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The so called “Civil Rights” display in the Florida Capital Building is a prime example of the advocacy of hate for non-black Americans.


There is absolutely no doubt that such a promotion is for the profitable advancement of the current “leaders” of the black community. If this were not the case there would be an outcry from the black community and the financing for such a hate filled exhibit would not have been possible. However, the increasing rhetoric of the Al Sharptons promoting racial hatred of all non-blacks and the obvious profits of such promotions make it abundantly clear the Civil Rights movement has undergone a fundamental transformation which, incidentally, just happens to coincide with four and one-half years of Obama “leadership”. Damn, I find it difficult to reference the word leadership in conjunction with the name Obama. But be not misled  –  this is a critical element of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America, as he promised!

Moving beyond the national issues of such a distasteful and hate based display is the greatly disturbing question of just how did such come to be allowed on public property? By what stretch of anyone’s imagination would this have been allowed had the skin colors of the images been reversed. Further, does anyone believe that such a display would be permitted in ANY public building if the images were of young black men killing other young black men so as to depict the real situation now occurring in Obama’s home town, Chicago, IL? HA!

I hope that every concerned citizen will phone or email every elected state politician in Florida and express their feelings. These numbers and addresses can be found at

Where is the common sense of our elected and appointed officials???

The Summer of Our Discontent

We kicked kings, royal decrees and secret courts out of America long ago–or did we?

Now we have a President who decides which laws will be enforced and which citizens will be subject to those laws. Now, we have secret courts issuing rulings without public notice or argument. Now we have powerful federal agencies going after citizens who object.

In the imperial Presidency of Barack Obama, the government takeover of healthcare was enacted over the objections of a majority of citizens–even before repeated and solemn promises of no new taxes on the middle class were ruled false by the Supreme Court. And it gets worse.

Now the Administration has decreed that hundreds of billions of dollars in healthcare subsidies will be paid out in states that embrace ObamaCare–with no questions asked about eligibility. Neither income nor existing insurance coverage will be certified before taxpayer money is paid out. It is an open invitation to commit fraud.

In a similar announcement last week, big businesses, like four million citizens (most in pro-ObamaCare unions) are to receive one-year “waivers” by royal decree. There is no legal authority for this decision but that is not stopping him.

Even Congressional staffers and their bosses are now lobbying for their own exemptions. Why not? The committee staffers who wrote Obamacare exempted themselves along with Congressional leadership, the White House and Cabinet officers.

Gone is the very concept of the “Rule of Law” that holds that all citizens are equally subject to federal statutes enacted by representatives of the people. Gone is the concept that those who govern are subject to “consent of the governed”.

When past Presidents tried to seize unconstitutional power we relied on the judicial branch of government to assert the needed “checks and balances”. But this President is now simply ignoring two federal courts who have ruled illegal his appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.

Worse, secret courts are making rulings allowing spying on law-abiding citizens with no possible connection to international terrorism. King George had secret courts that rounded up suspects and condemned them without defense or public notice. It is why our Founding Fathers wrote the Fourth Amendment. And how can the governed give consent to such secret decisions? Until Mr. Snowden, they were unknown. .

Frustrated with a divided government and a divided people, Barack Obama has made war on those who disagree. Rogue IRS agents hardly explain how one citizen, Catherine Englebrecht (who started a group investigating voter fraud) found herself the subject of multiple FBI visits and surprise audits from a range of federal agencies, including the IRS. It is simply not believable that this abuse was not directed by powerful figures within this Administration–but the FBI has still not investigated.

His treatment of existing federal laws is equally contemptuous. Obama decreed that 1.5 million illegal immigrants are no longer subject to applicable federal statutes. Unwilling to fight for changes to the No Child Left Behind Act, Obama decided that the law could be ignored. Now, more than half the states have been granted waivers.

Welfare work rules? It was a monumentally successful policy reform embraced by both parties and strong majorities in both the House and Senate, representing widespread public belief that unrestricted welfare payments were actually increasing poverty and dependency. This President has decided that this law, like others, is optional, shifting the entire concept of the Rule of Law and the will of the people to his discretion. All hail the King.

This President has shown through his many actions that he believes that consent of the governed is an outmoded idea that can be ignored. Congress can be ignored. The courts can be ignored.  The Constitution that he is sworn to uphold and the Attorney General is sworn to enforce is optional.

We kicked royalty out of our country long ago but royal decrees are here again. Our great experiment in personal liberty is in danger of being erased from within.

Ken Hoagland is chairman of “Restore America’s Voice Foundation”. His group has delivered two million petitions and hundreds of thousands of phone calls to the House and Senate demanding a new Senate vote on ObamaCare that honestly describes both the taxes levied for the program and the performance promises that have proven false. 

