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The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday March 1 2019

News: UN – We’re Underestimating Threat From Jihadi Brides Those in Syria could pose a global threat Read
Opinion: Putting a Gag on Free Speech and Rule of Law And the fear tactics that go with it Read
Analysis: UK Follows US Terror Lead. Why Not the Rest of Europe? The Brits are finally getting tough on Hezbollah Read
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Facebook’s Terror Movie – Help Us Ban It

“#FaceBook has a huge presence in Islamic country’s. Seems dollars are more important than the truth.”
– L.S.
EXCLUSIVE: Terror Cells on US Doorstep

“Getting too close for comfort!!”
– M.Y.

Today’s Clarion Project Newsletter


Video: ‘My Son, the Butcher’ Praise from the mother of a teenage terrorist Watch right-arrow.png
Media Review: ‘Listen to Ilhan Omar’ This and more in our weekly Arab media review Listen right-arrow.png
Video: Mauro on Video: US & the New Iron Curtain Who is now an ally and enemy of the US? Watch right-arrow.png
News: You Say ‘No’ to Returning Jihadis and Their Families It’s an overwhelming majority in this Clarion poll Read right-arrow.png
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Detroit Imam Caught Preaching Anti-Semitism

“What do you mean, ‘caught’? As if he was hiding something? As if he will pay any penalty for his words?”
– R.D.M.
Poll: Should We Let Jihadis Back Into My Country?

“No, revoke U.S. citizenship status and bid thee farewell as punishment for treason.”
– K.L.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday, August 24, 2018

Read why Iran would risk such an operation at this point in time

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News analyis

Iranian Spies Arrested on US Soil Were Plotting Attacks Read why Iran would risk such an operation at this point in time Read More


Can Peace Be Made with the Butchers of the Taliban? The Taliban are not freedom fighters as some have romanticized them to be Read and Share


Why Palestine Became a Litmus Test for Muslim Candidate Rashida Tlaib Is it concern for Palestinian Muslims or is the issue really Israel? Read and Share


Who Is Stronger ISIS or al-Qaeda? Al-Baghdadi is apparently ‘alive and well’ Read and Share

Readers Write

Who Is Linda Sarsour’s Mentor?

“She’s an infiltrator, sent to distract ignorant women into giving her power, it worked.”

– M.M.

Mauro: US Must Wake Up to the New Turkey

“Tell that to Merkel.”

– J.D.

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The Clarion Project Newsletter for Sunday August 12, and Monday August 13, 2018

Video: Mauro: ‘Jihadist Waco’ Narrowly Avoided in New Mexico More harrowing details come to light Watch right-arrow.png
Podcast: The Father, the Son and the Unholy Exorcism The New Mexico tragedy happened on the FBI’s watch Listen right-arrow.png
News Analysis: Al-Qaeda Turned 30 – and It’s Alive & Well. Why? The threat and what you can do about it Read and Take Action right-arrow.png
Media Review: Erdogan Locks Horns With Trump What Arab Media Says About the US – August 12, 2018 Read right-arrow.png
Readers Write
NM Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy?

“I have no words for the delay of the FBI intervening in a situation when a first-person report pinpointed the location of a disabled kidnapped minor went out to not just one, but four agencies. But then again, I was at Garland, Texas where the bulk of us were used for human experimentation as part of a kill box for a couple of luckless, pushed-to-the-finish-line jihad roadies. The FBI covered themselves with glory for that event also.”
– T.S.
Three Convictions for US ISIS Supporters

“These sentences are ridiculous. They’ll do two years, and come right back at it.”
– H.S.
Podcast and Poll: Is Hate Speech Terrorism? Let us know your thoughts Listen and Vote right-arrow.png
Opinion: Canada & the Saudis: Snowflake Versus Tyrant What the recent spat between the countries is really all about Read More right-arrow.png
Readers Write
Three Convictions for US ISIS Supporters

“But the FBI sat on exposing and arresting the scum in New Mexico….why?”
– E.R.S.
9 Stories on Radical Islam Buried by Mainstream Media

“Wow, how can the media censor stories like this?”
– D.P.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Friday August 10, 2018

News Analysis: New Mexico Extremists Were Grooming School Shooters The children were primed for this role by having their identity stripped Read and Share right-arrow.png
Opinion: Advice for the 90 Muslims Running for Office If you’re running for office because you’re a Muslim, STOP Read and Share right-arrow.png
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NM Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy?

“Why would a judge allow squatters? What rights do they have over property owners?”
– M.S.
Should This UK Court Rule According to Sharia Law?

“The great British Empire has turned on itself and been defeated from within.”
– J.S.C.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday August 8, 2018

News Analysis

New Mexico Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy? Body found was most like missing disabled toddler Read More right-arrow.png


11 Kids Found Starving in Radical Compound in NM Local authorities moved in after the FBI stalled Watch right-arrow.png

News Analysis

Why CAIR Is Fundraising for MN Candidate Ilhan Omar Omar doesn’t stand firm against FGM Read and Share right-arrow.png


Is the UK Legal System Supporting Child Marriage? Shocking findings of an undercover operation Read More right-arrow.png


Who’s Got the Last Word Now? Not Iran As new sanctions go into effect, Rouhani makes a disingenuous offer Read More right-arrow.png

Readers Write
Should This UK Court Rule According to Sharia Law?

“Kind of bothered about things here [in the U.S.] too. When you have judges sworn to uphold the constitution, yet ignore its plain language, then whose law are we under really? We are not to obey sharia law nor any other laws, but only laws under the authority of the constitution. Yet we have tax dodgers running free. We have governors and mayors ignoring the law of the land and setting up their own little kingdoms called sanctuary states/cities. Now, if they have that right, is it not possible that a city or state might declare itself a sharia city or state? Neither are allowed by the constitution, but nothing is done. Britain is just a ways down the road waiting at the bend for us to catch up.”
– J.S.
ISIS Is NOT Contained. Here’s Proof

“At least they don’t have control over all that land.”
– S.T.R.

The Clarion Project Newsletters for Sunday August 5 and Monday August 6 2018

Poll Results: Vaporize! You voted against arrests Read
News: What Gives, Saudi Arabia? More Women’s Rights Activists Arrested Join us in asking Mike Pompeo to pressure Saudi Arabia Take Action
News: Texas Prisoner Charged With Helping ISIS Bomb-making knowledge allegedly shared from cell Read More
Readers Write
US Slaps Sanctions on Turkey; Ankara: We’ll Retaliate

“They’ll retaliate? LMAO We could destroy their economy in a month with sanctions. They will do the right thing, or they’ll wish they had.”
– S.W.
Look Who’s Being Hosted at a US College

“Reading on the College it seems to put forth education of women to lead change. Funny it would seem by having these groups speak they are further hurting women under Islamic extremists.”
– R.S.
News: Michigan Candidate for Governor Linked to Nation of Islam This is not the first time El-Sayed has embraced groups & individuals with extremist views Read More
Opinion and Poll: Should this UK Court Rule According to Sharia Law? The case is not simple. Read the pros and cons and take our poll Read and Vote
News: ISIS Is NOT Contained. Here’s Proof The brutal terror group is attacking, beheading and, of course, filming it all Read and Watch
Readers Write
Quiz: Where in the World Did This Happen?

“I don’t know why our government is not doing anything about this?! Oh ya, the Dems are going to accuse them of being islamophobes.”
– R.S.D.

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