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Dr. Ben Carson blasts COVID vaccinations for children: ‘This is really a giant experiment’

Reported by SARAH TAYLOR | November 01, 2021


Dr. Ben Carson, former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, went on the offensive against giving COVID-19 vaccines to children. Carson’s remarks come as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced its approval for Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 years. Carson, who served as Housing and Urban Development Secretary under former President Donald Trump, blasted the “giant experiment” of vaccinating children against COVID-19 during Sunday’s broadcast of Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

When asked by host Maria Bartiromo whether he believes young children should receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Carson fired back, “Absolutely not.”

“The fact of the matter is, the mortality rate for children from COVID-19 is 0.025, which is very similar to the rate for seasonal flu,” he insisted. “And we haven’t been for years and years going through all these things for seasonal flu.”

He added that the long-term implications of the vaccines for children are currently unknown, which ought to send up red flags for parents.

“Plus, we don’t know what the long-term impact of these vaccines is, so this is really sort of a giant experiment,” Carson explained. “Do we want to put our children at risk, when we know that the risk of the disease to them is relatively small, but we don’t know what the future risks are? Why would we do a thing like that? It makes no sense whatsoever.”

The FDA on Friday announced its emergency use authorization of the Pfizer-BioNTech in children ages 5 to 11 years old and in a statement said, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will meet next week to discuss further clinical recommendations,”

The panel is set to convene on Tuesday to discuss recommendations. If and when the CDC gives the shot the green light, health care providers will be permitted to administer the vaccines. Vaccination for children in the 5-11 age group will be similar to that of adults — two doses separated by three weeks — but at a lower, 10mcg dosage, compared to the 12-and-over dosage of 30mcg.

“The vaccine’s safety was studied in approximately 3,100 children age 5 through 11 who received the vaccine and no serious side effects have been detected in the ongoing study,” the FDA said in its findings. “The available safety data to support the EUA include more than 4,600 participants (3,100 vaccine, 1,538 placebo) ages 5 through 11 years enrolled in the ongoing study. In this trial, a total of 1,444 vaccine recipients were followed for safety for at least 2 months after the second dose.”

Commonly reported side effects, according to the regulatory board, included sore arm, redness, swelling, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint paint, fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, and decreased appetite.

“Side effects were generally mild to moderate in severity and occurred within two days after vaccination, and most went away within one to two days,” the agency added.

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February 3, 2016

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Looking for true Reagan Conservative GOP candidates. Is there such a thing as one.

GOP Candidates

Political Cartoon by A.F.Branco ©2015

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Exclusive: Dr. Ben Carson to Tour Refugee Camps in Jordan to Battle ‘Premature Capitulation to Violence and Evil’

waving flagby Matthew Boyle & Jordan Schachtel 26 Nov 2015 Washington, DC

“I’m going to be visiting some of the refugee camps and some of the hospitals and talking to some of the people,” Carson told Breitbart News in the exclusive phone interview on Thursday afternoon.

“I want to get a really good impression of what’s going on over there with these refugees. There’s a lot of Syrian refugees. There are not nearly as many as they had planned for. But as you may or may not know, the facilities are not conducive to having any refugees stay there—they’re trying to get out of there. Also, I want to get a better impression of why Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, why are they so resistant to integrating Syrians into their populations? What is it, what’s the dynamic between these various groups that makes them not want to help each other? I really want to get to the bottom of that.”Do you want

Part of the reason why he’s going is because Carson envisions a future where ISIS is decimated and wants to find solutions for how to proactively deal with large-scale problems in the Middle East before they get out of control again.

“I want us not to give up on the possibilities of peace over there,” Carson told Breitbart News.

“I’m not being unrealistic or saying that we ought to sit down with a peace pipe with ISIS—that’s just absurd. But let’s say we get rid of ISIS: There’s still a lot of work to be done over there. And I think we’re a central part of that. We have been a very big part of that for many decades and the American influence, even though we were taking sort of a back seat and leading from behind, it’s still very powerful. It needs to be cultivated in the right way. And that influence used in the right way not only leads to peace but increased quality of life for people because one of the things that an organization like ISIS springs up is because they appeal to the desperation of people who have no hope. We can help alter that dynamic.”

Carson said he wants to find a solution to resettle the refugees closer to their homeland throughout the Middle East—and that he doesn’t think the United States should be taking any here.

“For me it’s not so much about taking refugees in here—I just don’t think that’s a good idea from the outset,” Carson said hours before heading to Jordan. “It’s really more about understanding the dynamic over there because I think we need to be working with some of the nations over there in terms of how do you resettle? And in terms of how do we form some kind of a coalition where you have peace and repatriate? That’s what I’m looking for. I just think it’s wrongheaded that the only solution is for us to take them here. That’s not the right solution.”

Jordan is one of the few countries in the ummah (Islamic world) that has aggressively provided for refugees fleeing from war-torn Syria.

The UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency, has taken point in providing assistance for refugees from Syria who live in Jordanian refugee camps. By the end of 2015, Jordan will have taken in over one million refugees, over 90% of whom came from Syria, while the rest will have arrived mostly from Iraq, according to UN data.

An aerial view shows the Zaatari refugee camp, near the Jordanian city of Mafraq July 18, 2013. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry spent about 40 minutes with half a dozen refugees who vented their frustration at the international community's failure to end Syria's more than two-year-old civil war, while visiting the camp that holds roughly 115,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan about 12 km (eight miles) from the Syrian border. REUTERS/Mandel Ngan/Pool

An aerial view shows the Zaatari refugee camp, near the Jordanian city of Mafraq July 18, 2013. The camp that holds roughly 115,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan about 12 km (eight miles) from the Syrian border. REUTERS/Mandel Ngan/Pool

Carson ripped President Barack Obama for comparing, as the president did in his Thanksgiving address, potential Syrian refugees in the United States to the Pilgrims.

“That’s certainly not the way I see it,” Carson said when asked to respond to Obama’s comments. “If they were Pilgrims, they should be Pilgrims over there, not Pilgrims over here.”AMEN

Obama had on Thursday morning compared Syrian refugees to the Pilgrims who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts, nearly 400 years ago—who kicked off the tradition of Thanksgiving.

“In 1620, a small band of pilgrims came to this continent, refugees who had fled persecution and violence in their native land,” Obama said. “Nearly 400 years later, we remember their part in the American story – and we honor the men and women who helped them in their time of need.”