California Senate – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Updated 6-11-13

In a completely NOT so shocking move, the ridiculously incompetent California lawmakers, backed by the incapable-of-logic gun control lobbyists, are using the recent murder spree in Santa Monica, CA to try and push their gun grabbing agenda.  Never mind the fact that everything that cowardly turd did that day was illegal, and he was carrying an already illegal gun loaded with already illegal magazines.  To the elected geniuses occupying the State Capital, that just means we need more ineffective laws that will NOT prevent crimes like this, but will actually reduce the law abiding public’s ability to defend themselves.

Let me see if I can follow what these brain donors are suggesting:  The possibly mentally unstable man who is angry about his parents divorce, who somehow acquired a banned “assault rifle” (illegal) and numerous banned “high capacity magazines” (illegal), then set out on a murderous rampage killing his father and brother (illegal), who burned a home down (illegal), who shot at passing motorists (illegal), then carjacked and kidnapped a complete stranger (illegal x2), fired at more random cars and pedestrians (illegal), ran onto a school campus carrying a loaded gun (illegal), but by God, if there had just been a law requiring him to have a permit to buy ammo, none of that would have happened…

What a bunch of Morons!

California Senate – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Anyone who has seen Forrest Gump, and many others who have not, know the saying that was so eloquently stated by none other than Forrest himself, “stupid is as stupid does”. I found two excellent definitions for that phrase on
1) It means that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid. You are what you do.
2) A catch-all term that basically means that stupid people are gonna keep on doing stupid things because that’s what they are, period. The term was popularized in the 1994 Tom Hanks 3-hour blockbuster movie Forrest Gump.

However, one needs look no further than the California State Senate to see evidence that Forrest was a more intelligent man than the majority of the elected officials who are part of that legislative body. The most recent, glaring example of this stupidity is the bevy of laws regarding firearms and ammunition that the Senate just voted on, and passed.

In a profound effort to solve problems that do not actually exist, the CA Senate passed a series of firearms related laws. “The package, if you look at the whole array of measures before this body today, are designed to close loopholes in existing regulations, keep the circulation of firearms and ammunition out of the hands of dangerous persons, and strengthen education on gun ownership,” said Democrat Senator Darrell Steinberg. “These bills attempt to respond to those well-publicized tragedies and many more that go unpublicized.”

Really? Let us examine that lofty claim, bill by bill.

SB 47 – Bans use of “bullet buttons”

bullet-button-smFor those of you fortunate enough to be wondering what a bullet button is, I will explain. It is either a replacement magazine release button (as in the case of AR-15 type rifles, pictured) or an add-on device on many other guns, that prevents the shooter from using their finger or hand to release the magazine. A tool of some sort, in this case a bullet tip, must be used to release the magazine. “Bullet buttons” were originally invented as a creative way to allow California residents to legally own a neutered AR-15, which are still limited to a 10 round magazine as well as many other requirements.

What is the justification for this law? Hubris? Lawmakers appear to be pushing this law because they are upset that enterprising individuals outsmarted them. I say that because there has been no crime spree using bullet button equipped rifles, there has been no mass shooting using a bullet button equipped rifle. For that matter, to my knowledge, and to that of my dear friend Google, there has been no crime at all committed with a bullet button equipped rifle, anywhere. I have repeatedly asked the bill’s author (via Twitter), Senator Leland Yee to point me to ANY crime where a bullet button equipped rifle was used and have not once been provided with a single example. So what tragedy is this law supposedly addressing?

SB 53 – “Permit for purchasing ammunition”

Yes, you read that right. Democrat Kevin de Leon is pushing a bill (coauthored by none other than Leland Yee, the author of the Bullet Button bill) that will require law abiding citizens to submit to a background check in order to receive a permit to purchase ammunition. As I can see no intelligent reason for a law such as this (unless your goal is to make gun ownership more difficult), I had to look it up. As stated in the bill, the purpose for this proposed bill is:

“Existing law requires the Attorney General to maintain records, including among other things, fingerprints, licenses to carry concealed firearms, and information from firearms dealers pertaining to firearms, for purposes of assisting in the investigation of crimes, and specified civil actions.
This bill would require the Attorney General to also maintain copies of ammunition purchase permits for those purposes.”

