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Video and Poll: Sports Center Closed for ‘Sexy-Clothing’ Video Watch the video and take our poll Watch
News Analysis: Why the Afghan Bombing is an Attack on You (and Your Children) An ISIS suicide bomber attacked a polling station in Kabul Read More
Video: Marriage in the Islamic State — a First-Hand Account From a series of deradicalization videos as told by an ISIS defector Watch
News: Hezbollah Targeted in Bi-Partisan Bill The bill’s ultimate aim is to disarm the terror org Read More
Readers Write
Syria to Chair UN Conference on Chemical Disarmament

“And in related news, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Bill Clinton will co-head the new Women’s Rights Committee …”

– N.M.

Prominent American Islamist Wants Atheists Locked Up

“We feel the same about you. (Just kidding. Unlike you, we are inclusive and believe in religious freedom.)”

– J.S.

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