Carson told Breitbart News that what would be a truly “humanitarian act,” one of “Christian love,” would be finding ways to reintegrate Syrian refugees into Middle Eastern nations like Jordan—where he’s touring on Friday—and society there, rather than bringing them here.

A picture taken on March 15, 2014 shows children collecting water from a truck at the sprawling desert Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan near the border with Syria which provides shelter to around 100,000 Syrian refugees. Syrian refugees in the seven-square-kilometre (2.8-square-mile) Zaatari camp in Jordan fear that President Bashar al-Assad's likely re-election this year will leave their dream of a return home as distant as ever. The brutal war in Syria between the regime and its foes shows no sign of abating and has killed at least 146,000 people since it erupted in mid-March 2011. And 2.5 million Syrians have fled abroad and another 6.5 million have been internally displaced. Jordan is home to more than 500,000 of the refugees. AFP PHOTO/KHALIL MAZRAAWI

A picture taken on March 15, 2014 shows children collecting water from a truck at the sprawling desert Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan near the border with Syria which provides shelter to around 100,000 Syrian refugees. AFP PHOTO/KHALIL MAZRAAWI

“But again, we must get back to thinking: exactly what is a humanitarian act? What truly is an act of Christian love? And I think it is not running away from the situation over there,” Carson said.

“It’s trying to ameliorate the situation over there so that people can live in peace. I think there’s been a premature capitulation to violence and evil. And I just don’t think we have to get in and say there’s no hope and no point to try to achieve some fairness over there, that there’s no point in trying to get some of the people who have refugee camps to let the people out of the refugee camps and let them work. Many of them are people with skills—doctors, lawyers, dentists—who could be there helping. Why would you take people with those kinds of skills and just confine them to a refugee camp where they live on $95 a month? It just doesn’t make any sense.”AMEN

Jordanian government agencies, along with several NGOs and international partners, contribute to the relief efforts for refugees in the country. Amman opened the Zaatari refugee camp, located near the Syrian border, in 2012 to deal with Syrians fleeing the violence and turmoil of the war in their nation.

Documenting the initial surge of Syrians into Zaatari camp, journalist Carla Fibla wrote in 2012: “Every day, thousands of Syrian refugees walk early in the morning to the entrance of Za’atari camp and form a long queue. For hours, they wait for lorry deliveries, fighting for each centimetre of space.”

The refugee population in Zaatari alone is estimated at around 83,000 people. Due to the continuing increase in population, the camp has faces a surge in crime and drug issues. The camp was said to reach maximum capacity when its population totaled 60,000, but its gates remain open.

In this Wednesday, July 29, 2015 photo, a Syrian refugee boy plays with a tire at Zaatari refugee camp, in Mafraq, Jordan. On Zaatari’s anniversary this past week, the transformation from tent camp to city symbolizes the failure of rival world powers to negotiate an end Syria’s war. But some say it’s also a reminder that the shift from emergency aid to long-term solutions, such as setting up a water network to replace expensive delivery by truck, should have come much sooner. (AP Photo/Raad Adayleh)

In this Wednesday, July 29, 2015 photo, a Syrian refugee boy plays with a tire at Zaatari refugee camp, in Mafraq, Jordan. (AP Photo/Raad Adayleh)

The conditions in Zaatari have become so rough for refugees that some now prefer to leave and take their chances in Syria, according to reports.

Majreeb Al Fhood refugee camp, located near Zaatari, has become another popular spot for Syrian refugees. Its current population stands at a little over 4,000, according to estimates from early 2015. The camp was built to deal with the over-population in the Zaatari camp. But 80 percent of the Syrian refugees don’t live in refugee camps. They are dispersed among urban populations in the country’s north–which has become dramatically reshaped, both from a security and a demographic standpoint, due to the war.

Syrian refugee children dressed in new clothes hold the hands of their grandmother while walking back to their shelter on the first day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday that marks the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan at Zaatari refugee camp, in Mafraq, Jordan, Friday, July 17, 2015. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

Syrian refugee children dressed in new clothes hold the hands of their grandmother while walking back to their shelter on the first day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday that marks the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan at Zaatari refugee camp, in Mafraq, Jordan, Friday, July 17, 2015. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

Carson, a doctor and world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, also said that he’s planning to visit hospitals there. He compared this fact-finding mission to his August trip to the U.S. border with Mexico in Arizona, a trip on which this reporter accompanied him for Breitbart News and included a helicopter tour of cartel-controlled territory deep inside the United States.

“I’m hoping not only to see the refugees and the refugee camps, but I’m also hoping to be looking at the hospitals and how some of the children who are injured are being taken care of and what other services could potentially be offered to all the people from a physical standpoint,” Carson said.

“I think unless we know those kinds of things we can’t do the right thing in these negotiations. I learned so much last summer when I went down to the border. We all knew that the border is porous but to actually be there and to see it for yourself, to talk to the ranchers down there and hear their horror stories and talk to the sheriffs and the deputy sheriffs and hear what they go through and how they risk their lives protecting these people. You can’t really appreciate it until you see it. That’s what I think will happen here: I actually want to see the conditions, I want to hear from them, where they came from, what would be for them the ideal kind of outcome, what do they think is keeping them from getting there? Who are their friends? Who are their enemies? And I want to hear from a bunch of people. That’s really how you form a solution as opposed to hearing from media outlets who are trying to distort it and be inaccurate.”AMEN

Popular NGOs and humanitarian organizations, such as Doctors Without Borders, the International Rescue Committee, Save The Children, and dozens of other non-profits have come to Jordan in hopes to better the lives of those in desperate conditions.

Syrian refugees shop at the first hypermarket that is opened in Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees on February 6, 2014 in Jordan. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) welcomed the opening of two hypermarkets inside the Zaatari camp which will allow camp residents to shop for a large variety of goods and bring a sense of normal life to some 100,000 Syrian refugees based there. With vouchers refugees can choose from a diverse list of food that are not normally included in conventional food rations. The voucher has a value of JD18 (U.S.$ 25) per person per month and is complemented by a monthly ration of rice, lentils, bulgur wheat, date bars, sugar and salt. Over the coming weeks, WFP will gradually reduce the food commodities and increase the value of the voucher until the camp is assisted entirely through food vouchers at a value of JD24 (U.S.$ 34) per person per month. (Photo by Salah Malkawi/ Getty Images)

Syrian refugees shop at the first hypermarket that is opened in Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees on February 6, 2014 in Jordan. With vouchers refugees can choose from a diverse list of food that are not normally included in conventional food rations. The voucher has a value of JD18 (U.S.$ 25) per person per month and is complemented by a monthly ration of rice, lentils, bulgur wheat, date bars, sugar and salt. (Photo by Salah Malkawi/ Getty Images)

Jordan, a country with a population of only 6.5 million people, will soon reach a point at which they must refuse entry to Syrians fleeing the war between Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and opposition forces. But the conflict continues to see the mass slaughter of innocents, creating a situation where civilians will continue to do all they can to escape Damascus’s borders.

