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Biden: Everybody Knows Someone Whose Friend Has Taken Naked Pictures of Them and Blackmailed Them

Reported By Richard Moorhead | March 16, 2022


President Joe Biden struggled mightily when speaking at a Wednesday press conference. Biden was speaking at an event in which the Violence Against Women Act was being reauthorized. The act provides resources for the federal government to prosecute domestic violence.

Biden claimed that every American knows somebody who has been the victim of revenge porn, to the extent that they were “blackmailed” on the internet.

“So, we’ve established a new civil rights … a new civil rights cause of action,” said Biden of the new version of the legislation.

“For those whose intimate images were… shared, on the public screen.”

“Send it out, put it online,” said Biden, not exactly providing the clearest explanation.

President Biden’s son Hunter gave a laptop to a computer repair shop owner that contained his own intimate images. The Biden laptop isn’t a case of “revenge porn,” as the younger Biden agreed to surrender the device in question to a Delaware repairman if he didn’t return to pick it up from his shop.

Biden’s claim that every American knows someone who’s been the victim of intimate internet blackmail is highly questionable. While the crime is far from unheard of, it’s a bit of a stretch to assume it’s common enough to have affected every person in the country. He didn’t do himself any favors through his confused and convoluted explanation of the law’s new provisions, speaking in a fashion many have come to associate with the 79-year old president.

On Tuesday, Biden incorrectly stated that the “first lady’s husband” had contracted coronavirus, before realizing he was talking about himself. Maybe Joe Biden isn’t the best person to either speak on or enact internet policy.

Richard Moorhead

Richard Moorhead is a conservative journalist, a graduate of Arizona State University, service member, and guitar player.


Moments After Biden Announced Harris, Trump Absolutely Flattened Her

Reported By C. Douglas Golden | Published August 12, 2020 at 8:18am

Months after Democratic Party voters chose Joe Biden to be their nominee to be president, Biden’s chose the person who — let’s face some facts here — will end up being who America really votes on.

It’s widely suspected, probably not incorrectly, that his role as a political marathon runner who’s now mentally on mile 76 is to get the Democrats past the line and pass the baton to his running mate as he collapses. That baton will be passed, as widely suspected, to California Sen. Kamala Harris, the woman who vaulted to the top tier of the Democratic field by destroying Biden’s racial record during one of last year’s debates before her own downward trajectory was set into place when she was herself destroyed by Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in another viral moment, this time over criminal justice reform.

However, there were other reasons why voters didn’t go for Harris, including the fact that her campaign machinery was broken from the moment it was assembled and that, when non-Biden Democrats were busy tasting flavors of the week, it didn’t help to be one of the first they tasted.

On Dec. 3, she announced she was dropping out of the race for the Democratic nomination for president, citing a lack of funds.

On Tuesday, she was chosen by Biden for a position not all that materially different than what she was running for.

“Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked closely with Beau,” Biden tweeted. “I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse. I was proud then, and I’m proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign.”

In her own tweet, Harris said that Biden “can unify the American people because he’s spent his life fighting for us. And as president, he’ll build an America that lives up to our ideals.”

In its headline, The New York Times called the decision “a Choice at Once Safe and Energizing.” Of course it did.

The Trump campaign, however, had a different take on it.

In an ad released moments after Harris received the nod and posted by President Donald Trump to Twitter, the Trump campaign pointed out that she definitely isn’t “safe,” at least not in the establishment sense.

Her voting record, according to, shows that she’s the fourth-most liberal senator in the current Congress by voting record; only Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, respectively, are more liberal.

In terms of policies, she co-sponsored the Green New Deal in the Senate and supports a “Medicare for All” plan. While the Green New Deal has a cow’s flatus in hell’s chance of becoming law in a potential Biden administration, at least as the legislation is currently constituted, “Medicare for All” is very much on the table. Biden has been against the program — and while Biden’s Obamacare expansion is another ill-considered way to deal with our health care woes, it clearly beats de facto nationalized health care.

In calling Harris a safe choice, The Times wrote that she, like Biden, is “a thoroughly establishment-friendly figure” who has “hewed closely to [her] party’s mainstream for years.” If that’s true, it tells us quite a bit about the current Democratic Party.

The ad, meanwhile, also alludes to one of the great contradictions of the Harris pick. The assumption is that — given Harris’ race and her full-throated attack on Biden in one of the debates last year — she’ll be able to wallpaper over Biden’s racial problems. Or perhaps she’ll draw attention to them.

