minority?” Cruz asked.

Cruz criticized a broad budget and debt limit deal the Senate is scheduled to vote on early Friday, arguing that the accord gave President Obama and Democrats all that they wanted, with nothing in return for Republicans seeking to rein in spending and shrink the debt.

Many conservatives have waved off as insignificant a provision in the bill that aims to cut the cost of the nearly insolvent Social Security Disability Insurance program with heightened fraud scrutiny.

The legislation increases spending by $80 billion over two years, breaking budget caps. It also suspends the nation’s $18.1 trillion borrowing limit until March 2017.

“This means that Republican majorities in both parties will be extracting nothing significant from President Obama,” Cruz said in opposition to the bill. “This deal means that Republican leadership will have fully surrendered.”AMEN

Cruz’s drubbing didn’t stop with the budget.

Using pie charts, Cruz made the case that McConnell has helped to pass legislation opposed by the majority of Senate Republicans but supported by the majority of Democrats.

Climate change legislation and an amendment to revive the Export-Import were among the measures brought to the floor despite opposition from a majority of Republicans, Cruz noted. The provisions passed with mostly Democratic support.

Cruz said McConnell should employ an old GOP House rule to bring to the floor only legislation that has a majority of Republican Senators backing it. He said the established congressional leaders aren’t looking out for ordinary Americans but rather big corporations, who cut them checks for them at D.C. cocktail parties and reward them later with million-dollar jobs.

Cruz also targeted now former Speaker John Boehner, who retires Friday. Boehner wrote much of the budget deal Cruz opposes. “The lame duck speaker, on his way out, will no doubt land in a plush easy chair, in the Washington D.C. cartel, and will soon be making millions of dollars, living off the cartel,” Cruz said. GOPNoSpineCartoon

Cruz said Americans are onto the scheme and are tired of Republicans making promises on the campaign trail, only to shy away from big fights once elected. “That frustration is driving every day, the growing rage from the American people,” Cruz said.AMEN

McConnell has traditionally chosen to avoid responding to Cruz’s attacks and has discouraged other GOP lawmakers from defending him on the Senate floor. Most Senate Republicans support McConnell and have privately and publicly accused Cruz of using floor diatribes to raise campaign cash from the conservative base and support for his presidential bid. 

Jim Manley, a former top aide to Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Cruz had taken an unprecedented step in attacking McConnell Thursday night. “I have never, EVER, seen anything like it,” Manley said on Twitter. “McConnell should not dignify with a response, but wow.”

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