Meanwhile, their Gulf neighbors–such as Saudi Arabia, which already has in place a tent city that can accommodate millions of people–refuse to take in a single refugee.Picture4

Carson compared the false choice Washington, D.C., is presenting–of either letting the Syrian refugees into this country and Europe or seeing them be killed–to the Iranian nuclear deal.

“Which of course is the same kind of thing we get with Iran—which is we either have to go to war with Iran or we have to sign this ridiculous deal when of course there are other choices,” Carson said, adding that this trip will help him understand firsthand choices and solutions that are different from what the mainstream media and permanent political class are putting forward.

“What kind of conditions are there, and what can be done to improve them? But also, what kind of humanitarian help is necessary? We have the ability to do a lot and many other nations have the ability to do a lot too.”

Carson wouldn’t call on the rest of his 2016 competition to take similar tours of refugee camps, but he did say he thinks this puts him at an advantage to have a real solution to the problem.

“I never like to tell other candidates what they should do or what they should think, I just think that when I get to see things and experience them for myself rather than have them filtered through other people it makes a much bigger impression,” Carson told Breitbart News when asked if he thinks everyone running should go. “Maybe the other people don’t need that—I don’t know. But I find it extraordinarily helpful.”

Carson also laid out his strategy to defeat ISIS and how he’d do things differently from President Obama so far.

“First of all, I believe we have to really take the battle to ISIS and the goal has to be to waseliminate them, not contain them or push them into one area,” Carson said.

“And in order to do that we have to look at what works and what doesn’t work. What has worked just recently when you look at the gains we’ve had in Syria by associating ourselves with the Kurds and allowing them to cut off supply lines to Sinjar, that city, that weakened it. Then when the Kurdish military forces went in with our special ops supported by air, they were able to topple that fairly quickly. That worked. That’s a strategy that’s very effective. There is no reason that can’t work in some of the other cities, including Mosul.’

“Then, when you use your social media and all your other media to blast—remember how when they took the city, it’s all over the place? It makes them look like the big guy. We need to do the same thing. You take it back from them and make them look like the little guy.’

“We need to do the same thing in the southern part of Iraq. They got a bad rap because in their face-off with ISIS they turned tail and ran and left all the millions of dollars of equipment which ISIS then inherited. Well, we didn’t do it the same way there as we did it with Sinjar. We didn’t have an adequate number of special forces. You have to have those there. You have to have Apache helicopters, and then all of a sudden the tide turns dramatically and you begin to take back the land, their “Caliphate.: And you blast that all over the world, the account that they’re turning tail and running.’

“You try to hurt them, their pride, so their pride makes them come out and fight, and when they do, you wipe them out. And then you take their oil, and then you work with the world monetary systems so they have no ability to move money and so they have no ability to pay people. And you just continue to take the battle to them until they’re gone. I think that’s how you fight a war.”

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Trump Just Got Asked If He Would Team Up With Carson- His Response Is Turning Heads

waving flagPosted by Warner Todd Huston October 20, 2015

Even though they are vying for the top spot among the large field of GOP nominees, neither Donald Trump nor Dr. Ben Carson are attacking each other on the stump. In fact, both continue to have kind things to say about the other; and this week, Trump has once again noted that he could easily see a place for Carson in a Trump administration.

In the usual course of primary politics, the top two in the polls are often at each other’s throats and trying to undercut each other to gain traction. But not in the case of Donald Trump and Ben Carson. At least this far into the primary race, it has definitely not been politics as usual for Trump and Carson.

This week, Trump is once again bucking the ‘business as usual’ style of politics by insisting that he could easily see Ben Carson as his vice presidential candidate.

“We’re not as different as people think, we have a very good relationship,” Trump told CNN this week. “There is a particular different style. I have some great assets and he has some great assets. But we are both resonating, there is no question about that.”

Trump then reiterated that he and Carson like each other, and when asked if he could see Carson as his VP candidate, Trump said it is an “interesting” suggestion and that “stranger things have happened.”

But this isn’t the first time that Trump has spoken very highly of Carson and noted that he could see a place for the retired neurosurgeon in a Trump administration.

As far back as October 2, Trump was saying that he would put Carson in a Trump cabinet if he won the nomination and the ensuing general election.

But Carson has also offered his hand in friendship in the opposite direction.

On September 8, for instance, Carson himself noted he’d be open to an offer of the number two slot from Trump.

Later, on October 8, Carson echoed Trump, saying that if he were elected president, he could see himself offering Trump a spot in a Ben Carson administration.

Regardless, neither Trump nor Carson are employing the usual tactic of slamming the candidate closest to them in the polls.

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Carson: ‘If People Don’t Speak Up For What They Believe,’ Hitler Could Happen In America

waving flagPosted by Photo of Christian Datoc Christian Datoc, Reporter, 10/01/2015

Ben Carson told reporters Wednesday that if “people don’t speak up for what they believe,” then America could start resembling Hitler’s Nazi Germany, CNN reports.

In a speech earlier in the day, Carson rejected the idea that a radical, totalitarian party could ever gain power in the United States.

“If you go back and look at the history of the world, Truth The New Hate Speechtyranny and despotism and how it starts, it has a lot to do with control of thought and control of speech,” he explained.

“If people don’t speak up for what they believe, then other people will change things without them having a voice. Hitler changed things there and nobody protested. Nobody provided any opposition to him.”

War on ChristiansAdditionally, Carson shot down a question insinuating that he was comparing President Obama to Hitler.

“No. I am saying in a situation where people do not express themselves, bad things can happen.”

