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VIDEO: 2,700-Year Old Tomb of Bible Prophet in Danger From ISIS

waving flagJune 4, 2015 By

Tomb of Nuchem

“Nahum is not our prophet, but he is a prophet, so we must respect that. He’s a prophet, it is simple.”

Long before Christ walked the earth, Nahum the Prophet warned the world about the end of the Assyrian empire and the destruction of its capital, Nineveh. Now, more than 2,600 years later, his tomb, in the ancient Iraqi city of Al Qosh, may face the same fate, courtesy of ISIS.

“Smooth domes topped with crucifixes rise above the beige stone houses in Al Qosh, a modern town built on the ancient Nineveh plain. The town is rich of history from the Assyrian empire and the beginnings of Christianity. Less well known is the town’s Hebrew heritage, and the once-dominant teachings of the Prophet Nahum.”

The tomb underwent basic repairs in 1796. Then, when all Jews were compelled to flee Alqosh in 1948, the iron keys to the tomb were handed to an Assyrian man by the name of Sami Jajouhana. Few Jews visit the historic site, yet Jajouhana and his family continue to keep the promise he made to his Jewish friends to looks after the tomb.

Nahum was a prophet whose words are recorded in the Bible. His book comes in chronological order between Micah and Habakkuk in the Old Testament.

Asir Salaam Shajaa, an Assyrian Christian born and raised in Al Qosh, dusts off the green cloth that lies over the ancient tomb in the center of the run-down synagogue. He is adamant that resting under the heavy stones are really the remains of Prophet Nahum.

Like his father and his grandfather before him, Shajaa takes care of the site dutifully, fulfilling a promise made more than 60 years ago to the fleeing Jewish residents of the town. A family of Assyrian Christians has been guarding the tomb of Nahum the Elkoshi for generations. A tradition that may be ending soon.

Al Qosh’s Jewish population fled in the early 1950s when the Iraqi government began their sometimes violent effort to rid the country of Jews, to punish the faith for the declaration of an independent Jewish state. Between 1949 and 1953, about 3/4 of Iraq’s Jewish population fled, including the last Jews of Al Qosh.

“When the last Jewish people in Al Qosh left, they asked my grandfather to watch over the tomb, to keep it safe. I don’t know much more than that,” Shajaa explains, straightening the tomb’s cover.

Nahum is frequently referred to as “The Elkoshite,” adding some credence to the postulation that the tomb indeed belongs to the prophet.

The beige hand-laid walls of the old synagogue are crumbling, but many still stand. Some are adorned with legible Hebrew script carved into large stone plaques that remain firmly embedded.

Tomb of Nuchem2

Tomb of Nuchem1

With ISIS just ten miles away from Al Qosh, plans for refurbishing the crumbling walls of Nahum’s tomb are on hold. Shajaa, like many other Iraqi Christians wants to leave battle-scarred Iraq, yet he worries about the future of the synagogue and the tomb, a place that his family has taken care of for decades with little outside help.Christian Persecution

“I’m not sure how long my family will continue to stay in Iraq, we want to leave, most of the Christians want to leave.”

According to Haaretz, Shajaa says:

“My brother says he will stay though, if my family gets to leave Iraq my brother and his children will look after the tomb. It will stay in the family, God willing.”

VIDEO: 2,700-year old tomb of Hebrew prophet in danger from ISIS

Source: YouTube & Haaretz


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ISIS chief: ‘Islam is the religion of war’

waving flagPosted By Cheryl Chumley On 05/15/2015

Article printed from WND:

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ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sent out a chilling message to fellow Muslims in an online post, calling on followers of the faith to get in the religious war and that Islam has never been about peace. His message, titled “March Forth Whether Heavy or Light,” was posted at the online site Downrange and points to a single verse in the Quran calling on believers to “strive with your wealth and your lives in the cause of Allah,” Jihad Watch reported.

Baghdadi’s post: “O Muslims, Islam was never for a day the religion of peace. Islam is the religion of war.” He then appealed directly to fellow believers to get in the fight.

“Where are you in relation to your prophet (peace be upon him) whom you claim to emulate, and who spent his whole life … as a mujahid for the cause of Allah, fighting for his enemies? His lateral incisor tooth was broken in battle, his forehead was wounded, two rings from his chainmail cut his cheeks, his helmet was broken on his head and blood ran down his face.”

Baghdadi also said Muslims ought to realize “the Jews, the Christians and the rest of the disbelievers” will not “abandon waging war against you until you follow their religion and apostatize from yours,” and as such, should join ISIS.Christian Persecution

“This war is only against you and against your religion,” he wrote, Jihad Watch reported. “Has the time not come for you to return to your religion and your jihad and thereby bring back your glory, honor, rights and leadership? Has the time not come for you to know that there is no might nor honor nor safety nor rights for you except in the shade of the caliphate? … Therefore, O Muslims, seek shelter, after Allah, with the Islamic State.”against America

OARLogo Picture6

New York Times Surrenders to Shariah Savagery in Promoting Jews as a “Cancer”

I am an Evangelical Spirit Filled Christian. This article may sound like it is written by a Catholic apologist, but that is not the truth. This lady is well know and respected in conservative circles and is adamant about her research and drive to get the truth out about Islam, Sharia and the slow, but steady, push to take over as much of America as possible.If you have been paying attention, you have witnessed, as I have, that it appears the Obama Whitehouse is trying to establish Islam as the State Religion. Please read the following with your spirit, not through any prejudice.

