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News: Iran Lied! Mossad Reveals Iran’s Secret Nuclear Weapons Program In a daring operation, thousands of secret documents were recovered Read More
News Analysis: Just How Far American Dollars Go to Finance Iranian Terror Morocco just expelled Iran for training and arming separatists Read More
News: ISIS Horror: Syrian Soldier Made Into Human Bomb The incident took place in an ISIS stronghold near Damascus Warning Graphic
News: Life in Prison, No Parole The sentence for a radicalized Muslim who went on a jihadi killing spree in the US Read More
News: NJ Brothers Sentenced for Conspiring to Join ISIS Both became radicalized in the US Read More
Readers Write
Raza: Lone Wolves, Mental Cases and Islamist Terror

“Words mean a great deal. I was pleased to see Ms. Raza use the term “Regressive” to define the left. Why would we allow them to capture the high ground by accepting and regurgitating their self defined moniker “Progressive”. While “Regressive” makes the point, we should look for a term that accurately defines the self-destructive nature of their policies. “Delusionals”? “Utopians”? Let’s have a contest to come up with the most appropriate and descriptive moniker…”

– E.F.

Iran’s Nuclear Lies at a Glance

“Iran lie? No, never! A terrorist country who backs terrorists? Nah, never wouldn’t have guessed it.”

– A.T.

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