The presumptive Democratic nominee’s strange remarks regarding the homogeneity of the African-American voting bloc or his famous contention that if you’re myelinated and don’t know whether or not to vote for him then “you ain’t black” may seem like they would be meliorated by Harris joining the ticket.

The opposite could happen, though — not only could his past mistakes receive more attention, but any racial solecisms in the future are going to receive more scrutiny.

But the ad’s most devastating point is that the campaign now becomes about Kamala Harris — a candidate so thoroughly rejected by Democrats that she left the race before a single primary vote was counted.

Biden has referred to himself as a “transition candidate.” His appeal isn’t that he represents a bridge back to a different incarnation of the Democratic Party, one with a foot in reality. It’s that he’s not Donald Trump and looks moderate enough to act as a Trojan horse. It’s almost as if the real candidate is Harris — and even rank-and-file Democrats seem to know it.

In a Rasmussen survey released on Monday, 49 percent of Democrats said they thought it was likely Biden’s vice president would become president within four years. More worrying, 57 percent of unaffiliated voters and 73 percent of Republicans thought it was likely. While the survey of 1,000 likely voters was taken between Aug. 6-9, before Harris was announced as the nominee, that wouldn’t change Biden’s ability to make it through four years. In other words, not only does Biden’s campaign have to explain away their candidate’s gaffes, they also have to sell their shadow candidate — Kamala Harris.

For the left, she’s a former prosecutor. In 2020, that alone is enough of a red flag, no matter who you prosecuted. For the rest of the political spectrum, she’s simply too far to the left.

It’s clear the GOP and Trump campaign were ready for this — and they have more than enough ammunition to convince America that Kamala Harris is neither “safe” nor “energizing.”


Perfect Timing: CEO of MyPillow Takes Bold Stand Against Abortion and Takes Fight to Hollywood

Reported By Malachi Bailey | February 1, 2019 at 11:50am

A pro-life movie that’s partially financed by MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell is set to be distributed nationwide next month, and it couldn’t have been announced at a better time.

The dramatic trailer for the pro-life feature film “Unplanned” was released on Thursday. In the film, Ashley Bratcher plays Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, who renounces abortion after witnessing the procedure firsthand.

“Everything that they told us is a lie,” Johnson says in the emotional trailer.

Johnson is also warned that she made an enemy of “one of the most powerful organizations on the planet.” The film is set to be released on over 800 screens nationwide, beginning on March 29. “Unplanned” will be distributed by Pure Flix, which also theatrically distributed “God’s Not Dead,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Additionally, the film was partially funded by the MyPillow CEO, who has a history of standing up to the left. Last April, Lindell refused to pull his ads from Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” while leftists were targeting Ingraham’s advertisers. Now Lindell is investing money into a movie to combat abortion, and the trailer couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time.

Last week, Democrats in New York passed new legislation that will allow late-term abortions up to the moment of birth. Democrats in Virginia unsuccessfully tried to pass similar legislation this week, and Virginia’s governor is now under fire for allegedly supporting infanticide. In an interview on WTOP Wednesday morning, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam implied that post-birth abortion — otherwise known as infanticide — may be deliberated with doctors under the proposed legislation.

“If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable,” Northam prefaced.

“The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

These are the monsters that Lindell hopes to oppose by funding “Unplanned,” but unfortunately, liberals may try to attack his business in retaliation. Lindell will need conservatives’ support to compensate for liberal push back as he takes the fight against abortion to Hollywood.



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Malachi Bailey is a writer from the Midwest with a background in history, education and philosophy. He has led multiple conservative groups and is dedicated to the principles of free speech, privacy and peace.

KKK and Democratic Party: Partners in Killing Minorities Via Planned Parenthood



March 15, 2014

Special report from the Infowars nightly news team.

This article was posted: Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 6:38 am


Admit It: Decent Folks No Longer Have a Place in the Democratic Party

By / 12 February 2014


The most recent edition of my favorite political journal, National Review, features this blurb in their wrap-up of the week’s happenings:

The war on poverty has been conducted partly in earnest and partly self-servingly … Head Start today is a money-laundering program under which federal expenditures are transmitted to Democratic candidates … The main beneficiaries of the war on poverty have not been and will not be the poor – the beneficiaries are the alleged poverty warriors themselves. The result: a large and expensive welfare state that provides relatively little welfare, a destructive and ruinous war on poverty that has not done much to reduce poverty. It gives the poor some material succor, but leaves the root causes alone – at best.