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CAIR FOUNDER: Reveals The True Goal Of Islam In America

waving flag

Posted on September 24, 2015

URL of the original posting site:,%20What%20Happens%20Next%20Is%20Instant%20Justice

Everyone thinks Ben Carson is crazy, until more and more Muslims come out and prove exactly how right he is about America having a Muslim president. The founder of CAIR shows us their true intentions in this Tweet:


If you still aren’t convinced, you might just be a liberal.

culture of deceit and lies Islam is NOT 95b119e45c50cbea1e7a4fbfa33415f3 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Carson doubles down on no Muslims in the White House

waving flagBy Jonathan Easley /

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson is standing by his view that a Muslim should not be president of the United States, telling The Hill in an interview on Sunday that whoever takes the White House should be “sworn in on a stack of Bibles, not a Koran.” Carson ignited a media firestorm in a Sunday morning interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” in which he said he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.” “I absolutely would not agree with that,” Carson said.AMEN

In an interview with The Hill, Carson opened up about why he believes a Muslim would be unfit to serve as commander in chief. “I do not believe Sharia is consistent with the Constitution of this country,” Carson said, referencing the Islamic law derived from the Koran and traditions of Islam. “Muslims feel that their religion is very much a part of your public life and what you do as a public official, and that’s inconsistent with our principles and our Constitution.”Islam is NOT

Carson said that the only exception he’d make would be if the Muslim running for office “publicly rejected all the tenants of Sharia and lived a life consistent with that.”
“Then I wouldn’t have any problem,” he said.

However, on several occasions Carson mentioned “Taqiyya,” a practice in the Shia Islam denomination in which a Muslim can mislead nonbelievers about the nature of their faith to avoid religious persecution. “Taqiyya is a component of Shia that allows, and even encourages you to lie to achieve your goals,” Carson said.Picture3

Pushing back at the media firestorm over his remarks, Carson sought to frame himself as one of the few candidates running for president willing to tell hard truths. “We are a different kind of nation,” Carson said. “Part of why we rose so quickly is because we wouldn’t allow our values or principles to be supplanted because we were going to be politically correct. … Part of the problem today is that we’re so busy trying to be politically correct, that we lose all perspective.”cause of death

Carson told The Hill that the question of a Muslim president is largely “irrelevant” because no Muslims are running in 2016. He said the question, which Todd is posing to all of the Republican presidential hopefuls who go on his show, “may well have been” gotcha journalism meant to trip the candidates up.

However, he acknowledged the question “served a useful purpose by providing the opportunity to talk about what Sharia is and what their goals are.”

“So often we get into these irrelevant things, because obviously if a Muslim was running for president, there would be a lot more education about Sharia, about Taqiyya,” Carson said.Practice of Deception

The issue burst onto the scene last week when GOP front-runner Donald Trump declined to correct a questioner at a campaign rally who declared that President Obama is a Muslim. Carson said that if put in the same situation, he would have corrected the person at the rally. “I certainly would not have accepted the premise of a question like that,” Carson said.

However, the retired neurosurgeon declined to criticize Trump, saying those kinds of on-the-spot moments can be difficult to handle in the heat of the moment. “[Trump] may not have been ready for that,” Carson said. “I can tell you from experience a lot of these things are much easier when you’re quarterbacking from the armchair the next day.”

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Ben Carson, Donald Trump Take Stand Against Sharia As Americans Brace For Migrant Influx

by Julia Hahn20 Sep 2015Washington D.C.

URL of the original posting site:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group that advocates for the spread of Islam, is calling on Ben Carson to withdraw from the presidential election for stating that Islam is “inconsistent” with the Constitution.

“I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” Carson said on Sunday’s Meet The Press. Islam, Carson explained, is “inconsistent with the values of America” and the U.S. Constitution.AMEN

against AmericaPolling data indicates that Carson’s point is not without merit. According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of Muslims throughout South Asia, sub-Saharan African, the Middle East and North Africa favor “making Sharia the official law of the land.” Earlier this year, filmmaker Ami Horowitz interviewed Muslim residents of the Cedar Riverside section of Minneapolis, many of whom said that they would prefer to live under Sharia law.

One boy who was interviewed explained that he would rather live under Sharia law because it would promote safer communities: “Sharia law, it says that if you steal something, they cut off your hand,” the boy explained. “So, basically, [people] can leave their doors open. Nobody’s going to steal anything because Sharia is so tight.”

By definition, Sharia law contradicts the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the separation of church and state.

Moreover, the natural-born-citizen clause of the Constitution would bar the vast majority of adult Muslim-U.S. residents from serving as commander-in-chief, according to 2011 data from Pew Research Center. Because only about a one third of the U.S. Muslim adult population was born in the United States, 63 percent of adult U.S. Muslims would be ineligible to serve as President.

As the Harvard Law Review has documented, the original purpose of the natural born citizenship clause was clearly laid out in a letter from John Jay to George Washington, in which Jay asks:

“[W]hether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a… strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the american [sic] army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen”

In essence, the Founding Fathers were worried that even a British-born diplomat might be too foreign to run the country. Carson is suggesting the same may be true of a Sharia-compliant son of Somali refugees.

Carson’s assertion, however, has received strong criticism from the Islam expansion groups. CAIR announced that it will be holding a news conference demanding Carson’s withdraw from the race. “We call on our nation’s political leaders – across the political spectrum – to repudiate these unconstitutional and un-American statements and for Mr. Carson to withdraw from the presidential race,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.Picture1

CAIR had similarly strong words for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump because Trump refused to forcibly silence and embarrass a supporter who asked Trump how he plans to combat terrorist training camps in the United States.

The billionaire’s refusal to publically berate the blue-collar questioner John-McCain-style, “sent the message that Islamophobia is acceptable,” declared CAIR Government Affairs Manager, Robert McCaw.

This, however, is not the only issue upon which CAIR disagrees with Donald Trump. CAIR, which critics have described as a “Muslim Brotherhood front group” with a “solicitous stance toward accused terrorists, has similarly called for mass increases in the number of Muslim refugees admitted to the United States—on top of the tens of thousands of refugees the United States already admits annually. Donald Trump has argued that Muslim countries– not the United States– should be willing to take in some of the Muslim migrants.

On September 13th, the St. Louis chapter of CAIR co-sponsored a “Bring Them Here” march calling for the admission of even more Muslim migrants into the United States. The local CAIR chapter is pushing the United States to open its borders to all Muslim refugees who would like to be admitted, KMOV-TV St. Louis reports. “Organizers, in fact, say the U.S. should not even stop at ten thousand [additional refugees]. They’re pushing for St. Louis to open its doors to any and all refugees who would like to come here.”Picture2

At the same time that CAIR and other political Islam groups want to flood Western countries with Muslim migrants, they have no condemnation for the Islamist values and principles that have plunged one of the most world’s populous regions despair. “Either we let them in, or we take the statue of liberty down,” declared Faizan Syed, executive director of the St. Louis CAIR chapter told KMOV-TV.Bull

Experts warn that such a policy would allow for the admission of Islamic extremists who wish to commit acts of terror on Western soil.

