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BREAKING: White House in Panic After General Reveals Cause of Deadly Chopper Crash

waving flagBy: Davis on March 17, 2016

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muslim-obamaThere has been an increase in the number of tragedies involving military aircraft under the Obama administration. One of these tragedies occurred on Jan. 14, when two CH-53E Sea Stallion helicopters collided while training off the coast of Hawaii, killing 12 Marines.

The Washington Examiner reported that the commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller, has stated that the increase in these accidents has been caused by the budget cuts implemented by the Obama Unarmed-Forcesadministration.

These budget cuts limit the number of aircraft available for training and reduce the number of hours that pilots can train in existing aircraft.

This leads to a predictable increase in accidents, as well as an armed force that may not be fully ready for future combat scenarios.

“We track this very closely and the simple fact is we don’t have enough airplanes to meet training requirements for the entire force,” Neller stated during a hearing on the 2017 budget request for the armed services.

No-Boots-590-LAThese budget cuts also lead to less maintenance on aircraft because there simply isn’t enough money.

“The real bill payer for underfunded readiness is lost lives. I think that helps bring it into context for all of us,” stated Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, during his opening statement.destruction

The Obama administration has absolutely gutted the military over the past several years. Instead of giving the military the resources needed to win a war, the Obama administration has sent them into combat underfunded, ill-equipped and unprepared.

It is absolutely despicable that President Barack Obama has overseen the sharpest decline in our military’s preparedness since before World War II.

It’s too late now, but in a few months we can elect a Republican who will make sure that the military has what it needs to win wars and that money is never an issue.

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One Month Ago John McCain Defeated a Move to Arm Our Solders Here at Home

waving flag24Jul, 2015 by  

In June, Sen. Dean Heller tried to get the Pentagon to change its practice of banning arms from our soldiers on bases and recruiting centers here in America. But it appears that John McCain was the principle foe of the move and helped to defeat the arming of our soldiers which ended up having deadly consequences in Tennessee.

The-Worlds-Oldest-Living-RinoLast week Nebraska Senator Dean Heller appeared on the Kevin Wall show on KKFT Carson City, NV, to talk about his bill and noted that John McCain himself defeated the move to arm our soldiers.

Dean Heller: “So I submitted an amendment in the Department of Defense Authorization bill to allow this to happen. Now this was of course six weeks ago before Chattanooga. And the chairman of the committee wouldn’t support it–by the way, chairman was John McCain–did not want the amendment as part of the bill and wouldn’t accept it.”

Here is what Heller said on his website about the bill:

Today, U.S. Senator Dean Heller sent a letter to the Chairmen and Ranking Members of the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, requesting that National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) conferees include his amendment to give military base commanders the authority to allow service members to carry personal firearms on base for their personal protection and force protection. In June, Senator Heller offered this amendment during the Senate’s consideration of the Fiscal Year 2016 NDAA. In addition, Senator Heller introduced stand-alone legislation to address this issue critical to the safety of our nation’s service members.

John McCain made sure that the Marines who died in Chattanooga would not be able to fire back and save lives when a terrorist attacked. How’s THAT from a “war hero”?

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Expert: Chattanooga Proves That Military Must Rethink Gun-Free Zones

waving flagby AWR Hawkins16 Jul 2015

cropped-george-washington-regarding-2nd-amandment.jpgSpeaking to CNN Newsroom, Houck said, “I’m a Marine. And this really is hitting me a little harder here than normal that [these Marines] weren’t able to protect themselves at the time this occurred.” “We need people that are armed,” he added. He also said that even if that means getting armed guards, then so be it; something has to change.citizens armed tyranny

The Tennessean reports that Abdulazeez pulled in front of a recruiting location, shared by various military branches, and shot holes through the “doors and glass… [of] the… Air Force, Navy and Marine offices.” He allegedly did this while sitting in his car.

Ironically, one of the earliest post-attack photos of the recruiting center shows shattered glass and bullet holes by the very sign that designated the office a gun free zone. Mike Ball tweeted the photo:


The Tennessean also reports that “within minutes” of the first attack, Abdulazeez allegedly opened fire on “the Navy Operational Support Center and Marine Corps Reserve Center Chattanooga.” The operational center is about seven miles from the recruiting offices where the attack began.

Houck pointed out that the police were in pursuit of the gunman when he began the second attack “and he still got… rounds off.” Houck praised the police for their bravery and commitment, but stressed again that the Marines inside the center simply had no way to respond to Abdulazeez’s attack; they had no means with which to defend themselves.Criminals and Dictators

Follow AWR Hawkins on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly

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Gay Rights Adaptation Of Iwo Jima Marines Sparks Outrage

waving flagby Caroline May1 Jul 2015

A gay rights inspired adaptation of the famous image of Marines raising the flag over Iwo Jima in 1945 is sparking outrage following the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage nation-wide.

The image — of four muscular, skin-baring men raising the rainbow flag posed like the Marines at Iwo Jima — was taken some ten years ago and appeared on a gay magazine, but was recirculated last week following the Supreme Court decision.

shameTwitter is in an uproar.

