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Opinion: How the IRS Could Help Shut Down Radicalization Universities that promote Islamist propaganda in violation of law could loose their tax-exempt status Read More
Video: American ‘ISIS Boy’ Turns Up in Kurdish Prison An interview with his mother who says her husband tricked the family into traveling to Syria Watch
Poll: Vote for Your Heroes Vote to determine who is the real hero Vote
Readers Write
Ohio Brothers Convicted in Al-Qaeda Terror Financing

“Never let them out of prison. We need one special prison in the middle of the desert or maybe the northern most part of Alaska just for terrorist. A maximum security forever prison.”

– M.M.

Mauro: Don’t Forget Assad Killed US Troops in Iraq

“Umm, I’m confused by those that are commenting against Trump’s decision for strategic strikes on chemical plants. So you are for Assad gassing his own people, which happens to be a fact? You know the chemical that the last administration said Assad didn’t have.”

– S.N.

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