Chairman of the House Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee, Rep. Peter King (R-NY)  has explained that there is, “no real way of vetting, to any extent, these refugees coming in.” King’s warning echoes that of FBI Counterterrorism Assistant Director Michael Steinbach, who earlier this year said it is impossible to do background checks on the refugees because Syria, “a failed state, does not have any infrastructure so to speak. So all the data sets, the police, the intel services, that you would normally go to and seek that information, don’t exist.”Islam is NOT

Moreover, as the explosion of ISIS recruitment in Minnesota’s little Mogadishu has demonstrated, even if Sharia-law supporting Muslims were not explicitly enrolled in terror groups prior to their entry into the United States, there is nothing preventing them from striking out violently against the Western culture they view as oppressive once they are admitted into the United States. Opponents of relocating millions of Muslims into the West worry that they will bring with them the same violence, balkanization and failed political systems that their religion created throughout the Middle East.

Not all Republican candidates, however, are opposed to CAIR’s American-Islam expansion agenda. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), for instance, has proposed policies and legislation which would add substantially to CAIRs more rinos

Every year the United States voluntarily imports more than a quarter of a million– or 280,000– Muslim migrants (this number includes 117,423 migrants who were permanently resettled with Legal Permanent Resident status, as well as an additional 122,921 temporary Muslim workers and foreign students, and 39,932 Muslim refugee and asylees). This means that each year, the U.S. admits a number of Muslim migrants larger in size than the entire population of Des Moines, Iowa. The United States accepts at least 300 times more Muslim migrants than Mexico.

Yet Marco Rubio believes that number should be even greater.rino alert

Rubio is running on a platform of reducing labor costs for corporations and increasing diversity—or what he calls a New American Century.

Importing millions of poor migrants from failed and developing nations will enrich the country with the more diverse languages, vibrant classrooms, colorful neighborhoods, and a wider array of cultural values– allowing the United States to fulfill its exceptional potential and spread liberty and American democracy to the inhabitants from all over the world.

While mass muslim immigration has had been some negative consequences—such as an explosion of U.S. Female Genital Mutilation, an increase in homegrown terrorism, and the development of radicalized communities such as Dearborne, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota– the benefits to big businesses and job creators will be enormous.

Rubio’s plan to expand the number of Muslim migrants admitted into the nation central to his vision for a “New American Economy”.

For instance, his H-1B bill currently before Congress—known as the I-Squared bill—would substantially increase Muslim immigration by lifting green card caps for foreign students and tripling the number of foreign workers admitted on visas. One of the bill’s biggest corporate backers, Disney—has already begun using these cost-effective foreign workers on H-1b visas to replace the more expensive American workers.

Rubio’s proposals to bring about this New American Economy have been endorsed by business groups and billionaires alike such as the Chamber of Commerce, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Sheldon Adelson, Disney’s Bob Iger and one of Rubio’s top donors, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

It is possible, however, that Rubio’s pledge to import more Muslim migrants might create some tension with his foreign policy goals.

Polls indicate that poor migrants from developing nations might not be overly receptive to Rubio’s goal of increasing military involvement in the Middle East.Cannot fix RINOS

As the 2016 race continues to unfold, it will be interesting to see how Rubio’s campaign is hawkish foreign policy is received in Dearborne, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

95b119e45c50cbea1e7a4fbfa33415f3 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Ben Carson: Government Doesn’t Get to Decide if We are a Pro-Life Nation, We Do

waving flagSarah Zagorski   Jul 10, 2015   |   Washington, DC

its time

Dr. Ben Carson is a brain surgeon who has written eight books including a few New York Times best sellers about his work in medicine. He also happens to be running for president and is adamantly pro-life. Today at the National Right to Life (NRLC) Convention he shared about his work and how it’s affected his pro-life beliefs.

He said, “There are few things I like to talk about more than life.  My whole career has been about that. There is nothing that you have that is more valuable than your life.”

He explained that this is exactly why he’s against Obamacare because it gives bureaucrats the power to do they want with health care.

Dr. Carson said, “America was designed around the people, with the government to facilitate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With the Affordable Care Act, the government comes along and says ‘We don’t care what you the people think.’ It turns the whole concept of America on it’s head and if we continue to accept it, where else will it go? It’s up to us the people to stand up for what we believe in.”

Additionally, Dr. Carson explained that he performed the first ever successful intrauterine surgery on a unborn baby who had Hydrocephalus, which causes a baby to accumulate fluid around the brain. He was amazed when he inserted a shunt and saw the baby’s head shrink on the ultrasound. Remarkably, the baby survived and later he mentioned that many pro-abortion physicians would have advised the mother to abort that child rather than save its life through surgery.

Dr. Carson stressed that technology and education can change the face of the pro-life movement. He said, “It’s hard to keep people in the dark with the technology that exists today and we have to continue to make that available to everybody because it’s education that’s going to save us. Our founders said that our society and liberties are based on well informed and an educated populous. Why? Because they realized that people who are uneducated are easy to manipulate.”Picture4

Dr. Carson is correct; medical technology is one of the reasons the pro-life movement is thriving today. For example, countless babies are saved every year thanks to ultrasounds, which can show the baby in utero in incredible detail. In fact, statistics show that 78% of pregnant women who see an ultrasound of their baby reject abortion.Picture15

At the NRLC convention, Dr. Carson concluded by saying that millions of Christians didn’t vote in the last election and it’s critically important that those people go to the polls in 2016 and vote pro-life. He said, “We have a government that believes we aren’t a Judeo-Christian nation. But they don’t get to decide that, we get to decide that.”Picture14

This is a photo of a dad with his hands in a heart shape holding his 3 week old infants feet.

As LifeNews previously reported, in 2013, Dr. Carson shared what he believes about the supposed “war on women” at the Voters Value Summit. He said, “You know, there are those of us in this society who have told women that there’s a war on them because that cute little baby inside of them, they may want to get rid of it and there are people that are keeping you from doing that,”

Carson continued. “And women say, ‘No, no, they’re not doing that to me! No!’ And they get all riled up.” He continued, “There is no war on them, the war is on their babies, Babies that cannot defend themselves. Over the past few decades, we have destroyed 55 million of them. And we have the nerve to call other societies of the past heathen. What we need to do is re-educate the women to understand that they are the defenders of these babies.”