And dont compare gay marriage to the Marines who fought and died in Iwo Jima. The two events are not comparable — Paulie Walnuts (@PAULme_maybe69) July 1, 2015

Replacing the soldiers on Iwo Jima standing up the American flag with the gay pride flag is disrespectful— Mitchell Moyers (@m_moyers8) July 1, 2015

They really recreated the Iwo Jima flag with the gay flag. Just stop — Evan Moriyama (@AsMoriyama) July 1, 2015

6821 people died in Iwo Jima,over 19,000 wounded.Apparently that ain’t nothi compared to gay people’s struggle huh — AmericanMuscle (@MrFakeDope) July 1, 2015 #gay#TCOT

this is offensive how dare you besmirch Marines at Iwo Jima who gave their lives so there is a supreme ct — Rosebud (@Murba1515) June 30, 2015


The Washington Post highlighted the outcry Wednesday, recalling the bloody operation that spurred to the first iconic photo taken on February 23, 1945 by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal. Three of the Marines pictured were killed in combat, among the nearly 7,000 other Americans who died on Iwo Jima. Another 20,000 American troops were wounded.

The photographer of the gay rights image, Ed Freeman, The Post reports, has received hate mail, backlash on social media, and at least one death threat since the image went viral. “He said if he ever saw me, he’d kill me,” Freeman told The Post. “I got swamped with vitriolic hate mail.”

Freeman received disapproving responses to his when he posted on Facebook that Friday, “When I took this picture almost ten years ago, it never, never occurred to me that it would someday come to symbolize the victory we are celebrating today. Congratulations to all of us! Love to you all.”Big Gay Hate Machine

Freeman told The Post that he did not intend for the image to be disrespectful and chalked the outrage up to people’s frustration with the Supreme Court decision. “The principle complaint that people have is that I am equating the gay struggle with the contribution and sacrifice of American servicemen,” Freeman said. “But there is no equal sign here. This is not meant as a sign of disrespect. For God sake, no. I totally support people in uniform. There is no comparison going on here. The comparison is going on in people’s heads, and they’re spoiling for a fight. They’re already on edge because of  the gay marriage decision.”

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‘Oorah!’: The Viral Video of Marines Singing a Popular Christian Worship Song You Just Have to See


There’s a feel-good video going viral that shows Marines at Camp Pendleton exuberantly singing “Days of Elijah,” an upbeat Christian worship song about hope and redemption.

The men, who wave their hands in unison sporadically and shout, “Oorah!” as they sing the praise and worship song, were apparently gathered over the weekend for a Christian service at the California military installation.

A description of the video, which was first posted to Facebook Sunday by a woman named Merrie Pardee Baldwin, reads, “Participatory worship. I love how excited the men get to sing this song & the camaraderie.”

Baldwin posted the video again Monday on the Facebook page for the Caruso Memorial Chapel at Camp Pendleton, giving a little more information about the clip’s origins.

“This is one of my favorite things about coming each month for the Faith Warrior service,” she wrote. “I love to see the camaraderie & how participatory worship is. They bless me MUCH more than they know.”

Watch the video below:marines

Faith Warrior services, which unfold Sundays at 7 p.m., are listed on a religious services document published on the Camp Pendleton website.

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Obama’s Libya Blowback: Marines Made Ready In Italy

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The media reported yesterday that our Armed Forces are being gathered in case they need to manage another crisis:

“The US’ capture of Abu Anas al-Libi is turning into a full-blown diplomatic incident. Libya’s government has summoned the US ambassador for questioning over what it terms the ‘kidnapping’ of the alleged al-Qaeda operative, CNN reports. The US, meanwhile, sees the situation as perilous enough that it has moved 200 marines from Spain to Italy, so they’ll be ready to respond should the US diplomatic mission in Libya come under fire.”

Right now there is a good chance that they will come under fire.

“Libyan jihadists have called for retaliation after the rendition of an Al-Qaeda leader in Tripoli, saying militants should kidnap US citizens and attack gas pipelines, ships and planes. The online campaign comes after the capture by US forces of a suspected senior Al-Qaeda leader, known by his alias Abu Anas el-Liby, who is accused of playing a key role in the 1998 US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.”

The official Libyan government is publicly demanding an explanation from our Ambassador. That is understandable since these same terrorist Islamists are claiming threatening violence against the government for betraying Islam.

“‘We say that this shameful act will cost the Libyan government a lot and it will be as you will see and not as you hear,’ a message on a jihadist web forum reads.”

Nevertheless, the “government” is still avowing friendship with the US. That is understandable since they don’t really govern much and need us to protect them.

Many people will assume that all this is OK. We got a bad guy and we can’t allow terrorist threats stop us from pursuing justice. That is all true. But why was Abu Anas el-Liby found in Tripoli in the first place? Justin Raimondo sums up the truth of the matter:

“The capture of Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, known by his nom-de-guerre Anas al-Libi, illuminates the real outcome of this administration’s Libyan regime change operation, touted by the Samantha Power-”humanitarian interventionist” crowd as an unmitigated victory of Goodness over Evil. We were told, at the time, that the horrific Gaddafi regime was planning a “massacre” in Benghazi, and that if we didn’t act immediately, horror would ensue. Well, we did act – and horror did indeed ensue, although not the sort anyone in the US government had the imagination to anticipate. Gaddafi was overthrown, a regime presumably more amenable to our regional objectives was installed, millions of dollars in US aid followed – and the result was and is a country controlled by jihadists. While militias flying the black flag of Al Qaeda took effective control of Libya, with the “central government” either powerless or unwilling to stop them, Senor al-Libi, a terrorist with a $5 million bounty on his head, was walking the streets of Tripoli for months, just as if he were a tourist taking in the sights.”

Far more civilians died by our Al-Qaeda-empowering overthrow of Gaddafi than Anas al-Libi is accused of killing. He certainly deserves punishment, but this whole operation is beset with potentially lethal consequences—like those we have already experienced in Benghazi.

The Obama regime is boasting in capturing a man from a terrorist haven that they themselves created.

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