So, let me see if I understand this. In order to assist in the investigation of a crime (something I actually do for a living), this senator seems to think having records of who is permitted to legally purchase ammunition will be helpful. Last I checked, ammunition has a maker mark and caliber on it, and that is it. No serial numbers, lot numbers, batch numbers, seller’s identification markings, etcetera. If I pick up an expended cartridge casing at a crime scene, this senator seems to think that being able to check a statewide database to see who has applied for a permit to legally purchase ammunition is somehow going to help me find the perpetrator. Brilliant!

SB 374 – “Bans detachable magazines in rifles” and more (dramatically modifies existing CA Assault Weapons Ban)

This bill, from Democrat Darrell Steinberg, seeks to ban all rifles that use a detachable magazine, semi-auto or not. Yes, you heard that right! They want to ban any and all rifles that use a detachable magazine. That Remington 700 bolt-action deer rifle your grandfather passed down to you or in my case, that WWII Enfield bolt action rifle, are now going to be illegal, unless of course you register them as an assault weapons!

photo_60It gets even more insane in that it now would classify any rimfire rifle with a detachable magazine, or affixed magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, as an “assault rifle” and they would no longer be legal for sale and all existing guns would need to be registered. Yes, your Ruger 10/22 is now considered a heinous death machine. For that matter, so is a Remington 550-1 (introduced in 1941) and a Marlin model 60 (see picture, introduced in 1960).

Unless there has been a recent rash of crimes committed with hunting rifles and/or .22 rifles, highly publicized or not, I see no justification for these modifications to the already existing ridiculously stringent California Assault Weapons ban (unless of course your ultimate goal is a ban on all firearms).

SB 396 – Prohibit possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds

This bill, from Democrat Loni Hancock, outlaws ALL magazines, rifle and handgun, that can hold more than 10 rounds, period. It does not allow for continued possession of magazines already legally owned. Any and all magazines with over 10 round capacity, regardless of when they were purchased, are now illegal and must be turned in or removed from the state.

While it is true that there have been a few recent, highly publicized incidents where evil men used guns with “high capacity” (standard capacity) magazines while slaughtering many unarmed innocent people. That said, there have been far more, not publicized at all, incidents where good folks have defended themselves using those same “high capacity” magazines, incidents where if it were not for that capacity, those good people may not have survived.

Besides the argument for or against “high capacity” magazines, there is a more important issue at stake here, and that is the State retroactively outlawing something that was previously legally obtained. In my humble opinion, this falls into the realm of an ex post facto law, which are specifically prohibited by none other than the United States Constitution (Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3). However, seeing as that same document, the Constitution of the United States, specifically prohibits any infringement on our right to bear arms, violating a far less well known section should not be a concern for our benevolent lawmakers, who know better than we do what is best for us.

Three other bills included in this package are worth mentioning, but not something I plan on spending time on.

SB 567 – Changes the characteristics of shotguns in their definition under the assault weapons ban to include pistol grip (no shoulder stock) shotguns and shotguns with rifled barrels.

SB 683 – Requires all purchasers to present a certificate showing they have completed a firearms safety course. This is currently a requirement for handgun purchases and this bill extends that requirement to long guns.

SB 755 – Adds several new crimes to the category of crimes that if convicted of violating, will prevent someone from legally purchasing a firearm. For some of the minor alcohol related offenses, this law actually requires multiple convictions of multiple offenses within a very short time frame.

Taken as a whole, this “package” will do nothing to enhance public safety. These laws do not address any real world problems that exist nor do they target any particular problem that is being exploited by violent offenders. For that matter, for all but one of these bills, I seriously doubt any of the authors can actually point to a single incident that their proposed law would have prevented, which leaves me wondering why bother.

These bills are not yet law, but they have passed a significant hurdle and are now on their way to the State Assembly where they will likely be passed by the Democrat majority (53D-25R). Once the Assembly passes them, they are off to Governor Moonbeam who, if past actions are any indication, will almost certainly sign any and all of them.

If these legislators truly wanted to solve violent crime, they would be addressing the Prison Realignment Act (AB 109) that was signed into law in 2011. Since the passage of AB 109, there have been countless incidents of prisoners released, because of AB 109 requirements, committing heinous acts of violence up to and including murder, rape and kidnapping. These crimes, committed by persons freed under AB 109, are happening on a weekly basis, and unlike the non-existent crimes being committed with bullet button equipped rifles, these AB 109 released convict’s crimes are well documented in the media and easily found via Google.

These liberal elites appear much more concerned with disarming law abiding citizens than they do with preventing violent crime. That fact is clearly evident when you examine what they spend their time trying to legislate. They are passing laws releasing convicted felons far before their sentences are up at the same time they are passing laws to further disarm the citizens that claim to be trying to protect. Sorry stupids, but I ain’t buying what you are selling. Your actions speak far louder than words!

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