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Video: Congress Takes on Hezbollah Educate your elected officials Watch
News: ‘Al-Qaeda Earns up to $40m Every Month’ That totally eclipses ISIS revenues Read
Audio: Why America Needs Community Policing Just as in Europe, it could work well in the US Listen
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5 New Developments Since Mossad’s Iran Bombshell

“What makes my blood boil is that anyone paying close attention knew this “deal” should never have been made. I wrote about it at the time. Wrote Kaine and Warner and spelled out what I feared just from watching public hearings, reading open source materials, and reading the deal itself. It’s not a partisan issue. One quote in this report, among many, stood out because it sums up the folly of the deal: *Notably, in January of 2015, Heinonen said that Iran was two to three weeks away from building a nuclear weapon, making it a “nuclear threshold state.” They just didn’t have a delivery system – now they do.”

– G.W.

Just How Far American Dollars Go to Finance Iranian Terror

“If they gave that money to vets, homeless and schools, America would be in a lot better shape.”

– J.M.

News: Hezbollah, Allies Set to Be Largest Bloc in Lebanon Hezbollah is a designated terror organization Read
Video: Me, My Brother and ISIS A personal account Watch
Opinion and Poll: Is Reform the Solution to Anti-Semitism? Raza discusses in wake of ‘edit the Quran’ calls Read
Readers Write
Texas Jihadi Teen Planned Mass Shooting Attack in Mall

“When will these so-called lone-wolf attacks end?”

– D.H.

5 New Developments Since Mossad’s Iran Bombshell

“The odds that Iran has nukes is a no-brainer there military has continue to develop and manufacture them, no outside inspections. Then they have purchased them from North Korea who needs the money Obama gave them the money there again that’s a no-brainer. The only thing that staggers the mind of a rational person is how the West turns a blind eye and puts all their faith in positive thinking rather than reality.”

– P.D.

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