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With all the hot air in Washington, it has become obvious that we need to remember the definitions to the terms that you hear being thrown around. Here is a quick note guide for your use. Please fell free to share it:

  1. “The Republicans are not willing to compromise”; “must compromise”; or “come to the middle”; or (my personal favorite) “The Republicans must present a BALANCED Bill”. Definition= “In order for any Far Left Democrat to agree to anything that the Republicans put out they MUST come to our side and agree with everything we think, want and desire. If not, we will remain the party of “NO”.
  2. Any time you hear the Political Left use the term “EXTREME” related to the Political Right means, A) “we stopped listening a long time ago. Come back to our position and then we’ll talk; B) “The Political Right keeps talking facts and wants to do what is RIGHT. That makes them EXTREME.”
  3. All references to the Political Right and Religion; “We the Left hate Evangelical Christians and Jews because they know what the truth is, what is morally correct and try to live their lives that way. That makes our decisions about NOT accepting God or His Righteousness uncomfortable and reminds us of our sins. We prefer darkness and reject the light. We want our sin and salvation too.”
  4. Any time you hear the Political Left use the following phrase, “The American People”, they are actually referring to; A) The 52% of the American Public that pays NO INCOME TAXES. These people are the Social Sub-Groups of people they keep dependent on them. When President Johnson started the “War on Poverty” the poor then, are still the poor today, and they have birthed like dependents that have been raised to believe that they are OWED something from the government. The Political Left know they can count on their votes. B) All the people who are here in our country ILLEGALLY (all races and cultures). These are another Social Sub-Group of people created by the Political Left knowing they can count on their votes (though illegally).
  5. Any time you hear the Political Left quote, or use the Constitution to prove their point. They have NEVER Quoted the Constitution correctly. It’s always taken out of context, or quoted in a way they WISH it said. They are counting on how Constitutionally illiterate the American People really are, and unfortunately, get away with it more than we realize.

There are more, but as you study the ones listed, you’ll easily be able to identify the others. Because the Political Left has created two Social Sub-Groups of people, they know going into any election period that they have those votes. Why are we allowing these people to stay in the dark?

Let’s outdo the Political Left in getting out the vote from this point on.


More Cut Back Suggestions

I had some feedback from my last posting. After giving it much thought, I wanted to come before you and see what you think (See, “I’m Back”);

  • I had this idea many years ago as the Far Left continued their building of the “Great-Underclass” (those they keep on Welfare). Knowing they have this voting base in every election, and building upon that Underclass, they have successfully have added all Hispanic Illegal Aliens to their VOTING BASE. So here is a great idea to find and end the fraud, and greatly reduce the cost of Welfare, while getting some “bang” for our dollars. Ready? Immediately announce that all Welfare recipients have just become employees of the State they live. Using Minimum Wage as the guideline, they owe the State that many work hours a month. They will be managed like any other employee under the same standards of conduct, and are terminable as any Full Time Employee. Every State has more than enough work to do, and work they can find for them to do. No work? No Welfare!
  • Do away with the Retirement Program Congress gets, even if you have only worked one day. Make that retirement proportional to service.
  • Mandatory Two Term Maximum Service for Congress. No more Career Politicians.
  • No more special holidays and vacations for Congress. They must work at least a 40 hour week like most Americans. No more expensive “research” trips to vacation spots at Taxpayers cost. All Travel reimbursed on a par with Corporate America.
  • You need Security? Pay for it yourself.

Again, I do not represent this as an “end-all” list. I’m sure there is a lot more. Who is going to step forward as a “Statesmen” instead of a Politician, and get his job done?

I’m Back

I’ve been out for a week and just getting back to he routine. I did not miss out on anything, kept up to date on the news. Based on the discussions I’ve heard, and the political garbage coming out of Washington, I am left with some thoughts I’ve like to share with you, and desire that you give me your own opinion.

(1) Who performed the magic trick the switched Democrats and Republicans? It wasn’t but a few election cycles back that the Democrats were accusing the Republicans of “Fear-Mongering”. Now the Chief Fear-Monger-er is the President himself. According to him, unless we go deeper in debt, making our present situation even more unmanageable, the world will come to an end as we know it. The response has been puny. Yes, the Right has brought out all the evidence that the Left is lying again, yet all we hear about is those pesky Republicans are standing in the way of granny getting her Social Security check, starving the military and causing the entire world to hate us because of the shame of not being able to pay our bills.

I’m of the opinion that no one in Washington is willing to do what is absolutely necessary to fix our financial dilemma. It is understandable that if someone stepped forward to do what is right would mean the end of their political career. However, maybe enough Americans would so appreciate the stance and keep them in support.