Picture4 mommy can you feel me burke freedom combo 2

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Angry White Bag-gage

Al Sharpton and I We need national action, but we need to do it right.


By Dr. Ben Carson — April 15, 2015


Ben Carson: Ridiculous How Abortion Activists Call Pro-Life People “Anti-Woman”



By Steven Ertelt, Feb 26, 2015, Washington, DC

URL of the Original Posting Site:

“We shouldn’t submit to the PC Police, and to people who are trying to control us by intimidation and by IRS audits and by messing with your job,” the retired neurosurgeon said Thursday. “The only reason they can do that is because we sit silently by. That’s what they want us to do.” He referred to how the liberalSouthern Poverty Law Center recently issued a begrudging apology to him after adding him to  an extremist watch list that includes members of the KKK, because of his views against abortion and on other issues.cause of death

The biggest question on the minds of attendees regarding Carson is whether the pro-life doctor will officially seek the GOP nomination for president. Like other potential candidates at the conference, Carson wasn’t there to announce plans to run — but he made it clear he has no interest in the top pro-abortion Democrat for 2016.

“I’m not ready for Hillary. I’m ready for a country that puts our Constitution on the top shelf. And for those that have any doubt, that includes the Second Amendment. I’m for a country where we take the restraints off the most dynamic economy the world has ever known,” he said. hate obama

Carson received standing ovations both when he took and left the stage and his pro-life views have been embraced across the country.

For example, in 2013, Carson shared what he believes about the supposed “war on women” at the Voters Value Summit. He said, “You know, there are those of us in this society who have told women that there’s a war on them because that cute little baby inside of them, they may want to get rid of it and there are people that are keeping you from doing that,” Carson continued. “And women say, ‘No, no, they’re not doing that to me! No!’ And they get all riled up.”


“There is no war on them, the war is on their babies, Babies that cannot defend themselves. Over the past few decades, we have destroyed 55 million of them. And we have the nerve to call other societies of the past heathen. What we need to do is re-educate the women to understand that they are the defenders of these babies.”mommy can you feel me

Carson has said he would decide by May if he will run for president. Currently, pro-life Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry and many others have mentioned their interest in the Republican presidential nomination.Freedom with Prayer

Guess Who Is Now Listed in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Extremist Files’ Among Neo-Nazis, KKK Members and Many Others

Posted Feb. 9, 2015 1@ 0:13 am, by Billy Hallowell 

URL of the Original Posting Site:

Famed neurosurgeon and potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has been granted many honors, but his latest designation is anything but flattering.

Carson has been added to a list of “extremists” being populated and compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based group “dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.”

It’s Carson’s apparent “anti-LBGT” views that have landed him in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “extremist files,” where he is listed among other individuals in categories such as ”anti-Muslim,” “Ku Klux Klan” and “Neo-Nazi.”

Dr. Ben Carson, professor emeritus at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, turns back to the audience as he puts his notes back in his pocket after speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference annual meeting in National Harbor, Md., Saturday, March 8, 2014. Saturday marks the third and final day of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which brings together prospective presidential candidates, conservative opinion leaders and tea party activists from coast to coast. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
Dr. Ben Carson, professor emeritus at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, turns back to the audience as he puts his notes back in his pocket after speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference annual meeting in National Harbor, Md., Saturday, March 8, 2014. Saturday marks the third and final day of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which brings together prospective presidential candidates, conservative opinion leaders and tea party activists from coast to coast. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

“Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson rapidly ascended as a far-right political star after publicly scolding President Obama, whom he sat a few feet away from, at a National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013,” reads the group’s profile on the noted neurosurgeon. “Carson’s reproach of Obama for his health care and tax policies went viral, unleashing a flood of adulation from right-wing media and hate groups.”more evidence

The  Southern Poverty Law Center claims that Carson began speaking soon after that event to “right wing and hate group gatherings,” claiming that he linked gays to pedophiles and endorsed “biblical economic practices for 21st century America.” The latter is likely a reference to Carson’s comparison of the traditional church tithe to a flat tax system. The profile includes a list of quotes from Carson’s media appearances and writings seen by the Southern Poverty Law Center as being anti-gay — or for being, at the least, egregious. Here are just a few of those quotes:

“Obamacare is really the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery.  And … in a way, it is slavery.” —Values Voter Summit, Washington, D.C., Oct. 11, 2013

“I mean [our government and institutions] are very much like Nazi Germany. …  You know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population. We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they really believe.” —Quoted by Breitbart News, March 12, 2014

“What we need to do is come up with something simple. And when I pick up by Bible, you know what I see? I see the first individual in the universe, God, and he’s given us a system. It’s called a tithe.” —Endorsing a flat tax for all Americans, White House Prayer Breakfast, Feb. 7, 2013

You can read Carson’s Southern Poverty Law Center profile in its entirety hereobama-hates-america-period-obama-politics-1344999210

This is not the first time the Southern Poverty Law Center has added a well-known conservative to one of its lists, as historian David Barton has been among those targeted by the group.

WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 7:  Dr. Benjamin Carson speaks during the National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton February 7, 2013 in Washington, DC. U.S. President Barack Obama reportedly used the occasion to call for unity and common ground Washington politics. Credit: Getty Images
Dr. Benjamin Carson speaks during the National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton February 7, 2013 in Washington, DC. U.S. President Barack Obama reportedly used the occasion to call for unity and common ground Washington politics. (Getty Images)

And it’s no secret that the Southern Poverty Law Center has come under fire from conservatives for its liberal inclinations in the past. The group was removed from the FBI’s hate crime web page last year after conservative groups protested its initial inclusion there.

As TheBlaze previously reported, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map” targets groups with “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” The hate map is “compiled using hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports,” its website states.obamahateamerica

The Southern Poverty Law Center includes Ku Klux Klan and New Black Panther Party groups on its “hate map,” as well as organizations like the Family Research Council, a socially conservative organization. A man who was convicted of opening fire at the Family Research Council’s Washington, D.C. headquarters in 2012 acknowledged that he used the “hate map” to target the organization.

