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Next Stop, Iran What if Trump had made a stop in Tehran after Singapore? Read and Share


One-Woman Army Stands Up to ‘Morality Police’ This woman kicks her way out of trouble Watch and Share

Video and Poll

Netanyahu Makes Direct Offer to Iranian People Israel to transfer water technology Watch and Vote


VIDEO: Girls on Bikes Women take to the road in the unlikeliest of places Watch

Readers Write
Get Educated: Terrorism’s Child Soldiers

“Any time you weaponize a child by turning them into a human bomb, I would consider that abuse!”
– B.H.
Report: Deradicalization Programs Are Failing; What’s the Alternative?

“ ‘How do you defeat an idea? With another idea.’ De-radicalization programs don’t offer another idea. They offer only the absence of an idea. Statists and agnostics are incapable of defeating the faithful of any belief system.”
– A.P.

FBI and DOJ – Why Aren’t They Talking? The Justice Dept. says potential terrorists are slipping through the cracks Read More


Bill Aims to Stop Funding Terror Education The US contributes millions to the Palestinian Authority, including funding textbooks Read More


Banning Al-Quds Day’s Support for Terror Why are Hezbollah flags waved in Western capitals? Read and Share


Are We Too Scared to Talk About Pulse? It’s the 2nd anniversary of the massacre and no one is talking about radical Islam Read More

Readers Write
Report: Deradicalization Programs Are Failing; What’s the Alternative?

“I’ve scanned through a few web sites that talk about disengagement and deradicalization attempts. After a cursory look at these pages, they seem to be trying replace Islamic ideology with secular humanism. That might have something to do with the failure rates.”
– B.Q.
Should Women Wear Full Face Veil in Public?

“I recommend that men and politicians who support the Burkha to show their support by wearing it all summer.”
– M.W.
News Analysis and Poll

Accident or Terror? You Decide Why were authorities so quick to rule out terror in the taxi ‘incident’ in Moscow? Take Poll


Boys Without Fathers and the Islamic State How young boys are coerced into joining Islamic State Watch


Angelina Jolie: ‘The Worst Devastation I’ve Seen’ Yet, Iraqis vow to stay and rebuild Watch

Media Review

What Arabic Media Says About the US – June 17, 2018 From America colluding with ISIS to Trump wanting to change the world order Read and Share

Readers Write
Next Stop, Iran

“Art of the deal!”
– R.A.J.
Take the Quiz: How is North Korea Tied to Radical Islam?

“I only got two right, and those were just guesses.”
– B.Q.

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