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News: Four Gruesome Stories This Week Video and words from Greece, Iran, Iraq and Syria Read and Watch
Poll Results: You Told Us: Get the Threat Off the Streets At Once ‘Police, feds should leave nothing to chance’ Read
Media Review: What Arabic Media Says About the US – July 8, 2018 This time: oil policy, Putin and Iran. Read
Readers Write
7 Tips for Colin Kaepernick

“Let them prove how ignorant and shallow they are in front of millions of viewers. You have the right to show the world you’re an attention-whore and the ones offended can vote with their wallet by not supporting you and with their feet by walking away from you.”
– L.C.
An Open Letter to an American-Muslim Leader

“They need to integrate no take over.”
– G.A.
Video: Video: Teen Arrested for Provocative Dance See the dance and taped “confession” Watch
Video: One Man’s Fight Against FGM Be inspired by the progress made by Egyptian lawyer Reda Eldanbouki Watch
Infographic: Summer Tips: Preventing Radicalization in Your Kids Simple summer tips from Clarion project Read and Share
Readers Write
Four Gruesome Stories This Week

“Imagine if these people ruled the world.”
– L.A.G.
Video: Clarion’s New Film Is a ‘Real Whopper’

“Can you imagine the long term, permanent brain damage these levels of violence (to themselves and inflicting in others) is doing to these children?!”
– C.J.

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