 Freedom with Prayer

2016 Scouting Report: Ben Carson

Ben Carson Freedom Summit

Charlie Neibergall | AP Photo

Note: This is the third installment in a weekly series taking a look at each of the potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates, in alphabetical order, the same way a scout would break down a prospect for a pro sports franchise. For the complete list of the candidates we’ll be scouting click here. Read the previous scouting reports: Jeb Bush, here, and Ted Cruz, here.

…many conservatives first became aware of Carson politically when he deconstructed Obamacare at the National Prayer Breakfast, with President Obama in attendance…


Born 9/18/51…his life is a well-known story, and has been the subject of best-selling books and even a movie…born into poverty and grew up with a devoted single mother on the inner city streets of Detroit….overcame the odds to eventually graduate from Yale with a degree in psychology…did his post-graduate work at the University of Michigan medical school…considered one of the world’s foremost neurosurgeons, he’s most famous for performing the first ever successful separation of conjoined twins in 1987…was the youngest division director in the history of Johns Hopkins University…also specializes in oncology and pediatrics…sits on the board of directors for several prestigious companies, including Kellogg and Costco…one of the most decorated private citizens in recent American history, including the Presidential Medal Freedom (the nation’s highest civilian honor) he received from President George W. Bush…considered a devout Christian and member of Seventh Day Adventist denomination…he and his wife Candy have been married since 1975 and have three sons: Ben Jr., Rhoeyce, and Murray.


Has been fearless in standing for conservative values and principles in front of even hostile audiences, including criticizing the welfare state on the notoriously leftist television show “The View” and clashing with race-baiter Jesse Jackson on Ferguson…along those same lines, many conservatives first became aware of Carson politically when he deconstructed Obamacare at the National Prayer Breakfast, with President Obama in attendance (which earned him accolades from conservative media icon Rush Limbaugh)…obviously has intricate knowledge of the healthcare system and the perils of Obamacare…has let it be known he plans on using his presidential campaign as a platform to confront political correctness and the Left’s divisive race-baiting, which can only help conservatives…unlike a lot of wannabe conservatives, Carson has been willing to defend marriage, which is still a key issue to the conservative base.

Carson is absolutely the All-American success story we envisioned a president should represent. For that reason, I think he’s unassailable in a general election.


Having never held political office he has no record, so all we have to go on is what he says and at times his inexperience has already shone through on key conservative issues like the Second Amendment and the sanctity of life…Are the American people willing to take a chance on yet another inexperienced politician for the presidency?…Carson will have to make the case why his life experience has prepared him for the most powerful political office on the planet…Has he seriously thought through the full gamut of issues required of a presidential candidate? For example, he recently admitted he wasn’t familiar with the most hotly-debated piece of legislation in 2013: the Senate’s “gang of 8” amnesty scam.


Think back to when we were kids, and we had an almost majestic view of the office of the presidency. Carson is absolutely the All-American success story we envisioned a president should represent. For that reason, I think he’s unassailable in a general election. None of the demagoguery tactics the Left has used successfully in recent campaigns would work, for Carson’s very life is a repudiation of their Cultural Marxism. He’s virtually unbeatable in a general election for that reason, and also because he expands our coalition into those who may not identify as conservatives but want to believe in American Exceptionalism again. However, his road through the primary process is far more treacherous; for it is there he must initially prove his ideological bona fides in a crowded field of alpha males. And that will be no small task.


Underestimate Carson 2016 at your own peril. He will be well-funded. His lack of experience may actually play to voters who are increasingly disenchanted with our feckless political class, and are looking for fresh faces. I’ve already seen firsthand how quickly people, even those used to being around big-name politicians, can rally to Carson as a symbol of hope the American Dream is still alive. Carson has something going for him most candidates would kill for: people already like him and want to like him even more. Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, people tend to vote most for who they like. Therefore, it’s up to conservatives to fully vet Carson now and find out where he really stands on the issues, as well as seek to surround him with positive influences.

Steve Deace is a nationally-syndicated talk show host and also the author of the new book “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can “like” him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.

Freedom with Prayer

Ben Carson: 2016 election may not happen


Posted By author-imageBob Unruh On 09/29/2014

URL to article:

New No Thanks

Dr. Ben Carson

The Lower you goAll that talk about the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton’s innuendoes, Rand Paul’s ideas, Chris Christie’s suggestions – may be all for naught.

There may not even be a 2016 president election, according to one man who is a likely contender.

“I hope that that is not going to be the case. But certainly there is the potential,” said Dr. Ben Carson, who was director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and became famous for his groundbreaking work in separating conjoined twins. He is now firmly established as a superstar among conservatives across America. 

He was responding to a question from Fox News interviewer Chris Wallace, who quoted Carson’s own statement that “there might not actually be elections in 2016…”

“Do you really believe that?” Wallace asked.

It is possible, said Carson, “because you have to recognize we have a rapidly increasing national debt, a very unstable financial foundation, and you have all of these things gong on, like the ISIS crisis, that could very rapidly change things that are going on in our nation. And unless we begin to deal with these things in a comprehensive way and a logical way, there’s no telling what could happen in just a matter of a couple of years, and particularly in a situation where we have a Senate and a Senate leader who has over 300 bills sitting on his desk, [who] will not bring them to the floor for a vote.”Reid-Privilege-2

Read the amazing insights of Dr. Ben Carson, in “American the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great,” available at a special price today from the WND Superstore.

He described that as thwarting the will of the people and instead of having government conform to the people, having the people conform to the “will of the government.”Dupe and Chains

As for his own candidacy, he said he’d rather be enjoying a retirement with ease. But Carson added, “Sometimes we’re called to do things that we don’t want to do because we have to do them. And we look at the future of our children, our grandchildren, all the people who come behind us, if we all run for the hills, if we all run for the most comfortable place, and just allow whatever to happen, happen, then we get what we deserve.”most important

Article collective closing

SCARY STUFF: Ben Carson Explains What Will Cause the End of America


Dr. Ben Carson talks about what could happen to this country if another liberal president is elected.

“Our country is in critical condition right now. If we don’t do something about it in a relatively near future, it’s going to be over. I want you to think about the fact that if we get another progressive president in place, and they get a change to appoint three more Supreme Court justices – that’s the end of the United States, as we know it. So, this is the most serious situation we’ve had in a very long time.”

ben carson

More Videos From Western Journalism

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Dr. Ben Carson Schools NBC’s David Gregory on Slavery, Obamacare and Marxism

Dr. Ben Carson educated NBC’s David Gregory on  Meet the Press  on Sunday, during a segment where Gregory attempted to smear Carson with a “gotcha” question.