Fortunately, I was reading this in a public place — because the excerpt made me want to throw my coffee cup against the wall. Righteous indignation? Well, I hope so. But fear not, self-control won out – the only place the java went was down my gullet.

With so much to choose from in the political/cultural Left’s fetid trove of ludicrosities and obscenities, I’m not sure why this particular outcropping of obnoxiousness set me off so sharply– but it did. And reminded me of a harsh truth that simply must be acknowledged once and for all: these are bad people– the Democrats, I mean.

I know, the frontliners in the GOP too frequently are prodigies of gutlessness. Boehner and company? An embarrassment of don’t-create-a-ruckus, go-along-to-get-along accomodationalism, for sure.

But Democrats? They’ve nakedly, ineluctably morphed into the party of evil. As I said, harsh; but undeniably true.

Along with leading the charge in bankrupting America fiscally, Dems have gone whole hog in ransacking the soul of her citizens, as well. These towering disgraces have nailed their colors — Pink? Lavender? Red? Mortuary Gray? — to the mast of legalized baby-killing, perversion of sex and genuine marriage, institutionalized envy and victimhood. Defecating on our military and law enforcement is a party-wide pastime for these wretches — cloyingly using cops or troops as political props when convenient, otherwise icily cutting their legs out from under them at virtually every juncture. This braying Donkey caucus thrives on distorting facts and debauching history — that is, lying — and turning American against American: black or Latino versus white, woman versus man, young versus old, taker versus producer. Since God specifically clues us in that He “hates” those last two bits of odiousness (Proverbs 6:19), are we allowed to call their proponents what they are: wicked?

Admittedly, I’m fingering most directly Democratic leadership — national and state politicians, party chairmen and hackish muckety-mucks. I must say, though, the “little people” who heedlessly keep returning these jamokes to power are on the hook, as well, bearing a dilating measure of blame for the catastrophe the party of FDR and LBJ and Clinton and Obama are wreaking upon this decreasingly praiseworthy nation. Sorry, but “I was born into a Democratic family” or “My Daddy was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, so I am, too” or “I belong to a union, so I always vote Democrat” flatly doesn’t cut it any longer as justification for re-installing these America-smothering scoundrels into office year after year. The sentimental and selfish obliviousness of these, my fellow Americans, is despoiling my country.

At one time, I suppose, one could insist there remained redoubtable outposts of psuedo-sanity within this Liberal/Leftist claque — the odd public official, the local or state branch which bore the title “Democrat” but still came down on the right side of things, at least intermittently. That hoary possibility, however, is currently, virtually non-existent as those adhering to the big-government-adoring, morality-eschewing faction march lockstep toward a utopia they envision, but which sensible, decent and sentient people dread.

You read my implication correctly: “sensible, decent, sentient” people are no longer Democrats.

If you’re a God-and-Country loving habitué of the United States, a patriot who believes the State shouldn’t perpetually pay people NOT to work, that our Republic was founded, in some meaningful regard, on reverence for the Creator and respect for the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, that unborn human beings and that highest of human institutions — marriage — deserve some official protections, that Christianity is NOT the problem in this land but part of the solution, that skin-color or ethnic ancestry are not the traits to trump all others — if you are that kind of individual and still are clinging convulsively to any smidgen of devotion to the Democratic party? Time to wake up and make the break.

Weather by blinkered ignorance or ugly stupidity or sheer malevolence — and I’d contend it’s very often a blending of all the above — Barack Obama’s party is pushing policies and philosophies which are evincing themselves the undoing of America. He — Obama — is the incarnation of this misguided gang. He’s essentially wrong about everything because his political fellow-travelers are similarly situated: wrong, wrong, wrong; everywhere one looks Team Democrat is wrong. Patronize “wrongness” long enough? There’s always a price to pay, one our nation is paying right now — and will continue, punishingly, to pay far into the murky distance; unless America summarily dumps this bunch.

Dunces among the Republicans? Idiots turning up at Tea Party rallies? Cringe-worthy Libertarians or conservatives? Self-evidently, they exist. Any sufficiently numerous cohort of humanity is going to generate, at minimum, the occasional nit-wit or knave. Democrats, however, make foolishness and villainy their national charter, actively peddling it to the gullible and running the country into the ground in the mix.

Ronald Reagan memorably announced, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party; the party left me.” That was fifty-one years ago – but today Old Dutch isn’t alone. He’ s joined by other self-professedly honorable people, many of whom have yet to acknowledge the obvious: the party of evil has afforded them no other option but a decisive parting of the ways.

