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U.S. SCHOOLS: Are Now Appeasing Muslims By Canceling This Popular Holiday

waving flagBy Thomas Holmes

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Remember the good old days when people just put razor blades in Halloween candy – at least according to the urban legend? Or how about the harmless religious evangelicals that produced Hell-themed Halloween shows? At least that faith-based fad put some effort into relating Halloween with their message. Evidentially, Muslims just want to destroy everything that isn’t them, according to what’s going on in Milford, Connecticut.   As previously reported, the Milford public schools officially cancelled all Halloween events to avoid “excluding people due to religion, cultural beliefs etc.” Apparently, the school leaders decided it was just easier to exclude everybody. In fact, Milford isn’t even the first Connecticut County to try this. Newington schools banned Halloween costumes by actually using “exclude everybody” as a justification.Islamitization of America

We can thank Islam and its banning children from wearing costumes as the reason for this nonsense. I guess it’s not enough for Islamic law to include murdering anyone who isn’t Muslim, or enjoy the benefit of a President who literally ignores reality in order to defend Islam. Muslim’s gotta crush the fun stuff too. Remember how some Christians reject Halloween and everybody else just laughs at their beliefs and go trick-o-treating anyway? Funny how school leaders don’t worry much about exclusion then.bully

The good news is Milford parents were not taking this sitting down, according to “I don’t think we’re excluding anybody” stated Victoria Johannsen to local reporters. “I think they’re excluding themselves.” True that. The good news is after getting the spit kicked out of them in the backlash, the school system reversed their decision to resume Halloween festivities.

Obviously, it just proves that even Islam shouldn’t mess with suburban Soccer Moms.

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SOUTH CAROLINA Democrats Oppose Legislation That Would Ban Islamic Sharia Law from State Courts

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The Republican-sponsored anti-sharia legislation which would ensure that Islamic and other foreign laws are kept out of consideration by South Carolina courts is being stonewalled by Democrat panderers who seek to appease Muslim supremacists pushing hard to get sharia law recognized by American courts.

Post and Courier: A vote on the anti-Sharia law bill was postponed until Tuesday at the earliest after an hours-long debate over Charleston Republican Rep. Chip Limehouse’s proposal. Limehouse has said a law is needed to prevent radical Islamic beliefs from infiltrating state courts. Democrats said the bill showed why the GOP was unfit to govern and why South Carolina is the butt of late-night television jokes. They accused Republicans of legislating off of Internet rumors.

Rep. James Smith, D-Columbia, called the bill “red meat” and “politics at its worst,” while Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, D-Orangeburg, chastised Limehouse and others for having the wrong priorities.Liberalism a mental disorder 2

Defenders of the measure said that events in Iraq and the growth of radical Islam in America mean that South Carolina should ensure that laws adhered to by militant groups like ISIS don’t end up in U.S. courts. Sharia law is also sometimes used in Muslim communities to settle contract disputes or family matters, although American courts are not bound by those rules. The terrorist group ISIS has used the 14th century laws to justify the beheading of prisoners in Syria and Iraq.

Limehouse has cited the Center for Security Policy, a conservative Washington, D.C.-based think tank, that has prompted states around the country to introduce laws banning the use of foreign or Sharia laws. The center has cited 146 cases in 32 states where Sharia law was used as a legal argument. Those states are Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Washington, Alabama and Florida, according to the center.Got-Quran_thumb1-300x228

A fear of Islamic law has grown particularly among conservative groups around the country as terrorist groups have carried out attacks and spread their message on social media. Rep. Joe Neal, D-Hopkins, said Republicans were fear-mongering. “Laws in this state ought to be based on our Constitution not on fear, not on suspicion,” he said. “We’re better than this because we don’t need to give in to fear … and the kind of low-brow politics this seems to represent.”Picture9

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ISIS gets seriously barbaric with penal code

Posted By author-imageBob Unruh On 12/17/2014

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Since the rise to prominence of ISIS, the Muslim terror army in Iraq and Syria that boasts of its “caliphate,” it has been accused of stealing $425 million to become the world’s richest terror group. There are claims ISIS collects more than $3 million a day from activities described as “smuggling, human trafficking and extortion.”