Gregory played a clip from 2013 where Dr. Carson said that Obamacare was “the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. And it is in a way, it is slavery, in a way because it is making all of us subservient to the government and it was never about health care. It was about control.”

Gregory, a mouthpiece for the Obama regime masquerading as a journalist, tried to make that statement stick as Carson’s “legacy,” asking Carson, “People who have health care now that didn’t have it before, I suspect would disagree strongly with you, but I wonder, in addition, is that really how you wanted to be defined, how you wanna put government on trial in effect, in a political way?”

Dr. Carson educated Gregory (see video below) that giving up control of one’s healthcare decisions to government is a loss of freedom and a type of slavery. Dr. Carson said that government takeover of healthcare is a Marxist tactic to take control of the populace and that there is a better way to make sure everyone has access to healthcare:

DR. BEN CARSON:  Well, first of all, recognize what I said — “worst thing since slavery.” I didn’t say that it was slavery. People who are well-read…[Gregory interrupts]

DAVID GREGORY:   [Interrupting Dr. Carson] Well, you said it is slavery in a way because it makes all of us subservient to the government…

CARSON:  Right, and I said, “in a way.” In a way, anything is slavery that robs you of your ability to control your own life, and when you take the most important thing you that you have, which is your health care, and you put that in the hands of government bureaucrats, I think you have done the wrong thing.

And, as I was about to say [before Gregory interrupted], you go back an look at the neo-Marxist literature and look at what they say, you don’t have to listen to what I say, about taking control of healthcare of the populace and making the people dependent.

This is not what America is about.

Do I believe in healthcare for everybody? Absolutely! But, I think they’re much better ways to get there which leaves healthcare in the hands of patients and of doctors.


Complete MessageVOTE 02


Liberal Colleges Persecuting Conservatives AGAIN

Eagel Rising Banner

By / 8 March 2014

 It is becoming commonplace for colleges and universities to persecute and marginalize conservatives – but the most recent example shows how outrageous the behavior of leftist colleges is becoming.

Rutgers University in New Jersey had invited former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to be their commencement speaker for the 2014 graduation ceremonies. Apparently, for the faculty at Rutgers, this is reason for protest.


The faculty at Rutgers has decided that Ms. Rice is not “qualified” to speak at the commencement of their students. They said she, “lacks “moral authority.” She fails to meet the standards of “exemplary citizenship” and she does not have what it takes to “inspire” graduating college seniors.”


This is what our liberal colleges have come to–where no one with conservative beliefs and values has a place among the halls of higher education.

Juan Williams from Fox News is noticing a trend out there –

“There is an added element at play here. There is a disgraceful double standard amongst liberals, particularly those in academia, in the hatred they direct at black conservatives.

We saw this last April when the conservative neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson was forced to step down as a Commencement Speaker for Johns Hopkins University (where he ably served as the head of pediatric neurosurgery).

Liberals on the Hopkins campus mobilized against Carson because he criticized President Obama’s health care reform law and said that he opposed gay marriage.

I am not a conservative but I have spoken out for years against the staggering amount blind hatred directed at black conservatives by liberals.

Liberals are shockingly quick to demean and dismiss brilliant black people like Rice, Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Professor Walter E. Williams and economist Thomas Sowell because they don’t fit into the role they have carved out for a black person in America.

Black Americans must be obedient liberals on all things or risk being called a race traitor or an Uncle Tom.”

It’s good to see Juan Williams defending conservatives – but its meaningless until more liberals begin speaking out against the injustice that is bred by leftist intolerance.

About the author: Onan Coca

Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Leah. They have three children and enjoy the hectic pace of life in a young family. Onan and Leah are members of the Journey Church in Hiram, GA.


Dr. Ben Carson Diagnoses Obamacare’s Disease

Recently Dr. Carson made statements about Obamacare being the worst thing since slavery. He recently went on the left wing CNN talker Roland Martin’s radio show to explain what he meant, and there is no backing down in Dr. Carson.

Dr. Carson: This nation was founded on the principle that it would be a new type of nation that was for, of, and by the people. A constitution was put in place that would assure that the people remained at the pinnacle of power and that the central government would never reach the point where it had control of the people. This fundamentally changes the relationship… It places the government now at the pinnacle because it now is placed on a road that will give it control of everyone’s health. Your health is the most important thing that you have, and I think most of us are asleep at the wheel. We don’t actually realize what’s happening.

Roland Martin: But Dr. Carson, how is the government, how’s the government controlling people’s health when you talk about providing health care.

Dr. Carson: What do you need for good healthcare? You need a patient and you need ahealthcare provider. Along has come a middleman to facilitate the relationship. Now it has become the primary entity with the patient and the healthcare provider at its beckon call. Completely turns the situation upside-down. And this is only the beginning. What you will see – mark my words – is that a lot of the insurance companies will begin to fold. People will have fewer and fewer options. Ultimately we will have a single-payer system if we don’t stop this from happening. And that will give the government the kind of control that it needs. And, you know, all you have to do is look back through history – and this is something that most people don’t, they don’t know very much about history, even in this country.

Too right, Dr. Carson. Keep preaching the truth — hopefully someone starts listening.


Ben Carson: Stop Rush to Judgment on Zimmerman Verdict


Wednesday, 17 Jul 2013 12:21 PM

By Wanda Carruthers //


Calling the reaction to the George Zimmerman a “frenzy” and “polarization,” Dr. Ben Carson urged people to pause and look at all the facts in the case before rushing to judgment.

“I think it would do us all well to step back and do something that I always suggest before rushing to judgment, put yourself in the place of the individuals involved,” the former director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”

“We need to be saying what can we learn from this rather than allowing ourselves to be whipped into a frenzy with no evidence from what I can see that this was preplanned or that there was malicious intent,” said Carson, who became well known politically after challenging President Barack Obama’s economic policies at a prayer breakfast earlier this year.

Carson added, “None of us knows what we would do if somebody is getting the best of us in a fight and we have a gun. There are a lot of implications here that need to be talked about.”

Saying the term “racist” was thrown around too easily, Carson suggested taking a step back, saying, “We really should look at all the facts before we start impugning people with that name.”

Carson, who is black, also addressed use of the term white Hispanic – which some media outlets are calling Zimmerman — saying it was “hilarious” and said, “Why don’t we call Obama a white African-American? This is craziness. Why do we get so involved in superficial words when we should be looking much deeper at people and at situations?”

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