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Poll Results: Vaporize! You voted against arrests Read
News: What Gives, Saudi Arabia? More Women’s Rights Activists Arrested Join us in asking Mike Pompeo to pressure Saudi Arabia Take Action
News: Texas Prisoner Charged With Helping ISIS Bomb-making knowledge allegedly shared from cell Read More
Readers Write
US Slaps Sanctions on Turkey; Ankara: We’ll Retaliate

“They’ll retaliate? LMAO We could destroy their economy in a month with sanctions. They will do the right thing, or they’ll wish they had.”
– S.W.
Look Who’s Being Hosted at a US College

“Reading on the College it seems to put forth education of women to lead change. Funny it would seem by having these groups speak they are further hurting women under Islamic extremists.”
– R.S.
News: Michigan Candidate for Governor Linked to Nation of Islam This is not the first time El-Sayed has embraced groups & individuals with extremist views Read More
Opinion and Poll: Should this UK Court Rule According to Sharia Law? The case is not simple. Read the pros and cons and take our poll Read and Vote
News: ISIS Is NOT Contained. Here’s Proof The brutal terror group is attacking, beheading and, of course, filming it all Read and Watch
Readers Write
Quiz: Where in the World Did This Happen?

“I don’t know why our government is not doing anything about this?! Oh ya, the Dems are going to accuse them of being islamophobes.”
– R.S.D.

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