Here is how I see the dilemma could be solved;

  1. First course of action; Pass a bill repealing all THE EXEMPTIONS TO LAWS SO THAT CONGRESS IS NO LONGER EXEMPT FROM THE LAWS THEY PASS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. As a result, they will have to live under the same laws, taxes and Obama Care that they voted to force on us.
  2. Take every social program, other than Social Security and Medicare, and make them become Non-Profit Charities. No more tax payer dollars spent on them. Those Americans that believe those Charity Services are important can donate to the same.
  3. Eliminate all Departments that duplicate State responsibilities. Number One, The Department of Education. THey have proven to be the number one Socialist organization in America and have been changing history in schools books to fit their twisted Socialist agenda. The Constitution has always made education the responsibility of the States. The Department of Education is a multibillion dollar monstrosity that needs to be disbanded. Take all that money and give it back to the States, and more importantly, the students.
  4. Do the same with all other “like” departments.
  5. Immediately withhold ALL support we are filling the pockets of unappreciative dictators all over the world and use that money here to pay down the debt. When we are solvent again, and they prove the money will actually go to the people, then we’ll reconsider our giving.en and women on our Southern Boarder and give the cartels hell, and keep out the invaders.
  6. Round up all the illegals no matter what country they are from and ship them back. Before they go, make sure we have all the assets they’ve accumulated because they haven’t ever paid any income taxes. Make sure you’ve taken them all off the Social Security, Medicare and Welfare rolls.
  7. Repeal all laws that allow corporations like GE to NOT pay any taxes. Collect all back taxes with interest just like IRS has been doing to everyone they can intimidate and actually collect.

I am sure that there are some more, and I welcome your input as to what I’m leaving out. I am looking forward to your input.

Mob Rule Hangings or Rule of Law

I have been watching with great uneasiness the Anthony Trial in Florida. Some commentators have been so emotional about the case that they sound like old-time Westerns where someone would get the crowd all worked up and emotional (angry) about something that had happened and they act out as a Mob to hang the person without a fair trial. Many times they only evidence they had been the word of one man who got the Mob to do his dirty work for him.

I was especially disappointed in our friend Bill O’Reilly. He has been so angry that he has not been able to have an intelligent conversation about the case. Fed by the Far Left Press with their sensationalism and editorials, our Society has developed into this “Mob-Like” people who end up acting on their feelings rather than fact.

Let’s look at the situation without the emotions;

  1. Our Rule of Law Judicial System is set up in such a way to make it very difficult to try a Circumstantial Case. We require substantiation and corroboration of facts in a case in order to try to prove a case against an American Citizen.
  2. When Jurors are selected they are asked if they can separate what they feel about a case and make a decision about the facts.
  3. The burden a proof is on the Government, and such proof “beyond a reasonable doubt”.
  4. The Defense has certain latitude to offer alternative  evidence or possibilities, without the burden of the Prosecution.
  5. Innocence is SUPPOSE to be presumed. However, the “Court of Public Opinion” that is fed by the Media does NOT have such requirements.

From the beginning of this case the Prosecution took the wrong track. All they had was some circumstantial evidence with no way to connect it to just one person. They spent so much time on trying to get the MOB (Jury) angry at Casey and instead of  good law work in presenting a good case. They made it easy for the Defense to confuse the circumstantial evidence and present enough doubt as to HOW she died, let alone, who did it.

When the Jury came in with a Not Guilty verdict, the “MOB” wanted the lynch them as well as Casey. However, because the Prosecution tried to go for the Death Penalty. the jury got it right by not putting someone to death based on such poor prosecution. If they had gone for Manslaughter, they may have gotten a “Guilty” verdict.

I choose to never be part of the MOB. Nothing good ever comes for such association.

“Fast and Furious” or “Fast and Loose”

Operation “Fast and Furious” is back in the news, and the reports are NOT GOOD for thew Obama Administration, and the Holder Judicial Misrepresentation. It seems that the Attorney General is claiming, as well as the White House, that they had no idea what was going on with the selling of American Arm weapons being sold to KNOWN Mexican Cartel members KNOWING they would end up in Mexico and used by the Cartel. Yes, these are American Taxpayer purchased weapons of war, including explosives, and ammunition. NO, they DID NOT LET THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING. In review, our ATF deliberately took millions of dollars of American Weaponry with ammunition and explosives, set up a store near the Mexican border in Arizona, knowing Mexican Cartel members would come in to buy theses guns and take them across the border. Even though American Law FORBIDS the selling of guns to one person who is buying them for someone else, and it is ALSO against American Law to sell more than ONE of these  weapons to an individual.

That’s right. You read it right. Our American ATF deliberately set up a sting with millions of dollars of our weapons and knowingly sold them to KNOWN Mexican Cartel members who were taking them across the Mexican border. Oh, and by the way, in case you forgot, these weapons were traced to the mass murder of multiple Mexican citizens, plus two Border Patrol Agents.

If in fact the White House and the Attorney General had no knowledge of this sting, as well as other related agencies, how come these people who set did this arrested and on their way to prison? Just how stupid do they think the American people are? If this had happened under any Republican Administration, the Left would be screaming about this night and day. It would be the dominate news story. So why all the silence? Why are WE being so quiet?

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