It also stands accused of terrorizing civilian populations by launching canisters containing live scorpions, releasing a guide to the rape of sex slaves and claiming that a “radioactive device” has been smuggled into Europe. There also are reports of ISIS crucifying Christians, beheading others, including children, and reducing the Christian community in Iraq, where they have made their homes for millennia, to nearly zero.Christian Persecution

WND columnist Chuck Norris recently compiled a long list of such reports.Imperial Islamic President Obama

“Pundits and news agencies have reported and questioned the validity that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is beheading children in its conquests of Syria and Iraq. But there is one fact that can’t be contested: that the Sunni-dominated al-Qaida splinter group is on a war rampage using some of the most heinous and barbaric means to exterminate anyone who opposes them, particularly Christians,” he wrote.

He cited:

  • In July, CNN reported various Iraqi village residents described horrific attacks by ISIS fighters, who “seize local men and pillage homes and places of worships,” according to Human Rights Watch directors in Iraq.
  • CNN also reported ISIS killed 40 Shiite Turkmen, “including children,” in four communities in Kirkuk, Iraq, last month.
  • ISIS slaughtered 270 Syrians, including national guard members, security guards and employees in the al Shaer gas field in Syria.
  • According to the human rights team at the U.N. Assistance Mission in Iraq, a minimum of at least 757 civilians were killed and 599 injured in Nineveh and Salah al-Din provinces, north of Baghdad, and Diyala, in the east, between June 5 and 22. At least an additional 318 people were killed and 590 wounded during the same 17 days in Baghdad and areas in the south.
  • Some 500 Yazidi community members in Sinjar and the surrounding area were executed by ISIS, according to U.N. special advisers on the prevention of genocide, Adama Dieng, and on the responsibility to protect, Jennifer Welsh;
  • The U.N. special advisers also reported that some 1,500 Yazidi, Christian and Shabak women and girls were abducted by ISIS.
  • CNN reported: “At least 2,400 Iraqis died in violence in June, according to the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq. Of those, the United Nations said more than 1,500 were civilians, including 270 civilian police officers, and almost 900 were members of Iraqi security forces.”
  • U.N. News Centre reported ISIS “has broadcast more than a dozen videos showing beheadings and shootings of hors combat soldiers and police officers, as well as apparent targeting of people based on their religion or ethnicity, including Shia and minority groups such as Turcomans, Shabak, Christians and Yazidis.”

“And what are we to make of ISIS’ summary crucifixions?” he wondered.beheadding collection

Now, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, ISIS has published a penal code, with penalties drawn from the Quran, for offenses such as “blasphemy, adultery, sodomy, spying, slander, theft and apostasy.” MEMRi’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor says exile is the penalty for the offense of terrorizing people. A document detailing the ISIS penal code was released Dec. 15 on the Jihadi Media Platform forum, The document, which was titled “Clarification [regarding] the Hudud [Quranic punishments],” included a list of crimes and their respective punishment according to Islamic law, or Shariah. The report said ISIS published the document as a warning and a reminder to the people living under its rule. ISIS also reaffirmed its commitment to enforce it vigilantly.

“The document begins with various Quranic verses emphasizing the need for Muslims to adhere to the Shariah, while noting that those who do not follow it are considered unbelievers,” MEMRI said.Mohamed-Elibiary-Got-Quran_thumb1-300x228

Blasphemy against Allah, Muhammad or Islam is punished with death. For adultery? Stoning “until death in case the adulterer was married and 100 lashes and exile if he or she were unmarried.”


  • Sodomy (homosexuality): Death for the person committing the act, as well as for the one receiving it.
  • Theft: Cutting off the hand
  • Drinking alcohol: 80 lashes
  • Slandering: 80 lashes
  • Spying for the unbelievers: Death
  • Apostasy: Death
  • Murder and stealing: Death by crucifixion
  • Murder only: Death
  • Stealing (as part of banditry): Cutting off the right hand and the left leg

It was reported ISIS executed two in Syria for “being gay.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported one man was stoned after ISIS found cell phone videos “purporting to show the man ‘practicing indecent acts with males.’” And another man was executed “without any proof.”

It also was reported on Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin Sunni fighters have “committed atrocities against hundreds of Shiites.”

Noted Norris in his commentary: “CNN reported in May that of seven public crucifixions in Raqqa, two adults were left on display. But Abu Ibrahim, a member of a recently formed anti-ISIS activist group in Raqqa, said that ‘the remaining five victims were children under the age of 18, one of them a seventh-grade student.’”

He said it’s just what the Quran demands: “Verse 33 of the fifth book of the Quran says: ‘Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.’”

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