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Politically INCORRECT Cartoons for Monday May 28, 018

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Toiday’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon by A.F. Branco

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The Democrats and the mainstream media laughed at Trump for talking about button size with North Korea.  Now who’s laughing.

North Korea TalksPolitical cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.

Art Of The Deal: Has Trump Just Solved The North Korea Problem?

Published by | on March 9, 2018

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Trump may have just out-done Obama yet again. This time, in regards to that Peace Prize. You will remember that about a month after he was elected, Obama was granted a Peace Prize. Why? Who knows? Probably because he checked all the right boxes ideologically and the things he claimed he would do lined up with their worldview.

Would he still have gotten that prize if they knew he would destabilize Libya, be accused of staging a coup in Turkey, break that promise to close Gitmo, etcetera? He was given an award for who he seemed to be, and what he seemed to do.

Fast forward one Presidency. What do we see?

We see basically the opposite. Instead of a smooth-talker with grandiose promises about making the oceans recede and the earth heal, we got a bold and brash New York Corporate mover and shaker.  For all the Media(D) handwringing about Trump having that Nuclear Football, their fever-dreams about Trump dragging the world into a Thermonuclear Holocaust and World War III, we’re actually going the other direction.

President Trump had a serious problem on his hands, one he inherited from decades of placating North Korea. ‘Little Rocket Man’ was testing more and more dangerous missile tech, and daring anyone to do something about it. Experts were predicting he could pose a serious military threat capable of hitting civilian US targets within a year.

Less than one year later, Kim Jong Un, who had been openly threatening and defying the world, suddenly changed his tune.

He is openly talking not about a nuclear freeze — which is what other Presidents had talked about. He is talking about DENUCLEARIZATION. This is big. It’s easy to forget.

Do you think that’s why Trump cracked that joke to the press when asked about ‘to what do you owe this recent openness to talk?’ — “Me. No I think that… Nobody got that.”

But in that joke is a kernel of truth. The President drives foreign policy, and Trump’s hardline approach with dictators is doing what the ass-kissing of President ‘Peace Prize’ ever could. Getting results.

Will the little dictator stand down and truly denuclearize? We don’t have the answer to that yet. But we do know this is the best shot at peace the region has seen yet.

Israel’s seven-hour Gaza truce ends; violence hits Jerusalem

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By Nidal al-Mughrabi and Maayan Lubell

GAZA/JERUSALEM Mon Aug 4, 2014 3:52pm EDT

A relative of nine Palestinians from the Abu Nejim family, whom medics said were killed by an Israeli air strike, mourns during their funeral in Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip August 4, 2014. REUTERS-Mohammed Salem
Palestinians dig through the rubble of a building searching for bodies after what police said was an Israeli air strike at Shati (Beach) refugee camp in Gaza City August 4, 2014.     REUTERS-Finbarr O'Reilly
 GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A brief Israeli truce to allow aid to reach Palestinians ended on Monday amid accusations of strikes by both sides, while Jerusalem was rocked by two attacks that appeared to be a backlash against the war in Gaza.

Palestinians said Israel had bombed a refugee camp in Gaza City, killing an eight-year-old girl and wounding 29 other people, in an air attack after the start of the truce.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said there had been no strikes since 10 a.m. (0700 GMT), when the seven-hour truce started. She said four rockets had been fired from Gaza later and two had crashed inside Israel. There were no reports of casualties or damage.

In Jerusalem, a Palestinian driving an excavator ran over and killed an Israeli and then overturned a bus, in what police described as a terrorist attack. Police shot the excavator driver dead; there were no passengers on the bus.

Several hours later, a gunman shot and wounded a soldier near Jerusalem’s Hebrew University before fleeing on a motorcycle, police said.

Israel had announced its ceasefire to free up humanitarian aid and allow some of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced by almost four weeks of war to go home.

The military is wrapping up the main objective of the ground assault, the destruction of cross-border infiltration tunnels from Gaza, and it has told residents of some towns they can return home.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, however, Palestinians dig through the rubble of a building searching for bodies after what police said was an Israeli air strike at Shati (Beach) refugee camp in Gaza City Israeli soldiers arrive at a staging area near the border with the Gaza Strip Palestinians dig through the rubble of a building in Gaza City Israeli soldiers take cover in a concrete pipe, as a siren warning of incoming rockets sounds near the border with the Gaza Strip An Israeli soldier prepares to pray as he sits in a concrete pipe used as a bomb shelter near the border with the Gaza Strip Palestinian women gather near rubble of building after what police said was Israeli air strike at Shati refugee camp in Gaza City Israeli soldiers walk past tanks at a staging area near the border with Gaza Strip Israeli soldiers arrive at a staging area near the border with Gaza Strip Palestinians dig through rubble of building searching for bodies after what police said was Israeli air strike at Shati refugee camp in Gaza City Palestinians dig through the rubble of a building in Gaza CityIsraeli forces would be on both sides of the border once the tunnels operation ended.