Image: Courtesy of:

About the author: Steve Pauwels

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and managing editor of


The MOST Important Article You Will Read This Week

Ann Coulter Letter

GOP crafts plan to wreck country, lose voters

GOP crafts plan to wreck country, lose voters

 By: Ann Coulter   1/29/2014 08:39 PM

As House Republicans prepare to sell out the country on immigration this week, Phyllis Schlafly has produced a stunning report on how immigration is changing the country. The report is still embargoed, but someone slipped me a copy, and it’s too important to wait.

Leave aside the harm cheap labor being dumped on the country does to the millions of unemployed Americans. What does it mean for the Republican Party?

Citing surveys from the Pew Research Center, the Pew Hispanic Center, Gallup, NBC News, Harris polling, the Annenberg Policy Center, Latino Decisions, the Center for Immigration Studies and the Hudson Institute, Schlafly’s report overwhelmingly demonstrates that merely continuing our current immigration policies spells doom for the Republican Party.

Immigrants — all immigrants — have always been the bulwark of the Democratic Party. For one thing, recent arrivals tend to be poor and in need of government assistance. Also, they’re coming from societies that are far more left-wing than our own. History shows that, rather than fleeing those policies, they bring their cultures with them. (Look at what New Yorkers did to Vermont.)

This is not a secret. For at least a century, there’s never been a period when a majority of immigrants weren’t Democrats.

At the current accelerated rate of immigration — 1.1 million new immigrants every year — Republicans will be a fringe party in about a decade.

Thanks to endless polling, we have a pretty good idea of what most immigrants believe.

According to a Harris poll, 81 percent of native-born citizens think the schools should teach students to be proud of being American. Only 50 percent of naturalized U.S. citizens do.

While 67 percent of native-born Americans believe our Constitution is a higher legal authority than international law, only 37 percent of naturalized citizens agree.

No wonder they vote 2-1 for the Democrats.

The two largest immigrant groups, Hispanics and Asians, have little in common economically, culturally or historically. But they both overwhelmingly support big government, Obamacare, affirmative action and gun control.According the 2012 National Asian American Survey, as well as a Kaiser Foundation poll, only 40 percent of the general public holds a favorable opinion of Obamacare, 42 percent unfavorable. Meanwhile, 51 percent of Asians have a favorable opinion of Obamacare, 18 percent an unfavorable one. Even Koreans support Obamacare by 57 percent to 17 percent.

Overall, 69 percent of immigrants like Obamacare, according to a 2010 Cooperative Congressional Election Study.

That same survey showed that only 35 percent of native-born Americans support affirmative action, compared to 58 percent of immigrants, including — amazingly — 64 percent of Asians (suggesting they may not be as smart as everyone thinks).

Also surprising, a Pew Research Center poll of all Hispanics, immigrant and citizen alike, found that Hispanics take a dimmer view of capitalism than even people who describe themselves as “liberal Democrats.” While 47 percent of self-described “liberal Democrats” hold a negative view of capitalism, 55 percent of Hispanics do.

Pew also found that only 27 percent of Hispanics support gun rights, compared to 57 percent of non-Hispanic whites. According to Latino Decisions, large majorities of Hispanics favor a national database of gun owners, limiting the capacity of magazines and a ban on semiautomatic weapons.

Seventy-five percent of Hispanic immigrants and 55 percent of Asian immigrants support bigger government — also according to Pew. Even after three generations in America, Hispanics still support bigger government 55 percent to 36 percent, compared to the general public, which opposes bigger government 48 percent to 41 percent.

How are Republicans going to square that circle? It’s not their position on amnesty that immigrants don’t like; it’s Republicans’ support for small government, gun rights, patriotism, the Constitution and capitalism.

Reading these statistics, does anyone wonder why Democrats think vastly increasing immigration should be the nation’s No. 1 priority?

It would be one thing if the people with these views already lived here. Republicans would have no right to say, “You can’t vote.” But why on Earth are they bringing in people sworn to their political destruction?

Republicans have no obligation to assist the Democrats as they change the country in a way that favors them electorally, particularly when it does great harm to the people already here.

Yes, it’s great for the most powerful Americans to have lots of cheap, unskilled labor. Immigration definitely solves the rich’s “servant problem.”

(Approximately 5 million times a day, MSNBC expresses bewilderment that any Republicans oppose amnesty when it’s supported by the Chamber of Commerce. Wow! So even people who profit by flooding the country with cheap labor are in favor of flooding the country with cheap labor!)