Jerry Broussard


On the first night of Chanukah, the New York Times indulged in its grotesque penchant for  its special brand of subtle, sophisticated Jew-hatred, on the front page – of course.

Not only did the New York Times publish a nipple on the front page (a first)  next to a tattooed Jewish star, but the article is all about  the cancerous Jews. Front page stuff, don’t you know? All the Jews that are fit  to libel in print:

While poor countries struggle to provide even basic cancer care to  women, wealthier societies like Israel and the United States are  increasingly using sophisticated technologies to identify those at greatest  risk  in an effort to thwart the disease before it gets started.

NYT-340x170Front page. It’s really vile – disgusting. A tattooed  (tattoos are a violation of Jewish law) Jewish star above a nipple as the image  for the “Jews’ genetic predisposition to cancer.” Jews = cancer. Jews were  tattooed and naked when they were killed in concentration camps. The Times must  be taking its talking points from Iran.

I would love to see the New York Times dare to run a front-page article on  cancerous Muslims, illustrated with a half-naked Muslima’s nipple on Ramadan.  Yeah, right. They like their building too much.

But this is par for the course for the Times. When the jihad terror group  Hamas several weeks ago appointed a woman as its spokesperson, its front to the  world, the real story was the New  York Times headline: “Conservative Hamas Appoints First Spokeswoman.”   Anyone can see past this ruse: pimping a woman to do your savage messaging.  Hamas was obviously moved by how eager Obama was to buy the Iranian “moderate”  Rouhani ruse. But the New York Times’ use of the word “conservative” to  describe  Hamas is what is most revealing.

Hamas is a designated terrorist group by the United States government. Hamas  is a devout Muslim group that exists solely to annihilate the Jewish people.  The  New York Times and other mainstream organizations refuse to speak to the  Islamic  motive behind Hamas’ savagery and its vicious acts of mass murder, but  they  freely call it “conservative” to smear and libel true  conservatives.

Conservative what, exactly? Muslims? No, they are devout and deeply religious  Muslims. The New York Times never ever speaks to that.

And in October, the Daily  Caller reported that “earlier this month, the New York Times announced that it had hired Egyptian novelist Alaa  Al-Aswany to write a monthly column for the paper. But according to Egypt  scholar Eric Trager of the Washington Institute for Near East  Policy, Al-Aswany buys into the conspiratorial notion that a cabal of Jews  controls American leaders.”

Like Islamic supremacists across the world, the New York Times is throwing  off what little mask there is left to reveal its true agenda of hate.

Al-Aswany insists that he is simply anti-Zionist, not anti-Semitic, but that  is dishonest. Anti-Zionism is merely a marketing tool for  annihilationists. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.

And in March 2012, a virulently anti-Catholic ad ran in the New York Times. That ad inspired  me to create the same ad but for one thing: a different religion. The craven  quislings at the New York Times rejected our ad.

Bob Christie, senior vice president of corporate communications for the New  York Times, called me to advise me that they would be accepting my ad, but  considering the situation on the ground in Afghanistan, it would not be a good  time to run it, as they did not want to enflame an already hot situation. They  will be reconsidering it for publication in “a few months.”

So I said to Mr. Christie, “Isn’t this the very point of the ad? If you  feared the Catholics were going to attack the New York Times building, would  you  have run that ad?”

Mr. Christie said, “I’m not here to discuss the anti-Catholic ad.”

I said, “But I am, it’s the exact same ad.”

He said, “No, it’s not.”

I said, “I can’t believe you’re bowing to this Islamic barbarity and  thuggery. I can’t believe this is the narrative. You’re not accepting my ad.  You’re rejecting my ad. You can’t even say it.”

We used the same language as the anti-Catholic ad. The only difference was  that ours was true and what we describe is true. The anti-Catholic ad was  written by fallacious feminazis.

It was most disingenuous for the New York Times to refuse to run our  counter-jihad ad based on their “concern for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.”  Liars.  Who has done more to jeopardize our troops and American  citizens than the  pro-jihadist New York Times? They are notorious for  their treasonous reportage.

The New York Times leaked FISA and admitted that they released this information knowing  that it would damage national security. Porter  Goss told  the Senate at that time that the New York Times leaks had damaged our intelligence gathering capability, and in so  doing, our national security.

The New York Times exposed a “highly classified Pentagon order” authorizing Special  Operations forces to hunt al-Qaida leaders in mountains of Pakistan. The New  York Times exposed SWIFT (which put military and civilians at great risk of  jihad). SWIFT was a legal secret program that gave the government access to a  massive database of international financial transactions, using “broad  subpoenas  to collect the financial records from an international system.”

But it has no reservations about submitting to the bloody demands of Shariah  and spreading Jew-hatred on its front page. The New York  Times has surrendered to savagery

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