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Opinion: Since When Do Public Schools Support Terrorists? The Beacon School in NYC just paid tribute to Hamas Read and Share
News Analysis: 5 Ways Trump’s New Iran Policy is Working A slew of serious protests have erupted. #ThankYouPompeo is trending in Farsi Read More
Media Review: NEW: What Arabic Media Says About the US This time: North Korea, Iran, sexual harassment and a pile of eggs Read
Readers Write
We Found a Candidate Who Gets It

“Sounds like a good man.”
– A.L.B.
How Europe Will Try to Bypass Trump’s Iran Sanctions

“Good luck! It’s pretty simple. They either do business with Iran or they do business with the United States! But what everybody doesn’t seem to understand is that we have a president who is not a politician. He is a businessman and they have never had to deal with a president like this before!”
– L.T.
Infographic: On Memorial Day We Salute Those Who Paid the Highest Price Fighting Radical Islamists Learn about the 33 servicemen and women who gave their lives this year Read and Share
Video and Poll: Has Linda Sarsour Met Her Match? … and we aren’t talking marriage Watch and Vote
Opinion: What the Difference Between Hurricane Alberto and Radical Islam? What natural disaster can teach us about challenging radical Islam Read More
Blog: Canada – Fast Becoming a Third-World Country Raheel Raza describes living through a horror movie Read More
Readers Write
6 Ways Trump’s New Iran Policy is Working

“One problem: Assad is selling real estate to Iran and Russia.”
– J.J.
We Found a Candidate Who Gets It

“If anyone knows…he does.”
– S.J.M.

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