It’s terrific for ethnic lobbyists whose political clout will skyrocket the more foreign-born Americans we have.

And it’s fantastic for the Democrats, who are well on their way to a permanent majority, so they can completely destroy the last remnants of what was once known as “the land of the free.”

The only ones opposed to our current immigration policies are the people.

But are they going to give John Boehner a job when he’s no longer House speaker, as some big business lobbyist will?

Will they help Marco Rubio run for president on the claim that, as a Cuban, he can appeal to Hispanics? (Fat chance.)

Will they bundle contributions for Eric Cantor’s re-election, as well-heeled donors will?

Will they be enough to re-elect Kevin McCarthy to Congress so he can keep his gold-plated government health insurance?

Will they be the ones writing Darrell Issa’s flattering New York Times obituary?

Sorry, Americans. You lose.

Ann Coulter is author of the new book, Never Trust a Liberal Over Three – Especially a Republican (Regnery 2013).

Democrats Run America’s Ten Poorest Cities


I have come to believe that chain emails may one day lead to the death of our society. Chain emails alone are responsible for the creation and the success of at least one popular website, Chain emails (and their ugly step-sister, the forward) are the bane of every email user’s technological needs. We must make ourselves more adept with modern technology so we have to use the internet and email… which leads us to receive junk mail at a level far worse than anything the old mainstay, snail mail, used to give us. But not all chain mail/forward/junk mail is bad; in fact, there are times when these pieces of technological dross are downright informative!

Recently, I received one example of the incredibly mysterious and rarely seen “informative” chain mail. It’s one of the more famous ones that have gone around in the last couple of years. In it, the author claims that the ten poorest cities in America have all be run into the ground by Democrat policies.

Here it is in its entirety…

What do the top ten cities with the highest poverty rate all have in common?


Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn’t elected
a Republican mayor since 1961;

Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected one since 1954;

Cincinnati, OH (3rd)… since 1984;

Cleveland, OH (4th)… since 1989;

Miami, FL (5th) has never had a Republican Mayor;

St. Louis, MO (6th)…. since 1949;

El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican Mayor;

Milwaukee, WI (8th)… since 1908;

Philadelphia, PA (9th)… since 1952;

Newark, NJ (10th)… since 1907.

Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and always expecting different results.”

I have received this message more times than I can count, and while I didn’t disbelieve the information, I was sure that the information was dubious in some way. But when I recently had it come into my email inbox again, I decided to dig a little deeper. What I found was that the information was accurate and that a famous political commentator had already written about the veracity of the list. Glenn Beck wrote about the problems in these cities way back in 2008, and his conclusion about the amazing list of cities? “We’ve talked a lot about “change” in this country recently, but there’s a much more important catchphrase that we’ve neglected: “All politics is local.” Maybe instead of focusing so much on who we put in charge of our country, we should focus more on who we put in charge of our cities.”

The Left, of course, laughs at the news that the ten poorest cities in the country are all run by Democrats. Meanwhile, they parrot the talking points of the liberal media by pretending that stories like this one, about the poorest states being Republican, actually mean something. The brilliant Mark Hendrickson expounded on both of these stories (you can read both of his pieces here and here) for Forbes magazine online, and his conclusion is this: “The most fundamental difference between the data that conservatives prefer—that the 10 poorest cities are longtime Democratic strongholds—and the data that liberals will be more inclined to cite—that the 10 poorest states are predominantly Republican, is that conservatives can point to actual policies that Democrats implemented that contributed to the impoverishment of the cities, while the liberals cannot point to specific GOP policies that have caused the poorer states to lag behind.”

While the most basic information may come to us by way of chain mail forwards, just a little digging shows that the truth is really as simple as it seems. See, the truth of the matter is this: Democrat policies are destroying our nation’s cities. If the voters in these cities are happy being poor and having little to no prospect of leaving poverty, then they are electing the right people. If they’d like the opportunity to climb out of poverty and build a middle-to-upper class legacy for their family, then they could start by electing people in whose interest it is to see them prosper — conservatives.

Democrats win when the people are poor, conservatives win when the people prosper. That is the difference.

Correction: A reader pointed out that Miami currently has a Republican Mayor (Tomas Regalado). The email began being distributed before Mr. Regalado’s election in 2009. However, it seems that there has been one other Republican mayor in Miami – Joe Carollo. Sorry for the confusion.

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