“The campaign in the Gaza Strip goes on,” said a statement from Netanyahu’s office.

“What is about to end is the Israeli military’s handling of the tunnels, but the operation will end only when a prolonged period of quiet and security is restored to Israel’s citizens.”

A Reuters photographer on the Israeli side of the border, near Rafah, said some ground forces who were deployed in southern Gaza had pulled back into Israel.

Israel launched its offensive on July 8 following a surge in Hamas rocket salvoes. It escalated from air and naval barrages to overland incursions centered on Gaza’s tunnel-riddled eastern frontier, but also pushed into densely populated towns.

Gaza officials say 1,831 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed and more than a quarter of the impoverished enclave’s 1.8 million residents displaced. As many as 3,000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed or damaged.

Israel has lost 64 soldiers in combat and three civilians to Palestinian cross-border rocket and mortar fire that has emptied many of its southern villages. Iron Dome interceptors, air raid sirens and public shelters have helped stem Israeli casualties.


Palestinian groups, including representatives from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, held their first formal meeting in Cairo on Monday with Egyptian mediators hoping to pave the way towards a durable ceasefire agreement with Israel.

Egyptian mediation, supported by the United States and the United Nations and also involving Qatar, Turkey and Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has been complicated by the dramatically divergent terms set by Israel and Hamas.

Israel, which is not attending the talks after accusing Hamas of failing to abide by previous ceasefires, has said Gaza must be stripped of tunnels and rocket stocks.

Hamas rules this out, and demands an easing of the crippling Gaza blockade enforced by both Israel and Egypt, which consider the Palestinian Islamists a security threat.

In Cairo on Sunday, Palestinian delegates said they also wanted Israel to withdraw from Gaza, facilitate reconstruction of the battered territory and release Palestinian prisoners.

The Israelis, however, have shown little interest in resuming negotiations after blaming Hamas for violating Friday’s truce with the Rafah ambush – an accusation echoed by the United States and the United Nations, though disputed by Hamas.

Egypt will now discuss the Palestinian demands with the United States and Israel,” an Egyptian diplomatic source said.

Egyptian diplomats said that while Cairo might contemplate easing the limited freedom of movement across its own border with Gaza, it was unlikely to accept Palestinian calls to allow a normal flow of trade.

Israel’s truce announcement met with suspicion from Gaza’s ruling Islamist Hamas movement and followed unusually strong censure from Washington at the apparent Israeli shelling on Sunday of a U.N.-run shelter that killed 10 people.

An Israeli official said the ceasefire, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (0700 to 1400 GMT), applied everywhere but areas of the southern town of Rafah where the military intensified assaults after three soldiers died in a Hamas ambush there on Friday.

Mark Regev, spokesman for Netanyahu, told CNN that Israel’s goal with the truce was “to assist with the humanitarian relief” of the people of Gaza.

Italy said it was sending 30 tonnes of supplies including tents, emergency generators and water purification kits to ease living conditions in Gaza.

Media in Britain reported that a British aid worker was killed on Sunday during an Israeli strike in Rafah while he was delivering supplies to a hospital. The British Foreign Office said it was looking into the report.

(Additional reporting by James Mackenzie in Rome; Editing by Giles Elgood/Mark Heinrich)





















































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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

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VIDEO: You’ll Never Believe Why Hillary Said Hamas Plants Its Bombs in Schools

July 29, 2014 By  

HIllary Clinton

Is this the face of, “THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD”?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who many believe will seek to be the Democrat nominee for president in 2016, made a statement about the tactics How coward terrorist fight number Twoof the terrorist group Hamas in their fight against Israel.  

Hamas has been widely criticized for using women and children as shields in their bombings. They have also drawn criticism for storing their rockets and missiles in civilian areas, including schools and hospitals. This practice has led many to attack Israel for their response to Hamas in attacking these areas, though they have no choice since Hamas put their own people in harm’s way.

During a recent interview with Jorge Ramos on Fusion TV, Hillary Clinton addressed the issue of Hamas storing their missiles and rockets in these civilian areas.

The problem is, and this is something — I’m not a military planner, but Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas, part of it is that Gaza’s pretty small and its densely populated. They put their command and control of Hamas military leaders in those civilian areas.

Gaza is pretty small. That is Hillary Clinton’s excuse and rationale for the Hamas terrorists putting civilians in harms way.

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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

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