After importing about a million immigrants last year it looks like Germany is waking up. After seeing all the destruction and high records of crime that has been caused by all of these refugees and illegal immigrants, Chancellor Merkel is finally ready to admit she screwed up.  Sounds like she is finally listening to her critics.

She wants a national effort now to deport thousands of these refugees back to where they came from. The problem is Germany has let so many illegal refugees into their country, they have created a massive backlog now and can’t get rid of them fast enough.

I hope Americans are paying attention…because Obama’s America is not far behind this mess.different or same


H/T Daily Caller:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants a “national push” to deport as many rejected asylum seekers as possible from the country. Germany struggled to get rid of asylum rejects during years when the migrant influx was much smaller. Close to a million arrivals in 2015 alone has created a huge backlog of deportations that authorities can’t execute.

“We need a national push to deport those who are rejected,” Merkel said at a news conference Saturday. “That’s indisputable and we’re working hard on that at the moment.”Do you want

The chancellor promised to increase the staff at immigration authorities to tackle the problem.

A government report released in August showed 549,209 people in Germany remained in the country despite having their asylum claims denied. Authorities expect to deport less than 30,000 of them by the end of the year.

Pretty amazing, huh? About 1/2 a million illegals are STILL in Germany, even though they don’t’ have asylum. Good luck finding them or even catching them. After all, what records do they have on all these illegal refugees? On top of that, they don’t have the staff in place to even get them out. So, in the meantime, there will continue to be illegals that gang rape young women, threaten the lives of innocent citizens, and cause increased crime and destruction of property.  And let’s face it, Germany will never be the same.RAPE

They can not easily round up 1/2 million people and deport them in a reasonable amount of time. In fact, I’m going to predict this mess that Chancellor Merkel created is going to effect that country for at least a couple generations to come.

The sad thing is, seeing this mess…THIS is exactly what Obama is doing to America. I just hope America wakes up in time.  Because if Hillary Clinton gets elected in November, Germany’s illegal immigrant mess will look like a cake walk next to Obama’s.

American women respond


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